In Too Deep Slippery Waters – Chapter Nine

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The impact was hard, throwing the other car away as it skirts off the road, tumbling and then making an impact hitting the tree.

The car Lucas is in is damaged from the front, the glass had shattered as the car rolls to a stop as he continuously pressed hard on the brakes to stop it from hitting the car again head on.

Coughing and trying to see, feeling beads of sweat pouring down his face, he tried to open the door, it was jammed, he shifts himself to the other side of the cat passenger car and then jams the door with his leg untill it gave way opening. He struggled down, holding on to the car for support as he shakes the pain away from his head realizing that he had hit his head to the wheel when he jammed right into the car. Using his hand to dab away the sweat from his eyes he stares at it to realize that it is blood, not sweat. Cursing, he wipes it off, cleaning his hand to his white shirt and then runs to the other car, cursing even more.

Bending, scrubbing his knee to the earth he peeks in so see her, Anikka, floored to the roof of the car. He prays the impact didn’t kill her. His eyes darts to the man, he was bleeding from his head, he was’t moving.

Lucas forces the door open, he reaches in and then pulls her out, cursing when he realized that she wasn’t breathing and then seeing her cloths stained with blood.

He reaches for this phone in his pocket, dialing  ”Hello, hello?” he screams as someone picks

”911, what’s your emergency?” A husky voice replied, Lucas swallows, he closes his eyes briefly to let the pain in his head subside.

‘ it’s an emergency, i have a woman here who has been hurt and isn’t breathing, i need an ambulance quick, she needs to go to the hospital if not she is will die”

”Location please?”

Lucas shakes his head, the pain was increasing, more blood trek down the side of his face, he closes and then opens his eyes ”Er..i think we are at saint boulevard off the side of brooks, er”

”Any signpost?”

‘Eh, the Oaks Tree avenue” he stares long and hard at the side post directly beside the tree their car had hit

”Okay, paramedics have been dispatched, in the main time, you have to do this, is she awake, can you find the wound? Is she bleeding?”

He stares down at her ”She fainted i think and’ he releases her and then uses his other hand to place on the part of her shoulders where he saw the patch of blood spreading, he opens tries to look at the shoulders, yes, ”she is injured . Her shoulders is packing a lot of coated blood as it is”

”Okay, check if there are any other injuries?”

He does so… shaking his head ”None, other than minor bruises to her arm, and then neck”

”Okay, feel her pulse, see if you can find any, no matter how faint, can’t the seconds between it”

”Look Lady, she is-”

”I already told you help is on the way but you need to keep her alive, check the pulse”

He does so, placing two fingers to the side of her neck ”I can’t feel any”

”Where are you checking?”

”Her neck”

”Check her wrist then, make sure you press your fingers in and then try to listen to the throbbing”

He places the finger he had on her neck to her wrist, he tries to listen , he heard it..two seconds apart, maybe three ”Three seconds apart”

”Okay good, now turn her on her side, make sure she is comfortable. see if you can assess the wound, and then stop the bleeding, you can do so by trying her arm and then her shoulders, once the arm is bend to a certain angle, it would stop the bleeding. Use a cloth or a shirt, something you can tie with..” He drops the phone on the ground, places it on speaker ”Also, use a cloth and place directly on the wound as you tie it, it would help to stop the bleeding eventually”

He looks around, nothing useful, sighing he painfully struggles out of his shirt, he tears some out, places it directly on the wound and then ties her shoulders and her arm, bending it towards her.


”Check her breathing”

He does ”One second apart”

”Good, nicely done, now wait. Elevate her head, she would be fine. Are there other casualties?”

He stares at the car, the man hadn’t still moved ”Yes, get here already, call the police too”


Geti Richards has been pacing the length of his office, waiting on word from Pochoi to know if they have reached the safe house, nothing. He dials the securities stationed there

”Seen Pochoi and the girl, have they arrived yet?”

”No boss, we are still outside waiting on them”

Geti curses, his phone beeps, he stares at it, Gapon was calling ”Okay, look s soon as they come , let me know”

”Yes boss”

He cuts the call and then takes a deep breath, he picks the incoming call ”Yes Sir”

”I hope you have something for me Geti, my impatience is running thin”

Geti runs a hand through his hair” Ofcourse Sir, i do, Pochoi is taking her to the safe house, they just encountered a little difficulty taking the girl, last time we spoke”

”Who, from  the bodyguard?  Was he too difficult to handle?”

Geti laughs ”Ofcourse not Sir, what can a mere bodyguard do ? He has got nothing on my well trained boys, we would have your girl sign those documents over to you in no time, tomorrow you would become the CEO of blackcoal enterprises and can do whatever the hell you want.” he laughs

”I hope for your sake that is so. I do not want to call you back to ask what is the 411, ensure all goes well tonight”’

”It will Sir, i promise you that”

The line cuts, Geti curses ”Where the hell is Pochoi” he dials his number again. It hasn’t been connecting for the past thirty minutes. He dials the other man who was running the operation with him, it didn’t connect .

He curses even more.

Should he seen some more boys out there? Just incase? Geti wonders. The last time he spoke to Pochoi he had said the other guy took a hit. Was it that bad? he shakes his head as he continues to pace.

Another call comes in disrupting his thoughts, ”Yes Geti here”

”Sir, we took care of business at the blackcoal company, all documents have been blazed up, nothing saved” the man at the other side of the phone laughs

”Good” Geti smiles, atleast Gapon doesn’t have to be worried about being found out of his shady deals ”Good, any witnesses?”

”Yes, about 12, but we were hooded, we made it look like we came to steal not to come specifically for something”


”Three, i think”

”Good job guys, the morning news would say it as they see it, robbers penetrating the late George’s company, went away with God knows what and that is the end. I would run a fake investigation and i would close the case. Good work guys, boss would get back to you.”

He cuts the call smiling, wondering if he should tell Gapon that he needn’t worry about nothing.

His phone rings again, he frowns, this was the hospital emergency call unit ”Geti here” he answers ”What? Where? Ping the location to me, we are on it” he cuts the call and then grabs his gun, belts up and then leaves his office.

”Call the district team eleven to meet me at the gate, we have an emergency call from the hospital, they said that there have been an accident on boulevard, let’s go.” he informs the  officer who had just come out from the men’s

”Yes boss”

In less then 20 mints they are out of the station, blaring their siren down to the scene.


Lucas lifts her up and then places her on the bed the paramedics had rolled out,  straps her in and then rolls her into the back of the hospital bus.

”Sir, you are hurt, come sit here while”

He shakes the nurse away from him who was pulling him away from the vehicle ”No, i am going in with her”

she nods climbing in beside him , carrying her supplies and then turning to him  ”You are bleeding from your head and if you don’t let me look into that you won’t make it to the hospital without hitting hard ground, i need to stop the bleeding atleast”

”Whatever” he coughs leaning away and then staring at the not still Anikka, the bus is closed and he could feel it moving.

”Can’t you drive any faster damnit?” he yells, he could feel the man step on speed, he closes his eyes and then curses again.

”Sir>” the nurse opposite him calls out


She leaves her seat and then rolls to him, touching his face and then peering at the wound , she got to work, Lucas didn’t take his eyes off Anikka.

He reaches for his phone and then dials ”Hey, it’s me. I need a favour.” He listens ”Not joking man, this is important. Yes” he turns to stare out the window of the bus as more cars arrive the scene ”Thanks. See you in a bit”


Geti got to the scene . The two scenes infact.

The other man was dead, he wasn’t as lucky as Pochoi who survived a fractured skull, he needed surgery.

”Damnit!” Geti curses as he realized it. The Paramedics loitered the place, trying to pull Pochoi out alive and then get him to the hospital.

”Clean this mess up!” he yells at his team, they set to work. He walks to the paramedics ”Where they?” His anger visibly. He had no idea the scene the hospital called him to was the same scene Pochoi and the other guy was involved in.


”Who Sir?”

Geti closes his fist ”I was told a man called this in, who is he? Also i heard they was a woman involved in this accident as well, where the hell are they?” How come they have been moved from the scene before the police arrived? Where the hell were they?

”They have been taken to the hospital sir”

”How can they be-” he yells pulling the man by his shirt, the other paramedics  turns to him, he let him go. But he stood really close to show his anger.

”They were hurt Sir and they had been involved in an accident, it is our job to ensure no lives are lost on scene”

”This was a bloody accident. you don’t rush the perpetrators to the hospital without checking with the police” he yells

”Sir, we are professional medical team who work as paramedics and when we get to any scene that involves and emergency, we are  expected to save lives, criminals or not. You can direct your anger to the proper channel or go to the hospital and request a lock down if you do believe that they are the criminals. But we would do our job, and if you say that they are indeed the perpetrators , what you do with them is not our concern. We are to ensure that lives are not lost” the man stares at him, his eyes with well

Geti nods, smiling ”My apologies, i would ensure to do that. Which hospital are they taking them to?” Geti resolved to deal with this issue later. For now, he needs to get Anikka and the only way was to get to the hospital and then take the situation over, flash their badge and term it an official crime, drag the man to a cell and then take care of Anikka. They were the police and they can pull off anything before the word gets out. Right now, he needs to handle the situation before Gapon finds out that their plan flopped. But how the hell did it? Pochoi and the other man are well trainned, how the hell did this happen? Who the hell was the bodyguard? Damnit!

”Grace Micheal’s Hospital, that is where they are headed”

Geti nods , ”Are you guys done here, this is a crime site after all, we would like to do our job and then investigate”

The man turns to the other paramedics and stares at the body of the dead man they pulled out of the burnt car, then at the other one bleeding from his head ”Yes, we shall take one to the morgue and the other to the ICU, we would also love their identifications , so once you are done with the scene, please do well to come to the hospital. We would like to also inform their families ..we do not know if they have insurances and all. ” he turns away, beckoning to the paramedics that they should head back to the hospital.

Geti watches them drive away, he curses turning ”How the hell did this happen, how the hell!” he yells

He beckons to three men to follow him while the others clear the scene ”I do not want to see a pin on this road, i do not want the vultures to sniff on this, infact, i do not want no one to know this shirt happened here tonight. If those questions are asked, we are done understand?”

”Yessir” the officers chorus

”But the paramedics, they would speak to the press about this, after all they usually have to report  cases like this” One of them says

”To who? The Police? We are the police and i say squash it”

”But the Paramedics, they said she had fainted, what if she wakes up to say she was kidnapped, you know who she is and how powerful her father was, it would make head news”

”That’s why we need to get to the hospital take control over things there,  then makes sure no one talks, not even the paramedics” Geti tells him entering into his car ”Clean this place up, we are heading out” he tells the others as he pulls away to the road, having another car follow him with four officers inside.

He stares at his ringing phone, it was Gapon, he began to sweat, He ignores the call.

Gapon Gilles would kill him if he found that he messed up.


”Sir?” The nurse stares at him.

”I said take me through the back door”

”Sir, we usually have to go through the service front doors so that we can be able to-” she stares at the driver who had come down to open the back door.

Lucas comes down, beckons for the nurse to come down as well, he closes the bus and then stares at both of them .  They are curious, soon a door is open and then someone comes out walking to them.

They turn to see who it is, ”I would take it from here” he tells them

”But Sir, she is in need to be treated and that man has a head injury”

”I would take it from here, thank you” he ushers them out and then turns to Lucas. They wait till they leave, he walks to the bus and then rolls her out, ”Help me with her?”

Lucas comes to him, they roll her in through the back door and then into the elevator.  Once they get to the hall, he tells him to wait as he rolls her himself into a private room, then he sets to work.

He comes out in thirty minutes and then call a nurse, ”Follow her” he tells Lucas who nods and then disappears.


Lucas is seated in the hall way, staring at the door which the Doctor had disappeared into again. Soon the door opens, the Doctor stares at him , Lucas gets up walking to him, they move away from the crowd of people to a quiet place. The Doctor turns and then stares at him

”She has been stabilized, she is okay . She got a mild concussion to the head, plus the wound to the shoulders which has been stitched, she would be fine.”


”However, you need to check yourself in ” He points to his partly bandaged head

”I do not need to do that” he shows him the drugs the nurse had given to him ”Pain killers would work it’s magic”

The man smiles nodding.  ” Always have been stubborn. ”

”That’s my MOU”

The Doctor smiles again, hitting him hard on the shoulders ”Been a while Luc, Must have been this bad to get you in here, thought you are the high macho man, like the Elf in the lord of the ringers, nothing touches you”

Lucas laughs ”I am human after all ain’t i?”’

”Sometimes i wonder if you got blue blood or red like everyone else, i guess today proved you are. Seriously though, natural accident or man made?”

”You know i cant talk about my work”

”Yeah, so you have always said. I mean we have been friends for over a decade, i wonder why you dropped out of the academy for this crap ”

‘It pays the bills plus i didn’t drop out, i left, the army and the police.”

”And for broken bones, this shit isn’t the life man.”

Lucas smiles ”How is the wife, and that pretty kid of yours”

‘Great, something you don’t want to do, ‘fraid to get committed to any chick Lucas?”

”Nope, just haven’t found the one worth it all. ” they laugh,  they walk towards the window ”So back to all seriousness, you need to  identify her for the records. The only reason i allowed you to go through the backend and not register her was because you insisted but we need to get her up to the room upstairs and have a nurse on her” he says opening a file, Lucas stops him, he stares up and then frowns ”Why?’

Lucas steps closer ”Erm..can i be honest with you?”

”Sure, we are friends ”

”She is the daughter of the late Benjamin Thomas George”

The Doctor frowns ‘Okay, ” he says, then his eyes grows big ”That Benjamin Thomas George?”

Lucas nods

‘Wait, i just heard over the news her father made her his heir to all hat he has, company and assets in times three the value plus not to mention what the government is to triple that for the dude because he sure hit the gold mine”

Lucas nods ”Yep”

”Wow!” the man says ”Well, i should inform the hospital that she is top priority and that-”

”No, that’s the thing. Look, when she hired me and told me some stuff, i felt, well, she just lost her father, it s okay to assume the worst, but…tonight wasn’t some random accident Leister, tonight was an attack.”


”Yes, they tried to kidnap her from me, good thing i acted fast. Now i kinda believe that her father was murdered and that they are after her too. So we can’t expose her identity like this at the moment”

”But the police can protect her, you just have to tell them this and-”

Lucas is shaking his head ”Right now, i need to access the situation and know what the hell is going on before i can trust who ever, but for now. i think it would be better to take her away from here” he looks around

The Doctor frowns ”To where, she is in the hospital what could possibly go wrong?  Besides we have securities and-”

Lucas laughs ”I have been in this game for a few years now and one thing i have come to understand that it’s a dangerous game and when the dad guys want something, it doesn’t matter if you are under lock and key, they get it and we both know the police isn’t exactly a saint, who knows what is going on with all this”

‘You can’t possibly assume the police would be stupid enough to be criminal minded?” Leister scoffs

”I am not saying anything, i am just saying that i was hired by her to protect her, as she wanted and ..i intend to do that”

Leister stares at him and states pointedly ”You shouldn’t get emotional over your clients”

”Have i ever been emotional over a client?”

Leister shakes his head ”Nope, that’s why you are the best in the game. Emotions ruins everything and puts you in danger. And if you say that girl is in danger, and being how powerful her father’s name is and you think that he was murdered and-”

”I didn’t say i think he was murdered. I do not know the circumstances surrounding her father’s death. She mentioned that- that is what she believes, i am only saying that maybe i am starting to believe her due to what happened tonight”

”Okay. But if that is really the case, don’t you think you got your head way over this thing? Pass her up to some other bodyguard, look at you, many days have you been hired for and your pretty boy’s face is already starting to be ruined?”

Lucas smiles ”Not even up to 24 hours and i am fxxked up right?”

‘Exactly!” Lester stares at him, Lucas laughs

”I am not one to chicken out from a few bruises. i was in the army man, i know how broken bones feels like and how a gun feels like too.  i still got that bullet as a souvenir in my room and the wound is still visibly with my  shirt i have known pain, seen blood, my blood and i have gotten my shares of near death experiences, so this is chicken easy to me”

”Says the man who finally left that life behind to be a bodyguard..makes no sense to me..”

Lucas laughs touching his bandaged head ”Oh well, we got to hustle don’t we and-” he turns around when he notices something


”Police is here”  he listens as that all to familiar sound seeps in.

Lester turns to the window to see the blaring lights ”Yup.” he stares at him ”You don’t want to talk to them? Its routine, cases like this the cops would show up especially when there are accidents and all that, just to investigate the situation and speak to the people involved”

”Yeah, but..i don’t know, my gut don’t feel right” Lucas rubs his jaw

”So what do you want to do?”

”I need to access the situation first, i told you. Do me a favor Leister”

Leister stares at him ”Oh come on Luc, i just did you a favour and you want another? Look if this is dangerous as you said, don’t you think i should be left out? This is my life here we are talking about, what if something happens to me though?”

”You are a cat, you got seven lives” Lucas smiles , Leister curses

”I hate you!”

”I love you too bro” he touches his shoulders, then he stops smiling ”I gat you Leister, you know that”

”Sadly i do but not all super heroes show up on time” he teased ”Oh well, here i go” he  says walking away ”You know what to do” he stares at his phone as the call comes in ”Yes, Leister here. The police? Okay, i would be right up”

Lucas nods.


Geti turns when the Doctor walks up to him ”Yes please?”

Geti walks up to him shaking him ”I am Geti Richards, Police Chief, District Central. I was told two people were brought here that was involved in an accident this night. we would like to have a word with them. We are investigating the situation and we believe that it is criminal associated”

Leister frowns ”Yes, please kindly follow me” he tells Geti who beckons to the four men behind him. Leister leads them down the hall, ushers them into an elevator, once they stopped at the ninth floor, he leads them through the hall  and then into a room.

”They were brought in quickly and we had to act fast, but unfortunately, one was dead on arrival and then other one had undergone surgery, but before we begin” he takes a seat, ”Please we would like information on the victims, i believe police has done their duties to investigate the scene?”

Geti nods , then he frowns, wait.. what does he mean one dead on arrival? ”One dead on arrival?”

”Yes, dead”

Geti frowns ”Which, the man or the woman?”

Leister frowns ”it was a man, but i am sorry..there was no woman brought in but just men”

”What do you mean, a lady and a man who had been involved in the accident was taken to the hospital-”

”No i believe that has got to be a mistake Sir, please kindly follow me as i show you who was brought in” Leister got up and then left his office, beckoning on them to follow him

They got to the morgue, Leister nods for the attendant to open the door, he then asks for the file of the dead man that was just brought in which he hands to Geti.  He then  beckons to the man to roll out the body which he did ”This is John Doe one, an unidentified man. He was one of the men brought in by the paramedics, we found nothing on him to enable us identify who he is and for us to call is family to identify him. We have already taken snap shots of him and we would have just his face online to enable someone identify him”

”No, this is not who i am referring” Geti says raising his voice, Leister is already walking away , he walks down the hall way while the angry Geti and  the other policemen run after him. Leister opens another door to reveal a room, two nurses are in attendance, he pulls the curtain away to their startled faces

”My apologies nurses but the police is here, they would like to see the man who was taken to the ICU and i-”

Geti who had stepped froward to see is angry. The man is  Pochoi, he is linked to the monitor and he looked worse for wear.

This wasn’t who he wanted to see, where the hell as Anikka and the bodyguard? He turns angrily and then  grabs the doctor by his collars, the nurses let out a scream, the other police officers steps forward, they close their mouths.

Geti is sneering into his face ”There were other two, a lady and a man who was brought in here ahead of this men, where the hell are they being kept? Anikka Aviella George and a man was brought in, where the hell are they”

A confused Leister  shakes his head, his voice breaking ‘ Anikka Who? I do not know anyone by that name and..’but Sir, i just showed you who was brought in  and i have no idea who else, these were the people who were brought in here and i–”

”Do not lie to me!” Geti yells

”Ofcours not , why would i lie and- this is a hospital and you are scaring the nurses. i do not understand what is going on and-”

”Sir!” one of the Officers taps his shoulders, people are beginning to lurk in the hallway trying to see what is going on  inside the room ”Sir” he taps his shoulders again

Geti curses and then pushes him away as he hits the wall ”Is there something you aren’t telling me Doc?” He points to him

Leister adjusts his cloths , then he looks up ”I am sorry Sir but  infact i really do not understand what is going on here and if you would explain to me maybe i can be of help. I was called down to attend to the people that was brought in to the hospital and i have. And if you do realize, it’s a hospital and tons of people are brought in every minute for accidents, births and what not, am i supposed to take track of all of them? I am a resident Doctor here and we have over ten other Resident Doctors here as well as those on Call in Contract, give or take maybe twenty doctors on standby and over a hundred nurses because the hospital is one of the biggest in the city. We have Paramedics on a constant move. What i am saying is that…there is a possibility who you are looking for is here or maybe not, there is a  possibility that they have been assigned to a other doctor or not, or maybe they didn’t quite make it to the clinic..i really do not know so if-”

‘Where can i have access to your security footage covering the entire hospital?” Geti cuts him, suddenly having a build up of of hatred for the Doctor, not sure if he was telling the truth or he was lying, but time would tell.

Leister swallows, ”Right this way Sir” he turns away and then leads them out down the hall, into the elevator and then up to the technical room. ”They can help you” He turns to walk way, Geti stops him

”For your sake, you better be telling the truth”

Leister nods ”Permit me to ask but, are you just looking for victims who had an accident on the scene or there is something more to this?”

Geti stares at him ”There were three cars involved, from the victims, one is dead, the other is unconscious and two  unidentified persons, what would you do as a police officer?”


”You aren’t exactly dumb!” Geti turns away to the to men staring at him ”Security footage within the last two hours. I am looking for a man and a woman” he leans into the screen

”Sir, i am not allowed to show this to unauthorized persons and-”

Geti shows him his badge, so did the others

”This is officially an investigation of a criminal, and i would arrest you for obstruction of justice”

The men stares at  Leister,  Leister nods, ”Very well Sir”

Leister  leaves them walking back to his office, beads of sweat breaks out, he wipes it as he shuts the door, frowning as he dials.


Lucas stares at the caller, he picks ”Yup”, he spares a glance to Anikka lying down on the back seat of the car.

”So i have just been officially threatened”

Lucas frowns ”What do you mean?”

”The Cops, they aren’t doing just a routine case check up, i think this has everything to do with that girl.”

”Explain. Because i didn’t leave out any info on who she is”

”That’s the thing, they knew who she was and they came looking for her, what i do not know is i they know who you are. So this is me telling you that i think you are right, there is more to this case if the police is involved”

”Did you get a name?”

”..” there was a pause

” Leister , did you get a name”

”Thinking man..oh yeah, Geti Richards, Chief of police..he seems mighty mean, even shoved me to the wall that man”

Lucas laughs

”Stop laughing asshole, look this seems liek a dangerious one, do me a favour, boot out of it now that know one knows who you are. If her father was killed like she assumes, what do you they would happen to her and anyone who tries to protect her if the police are on the bad team”

‘Relax man”

”No Luc, this isn’t a joke. I mean they are looking through the footage and i-”

Lucas smiles ”You should know me by now  Leister ”

”Oh, you worked that magic?”

‘Just had a friendly chat with the guys at the technicals, they had no idea i was making some chnages to it while they smoked and then talked abut girls”

”You are skillful, i give you that”

‘I know right, relax  Leister , they would find nothing, they would forget about you, they just need the girl obviously”

There was a sigh ”Be careful, we don’t knw how deep this waters are you ar in”

”Good thing i can swim, keep your head down bro, say nothing’


The line dies.

Lucas didn’t stop frowning till he pulls up infront of his house, he opens the back door and then lifts her out, grabbing the hospital supplies he  Leister  had dropped in his car for him.

He takes her to his room and then lays her on the bed. Frowning even more, he needs to get her changed out of her bloodied cloths. There was no one to do it except him.

Cursing, he walks away . Then he comes back.

He stares at her for a full ten minutes wondering what to do, after deciding he got out a shirt, grabbed towel and then a basin which he soaked in warm water. He strips her, then he begins to wipe her body, removing the blood that had dried on her arm and then neck, and every other part of her body careful to avoid the plasters used to cover her injured shoulders.

Done, he wears her his shirt and then covers her with the duvet.  Leister had said the sedative would knock her out for a few hours, so she might be asleep till morning.

He seats beside her and then watches her, just to make sure she didn’t have any discomfort.

”What have you gotten yourself into Anikka? ” he says silently to her sleeping form ”Why did they want to kidnap you? Who is after you and why? Did they really kill your father? Do they want to kill you too or just wants something? What have you gotten yourself into? What have i gotten myself into?” he sighs running a hand through his hair. Nodding he gets up, there was no need assuming, she hired him to protect her and then investigate her father’s death, maybe if he does so, he can know the reason why they want her and what they need her for.

He leaves her side, grabs his computer and then gets to work. Putting a code into his computer he clicks on police records. Being in the force gave him certain privileges, though he had left but he still got links to some certain files about certain high  profiled persons and if he can’t find Thomas on it, he would have to break down a  firewall to access the offsite datas of people . That means hacking into the international server to get all he needs.

He cracks his neck.. it’s going to be a long night.


Gapon is backing the window of his officer, anger visible in his eyes, Geti is behind him.

”What did you say?”

”We can’t find them!” he repeats, Gapon swings around then flings the glass of wine at him, Geti dodges and it hits the wall scattering

”I would find them, i promise i just-”

”How the hell did they disappear from the scene to the hospital?”

”We can’t find any footage of them even reaching the hospital. We questioned the doctors, the nurses and then the drivers, nothing. ”

”Damnit!!” Gapon curses ”Who the hell is that bodyguard?”

”I do not know. You saw his face maybe you can identify him?”

Gapon turns away trying to remember his face ”I …don’t remember taking all of him in because i wasn’t interested but was angry at Anikka and all that. Christ!” he turns to him ”If you don’t find her within 24 hours, you are dead, you are finished you hear me? If you make the others get her first before me, i would make sure i ruin you completely, you understand? The Lawyer should know who he is too. Find him, you find her”

”Yessir. As soon as Pochoi wakes up we would ask him to identify him for us and-”

”Damnit scot him out, find out about all the bodyguard agencies within and outside the city, find out who she hired and get us a name, comb the city if you have to and round them up, 24 hours Geti, ”

”Yessir!!” Geti scurries out of his office

Gapon is frowning ”’Oh Anikka, if your father could be killed, you think you can hide from me, me? I would take all that is meant to be mine, i promise you”


Teneka reaches for his phone, he yawns staring at the time, it was past midnight, who would be calling by this time? ”Hello?”

”It’s me, Lucas, there is a situation with Anikka”

”What happened to Anikka?” he seats up.


Geti and the officers worked till the next morning, walking into every security outfit, bodyguard and secret service agencies in the country looking for him asking random questions and showing them a picture of Anikka and asking who was hired to be her bodyguard. They claimed that she had been missing for hours and they have gotten word that her father’s company was attacked and figured that she was in danger.

They asked whoever knows her whereabouts being it to the notice of the police. They claimed she was in dire danger and needs to be protected.

They did that routine round for every office they entered.


David is switching through channels when he heard the door open and then they walk in, he stands up turning to them ”Good morning, please how can we help you?”

Kelvin looks up frowning, why was the police here.

Geti walks up to them showing them  a picture of Anikka  ”Geti Richards, chief of police, we are looking for this lady, have you seen her, did she hire your services?”

Kelvin stares at the picture, she looked familiar, ”This is Miss Anikka Aviella George?”

Geti watches him ”You know her?”

”Only on TV, i know her father, on TV and papers too.” he hands the picture to David who stares at it

”She is a beauty”

Kelvin and the officers looks at him, he smiles ”Sorry, i speak before thinking” David smiles and then hands it back to Geti.

”Have you seen her, did she hire your services?”


Geti looks around, observing that there were three desks, one was empty ”How many are you here?”


Geti stares at him” i see only three desks”

”Because two are constantly on offshore works, three of us are stationed here”

”Where is the third person?”

”On a job”

”What’s he working on and for who?”

kelvin didn’t like this questions ”Can i know why you are asking?”

”Police business” Geti smiles

”Well this isn’t a station and we are not obligated to answer. We are a licensced under the law for our practice, licenced to carry guns and then also licenced to do what we do…so, can i ask why you are asking, maybe we can be of help.”

Geti nods, he feeds them thesame story he and the other officers has been feeding everyone else.

”Oh. so the daughter of Benjamin Thomas George is in anger and you feel she was kidnapped?”

Geti nods.

”Well, ” he exchanges looks wit David, David frowns staring at him, Kelvin stares at Lucas’s table and then looks back up at David. It then it occurs to him, David moves away from his table and then to Lucas’s table , Kelvin stares away looking back at Geti. David sits on the table and grabs the note Lucas had dropped concerning his hired services for Anikka Benjamin, he puts it in his pocket and then folds his hands.

”… like i said, he is on  a job about investigating a married couple who wants a divorce, i can give you our files to look through and all that” Kelvin finishes.

”Sure, that would be fine and-”

The door opens, everyone turns to see Lucas walk in.

”What’s going on here?” Lucas asks with a frown.

David jumps up, ”Oh Luc, you are back, the police was just carrying out an investigation and asking random questions, about us, even about you..we told them you are on your job, the married case of infidelity?” David says to him in a knowing look.

”ofcourse” Lucas walks past them and then goes to his seat. ”Marriage is a shitty business and with a partner having an affair? Even shittier, came to pick up some documents to close this case” he says ignoring the officers.

Geti stares at them and at him, he moves closer to Lucas ”What happened to your head?” he points at the back of Lucas’s head.

Lucas pauses..



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