In Too Deep Slippery Waters – Chapter Eight

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It took well over three hours before they were done going round the company, getting introduced to the entire staff and then having a brief meeting with them.

”I would hope that you all would help me fit in nicely, yes?” She stares at their faces

”Ofcourse Ma’am”

”We would love to”

”Yes” they chorused.

”Thank you so much!” she says to them

”You can now all go back to your work station while i settle her in” Teneka smiles at them as the party disperses leaving just them standing alone.

Lucas takes a look around, marveling at the size of the place ”From the outside you can’t even imagine the size of this place, its deceptive”

Teneka smiles ”Well, this is because it is out here, have you seen the other branch outside Crescent Hills?”

”There are more of this?”

Teneka laughs ”Do you even know who the  hell Benjamin Thomas George was?”

Lucas smiles ”Only in brief passing , that’s because my colleagues wouldn’t shut up about him and stuff”

”Well, he has a few branches scattered about, some manned by some of the board members in there..which Ms. Anikka has to go take a look too”

”Oh! i thought when she said she was going to do an audit on them, i figured it was in this place”

”Here and everywhere else my father set up shop and whoever is managing it” Anikka says turning away ”Show me to my office, my father’s office i mean”

”Sure. It is your office now so…” Teneka trails off leading the way.


Tickkle gulps the last contents of his bottle, he wipes his mouth and then flings the empty bottle away, he staggers into the house to find Greg cleaning his gun.

”Did you find her?”

Tickkle doesn’t answer, he staggers past him and then heads to the living room, Abetta was laughing about something with Brandon when  they turn to see him enter with Greg is coming behind him.

”Did he find her?” Abetta drops the tray of food she was carrying. She wipes her hands on her apron.

”The fool didn’t say nothing to me Mama, maybe he would to you” Greg walks past him and then comes to seat beside Brandon.

Tickkle says nothing to them, he heads to the bar, opens the cupboard and takes another bottle of gin.

Brandon gets up, walks a few strides to him and lifts the bottle out of his re..maybe each ”You want to drink yourself to death Tickkle?”

”It is my life, give me the bottle, it helps me to not think about nothing” he reaches for it, Brandon takes it higher

”Did you find her?” Abetta repeats, frowning slightly ”Answer and Brandon will give it to you.”

”No i did not, maybe she left Mama, maybe she left and ran far far away” he laughs

Abetta goes to him ”She left?”

”I don’t know, i don’t know..searched everywhere, didn’t see her” he smiles ”Maybe she smelt all of you..smelling smelling people…” he staggers ”Maybe her Pa, came like a ghost and then poof…took her away to a safe place, away..far far away where no harm will come to her, maybe..she is safe…” he laughs shaking his head

Abetta is angry ”Tickkle, did you find her, answer me now, Mama is getting really angry, and i would not hold back my anger” she folds her fist, ready to hit him

He stares at her , then he shakes his head backing away ”Tickkle didn’t find her, Tickkle searched and searched..Tickkle didn’t find her…” then he looks at her and then the tray of food, the aroma making his mouth water  ”Mama, i am hungry”

She stares disgustingly at him ”Give him the bottle Brandon, ” she stares harder at him as Brandon gives him the bottle, he hungrily uncorks it and then gulps a large amount of liquid into his mouth  ”Food Mama” he wipes his mouth

”Food?” she laughs ”When you find her, you eat, until then, enjoy your bottle, useless !” she spat ”Get out of my sight before i throw you into the dark room with no keys, go on” she snaps pointing at the door.

Tickkle’s stomach growled in pangs of hunger ”Food Mama!” he repeats staring at her

”You want food?”

He nods.

She went to the tray of food seated on the table, she takes a spoon, dips it into the bowl of garnished rabbit stew, taking out a piece of meat, then she takes another spoon, dishes out a small grains rice, she turns and then stares at him, then she pours it on the floor, ”Eat it”

Brandon and Greg exchanges looks, but they say nothing

Tickkle’s eyes fills with tears ”Mama!” he chokes

”Eat it!” she snarls

Choking back his tears, he goes to her, bending, he scoops it from the floor and then eats it, staring up at her, tears trekking down his eyes ” perché mi odi mamma?”

”Hate you Tickkle? I despise you!” she spat at him

Another tear rolls down ”poi uccidimi mamma, perché mi hai lasciato vivere?”

”I do wanted you dead Tickkle, same where i made sure your father did pay for his sins against me. Kill you? How many times i wanted to do so , you have no idea, it is your brothers who stops me. You think i want you to live? You think i desire to see you live? You think it pleases me to see you walk around the streets, drunk and useless, you irritate me and if it were left to me i would have aborted you since the first day i knew i carried you, i would have ended your life in your crib, i would have run my car over you and made sure you didn’t live the next think i love you Tickkle, nor! I only had you because i felt he would love me, he would love me but what does he do? He hated me even more and showered you with all his love while he fisted me with his fits and doted on his family…you are my biggest regret Tickkle and i am glad i sent your father to his grave and made sure you were useless…die if you must, ruin yourself and see if i care…but you would did this will find me that wrench of a girl Anikka, then i would gladly end you myself. Get out!” she kicks him hard, he groans filling the impact.

He manages to carry himself and then rushes outside the living room, leaving them staring after him

”Mama, you were too harsh” Brandon stares at her, feeling slight pity for his brother

”Say one more word and i would lump you with that fool!”

He smiles ”You love me Mama”

”Sadly, i do, i love you both” she touches his chicks ‘My boys..i love you both dearly my sons” she kisses his chicks and then reaches for Greg and kisses him too ”Come, eat, we must find her, we must find her first and take what is ours before anyone else does. There are wolves, and everyone would be searching for her, we do not want those men to take her first else, they would cheat us. Money brings out the true colors of people, we mustn’t let them beat us to it, yes?”

Brandon and Greg sit, pulling a plate of food to them ”Yes Mama”

”Good” she sits down and proceeds to eat. She watches them with joy as they enjoy their food.

She zooms out for a second, wondering where Anikka is.


”So…if you require any changes you let me know?”

”Sure” Anikka says sitting on her father’s chair, a wave of emotion washes over her briefly, she closes her eyes, as she remembers him. The room smelt of him. Her father was a man with a very predictable habit, this office looked that the one he had in the states..same look, he hated change. The perfume he loved filled the room. She opens her eyes and then smiles, and he had that same picture of all of them on his desk too, just like he has one of it here as well. She reaches out and then touches it, tears filling her eyes, she sniffs.

Lucas stares at her ”We would just be outside if-”

She shakes her head kicking back the tears ”It’s okay , it’s fine. it would pass”

Teneka nods , he goes to a wall, pulls down the picture and then stares at Lucas, Lucas made to leave

”I would just be outside incase you need me”

She stops him, ”He is my bodyguard, you think he would come steal from me?” she looks at Teneka

”You are too trusting Miss Anikka” Teneka tells her

”Same thing i told her” Lucas points out stopping and then frowning

”You say trust no one, i need to be able to trust someone at least, as of this moment it is you Teneka because you happened to be my father’s confidant before he died and you Lucas, because i am putting my life in your hands to protect me and help me find out who killed me father”

”If he was murdered, If, an operative word”

”Same thing, so i trust you both now”

”’Fine, as it suits you” Teneka opens the vault safe . Lucas is shaking his head and then turning away, muttering under his breath about how she never listens.

Teneka  brings out some files and then keys ”As you mentioned, i had them release two cars to you, just sign here and this is the keys” he hands the keys to Anikka and then gave her the documents to sign, she does so without reading, Lucas frowns again, unable to hold himself.

”Aren’t you going to read it?” he points at the document, wishing he can knock some sense into her head.

”I said i trust him” she says with an air of aloofness

”Stupid!” Lucas mutters

She stares at him giving Teneka back the documents, she blinks ”Excuse you? Watch your mouth”

He laughs

”I am paying you to protect me and work for me not to insult me”

”Exactly, but i don’t see you paying to buy my opinion lady, my opinion is mine and thank God for free will, even God can’t take that from us and i am not in the business of selling out my conscience for money. That you just did right there is stupid, it doesn’t matter even if it was your father that gave you documents to sign, you read it before you sign you don’t sign first lady, that’s dumb, that’s stupid and that’s wrong. You come here blazing with all guns pulled out screaming that you think your father was murdered, you go in there to meet the wolves and then give them something to think about, you come here and you sign off a documents without reading? You have no idea if it’s asking for your head and you just gave the go ahead . You would be an easy target and kill Lady”

She scoffs ”How dare you talk to me like that?”

”How dare i? I hate to work for clients who don’t use their head to think , aren’t cautious and are stupid and don’t listen”’

”I am not stupid, how arrogant and cocky can you be? Are you deaf, i said i trust him and-”

”’You are not listening, you shouldn’t trust anyone until you are absolutely sure, that’s what i am saying”

‘Are you insinuating anything Mr Lucas?” Teneka cocks his head to the side, his anger not showing,

Lucas ignores him ”This is between me and my client and i am trying to keep her safe, that is my job and what she is paying for and if she can’t get that into her head then i think she got the wrong guy”

”Well you are fired!” She stands up folding her hands

He laughs ”Good!” he turns and then made for the door

”Asshole!” she blurts out.

He laughs again and then shuts the door after him

”That was rude!’ she flings her arms ”He was rude” she points to the door ”See the way he spoke to me dare he, i paid a large some of money and…”

”You can ask for a refund and…”

”I shouldn’t trust you? How can he say that”

”Well…he overstepped surely”

”Ofcourse he did” she frowns ”I mean, it’s just a transfer documents isn’t it ?”

Teneka frowns ”Excuse me?”

‘I mean that?” she points to the documents she had signed, he raises an eyebrow

”Are you being serious right now? You think i would suddenly act funny? Wasn’t i the one who encourages you to even read the will documents you father had left for you, i mean’–

She covers her face ”I know i know, i am sorry but that man is getting under my skin, imagine that!” she drops her hands ”Maybe i exaggerated, i mean he wasn’t talking out of context and ..he means well right i mean, to ensure i am protected, that is what i am paying him for right?”

”Well i supposed but you can get some else and-”

”Have the security tell him to come back up”

”Miss Anikka you do not need a bodyguard who is a randy as that man and–”

”Just call him up, i do not have the strength to go searching for another” she grabs her bag

”As you wish”

”Show me to the garage, have him meet me there”

He nods calling the security and passing the needed information.


Lucas is stopped at the security exit ”What?”

”Miss Anikka George asks that you meet her at the garage”

He laughs ”Tell her no thanks”

He made to leave ”She says she would like to apologize” the security tells him. He points to another security man  who is waiting for him ”He would take you to her”

Sighing, Lucas turns and then follows the man who leads him out the door, through the balcony and then down to the garage on the left wing.


She was staring at one of the cars when he walked in, Teneka was talking about it being bullet proof. He comes to her ”I am here”

She doesn’t turn tp him ”I apologize but i would ask that you refrain from insulting me and speaking rudely to me or to my lawyer”

”Whatever! As long as you do what i say…you help me keep you save. I am only doing my job and my tactics may not be black and white but it would keep you safe”



She hands him the keys ”We would take that one” then she turns to Teneka . ”When do we make the rounds for the other branches?”

He checks his swatch, ”Now, we can do that now. Its just 10 am. They are 45 mins apart and by now, all the board members would have gone back, we can start now.  If you aren’t worried about road trips and if your bodyguard don’t mind being our driver, we can cover it today. The auditors have being called and sent to all the branches as you requested and we can proceed to ensure they take what we need. And i would like that you are they when they do so the board members know you mean business”

”Then, lets do it.” She nods.

”Right”  Lucas stares at the keys ”Okay” he enters the car and then starts it.


Ten hours later, they had gone round the branches which are nine in total and then had documents gathered. Some Board members had made it difficult for  the auditors to do their job but Teneka had insisted to use the law if they refused. After much disagreement, Mr Gapon and the others let the auditors take away documents for review especially financial records.

Its a little over 9pm they returned back to crescent Hills and back to the office. The staff had gone home safe for the securities who were asked to stay behind.  Teneka had cleared the conference room on  first floor to enable the auditors have enough room to preview all documents from all the branches without disturbance.

Lucas yawns staring at his time ”Would they be here all night?”

”Yes, plus it would give them ample time to work before first light and the company is filled with nosy staff. The securities would be here to ensure nothing leaves the room.” he turns to Anika ”You should go home”

She nods ”You should too, we should get the status by morning, Yes?”

He nods.

”Okay” she picks up her bag and then made for the door with Lucas following behind her and Teneka behind them.

They say their goodbyes with Teneka driving out first.


Gapon has been pacing the length of his office since they left, his phone in his hands, anger boiling within him , his phone rings, he picks ”I swear to God Geti if-”

”He is in position Mr Gapon, do not fear”

”I told you i do not need her to audit me..but they already took the documents and records, stop them, kill her and find me the damn power of attorney documents and all it needs..damnit Geti!”

”Yes Sir, it would be cleared tonight. Look, we know the auditors are in the main branch, they called in for police protection, call call from  her Lawyer, i would have the boys deal with that situation but Pochio is on ground. He  would handle both situation”

”She has a bodyguard” he informs him

Geti laughs ”A Bodyguard is just a mere fellow who thinks carrying a gun and mean something, my boy Pochio is a trained police, you think a bodyguard would stand a chance?” he laughs ‘Relax Mr Gapon, all would go well, by tomorrow, you may even be the CEO of BlackCoal Enterprises and maybe i can make City police Chief to the entire district under Cresent hills” he laughs

”Ofcourse just get it done”

The line cuts.


Geti drops his hand and then punches some numbers and  dials Pochio’s number ”You are i play, no mistakes”


Pochio drops his call, he is seated in his car, opposite the company, waiting. He steps out and then lights his cigarette. It is about 10:15 pm, it is dark save from the light coming in from the building. He takes another drag when he sees the lawyer, Teneka Lorde leaving the building.

He then sees another car, a black range over pulling out of the building, he watches the direction they goes, figuring that she must be in there.

He makes a call ”Coast clear?”, he enters his car and then follows behind their car, not too close and not too far to miss it.

Another car follows him behind, he slows down and lets the car to pass, the car flashes it’s head lights and then zooms pass him.

”Boss wants no mistake, make it happen” he cuts and then follows behind the two cars ahead of him.


Two men wearing police uniforms are in the building, just outside the door where the 12 Auditors are going through the documents.

Another officer is standing afar off on the phone backing them , his hand is in his pocket, he spares them a glance before answering  ”Yep, she just left with her bodyguard and then lawyer. The entire building is locked down except the floor we are in, what’s your go?”

”Open one of the backend doors, and then act like nothing, we are coming up, Pochoi just went after them.”

”No sweat.”

He cuts the call and then smiles at the other securities ”Need to go take a leak” he tells them walking away , they watch him leave and then turn back to watch through the see-through window what the auditors were doing.


They didn’t see them come through the backend, they turn when they hear footsteps . But it was too late, the silencer went off , the two securities drop dead.

The two omen dressed in all black and a hood covering their faces open the door and then drags one  of the dead securities into the room.

”Who wants to die first?” one of the hooded men asks

The Auditors, twelve in number made up of about  nine men and three women free, are starlted from their seat, the women scream going to themselves and hiding behind the men,

”Who are you, what do you want?” One of the men asks, another silencer went off, the man drops to the floor, more screams are heard,

”Anyone else wants to join them?” The second hooded man asks

Silence, sobbing silence fill the room ”Good, now, empty out all your pockets and give us your wallets, i need your bags, phones everything, just out it here” one of the hooded men says coming to them with a huge bag and then taking all their items.

The other stares at the piles of documents ..”Oh lookie, what are you guys up to?” he smiles under his hood  ”I wonder what happens when you light up paper, does it go up in smoked ashes?” he laughs turning to his colleague who laughs with  him

”Please no” another man pleads

”You, gather them around and lump all these documents together ” he points to the men and watch them hurriedly gather all the documents together.

He takes out a cigarette and then lights it up, after a few drags he takes out a bottle of spirit from his pocket, he takes a gulp pf it before emptying it’s  contents s all over the piled documents. He takes a final drag before dropping the  lighted cigarette on it and watches it suddenly light up and catch fire.

The Auditors start to cough as the smoke increases, filling the room. Soon the fore alarm is baring.

He steps away with a smile, watching the fire spread, consuming the entire documents, more people coughing, he turns to his colleague and then gives a head sign..

They point the gun to them, making sure no one tries to be funny, lifting they run out through the back door and then out the building.

The Auditors run out  coughing , trying to find their way out of the building.

The fire alarm is loud, they can hear the fire service blaring sound not so far away.


Lucas is taking her home. They drive silently.

”So, since when did you decide to be come a bodyguard?” she asks, deciding the silence was deafening and she might as well use it to find out what kind of person she hired to protect her and find out what happened to her father.

”Since i gave up being cop”

‘That’s  not an answer” she observes

”Neither is prying into one’s life a virtue” he tells her

”I am not prying, i am only getting to have basic information about my bodyguard”

He smiles ”Name is Lucas ”

”Whatever, you can keep it your information, not interested anyways.” she throws at him, deciding he is the most annoying arrogant man she had ever met.

He laughs ”Was  in the military for two years, hated the bloodshed and maybe because id din’t have the mind to kill bad  people without a heart, enemy or not, i asked to be transferred to the district. Took the academy program, passed, was in the force for 7 years. Left because i realized that the police is as shady as the mafia, and because i can’t exactly fight the law, i had to look for ways to protect people or help people when the law can’t”

”How do you do that? By investigating affairs?” she throws at him  again

He laughs more ”Well, most people want that kind of services but i do not take those ones unless it is absolutely in dire situations, i usually take cases that warrants justice being served and i ensure to get it..but the police isn’t so bad, there are a fee good ones there.  I have a friend so when i solve cases and i need someone to help push the law and bend it’s hands as per rights, i go to him and its all cleared out. Now that i have my practicing licences , i do all straight up. Plus like i said, i have a methodology in working ethics; my ways aren’t always black and white but it would get you to the right destination, safe”

”I see”

”Hmm’ he makes a turn. Teneka had given him the address of where she stays, he just hoped he didn’t miss a turn. No. he is on the right path. He turns again. Then he frown when he stares at his rear view mirror. Is he just him or that car behind them has been making every turn he did for the past twenty minutes?.

His next turn was five minutes away, thinking quickly, he make a right run two minutes into the drive, purposely  losing three minutes. He lost car.

Suddenly, he sees the car making a turn and coming behind him.  He looks ahead. There were two turns on either side of the third bend as he got into the street, he makes a right and then kicks up slight speed,  in another minute, he notices the car was behind him again. Same black sedan, one driver.

Anikaa frowns noticing his countenance..”What is it?”

”I think we are being followed” he says making another turn, she turns back quickly and then stares behind them

”I don’t see any-”

”There he is”

Fear suddenly grips her  as she sees the black sedan ‘Are you sure, i mean it’s a public road and-”

He makes anther turn, a minute later , the car turns again and comes into view” Yep, i am sure. Put your head down” he says reaching out for his gun

”Lucas…” she says with fear in her voice as she gets down

”It might be nothing but just to be on  safe side, it is bullet proof so..” he trails of ”If they are following us, i can’t lead them to where you live, if they don’t know that already so…” he trails off again as he slows to a stop.

”Why are you stopping” she shrieks as she goes low to the car floor.

”Be quiet” he stops the car and the watches as the car stops behind him. He waits, nothing. He began to move again and then the car began to move as well. He stops, the car stops. He removes his seat beat and then alights from the car, making sure his gun was in full view, he walks to the car slowly, pointing his gun. ”Lock the door Anikka” he tells her as he moves away from their car.

The driver was a male, wearing a face cap. he didn’t move, he stayed in the car watching Lucas advance towards him.

Anikka stayed down, not hearing Lucas anymore she raises her head and then stares to watch him advancing towards the car with his gun pointing towards it. She could make out  that the driver was a man. She kept watching. She remembered him saying she should lock the door but what if something happens and he is rushing back to enter the car, ?

No, she would wait and see what happens first, she looks at the ignition, the key was still there. Maybe she should climb over to the driver’s side and then be prepared to start the car and drive if they are in danger, atleast she would be able to drive this huge car and bump against the sedan and get Lucas before the worst happens. Yes, maybe that’s what she should do. 

She made to climb to the driver’s seat in front.

”Get out of the car now, i won’t repeat myself?” Lucas bellows loudly advancing more towards  car,  he stops, pointing the gun

The driver doesn’t move.

”Get out!” he screams again, after the driver continues to ignore him, he reaches the car and then grabs the handle to open the door, it was locked, he made to use his fist while pointing the gun to the man through his window, he was about to smash the window open and pull out the man when he heard it, another car screeching  behind him.

He turns.

But it was too late. The man opens the door and then hits him, causing Lucas to be flung away hitting the gravel ground and then hitting his back, the gun falling away from his hand.

The man shuts the door and then starts it, Lucas groans in pain trying to get up, he turns to see the car had stopped side by side with their car, a man jumps out quickly  with a sledge hammer  and with a force he hits the window of the range over shattering the class.  He pulls the kicking and screaming Anikka through it.

Lucas scrambles to his feet and then made for them.

The man who had hit him with his door starts his car, and the speeds intending to brush Lucas off the road and run him off. He makes contact with Lucas, but the impact was less as Lucas jumps off the road only getting brushed sightly over when it hit his legs causing him to bump into the car, thrown away and rolling over. He lands hard again, He groans in pain as he rolls to a stop.

He heard her screaming, he manages to look up as she was hit and then flung over shoulders and then thrown into the other car. The Car zooms away and the other car follows behind him leaving dust in their wake.

Lucas forces strength to his limps as he gets up, running to their car, he enters and then chases after them, cursing.

”Damnit!” he curses as he realized he was bleeding from the bruises he had sustained. He curses again as he stepped up speed, chasing the two cars.

They was no way he was letting them get away.


Two two cars separate on the service lanes, the one carrying her went left, the one with the man alone  went right, He follows the car carrying Anikka, not losing sight of them. He ignores the other car thinking the man was trying to play him a decoy move. Well it wasn’t working, he could see Anikka in the car he was chasing.

After two bends, he suddenly  notices the other car  that had disappeared was behind him again and then heading fast towards him, he increases his speed to the car infront of him.

He saw Anikka struggling with he man driving, he saw the man slap her across her face, grabbing it he slams it to the car window. Anikka drops the chair, Lucas  increases his speed.

The car behind him was nearing him, he saw him wind down and his hand coming out, there was a gun.

He  had to think fast. The first shot rang out, he swerves to the right. The second shoot rings out , he bends as it hits the back window and then bounces off.

Lucas steps on the breaks of the car, knowing that the sedan would drive into him. It did.

The sedan drives hard into him, hitting him from behind and then summersualts above him landing on the other pavement and was thrown into the side of the road.

The range is flung to the side but he steps hard on the breaks, causing the car to keep screeching round and round and round, his eyes following the other car zooming away and then takes a turn…

As soon as he could control the range, he make a  reverse, puts it in drive  and then continued to chase ignoring the man in the  damaged sedan, if he made it alive, he would be lucky.

The range took a good hit, but it was a strong car. He steps up on the speed.


Pochio reaches for his phone, dialing ”I got her, i got her, but i think i lost Gigo” he curses seeing how the sedan had gone flying after running into the range and skirted off the road. He doubts if Gigo survived.


”Get her to the save house, and the bodyguard?” Geti asks smiling as his daughter comes to him with her drawing book, he beckons to the maid to take her, he gets up and then backs his family

‘I lost him,he got run over by Gigo but he somehow kept chasing us, but i think they had an accident. Gigo got burned, but i lost him”


”Good, boss would be pleased, as soon as you get her to the house, let her tell you how to get the documents, when you get it, get her signatures and ensure she makes the transfers to the boss, then you kill her and lay low, boss would contact you for the pay” Geti says turning and staring at his family, he blows his wife a kiss when she smiles at him ”Work” he mouths at her when she beckons to him.


‘Yes Boss”‘ Pochoi cuts the line and then smiles. He checks his rear view mirror for the third time in five minutes. He didn’t notice any car.

He must have lost him on the way. He makes another turn again as he looks sideways at Anikka who had fainted when he slapped and slammed her  head to the car window.

Suddenly there was a blinding light ahead of him, he raises his hands to wade it so he can see, screeching to a stop.

Lucas was packed in the middle of the road, the range rover with its full head lights on.

He stares at him, their eyes meet, Pochoi’s eyes grows big as he read his lips  ”You picked the wrong guy to mess with” he snarls before he steps on the speed and then rams straight into him.


To Be continued…



”Why do you hate me Mama – perché mi odi mamma?

”Then kill me Mama, why did you let me live?- ”poi uccidimi mamma, perché mi hai lasciato vivere


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  • Lewis Egim says:

    What’s actually the story behind Tickle? Lucas needs to learn to follow and tune his instincts he has to overcome his fear of killing the bad guys. Of what use is being a bodyguard and being sacred of killing?

  • Lewis Egim says:

    What’s the real story behind Tickle being hated by the mother.
    Lucas needs to realise that before making an omelet he needs to break some eggs. Being a bodyguard, he has to be ready to drop some bad guys

  • Lewis Egim says:

    I hope there are hidden cameras in the building. Lucas will need backup. He can’t take down the gang all on his own,
    thanks Steph for a beautiful piece of write-up

  • Wonderful says:

    Well done Lucas at least annikka would have a reason to obey and trust you now

  • Jane says:

    Hmm I think Tickle is Mr George’s Son (ANIKKA’S FATHEF), Abetha took in for him thinking that Mr George will marry her,,,but he loves tickle more than the mother,thats why she killed him,,my guess though

  • Lewis Egim says:

    That might be true Jane, but, Tickle isn’t aware of that neither was George( if actually that’s the case). For one George died in a plane crash while Tickle’s dad was stabbed to death. Also, if George was actually the father and knew of it, he would have made provisions for him in his will.
    And don’t forget right from birth, Alberta wanted Tickle dead

  • How I pray that justice is brought upon anikka’s dad and the people who want her dead especially abetta and gapon..nice write up

  • ola says:

    i pray anika make it out alive n lucas also nid help i hope he had call his write up stephaine

  • Maabena Boaduwaa says:

    OMG……. Man is indeed hard to be trusted

  • Lewis Egim says:

    It would be nice to be informed on when the next episode comes out. All the stories are long overdue and it’s tiring to be checking everyday. Initially it used to be every three days, but, now, it’s epileptic like Nigeria’s Power Holding

  • Hope Nkechi says:

    trust no one…… indeed!

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