Blazing Heights – Chapter Six

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Marilyn POV {point of view}

I wake up in the morning with the worst headache. I feel exhausted, my vision is whirling. I don’t know how many shots I drank yesterday to make me feel like this. I try to get up . Slowly I walk through the bathroom. I take a cold shower so that I feel more sober .

After dressing up I go down to get some breakfast. Going down I hear the sounds of laughter from my three girl friends at the kitchen. I open the kitchen doors I see all of them in on the counter. One making coffee, the other one  cooking breakfast and another one making the table.

They all look at my direction and smile at me .

“Good morning to the drunken lady”, says Kendall while the other two are giggling over what she said.” Are you sober now? ”

I hesitate to answer because of what she said. I can’t remember all the things that happen last night. My eyebrows lift up questioning her. I walk closer to them.

“Tell me happened yesterday girls ? “, I ask with a little annoyance on my face because they all laugh at me.

“Of course we will but first don’t you want to eat breakfast, or how about a strong black coffee”, Rita says while she’s serving the coffee in front of me.

I lift up the coffee mug and put it on my nose. The smell of it made me feel more alive. I drink a little while my eyes close. Then I open my eyes and stare at them again.

“Hmmm, I think the drunken lady wants to hear a story”, Kendall say smirking at me. “Well Ms Marilyn as we all know we were drinking yesterday but you being in too much pain consumed most of the alcohol and after that you just fell onto the couch so we took you up”.

I put my palms on my face to hide my embarrassment. And they all laugh at me. They approach me taking my palms off my face and give me a hug me. They pat my back as a gesture for telling me it’s alright they understand.

I look at them with tears filling up my eyes. But they wipe it.

“Stop this drama and let’s eat breakfast”, Ella says

In the middle of our breakfast I hear someone  calling my name. In just a moment the kitchen doors open with a view of my best friend Lucy. She walks toward me with a newspaper on her hands. She then look at me, Ella, Kendall and Rita and again at me.

“Who are they?”, she ask.

They introduce themselves to her one by one.

” I’m Danielle but you can call me Ella .”

” I’m Rita.”

” And I’m Kendall. ”

“Is she your best friend you were talking about?”, Ella ask quizzically.

I shake my head for approval.

They each smile while Kendall attempted to lock her in an embrace but she shakes her hands in front of us saying don’t bother .

“I’m a friendly person but this not the time for an embrace.” she handed me the newspaper, I look at it and my eyes zeroed in on the headline. It’s Calvin, Paris and I on the front page .

I look at the three girls and turn the newspaper towards them. And they all smirk at me.


Calvin POV

I wake up thanks to endless ring of my phone’s . My personal phone has a ton of messages and missed calls from my family. The other one also has tons of messages and missed calls from random persons. I look at the time and it’s already 10 am . I groan when I realize that I’m late. I didn’t have enough sleep yesterday because Paris didn’t and still doesn’t want to talk to me. I get up fast take a shower wear my tux and I drive to work. When I’m near the entrance I see reporters again, so I call the security to help me pass through them.

I get out on the car and as soon as they saw me . They ask me the same bullshit questions. I cannot walk through them thankfully the security came fast.

My office my assistant comes inside my office automatically. I look at her and I’m waiting for her to say good morning but she give me 3 newspaper and on all the covers was me . Her eyes is full of resentment.

“Don’t say anything about that because you don’t know anything on my personal life”.

” Yes, Sir. But I think you should be worried about your company. Since that issue came out this morning all of our investors are backing out on us and they are pulling all their money from the company. And two of our stockholders are also gone. ”

I was in shock I didn’t expected it to be like this. I didn’t use the name of my ex wife to gain investors. And why two stockholders? I mean her father will back down I know. I put my palms onto my face and slide it through my hair.

My assistant handed me a paper that contained the names of the investors and stock holders who had backed away. I look at it one by one and dialed their number so that I can ask them why they did it. Obviously I know why but I didn’t care. I will try everything for the company to survive.

But before I call one of them my office door bang open as my father storms inside. He’s eyes full of anger looking at me .

Are you happy now? You have what you want now and you will face all the consequences of your acts.” he say to me full of disgust.

“Dad please stop this don’t make it to much worse .”

“And do you think this is not the worse? Your company is on the edge of falling down. Your mother had a heart attack. Your sister fiancee backing out of the wedding . And all of my friends and business partners were all mad at me and all of that is because of you. And your simple act. ”

I look at my father with all seriousness. I didn’t even realize that what I’ve done for myself will ruin everything my family has ever worked for. I didn’t think anything like this would happen especially my mom having a heart attack .

“I don’t care what will happen to you or to that woman nor to your company. But if something happen to your mother and sister I will disowned you” He said in resentment as he stormed out of my office

I’m left alone hanging. Now what will I do? What did I do to have all of this problem? Am I not allowed to be happy with the woman I love ?

Many question but there’s no answer. But I will do all my best to figure out everything. I hope this chaos will all be gone as soon as possible.


Calvin POV

Three months has pass but still I can’t get new stockholders nor any investor for my company. I’m getting more frustrated because Paris is always nagging and fighting me thanks all the media attention worst still, my father doesn’t talk to me, my sister is ignoring my calls and my father wouldn’t let my mom hold a phone because of what’s , happening to me right now . If my mom see’s it she will automatically have another heart failure.

The most crazy thing of all was that the 30% company stocks that my godfather bought was not really for him. It was In fact for my ex – wife . How did that happen? I didn’t even realize that. She made many things happen in my company without my knowledge. She put in a good word so the investors would invest in my company and that’s why when I dumped her all the investors left me. But the worst of all her father is doing everything so that I can’t get any support from anyone. Now I’m on the edge. Most of my employees are gone now since they know about the company’s near falling they submit their resignation. I still don’t know if I will last this month.

I’m in my office now looking at all the pages of paper on the table but I can’t focus, suddenly a tabloid catches my eye.

Written in bold letter “Paris whore goes to New York” with Paris picture in it.

My jaw clenched as I see the headlines. How dare they say a thing like this about my woman. I’m enraged, I immediately cut the front page. But to my disappointment there were more pictures inside that caught my eyes. It is Paris with two other man. I read it.

Finally the girl whose been out in Paris tabloid and magazine for the past few month has been revealed that she’s in New York city and has a new man to suck in.

Yes, you heard it right ladies and gentlemen. After having an affair with two rich married men Alex Noah and Anderson Santos she is now in New York. And her eyes set on a rich married man yet again, a Calvin Taylor this time .

And just like before she managed to break another married couple. But now that the company of that man is falling down will she remain ? Or she will look for new rich men to to suck on.

Well we will see that on the next few days.

I stop reading the article. What the heck was that. The writer’s were really punching many lies. Now I know why Paris is very angry about being in the media. I took again another tabloid, but it’s not me nor Paris in the picture it’s Marilyn with my sister Lucy and another women. I read the article.

Lucy Taylor sister of Calvin Taylor, and Marilyn Cuba has now befriended Kendall Cooper ex wife of Alex Noah who is a former lover of Paris Ridley .

The three ladies has been seen lately going out. I presume that now Ms. Cuba and Ms. Taylor knows everything about Paris Ridley.

I think we can see a women power here.

Again I stop on that article. I scan all newspaper and tabloid on my table. And the headlines were all the same it’s about Paris and two other men’s when she work in Paris last year.

I open my laptop and search for it. Still the same thing they are accusing her of being a home wrecker.

Is this really true? When did this happen? Why I didn’t know it? All of this questions linger on my mind. I need an answer.

So I take my phone and dial Paris’s number. It rings but she doesn’t answer, I call again and again until she answer it on 5th ring. But to my disappointment it’s not her who answers the phone. I hear a baritone voice it’s not a voice of a female.

“Hello who’s this? I couldn’t speak I froze for a while and then a female started to come near.

“Why are you holding my phone?, I will not be mistaken that’s Paris.

“I’m sorry love but it’s pestering my sleep. It’s been ringing for awhile now. So I answered it but no one is talking on the other line.”, the guy say.

“Who is it? “, she say.

“ohhh I think it’s your boyfriend. Hey buddy Calvin, I’ll borrow your girl for awhile I will bring her back to you. Ahahahhah”, he laughs like a evil.

I end the call upon hearing that. My whole body is trembling with anger. How could she do this to me? I swipe out everything on the top of my table. My mind cannot think right now. All I want now is to wring a head of a girl who made me feel stupid the whole time.

The door of my office pops open and my assistant enter with her shocking look.

“Sir what happen are you all right? ”

My eyes full of anger “Did you buy newspaper today?” she shake her head at me and I hiss.

“Go and buy today newspaper and buy the one which I’m on the headline or my sister or my ex wife and my girlfriend , understood! ” I shouted at her. She immediately turn around at me running. I think she looks scared at me .

I took my phone and dialed my cousin Timi.

” Hello, Timi this is me Calvin. Can you take a lookatf someone’s background for me? I will give you the details. ”

“Oh Yes, it’s her. “

“Really ? Thank you Timi. I will wait for you. Goodbye.”

I need to know the truth. I will not accuse her without proof. But what will I do if the truth is the one in front of me.

I am in fear now but I need to face it like a real man. And if ever she really made me a toy, what will I do?
My fist punch the table now thinking of how Paris betrayed me.



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