In Too Deep Slippery Waters – Chapter Seven

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Lucas observes her for a few seconds, he drops the files he held on his desk and then stares at her. ”A bodyguard?”

”Yes, that’s what i said” she replied looking around at their office ”I thought private agencies would be more-” she trails off

”More what? organised?” he folds his arms

‘Sophisticated, with all the huge monies i hear they get paid with”’

”It is an office and meant to be one, not a club for social gatherings” he tells her, pulling out a seat ”Please” he beckons to the chair, and then steps away

”Does that mean that it is also meant to be empty?” she raises an eyebrow as she takes a seat, moving her bag away and places it close to her feet.

”They are out for work, like you said, this is a private agency, we aren’t the district office to be seated infront of the desk all door doing nothing”

She smiles ”Seems as though you do not like the police ”

She was observant, he smiles ”I just do not like the way they work, doesn’t mean i distrust them entirely, there are a few good ones”

She nods

”So you said you needed a bodyguard?”

”If you stop hovering over me maybe i can explain the services i need from the bodyguard”

”Oh, sorry!” he goes behind his desk and then takes a seat, he brings out a jotter, and then pen, he stares at her ”Go ahead please”

”How is this done though, should i start with the reason or with everything that warranted me coming here?”

He stares at her ”Okay, usually how we work is that we need to know everything to enable us do our work, but you can tell me what you feel most comfortable about but it is worthy to note that you should see us as your doctors or lawyers…confidentiality is key here, we never tell other parties. We just do our work”

She nods, ”Fine then. So lets start at the beginning, my name is Anikka Aviella George”

He nods writing it down ”Okay?”’

”I am the daughter of Benjamin Thomas George, CEO of BlackCoal Enterprises, recently deceased” she clears her throat as she looks away briefly,

He didn’t miss the sadness. He stares at her as he recognized the name . David and Kelvin had apprised him of who the man was, he also remembered them mentioning he had a daughter, who lived overseas ”I am sorry for your loss, if you need a minute…”

She shakes her head, ”No..thank you” She clears her throat ”He erm.. died from a plane crash..supposedly”

He raises an eyebrow ”Supposedly..?”

”That’s what the news and everyone is saying”

He leans back ”what are you saying?’ he asks sensing an opinion, they usually had one.

”I think he was murdered!!”

”And you have proof?”

She shakes her head ‘

”okay usually, if i were an officer, you not having proof is the end of this  conversation”

”Well you are not” She points out.

”Not anymore”

”So?” She raises an eyebrow

”So…makes me you feel that he was murdered?”

”Let me that with the series of event that had led  me to this and why i came for the services of a bodyguard”

”Go ahead” he grabs the pen again

”After my father’s funeral service back at the house; a strange man or a drunk told me and i quote ‘‘ Your father was a good man, too good a man infact, maybe that’s why he died. The world don’t love good people, no, they rip them off from the earth and make it look natural” 

”You said a drunk? They are liable to say anything plus…”

‘I would hate to see you end up like your father miss Anikka, my advice is you should leave this town as soon as you can, don’t look back and don’t trust anyone, thank me later” she cuts him, ”that is what he said to me in his exact words”

He nods ”Still, it could mean nothing”

She nods ”Okay, the lady who was with me, by the name Abetta Bluime, gave me a cup of tea, i woke up in another house , with two men, er…i think Greg and Brandon where their names. which happens to be her sons. When i asked why she drugged she said …that i am not safe here, and that she would protect me and stuff, and the reason she did what she did was for my own good. She also insinuated that my father had begged her to keep me save if anything were to happen to him , plus that he had enemies.”

”I see”

”Yes, she also did mention that several attempts were made on his life but was ruled out as minor crimes made by touts and miscreants and nothing substantial. ”

”I see”

”What does that mean?” she frowns at him, she didn’t like his replies.

”Miss George..”

”Anikka is fine”

”You were approached by  a drunk who first puts it in your head, then you were supposedly drugged, then you were told again by this people that you aren’t save, your father had enemies and you need to be protected and that’s why you feel he was murdered”


”I don’t know it just seem like a really bad movie script”

”Really? how about this, i went to the station to get clarity and the chief of police did admit that my father had raised some concerns. But he also didn’t push for it because like Abetta said, nothing substantial was found. Now between my father’s burial and today, i have been made the CEO of Blackcoal Enterprises, given power of attorney to all of his assets and then sole signatory to all of his accounts which means that i am worth what my father was when he was alive. Plus, the government is replenishing my father’s project 100, three times what it’s initial value is and more. Technically, at this moment, i am worth four times what my father was worth when he was alive..that means that with being the CEO and owner  of all my father’s assets, liquid and in state  in Africa, in the states and also in Crescent Hills i am some sort of a billionaire in trillions. If you don’t know what the actual fact value is…here, maybe you should take a look”

She picks up he bag, opens it and then throws a file document to him , he picks it up , opens it and nearly drops it

‘What the fxxk” he breaths closing it and dropping it on the table ”Wow, that’s alot to process”

She takes it and then puts back the document in her bag ”Now, my father’s lawyer tracked me down and i have signed those documents. He also advised that i should be wary of that lady and her sons and made sure i didn’t return with her, he sets me up in my father’s house, off the radar, which only him and i knows. Last night, someone broke in”

”You were harmed?” he looks her over, not remembering seeing any injury on her body

”No that’s the thing, i wasn’t, he didn’t take anything. I woke up when i felt someone was watching me, i called the cops and reported and they insisted i needed protection and they would provide it”

”Well, that part is true, you should take their offer”

”That’s the thing, for some reason i don’t trust the police”


”I told you i went to see the chief of police to report what i was told, and wanted the case reopened, he was trying to persuade me to let it go . It didn’t make sense, but i insisted. Now, i am being watched? By God knows who. Look  if my dad had really reported something, why didn’t they look into it and if my dad was really killed that means they are incompetent…i can’t put my life in their hands”

He nods leaning forward ”That’s why you need a bodyguard, to protect you?”

”More than that.. i need someone i can trust, not just with my life, but with other aspects, i need someone to help me find out what really happened to my father, if he was murdered, who had it done and why, who are involved and how to bring them to justice. ”

He smiles ”That’s a lot for a bodyguard”

”what’s your charge?”

She brings out her wallet, bringing out a chequebook”This can be processed withing the hour, how much?”

He folds his arms ”I tell you what..let me look into this and i would get back to you”

She leans away ”I do not have time for this…i am expected to appear at the board meeting , i have no idea what i am doing or expected to or what i am walking into. This pass few days hasn’t been easy and with all this hovering over my it’s either you want the job or you don’ i find someone else”

”Advice? You don’t walk into a place and whiff off that document like it’s nothing, that’s dangerous and what makes you feel i am trustworthy that i can’t kill you right now after i force you to sign all this to me?”

She opens her mouth and then closes it, ”Well..when you said i should tell you what i wanted you to hear i figured-plus you said it’s confedential”

”Still, it’s too much sensitive information. You are too trusting, that is a good yet bad advantage for you, you don’t know me, you could easily have told me who you are, your father and that you run his company now, you really didn’t have to show me what you are worth in values. You could get yourself killed”

She thins her lips ”Thank you for the advice” she gets up to leave.

He sighs ”I would take the job on certain conditions”

She pauses and then turns to him ”What?”

”I get to have my personal space when i need it without permission. Under no circumstances business would be mixed with pleasure”

”Are you kidding me, you aren’t my type” she eyes him distastefully, was he high on some cheap crack? she wonders.

”Most people cross the line, i don’t like it” He explains, the last time, he had to cut off a job because his client only called him when she was horny. Fighting off a strong horny woman was not easy, David and Kelvin had a feild day laughing his head off. Not again. He was a professional bodyguard, not a booty call.

”You would have no issues with me”

”Also, i like to work by instincts, so when i give you orders, you follow”

”Arrogant much, who is paying the bills here, me or you, who is supposed to give orders, me or you?’

He stands up, ”You aren’t listening to me, as of now, you really do not know the situation of this and going by that document, it is save to mean that if your father was actually murdered for God knows what, it means you are in the radar of who carried it out, that means, you can’t just wake up and say you want to go clubbing or take a dive in the ocean unless i permit it. My job like you are paying for is to keep you safe and that means all round protection even from yourself. That also means if i say you can’t  go to certain place because it isn’t save, you aren’t going. ”

”I see, and if it’s important?” she folds her hand and cocks her head to the side

”I need to okay it first”

”Are they any other rules i need to go back Mr. dictator?”

”It’s Lucas”


”First, not because i key into your suspicion of your father’s death, for all i know it can be a natural death but we should not ignore the signs, so we have to work on the premise that you are in first thing’s first, we need to sweep your house, and secondly -”

”Investigate the board members, ” she tells him.

”Board members?”

”The lawyer mentioned a Gapon Gilles, he used to be tight with my father until last year when he had a falling out. He also said my father had him in mind  to take over the company if he died because he was sick, but before my father’s death he had my name there instead.”

”Okay, ” Lucas wrote that down ”So we have number one suspect. Then we have the Abetta and her sons. Then the drunkard.” he writes ”Who else have you come in contact with again?”

”The chief of police, and then my father’s lawyer”

He rights down. ”Anyone else?”


He pauses and then looks up

”You said not to be too trusting, i am only doing what i am told” she shrugs

Well, atleast she was not dumb, He smiles”You learn fast” He closes the jotter

”So how much do i owe you?”

”A thousand dollars .”


”That’s aside miscellaneous  like investigation and tools of services”

”Do you charge your clients this high?”

”Only the rich and those who can afford it” he smirks

”Aren’t you ripping hem off?”

”When i get the job done? Hardly” he squares his shoulders, Anikka notices that there were broad. He must work out alot.

”Fine, two thousand dollars…and we can top that as we go on”

He smiles opening his drawer and then pulling out a form, she fills it and then signs it . She fills the cheque, signs it and hands it to him ”My lawyer would inform the accountant to honour that” she stares at him ”Shall we?”

”Where to?” he looked curious

”I own you Mr. Lucas, and as to where?  To the board meeting…aren’t bodyguards expected to go around with those they protect?”

”Right. ” he grabs his jacket, he scribbles a note and then places on Kelvin’s table . He opens his drawer and then brings out a hosted gun with a belt, he wears it around his waist. She eyes it.

”Private bodyguards are licences-ed to carry a gun” he wears his jacket

”Right, but can you be less obvious?”

He laughs ”I am” he wears his glasses, hiding the gun, he outs on his  glasses ”Or maybe i can pretend to be your man, would that be less obvious for you?” he smirks again

”Arrogant, corny and obnoxious”

”Thank you, you are paying for my services, not my niceties. Shall we?”

She turns away without saying anything, he follows her out looking the door behind him.



Lucas drives into the company’s complex underground garage, he alights going to open her door for her. They walk into the building with a huge sign ”BlackCoal Enterprises, the new age of natural resources” boldly written. They go in getting to security.

”Name?” the officer stops them

”Anikka Aviella George” she says

The officer stares at her, then he quickly opens the gate and then nods as the other officers stand as well, greeting her with a nod ”Welcome Ma’am, we have been expecting you, Mr Tenekan Lorde told us you would be coming, this way” he lets her pass through security gates  but stops Lucas.

”He is with me”

”My apologies Sir” the officers steps back and allows them go through, ”Take the elevator to the last floor” one of the officer’s directs ”They are waiting”

”Thank you” She walks ahead with Lucas behind her.

”The dude didn’t even frisk me to know i carried a weapon” Lucas shakes his head, they enter the elevator. She observed that too, but she said nothing. The door opens to usher them into a big waiting area that housed the reception. She walks to the desk, there were a few people seated there waiting to  be attended to, they ignore her as they walk pass.

”Hi?” Anikka says to the lady who seemed distracted

”Good morning Ma’am, if you could hold on i would attend to you or you can wait with the others while i-”

The door bursts open, Teneka  Lorde is coming towards her with a smile on his face ”You found it Miss Anikka Aveilla George, come, they are all waiting for you”

The receptionist shoots her head to her, embarrassed ”I am so sorry Ma’am i didn’t realize that-”

”It’s fine. ” she smiles walking ahead with Teneka ”I followed your advice and got a private bodyguard”

Teneka stares at Lucas, ”Teneka Lorde, Lawyer”

”Lucas Hemsworth, ” he smiles

Teneka turns away ”So, as i have already briefed you…be calm, do not be frizzled because they would come at you strong. It is your company now so you would run it as you seem fit”

She nods , they pause at the door ”Once you are done here, i would gather the staff so you are properly introduced. Ready?”

She nods. ”I see some reporters”

”Yes, they are aware of the board meeting and everyone of course wants to know who would officially be running BlackCoal enterprises,it is worthy news. Ready?”

She nods again.  He opens the door and then steps in

”Gentlemen, allow me introduce, CEO of BlackCoal Enterprises …Miss Anikka Aveilla George”

She walks in to see all the men stand up, except one. Lucas steps in behind her,

”I assume that would be Gapon Gilles?” he whispers to her wondering. The man didn’t hide his displeasure. He was bold.

”I don’t know” she whispers, she looks to Teneka and then stares at the man, Teneka follows her eyes, he turns to him

”Mr Gapon, would you not greet the CEO of BlackCoal enterprises?” Teneka Lorde speaks ”Atleast as a sign of courtesy.. also ateast to honour the man’s final wish that you accept her as a BlackCoal family”

Gapon sighs as he says ”We are here to discuss matters that are dire, not to acknowledge a child”

Anikka smiles, Lucas whispers ”Bad blood, motive might be should be wary of that one” he says stepping away as she makes her way to the seat pulled out by Teneka ”I can assure you Mr Gapon, i am not a child but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Please , seat, and good morning Gentlemen, sorry about the delay i was cut, shall we begin?”

”Who is he?” Gapon asks observing the man with her

”Someone you shouldn’t concern yourself with Mr. Gapon Gillies” Lucas says with a half smile. Gapon Gillies’ face grows dark.

Yep, most definitely a suspect, Lucas affirms.

Teneka steps forward with the documents ”Allow me  state the terms and conditions of this changes made by Late Benjamin Thomas George…””

Lucas isn’t listening, instead he is watching the men one by one as Lorde spoke , his eyes resting on Gapon Gilles.



Tickkle enters the liqueur shop and the  purchases another bottle of rum, he uncorks it and then drinks it, watching the streets.

”Why do you do this to yourself? You had a good life son!” The lady lady at the counter says to him

”Good life is a myth” he smiles drinking some more, belching

”Go home! You are chasing my customers”

”No, home is no home” he laughs wiping his mouth. He gets up from the chair and then exits the shop crossing into the police station. He was stopped by the securities, drunkenly he tells them what he was for, he was let through. He goes to the first officer he sees, hovering over his desk.

”I want to file a report!” he staggers

The officer looks up frowning, wondering who let him into the building much less his table.

”How did you pass security?”

”I need to file a report, will you file it?”

The officer gets up , he pulls him by the collar ”How did you pass security?”

Tickkle struggles away from his grabs ”I need to file a report, someone will die, help her”

”Hem who let this drunk fool into the station, i would have your badge” the man yells dragging Tickkle out and pushes him out the door, ”Leave”

Tickkle staggers, bracing himself to stand still so he doesn’t fall ”Help her, please, help George’s daughter, help her i beg you, they would kill her please” he cries

Some other officers come, two hold  ”Sorry Sir, but he insisted he needed to speak with an officer and that he had something to tell him, are we to send him away because he is a drunk?”

”If a crazy person tells you he has something important to say do you think it is important? He drank a whole bottle of rum and his mind feels like he is in danger or someone else, this is a police station not a place every tom dick and harry comes to upload their crazy, show him out”

”I am telling you, she is in danger and they would kill her ” he screams, but it was no use, they send him out the station and to the streets, He watches their retreating back, angry.

”If she dies, it’s your fault, it’s all your fault. You did nothing when they killed Papa George, now..her…you do nothing still?” he cries turning away. He throws his head back and then takes a long drink of his bottle, he staggers into the streets, heading the opposite direction ”Good people die, good people are cut off from this world, they all die, no one is too be trusted, no one” he staggers away.



”What was the commotion about?” Geti Richards opens his office and then steps out

”Some fool was ranting about deaths and whatnot, he is a drunk, i sent him on his way”

”Why was he let in in the first place?”

”Same question i asked” the officer explains ”He was shouting, they were going to kill her, George’s daughter like a mad man, ” he laughs

Geti frowns ”George’s daughter?”


It can’t be a coincidence, it can’t be Thomas George he is referring to  and his daughter Anikka? Who does he mean by they? ”Where did he go to?”


”Get me security footage” he says entering his office. A minute letter he is staring at the video, a frown on his face, someone knocks on the door and enters

”You needed me boss?” he comes to him

”Take a look at this, what do you think?”

The man does ”Think it’s related to the lady?”

”Possibly, why mention George and his daughter, plus..if it’s a random name, who is George? I am sure the drunk assumed that everyone should know this George and feels they should be alerted as to his daughter, it can’t be a coincidence. Whose George is widely known other then Benjamin Thomas George, a fxxking  household name around here.”

”So what do you want me to do? ”

Geti stares ta him ”Find this drunkard and find out what he knows, if it’s connected-”

”If it is?”

”Like i said, we need to eliminate the parties involved in this, only boss needs to be. He is already not in the bests of moods we let Anikks slip, by now he would be in that board meeting, we should have cleared the way before then but…” he sighs, ”Nothing can be done. Find this guy, follow his trail to eliminate who else is sniffing up her ass”

”Yes boss”

Geti gets up, frowning deeply ”Anikka didn’t want police security and didn’t want us in her house, but we need to find away to get back in. You need to get back in that house, and we need to get her, boss wants those documents transferred to his name as well as power of attorney and others. ”

”Okay sir” the man nods ”What if she comes back seeking for the re-investigation as she did?”

Geti smiles ”Cased is closed, and i ain’t opening it none” he opens his door ”You are dismissed”

”Yes boss”



Abetta alights from the truck with her sons, they enter into the bootlegger pub , grabbing a seat and ordering a beer. There were others there.

A man with thick grey mustache stands up ”Now that we are here, shall we begin? ” he looks around ”Abetta, whats the situation?”

Greg and Brandon exchanges looks , ABetta clears her throat ”We lost her”

”What do you mean you lost her” someone yells standing up as  ”You said you had it under control”

”I had it under control, it was just a slight mistake and she was gone”

”See why i said we shouldn’t have allowed a woman take control of this mission, you lost her, how reckless, you are nothing but a loose end Abetta, a woman without focus, you should be in the kitchen like other wives instead you are playing the games of men” the man spat

Brandon made to get up, his fist folded , she stops him ”I do apologize for my lapses but it is not my doing, it was going according to plan before it went haywire, i believe the lawyer must have said something to her” she says

The man who had spoken earlier is angry ”Well, find out who the lawyer is, there is always something that can break a man, also , any idea where she is at the moment?”

She shakes her head ”But i have a man on it”

”Who?” someone else inquires


A few chuckles ”You mean that low life of a drunkard son? that is not a man and if i remember correctly, he hates you, he hates all of you and his love for humanity has blinded him so that he chooses to protect than kill plus, he is a light man, that is why he is weak to drink and prefers to roam the streets,.”

”It is the very reason why he is useful, see, i believe if he can get to her, she won’t  see him as a threat,  plus we promised him that we want to protect her from the bad guys, so he could do just that, protect her by bringing her to us or us to her, unknowingly he is signing her death warrant, we get the girl, we get what we want and then the rest is history. The plan is still in the works, we just had a detour, do not fret..tutto andrebbe bene”

”All would be fine when we get the money. Look, we need to act fast, everyone else is beginning to get a sniff of her scent, she is like a walking gold mine, and soon, a bounty might be on her head for the highest bidder, we need to find her, get what is due us and then disappear, each and everyone of us would be rich i tell you, she has so much that her future generations can never beg for food  in their entire lives, it is only right that we share it amongst ourselves.”

”Ofcourse” Anetta nods, everyone else does as well.

”Also, keep your eyes open, trust no one, you have no idea who wants  our gold mine”

They continue to talk.



Abetta is staring into space when Greg nudges her to get her attention. ”Mama”

”They talk as if he owes them something, all they want is to take, take all that belongs to them like it’s their right, shameless bastards those ones” she states angrily lightning a cigarette and then taking a drag

”We are not much different from them Mama, we too are planning to take” Brandon opens the truck and then enters, staring at them

”But it is our right too, all those years when he is there and  i..i cater to him, i ensure he is fed and everything is okay for him, he entrusted me to that house when he is unavailable. it is me, who needs to be paid fully for all this years”

”He trained us Mama” Brandon pointed out

”While he had his daughter live happily in the states” she smokes ”He should have done more, much much more…what do we get? nothing, nothing at all!” she shakes her head ”He gave it all to her, all to her , that child…”

”Mama?” Greg holds her hands ”Do not think about it, we do not think about it, we carry out the plan as we have thought”

She nods her head ”Yes, yes. This money belongs to us, it belongs to us not those fools who seat and wait for it to fall on them like manna from heaven. They would never have a dime, never. We get it and be far away before they notice, that is the plan” she points to both of them.

”Yes Mama”they chorused ”Anyone hears from that drunk?”

They shake their head

”Your brother better not play, i will surely make him suffer,  i ran a knife through his father’s heart for being fxxking  abusive, i will send him to him ..nothing, nothing stand in my way, nothing”

‘Yes Mama, come , lets  go scout too” Brandon says starting the car, waiting for them to enter, they drive to town.



Ticckle pauses at the entrance of the office. This was the tenth one he was entering today. Aside the police station, every private agency had either called security on him or sent him away, calling him a drunk. This was his last straw.

He walks into the office, there were two men there watching the news, he staggers and then plups himself to a seat ”I want  a private bodyguard”

David and Kelvin exchanges look, David looks at the door ”I knew we should have gotten security”

Kelvin smiles ”Excuse me ” he stares at him, covering his nose to avoid breathing in his stench

”I want a private bodyguard, no one will listen to me, not the police, not the others”

Kelvin nods ”Okay, how about you come another day? infact we are heading out at the moment’ he stands up mouthing to David to get up as well , David grabs his jacket.

Tickkle shakes his head standing , he opens his rum and then drinks, then in anger he flings the bottle to the wall as it smashes, David and Kelvin reaches for their gun, Tickkle covers his face in his hand and then cries

”They killed him, they will kill her, no one wants to listen to me , no one .” he stares at them ”Please, protect her, protect her …that is all…he..was like a father, he did wrong yes..but…he is a man, she is his daughter..she is…” he cries ”Protect her…they will kill her, like they killed him, protect her before it is too late”

Kelvin relaxes ”Protect who?”

Tickkle’s eyes drifts away as he catches movements on the screen, the news caster is talking about Thomass George and his assets, wondering who would be the new CEO of BlackCoal Enterprises. They were within the company’s complex where they said that a board meeting was holding to reveal the next CEO.” They had a picture of Anikka, which was probably taken of her as she was ushered into the conference room.

He points to the screen, they follow his fingers ” Her! everyone knows her face…they will kill her..protect her!” he stares at them. Then he gets up and staggers away/

”Who are you? Why do you think she would be harmed?”

Tickkle disappears, David rushes to the door and watches him leave ”I swear we need to get security or  lock for our office even while we are in, look how he came in …what if he was armed or something?” he turns when Kelvin was silent ”What?”

”I don’t know.” he frowns staring at the note Lucas had dropped, ”It’s just starting to click, ” he says giving him the note to read”

Got a new job contract to guard the daughter of that man you and David boasted about, she feels her life might be in danger, she is now the CEO of his entire company . Wish me luck.’‘ David reads out ”So?”

”Don’t you get it? If they make her the CEO, in the world of men with entitlement mentality, what do you think would happen?”

David frowns ”It’s her father’s company”

”True, but he said they killed him”

”They who? Are we listening to drunks now?’ David raises an eyebrow

”Ofcourse not, nothing stops us from checking it out..”

”Its not your case but Lucas’s , let just relay this message to him when he gets back” David points out.

Kelvin shakes it away and then goes back to watching the news ”When he gets back”



Voices were heard, arguments and then shouting, Anikka  is seated and staring at him, Gapon as he led the shouts. Teneka Lorde tries to calm them down.

Having had enough, she stand sup ”I understand your situation, i do, also cannot judge me just by my cover and you can’t also blame me for being here. It is my father’s dying wish and i pray to fulfill it , with your help ofcourse, I do not desire to change anything and i really do not how how all this works but if you all would kindly work with me to ensure this company continues to grow, it would be good for all of us”

”’There is no way this would stand” Some of them says shouting’ ”We are board members and we refused to have a child foisted on us”

”I see!”

”I have worked too hard to get this change what happened to the rest of us, aren’t we capable?” Gapon asks

”I see!’ she repeats, Lucas smiles , she was using his lines

‘I requests us to vote for the next CEO” Someone else throws

”’You cannot do that” Teneka began

”We can, and we will” Gapon Gilles says ”I concur”

”You want to vote for a CEO?”

Majority of the house affirms it, she smiles , she stares at Teneka and then at Lucas, then stares at all of them.

”My name is Anikka Aviella George, daughter to Late Benjamin Thomas George and as his dying wish, i am the CEO of BlackCoal Enterprises, and all of his assets and —

What the hell was she doing? Lucas frowns, about to stop her..

”By virtue of the documents i have acquired and signed, i will put it to you, that for anyone who deems it fit to go against my fathers last wishes as the sole owner of this company, i would politely ask that you step down and i would gladly buy over your little shares you have staked in this company….” She opens her bag and then brings out her pen and then the cheque book ”Who would like to sell their shares? As i have seen from the books, the highest member shares from the board members is 6 percent, my father owns a large junk of 67 percent .. so how much would you sell yous, anyone? who wants to go first?”

The room became quiet. ”No one?”

They all sat down. She smiles  ”Having being in this meeting,  i would honestly tell  you i am disappointed, which leads me to do this, i would be carrying out an audit of the company, and also of the assets placed under your care.. that is my first duty. Now if you would excuse me, i need to take a tour of my father’s company. I would be running things my own way…” She says , she gets up, and then is ushered out by Teneka, he had  smile on his face.

”You did good” he tells her, She smiles

”Good?” Lucas laughs ”She was bad ass!”

Anikka laughs.



Gapon Gilles gets up pacing, he brings out his phone and then dials. He goes to the window, lowering his voice. ” Get me the documents with her fingers if you have to, Kill her. She can’t audit me, she can’t audit me if not they would find out what i have been up to all this years even with her father’s assets. Kill her…make her sign it and then kill her, no more ceremony.”


Geti Richards drops his phone, he texts Pochoi ”Plans are intense, you find her, make her sign the documents and then kill her”



All would be fine-tutto andrebbe bene


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