Blazing Heights – Chapter Five

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I and Kendall go inside the cozy restaurant, where Ella and Rita are waiting for us. Both of them were looking gorgeous in their dress.

They hug and kiss me when I’m near them.

“You look gorgeous Marilyn”

“Both of you are more beautiful”, I say.

“No”, Kendall snap at me” We are beautiful. We need that for tonight. “, she says with the smile on her lips.

“Speaking of tonight, what was your plan?”

“You will see it girl, just wait for a while. But first take off that ring”.

Rita pointed out my wedding ring. And I look at her with my eyebrows going up.

“Why?”, I say.

“Marilyn your husband served you divorce papers. Which means he took off his ring so you should take yours out too.”

And they all shook their heads concurring.

“And beside there will be many media personnel outside after we eat. Don’t let them see you with that. Just keep it on your purse.”

I’m hesitating but I think that is for the good whenever I see the ring I will always remember Calvin. So take I out and put inside my bag.

The waiter come to get our orders and pour us some wine. Rita is busy on her phone then she looks up on us with a giggle.

“They’re here”, she say.

“Who?”, I ask while looking at them .

“Your ex and his new women”. Kendall say in sarcastic tone.

I was in shock, is this the plan they were talking about. I get up on my chair and look at them angrily.

” Are you all insane? You want me to face them now! I will not be apart of this plan. I want to go home now ” , but even before I walk Kendall grab my hand.

“Marilyn please listen first, if you go out now without us the media will probably ask you many questions and you can’t even hide from them”, Ella say.

“We didn’t want you to face your ex nor his women, we want the media to see that your husband is a total jerk.”

“Going out in public with that woman is a wrong move for him. Tomorrow he will be the main issue on all tabloids and news. ”

“You know what that means Marilyn?”, they ask.

“Public eye will be on your side ” ,

All of them are trying to make me feel at ease but I’m really annoyed because I still can’t see him with Paris right now. I know they want to help me but I’m not strong like them, my defense is very weak. All I feel up to now is to get out of that place but like they say the media is waiting for me outside.

I do what they want, I stay, I can’t argue anymore. Our food came and we eat in silence. Ella is the one who cuts the  silence and talks first.

“Marilyn you don’t need to talk to the media outside. I’m here, I will talk on your behalf. I know you can’t speak right now, just go straight to the car. Ella says to me”

“Thanks “, I say.

” So, where will we go after dinner ? “, Rita ask.

” Rita we can’t be in public”, Kendall counter her ”

” Kendall is right Rita, we cannot let Marilyn be in public now.

” Well in that case can all of you come to my house, please. I don’t want to be alone. ”

” Of course we can, right girls? Kendall says and all of them say yes.

” Do you have alcohol on your house? ”

“Yes I do have ” ,

“Sounds like a plan ”

When we’re done eating we all get up to go out. We head on the door to exit. When my body feels the nights air. I begin to look on my surrounding and as I expected there are many paparazzi and media personnel’s outside.

” Hello Ms Marilyn Cuba is it really true that you’ve divorce your husband? Who issued it? ”

” Ms Cuba is there a third party ? ”

” Ms Cuba was your husband gay? Is that’s why divorcing him?

” Ms Cuba please answer our question ”

” Ms Cuba is it true that your husband has another women? ”

My heads is spinning they have so many questions. I want to answer to defend myself. But I think twice. This media will not stop until I gave a good answer. I just ignore them, I walk through them not saying any word.
But it’s not easy to get out on them. They were blocking my way out.

Ella saw that I was struggling as soon as she gets the security she come near me. Putting her hands on my shoulder.

” We’re very sorry but my client will not speak right now please give her some time”, Ella depending me on the media man.

On the heat of many questions one media men shout loud saying Mr Calvin Taylor is there too. Most of them get out of my way .

I look near the entrance. It’s Calvin with Paris in shock while all the reporters asking questions and many camera men taking pictures.

For a while I was lost looking at them. I feel so jealous of her. But Kendall pull me back in my reverie.

“We need to go Marilyn ”

I take my last glance at them still struggling to go out on media. So we use the chance to go to the car. Kendall drives faster so that no camera men will follow us.

As we reach my house. I wave at the security to open the gate. And we’re all inside.

I go to the back take crown royal and set it aside while I take the cola in the refrigerator. I mix them both. They all look at me in awe.

” You know how to mix alcohol? “, Rita smiling in shock at me.

” Yeah I try to learn coz I want to drink but I can’t take the taste. So I try like this.” and I give her a shot.

She drinks it and smile at me.

” Not bad” , she say.

” Did you see their faces when they saw the reporters?”, Kendall says with a huge smile on her face.” it’s priceless hahahha, especially the girl “.

“Marilyn this upcoming days your ex will be on the edge and that woman will hide herself from now on. ”

They were all happy with the outcome of their plan. They want Paris in the spotlight. Soon as the media recognize her all of her enemy will come out.

Their plan of ruining her will come true but I’m thinking. Will Calvin leave her when he knows what kind of woman she is?

My thoughts having this questions. But as soon as the alcohol hits my senses I release it for just that night. Because tomorrow there will be a new chaos that I need to face.


Calvin POV

I’ve been patient for a whole year. Being with her in one house it feels like I’m in hell.

I work hard to have my own company. I do everything to make it stand. So that I can stand also on my father.

I didn’t want to be tied with her forever. I love another woman and she say she will comeback as long as I divorce her.

And now today I ask my lawyer to issue a divorce papers to my lawful wife. I know that she has been agony in the whole year too. I’m just doing the right thing for both of us. Unrequited love will not last long.

The intercom has ring.

“Sir Attorney Ella Poppy is here to see you, she said she’s the lawyer of Ms Marilyn Cuba ”

I was in shock when I heard her name. Why would her lawyer be in here now.

” Let her in ”

The door open and a woman in her mid 20’s comes inside.

“Hello Mr King I’m attorney Ella Poppy”. And she give her hand to me .

“Welcome attorney, How may I help you ?”, I say while shaking her hands.

“Oh nothing Mr Taylor, but I do think you need this papers.” and she gives me the divorce paper. I take it and to my surprise it’s already sign. I didn’t expect it this fast. I thought she will make many demands on me before signing it.

I look at the lady in front of me and smile in confident. “Thank you Ms Poppy, this is a very good news ” .

“Your welcome Mr Taylor , but I need to go. Thank you for your time. ”

The lady lawyer gets out of my office. Then I called my lawyer to take the papers and make it official.

Everything is going smoothly on my plan. That’s why I decided to call Paris and invited her to have a dinner with me


I open the drawer and I take a small black box and open it. Two years ago I wanted to give this ring to her but because of that stupid arranged wedding I couldn’t give this. But now I will propose to her .

After work I drive away to my apartment. I take a bath change.

The doorbell rings and I open it. It’s a the delivery, I ordered flower for her. Now it’s complete; flower, ring and me. I smile at myself If she says yes to me tonight I will be the happiest man .

I get out on my room and go to the parking area I get in the car and drive away. When I arrived at the restaurant I park my car get the flowers on my hand and the ring to my pocket. I walk through the doors but I suddenly stop on something flashing near me. I look on the direction of it and I saw few paparazzi taking pictures of me.

I just leave them and I go inside the restaurant. I go straight to the table I made reservations for. I saw her and I gave her the flowers. She gets up and takes it and she gave me a peck on the lips.

“Good evening ”

“You’re more beautiful in the evening my love”, she giggled on what I say.

“Thank you for inviting me I’ve been bored. Is there any occasion to celebrate?”, She ask me .

“Yes a very special occasion indeed.”

The waiter came and brings the food that I ordered before I came.

“Shall we eat”, I say.

She smiled at me, her eyes is so brilliant on my gaze. I can’t get over her.

We started to eat

“So tell me what’s the special occasion ?”, but she stops in the middle of spooning the food when something hard reach her spoon. She open it and found the ring . She look at me in amazement and I smile. I got up and take the ring by spoon get a tissue and wipe it.

I lower my body on her ” Paris will you marry Me?”, I ask with my eyes full of love on her.

But she was shock, she didn’t smile. “Calvin I thought we have a condition your married I can’t marry you “.

I just smile at her “today Marilyn signed the divorce papers just a little bit time and it will be official. And I can marry you. Now will you answer my question. Will you give me a chance to be with you forever? “.

But still the look in her eyes didn’t fade. She takes my hands look at me and smile briefly.

“I’m sorry Calvin but I have a dream to become a very well known model. Being married will close the doors for me. And beside I still don’t want kids. Please understand me. ”

My happiness a while ago fade and now I feel blue. All I think is she loves me and she will accept my proposal but now her profession is what she loves most. I feel doomed but I cant let her see my that I feel so hurt. I give her a little smile .

“I understand I will wait for you. But still take this ring this is for you.”, She gives me her beautiful smile and lift her hands on me. I insert the ring on her ring finger.

“It’s beautiful Calvin, thank you”, and she gave again a kiss in the lips.

I get up on my knees and sit on my chair as I glance on her. She’s smiling ear to ear because of the ring. I feel ease when I see her smile. Even though she didn’t accept my proposal at least she’s with me.

When we’re done eating we walk out the restaurant. She put her hands on my hand. So we walk holding hands outside. When the door open to us there was many cameras and media personnel holding microphones toward me .

“Mr Calvin Taylor can you please give us some statement on the rumor that you are truly divorced to Ms Katherine Owens? ”

“Sir is she your new women, what’s her name?”

“So it is true that you’re the one who issue the divorce paper to her?”

I was in panic when I saw them and heard all their questions. I look at Paris and she looks at me in disgusts. The way she looks I think she doesn’t want media also.

She is not the one whom the reporters are asking questions so they let her pass through them. I glance at her through all the cameras and media men. She tries to get out of the way on all people and slid to her car. I think she’s a pro on avoiding them . Not like me who is stuck with them.

“Please let me through I will give you an answer on all of your question when the time is right but not now .”

“When it will be sir ? ”

From my back three large men wearing security uniform push away the reporters in front of me. One of them nod at me as a gesture to move. I walk out on the media with their help and slowly go inside the car. I started the engine fast and drive to my apartment.

I ask the receptionist not to let anyone come into my room. And tell the security not to let any media men inside.

As I enter my room I get my phone and call Paris but her phone is out of reach. I shout in frustration I slump myself on the couch and throw the pillow aside.

She’s upset about what happened at the restaurant. I don’t know what I will do to make her feel at ease. But I promise I will make anything for her. Tomorrow I will ask forgiveness of her.

That’s my thought that night before I sleep.


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