Walls Of Pain – Chapter Four

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“Usman!” Mike called out, raising a hand while scampering to his feet. Could his day get any worse? His eyes remained on the dagger in Usman’s hand. “What..what are you doing? Plea…Please, put that knife away and let’s….”

“You killed my girlfriend!” An enraged Usman spat out, pointing the weapon at Mike with a trembling hand. “There is nothing to talk about,”

“I’m suffering here too, or don’t you see that?” Mike called back, trying to appealing to Usman’s compassionate side.

“Princess was my sister, for….”

“Shut up! Step-sister! Princess never shared blood with you! You bastard!” Usman snapped in correction and took a step forward; and Mike knew better to step back as well – maintaining as much distance as possible from that dagger.

“You’re not suffering enough,” Usman went on. Mike quickly discerned the haggard look and bloodshot eyes of Usman and could tell he had been drinking before coming here. And there was no possible way Mike could reason with such a person.

Now terrified for his life, all Mike could do was plead.

“Usman, I beg you…” he muttered raising a hand. “Killing me won’t help any of us. It won’t bring Princess back.” At that, Usman paused and gave a deep sigh.

“I know that.” Then he lunged the blade at Mike.


Seki’s heart instantly punched hard against her chest at the sight of Usman’s car which was parked right outside the gate. She could recognize his Toyota at anytime of the day – and even if she were blinded as well. Usman was definitely around in the building.

Now quickening her pace, Seki entered the compound without greeting the elderly security guard under her mother’s employ. But first things first, she had to deliver the fresh tomatoes, pepper and onions she had bought to her mother back home. Acquiring them had taken longer than expected, for their frequent customer had recently been delivered of a baby and not opened shop for the past few days. So, Seki had to seek all these foodstuff two streets away, and explaining that to that woman in the house was going to be the hard part.

Seki glanced at the displayed time on her phone’s screen which showed 7:30 P.M, and the sky was darkened now. She glanced upstairs at one of the windows to where Mike lived and frowned, almost certain she had heard a noise. Then she paused as it dawned on her. What was Usman doing here? Most especially now that things had gone ugly between both guys? Seki could not be any more curious as her blood rushed with excitement. If only she could run up the stairs right now. But she dispelled her thoughts at once and walked towards her flat, knowing she had bigger troubles awaiting her.

“What took you this long, you this girl?” Alhaja Aisha demanded with both arms akimbo. “I am sure you stopped on the road to gossip with those your good-for-nothing friends again, abi?”

“Mummy,” Seki tried defending herself. “There was no….”

“I don’t want to hear!” Her mother cut her off. “Just carry yourself into that kitchen and make yourself useful. Thank Allah that I haven’t put anything on the fire yet!” Totally weak to utter another word, Seki simply sighed and headed towards the kitchen with the black rubber bag in hand while her mother sank into her sofa and began pressing her phone.

“If you like, don’t dice them in the small slices as I like,” her mother called after her. Things never got old for Seki living under the same roof with this aggressive woman that was her mother. “AND STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET, IDIOT!”


Mike cried out in pain as the dagger sliced his arm, and he was not over the shock of the cut when he was shoved back and hit hard against the wall. Then he let out a gasp as Usman came at him for a second strike, but Mike was quick to grab at his attacker’s hand and then a struggle ensured.

The blood already soaked through Mike’s shirt and trickled down his left arm, but he was more worried about Usman with the sharp blade being pushed inch-by-inch closer to his jugular. This was all too fast and surreal for Mike. Just overnight, Usman had transformed into a mortal enemy and was hell bent on taking his life tonight. Mike had never seen such amount of hate in a man’s eyes.

Gaining the upper hand, Usman pressed the knife further with a heavy grunt, oozing the heavy stench of Vodka on his breath straight into Mike’s nostrils. But Mike was certain of one fact, he was not ready to die tonight. In reflex, Mike sent a swift kick up his attacker’s solar plexus, making Usman instantly cower in pain. Then Mike cried out and shoved him off, sending Usman toppling over the nearest sofa. Usman was so inebriated, losing his balance was not hard to do. He landed on the floor, groaning out in the process, and then he remained there face-down.

Now panting heavily, Mike grabbed at his bleeding arm and winced in pain as he squeezed it tight to cease the bleeding. He took some seconds to catch his breath and snap out of his shocked state before taking a step forward. Now infuriated at this daring assault on his life, Mike frowned down at Usman’s wasted figure now sprawled on his living room floor.

Guilty or not for all the sorrow he had caused, this guy had no damn right barging into his flat with a knife and daring to murder him just like that.

“Get up and go home, Usman. You’re drunk,” he called down approaching him. “Usman, I said get up!” Then Mike kicked at him now with impatience and then rolled his hands into fists. He was ready for a second scuffle if that was the case. But Usman still was not moving.

Reaching down, Mike turned him over to his back and that was when the cry escaped his mouth as he fell backwards and crawled away in horror – both mouth and eyes wide open.

“Oh no…Usman” He muttered as he now climbed to to his feet with both hands on his head and eyes shooting out.
Usman now lay on his back with blank eyes gazing up and the ceiling – and there was his very own dagger sticking out from his chest. But Mike could only shake his head in disbelief as he held his forehead.

“No! Not again.”



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