In Too Deep Slippery Waters – Chapter Six

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Anikka’s eyes shoots open.

It was a sound, like metal falling.

She lays in bed, trying to still her beating heart threatening to pop out of her chest.


She waits, wondering if it was a sound from her dreams.

Still dead silence.

She turns on her bed, facing the ceiling, trying to listen.

There was nothing  to indicate that she had heard what she heard. Sighing, she turns on her side and tries to go back to sleep.


It had taken him a couple of hours to track down where she is staying.

He had waited for Teneka Lorde at his residence, parked just across the street just when a taxi pulled up and then Teneka had alighted and disappeared into his house.

Teneka wasn’t exactly a hard man to find, he was a known lawyer, a successful one too. His place of residence wasn’t exactly top secret. Getting a card from his secretary lying about wanting the Lawyer to handle a rape case for him was easy, She was too trusty.

The man smiles as he alights throwing the butt of cigarette he had been smoking to the ground and crossing the road before the taxi man left.

He stops him, ”A word please Sir, ” he smiles showing him a clean gun coming to the driver side”It’s loaded, just incase you want to be smart”

”What do you want? I do not have much money, i only work a few hours, i have a family, please” the fear in the man’s eyes was evident.

”Good, then you do not want your family to miss you..yes? You have kids?”

The man nods staring at the gun barely hidden in the stranger’s shirt ”Yes, two, still little children. I give you the money i make tonight, please, do not shoot me”

”Yes, you can give, my lady would not mind another Tutu for her daughter, she likes to dance you see” he smiles wickedly as the taxi  driver reaches for his wallet and then hands him the entire contents. The man stuffs it into his pocket jacket, he sniffs ”So, thank you, but…mind you, i have a few questions and if you answer rightly, i would send you home to your wife and kids, yes?”

The man nods too quickly he felt his neck would break.

”Good” he smiles ”That man, you took him somewhere yes?”

He shakes his head ”I only pick him up”

”From where?”

The driver stares at the gun ”From off Greek venue, it’s a close”

”I see. Was he with a woman who  doesn’t look as one who lives around here, a foreigner most likely?”

He shakes his head again ” I do not know”

The man takes the gun and then leans into the car standing by the driver’s window ”Think man Think, your life depends on it.  I would hate to rid the earth of a husband and father, it is too early for blood” he smiles

The man stutters ”I really do not know but…there ..i think there was a woman standing by the gate when i picked him but i did not look at her face, so i do not know. Please , i beg you!” Tears stream down the driver’s eyes, he puts his hand together and pleads.

”Take me there , then i would let you go yes?”

The man nods.


He stands outside the house gate, observing the area.

He stares back at the screeching tires as the taxi driver sped away for his life, he smiles turning back to stare at the gate.

Security measures was obviously meant to be top notch. Then again, this house was built years ago and an upgrade for security measures hasn’t been done.

He goes to the gate and then touches it. He drops his hands and then walks around to see what he was dealing with.

It would take him an hour to disconnect the alarm and then turn off any other thing that the house had. This would be easy peasy for him.

Smiling, he set to work and then finds his way into the house.


He hits the metal base ball bat standing by the wall of the wall by mistake, he couldn’t catch it before it hits the ground, he freezes and then waits.

Ten seconds pass, a minute, two, five.

No door opened, no other sound was heard.

He smiles, he makes his way through each room in the dark, with a small torch in his hand. It was a huge house he observed. He pads up to the staircase, passing the study and library he makes his way to the last room on the hall. He pauses at the door and then listens.

He turns the door knob, it was locked,

She was in there. 

He concluded as he goes to his knees and uses a pin to unlock the door. Quietly he opens it, slowly, until he had room enough to pass observing that the room was dark save for the light seeping in from the window.

He pauses at the foot of her bed staring down at her. He smiles. Taking his phone out, he dials, speaking quietly, too quietly

”I found her, what’s my next line of action?”


Anikka who had slept off again is suddenly disrupted from her sleep again.

Bambina, wake up!!!

Her eyes shoots open again. This time she is startled from her sleep. She turns and then sits up, reaching for the light she turns it on  staring around her.

There was no one there, but she could swear she felt a presence, like someone or something was hovering over her.

She leaves her bed and then grabs a rope wrapping it over her body, she goes to her door to turn the key, that was when she noticed it.

The door was open. Her hand freezes as she stares at it, her heart catches in her chest.

She had locked the door, she swears she had locked the door.

She runs back to the bed and then grabs her phone, dialing Teneka’s number. She didn’t have the number to call the police.

”Hello!” his voice was drowsily and thick with sleep.

She is shaking , whispering ”’I think someone is in my house and – and oh my God!” she covers her mouth with shaking hands.


Teneka Lorde sits up, he grabs his glasses and then turns on the bedside light ”Calm down Anikka, you said someone is in your house, are you okay? ”


”Call the police, i..i am so scared, i locked the door i swear to God i locked it and-” she pushes away from the bed, looking for something to hold as she slowly leaves the room, walking down the hall and then downstairs slowly speaking into the phone.


”Anikka, listen to me, i am calling the police but you need to stay in your room and lock your doors till they get there, i am on my way” Teneka Lorde is throwing on a shirt, he shakes his head to the companion on his bed ” Sleep, I have to go, it’s work” , he is leaving his room and then grabbing his keys

”Anikka, listen to me, are you listening to me? Go back in your room and-”


She sees it, the metal baseball bat lying on the floor. When she and Teneka had come, it had been standing by the wall before the bend .

That means that this was what she heard when she heard something falling?

She bends and then grabs it ”Hurry please, call the police!” she cuts the call and then shoves the phone into her pocket, she makes her way slowly down ”Whoever you are, the police are on their way, so you better show yourself or get out now, or i swear to God you would rot in jail!” she yells.


”I just called the cops and they would be here in a second so you asshole had better go, i am armed and i won’t take it easy on you you perv!!! who the hell are you? show your face you maggot!!” she yells, yet her voice and hand shook in fear ”Show yourself!!!” she screamed, ”I know you are here you bastard! You better run for your life else i swear to God you would get it!” she shook, taking her steps slowly, entering each door way,  each room, trying to finding whoever was in her house.

She was scared, but she rather faces the bastard than be locked up in her  room waiting for death or whatever to come get her. Atleast she is armed, if whoever was in her house intends to harm her, he won’t do so easily. She could swing a good bat, and her karate classes are not in vein..she won’t cower in fear like a chicken even though she is scared, but the intruder doesn’t have to see her fear.

”Come out!” she screamed. She had managed to come down to the last floor, all the lights are turned on.

There was no one, but just like her room, all the doors which were locked were now open. Even the alarm she had set didn’t go off.

She shook reaching for her phone again, just then she heard the blaring siren, and then the honking of the horn.

She ran to open the gate.


Geti Richards is staring down at her, ”Are you okay Ma’am?”

”Yes, yes i am but, can we find who it was that broke in?”

He sighs staring at Teneka Lorde who is taking to some officers ”This place should have a camera installed but i guess it’s all old fashioned and the security measures are weak. Even a kid can knock it out and you wouldn’t even notice. The intruder probably didn’t need to do much work to get in. I think you should have cameras installed, new alarms and the  entire shebang, i can call a tech for you to help with that, hopefully this wouldn’t happen again. I believe the person was a random tout looking to get some antique or something. This place i hear from your Lawyer hasn’t been used for years so, the presence of someone gives people ideas.”

Anikka shakes her head ”But how is it that the intruder found this place then, as you can see, i don’t exactly have close by neighbors? Did he walk all the way from the city to this place?Its not possible, unless he drove or took a cab, and that would mean the person came specifically to this house and maybe for me”

He smiles ”You think the person intends to harm you?”

She stands up dropping the cup of water he held on the table  ”Yes! I mean, i have been in this town for a few days and i hear from a drunkard that my father may have been murdered but you don’t share that thought with me. I have been drugged and kidnapped by a woman whose sons seem like perverts to me and who i obviously do not trust, i am made the power of attorney to all of my father’s properties and the only financial signatory  to his entire accounts…you want me to answer that question Mr Geti Richards? ” she stares at him, her eyes hard

He shakes his head, ”No, i do understand your answer loud and clear. Then, you must understand that you are a very important personality at the moment Miss Anikka, then you being here, alone in this huge house and away from the neighboring houses is not save and..what if  the person intends to harm you, how do you manage to keep save?  Is it by the metal bat in your hand?” he points at it, she follows his eyes

”It would keep the asshole busy maybe” she stares at the dozen of police officers moving in and out of the house, ”I do hope they get prints or something, i need to know who was here and why he didn’t do anything when he came and his reason for coming here, nothing was stolen as you have checked..argh dear Lord! The thought alone of anything happening to me !” she shakes her head wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t woken up.

”They will, in the main time, i insist that you allow us release men to protect you. And you say you were drugged and kidnapped? Name please so we look into it ”

Teneka Lorde comes to them, he stands beside her ” Abetta Bluime.  And what makes you feel i should trust the police? My father trusted you all, even reported a case of his fear for his life, yet, look how he turned out”

”Miss Anikka, you must not confuse things, your father died from a plane crash that is all, and that case i told you was mis-information, he dropped it himself”

”So you say”

”I say, it is in the records”

She sighs ”I need my father’s case reopened, i want an investigation into his death. ”

”You have stated so in the station but allow me advise you as -”

”Don’t please, with what happened today, there is reason not to and for me to stop assuming anything, i need to know for certain.”

”Fine Misss Anikka” he beckons to an office  who comes to them ”His name is Pochio, i would team him up with three others who would take rounds in watching over you and to ensure there is no more breaking in, you can be rest assured”

She stares at Teneka ”Actually, i think i would get a private bodyguard”

Teneka smiles shaking his head, Geti didn’t look too happy ”Private bodyguards are just men who violate the laws to do what they want and-”

”Mr Geti, i do understand your point but at this moment, everything and everyone doesn’t seem trustworthy” she points out

”The police is who you can truest”!

‘Really? Well, until i think otherwise. They can stay the night, but by morning i am getting my own personal bodyguard, someone who isn’t tied to the police. ” she says walking away

Geti watches her leave, he turns to Teneka ”I believe you put her up to this notion of her father being murdered?”

Teneka frowns ”Let me play out the scenario for you just incase you missed it; a man who is as wealthy as God knows what suddenly begins to have enemies within his circle, just when he was about to be possibly ten times richer , he dies. His daughter who comes for his burial is drugged and kidnapped and then her house broken into? You think she shouldn’t assume there is foul play? i would”

”It is better to let sleeping dogs lie , don’t you think?”

”Dogs are meant to be sniffing, is there something worth sniffing Mr Geti? Or why do you seem to be suggesting she let the case die?”

”Her father is dead, she should think about what to do with the company and the money he left her instead of digging what isn’t there, that is all. Why put herself trough all that trouble to find nothing?. ”

”It is her wish and plus, the fact that there was no way anyone would have just stumbled in here by mistake gives her even more reason, and your assumptions aren’t helping”

Geti stares at him ”I am only doing my job, there is nothing to look for but since she desires it, it would be reopened.” he turns around ”The team would be here with her tonight, you should go home”

Teneka smiles ‘No” he takes his phone and is dialing ”I would stay the night”

”Who are you calling?” Geti turns back and calls out

Teneka didn’t answer , he is speaking into the phone ”Yes, i am at Greek drive off City lane in crescent avenue, just incase. Yes, inform the secretary too, yes, thank you” he cuts and turns to the officer ”Family”

Geti smiles shaking his head ”Right” he turns and walks away.

Teneka watches him leave, he makes his way upstairs knocking on her door.


”You should get some sleep!” he tells her seated across from her, watching her sitting on the bed, her legs folded as she held it.

”With all these men in the house? Can’t!”

”They are the police, they are the safest people to be around!”

”For some reasons, i feel uneasy”

He sighs

”Tell me the truth honestly, did you ever doubt m father’s death, the way he died?”

He cocks his head to the side ”If i am being honest, it seemed too impromptu but, when ever did death ask for permission?. He went on a trip, he died and it was engine failure, says the black box, nothing was fowl”

”But do you think that he was murdered?”

”Like i said, your father had suspicions and maybe possible enemies, but, who knows. but..” he leans forward, staring at her ”If truly your father was killed or there was some sort of foul play, you do realize that by asking for an investigation you are entering into deep waters you may not be able to come out from? That if he was truly murdered and they covered it up whoever the ”They” are, it means that they would come for you”

She smiles ”IF’ , operative word”

”Don’t you think you should think about this? I mean, my advice to you, just to be safe…you are now the most important person this side of the country, possible the most powerful if excised rightly. As concerns your father’s business, even if your father wasn’t killed and he had no enemies, having a woman this wealthy and running a multi-billionaire company and having all the funds the government intends to replenish your father for project 100 is a sure target for greed. You are not safe here, the vultures would come, ..i think you should take the next plane out of here, transfer your father’s business to the state, get some trustworthy  persons to manage thing here and because your are the sole signatory and power of attorney, nothing can be done unless your sign off and give a go ahead. So you can’t be worried about theft or anything, nothing happens unless you say so.”

Anikka stares at him ”So i should just run like a coward?”

”You aren’t a coward, you are being smart! You are continuing your father’s legacy, his business and you are also going on with your life. Your father is dead, so is your mother, he left all this for you, make him proud, that is only how you can be fulfilled”

She shakes her head ”I will leave when i am sure he wasn’t killed , i won’t run, i would stay and make sure that my father wasn’t killed, because if he was murdered, whoever did it must be brought to justice. I won’t go anywhere. Just to show how serious i am, i am going for that board meeting tomorrow, it’s about time they know who is boss around here”

He smiles ”As you say Ma’am.” She nods.


”Thank you, for coming when i needed you” She stares at him.

”That’s fine!” he smiles

She nods again.


Geti Richards is standing outside and staring at the gate, taking a drag of his cigarette when an officer walks to him.

”You were supposed to do nothing and call me Pochio”

”I did nothing, not my fault she woke up and made the call”

”Don’t be smart with me”’

”Sorry Boss.  what now?”

”Nothing, the fool is in there with her plus he made some calls, doing anything now would be suspicious , what if whoever calls him doesn’t see him return, they have the address. We do not want public knowledge of this, for now, we do nothing and be nice watch dogs.”

”Okay boss!”

”Find out who Abetta Bluime is and why the hell she kidnapped her. We need to eliminate the other parties”

”Okay Boss!” the man turns and then leaves, Geti makes a call.


Gapon Gilles folds his hand in anger ”This is not something i want to hear Geti” he listens ”I do not want to hear excuses, you had a job to do, yet you did nothing. I need her and i need to make sure i have all before tomorrow for the board meeting now you tell me otherwise?”

He sighs, ”Fine, get it down, anymore failure and you wont be getting  veto for gold stars” he cuts the call frowning.

”Honey, what is is?” his wife turns noticing him standing out of his window

He comes to her ”Nothing, go back to bed ” he climbs the bed beside her, he didn’t go back to sleep.


There was a smile on his face as he watches David and Kelvin trying  to guess the word.

”Come on guys, don’t tell me you are dumb” He says staring at them with the missing letters of words he wrote in a paper in  his hand

”Pneu……………..tramicoscopic…………………..coniosis” Lucas repeats

”Look it doesn’t make any sense ” Pneumonia?”  David tries again

Lucas laughs, ”Look you need to patch all three together and more to get the word, come on guys, your time is running out and i really want that large sized pizza, come on”

”Maybe it is turned upside down,” David screws up his face, they burst out laughing

”Dude that don’t even make any sense, is that an actual word?” Lucas teased ”Okay time up guys” he says clapping ”I win! Yes”

”I hate playing this game with you, you always come up with words we can’t guess” David points out eyeing the pizza Lucas was already devouring.

”That’s because i read alot” he chews

”So, what’s the full word and what does it mean?” Kelvin wanted to know.

” pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- it a word that refers to a lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very fine silica particles, specifically from a volcano; medically, it is the same as silicosis.”

”You know you could just have said Silicosis”

”Where is the fun in that?” Lucas snickers, the two others shake their head, they eye the pizza

”There is love in sharing, last i read my bible” Kelvin smiles

”There is happiness in winning, and also being smart, never play words with a guy who won spelling bee all his life, i mean come on” Lucas says hyping himself, he grabs another pizza. There were two remaining ”Fine, i forgive you guys, have at it”

They rush it, Lucas smiles wiping his hand ”So” he takes a beer and drinks ”Business is booming, twelve cases close, that  is good, now i am left with no case”

”I still got the tailing case of that Doc, should close out in two days, she already paid upfront” David notes

”i have a dinner date planned out with the wife too so, i need to prepare for that so i am gonna bounce, you could source for jobs Luke”

”Lucas, Kelvin, not Luke” Lucas shakes his head

”Luke sounds cheeky” David laughs

”Gay actually, Lucas is manly, i don’t have all these biceps and muscles for nothing, so Lucas please”

They laugh, soon they are heading out the door.

Lucas clears the table and then grabs a file, going through it He checked his mail for any jobs and then decides to surf the net.

He didn’t notice the car pull up.


Teneka stares at her, ”Sure you don’t want me to come in with you?”

She shakes her head ”You should go freshen up. 10 am right? At this address you gave me?” she stares at address he had written out for her.

”Yes. ”


”Also, for movement sake, you father has cars stashed in a garage so, i would have my secretary grant you access to any of your choice, once you get to the office that is”

”Fine, thank you”


He watches her enter into the building, he reverses and then drives away. He smiles remembering the situation this morning before they left the house.

Geti Richards hadn’t been too pleased when she dismissed his officers and then walked out with them.

Teneka cocks his head to the side as he drives away ”There is something off about that chief of Police, there was really something off. ” he speaks to himself .


Anikka opens the door leading into the office; there was a man backing her, opening drawers and taking out a file. She clears her throat to get his attention.

”Good morning, i am looking to get a  bodyyaurd” she says


Lucas turns when he heard someone speak, he recognized her immediately from the police station.

”It’s you!” Lucas exclaims

”You”  Anikka speaks at the same time”


Tickle watches Brandon come into the room followed by Greg and then Abetta, his mother.

”I have spoken to your brothers, and they have pleaded with me to give you another chance, you will help us get Ms Anikka”

”I will do no such thing”

”You do not understand Tickkle, this is not something you have a choice in. Word on the street says that more people are coming for her. See, we can help her” Abetta  says  shaking him ”dico la verità”

Tickkle  laughs ” Truth? You speak the truth ? tutto ciò che sento sono bugie, mamma”

”ti taglierei la lingua e la darò ai cani che il tuo bastardo ha lasciato nel mio grembo” She screams at him, Brandon held her

Tickle laughs sadly ”I wished i had died in your womb Mama, i rather have died than to have been your son”

Greg takes strides to him and then slaps him across his face ”You will not speak to Mama like that, i will not allow you”

”Greg,!” Brandon holds him, Abetta takes steps with him, Tickkle spits

”Help us, she would live, do not help us, and you will die with her, this is higher than us now Tickkle, but help us and we would make sure she would be safe, i promise, They would kill her, those men, they would kill her, we would protect her just help bring her to us, we would keep her safe”

Tickle stares at them, tears in his eyes ”Promise Mama?”

She nears him, touching his face ”prometto mio figlio”

”Okay Mama, i do it, you keep her safe,  i do it!”

She hugs him to her, burying his head to her bosom, she smiles at her other two sons.




i speak the truth   –  dico la verità

All i hear is lies mama – tutto ciò che sento sono bugie, mamma

I would cut out your tongue and feed it to the dogs you bastard from my womb-  ti taglierei la lingua e la darò ai cani che il tuo bastardo ha lasciato nel mio grembo

I promise my son – prometto mio figlio  


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