Blazing Heights – Chapter Four

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My eyes went wide in shock when I saw the picture. It was Calvin and Paris. I looked at it again and again thinking maybe I was imagining it, but it never changed. It really was them. How? When? Why? I have so, many, questions. I finally lifted my head up to look at them.

“It looks kinda like you recognize them, do you?” Kendall asks while Ella and Rita stare at me.

“Yes, that man is my husband,” I respond coldly. Their eyes zeroed in on me. “But who is this girl? Do y’all know her? I mean I know her name, but I couldn’t imagine her becoming a mistress to someone else’s husband.”

“So your husband is her new bank huh. I must say she’s really smart. Always finding the handsome ones with plenty of money,” Rita stated.

“Marilyn that women is a bitch. She’s a leech sucking every man’s wallet dry and when their bank account is completely drained, she leaves them. She is a professional whore and she does her job very well. Her name was even in the Paris newspaper this year because she sucked two rich men dry at the same time. Then she left them both and moved here to New York for a new victim. You need to pull your husband out of her reach Marilyn, before it’s too late.” Kendall explained.

“You don’t understand, I can’t,” I whispered ashamed. “I can’t do anything.”

“We’ll understand Marilyn, just tells us the story,” Ella says reaching for my hand and squeezing it before telling me it would be alright.

I stare at all of them as they look at me with anticipation, waiting for me to reveal the truth. But I was to ashamed. I took a deep breath in, and out before meeting their inquiring eyes again. Then I let everything spill out like word vomit. I told them the whole story from beginning to end.

I told them about our arranged marriage, Calvin being in love with Paris, and him avoiding me. I even told them everything I did trying to get his attention. Maybe it was the alcohol making me spill my guts to them, or maybe it was just because I wanted to let it out. When I was done, all of them shook their heads.

“So the rumors are true,” Rita said.

“Rumors?” I questioned.

“You’ve been married for a year, but your not pregnant. And whenever you two are out, there’s never really any affection. He doesn’t hold your hand or kiss you, he doesn’t even open the door for you. The media of course won’t be silent about it.”

I just nodded.

“Your husband was blinded by her but we’ve seen how she is,” Kendall said.

“Girls, we need to move fast, that woman is a professional at wrecking a relationship,” They nodded their agreement with Ella’s statement, while I just listened.

“What will you do?” I asked.

Kendall looked at me and said “Well the plan is to use the media to expose that woman for what she truly is. You see Marilyn, Paris has many enemied. Last year in Paris she was working as a model. She hooked up with two married/rich men, and destroyed two family. Now those two women are working with me to make her perfect life come crashing down, they want revenge. And of course me, well I want my man back. What about you? Are you with us? ” She asked looking at me expectantly.

“I… I’m afraid I can’t do such a thing. I can’t be like that. I’m sorry. I’m not like all of you, your brave. I’m not,” I responded sadly.

“You can to do anything, Just think about your husband,” Rita said.

“We know you’re scared right now, your afraid your husband will leave you because of her. But right now it’s better if you expect it. Beside sooner or later your husband will probably give you divorce papers any way. You should be tough when that time comes. Don’t worry, when that time comes, we’ll be here for you,” Kendall said and they all reached out to me.

“This is the power of women,”they said in unison. I smiled at them while tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Thank you, all of you, your such good friends. Wow did I just say friends? I mean we’ve only just met today. Can I call you my friends?” I ask them wiping my tears away.

They burst into giggles, “Of course, we are your true friends right now. Your very good friend, your legal advisor,” Ella answered rubbing my shoulder.

“And I’m your public advisor,” chuckled Caroline.

“Sometimes Marilyn, meeting unexpected people in such a bad situation is really a blessing,” Kendall said.

Rita opened a bottle of wine and poured four glasses. She took one and raised it. “To new friendships,” they all took their glass and raised them and looked at me.

I took my glass and raised it smiling back at them “Thank you for your friendship,” I said and we all drank. We stayed up talking the rest of the night. When were done we exchanged phone numbers and went to our rooms to get a little sleep.

The next few days was very nice. Kendall, Ella and Rita were always with me. Making my days bright. They became my companion in many things.  Shopping buddies. Public and private advisor. And many women things. They even bring me on many parties that they were attending.

It’s been only two weeks since I met them but it seems that I feel more comfortable with  them rather than Lucy, my best friend. Maybe because her brother was my husband and I can’t tell everything to her.

And it’s been also two weeks since I saw Calvin. He did not go home since the day I saw him in his apartment that day. I bet he’s occupied with that woman.

We’ll I’m occupied also of all my work in the office. A knock on the door bring me back to reality.

“Come in ”

My assistant Michelle walk through me and handed me an envelope.

“For you ma’am, Attorney Clint handed it on the receptionist a while ago. ”

“Thank you, Michelle” .

I look at it quizzically. As she walks out the office. I take the envelope and open it, I read it.

My hands started to shake and my eyes pour tears again. My fragile heart is now breaking into million pieces.

This is it. The thing that they’ve said to me is now on front of me. He really issued a divorced paper on me. He really loves that women.  I want to be brave like what they say to me to do . But I can’t help it. I got my phone and started making messages to them. I can’t make a call right now.

After just half an hour they all came at my office. They look at me very worried .

” What happen Marilyn ? ”

I did not answer, I just give to them the divorced paper.

” I knew it, ” said Ella.

“We told you before he will do it, just sign it Marilyn.” Kendall say grabbing a pen and give it to me.

I shake my head while crying.

” Girl you should sign this, you know the plan. This is the only way that woman will fall down. ”

Their eyes look at me encouraging me to sign it. They pat my shoulder and give the pen to me. I look at them once again and they all nod at me. Saying this is the right way, do it.

I heaved a sigh, then I took the paper and sign it .

They all claps thier hands and smile at me.

” Now do you want some drink? “, it’s Kendall smirking at me.

” No girls I have many work to do ” .

But they say ” tsk tsk tsk “. I look at them they all have their playful eyes staring at me.

” What were you planning? “, I ask them.

” You need to enlighten yourself , we will not let you to be alone. We know you will only cry if you’re alone. ”

” So what we gonna do is “, there is a long paused in Rita statement and all the three women are smirking at me.

” You need to have a full make over. Don’t let those media snap a pic of you that you will look loveless. Try to be in your very beautiful and confidence self every time. They all nod in unison. Kendall press my intercom and tells my assistant to wipe all my schedules today. I look at her in shock.

” Why? ”

” We need to make a move girl , don’t let your husband, ” she stop a little. “I mean your future ex husband to take all the credit. ”

Ella take the paper put it on her folder. While Kendall take my hands and pull me up.

” Hey, where are we going, ”

” You will have your first public appearance today but before that you need to look beautiful”, Rita say giggling.

” No no no media please. ” I put my hands in to my face. What did I do? I’m now questioning myself. Why in the first place am I letting them do this. Oh God please help me.

We walk through my office down to the lobby and we go out. Me and Kendall ride in her car.

” I will go to your husband and give this to him. ” She wave the divorced paper on front me.

” And you two will go to the salon and have a make over. Kendall pick a dress for tonight. ” and Rita wink at Kendall after that.

I’m really nervous now they have a plan for tonight.

” What is the plan girls ? ” I use my extra round eyes looking at them but they all laugh at me.

” You didn’t look scary Marilyn.” She say while her palm is covering her face.

“The plan is a dinner date for the four of us. So don’t be so scared. ”

Before I say another word Kendall drives away. She make a halt inside the parking lot of a mall. We go through a salon. She tells the staff to make me over and she leaves me alone saying that she will look for a dress that I will wear tonight.

After hours and hours of waxing , fixing my hair, nail polish, make up now I’m done. And Kendall comesback with a black and white dress. Which has a very low neckline.

I look at her and shake my head but she ignores me . Do I have any choice she bought only one.

“Go on try it ”

I rolled my eyes on her but still take the dress and go to dressing room. I comeback and look myself in the mirror. As I expected my cleavage was out for the public to see.

” Now you’re ready, let’s go .

So we walk out on the mall and she drives again going to where I didn’t know. And for the plan that I’m looking forward to.


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