In Too Deep Slippery Waters – Chapter Five

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Teneka Lorde looks through the signed documents and then stares at her. He sits up.

”What is it?” Anikka asks wondering why he had that look on his face ”What? Did I make mistakes while signing or I shouldn’t have signed in a particular place?”

He shakes his head ”Not so, infact..I need to let you know the dire situation of what has just happened. I told you earlier that your father supposedly had enemies or feared he died. However, if that is true or just an imagination of an old man I do not know. But you must be prepared”

”For what?”

He smiles ”Your father was a powerful man without borders and restrictions and offices. Why? Because of his wealth and his service for humanity. It is understandable for everyone to want what he had for i am just saying that if he indeed had enemies, there would now be transferred to you”

She frowns ”Because I am my father’s heir and all that he has is now mine?”

”Yes” he nods.  He puts the documents back into his briefcase ”May I ask about security detail?”

”I do not have one, I didn’t think I would need one”

”You do”

”But..this is ridiculous!” she leans backwards ”I came here to bury my father because obviously that was his last wish to be buried here. I didn’t sign up for supposed faceless enemies and whatnot..not to even be responsible for his wealth and the weight that comes with it, this is too much”

”There is an option of ..allowing the government to take over and then pay you annually for the jobs done. But, which means that you would need to sign off power of attorney of all your father’s assets, companies, accounts everything to them. You would have an intermediary that would report to you on a daily but the daily workaround of what your father used to do would be done by them. Which means they do and would not need to ask your permission to make a decision or take a risk..but..the profits etc comes to you, but they get 68 percent of all they make.”

”68% percent. That’s day light robbery” she gasps

”They are handling your business for you, taking the risk and plunging into dark seas. basically doing all the work while you maybe bask away in a beach and get enough luxury your wealth will bring. I think they can say they are getting dully compensated for their dues”

She sighs ”Isn’t there another option?”

”There are two more .. one is to allow Gapon Gillies to run things, since he knows basically all when it comes to your father’s business..”

”But my father didn’t trust him anymore”


”And the last”

He smiles ”Your father’s wish. You to step into his shoes and take the mantle. You oversea things, ,maybe even pick your own trusted team and flush out those who are canker worms and build your own legacy on your father’ would take work, it would take time, and maybe you would step on people’s toes who wouldn’t like the either and others would want to step on you toes because well, you are a woman, a young woman who may be the same age of their daughters or grand-kids, and who has no idea what she is supposedly doing. So there would be stiff necks and alot of brawling, which i do not mean literally but…if you have the heart, the focus and determination, i think you can pull of what your father wants..and maybe you can be proud to call yourself his daughter”

She sighs staring at him ”You must have admired my father?’

”I did, he was a great man, with visions that took me time to see. But when i did , i realized that he was too good a man, a pity death took him”

”About that, ” she sits up ”I wen by the police station and had then open an investigation over my father’s death”

He raises an eyebrow ”Why?”

She wonders if she should tell him ”The day of his funeral, back at one of the houses. A drunk approached me and kept spewing things like the good always die, they get plunked out and i shouldn’t trust anyone and stuffs like that”

He frowns ”Did you see his face, get a name?”

”No, he just..” she pauses ”Yes, she called him Tickle”

”Who is she?”

”Abetta. she said my father took care of her and her kids as he did with others. Well, strange story actually she drugged me because i woke up in another of my father;s house, a replica of the one we used to have in the states and there were two men…who are actually her sons. She kept saying that she wants to protect me and that there are bad people and i should go back to the states and it’s not safe and that my father made her promise that she should protect me”

”From what?”

”i do not know”

”Abetta, do you have a surname of hers?”

”Abetta Bluime she told me” she frowns ”You are my father’s lawyer and possibly his friend, if she sai she used to cater to his needs when he is away from the town and in that house which she says a few people know, shouldn’t you have met her atleast once?”

he shakes his head ”Your father had limited trusted staffs at his beck and call..and most of them were restricted from giving out his location when he was in a certain house after he reported several attempts on his life”

”Yes, i mentioned those to the police and asked why they didn’t address it”

”They found nothing, and then your father dropped it, but he became more discreet. But Abetta, i do not remember any Abetta” he rubs his jaw . ”Can i advice you Miss Anikka , for the sake of being your father’s lawyer for years”

”Go ahead. ”

He nods ”She drugged you, in a suppose bid to protect you from what she has not mentioned. She takes you to your father’s house, one of his houses he kept out of the rather, that might seem as a trust worthy person supposedly but th flags are wrong, why drug you”

”Same question i asked”

He nods ”Where is this Abetta person now, do you know?”

”Waiting for me, outside”

”Okay, here is my advice ,..right now, being who you are and that now, being in position and power of your fathers wealth. you do not know who you should trust and who you shouldn’t. I’ll advice that you do not go back with her”

”You do not trust her motive?”

He shakes his head ”Yes, i do not know what her motive is so , it is better to be safe than sorry” he gets up going to the end of the wall, and then takes down a picture, opening the vault, he brings out a set of keys and then some documents ”This are the lest of houses your father has scattered all over, abroad and then here..these are the master keys of all. I have not had time to go through them nor know their location but when his property lawyer died from a stroke about eight years ago, all the documents were transferred to me, so the only other information i affixed where the new ones he acquired when he got here.  I am sure the one you stayed in with that Abetta lady would be listed here as well. But, there are others you can stay in, which are not listed in his name. You look through and then decide. Also, i would advice that you get security.”

”The police?”


”Why not, you do not trust them too?”

”I do, but private bodyguards should be better. Here” he searches through his card box ”Here are cards of private bodyguard agencies in the city, you can call and then ask for one, they are expensive but they do a thorough job. you need one or two 27, that can go any where with you. You can also enlist the police to if you need extra security” he says

She nods taking the cards and looking through  ”Thank you. This is located where?” she points at a listed house.

”On the far east” he stares down at the file ”I take you”

”And Abetta?”

”Let her wait there, i would have my secretary handle her if she comes looking. But, do you play disguise?”

Anikka smiles.


Two hours later, Abetta alights from the car, standing impatiently standing close to her car, staring at the building wondering what was taking her so long .

The door to the building opens, she moves away back to her car thinking it was Anikka.

A man comes out laughing and talking to a woman who had on a fur brown coat, gloves, dark glasses and then a hat. They laugh and talk crossing the streets. A taxi pulls up infront of them, they enter zooming away.

She turns her attention back to the building ”What is keeping her so long?” She wonders

She stares at her watch and then continuous to wait.

Something didn’t feel right. She thinks to herself.


Anikka takes off the glasses, hat and then fur coat ”Tell your secretary thank you for me, i would return it”

”Nonsense, she was pleased to have hers exchanged for designers ” he smiles.

Twenty minutes into the drive he tells the taxi driver to stop at a turn-in. He asks the man to wait and then they alight, walking to the gate.

”Oh my God this is huge” She gasps.

”Yes, the twin to this is what he gave to the orphanages in the community. I think he was keeping this house to decide what to do with it. He bought it off the Greek. A man who was relocating to the states with his family for a better life” he punches in key codes . He was staring at a paper he had in his hand. The gate swings open and then they enter, it swings back shut.

”But, how do i stay here alone by myself?” they are walking towards the door.

”You are not scared of the dark  are you?”

”No, i am not but still. I know no one, i am far away from life atleast, no understanding of the environment…” she trails off walking inside the house with him. He turns on the light to reveal while cloths covering chairs, tables and the staircases.

”You can change your mind and run off to the states, you really do not need to be here” he says removing the cloths, she keeps thinking , then she shakes her head.

”No, i really what to know what happened to my father”

”Very well,” he dusts his hands” I took the liberty of speaking to the accountant the day of your father’s burial, and i  sent him your signed documents before we left the office  for the accounts so you would get the gold card sent to you by tomorrow. In the main time, here, you can use the one your father’s name is on for the main time..access codes is his birthday.” he hands her a gold hand, she stares at it

”What’s the limit to this?”

”None..” he smiles taking his phone and then placing a call, ”Yes, home service, we would like a cleaning service within the hour, yes, at berking-harm close, opposite the Larke. The only house standing at the end of the road with a bend to your left. The key would be there, Yes, please, thank you”

”Cleaning Service? Is it safe to leave the keys?”

”Yes, they have one in every area, they come and then clean. They are trusted, they wound’t want bad publicity ”  he stares around ” Have you had breakfast, lunch?”

She shakes her head ”No, i am famished. Couldn’t eat anything at that house since i realized i was drugged, i was scared to wake up somewhere else or not wake up at all..if i ate back at the house”

”Come, we leave the key. There is a family-in down the road of Larke, i saw while we came. i buy you all three packed meal. There should be a listing there for a cook and in house cleaner if you need”

She nods.

They leave the house.


Abetta is worried, she leaves her car and then knocks on the door to the building. She sat there and watched people leaving, none was Anikka.

No answer.

She opens the door and makes her way inside walking to the reception area. She frowns when she realized the reception’s cloths looked familiar

”Where did you get those cloths you have on?” She points at the jacket she had on, and then she top. Infact, the lady had on Anikka’s cloths. But how, why?

The lady frowns ”Excuse me, it’s mine”

”No, a lady i brought here wore that, don’t tell me it is yours, ..where is Miss Anikka George”

”Miss Anikka George?..Please, i do not understand/ Do you have an appointment?”

”The lawyer, she came to see a lawyer” She clarifies.

The lady shakes her head ”I am sorry, but he left for home over two hours ago. Everyone has gone for the day. I am about locking up.”

Abetta turns away from her and then sights a staircase, making her way up ignoring her. The lady calls behind her to stop, turning from her desk and running up the stairs behind her.

Most of the doors where locked ”What…Miss Anikka, Anikka?” Abetta calls out trying to open locked doors.

”You have to leave madam before i call security from the other floor. Whoever you are looking for is not here, please”

Abetta swings around angrily staring at her, as it dawns on her what happened ”It was her right, she left earlier yes? With a man..he was wearing a black suit and then…oh” she bites her finger

”Madam you need to leave”

Abetta takes two steps to her , stopping the desire to grab her neck and slam her head hard against the wall. But that won’t do. she laughs, shaking her head.

Anikka played her, and that Lawyer helped.

She nods walking away, exiting the building, entering her car and making her way out of town, cursing at intervals in foreign language.


Geti Richards turns to stare at a team of five men standing infront of me, he asks the bartender to serve them drinks as he takes a seat, beckoning on them to come closer. They did, each pulling out  a seat to sit.

They are in a secluded corner of the pub.

”Boss, what’s the emergency?” One of them asks

”I need you boys to take care of somethings for me, and i need you all to be discreet, no questions asked.”

”Sure, what’s it”

”First, I need someone to put an eye out on Teneka Lorde, he is a lawyer, lawyer to the dead man Benjamin George. He recently contacted his daughter for transfer of wealth, power of attorney and all that. We need those documents , get it.”

One of them nods ”I would handle that”

”Good. I need another to find out where she is staying, Anikka Aviella George. I do not have a picture of her but, we do know that her father had houses scattered all over, we just need to find out which one . And that information should be gotten from the government list of bought properties and whose name it’s under. Government keeps a copy but its in confidential access. Get that, then we sieve through it one by one”

”I can handle that, i know someone at the properties’s office out at Berker”

”Okay, and for you three. I need you to do a sniffing, i want to know who is playing the game of chases and catch. ”

”What do you mean?”

He drinks his beer ”George was a man, a powerful man, everyone wanted a piece of his cake but couldn’t have it. Now that he is dead, everyone would be playing pool in this. I need to know who else has an eye on this girl and her wealth, and if any one is sniffing to un-bury the dead.”

They nod.

”What do i do if i find which house she is staying in Boss?”

”Nothing, just inform me, i would give you further instructions on that”

They all nod.” Yessir”

”Be discreet, do not give me information back at the station, this should be done outside the books, understood?”

”Yes sir”


He watched them leave, he brings out his phone and then dials, waiting for the line to be picked, as soon as it does, he says into the phone.  ”I already set the boys in motion, Yessir. i would give you feedback when i get information. Okay Sir.”

He nods cutting the call and continued his beer.


Gapon Gilles drops his call and then stares away from the window.

”Who was that?” His wife looks up at him from the book she is reading on their bed.

”Office, needed some clarification”

”Oh. ” then she drops the book folding her hands ”I keep remembering how George was so full of life.” she shakes her head ”What would happen to all that he has worked for?”

He sighs turning away ”He wants his daughter to take over”

”Can she? Does she know what she is taking over? Wouldn’t this be too much for her.?” she stares at him ”Oh, i cannot still believe you both had a falling out. He always talked about how you both share thesame vision and how he would love that you take on from him and carry the flag to the end if anything where to happen to him…now he puts his daughter? She is a mere child is she not, how does she handle all of it?”

”It’s been an argument i and the board members have had since we heard the news” he seats on the bed thinking.

He wife places her hand on his ”He was your friend, maybe he had his reasons. But, even at that this should not bother you. You can help her achieve things that George wants can you not?  She would need help, lots of directions and all”

He nods ”Ofcourse, i would do anything for his daughter. ” he says patting her hand before turning away

I would do anything to ensure his daughter do not get all that i have worked for all these years to achieve, anything at all.

He thinks to himself.


”Mama?” Branden frowns seeing his mother alight from her black sedan alone without Anikka. ”Where is she?”

”I think she knows or she got warned or something..” she walks angrily past him

”I do not understand, where is she?”

”I do not know. One minute she was in that building, but another she is gone with the lawyer, i think she knows..or guessed. Where is that fool who caused all these badluck?”

”Basement, tied up and gagged”

He follows her as she storms into the basement, she reaches for the gag pulling it away from his mouth and then slapping him hard across his face..

He cries out in pain, she grabs his shirt and then shakes him ”It is your fault Tickkle, your fault” she slaps him again and then steps back.

He spits out blood and then stares at her, his eyes bloodshot ”You are evil Mama, evil”

”Evil? I should have aborted you when i had the chance, all you do is bring me misfortune, everytime you ruin my plans to make it…every-time i want to do something drastic to you, your brothers stops me. But i swear to Gd, this time you have done the most. You opened your foul mouth to put ideas in her head now she is gone, you pile of wasted seed” she spat.

He stares at her, then he began to laugh ” She is gone? Then it is good, one good person gets to live”

She grabs the rifle from his brother and made for him with it, Brandon stops her

”Mama!” struggling with her for it ”No Mama!” He takes it from her.

”I will you, one day i will. Pray i find her, pray…because if i do not, i would send you to meet your disgusting father where he is” she spits turning and walking away.

Brandon stares at her retreating back and then at his brother ”Why won’t you join  us?”

Tickle stares at him, sadness in his eyes ”I rather be a drunk, a fool and one who runs mad than join a band of thieve who call themselves my family. They killed a man, buried him with ashes, now they go for his daughter in guise of friendship. Woe to you”

”We did not kill him you fool!”

Tickle laughs ”Aye, a gun might not be loaded by you, but you..point the gun to him. A murderer is mot different from another. Let Anikka live”

”We just want all these, you can get treatment, we get a good life. Why d you have to be stubborn, you can enjoy all these with us. One day, Mama would make good on her word..we cannot save you everytime”

”Like she made good when she ran that knife through his heart?”

Brandon turns away ”He deserved it, he was a bad man”

”He was my Papa” tears fills his eyes ”And he wanted to do what was right. But because greed, love for money that does not belong to her…” he sniffs unable to talk ”Good people die, they are ripped from this world..they die. They all die, Papa, Papa George and others…they all die”

Brandon shakes his head ”You have started your ramblings again. Stay here then, in the dark with the mice for company, maybe by morning you would change your mind. Pray we find her, Mama is furious;”

”Woe to you, woe to all of you!”’ Tikkle screams at the top of his voice.


Anikka locks the gate as soon as they paid the clears, she stares as Teneka enters the Taxi.

”Tomorrow, i would send a car to come pick you up for the meeting”

She nods

”Set the alarm, you have the codes?”


”Good. Sleep well Miss Anikka, again, i am sorry for your loss”

She watches the car fade away and then made her way back into the house, locking it and goes straight to the room.


An hour later, she is in bed, sleeping when she heard it again.

”Bambina, wake up!”



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