The Call Girl – Chapter Forty [Finale]

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Alexander woke up with a start as she screams  ”Jaime!!’ as she sat up almost immediately.

Her eyes opening in fear, her hands shaking and her heart about to burst. She stares at the bed and then the room, her father wasn’t laughing down at her nor was she tied and naked on the bed. She stares at the door, her heart in her mouth.

But it stared back at her, bare. There was no Jaime, nor was there blood making a pool to the bed.

She lets out a small sob as she closes her mouth, her eyes were wet, her body shaking . ”It was a dream!!!” she breaths. ”It was just a dream” she cried into her hands. ”But it felt real, so real! But it is a dream – it” she trails off noticing something was wrong.

Where is Jaime? Why is the bed empty..where..Oh God!!!

Then she jumps up from the bed ”Jaime?” and pads to the door, with one swing she pulls it up and then rushes downstairs screaming his name..

”Jaime!!!” JAIME!!!!!”

”Alexander, what’s wrong?” Tinny-B rushes out of the opposite room, sighting the hysterical Alexander she flies down the stairs and then grabs her ”Alexander what’s wrong?” fear fills her voice, she had never seen her friend this way before ”Baby talk to me, what’s wrong?”

”Jaime!” she choked ”Jaime, where is Jaime -He ..” she turns around ”JAIME!!!!!!!”

Another door flies open , Adam rushes out, a gun in hand where nothing but his brief , He walks briefly to her , Alert as his eyes scans the area, Tinny-B is trying to calm her down ”Alexander, calm down, what is it?”

”JAIME!” She screams

”What is wrong, what happened?” he turns her to face him , ‘What happened Damnit!”

Two other doors flies open, about a dozen guards appeared in the room, guns showing and pointed in all areas…

”Jaime! Oh my God where is Jaime ?” she cries ”Where is he?”

”Check the parameters, did anyone see anything?” Adam says over his shoulders

”’s been quiet and–” one of them says ,

”The fxxk is going on here, find him” Adam yells suddenly scared something had happen to him

The front door opens, Jaime walks in with a frown on his way…”What’s going on?” he asks removing the ear-piece in his ears and the small towel he had over his neck.

Alexander cries in relief as she nudges them away and runs to him, she grabs him into a hug and then cries..

”Babe, what’s wrong, why-”

She was shaking he noticed , he wraps his arms around her ”Baby, talk to me..what’s wrong, please?” she kept crying and holding him even tighter ”What the hell happened?” he asks no one in particular

”She erm..she just kept screaming for you like..i don’t know” Tinny-B trails off running a hand through her hair ”I don’t know, she seemed deathly pale…as though she –” she trails off

Understanding now, he closes and then opens his eyes, he grabs her tight ”It’s okay, it’s okay”

Adam turns and then nods, the security details suddenly vacate the room.

”Oh God Jaime!!” she cried

”It’s just a bad dream, a bad dream okay?”

”No, it felt so real like -” she sniffs pulling away ”Like you-” she touches his chest and then ran her hand over it ”Like you were bleeding from a gut to your stomach, by the door and he was–” she trails off covering her mouth ”Oh God it felt so real and i wanted to die” she cries

He pulls her to him again, she sobs even more..

”Damn, never seen her like this before”Tinny-B says worried

Adam nods ”Something must have scared her badly ” he says sighing ”Come on’ lets give them some privacy ”


They both walk away leaving Alexander and Jaime alone.

He pulls her with him, he sinks into a chair and then carries her as he would a child. Alexander leans on him as she tries to calm down.


”Yes?” she managed

”What were you thinking about before you slept?” he hugs her to him, his jaw resting on her head

”I don’t know- ”

”Look? You had a bad dream and it might be as a result of what you had in mind”

She shakes her head ”I wasn’t thinking about your death before i slept Jaime-”

He is quiet, he takes her hand and then kisses it ”It doesn’t necessarily mean you were, it could mean that you were and are worried for my safety ”

”You were not in my dream, it was real- you were not just bleeding out, you were already dead. It felt as real as anything” she sniffs

”Babe, it was a dream”

”Promise me you would be safe today, please, I do not have a good feeling at all and i have never been this scared for another person like this, Promise me!”

”You do not have a good feeling because you know everything about my life, and Jimmy, and then all of it, so you feel that there is danger lurking around”

”He won’t give up easily, i do not believe he would”

”I told you the Chief of Police has eyes on him and plus the place would be crawling with securities and plus..i know my brother can be..erratic and all but- there is a no danger there Alexander”

”I don’t believe it!” she is shaking her head ”And you do not believe what you just said either. With all what you told me last night- you cannot believe what you just said” she points out

He sighs ” You are right, i do not but- ” he takes in a deep breath ”I do not always have to think the worst of my brother. I used to look up to him and wanted to be like him..but when i realized that that drunken night he lets it all out – i knew that…the hate he had in his heart was real and its all because he was and is angry at father for the death of his mother, not even trying to see the glaring truth that his mother OD-ed, and that she caused her own death and that it broke my father too..he only felt he was the only one who lost someone and he blamed father for it- and maybe even hated him more for moving on, for falling and marrying my mother, for me.

He said to me once ”Jaime will never be my replacement, he would never be!!!”’ Jaime smiles sadly shaking his head ” I thought he was just angry when he said that to father, i was standing there, barely ten there, but i felt the hate but i was a kid, i would never believe my brother hated me but that drunken night babe, a day i would never forget and i stared down at him, my heart breaking, shaking and tears in my eyes ”Tell me all this is a lie Jimmy, tell me you are just drunk and angry and you didn’t do those things and that you love me, you love father and then mother” i grabbed him and then asked  him  ”   Jaime shakes his head again

”Jimmy spat and then he laughed  hitting me away he laughed and then he turns to me, his eyes darkened ”I hate you Jaime, i hate you and that slut in there can and will never be my mother and i pray you all die and i want you all to took my life and you made it yours, you took my father away from me and had him love you more than he did me and left me alone- you and your mother will never have the joy and peace my mother never got to enjoy. Jacob Wellington killed my mother, the only one who loved me, took care of me and then gave him all for me- Jacob killed her and then left her, and then me and then he had you and her? ” Jaime smiles sadly again recounting that night years ago , he continued

”-I will make your life a living hell, i will i promise you- so do this hmmm, do this and i would let you live maybe- tell him to give you up and then give me all- then i promise i might even consider letting you keep your name

Jaime sighs ”And again, i left that night torn – i knew he was drunk and when people are drunk they tend to say things they don’t mean, so- i was already torn but i told myself- by tomorrow, he would be himself; the brother i had always loved- but the next day, he saw me and i asked him if he remembered what he told me that night and he stared at me- I may be drunk, but whatever i said is what i am- now you Jaime boy- would you do what i want or you want me to make all i said last night into a reality- ? Then i knew that the man i considered brother and loved was nothing other than a heartless fool- one who would go to any length to get what he wanted.

The first time he told me he was serious was when i was having a conference and then he made a statement . You know, we had a fight the night before and he was forcing my hand, i told him to get lost- then he said, ”maybe by tomorrow you would know i ain’t about to play dolls with you– and then the next day during the conference, his call came in while i was talking, i ignored it and then his message came in ”If you survive this- great, if you don’t- say hi to my momma for me, ”

Before i could assimilate what he meant, a shot was fired, i was pushed to the ground by my then security..there were screams and all..then i felt him, choking on me, i reached for him ”

Jaime stares at his hands ”The bullet ripped through his skull and blood gushed out- he died in my hands – he protected me and then died in my arms Alexander, and i didn’t have a chance to tell him i was sorry for letting my brother do this, that i was sorry i didn’t realize he would die for me. Then almost immediately Jimmy’s message came in ”Damnit, maybe the gods want you alive for a little more…oh well, how about we have that conversation again pretty boy.?.gimme me what i want or maybe someone close to you might be getting options too- say father , mother, oh…how about that Christine girl you used to date? would you feel bothered if i imprint her wherever she is with some bullets? hahaha

What was i supposed to do Alexander? I couldn’t do anything? Not when Mother started having threatening calls and having a few scares from random strangers, and when one day she was pushed down the stairs and almost died? No babe, i wanted and had to keep my family alive and the only way was to give him what he wanted..and i tried to- ensuring to change me name from Wellington to Lockswire, taking on my mother’s maiden name. Father was hurt but he let me, then i began doing all this to make father disappointed in me, cut me off and stuff but that fox..i feel he kept seeing right through me and realizing i wasn’t myself so he didn’t budget, he didn’t.

The fights, the quarrels and all i had to do to make him hate me, the embarrassment, the women, the bad press and reputation, every damn thin Alexander, father tells me ”I love you son, i love you madly, and i know you, this is not you, s i won’t give up on you- you’ll come back to us one day, and we would be waiting and i screamed at him – he should love his son Jimmy, he should tell that to Jimmy and he said – You don’t know how many times i went into the dark to pull him out, a thousand times i did, when he spat at me , cursed me, hurt me, hurt you and Gem…so many times i did- and every time he lashed out and hurt me more until the day it almost killed me..and i had to let go-

 there is a difference when a child loves you and throws tantrums and there is a difference when you see a glaring truth- And the truth i had to stop denying was that Jimmy hates me , hates all of us..why do i need to keep  fighting for a son who gave up on me a long long time ago? It would end up killing me so i am done chasing him. God knows i love him because i still give him what he wants but i would love him from afar and when he decides to come home, i would be waiting , but until then- i would love what God has gifted me, a second chance and i would take it and protect it viciously. 

I held you in my arms Jaime, and i saw those beautiful eyes of yours when you stared at me..they were full of love and for the first time…i cried, i cried so hard it shook me- 

I have always wanted that unconditional , undiluted and un-measured love from Jimmy- but all i see is darkness and fiery- but you..even when you act out and cuss and do all this things i see you do- when you look at me- all i see is pain and regret and a thousands words translating to say -I am sorry father, i love you””

A tear slids down his eyes ”And i know, that whatever you are going through and can’t tell me, it’s okay- i know you love me, and your mother and even your brother- so i will not give up on you, never!” Another tear slids down, Alexander reaches for his face and then wipes it again, her heart breaking for him

Jaime sniffs ”So- you see Alexander” he held her hands ”i was hurting people i love for him, because i felt i needed to please him so that he would see that i was in no competition with him, nor am i taking his place. He would always come first..always..but Jimmy like one in-satiated wanted more and more and maybe i would have succeeded in making father sign all to him and cutting me off..maybe, if i kept on pushing harder and then i said- maybe if i play one last hand by getting a handler and then claiming i was depressed and dangerous and all that razz- with the public calling for my head for the safety for the city , father would have no choice but you Alexander came and messed up my world” he smiles

”And i am grateful, because meeting you made me realize that i had to stand up to me fears, my demons and that protecting my family is not by cowering in fear and letting the bad win, is by standing infront of them and taking the bad head on- so that day, seeing how you tricked me and went to the company and then on live Tv stood up to Jimmy?- oh God- i didn’t realize when i started running- i didn’t realize then that i was running to you because i loved you and didn’t want to lose you- i thought i was only running to save my family and stuff but when i got there- i realized that- screw it! i can only protect my family if i stand up to him, and i did-

It’s like you gave me strength – like i could do anything- and i did- i won that day, to him, to my fears and to my demons – now- i believe i can face anything, any damn thing – i can face him and tell him to his face – I take my life Jimmy, i take my family and i will keep them save from you- throw me all you got- this time i wont take the piss sitting down” he nods ”And that’s what i am doing . I am not going to cower in fear because Jimmy may have one or two things up his sleeves? No- i would be protecting my family whatever he has to he can bring it , i am not running anymore- ” he turns her to face him ” So like i said, i have eyes on ground just incase, i will be fine, nothing would happen, i promise” he lifts her jaw with an index finger ” I promise, it was only a bad dream..nothing else”


”Smile for me”

”Don’t feel like”

”That’s okay” he pulls her to  him

”But where did you go to this morning?” she was curious

”I erm – went for a run?” he hugs her tight, she felt something in his pocket,

”What’s this?”

His eyes grows big, he reaches for her hand and then pulls it away ”Nothing! Come on- let me bath you, you smell” he lifts her and then throws her over his shoulders, spanking her butt once for effects

”Ouch!!” She yells laughing ”I do not smell…hey!!”

”Yes, baby needs a clean shower and i would rub every inch of your body clean smelly-smelly Alexander smelly” he sang laughing as he pads up the stairs with her over his shoulders, he kicks his door open and then spanks her again playfully.

She yells again laughing ”I will get you Jaime, put me down!” she laughs

”On the bed–or on the floor? Okay- floor!” he made to drop her

She screams ”No no NO!”

”Oh women, what do you really want? Drop me!  i want to drop you..NOOOOO! Don’t drop me..see, indecision, pick a struggle woman- drop or not to drop?!”‘

”Hug!!” she pouts from his shoulders and then made a face

He laughs, then he pulls her down slowly from the waist down to his front, he wraps her legs around him and then held her, she has her hands round his neck , staring at him, he is still walking them to the toilet door ” he pauses at the door with her ”You are the best thing that ever happened to me Alexander, i hope you know that?”

She shakes her head

”I mean it babe, you are”

Then she felt that bubbling emotion about to burst through her, and she knew for certain that he was the best thing that had happened to her to..the only best thing in her life that makes sense, that felt right and meant right… she breaths closing her eyes, then she opens them to stare at him ”And you are my most precious gift, my happiness, my pleasant smile- MINE!’ she whispers, her voice thick with emotion, her heart bursting with electrifying energy she had never felt.

Is this what love is? Is thus what love feels like? That sensation she felt in her heart the way it is coursing through her body, different from the way she feels when she is horny and wants to be made love to by him.

This was different, made her feel lightheaded as though drunk and she had not had a drink in weeks, it made her feel as though she wanted to fly and yet she was barely touching the ground because he carried her- but this made her feel as though she was in the clouds, flying..

The feeling was making her heart feel as though it is filled wit bubbles, and her tummy is crawling with butterflies and her heart keep expanding as though it’s about to burst.

Is this love? What she is feeling…? Is this love?’

This was more than the way she felt when she realized she liked him, liked every tiny detail about him when he confessed his love to her. This is more than when she is happy  and her happiness was freedom  but this was more..this was more, so much more that she can’t explain the level of happiness, the joy..the peace that squeezes through her..

Is this love?”

She stares at the man making her feel this way..

Is this love, has she finally realized what love is? This feelings and emotions playing poker inside her, – 

Alexander thinks to herself…

Can she able to live without him? No!

Will her life ever remain thesame again? No!

Does she like him ? God yes!

Want him all the time ?” Yes!

Love the way he loves her ? God knows that’s a billions yeses!

‘Does she love him? My God, if what i am feeling makes any sense at all …then yes…yes!! Then she has fallen madly in love with Jaime Lockswire … that is the only thing that makes no sense but does right now…that is the only thing she has got to be feeling…love, wonderful sweet sweet happy love for this man.


She breaths , her eyes pooling , she has fallen madly inlove with him too…

A tear drops, she covers her mouth

He shakes his head, removing her hands from her mouth, he stares at her ”No tears babe, no tears, why are you sad, why are you crying?”

‘My God!!” she laughs ”Oh God!!” she hugs him and then begin kissing him all over his face ”I am not sad now, i am happy, i am crying from happiness , from realizing that you mean the world to me, right this moment- you mean the fxxking world to me!” she kisses his lips, and kept kissing him

”God i love you!” he whispers as he turns away from the door leading to the bathroom and then sinks into the bed with her ”’I love you so much”’ he kisses her back and he kept telling her at every breath.

He makes love to her slowly, whispering sweet endearments to her, making her his over and over again till she called out his name.

He went with her, he fell with her and they shattered together, in love, in passionate ecstasy..and then he caught her while she fell, falling beside her they fell down to earth…satiated.

He kisses her lids, her nose, and then her lips , wishing he could ask her to marry him this very moment  but then again, he had already spoken to his mother, she would kill him if he ruins it out.

”Why are you smiling?”

”Because i cannot imagine not having you in my life!”

”Oh, you would get bored” she says hugging him, he is still ontop of her, still inside her.

He chuckles ”I won’t..”

”You will!”

”We shall see”he kisses her again so so he isn’t tempted to ask . ”Come let me go bath you” he pulls away and then grabs her by the leg, she laughs as he pulls her to him, she opens her arms and then he lifts her as he would a baby ”Come baby, lets save water”’ he pads with her to the bathroom, turns on the shower , he kisses her before he began to latter her body with the sponge

She giggles all through.


Adam is lost in thoughts, he didn’t notice when Tinny-B pushes a plate of evenly spread peanut butter on bread to him, nor the glass of juice

”You okay?” she nudges him pulling her seat closer, she seats

”Yeah!” he nods, ”Thank you”

”You welcome” she takes a bite ”So…who are you taking for this thing later on?”

He smiles ”I wold be working”

”All work and no play makes Adam a very very dull boy” she teases

”Oh well…”

”Hey, you cannot say you don’t have a little fun?”

”By fun you mean?”

”I don’t know, go out on a date or something”

He chuckles turning to her ”Are you asking me out Tinny-B?”

She smiles ”What if i am?”

He shakes his head ”Tinny-B..i erm.. i don’t erm…look you are a beautiful girl but erm–”

Then it dawns on her , ”Erm…never mind, i was just being silly” she says getting up and then leaving him stare after her

”Damnit Tinny-B, stupid!!” she says beating herself up and then exiting the door

”She didn’t even let me finish?” Adam frowns to himself, shaking his head he finishes up the bread and Juice, and then leaves.


An hour later he gets a call. He sends a text message to Jaime, he grabs his keys and then leaves.


”Hey girl?” Tinny-B manages a smile as Alexander enters the room ”You okay?”

Alexander walks to the bed and then sinks on it ”Yes, it was just a dream, scared me to pieces.”

Tinny-B comes to her and then hugs her ”It’s okay. You okay now?”

She nods

‘Great, so we have a few hours to kill, whatcha wanna do?”

”I don’t know”

”Where is Jaime?”

”In his study, seemed so serious that place so i didn’t want to bug him” she smiles ”You know what? How about we take a ride to go see a movie?”

”Movies are great at night and this is a Saturday morning..would be boring”

Alexander sighs ”Oh, i am bored” she pouts

”Baby, you cannot get bored here..i mean this house is huge, servants and security crawling the place…Jaime , the hot sexy stud to your beck and call, you shouldn’t be bored. Unlike me who just got rejected ”

Alexander frowns ”hey, who dares to?” she pulls her to the bed

”Adam, that fine man”

”Aww, i am sorry!” she hugs her friend

‘Its okay, i was just shooting my shot” she smiles ”Picked up that slang from an African article..oh well, guess it wasn’t made for me plus it’s not overtime a call girl gets her dreams of a dashing fine man falling for her unlike you so…it’s fine”

”Hey! Look i would tell you what you told me, one day-”

”Oh shut up!” Tinny-B laughs clamping her friend’s mouth shut ”i hate to hear my advice.” She gets up ”The party would be scrawling and breathing with finer men, who says i might not see my Prince charming, wait- i am invited right?”

”Who says huh? I am sure Gem wouldn’t mind me bring a friend and you both have met so…Jaime said you can come so…”


” So..where to?”

”You do realize that we won’t be alone, Jaime would have his security gumming your hip”

She smiles ”I know, maybe i should live like a celebrity for a day, won’t hurt..come go get your ass in the shower you hoe..lets drive down town..i feel ontop of the world and i want to scream it at the top of my voice like- ” she stands on the bed, spread her hands wide and then twirls ‘I LOVE YOU JAIME LOCKSWIRE,..I LOVE YOU MADLY, INSANELY AND OUT OF THIS WORLD…I LOVE YOU!!!” She yells

”Oh my God Alexander!?” A shocked Tinny-B stares at her

”Yes, yes!!!” Alexander says placing both hands to her face ”Yes, i love him, i am inlove with him and i am so happy so happy i want to explode”

”Oh my God!” Tinny-B squeals  in excitement as  she jumps on the bed, hugging her friend ”Have you told him?”

An excited Alexander shakes her head ”Later tonight, it’s surprise and i need a few hours to digest this amazing realization like…what the fxxk! I am in love , inlove!!!! I would tell him later ”

‘Hey go tell him, he would be ontop of the moon!”

”Nah!……later, after the party,  oh God i can’t wait!” she screams as they laugh and hug each other more ”Go go shower, i need to dance and scream and be loud, be happy and free….whoah!!!” Alexander jumps

”Alright alright” Tinny-B dashes into the bathroom, Alexander jumps and then lands on the bed, flinging her back on it, she covers her face and then screams into it in happiness, stamping her feet to the bed multiple times.

”I am inlove , i am in love i am inlove i am in love i am inlove with that beautiful man Jaime Lockswire, my man, mine..mine mine” she squeals singing

Tinny-B pushes her head out of the toilet and then stares at her  ”You are not going mad are you?”

”I am i love, in love …in lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee!” she sang

Tinny-b roars in laughter ”Oh dear Lord, what has Jaime done to my friend?” she laughs watching the once robotic Alexander dance and sing and then yelling how much she is inlove.

There, there, that is what i have always wanted for you Alexander, you deserve it. Tinny-B thinks to herself watching her friend ”You deserve it” she says…


Gem stares around, pleased with the transformation

”This looks breathtaking beautiful” she says to Mrs. Barlow who had come a few hours earlier.

”Indeed , it is” she sounded distant

Gem studies her ”You have been awfully quiet since you came, passively listening to me, what is wrong?”

”Nothing Gem”

”We have been friends for a bit, friends don’t hide things from friends, talk to me, is it Christine?”

She nods, she recounts the incident of the night ”I was so scared for her and..she didn’t even let me take her to the hospital. I didn’t realize that losing Jaime can turn her into this- she is worst off and-”

”Listen to me, listen” Gem held her hands ”I know, i know it’s sucked, you know what, i would speak to Christine and find out what happened to her and if she is going through some kind of melt down we would handle it okay, i have a friend- she is a counselor and she would help her, okay?”

‘I am just so worried about my daughter and-”

”It’s okay, you have got to be strong okay? Come, let me make you some hot choco, you can rest here before the party begins and i promise you all would be well” Gem carries her friends away.

Salim enters the hall from the rear side, followed by a dozen  officers ”Okay everyone, just for safety precautions, sweep the area…there have been  a lot of vendors working here, so we need to make sure no one dropped anything they shouldn’t, meet down here within the hour, let’s go!” Salim orders walking away from the group of officials who break away.

Gareth is among them, he turns and then signals for three of them to follow him, they enter into the house and then begin to look around. He beckons to them, they come closer ”You know the drill, when i give the signal, show down okay?”

”yes, when is Jimmy getting here?”


”When do we get our money?”

”After the job fool, now get to work looking as though you have something to find” Gareth dismisses them, he dials Jimmy’s number, he speaks into the phone when Jimmy speaks ”Ready when you are”


Jimmy gets up from his chair and then turns away to face the window, he smiles ”See you then!” He cuts the call.

There is a girl seated before him ” So, what would it be?” he smiles  turning to face  her

”Ofcourse i would love to!”

He smiles ‘Attah girl!!”


Frank checks to make sure the coast is clear. It was. But he needed to be sure, one wrong move would cost him everything.

”Where is boss?” He inquires from an officer passing his desk

”I thought he told you he would be at the Mayor’s today?”

”No i mean assistant boss, shouldn’t he  here by now?”

”Oh, you didn’t hear?”


”He is running late, his flight got delayed so–”

Frank hides a smile ”it i didn’t, boss said he is supposed to be here while i hold down the forte”

”Well, he is running late”

”And i have to do my rounds for the station, damnit, can you help me-”

”No Frank, i can’t- plus we are short staffed at the moment , i have piles of paperwork on my desk and this case of the missing kid- i can’t do rounds for you”

”Fine whatever, just— don’t worry, i would handle it but i need to go out for lunch first- think you can handle things till i get back?”

”Eh, 30  minutes tops”

That’d all i need

”Sure” Frank nods and lets the officer pass, he was busy with his computer. He taps into the security camera and then disables it for 30 minutes which he times, then he does thesame for the alarm systems. He checks his watch and then times himself, give or take he should be back here in 20 minutes before everything goes back to reset. He grabs his phone and wallet, he makes for the door.


He makes his way out of the gate, making sure he was seen leaving. He makes it down the street, then he cuts the bend joking down till the end of the fence , looking around to make sure he isn’t seen, he climbs it, knowing that the alarm had been set off , he lands at the back-end to where the cell is.  There would be few guards on duty today, and he ensured to place them at different posts for duty, so he knew no one would be watching the fenced off area today.

He peeps to make sure they were where they are supposed to be, the new Cell Guard supervisor is walking out of his post, a cigarette in one hand, his other hand he held his phone, distracted. There were ten guards here in total, all harmed.

He checks his watch, a few seconds to lunch time. He waits. He touches his hand to his pocket to make sure the key to the cell gate and his cell was still there, it was- he waits for the right time to go in-unnoticed.

Lunch! Everyone gets to eat. 

He watches for a minute. It didn’t seem as though they were in a hurry, and he had less time.  He goes back to the fenced off area, and then searches for their alarm box. He opens it, takes out a knife and then he checks to see where he can hide just incase, when he was sure he could fit in a back-end hole for supplies, he goes back to the box, he opens it, and then he cuts a wire, joins it with another, knowing that if it connects it back it would cause a spark. He closes the box and then goes to hide.

He counts to ten watching from his hole, he could see the smoke, watch it twirl in the air, followed by a spark, then  a loud fuzz explosion, he smiles as he sees them running towards the fence, he docks hiding further into the hole he hid himself in.

He saw them become alert, pulling out their weapons and shouting orders. He waits. He sees them running around to the fences, and trying to find intruders or anything that had caused the ruckus. In that vein, the space leading to the cell gate was vacant, they are distracted.

Where they never taught not to ever leave a prison cell unguarded during an attack? He shakes his head as he crawls out of the hole, dashes for the gate, in one swift move he has the key unlocking the gate, he closes and then locks it to avoid them suspecting fowl play. He makes his way further inside the cell, avoid the crowded cells he makes his way down the only right turn, leading to his cell.

He had a ten minutes window, he has to use five to kill him and be out of there in 9 minutes.  He makes his way to Kennedy’s cell..but he stops to pick up the crowbar and then the gun he had planted there a few days ago behind the table.

He hadn’t decided which he would use in killing him, he smiles. The further he went down the hall, the darker the halls became.

 They only kept the worst of the worst here, and for now- it was just Anderson Kennedy, he had the VIP section-

He chuckles..

The dude really did step on the wrong people’s toes. Frank tries not to laugh to alert the other inmates of his presence.


Kennedy is seated on the hard floor, his eyes accustomed to the shadows, his food for that day barely eaten. It is piled up together with the others he had refused to touch.

He is angry. The security guards felt it was good to anger him, they showed him TV news of the Mayor’s son and then of Alexander, teasing him that the girl he tried to Kill is alive and not just alive, she is dating the Mayor’s son, and that men like him would rot in jail for attempting to kill a fine ass woman like her. They told him stories of men like him, and how they sometimes got the gas chambers for being an asshole.

This officers, this security guards made fun of him. And the more they made fun of him, the more angry he got and the more angry he got, the more he realized that he could do nothing. He had had sleepless nights, bad dreams when he finally slept of Alexander, being fxxked by that man , Jaime. No wonder he seemed protective of her.

He was fxxking his love, his everything, his Alexa.

Anderson Kennedy pulls at his hair ”She is mine, mine, mine-mine!” he cried.

He has to get out of here, he needs to get out of here, and take her away, and he would punish her for letting another man touch her, kiss her and make love to her willingly . He curse. He watched the news from the cell when the officers brought  a Tv to mock him, there was a look in her eyes, one he had never seen – peace, and something else.

He shakes his head ”He has taken my Alexa, he has made her his-” he cries, ”Oh My Alexa, i would punish you for leaving me, all those years, i will, but..daddy only punishes you because he loves you- but i would forgive you if you come back to me willingly- yes yes i will” Kennedy talks to himself. ”But He, Jaime Lockswire it is? I would make him pay, i will”

A thousand thoughts runs through his head of what he wishes to do to Jaime, then he is angered even more…that he would be left to die here. Not an opportunity to pour his anger on Jaime and then get his Alexander.

He knew that Alexander had got to know he was arrested, and the fact with the many messages he sent through the security to inform her to come release him or the chief of police for a audience  only awarded him laughs and taunts angered him.

They called him a mad man, delusional to dare to say she was his daughter, they said they would not even bother informing the Chief of police that a mad man like he wanted an audience, for what, to seek for what? 

He is angry, angry that he would be left to die here, and he didn’t want it.

There is Jimmy, and there is Christine, those bastards- he had some unfinished business with them. They left him here to die too did they not, Jimmy, Jimmy cause it all, he caused it all and that witch Christine, she too, infact all of them deserve to pay for this. 

Jaime, Jimmy, Christine and Alexander, only that he would not kill his Alexander, well- he loves her, he would only punish her, and what’s the best punishment if not for her to watch her lover die?”

He smiles, Jimmy and Christine would have a even more painful death, if only he is able to escape this place, he would ensure they all come to ruin.

He hits his head against the hard wall.

And then, there there is that man, that man that keeps coming to tell him that he would die soon, that he would die that Jimmy had asked for his head, his head would be taken off and then smashed, that man-

Kennedy sniffs

He has a list of all of them to kill, All of them would pay, he swears it, all of them would pay if by any chance he leaves here, he would ensure it that all of them would pay, so they had better pray he dies here but if by sheer luck he-

Then he heard it, that voice butting his out of his thoughts ”The reaper have come to collect” the voice laughs at him ,mocks him, and then taunts him.

It was that man again.

”Have you coke to kill me?”

”That is obvious”

Kennedy hears his gate been opened, wide and then the man stood there, there were somethings in his hand – one looked like a gun in the dark and then another –

Kennedy cocks his head to stare at it – a crowbar

It was dark inside his cell, but it’s been a few days, his eyes is accustomed to the darkness..

”Should you not be afraid to be here officer? They said i am a dangerous, i almost killed a girl you see”

The torch comes on, there it was, the face of the man sent to kill him. He was smiling ”Oh, i have met dangerous men Kennedy, you are what we call, fish, we bring you out of the water and you die. You are a fickle old man, and i am unable to decide, shoot you with a silencer or use a crowbar? What do you think?”

Frank walks into his cell, sighting that he hadn’t touched his food for days, he smiles , this would be an easy kill, the fool wouldn’t have the strength to fight him.  He was fit, younger and had energy- this would be an easy kill.

He takes another few steps closer to Kennedy ” Silencer or a crowbar?”

Kennedy stares at him, maybe this was his opportunity, and it may never come again”Have you ever heard of the saying ‘‘Darkness is the worst place to find redemption?” Kennedy sneers taking a few steps back as he rises, staggering slightly, luring him in.

”No” Frank says ” A crowbar should do”

‘Good,  we also do not need the light to  see in the dark, because even the good book says, light shines in darkness, but darkness comprehended it not!”

He didn’t have time for a chitchat ”Goodbye man, no hard feelings, just business!”

Frank reaches for him , but he shouldn’t have. Kennedy steps further back, Frank trips on his face as he sinks down into a knee hole Kennedy had been digging for days for lack of what to do with his ranging anger, the touch falls off, Kennedy grabs it turning it off. It is pitch black.

”The fxxk!” Frank pulls himself out quickly  and then is blindsided by the thick darkness, he still held his gun, but he had no idea where the crowbar fell, it didn’t matter, random shots in the dark would drop the old fool.  ”Smart, but you are dying today..” He points the gun at a direction, he had no idea Frank is standing behind him

Kennedy picks up the crowbar. ”Not today Satan!, Not today!” Kennedy makes for him in the dark in a second, Frank didn’t have a chance to scream let alone pull the trigger, he goes straight for his head, as soon as Frank drops the gun, trying to struggle, he pulls it away, and then he goes for his head again, Frank drops, choking now as he held his neck, sprouting out blood. Kennedy doesn’t stop, he pulls it out again and continues to hit him with it till he could feel his blood splashing to his face and then the jerking and struggling stop.

Kennedy stares at him, in the dark. He smiles at him ”What a waste, never talk to a man you were sent to kill. Kill first and then ask questions later, if you watched enough movies that is the first lesson” he spat at him.

He reaches for the dead man, collects  the keys, he locks him inside and then walks quietly, and slowly, trying not to make a sound as he makes his way to the gate. Most inmates paid no attention to him, some were half asleep in their cells or preoccupied with themselves. Ofcourse, no one would think that a prisoner had just escaped from his own cell.

He counted about ten security guards outside the gate, some were sharing a cigarette, others just talked and laughed,

He definitely can’t walk out of here through this gate, He makes his way back, then he comes back, looking around. There had got to be a way out.

He frowns making a right, pausing at every cell gate to make sure no one is looking before he passes.

”Hey Officer, it is time for my call? You promised” someone says standing up and peering at him as he walks past briskly ”Hey officer? Fxxk you man you promised!” he yells

Other inmates chuckle ”Don’t trust an officer, they would fxxk you up from the back, ” they teased him

‘Shut up!”

Kennedy ignores them, he needs to find away out of her now, he turns around reaching the end of the wall, then he thought about releasing all the inmates and then tell them they should fight they way out, ofcourse he would let them go ahead while he finds an escape but..that won’t work.  He was about making his way back when he sees it, a door on his right. He  goes to it and then kicks it open.

A toilet. It had a window with iron bars-  and the back-end looked as though it was an empty span of land behind it, he stares at the crowbar in his hand and then smiles.

”I am not dying today!”  He shuts the door and then went to work.

An hour later, he pushes himself through the window and makes a run for it.

No one realized he was gone, after-all frank had done him a favour, the alarm systems were off, so was the security camera.

Five minutes later, it all goes back to reset.


”I brought your suit” Adam drops it on the arm of the chair getting into his study, he steps back

”Since when do you pick my suits?” Jaime doesn’t look at him ”It is usually delivered here”

”Since now, plus your secretary called that your fitter had to make some changes and stuff so..i send it to him and just decided to pick i up”

”Okay” Jaime frowns staring at his time

”What is it?”

”Alexander thinks i shouldn’t go or that i should be more wary that my brother wants to attend”

”You should listen to her, she seemed insightful”

”I won’t run from him, not anymore, nor would i continue to allow him dictate my life”

”Nope, you shouldn’t but you should arrest him- ”

”Not without more tangible and landing proof- all we had from Steve holds no water without a landing correspondence proof,  you heard Salim and even the Lawyer we contacted, the Judge can do nothing so we lost on that” He sighs getting up ”But i still have eyes on him, okay so don’t think i am letting him slide for all he has done, i know he did those things, i do- as do you but, we can’t book him without proper evidence so- until we get it, we go on with out lives

”While he continues to do evil?”

”He is being watched”

Adam scoffs ”A man like your brother would probably have people to do his dirty work, he might even be a priest taking confession while people may be killing for him, surely you don’t think your brother is playing saint through and through for nothing?”

”We have eyes on him” Jaime repeats ”One wrong move and we have him , we just need proof”

Adam shakes his head ”Still would have locked him down till all is clear” he rubs his jaw

”Can’t!” Jaime opens the suit bag and then stare at his suit, he brings it out , frowning ”Why..did he change it?”

”Don’t know, if you don’t like it i can return it, there is still time to swing by the shop to get you designers-” Adam smiles

”No it’s fine. ” He stares at his time ”Alex and her friend went out for a bit, Greg is with them, call him to get them back soon”

”Alright boss”

Jaime nods returning back to what he was working on, he had files on his decks, and he needs to finish up on some conference calls and be ready in time for the party. He dials a number ”Patch me through to the president of Bavelda Enterprises , tell him i have  preposition for him” He smiles ”Ahh Mr Toledo, this is Jaime Lockswire, President of the Heritage Group out in Chocolate City — ah yes, i wonder if we can discuss business, i have wonderful ideas i believe you would be interested in” Jaime continues to smile.

His father would be proud, he muses. And it was a good feeling knowing that he was helping alot of communities by bring change , positive change to them. Yes, his father would be proud.


Christine stares at her in the mirror ”It can’t be noticed ma’am” her stylist observes.

”Thank God, being mugged in broad day light is bad enough, just imagine my face” she says

”Did you inform the police?”

”Yes, but there were kids, had to drop  the charges, ” she touches her face ”Okay, it’s almost to go home and get ready, put your bill on my tap”

‘Yes Ma’am!”

Christine gets up leaving the salon, crossing the road to her car she bumps into him, almost tripping.

”Oh i am so sorry, my goodness!” Rickson states grabbing her from falling

”Watch your way asshole!” she spat angrily pushing him away from her.

”My apologizes!” Rickson says, Christine throws a few curses his way, turns and began walking away

”I know you!!” Rickson stares at her dumbfounded ”It was a mistake lady, don’t take life too seriously!” he yells, she turns and walks back to him

”Shut your mouth, people like you should be happy we allow you breathe same air we do, asshole” She blurts out ”Immigrant!”

”Am an immigrant because of what? my skin color or tribe?”

”Uncivilized ingrates!” she turns up her nose, he cocks his head to the side,

She did look awfully familiar. Ah ofcourse!

”I know your face” he points to her

Christine pauses mid sentence ”Ofcourse, a billion dollar face ” she offers

”No, you are Christine Barlow, ex to Jaime Lockswire, i never fail to miss a face of the high and mighty, lucky me to have bounced into one.” he laughs

”So what if you watch the news hmm?” she stares him down.

”No, i still cannot seem to understand men, here is beautiful classy woman and all but he goes for a tramp? I mean, our tastes are unoriginal!’

”Tramp? You know her?”

”Alexander?” he chuckles ”She used to work for me, my nightclub, one minute he came paying for her services and the next he is professing love all over the place. She didn’t even have the decency to come and thank me for hooking her up with a catch like that, instead she and her friend insults me, demands for their money owed and then quit” he shakes his head ”To think i felt sad that i heard she had died only to show up alive and all? he sighs ”Ungrateful- now the security forbids me to ever mention that she was one of my Call girls, or  strip goddess and all that? ” he says angrily ”And i took her in , now she is all over the news and she doesn’t say a thank you. But…” he is angry ” I lost a few clients because i couldn’t get them her as i promised, good clients, they all came because of her, but business hasn’t been doing so good since – i fear my club might go under and — ” he says bitterly

Christine doesn’t believe her ears ”A slut , a common Club girl,  i mean Call girl?” she laughs ”Oh Jaime how low and disgusting you went” she says more to herself than to him


”Nothing” she turns up her nose

”If you ever run into her, tell her that she is ungrateful, tell her-”

”Oh i will definitely run into her, and i would tell her that and more she cuts him off

”You would tell her that my doors are always open for her, yes?”

Christine laughs ”I would relate the message in a rather unsubtle way” she laughs entering her car and then zooming away leaving dust in her wake.

She cannot wait to tell the whole word what a disgusting slut she is, Ha! she can’t wait


”Damn!” Jaime breaths as he stares up at her walking downstairs to him.

It was evening already, time to go.

He waits till she gets to him ”You have  habit of suddenly stopping my heart when i look at you Alexander Beckington” he smiles down at her when she steps and stops a few breath spaces away from him.

”Then that is a good thing, ” she leans and then kisses him slightly on his lips, she leans away and then adjusts his suit , her eyes adoring this man infront of her, she could not wait to tell him how much she had fallen madly inlove with him. She smiles and then bites her lips

”It is a great thing” he says going behind her and then kissing her neck, he reaches for the box on the table, he hands it to her, watching from behind her, he held her to him, breathing in the scent from her skin.

”What’s this?”

”Open it” he smiles, his breath warm on her neck.

”Was this what you went to get this morning, i felt something in your pocket, is this it?”

”Open it Alexander?” he nudges her gently , she does, her mouth drops

”Oh my, this is beautiful?” she caresses the jewel gold necklace with daimond studs for pendant.

”Just like you” he takes the box away after lifting the necklace and puts it around her neck ” And it makes you even more beautiful” he kisses her cheeks

”Thank you, you spoil me already”

”As i should.. shall we?”

”Yes we shall” he gives her his hand and then she  links it with his, the doors are opened for  them as they walk to the Limousin stretchered infront of them, it was off white.

”Wow!! you are going all out?”

”Yes i am” he helps her into the Limousin, he sights Adam about to enter the driver’s side ”Adam, you are not driving me today” he signals to Greg, takes the key from Adam and then hands it to him.

”Why not boss?” Adam frowns staring at him.

”I believe a girl needs a date tonight- i taught you better, don’t be an b un-discerning fool” he nudges him, the door to the house opens. Jaime grabs his shoulders and then faces him to the door.

Adam sees Tinny-B coming out of the house, she looked beautiful.

”I don’t thinks she wants me to-‘

”Shut up, be her date- all work and play makes Adam a lousy jerk” Jaime nudges him towards her and then slips into the limousine.

Adam releases hot air as he walks to her ”You look beautiful’

”Thank you” she manages a weak smile.

”You mind me accompanying you today..?”

”It’s okay i guess” she says managing a weak smile.

He nods giving her his hand, they walk to the car behind the Limousin and then slip in.

Greg nods saying something into his coms, soon about five other cars are pulling away with the Limousin and zooming into town.


The place was in a frenzy already. The entire media house of the city was there, packed to a tee. No one wanted to miss a thing.

Cameras clicking away, Live feeds roiling. Dignitaries, celebrities ,family and Friends are seen alighting from their cars, walking down the red carpets and making their way into the lavishly decorated hall of the Mayor’s residence with Jacob and Gem greeting them in.

”Where in the Lord’s name is that son of mine?” Jacob says ”I hope he won’t decide that he won’t show up?” he looks at his time.

Gem smiles ”Oh he will, this time he will”

”Thank you for coming Senator Rhyes, how is the family, oh wonderful” Gem greats them and watches her husband do thesame, they smile and great in more guests.

”Why do i have the feeling that you know something i do not Gem?” Jacob asks posing for a camera with some business men. They enter into the hall, leaving Jacob and his wife.

”Oh, I do, but be patient, you would get to know of the surprise same with everyone else, oh i am so flushed from the excitement i can’t stop smiling” she laughs opening her arms to hug incoming guests  and placing kisses to their cheeks.

A fee more guests approach them.

”Tell me!” Jacob pokes her playfully once the guests leave them again

She laughs ”No Sir, ” she pats his face, pulls it and then kisses his lips and then laughs some more turning away ”Oh Mrs Kentably, how lovely” she squeals hugging her long time friend, Jacob laughs shaking his head

”Women, they think they can keep a secret, it is written all over her face”

”Why is he talking to himself hmm?” Jimmy asks walking up to him with a slender woman on his arm ”Won’t you great me?”

Jacob turns to stare at him, he doesn’t stop him when Jimmy comes closer to him nor when he hug him. ”See how you clean up nice”

The cameras are rolling,  click click sound, Jacob manages a smile. They near him. Jimmy wore a hat, since when does he wear a hat. He frowns slightly.

Jimmy turns and smiles for the camera, he kisses the woman by his side, she gushes over him. Then leaving his father, he comes to Gem.

”You look ravishing as always’ he hugs her and then kisses her cheeks ”Meet my date, Lolita” he winks

”Good afternoon Mrs Wellington, i must say it is an honor to finally meet you and your family and-” Jimmy nudges her away

”Should i join you to welcome Jaime? If he isn’t here that is”

”No, it is fine, go on in with your date”

”very well- mother!” he smiles whispering to her, audible for his father’s ears as well.

”Mr Jimmy. Mr Jimmy, how do you feel knowing that Jaime Lockswire beat you at the primaries?” A reporter seizes the opportunity and throws at him.

He turns ”We win some, we lose some”

”Now that he is President, how would you feel if he becomes the next Mayor of Chocolate city?” someone else throws

”Well, anything can happen, who knows who can become the next Mayor, thats a few weeks away”

”About the allegations, what is the outcome?”

He smiles stiffly , he opens his arms wide ”I don’t see cuffs, i think the Miss probably watched too many movies- but i shouldn’t insult Mr Jaime’s date” he laughs, a few people do too, Gem and Jacob do not ”Plus, a dead rogue cop can’t be spitting dabs, if you know what i mean” he laughs ”Plus, i am a good citizen, never done no crime so whoever was trying to frame me did a bad job. Infact, you call me Jesus!” he laughs

”Jimmy!” Jacob’s voice came sternly

”The Mayor can’t take a joke!”

”Mr Jimmy, one more question, what is your relationship with the Wellington family and your bone of contention with Mr Jaime Lockswire?”

”Wouldn’t you like to you!” he frowns, then he smiles ”I have nothing but love and respect for the Family and me and Jaime, just because we compete for seat doesn’t mean there is a bone of contention, i am here aren’t i to celebrate him? You reporters play too much. That would be all for all” he winks, grabs his date and then disappears inside the hall.

Jacob’s mood suddenly goes sour, he looks into the crowd which was filled with media news team, security officials and agents and a few guests taking pictures at the red carpet, he catches Salim’ eyes. Salim nods, mouthing that he has eyes on him, all would be well.

Jacob breaths.

”Lost you there for a second” Gem observes

”No, all is well. Where is that damn boy?”

Gem smiles ”He has a woman now, and we women love to make a grand entrance, allow the boy a few ones” she smiles as Christine alights from her car, dressed beautiful and is ushered up the stairs as securities wade off reporters from her and camera men.

”Christine, don’t you look marvelous” she hugs her ”I would like to speak to you after, if you have the time?”

”Yes Gem, of course” she smiles, she pecks Jacob on his cheeks she smiles broadly

”Where is the Party boy and his slut?” she turns around,

”What?” a shock Gem breaths

”Oopps, it slipped!” she laughs walking away with a gait to her steps

Jacob frowns , maybe he should have put some restriction on some guests ”I cannot believe she just said that?” Gem says with a hand to her chest

Jacob sighs ”Christine is not well, i do not think she is..see her eyes, empty- why do i feel she is here to cause trouble?” He wonders if he should ask someone to take her home

”Never mind, i would straighten her up later, my God , if Jaime didn’t tell us about Alexander’s profession, by God i would have had an heart attack. But he doesn’t need the whole world to know about that, and Christine should be mores sensible than that” Gem is upset

”Don’t let her upset you!”

”Trying not to but we would have that talk” she states

”Well, maybe later, because you son just pulled up and we don’t want to ruin his special night , for a special announcement!” Jacob watches as security agents, police officials suddenly step forward wading off everyone from coming close to their entourage. The door is opened for him, he comes down, reaches out for Alexander as he helps her out. Every reporter wanted to ask a question, every cameraman made sure he had good pictures, police officials push them further back.

She frowns and then stares him ”What special announcement?”

”You are not very subtle my love, making inquires about wedding halls and all that in the shower..your happy shrill when you talk about family and then grand kids , it is obvious- Jaime will ask Alexander to marry him” he smiles

”You old fox” she punches him playfully ”You sly old fox” she laughs shaking her head

”No, old discerning fox – but i have to act surprise so..don’t tell on me” he turns away from her ”Jaime” he opens his hand wide to embrace his son, Jaime didn’t let go off Alexander.

‘Father” he smiles ”You seem too happy to see me, should i be scared?”

”Nonsense!” he hugs him again ”Alexander, you make him look like a better man”

”Mr Wellington ” she smiles allowing him kiss her cheeks ”I am afraid i would have to agree with you on that”

”What?”Jaime laughs ”Mother, you do not support them do you” He kisses her, she hugs him tight and then smiles, she pulls away to stare at both of them

”I am sorry son, but she does makes you look good”

”Oh, my heart! i give up, my parents have suddenly broken my poor old heart!” he bows his head

”Don’t worry, i’ll fix you!” she places her hand over his to his chest and stares into his eyes, he stares back at her, it lingers.

”You fixed me already!” he whispers to her, right before he places a slow quick kiss to her lips.

Click! Click! Click Click Click!!

”Mr Jaime, Mr Jaime!!”

”No more questions for now please” Jacob raises his hands, he links his hand with his wife, pulls Jaime and Alexander and allow the cameramen take a full pictures, then he ushers them into the hall to the waiting guests.

Tinny-B and Adam enter behind them.

With the distraction going on , no one see him join a group of service men baring pots of flowers and walking past, disappearing into the backend of the building, not stopped by anyone.

A few car packed away, a man who had left his party of men to make a phone call  is lying down dead behind a car, stripped to nothing but his brief and socks. He was the forth man from the florist vendor supplier Kennedy had attacked, took his cloths killing him and joining the team of men unnoticed.


Christine manages a smile across the room when she saw Jimmy seated with a blonde cheek, he raises her glasses to him, he manages a quick smile and then turns away whispering into his female companion’s ears ”When i say, you leave with him, make sure no one sees his face”

She nods, he smiles.


Music, food, meet and greet, the party was in full swing. Jacob stands up, hitting his spoon to his glass, everyone suddenly pays attention.

The only people who were seen walking up and about where the serving boys and girls ensuring that each table was served food and drinks, more orders were taken, and the security officials, agents who took short walks around the hall, in and out of it  to make sure nothing was amiss.

”So, i would like to make a toast, to my friends, business partners , to my family, my loving wife who tolerated my shortcomings and loved me still, to my son and to God!”

Everyone claps

”You see, when i began Heritage group, i didn’t for one second believe that it would turn out to be what it is today. I mean, a lot of you who began with me almost gave up and well, a few of you didn’t want to help, but i forgive you”

They laugh ”But you see it taught me something, to always believe in myself, be consistent, be determined and not to lose up. That is why i would always appreciate my wife, she was my rock. I mean, this woman got balls, damn!”

Another round of laughter ”I was broke, i had nothing and i kept pushing and she stood at my side and helped all the way she could. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have a good woman who has decided to go through the bad and the worse of the worse with you and still standing , don’t lose her” he smiles down at her , then he turns back to everyone ” I know how many sacrifices i did to get here, i know what i gave up to be here, i know all that and it hasn’t been easy, no it hasn’t . I am glad that all my here’s of being the President and CEO of Heritage Group, i have been able to do great things for my community, for the people of Chocolate City and the environs, that is why, me stepping aside for a younger blood, a cute one i might add”

Another few chuckles, Jaime smiles, Jimmy didn’t.

Jacob smiles ” me stepping aside and knowing that my son would do much more gives me joy. And if you must know, he is doing wonderfully!”

”Yes Sir he is” a few people chorus

”He indeed is a replica of his father, you raised him well” someone shouts from the crowd

Jacob smiles staring away, into space, his face suddenly sad ” i only wish i can say for the other” he shakes himself out of it immediately ”Anyways, tonight it is about Victory, it is about success, it is about outstanding successes, it is about Jaime Locskwire, the new President of Heritage group, the one who has proven himself in this short period of time and God knows what more he has up his sleeves, ladies and gentleman, the man of the hour- the man of the hour.”

A loud applause rings through the room.

”Yeah, that’s my best friend’s man!” Tinny-B screams out loud, Adam chuckles , Alexander blushes across the room.


”Go Jaime!” Tinny-B howls, Christine scrowls.

Jaime had to raises his hand for the applause and cheers to die down ”Wow! ” he smiles ”Thank you, really you all honour me too much, thank you” he hits his glass. The hall suddenly becomes quiet.

”Thank you Father” he nods then he stares at everyone ”Wow erm, i came here tonight hoping to see  a handful of people and here i see a crowd of people and i wonder if the entire city came out. I mean, all of you do have busy schedules and stuff but you came out to honour this invite? Okay seriously though i know its for the food and drinks but it is okay, your secret is save with me” he places his free hand to his chest and then smiles

Everyone laughs ”Good sense of humour like is father” someone throws

”Very true!

Jaime smiles ”No really, i am honoured. My father is a great man and i wonder why he feels the need to step away for an average like me to take over-”

”Because you are a son who needs to be greater than his father” Jacob offers

”That is right” a few people chorus

”But still, he is like a pot of knowledge i desire to learn from but he set me up. ” Another laughter.

”I may not be my father, and i know i have a lot to learn, i only seek that you all be patient with me while i take us on this journey. My dreams might be slightly different from what my father had but i can assure you that it would lead to thesame destination and if you all have faith in me, trust me, i will ensure to do all that is right by all of us. I thank you all for giving me this opportunity, i thank you all for your trust, and i hope that as we have begun this journey together, we shall raise up milestones that would be a reminder for our children to look up to when we are gone. Thank you once again” he raises his glass, everyone raise that, he drinks, they drink.

”Also, i won’t make an excellent speech if i do not appreciate my parents for bestowing upon me the love, he necessary teaches to make me the man i am today, they are my rock. I gave them hell though ” he bites his lips

”We never loved you less” his mother blows him a kiss

”Ofcourse, you are too good a mother. You know, mothers are wonderful gifts from God. Mom, if i have never appreciated you enough, i am sorry”

”Oh, i love you baby”

He smiles ”she is one woman who can melt my heart at a go” he raises his glass to her ”Here’s to mys super mother you deserve the world and i would give you that and more. i love you. And just so we don’t make father jealous, i love you too pops!” he chuckles,” No homo!!” Jacob bursts out laughing as did everyone. Jimmy felt like screwing it all and stabbing each and everyone of them with a knife, he picks up his wine and then swallows the entire contents.

Salim is standing directly behind him, a few feet to the wall. He has men he had stationed to put an eye on him and follow his every moment.

He looks ahead to see Gareth and his team, they covered the backend entrance, they only moved when about a four men dressed in white and black carry a platter of neatly dressed sea food into the hall, backing the audience and placing them in a long table behind them.

Salim turns away, he goes back to staring at Jimmy, speaking into his com and ensuring every team on ground check up with him every ten minutes.

Gareth catches Jimmy’s eyes, he turns away.

One of the men carrying the platter is approached by a guest and asks for direction to the men’s convenience, the server smiles and then beckons on him to follow him. When they are stopped, he tells the security

”He needs to use the men’s”

The security moves the way and then allows them pass. Kennedy smiles as they leave the hall.

Only one returns, hiding his face from the distracted security guarding the door and entering back into the hall and mixes with the guest. He takes a seat, grabs a drink and watches her, she is smiling up at Jaime who is still speaking.

”Oh Alexander, you disappoint me! Not to worry, Daddy is here to take you home, this time, this time dead or alive” he says

Jaime continues to talk , ”I am sorry i am talking to much but, i am super happy this evening and i have never been one to be showy but- life is too short . ” he says

”Oh my he is going to do it!!!” Gem whispers to her husband, ”Brace yourself, oh i can’t keep still, hold my hand Jacob” she smiles

Jacob held it, brought it to his lips , brushes it and then drops it ”Women, you get so dramatic over such things” he chuckles

Jaime smiles ”I need alot of drink for this” he tips his head backwards and then empties the entire contents into his mouth. ”Whoa!”

Alexander stares at him ”Hey slugger, slow down with that” she touches his arm. He drops the glass.

”Okay, you know erm, it gets to a man’s life when he realizes that he is no longer a man and he needs to hop up on that train. Okay that don’t make sense”

Adam stares at him ”That asshole is going to do it, i’ll be damn”

Tinny-B leans into him ”The Asshole, you mean Jaime, what is he going to do?”

”’Wait for it!” he whispers

”No tell me!”

”Nope!” he smiles, Tinny-B turns away from him, her eyes and Alexander’s connects,


”I don’t know!” she mouths back to her friend. Jaime is still talking.

”At a point in my life, i was in a low place, couldn’t really talk to anyone about it and stuff and i just went by. That was wrong but anyhow, it happened. I am sorry to anyone who i had hurt in the process. so you  erm-know when you meet people unexpectedly and they just turn your life upside down in a good-bad way, or bad-good way, i don’t know, doesn’t make sense right? Well, it didn’t make sense to me at the time. But, as time flew by, the puzzles didn’t just fall into place, it fit and then it became clear that i was missing something essential in my life, someone essential in my life and when i met her, i didn’t realize that she would be the most important person in my life” he stares at her

”What the fxxk is he doing?” Christine  speaks more to herself, she leans forward

”I think he is about to propose, oh my Christine!” Mrs Barlow says in surprise, her face breaking out in a smile

”No!” Christine states ”No he can’t be!” She laughs

Jaime is still talking ”I mean when we met, we were different sides of the poles , still is but somehow, it just sinked into this one perfect pole that just seems to make sense”

”What are you saying Jaime?” Alexander is confused ”Why are you staring at me like that and talking about me to all this people?” she says to him

”She came blazing into my life, or i brought her into my life and i felt, hmm, she was just some ordinary girl, but by God she wasn’t. She is fire, she is ice and she was everything inbetween. Brave, not forgetting annoying” he smiles ”Beautiful, caring and she is selfless. She taught me a few things, most of which made me into a different man. From her i learnt that family comes first, from her i learnt that you have to fight your demons, from her i learnt that you don’t run when you are cornered, you push back, from her i learnt that once you retreat from what threatens you, you live everything you care about open to harm, from her  i learnt fear is just a four lettered word and everything you desire is on the other side of it. My personal favorite is that i learnt love; sweet, unconditional, undiluted blissful earth shattering love that i have never felt or known before ..and that was the nip in the bud”

”Jaime what are you doing?’ she blinks staring at him ”seat down”

He shakes his head ” I have met a few women in my life, but she, she is one in a million, strong, opinionated, willed and do not be fooled by her hard no-nonsense exterior when she has her game fight face on ” he smiles, everyone laughs ”She is a jelly inside, my jelly.”

”Jaime” she calls his name again, suddenly feeling that he is about to do something, something he didn’t prepare her for ”Jaime” she blinks

He pushes his seat away, he puts his hand into his pocket, he brings out the velvet small box, he goes on his knees before her ..

”Oh my God!” she stares down at him

People gasp, the hall is suddenly still and quiet, Christine is too shocked to speak, Jimmy drops his glass and then stares dumbfounded .

Kennedy is shocked to his bones , Tinny-B’s mouth drops to the floor. Gem has her hand covering her wide smile on her face, Jacob looked on like a proud father. ”Get her son!”

”Get your girl!” Adam nods

”Alexander Beckington, i am not a perfect man, far from it. But i would tell you this, I love you insanely , such love that i do not believe is sensible, but i love you that much. How it happened, when it happened, i really don’t care but i am thankful to God for bringing us together. My life may not have been meaningless without you but it has been void of the most important ingredient, You. But i met you and i didn’t realize it, i only did when i thought i almost lost you. Near death experience of the one who means alot to you tends to open your eyes to certain things. i mean, i didn’t realize how far gone inlove with you till my very own mother pointed it out”

Christine throws Gem a look ..she stares back at them

”When i did realize, i wanted to make up for lost times, for being stupid, for not seeing that my world was standing next to me the whole time, i vowed to never let you go. So what do i do? baby i stepped up”

Alexander laughs, her eyes is pooling already, she sniffs ”Get up Jaime”

”Sssh babe, let me finish. I am not perfect but i would bring perfection to what we both share. I would ensure that those tears that lives your eyes would be ones of joy and not of pain. i would ensure to give  you the world and if you want more i would get you the universe in a box.” he smiles

”Awww!” vibrated through the hall

”I love you girl, the crazy, the annoying, the sweet, the imperfect you, i love everything about you. You have my heart, you have me entirely, but i know its not enough that’s why i need to give you my name so you know that you got me in totality. So you can do what you want with me, ask me to jump and baby i would ask how high?” he smiles, reaches out to flick out a tear ”I want to give you all that no one has given you, i want to make sure you live life to the fullest, but by my side. i simply can not go on without you, and the reason i am giving you this ring is just to tell the whole world that i love you and that i want you to be mine forever, but..this is just formality and yes i am ambushing you so that if you say no the whole world would say you are mean ” he blinks, everyone laughs , he goes closer to her, he flips the box open to reveal  the ring, the diamond studs around the ring  was blinking into the lights,

”Oh my God!!” A few people stood to even stare at it

”But God knows that when he was creating you, he had me in mind, so he made you perfect; your smile, your laughter, your strength, your will, every thing about you was perfectly made and i am the one lucky to have  fallen for you. And i can’t wait to have all of you to myself. Alexander Beckington, the love of my life,  will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

She laughs covering her mouth, letting the tears flow ” You are crazy you know that, so crazy, silly silly man”

He nods ”And you are beautiful. Will you marry me?” he repeats

She nods , ”Yes, fxxk yeah!”

His heart bursts with joy, he slips the ring through her finger, drops the box, grabs her face and then kisses her nonstop, lifting her and twirling her around as the crowd stand up clapping and cheering him.

”Oh my God! Oh my God, damn i knew it, i told you so Alexander, i told you so ya! That’s my best my best friend, she is getting married, yay!” she began to dance as Adam roars with laughter.

Jimmy smiles, he gets up and then claps, ”Well, this would be the first time a bride and groom won’t make it to their wedding ” he chuckles clapping

Kennedy is standing, he isn’t clapping, he is staring hard at them kissing each other, the reporters and cameramen are having a field evening, he rubs his jaw and then grabs a table knife and then slips it into his jacket pocket ” You won’t survive the night Jaime, i promise you” he swears

Christine is shaking her head ”No, no, you can’t! YOU CAN’T MARRY THAT SLUT! THAT COMMON CALL GIRL, PROSTITUTE FROM ESCAPADE! YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME AND GO FOR THAT TRAMP WHO SLEEPS WITH MEN FOR MONEY AND ACCOMPANY THEM AS  A SEX WORKERS, JAIME LOCKSWIRE, YOU CANNOT– EVERYONE SHE IS A SLUT” She began to scream, a few people turn to her, she kicks her chair away and is screaming heading to them as the crowd began to break apart, people wondering what is wrong with her… ”SHE IS A SLUT A PROSTITUTE, SHE IS A LOOSE WOMAN AND YOU WANT TO MARRY HER AND-”

Her mother who has been trying to stop her runs after her, grabs her to face her and then WHAMP!!

She slaps her hard cross her face ” Control yourself Christine !” she blinks back with tears in her eyes ”It is enough, i beg you.”

Christine stares at her mother in shock, holding her face ”Mother, how dare you hit me again?” she breaths

”Yes, you would not be a  thorn to this couple, i forbid it!”’

”This would be the last time you would ever hit me” she spat, she pushes her mother away, Adam grabs her and then lifts her away with one hand, he takes her kicking and screaming out of the hall.

Jaime and Alexander breaks off from their kiss, turning to stare at the commotion ”What’s going on?” he asks, the crowd in front of them and close to them turn to find out too..

Mrs Barlow turns to them ”Nothing, its being sorted out..congrats to you and your beautiful fiance Jaime” she breaths, trying not to cry. ”Excuse me” she makes her way out.

The room is back to congratulating the couple and the party is back to full swing.

Jimmy waits grabs his date by his hand, and then goes to them ”Congratulations” he gives him his hand , Jaime stares at it, he shakes it


He reaches for Alexander to hug and kiss her, she steps back ”I am sorry but you don’t have to touch me”

He smiles ”Very well. Congrats again ”

He steps closer to Jaime about to whisper something into his ears , Alexander wraps her hands around him ”Dance with me?”


Jimmy nods ”Well, you both enjoy your  evening, i would be on my way, goodnight” he nods taking his date and then he goes to bade farewell to the Wellingtons, Jacob nods, Gem manages a warm smile for him and his date. Jimmy proceeds to make sure people see him leaving, he exists the hall and then excuses himself to go to the convenience.

He passes  Gareth on the way, they exchanges looks, Gareth nods showing his two quick flashes of his fingers and hen kept walking on.

Jimmy reaches the convenience, enters, and then goes to the second door. One of the officer’s in Gareth’s team is there waiting for him , they exchange cloths. The man exits the convenience and heads to his date. Jimmy remains behind.

She links her hand through the man who comes out as Jimmy, the hat seated perfectly on his head, covering his face slightly. He does his best to shed his face from the crowd of reporters and  camera men who are outside.

A car pulls up, he and his date rush down the stairs as reporters throw questions to him about how he felt about the engagement. The crowd zooms away.


”Now that he is gone, i feel better” Jacob sighs ”God forgive me, i know he is my son but, i felt uneasy like- ” he sighs

”I told you there is nothing to worry about” Gem says, ”Come dance with me before the sun dies out”

They get up to dance. A few people join them on the dance floor.

Jaime and Alexander stare at no one else but themselves.

Soon, the party dwindles down to a close.

”Thank you all for coming and sharing in our joy, to the future!” Jaime raises his glass ”To love and to all perfect things!”

”Cheers”‘ everyone chorused.

Tinny-B rushes to her friend, gushed about her ring and then hug her a thousand times, and then Jaime too and then her friend again.

Adam walks up to him ”So you finally did, i am proud of you Boss”

Jaime smiles ”Yeah, i am proud of me too. Hey , what was going on briefly, i noticed a commotion behind but didn’t see it”

Adam shakes his head ”Christine being Christine, but it’s been  handled”

Jaime nods ”Hope she is okay”

”Man, who cares, she should get a life. I took her into the study to cool off but i guess she should have left, Everyone is leaving anyways so the officials are doing their rounds. So i would drink to your engagement boss, you got yourself a hella type of women, my God!” they laugh.


Gem reaches for her ”Welcome to the family” they hug ”Now that the cat is out of the bag, i would like to give you something my mother gave me when i got married, it’s a family heirloom and i would want you to have it. Come with me”

Alexander stares back at Jaime and the others, she sees Jacob grabbing his son from behind , they are laughing.

”Don’t worry about them. Hey Boys, come back into the house.” she links her hands with hers. They leave the hall.

Jacob is talking with Jaime, Tinny-B stands by herself, her happy face still there.

”You seem extra happy for the couple” Adam walks to her, a hand in his pocket, the other rubbing the bag of his neck

”Yeah, she is my best friend, and i am super happy.”

”Yeah, Jaime deserves this”

”She deserves this” she smiles ”So ama follow the ladies into the inner house and-”

Adam steps closer, pulls her to him and then kisses her shutting her up . She smiles wrapping her hand around him and then kisses him back.

Jacob nudges his son, Jaime smiles ”That bastard” they laugh.

The hall is near empty has everyone has said their good byes, no connections and business partners gotten. It was a good evening.

Salim walks to them with a smile, he carries a bottle of wine and then glasses ”Well Sir, i think this was a beautiful evening, and congratulations Jaime, shall we drink to this?” he pops the bottle open,and then pours wine into them ”Hey lover boy, a toast?”

Adam breaks away from his kissing session ”Yes Sir”

”We shall continue this later sexy man” she winks ”Oh God that kiss just got me pressed” she laughs dashing from the hall to find the rest room, Adam laughs going to meet the guys.

”Sir, Mega castle is vacant, only family members and the people within are present, how to proceed?” Two police officers ask as they come to him

Salim stares at Jacob ”I do not think we need any more men”

He nods ”Return to the station, and ..” he frowns ”Frank hasn’t checked in for a few hours, once you get there, have the assistant chief call me. ”

”Yes Sir”

”Dismiss the men, do a final round first”

”Yes Sir”


Mrs Barlow knocks on the door to the study after being directed by an official when she asked where Adam took her daughter.


Christine gets up walking to the door. ”I am sorry i slapped you but- you have to pull yourself together”

Christine nods. she steps out of the room, past her mother . She is walking away, her mother follows her, she stops her.

”You would find someone who loves you. Look, i know you feel as though and-”

Christine stops at the foot of the stairs. She turns to her mother. Mrs Barlow goes closer to her . ”i love you”

”I love you too mother” she says hugging her mother, she held her tight

”Aww my God, my baby!” her mother cries hugging her too.

”But you are a fxxking bitch! I would kill them all, all of them, but you would welcome them in hell” Her mother gasps, she lets her go pushing her down the stairs. Her mother’s scream didn’t make it out before the hits the foot of the stairs, snapping her neck.

”Oh my God!!” someone exclaims

Then she looks up, shocked for a second to find Tinny-B rooted to the ground, shocked to her bones.

She made for Tinny-B.


”It’s my son’s engagement everyone, i am sure you guys can have a night off. ” she dismisses the security guards ”Go celebrate, it’s an order” she says pulling Alexander into her room.

The guards nod happily ”Congratulations Ma’am”

”Thank you!” Alexander laughs . She could hear Jaime’s voice and his father’s behind them, she turns to face Gem who has an heirloom bracelet forward ”Here” she places it on her writs.

”It is beautiful” Alexander caresses it

”More beautiful is the woman who wears it, and i am glad it is you” she touches her chicks

”Thank you Mrs Wellington or should i call you mother-inlaw?” she laughs

”Call me Gem” she pulls her cheeks ”So, when is the wedding, how many kids do you want and-”

”Hey mother, relax, she just said yes, just scare her” Jaime walks into the room coming to them followed by his father.

”Your mother is always in a hurry. Welcome to the family Alexander” Jacob hugs her. They stare there talking

”Where is Tinny-B, i thought she was coming behind you?”

”She went to use the ladies according to Adam, but i think he went to get her.”



Kennedy is hidden in one of the service rooms, locked in. He is waiting for the right time to come out. He has taken his time to slowly make his way out the hall and into the main house.

He is a few rooms away from where they are. he waits for the time he can catch Alexander alone by mere chance. But if he catches Jaime first, it would be his death.


Tinny-B is lying sprawled on the ground, Christine drags her by the legs and then locks her inside the toilet she was just coming out from. She takes a deep breath and then makes herself to the main house, realizing that the party has ended, there is little to no guards in the main house.



Jimmy opens the toilet door and then steps out. He sees her pass by the hall, he quickly grabs her back inside ”I should kill you for making that scene i-”

Christine stares at him ”Stop me this moment and i would kill you” she spat

Jimmy stares at her in shock , then he smiles ” You seem like the devil”

”I just killed my mother, and maybe the best friend of that kill, one more person to stand in my way from ending them tonight would join them”

”Hey..we are on thesame side baby girl, lets do the most unseen artwork, yes?”

She doesn’t say anything.

”Gareth said they cleared out the team from the house back to the station, he is outside parked with out getaway car, which means that the only trouble we might have is the security at the gate but he said he is working on a diversion. So, the guns?”

”In place”

”Good, after you?”

She turns and then leaves.

Jimmy smiles , once he is done killing them, he would probably kill Christine too. What perfect cover, afterall, everyone saw him leave, no here and she was the crazed bitch screaming at his wedding. He even imagined how the news headlines would read.

”A jealous scorned girlfriend kills ex, his fiance, his parents and then herself. Sad sad tragic death” he began to laugh and then laugh.

They make their way into the inner house with no guard to stop them.


Salim steps outside, lighting a cigarette. Most of the boys from the station had gone. He has been trying to call Frank all evening, no word.  Even the Chief assistant can’t be reached.

He didn’t like it at all. He dials again, still no answer, he curses.

Hopefully when the boys get back to the station, he should get word of what the hell is causing the silence.

Adam steps out, he is frowning

”Did you see the girl i was with? Her name is Tinny-B”

”Oh, your kissing bud, nope, Why?”

”She said she was going to use the ladies but i didn’t see her, And she isn’t inside the hall or anywhere else, wondering if she left”

Salim frowns, ”Haven’t seen anyone leave since i came here, you should call her”

”Don’t have her number”

Salim chuckles ”You kiss a girl and you didn’t take her number?” he laughs

Adam didn’t,

”Maybe she left”

”Where to, she quit her job, there is no way she left to her house because it’s a long way from here and not after know”

”Oh right! Well, can’t help you though. Have to head out, say goodbye to the Wellingtons. ”

”Sure. Did the guys do thorough sweep of the place?”

”Yep. Not a stranger is in there, everyone is gone”

”Even Christine? I left her in the study after the scene she pulled. ”

Salim frowns ”Er..i don’t know. i think everyone left..”

”Okay. Oh well, just incase you see her, her name is Tinny-B, tell her i am looking for her. Let me check the toilets again or the study. ”he turns and then leaves.

After a few more minutes, Salim enters his car and then makes his way back tot he station.


Adam checks the convenience again. Nothing. No one was here. He turns to leave. Then he heard it. He walks to the last door that is closed, pushed it open. Locked.

Maybe that was out of usage, he turns to leave. He heard it again, a tiny faded voice,, ”Help!!”

His heart catches in his chest, there was someone there ”Who is there, who is there, i have a gun!” he touches the bag of his shirt



He tries to force the door open, it was jammed, he lies flat on the ground, then he sees her, her head facing the door, a tiny pool of blood. ”Jesus Tinny-B!” he screams. He stands up , he opens the door leading to the next toilet, he climbs it and then peers to see her state ”Oh my God!” he lifts himself higher, and then climbs over, stepping on the toilet set and then t the ground. He carefully picks her up,,, ”Jesus Tinny-B, what happened, who did this to you?” she was bleeding from her head , her eyes closing and opening, he reaches for his phone to dial 911..

”Christine..” she whispers

”What?” he tries to listen as he continues to dial ”911 , i have a situation, Mayor’s house, a woman has been hurt, she is losing blood..hurry”

”Christine” she pulls at his shirt , he leans closer ”Save them” she breaths



Then it dawns on him…

Them? They were in danger.

”Go..Go!!” Tinny-B breaths  ”GO!!”

”Help is on the way!!” he says dropping her carefully, he opens the door and is dashing back into the main house, pulling out his gun.


Christine walks pass the hallway, she stops and then looks for the gun she kept there, she grabs it and then points at the two other places she had the other guns hidden.

Jimmy takes two of them, the more the better. He lets her go in first, he would make a grand entrance.


Kennedy sees them come in, he stays behind the curtain he has moved to. He saw their guns too. He decides to stay away from their way, he can always finish up his business later with Jimmy, and maybe Jaime, he just needs Alexander. He waits.


They are in the living room now, laughing and talking about anything that matter.

Jaime has Alexander seated on his thigh, he is whispering something into her ears . Jacob has his wife roaring with laughter when she walks in.

”Now isn’t this a sweet family gathering. Jaime with his fiance and Jacob with his loving wife. But do you know what’s wrong with this picture, it should be me but here i am, left out while that slut bitch takes my spot”

”Christine, what are you doing here, how are you even still here, who let you come in here?” Gem states

”Oh, sorry, i thought i was family, isn’t that what you said Gem, i am always welcome? So i invited myself in plus, who is there to stop me? All the guards aren’t inside the main house, probably at the gate , i wonder the fool who thought it wise to give them a night off” she smiles

”Oh God!”

Jaime stands up ”Okay Christine i think you should go home”

”No, i think i am the only one giving orders around here” she shows them the gun, Alexander and Gem gasps , Jacob stands up

”What nonsense is this..?”

”She has a gun Jaime!” Gem states pulling at her husband

”Christine, what in the world, now this is not funny, give me the gun and-” Jaime says to her

She points the gun to Alexander ”No Sir”

Jaime takes a step closer

”Oh baby, i think i have someone who would love to see your grovel, come on in Jimmy!”

Jimmy walks in slowly with a smile on his face..the two guns visible ”Hello Brother, father…mama and future sis-inlaw, did we interrupt a family moment? Sorry, we won’t be long we just need to get somethings out of the way and we shall allow you go back…how you go  back though is the important thing” he smiles ”So father, quick one” He  dips his hand into his pocket and then brings out a document, ”I had my lawyer draw this up, this is an official letter starting that you hand over all your assets in value and liquid state to me, i mean all, home and abroad, that you endorse me formally for Mayor-ship and you pass on all the signatory to all your accounts to me including power of attorney. Here, sign this” he drops it on the desk

”Jimmy, how dare you?” Jaime stares at him ”How dare you?”

”Oh Jaime, you do not see the big picture here do you- i did tell you that if you don’t do what i require, i would ensure you regret it.”

”I would only say this once. I do not know how you manage to rope Christine into this but i would give you a chance to walk away..and i would not inform the police”

Jimmy laughs ”Which police, no one knows i am here, i left, well supposedly and no guards and apparently i don’t see cameras on here so…you think anyone would believe you?”

‘Four against two, yes they will” Alexander spat

Jimmy smiles ”Yes, your smart mouth, God i would be happy to put a bullet in your tummy but i would leave the honour to Christine”

”Only a coward would attack his family members unawares”

Jaime holds her ”No Alexander, don’t incite him.” He steps in their middle ”Jimmy get your gun away from her”

”See i have no time for chitchat, sign the papers father before i start doing damage” he points at his father, Gem covers him


”Sign it”

”I rather die than sign it!” Jacob hisses

”Oh you will father if you don’t- sign it!!”

”Never! I won’t do it, all i have will go to Jaime!!”

”Father, if that’s what he wants, sign it, we can fight it later”

”You should listen to him, he is smart” Jimmy cocks his head to the side.

”Never!” Jacob spat

”Okay, that’s it!” he shoots his father’s right leg, Jacob groans hitting the ground, Gem screams grabbing her husband as Jaime rushes to him, Alexander drops to the ground to them…”Oh My God oh my God!!

”Jacob!!!” Gem places her hand to his thighs to stop the bleeding, ”someone call 911”

Alexander reaches for the phone. Jimmy shoots again, it misses her hands by a second, Jaime pulls Alexander to him,

”I didn’t come here to play, i have two loaded guns to drop each body parts with a few bullets so don’t tempt me, sign the goddamn documents”

”Look i just want to kill them all,” Christine is impatient

”After i get my documents” he hisses

Jaime stares at him ”You shot my father, because you want his wealth, you put  my family in danger and-”

Jimmy cocks the gun again ”Shut up Jaime, Pops, this time i would put on in Gem,  sign it”

Jacob groans ”Never!”

Gem grabs the document crying already ”Sigh it Jacob!”’

Jacob is stubborn ”If he can shoot me , he would kill me even if i sign it, i won’t!”

”Father!” Jaime pleads ”I won’t lose you over some  wealth” he takes the documents ”Please sign it”

”All i have worked for is for my son to have all i have, my son..and that is you, you have proven yourself worthy, i won’t allow the fate of all to be in the hands of Jimmy, for so long i prayed that he was different, that he has changed for the better, i hoped, even when all these things were happening i hoped somehow he is innocent. but now, all i see is that i have been blind” he stares at Jimmy ”You do not deserve to be loved, i curse you, i curse you”

Jimmy laughs ”Sign it or i swear to God i would send your wife to meet my mother” Gem is crying holding on to her husband, Jaime stands up .

”You would have to kill me first!”

”No!” Alexander blocks him, ”No!” Jaime is pushing her away, she is stubbornly rooted ”No!”

Christine is ready ”You bitch stole my man, my life, my wealth, bitch i would make sure your wedding only happens in hell.” she caresses the trigger

”Relax Christine, you would have your fun” Jimmy stares at Christine and  turns back to them ” I won’t hesitate to kill you Jaime, i have always wanted to do that but by sheer luck you end up being saved..but there is no way you can be saved, not with the bullet cutting through your heart.”

”If you want me, take me and let everyone go”

”No” All three of them chorus crying out

Jimmy laughs ”Sign it!” he screams again.

”No, if i die, all that i have will go to Him, Gem would make sure”

Jimmy steps closer in anger ”Why did you love him more than me? Why did you replace me. I am your son, your only son- yet you loved a bastard like your son, a fxxking stray dog!!!” Jimmy cries out rubbing the gun to his head ”He is a fxxking bastard, a child thrown in the sea to die yet you rescue him like a dog and your brought him home, a fxxking dog which you loved more than your own flash and blood” Jimmy screams at him.

”He may not have my blood running through his veins, but i raised him, i raised him, and the moment i grabbed him in my arms, i loved him . He is my son,the one who loved me despite all..the one who walked down the better path and became what he is- you left, you emancipated yourself, you gave up on me, on me- i never loved you less, i gave you all i could afford, i reached out for you but time and time again you became this force of darkness and you went away, lost in your world, you only resurfaced when you were up to no good. I raised him,and loved him and he has loved you and respected you as a brother, but all you did was hate him, hate Gem, hate me”

”Yes! for the only woman who loved me you killed!!! ” Jimmy screams

”She killed herself. She loved drugs and the men more than she loved me. She left me. she left us and there was nothing i could do to save her anymore. Nothing!!!!” Jacob cries out, Gem is trying to still stop the bleeding.

”No!!! You killed her and took her away from me, and then you married her, and then you brought him home. I hated you, i hated all of you and all i ask that you give me what is due mine, my money, my assets, all of it but you refuse , you still refuse till this day. So..father, infact i won’t kill you today, i would let you watch while i kill your precious son, just the way i made sure that she would never have a child again.”


”Yes, that night, long ago i wanted to kill her and her child, but she was lucky. She was. But my happiness is that she became barren, an empty woman, and i thought yes, yes- he wouldn’t be able to have another child to replace me. But i was wrong, that family who ran off the road, i watched from the news how you dived into the water, and you came up with the child, the only survivor. I thought you would drop him off at the orphanage but i saw the way you looked at him, with tears in your eyes and i knew then, that i had lost to that little rat of a boy, who wouldn’t stop calling me brother, and following me around like a shadow when i appeared out of no where, a boy i had found ways to kill but only found a way to survive. The minor accidents at home, the almost drowning, yes it was me Father, me!!.”

Jacob and Gem is too shocked to speak, Alexander held on to Jaime ”Why won’t he just die, why- the last time that fxxking bodyguard died in his stead, every time someone always manages to save him.. ” he laughs ”Have you ever wondered where your Betty is hmm? How she hasn’t shown up till now?”

”Betty!!” Alexander exclaims

”What did you do Jimmy?”

Jimmy laughs, Christine throws him a look ”At the bottom of the sea maybe eaten by sharks, she saw heard something she shouldn’t have and she was stubborn to threaten me saying she would go to the police, her mistake, worse was when she said she was going to tell you, so like your pretty little dog you used to love, that slut Betty, i sent her to hell, just thesame way i sent Steve to hell”

”Jesus Jimmy, you are fxxked up!” Christine laughs

Jimmy laughs harder ”Atleast we are both fxxked up, you killed your mother and that scarecrow i believe is your friend Alexander…tsk tsk is lost, the devil would be pleased”

Alexander starts up, ”You killed Tinny-B” she shrieks ”You bitch, you bitch!” she rushes for her, Jaime grabs her pulling her back as she cries out ”Oh my God!”

”I would kill you soon Slut, once Jimmy is done with his epistle” she smiles ”She shouldn’t have been stupid to be where she isn’t needed.. now are you done Jimmy?”

Gem covers her mouth and is shaking.

”You see, all these evidence found against me, all true but you see, it would never be used against me because i am a fxxking saint”

”Your mother would never be proud of the person you have become” Jacob cries, tears leaving his eyes

”No she would be glad that i made sure you survive, and you will father, no son, no wife and no will to live, you would join your ancestors if i am nice enough to let you live past a day,. now, enough chitchatting, sign the fxxking document.

Jaime is staring at him, ”You touch anyone of them in this room Jimmy, and i swear to God, before i go down, i will kill you!!!” he folds his fist, his chest heaving up and down, his eyes red, stung from blinding tears

Jimmy smiles ”Christine, shoot Alexander, in the head”

”Gladly” she points her gun to her head.


Kennedy leaves the curtain and then makes his way to the room , walking slowly. He had seen Jimmy and Christine enter the other room each having guns.

He pushes the door carefully, slowly, quietly, and then he sees them, the Wellingtons on the floor, someone had been shot, he sees Jimmy pointing his gun to Jaime.

Good, someone needs to kill that guy. He wonders if he should wait . 

Then he sights Christine and then follows her gun to see that it is pointed to Alexander.

He pushes the door open, ”Drop your gun Christine , no one touches her but me!”

Jimmy and everyone swing their attention to him.

”Hi Jimmy, Christine-” he turns to her ”Alexander, daddy has come to get you” he blows her a kiss,

Alexander staggers backwards ”Father?”

”Father?” Jaime and everyone turns to her in shock

”Yes, father- ” Kennedy smiles.


Salim reaches the station, he alights and is greeted by the commotion.

”What’s going on?” he speaks to the chief of police

‘Salim, i think we have a situation but..”


”I think someone turned off our security and alarm system for almost an hour, if you see here you can tell that there was a glitch, see?” he points to the camera footage ”See, from our calculations, almost an hour was gone before it resetted. That means either our systems were down  or–someone did it deliberately”

”I don’t understand, how come someone did you you didn’t notice?”

”I came in late, flight delays, and when i came, everything was okay until the IT personnel noticed that there was a glitch and brought it my notice, and i was trying to figure it out and-”

”You didn’t call to inform me?”

”I was trying to figure it out to make sure it wasn’t an issue”

Salim rubs his forehead ”Fine, where is frank, he should be here to give me status report while i was away and you were on your way”

The man before him frowns ”That’s the thing Sir, Frank was reported to have left for lunch, he hasn’t returned since, not answering his phone and not at home either, he just up and left and-”

”What the hell is that supposed to mean, Frank can’t have just disappeared, did you check?”

”We did, infact a few people saw him leaving but he didn’t return”

The hairs behind Salim’s head stood, something wasn’t right. ”You said that the glitch took out a whole hour?”


”Who has access to the security footage and alarm codes?”

”David at IT, you, me, and-”

”Frank!” Salim shakes his head remembering  ”Since i was away i gave him some A-level access  to keep eyes on things till you got back and- fxxk damnit! Find Frank, ping his phone and location, in the main time, check all systems to make sure nothing is amiss ” he runs a hand through his head ”If i am right, Frank must have gone rogue”

”It could mean that he probably is sick or got hit by a bus or something”

”Check all hospitals then, let’s be sure that what i am thinking is not the case’

”What if we check on the prisoners sir , you know we had a drug lord brought in as inmate last week, and two top politicians thugs, what if they were meant to be broken out?”

”Yes!” Salim snaps his fingers, ”Check on all the prisoners, check all the cells, Cell A-F, make sure every prisoner is accounted for and then check our archives files that nothing has been tempted with, even evidence section too, they have got to be a reason behind his disappearance”.

His phone is buzzing, it is Adam, he ignores the call. ”Everyone on the move, now!!.”


Adam curses cutting the call and then trying to call the guards at the gate. If he runs out to the main gate to alert anyone, it would and might be too late for them inside, he had no time.

He climbs up the staircase slowly, checking his gun .  ”Tinny-B had mentioned Christine, saying that he should save them. Them? was it Jaime she meant, Jaime and Alexander or the entire family?

But time past had taught him that he should expect more. If Christine had intended to come hard anyone, she definitely wouldn’t come alone.” He dials Greg.


*Adam? I can’t hear you, Adam, ? Hello?” Greg is smoking outside with the other guys, he frowns cutting the call

”What is it?”

”Can’t hear him” he drops the phone in his pocket ”So, about that chick i was talking about..”


Adam curses. He is worried for Tinny-B, praying that the Ambulance should be here soon if not she might bleed to death.

But he has to save them.He climbs all the way upstairs, slowly trying to make his way to the living room, he hears voices…

He pauses..

Jimmy!!! Christine, who was the other?


”What the hell?” Christine gasps ”Father?”

”Yes” Kennedy says ”’Have you ever wondered why i was so much interested in her? Come on, you both was daft to even ask. ”

”You should be dead, why don’t  you all ever die?” Jimmy screams, his gun is still pointed to Jaime, but he is facing Kennedy, Jaime wonders if he should seize this opportunity.

”Oh, that last assassin was such a klutz, he should be bleeding out in my cell, such a fool, but i thank you, if you hadn’t sent him, i would have died in there. ”

”Okay, now that you are here, maybe you can join them?”

Kennedy laughs ”No, infact, i should applaud you both, very focused and determined, to wipe out the entire family? Wow, that’s something, but i would have you know that  i do not intend to interrupt you lot, i just came to get my daughter and off i go, infact i can help you kill them if you want . So , let me take Alexander and i would be off”

He made to go forward Jaime pulls her behind him, Christine points at Kennedy ”Okay, one why the hell didn’t you mention that you knew her?”

Kennedy chuckles ”Why,where is the fun in that plus what was i to say? Hi , i am Kennedy, Alexander’s father’?” he laughs ”Come here Alexa”


”Come here Alexander or i swear to God…”

”I rather die than go with you. So you can do what, rape me countlessly again, drill me with your uncircumcised penis? You ruined my innocence, you took away my essence and you damaged me for thirteen years, i wished you died where you were, i wished you did but like the devil you came after me, but i will never go back to you, i rather die” she cries out, Jaime stares at her, how she shook, his heart tore for her …he blincks,

”I loved you,  i loved you but all you did was run away…you ran once, i lost you again but today, i have another chance and i would take you, dead or alive”

”Your love was poison…you are not my father but a perverted human, i would never go back to you, i won’t run from you..but you would never have me again, i promise you”

Kennedy steps closer ”Because of him, because of him,? ” he points his own gun to Jaime       ”He would die tonight, by my hand, hers or him, your only chance of survival is me, come ” he reaches out his hand, Jaime pulls her further  away and behind him.

‘I do not know how messed up an man you are, i do not know how i didn’t get to know this, but one thing i know Kennedy , is that all i hear right now is making my blood boil and all i want to do is smash your head through the wall and i will, by God i will. Thirteen years? That means you began raping her as a child, my God you are an animal, and animals like you deserve not to live. if i had known this, i would have killed you in your cell by myself–”

”But you didn’t” Kennedy laughs

”I will kill you even now” Jaime warns

”Oh, you are not afraid to die then, because from where i stand, everyone wants to kill you” He points out.

”Even if i die today, i swear to God i am taking all of you down with me. So again, put your guns down and then walk away, if my father bleeds to death, you all die, if a hair is touched from my mother’s hair or my wife’s, you all die..i swear it..”

”Wife? Oh my God!” Christine laughs bitterly

”Come Alexander!!” Kennedy pushes

”Look asshole, no one is living here alive, most especially not her, she dies”

”Then you die!” Kennedy hisses

”You threatening me?” Christine turns to him

He points his gun to her ”I tell you before and i tell you again, anyone touches her dies, i only get to do that, take her dead or alive, so i would let you all get back to family bonding while i take her..but, if you chose otherwise, then i am ready, because you are fxxked, lets all be fxxked-up together”

Christine and Kennedy exchange banters.

Jimmy stares at them, he locks at the time above their heads, this was not how he planned this, Christine and Kennedy are ruining it, infact, he should shut Kennedy first, get Christine’s head back in focus, kill Jaime, Alex, Gem, then his father he would force him to sign those documents, then he would kill him, then Christine and he would be out of here soon. No one would know he was here.

”Okay Kennedy, time’s up!” He shoots , it catches Kennedy’s arm, the gun drops hitting the floor, Kennedy is bleeding , he staggers looking for the gun, Jaime shoots again, Kennedy docks to the corner, Christine is laughing, ”Attah Boy Jimmy, ” she turns and points to Alex

”Bye Bitch!” she shoots, Gem screams, Jaime pushes Alex hitting her out of the way,  she falls and drops to the ground, ”Shit!”  Christine curses seeing that she missed. Jimmy points to Jaime who is getting up, he shoots without blinking– one , two, three into his chest.. Jaime staggers, dropping, Gem and Alexander scream, Jacob reaches for his son as Jaime drops to the ground…”JAIME!!!” he yells out his name.

It happened in a blink of an eye, the door bursts open, Adam rushes inside, Jimmy turns and then shoots at the intruder, it catches Adam in the shoulders, as Adam drops, he releases his hand from the trigger shooting at Jimmy.

Jimmy drops one gun, his hand goes to his throat, he staggers out of the living room, etching close to the wall…bleeding from his neck..disappearing.

Kennedy had crawled out of the room, disappearing too. Christine remained as she dived cover.

‘Jaime!!!” Alexander screams calling his name..Alexander throws her head up, She sees Christine rising,  she grabs the nearest stool and flings it hitting Christine, then she charges at her.

Christine seeing Alexander rushing to her  tries to shot, the gun was empty. But it was too late, Alexander has Christine on the floor , her fist folded as she kept punching and punching her face in ..she didn’t stop, she didn’t stop until Adam drags her away.

”JAIME!!!?” Jacob cries grabbing his son..

”Jaime”!! Gem covers her face with her hands screaming.

”Jaime” Alexander pushes Adam away and rushes to him ”oh my love” she cries over his face ”Jaime!!!” she yells ”No no no no” she cries.


Salim rushes into the cell block  as they called him ”Sir, we found Frank!!! You need to come see this”

He walks in to see the dead Frank. Within a few minutes after sweeping and searching, they realized what had happened. Checking through his phone they saw Jimmy’s message and realized what had happened and the connection. Frank was hired to kill Kennedy but he got killed instead. Talk about twisted karma but..

That meant that…

”Sir, you know that man kept talking about the future Mrs Lockswire, that she was his daughter and he wanted her” One of the officers says to Salim butting him out of his thoughts.

Salim is running out of the cell, everything was beginning to fall into a clear picture  ”Put an APB out on Kennedy, and for Jimmy who ordered the kill. Someone call the Mayor, call his security..find out if everything is okay…someone get me the fxxking Mayor” He is running and entering his car, five cars chase out after him.

On his way, he messages from the officers that Jimmy hadn’t returned home home as they checked, infact they found the girl who was his date and then his decoy. Both of them were arrested after she confessed what Jimmy wanted her to do.

”Someone get me the Mayor, get me the head of security at the Mayor’s damnit” he screams ”Someone get me Jaime’ or Adam..anyone in there damnit”

They were ten minutes away, he increases his speed.


”Jimmy!” Jacob cries. ”He killed my son”

Adam bends pulling the screaming Alexander away, he runs his hand over Jaime’s chest. He unbuttons his suit , then he laughs breathing out ”Fxxk, he would be fine” , ”the bullet didn’t get through”


‘Bulletproof suit! God thing i switched suits and had him wear it” he laughs, he nods standing and rushing out of the room ”Stay here, lock the door and stay here” he leaves them. He dials Greg’s  number again.


”What, wait wait slow down, what the …” Greg is running into the house and  pulling his gun ”’Lock down the house!”

Soon a dozen security officials are rushing into the house.

Gareth turns to see the commotion, a siren is blaring closer to the house ”Boss, what is happening ?” one of them asks

Garth flings his cigarette ”I think this whole thing just went to shit”

”What should we do?, Jimmy is still in there, should we go in?”

Salim screeches to a stop, another dozen police officials drop out rushing into the house , Gareth dock ”Fxxk this” he enters his car and then  zooms away.

The men enter the cars and then disappear down the road after him.


Jimmy is dialing Gareth’s number, Gareth isn’t picking ”Fxxk, fxxk!! ” he goes down the stairs, he sights them coming, he turns and then makes his way down the backend staircase leading into into another room, he slips down and then hides.. ”Fxxk!” he coughs.


Kennedy is hiding in the kitchen. He should have ran, he should have forgetting about Alexander and ran.


Jaime groans opening his eyes, ”Oh God, thank God” They exclaim .. he forces himself up, Alexander’s eyes is red from crying, Gem grabs his face kissing it.. Jaime groans touching his chest, everywhere… ”I don’t get it!” he breaths

Alexander sniffs ”’Bulletproof, Adam-” she trails off

Jaime nods getting up,  staring at his father ”Dad?” he was losing so much blood… ”Call 911 mum” he says. He sights the gun, he picks it up.

”Where are you going to ?” Gem screams holding him, he pulls her away  from his body, ”Stay with Father”  he places the  gun in Alexander’s hands ”Anyone comes through that door that isn’t the police, Adam or me, shoot”

He looks around to see that Christine wasn’t moving, he peels the gun away from her hand, he checks it, it was empty. He drops it.

”Jaime don’t go anyway, please” Alexander calls out ”Jaime!” He was out the door, going down the stairs , looking for his brother.


”Search the building, comb everywhere, we are looking for an escaped convict , Kennedy Anderson and Jimmy had ordered his death, however someone else die in his stead. Also a body was found down the road, a dead male, we believe he was ambushed and his cloths used as disguise.. We have reason every reason to believe that the Wellingtons are in danger, they are our  first priory, we have to locate and secure them, and apprehend the criminals..go go  go!” Salim gives an order as they all separate into the house.

”I found someone in the toilet!” An officer screams out. ”Get the ambulance in here”

A few minutes later they find Mrs Barlow’s cold dead body in the study.

They are still searching the huge mansion, making their way with  guns out into the main  house.


Kennedy opens the door to the Kitchen, he sees Jaime rush down, ”’What the-” he trails off . Jimmy had shot that fxxker,. He backs away, then he looks again, no one else came down.

If Christine is not coming down, that means she has been rendered incapacitated. He had seen Jimmy earlier rushing  down the back stairs and now that Jaime was out, that meant that Alexander might be alone with the Wellingtons if they are not all dead yet.

He looks around, he sights a butcher knife, he takes it just incase.  He should go back up to get her, bring her back here and then hide her, then wait it out till midnight , Yes.

He takes a minute to listen to the voices, none was coming up, he take the staircase two at a time, he opens the door.


Alexander turns grabbing the gun she placed on the floor. She points to the door, her hand shook as she saw him.

Kennedy stares at her . ”Alexander-”

”Don’t come any closer” she warns

”I am not leaving without you , even if i have to beat you to death, i would take you with me, so come with me, lets go before they come back”

”I swear i will shoot, don’t take another step” her hand shook.

Kennedy points the butcher knife to her ”You are making Daddy really angry, stop pointing that gun at me. You won’t shot me, you know why? You don’t have a murderous bone in your body, you can’t fight me, stop me or stop cannot do anything to get away from me, you lover is probably dead will come with me”

”Don’t!” she begs. ”Just leave me alone. I love him and i would never love a monster like you!”

”You little cunt” he rushes for her in splitting anger.

She closes her eyes, and then shoots. Kennedy drops to the ground, dead. The bullet had ripped though his skull.

She drops the gun, shaking, Gem grabs her as she began to cry, rocking her..”It’s okay baby, he’s dead, he won’t hurt you again okay” she hugs he, staring at his dead body and then a her husband ”We are all gonna make it alive, we all are” she reaches out and grabs her husband’s hand, he nods, letting her know he is okay, he was okay.


Adam groans from the bullet to his shoulder, he moves the gun to the other side. He had gone through the house, where the hell where they hiding, he makes his way back.

He hears voices, he turns pointing the gun. It was Salim, a few other rush into the room..

”You are bleeding !” Salim grabs him

”Find Jimmy, and Kennedy, the Mayor has been shot, he needs help, a girl is bleeding out in the toilet and-” he shakes his head, the pain was ripping through him ”Why the hell where you not picking your calls?”

”We had a situation, yes we found her, what’s the Mayor’s state and the others?”

‘We have no time, find them- there are hiding here somewhere, someone get a medic up stairs” Adam shouts the orders breaking away ”Sweep every corner, every hole, every fxxking hideout …” he says running through the other direction.

”You heard the man, someone get the medics in here”

Dozens of police officers are running around the place.


Jaime makes his way down the backend of the stairs, slowly going downstairs. Following the trail of blood leading to the service room. It had to be Jimmy’s blood.


Jimmy hears someone coming, he stands up slowly, opening the door to peek out, He saw Jaime stepping down, coming towards him. He grips the gun and then stands up, grabbing  the door knob for support. He opens it wide , standing up and then resting on the door.

Jaime stops, he stares at him, his suit stained with blood, his hand to the gun, Jimmy stands to his full height.

”You are bleeding”

Jimmy scoffs, laughing. ”Blood tends to look scary when it’s yours –” he coughs ” he leans away from the door, he felt weak and then drowsy, he shakes his head

”Jimmy put the gun down, it’s over, this place is weeping with the police, just put the gun down”

”So what, they can arrest me?” he laughs, then he spits out blood, he staggers

”Don’t be a fool Jimmy, you did all this, you did the crime it’s only right that you do the time”

Jimmy laughs painfully”You don’t see it yet do you?”

”Look, i will help you with my power i would ensure you get proper care when you get out, i would get you the best lawyer, i will ensure you are comfortable even in cell, doesn’t have to end more badly than it already is.. i would help you, once you do the time, i would help you.”

”You fxxking asshole, why should i believe you? ”

”Because you are my brother, you are his son, you are a Wellington and i can never change that, i never wanted to. I never took your place, he never loved you less..he was hurt too because you  pushed him away but you are his flesh and blood, his son, and i would never separate a son from his father, look, i would speak to him, he would give you your inheritance since that is what you want but you need to put your gun down, no one else gets to die tonight”

”But you are no brother of mine” Jimmy hisses gripping the gun tighter, fingering the trigger, Jaime eyes it

”Jimmy, i came here unharmed , i came here to speak to my brother, to plead ..i know you are hurt and angry, but you have to let it go, you have to- i promise that we would find away to work it out, you , me , father, mother.i promise that when you get out of jail, because you have to atleasts do the time, but once you get out, i would put you back on your feet, we’ll be a family again, you, me ..all of us. i love you Jimmy, despite it all, despite it all you are my big brother, and i love you so please, stop all this madness- please” Jaime sniffs, a tear drops

Jimmy bows his head briefly, Jaime thought he got through to him, he took a step closer, hoping to take the gun away from him atleast , but Jimmy raises up his head laughing,, Jaime stops moving ”Oh Jaime, you are just  so fxxking pathetic” he points the gun at him ”I am never going to jail, and you are not living here alive” he pulls the trigger.

A shot is fired.

Jaime drops to his knees, Jimmy drops to the floor, choking out blood, Adam comes down the remaining steps lowing his hand. Jimmy had stopped moving. He was dead.

Jaime covers his face, pain rips through his heart, he cries.

Adam walks to the dead Jimmy, ”You don’t deserve prison” he whispers . ”The world is better without you in it” he turns away and walks to Jaime, he doesn’t say anything, he just places a hand on his shoulders, and allowed him cry.

If he hadn’t come on time, Jimmy would have killed Jaime, he wasn’t about to let that happen. Atleast, now everyone else would be save and those who had died because of him would be at peace now.

Adam had no regrets, but his heart pulled for the broken man who cried on his knees for a man who didn’t deserve his tear.


Jacob is placed on a stretcher and is wheeled outside followed by Gem and then Alexander, the police had the area covered, more medics had arrived.

Alexander kept looking around for Jaime, she saw Adam walking towards her, his shoulders bleeding, she rushes to him”Are you okay?”

He nods ”Just a graze”

”where is Jaime?”

He stares at her

”Where is Jaime Adam?” her heart catches in her chest

” i am here?” she looks over Adam’s shoulders to see Jaime walking towards them, she rushes to him grabbing him in a hug,

”Oh my God i thought i lost you!” she cries, he hugs her tight. Much more tighter.


He shakes his head, burying his face in her arms, she held him to herself and didn’t say a word, she knew he didn’t need words now, he needed to feel the pain, let it course through his body, so he can let it go. So he can heal. She held him and allowed him cry some more.


Salim found the connection between Jimmy and Gareth. He ordered his arrests and that of the other police officers in cohorts with him.

The went through Jimmy’s phone and then information and contact of the people he had working with him and those he did illegal businesses with abroad. Within the hour, Jude was picked up as well as some others. An international call was put across by the Chief of police, arrests were made overseas.

With all the evidence gathered, it was recorded that Jimmy Agreyo was a world class criminal, and the headlines were not friendly.

The case was closed.


A woman who had seen the news took the next flight into town and demanded to see her husband’s body. She wailed and cried that her husband was killed unjustly that he was no criminal, that he left home for work and she hadn’t heard from him since, only for her to see the news that he was dead and was a criminal.

She was told the details. Shocked to her bones, as she was leaving the station, she ran into Alexander and Jaime who were just leaving.

Shocked, she calls her name ”Alexander? ”

Alexander stares at her, recognizes her and then looks through her.

”Do you know her?” Jaime asks

”Once unpon a time, when i wished i had a mother” she turns away ”My mother is dead, this woman means nothing to me, she is as dead to me as her husband ” she turns and then walks away.

The woman sinks to her knees and didn’t stop crying, not for her husband this time, but for shame, for not seeing that her husband was an animal, a monster and a pervert, for the little girl who had survived all this torture, she cried for shame..for her own shame.

Then she got up, took the next flight and never spoke about her husband Kennedy Anderson again.


The news  the next  few mornings was  still graphic and unbearable to watch . Jacob stares at the muted screen. Its been a few days since it happened.

He didn’t turn when someone walked in.


Jacob stares away from the Tv and then manages a smile

”Do you think you are up for this?” Jaime comes closer to him

‘He was still my son, i would pay my final respect to him, only God can redeem him now” he reaches for the walking stick, Jaime helps him off the bed and then helps him out of the room and the hospital.


Jaime and Jacob stood over the graveside. His gravestone read ”A son lies here Jimmy Agreyo‘ that was all.

”I am sorry Jaime”

”What for father?”

”For not loving him enough, for making him think he was loved less, for all his pains and sufferings”

”It wasn’t your fault”

”I know.. still, i am sorry-for letting your brother have that strong hold on you for years without knowing, for not putting a stop to him even when he exhibited those bad characteristics. i am sorry he chose this road, i only pray that now he finds peace”

He bends down, gathers a handful of sand, he lets it slip through his fingers, Jaime does thesame. Then they stare at his graveyard for a long time. They turn and leave. They never visited his graveside again.


A few weeks Later…after the Mayor-ship Election.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me present to you, the Mayor of Chocolate City, Mr Jaime Lockswire Wellington!!”

There was an uproar of happy clapping and cheers. The event was being held on the streets leading to Brooks place, one of the offside communities that were dangerous to live in, where Alexander and Tinny-B used to live in.

Jamie climbs the stage, waving, a wide smile on his face ”Thank you Chocolate City, and to celebrate my inauguration allow me present to you… ”Grand Central New Age City, a community with a difference. Let me call my father and ofcourse the board members who made this happen to come commission this project with me, and not to forgetting the Wellington women, come on here Mama, my future  Wife–” he helps his mother and Alexander too.

Everyone claps..

They went ahead and commissioned the community and many more after then.


A month later……

Tinny-B steps away from her, a wide smile on her face  ”Aren’t you the most beautiful bride that walked this earth?”

”Am i?”

”Yes you are” she smiles , there is a knock on their door

”We are ready for the bride” Someone calls out.

”Yes, she would be right out” she yells back and then stares at her best friend ” Ready Alexander?”

Alexander had the most beautiful smile ”I have never been this ready in my entire life, lets go get my man”

”Lets go” she opens the door for her, and walks with her to the entrance of the church, the big doors are then swung open, the music comes on almost immediately.

”Here comes the bride, all dressed in white-” she was ushered in with Tinny-B walking beside her. Adam was Jaime’s best man, the church was filled with family members, friends and colleagues and maybe the entire city.

As Alexander walked down the aisle, staring at Jaime, she knew that this was the beginning to her happy ever after. To fall inlove with a man as beautiful, as selfless and as wonderful as Jaime was – was pure bliss.

She remembered the moment she finally told him she loved him. It was a few nights after the horrible night at his party.


She walked up to him, he was staring out the window, his hand in his pocket, she hugged him from behind  ”I am sorry” she whispered

”What for?”

”For the pain you are going through” she touches his chest, placing her hands where his heart is.

He rubs it ”it would heal” he breaths, ‘Why didn’t you ever tell me about Kennedy?”

”I was afraid you would be disgusted with me, love me less, never even dare touch me again , or maybe you send me away” she hid her face behind him,

He pulls away from her, turning her to face him ”I can never love you less. its just-” he stares away ”Every since that moment, i kept imaging what all he did to you and i fell helpless because even though i didn’t know you then and couldn’t help you, i could have done better in protecting you as he came for you again, i hate to be helpless and i hate i couldn’t protect you more- to think that he came back for you again, and i left you in danger, i left you in danger and  at his mercy, to think if he had succeeded, i would have died”

she shakes her head ”I am sorry” she sniffs letting the tears flow

”No. Nothing, nothing in this life can make me feel disgusted with you. Nothing. it happened, you were a child helpless to stop him-”

”But i begam to live the life and–”

”Shhhsss” he held her face, caressing it ”I love you Alexander, have you not been listening?  i love you”

”Why, why me?” she questions him, staring into his eyes

”I think that’s the beauty, of not knowing why we love who we love, and not knowing keeps it burning for us..but i want you to know, that i would chose you over and over again. I would love you today, tomorrow, forever and a day more.”

She smiles ”It baffles me till now that despite me not saying those words to you -you don’ care” she wraps her arms around him

”Oh Alexander, do you think i don’t know?”

”Know what?”

”Girl, why i don’t bother really is because i knew the moment you started loving me, i mean, i am a patient man and i kinda like making you feel as though you can hide it from me. ”

”What?” she hits him, he laughs and lifts her to the bed ”When?”

”How i know is the little things ; the way you look at me, the way you smile when i walk into the road, the way you squirm to my every touch and kiss,” he kisses her cheeks, lips and then neck, she giggles

”The way you laugh, the way you call me a thousand times during the day to check on me, the way you go ”Jaime you silly silly man” she laughs

”The stars in your eyes when you say ”You know you got me all loved  up Jaime Lockswire and i like it, i ilke it alot”  she laughs again

”The way you hug me, the way you kiss me, the way you want to know what i am doing at every point in time and then check up on me, the way you indirectly threaten the life out of me ”Jaime you better get home in time for dinner else i would come to your ofice and drag you by the balls” its scary but cute

”Hey, i am always joking” she pokes him, he laughs

”I know, but still, the way you can’t go to sleep unless i hold you close like this” he pulls her closer to his body, the way you call my name, the way your heart begin to beat really fast when i whisper ”I love you” a hundred times into your ears .

You see, there are a  million times i have seen you love me and sometimes, love is in the action not words, and you have shown me how much you care and love me that i do not really need to hear those words because in my heart i know you are blown” She laughs ”And when i say i love you, my love covers for the both of us so…hate else do i need?” he stares down at her

”You amaze me Jaime, i swear to God” she touches his face ”And despite it all, you didn’t push me for anything”

”I didn’t need to Alexander.”

She grabs his face ” but i want to say it, say it as i feel it…so that you are completely sure that my heart, my body, my all, all revolves around you. I love you Jaime Locskwire Wellington, the love of my life, my everything, me entirety..i am inlove with you so much my knees goes weak , my heart skips and i cannot seem to think straight until i see you. I love you and loving you has made me the happiest woman on earth..and i cannot wait to marry you and give you beautiful kids.” she smiles. ”You complete me!”

He smiles mischievously ”No i can’t wait to get you pregnant!” he laughs kissing her ”You would make a beautiful pregnant wife” he kisses her again ”I should knock you  with twins, or quadruplets or…”

”Shut up and make love to me”

”Yes ma’am” They smile into each other’s mouth as they kiss and make love.. their intensity, their passion, their body being in tune which each other so much so that he could close his eyes and draw every contour of her body if he were an artist. But she didn’t need to be one to know every inch of his body by memory.

He was etched in her heart, and God knows he would forever be her first and last love.


Alexander smiles walking up to him .

Yes, today, today would be the beginning of her happy ever after. Today she was marrying the man she loves , and to think she hated men..


Jaime was no ordinary man, Jaime was the man, her man.. and God she loved him.

The priest who had been speaking  turns to her, and asks her the most important question , she smiles into his beautiful eyes ”Yes, Yes i will marry this beautiful man.”

”You may now kiss the bride” A happy priest proclaims

Jaime smiles pulling her close , he lifts up the veil and then leans towards her. ”Tell me how i got this lucky again?”

She taps her jaw and then screws up her face ”You were stupid to pick up a Call Girl, who ended up turning your head and now you are stuck with her for life  like glue” she smiles

”Damn! I would do it again in a heart beat!” he grabs her ”I love you ”

”I love you”

They kiss as the entire church cheers them on.

”And we love you too” Tinny-B screams clapping. Everyone laughs.


It was a beautiful wedding and an equally beautiful ceremony. By midday, Gem comes to them ”you guys go better make some grand kids”

She leans in and then kisses Alexander and then her son.

”Yes, we are getting old son” Jacob walks slowly with them with his walking stick..

”Sure you don’t want us to hang around?” Jaime frowns

”Nah, off you go” Jacob nudges them ”We would say goodbye to your guests for you” He hugs his son, ”Take care of her ”

”I will father” Jaime holds his wife’s hand and begin to walk away, Tinny-B rushes to them.

”One hug from me who would be the god mother to all her kids, ”she hugs Alexander and then whispers ”Girl, knock his brain’s out lie Kapok!!!”

Alexander chuckles ”You do realize there is no other knocking out than the one we have being doing?”

They giggle

”Hey, so..i see you and Adam be making coo-coo eyes at each other since you came back into town” Alexander observes

”Yeah, he kinda wants to take it seriously…so, who knows, who knows”

”Whoa go girl”

”Say  your byes because i am whisking her away” Jaime comes to them, hugging Alexander, the girls giggle and then wave at each other.

They walk them to the car, and then wave as they leave.

Gem cleans her eyes, ”We raised a fine man” she hugs her husband .

”Yes we did, now, how about a dance with my queen?” he takes her hand and then leads her back into the hall filled with a hundred happy guests.

Tinny-B dabs her eyes ”Oh, wow, that was lovely. about we hit the dance floor Papi? ”

”Yes Ma’am” he pulls her into a hug and then kisses her, then they run back into the hall laughing and dancing..


Somewhere in a beautiful quiet city…

Alexander stares out of the pent house where they had booked for their honeymoon. ”It is beautiful here” she observes

He comes behind her, hugging her from behind ”I know, it’s because you are here with me. Life makes alot of sense”

”I love you Jaime, thank you  for loving me ” she turns to stare at him.

”I love you for letting me love you easily. Let’s go make babies and make the parents proud” he winks, she laughs wrapping her hands around his neck as he  leans in capturing her lips in the most passionate kiss, lifting  her,  he takes her back into the room, sinks her unto the bed and then made love to her deep into the night.

Jaime wasn’t joking, because that was the night she conceived their first child. Two years later, their had their second and then third.


Four years Later….

She stood at the amongst the graduates,  with her daughter and two sons, waving her graduation certificate from the National University of Chocolate City where she studied studied to be a counselor. She had a dream of helping kids from abused homes, to pull them out, give them  home , to counsel them to be better and live better lives in the society, a step to the right direction.

She didn’t have anyone to talk to or help her, but she was going to be there for people who had gone through what she had, she was going to help them. Jaime had built her foundation already, it would be commissioned later in the year. It was called ”The helping hands foundation”

She had tears in he eyes while she made her speech ” Today, i am not just standing here as a graduate, i am a survivor. I am a wife to a wonderful man who didn’t judge my past, but loved me. A mother to my beautiful kids. I am a daughter to a family who embraced me when they accepted me to marry their son. Today, i have friends who love me and i love. Today, i am a better person. Who said because you didn’t start right that you won’t end up making it? They lie. Today, i stand here, proud to have achieved something, all this is because i dared to believe, to accept to allow love in. All this is because i stopped running from my fear and faced my demons, all this is because i dared to stand.

So stand, there would be people, unexpected people who would be there to catch you if you dare fall. ” she laughs ”Thank you to everyone who was there for me, thank you to my amazing husband and family” shoe laughs and then looks up to the heavens ”Mama, Papa, if you are watching me from heaven, i made it, i finally became someone you would be proud off. ” she laughs crying as they cheered her from the crowd.

”That’s my wife” The Mayor stood clapping ”That’s my wife. He whistles clapping and cheering with the crowd with the Wellingtons cheering even louder. Tinny-B whistles louder, hand rubbing her baby bum with Adam beside her. They kept clapping and cheering her on.

She lifts her cap away from her head along with the others, they all threw it up in the air.



”Let me tell you a truth; i don’t know how  bad it had been for you, or how horrible it was, but what i know is that one day, you are going to get that joy you have never gotten, you are going to walk through doors you never believe you would walk through. You are going to be loved much more than you have ever been loved before. Don’t worry about how damaged and messed up your life had been, don’t even talk about how nothing great would happen to you just because, see when it comes to God; he makes changes you never can believe would happen and baby he would make all your tears turn to joy and he should make all your imperfection turn to perfection. All that you lost would be returned to you, all that you missed out on would be given to you to enjoy in a hundred fold; you would be happy again, you would be joyous and you would be loved. That is the only truth you need to embrace, and i promise you, when it happens, you are going to be okay. So, do not be dismayed, your time would come and it would be beautiful, I promise…..





                  YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU.










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