The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-Nine

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The constant buzzing of his phone by his bed side woke him up. Adam reaches for his phone, his eyes loosely open, he answers.


”Adam?” came the voice

”Lita?” He calls out ”Are you okay?”

”No!” she sniffs

He seats up, his eyes shooting open, he reaches for the switch and then turns on the light ”Whats wrong?”

”Last night while i went to book flights for our travel back to town today, i was almost kidnapped. My neighbor alerted the police, i didn’t see their face”

”What?”he jumps up.

”And, that’s not all, i came home today, someone has trashed our place, Steve’s computer, everything. It’s supposed to look like a robbery but..nothing seem to be stolen.”

Adam is folding his fist ”I told you to stay out of town Lita, till all this blows over, why are you back in town?”

She sniffs, her voice thick with emotion ”How can i not bury my husband Adam? How! And you know the worst part, they are branding him a rogue cop? He was a good man Adam, a good man” she cries ”My baby is going to be born and he is already going to be known as a son to a criminal..he was a good man, he was Adam!” she cried

His heart pulled at her cries ”It’s okay Lita”

”The service is by 12, just family but i am scared Adam”

”I would be there, don’t worry. Don’t stay at home, i would send someone to get you in a safe hotel for you and your family, after the service, first flight out, you understand? I was not able to protect Steve, least i can do is keep his family alive”


The line dies.

Adam is frowning into his phone as he sends a text to one of Jaime’s guys back at the house to get her.

His face hard. He checks his time, it was barely 4. He couldn’t go back to sleep. He would just wait it out till they are up so they can get back.


Alexander opens her eyes to find him staring at her. She smiles..

”Hey beautiful!” he reaches out to caress her face

She yawns and then stretches ”Hey it just me or you look extremely hot this morning?”

He laughs ”Well, i am a handsome man Miss Beckington” he cocks his lips in a sly grin

”That, i have come to notice, the angels would be jealous!” she stretches her neck and then kisses his lips.

He watches her roll off the bed, naked, she strolls to the window, pushing the curtains slightly open she stares at the bright beautiful city from the pent house.

”Last night, it seemed so beautiful and peaceful, the light, the music, the calmness, now..its full of bustling life and honking of car horns..can i just rewind it?” she stares to face him, her soulful eyes boring into his as he stared at her from the bed, his chest bare, the duvet the only thing that covered his nakedness from her view.

”Yes babe, you can..i can buy you an entire city, and you can have all the peace you desire, with me by your side ofcourse”

”Ofcourse” she smiled, tucking a tendril dangling infront of her eyes behind her ear.

His eyes travelled her body, etching every curve, every fold, every line in his mind, he smiles.

”What?” she asks shyly, sinking into the curtain. ”Like what you see?” she flutters her lashes

He laughs as he swings his leg down, standing up and then walking to her as the duvet falls away from his body ”Loving what i see actually” he pulls her away from the curtain and then to him,he kisses her, slowly.

”I wish we can be here forever?” she breaths against his lips

”Sure we can..” he kisses her back, slipping his hand to cup her soft bottom ”Want do you want to have for breakfast?” he nipples her lips


They both smile into each other’s mouth

”Lord! i created a monster!!” he chuckles, she laughs

”Bite me”

He did, just a nip to her lips.., she moans.

”Large size pizza, a bucket of chicken, casserole and all sweet things” she whispers against his lips, kissing him as she breaths every word.

”That i can handle” he kisses her back, then pecks her nose. He steps away from her heading to the bedside table to place a call.

She listens to him, she goes behind him ”And chicken, i like well spiced chicken”

”And bring your special seasoned chicken, my girlfriend seem to be a sucker for those, yes, thank you and erm..anything else you think we would like, thank you” He cuts the call and then stares up at her, her head is bent towards his ”Anything else beautiful lady?”

She shakes her head ”Er…nope” she blinks.

”Okay..” he smiles getting up and reaching for his phone as it begins to ring, she groans

”I can not answer it if you say so but…i kinda love this woman that is calling” he pouts

She sticks out her tongue ”Of course, i don’t mind coming second place when it comes to her”

”Nah, she may be the Queen of my heart but are my world” he kisses her again before answering..”Hello Mother?”


”So, i see you are having a duly needed vacation?” Gem says talking to the florist ‘No, red roses for the room and then white lilies to run down the hall” she tells the florist who nods, ushering staff with banquet of flowers and directing them.

Gem is heading into the hall to supervise the work done for Jaime’s party tomorrow.


”Yes mother, who has been squealing on me?” He is staring out the window now, he spares Alexander a glance, she is plopped on the bed, her tummy on the bed and her but facing him as she flipped through a magazine. He smiled, he walks to her, he bends and then places a light kiss to her bottom, she yelps, he laughs walking away.

”Silly!” she bites her lips


”No, the news are loud, atleast this time, it’s all lovey-dovey of you and Alexander. How is she, i bet she is super better?”

Gem sights Jacob with Salim, the Chief of police, she goes to them ”Tell her that whatever she is doing to make you sound and look like this, she should continue”


”Oh mother, you really do not know what she has been doing , but that is for me alone..” he blushes, Alexander sticks out her tongue. ”But she is good, yes, her wound is all but healed, and she is up and about making my life not that i am complaining” He turns away from her, he rests at the wall ”You know, tomorrow’s party isn’t necessary Mother?”

”Oh silly, it is your father is mighty proud, let him do what he wants for his son, you won’t ruin it for him, you understand?”

He smiled ”Yes mother, how is the old man, i sent him some documents to look over last night when i got back in the city, did he look through them?”

”Oh yes baby, and guess what? He was over the moon. Africa is huge, and to think that you have got sponsors with your company to go down there? It’s amazing, plus..i saw the blueprints of the plan you have..oh, bless your heart my are indeed not of this world. I can’t help but imagine what life would be for the underprivileged over there when they get light and water, food, education and free heath care..though it would drain you financially but-”

”No mother, its a good project. We already have worked out the modalities and then done a chart on lost and won resources..we can handle it. I just need dad to look it through. ”

”You know you are president now of the Heritage group..” she points out

”Yes, i still need my father, i may have the total say when it comes to my company and all my investments but Heritage group began with father, yes i may be the President that i have stepped into his shoes, i still need his wisdom, and that he has plenty”

He could hear her smile ”And you wonder why your father loves you”

He smiles ”He said he would tell you what he thinks tomorrow”

”Oh i see, he is trying to lure me in to make sure i attend by all means”

”You know your father well Jaime, plus..i also need to ensure you bringing Alexander, i did tell her she is my special guest of honor”

He turns to face her ”Oh..i just need to get her into a dress made for queens”

There was a pause ”I am happy”


”That you found someone worth it to love again.”

”Mother?” he moves further away ”I ..”he trails off, he moves further away as his heart began to beat fast.


Gem gasps covering her mouth, Jacob and Salim stare at her

”What is it Gem?”Jacob reaches for her, her face breaks out in a smile

”Oh Jaime, you have my blessing! Oh..wonderful double news! Of course, secret yes but you know your father is…” she laughs ”Okay baby, see you tomorrow and don’t you dare be late, the entire city would be here” she cuts the call and stares at her husband

”What is is Gem?”

”I think soon, we would be planning an even bigger event” she leans in and kisses his lips, she walks away with a happy gait to her feet

”Gem, what did my son tell you, what is he planning?”

”Secret! Secret!” she laughs waving at him as she danced away, ”Only for his mother’s ears for now Darlene, be patient” she giggles. Jacob laughs shaking his head

”What do you think she is happy about?”

”If you saw the news about my son yesterday, i think you can guess”

”Oh! Love, and other things?”

”Possibly” Jacob says , then he frowns ”Jimmy?”

”Well, no one would ever think he is any of the things Steve’s proof said..he has been going about his business as every one, all his business partners were checked out and are clean, his accounts..influx and outgoing is neat..he is like your every day saint close up. ”

Jacob sighs ”I really don’t know what to think or believe anymore. Jaime wouldn’t ever lie, and someone did lock that poor girl in the storeroom and that man attacked her..i need to know what’s going on so i can protect my family..i, i do not understand how to deal with this Jimmy situation”

”I know. The Steve’s document are kept in the archive, until we have something substantial, it can’t be used. It is none and void.”

”But…i can’t seem to get rid of the fact that Jaime had said that Jimmy had purposely hit the tree when he carried pregnant Gem years ago…i mean, Jimmy came to the hospital crying and- i remember that scene so long ago. Gem lying there in blood and me a broken mess and then Jimmy and-, ” he trails off ”Or the fact that Jaime said Jimmy had tried to kill him,, threaten him,…he told me the reason why he began acting the way he did was because of Jimmy wanting him to step down so he can make president and then Mayor…, i – i don’t know what to think about my son. Yes, nothing has been found about him but, Jimmy is my son, and ..he has never been saintly..but he had never shown this side of him ever, so you understand my delima?”

Salim nods

”I want my son to be innocent but..all these..all this things revolving around him scares me, scares me for Jaime, for Gem..and..the innocent woman who swears that it was Jimmy who locked her in”

”I understand”

”He would be here tomorrow”

”What do you want me to do Sir?”

”Just put an eye on him please, i..i don’t know, i don’t know” he trails off

”Don’t worry Sir, aside that..we would be here to ensure that the event runs smoothly..all hands on deck”

”The Prisoner?”

”The judge would proceed with a trail for him tomorrow. We asked him if he had any family member he would like us to call, he said he had none”

”Fine, he should pay for his crimes”

”Yes sir”

He turns away ”Oh by the way, did i tell you how mighty proud i am of Jaime,he sent me this-”

They are walking out to the garden.


”All the food you eat goes to your ass” he observes taking a glass of juice, Alexander chews off the last fleshing thigh of the chicken and then licks her fingers

”More flesh for you to hold on to ain’it?” she blinks

He smiles ”You are naughty Beckington”

She flutters her lashes at him ”You are not complaining are you Lockswire?”

”No..most definitely not” he leans towards her

A knock on the door, he pauses staring at it. ”Saved by the knock” he winks at her and gets up, picking a rope he throws it over her shoulders, he grabs another and then wears it, he leaves the bed and then opens the door slightly.

”Good morning Sir,Ma’am?” He nods

”Hello Adam, good morning” she says between mouthfuls and waves, going back to her food.

”What’s wrong?”

Adam steps away, Jaime steps out and then closes the door realizing he needed to talk.

Adam began to talk. After a few minutes Jaime stares at him ”You think it’s Jimmy?”

”That’s an understatement, it is Jimmy..but ofcourse no proof. I called a few contacts, they said the dude been a saint..not even meeting up with a miscreant- just office, home, meetings, and a few dinner dates…so how can you accuse him of organizing people to kidnap a pregnant woman much-less toss a house of a dead cop? You can’t! This is making me frustrated because i know for certain it’s Jimmy and i would just love to-.” Jaime sights his folded fist

”You would not do anything stupid!” he orders

Adam doesn’t answer.

Jaime sighs ”I had Salim still keep tabs on him” he explained ”He would let me know if Jimmy has been up to no good”

”You think your brother is stupid? If he is a criminal you think he wouldn’t know he is being watched and cover his tracks”

”He can’t be that good Adam”

”The devil is detailed Sir!” he hisses

Jaime says nothing .

”Look, i hate to be a party-pooper and i know you want to..stay here with Miss Alexander but..Steve’s funeral is in two hours and i have to be there for his wife, i promised and-”

”Adam, it’s fine, i would just tell Alexander”

”No Sir, the other guys would come and-”

”Adam, Steve’s death is connected to me to isn’t it? so i should be there too..we would go to the funeral.” he taps his shoulders

”Thank you Sir”

Adam leaves. Jaime enters the room, and then shuts it.

”Did something happen?” Alexander stares up at him, her eyes questioning

”No..just need to attend the funeral of the cop who died, Adam’s friend. ” he rests his back to the closed door.

”Okay!” she frowns ”You seem sad”

”Yeah, Just think about the guy’s family..” he rubs his brows and drops his hand.

”Wife and unborn kid, Adam mentioned” she gets up coming to him , she doesn’t touch him.

He nods

” Can i come with?” she cocks her head to the side.

He shakes his head ”I would drop you off at home, i bet Tinny-B missed you” he stares at her and then stares at the door leading to the bathroom”You should shower. Plus i may stop by the company and see what i missed and i would come back home to you”

”Okay” she turns away heading to the toilet, she pauses ”can i make you feel better?”

He smiles ”I feel great being with you already”

”Right” she turns away reaching the door

”But you know, the news the other day spoke about how we need to manage water, so…bathing together saves water, and i would hate to be the one misusing a gift such as water mother nature gave us”

She smiles ”Well, come on then” she disappears , he follows her.

They spent less time lathering themselves with soap and more time kissing and making love under the shower.

He carried her, legs wrapped around him, lips against lips, hips buried against hers, glued together and moving to the rhythm of their bodies until all they held onto was each other, as passion intensified and moans and groaning became nothing but sweet music till they fell together, over the top and shattering into each other’s arms.

”I love you!” he whispers into her ears and then he kissed her till she was out of breath.


Alexander alights from the car, Jaime steps out opening his wallet ”Here” he gives him to her

”What? Your cold card?” she stares at it in surprise

He takes her hand and then places the card flat on her palm ”I may not be comfortable leaving you with any one other than Adam but he needs to be at a funeral and i with him, but Greg is trustworthy to, plus there would be a few others here at the house and also with you. Mother said you are her very special guest tomorrow and i would hate to not dress you hope like a special special special guest” he reaches out to tuck a hair behind her ear

”Three specials?”

”One for mother,two for me?’

”How so?”

”You’ll see, come tomorrow” he leans in and then kisses her ”see you later, you can do anything you want with that”

”You know you shouldn’t leave a gold card with a girl who you have no idea how she spends money” she calls out

He laughs as he slips back into the car ”You think i would care if you finish what’s in there?”

”You should, i can take out all your money!”

He shrugs ”Don’t care” he waves as the car pulls away

”Oh Jaime, you silly man!” she smiles biting her lips and then shaking her head

”Look who decided to come home, tell me tell me TELL ME ALL!!!” Tinny-B comes behind her and then squashing her in hug, Alexander squeals in laughter

”Oh, never!!” as soon as Tinny-B lets her go, she dashes into the house with Tinny-B chasing after her.


Officers filled the reception area.

Lita, stood with her family talking with Adam. Jaime waited. They had had the burial at the cemetery for officers, and the reception was moved from the house to a downtown event area, since they couldn’t do it in their home.

Adam is saying something to her, then he brings her to him ”This is Jaime Lockswire, my boss”

Jaime takes her hand, it still shook, her eyes were red , he places his hand to hers ‘I am so sorry for your lose. I didn’t know your Steve but Adam tells me he was a wonderful and upright man. I know it hurts and i know it feels like all hope is gone, but it would be okay. You have to be strong for you, your family and your baby”

”Thank you for coming and i am trying but..he was my family, my all. I have no idea how to go on like this without him” she sniffs

”You have me Lita, you have your family.” Adam says to him

”And i would do everything within my power to support you. Adam told me about the almost kidnap, i called the Chief of police to look into it, and you said your house was trashed and mostly your husband’s stuff?”

She nods.

”I would drive down after to check it out”


Jaime stares at her, wanting to do more ”Do you mind if i cater to some of your needs, atleast it’s the least i can do”

”You really don’t have to..” she trails off

He smiles ”I need to. Atleast you need a place to stay you work?”

”School Teacher, but..haven’t been able to do that since all this”

He nods ”That is fine, we can get you something else-”

”Sir, she doesn’t have to be in the city, right now it may not be safe for her” Adam points out

”But..i can’t just drop my life here and go”

”Adam is right, you need to be away for a bit, okay. Your parents stay out of town right?”

”Yes, West of chocolate City.”

”But that is where you were almost attacked?”


”You know what, i have a friend and he has this amazing cottage up for sale, it’s in a beautiful town and nice suburbs, schools there and’s a place to raise a kid and a family to’s in Santonia, off the grid of Chocolate City, you would love it there”

”But how do we go by, moving to a new city and-” she trails off

He smiles tapping her hand ”Do not worry about it, i would have someone contact you if that is fine by you?”

Her eyes fills with tears ”Thank you Sir”

”Jaime, call me Jaime” he pats her hand again ”Adam, you will handle her move immediately yes?”

”Yes Sir, the ceremony is over, if you make the calls now, she can be on the next flight with her family”

”Sure” Jaime takes out his phone and proceeds to make the necessary calls ”Hi Christopher, it’s Jaime, about that cottage, i would like to buy it” he says walking away

She stares after him ”God bless his heart” she sniffs, Adam nods

”He is a good man, come, let me take you to your hotel, someone would be there to pick you all up and take you to the airport”

”You would find who did this, who killed my Steve won’t you?” She stares at him, her eyes red

I already know it’s Jimmy..i just need proof ”Yes, i will, i promise” he takes her and leads her to the car as he parents join in .

He pulls away after putting some men to watch over Jaime.

Jaime enters his car a few minutes later and then drives downtown to his office.


His secretary stroke PA smiles at him..

”Wow! You look different and Happy” she says standing by the door,

”Don’t be dramatic” he smiles sitting ”Do i have anything important to attend to?”

”Yes, Sir, there are some delegates from the french international firm. They have been in town for two days, despite i told them you were on some personal trip away.”

”Oh? What do they want?”

”You are the President of the Heritage Group now, what do you think they want? Investors who have been following your business charts and seeing how successful you are know that they need to cash in, everyone wants to do business with you”

”You make me sound like the best thing to happen”

”You are the best thing to happen, to this Chocolate City and the neighboring cities, so stop living in denial”

He laughs ”You all think highly of me; my father, everyone”

She walks in dropping a cup of coffee on his desk ”As we should, so..i had your designer bring in some suits for tomorrow, he would be here soon”

”I didn’t tell you i was coming in today” he raises an eyebrow

she shrugs ”Doesn’t matter, would have sent him home to you..should i set up a quick meeting with them? I also used to opportunity to invite them for your party tomorrow so…”

”You think for two, what would i do without you?” he teased

”Absolutely nothing. ” she smiles ”I would set up it up and make sure you get your fitting done, the guest of honour should look like  a billion dollar”

He smile shaking his head ”Thank you!”

”You are welcome” she leaves him as his phone rings , he gets up with a smile ”Hello Father”


”Boss Jaime went to the office, the other guys are with him. I came here as soon as you called.Combed the place, it’s a mess in there ” the man said as soon as Adam alight , he nods entering into the building of where Steve lived.

From the front of the door, everything looked again, but as soon as he entered, he noticed how trashed the place was. It really was a mess.

Cushions were torn inside out, broke vases of flowers, Tv broken in and the stools and table broken into half.

He leaves the living room and the finds his way to their rooms, it looked as worse as the first. He enters Steve’s office area . The computer and work documents seemed worse than the first two rooms.

He stares at the damage, his hands folding into a tight first ”Who did this?” he says in tight angry voice, his eyes bloodshot ” It’s not enough that they killed him, now they trash his home, make his wife homeless and destroy every little memory of him he shared with his family?”

”Sir, we spoke to some of our friends down at station., there has not been reports about this.”

”Ofcourse, there hasn’t!” Adam says turning away ”Jaime called the Chief of police, he should look into it and find out who tried to kidnap his wife” he sighs tempted ” you should go”

”Sorry Adam, Boss also said not to leave your sight so you don’t do anything stupid”

”I don’t intend to”

”You don’t believe that do you?”

Adam smiles ”I just need to ask a few questions that’s all”


Adam says nothing, he is walking out the house.

The man follows him. ”Adam!! Damn for fxxks sakes man would you stop!!!”

Adam enters his car and his screeching away.



Tinny-B stares at herself. She smiles ”This looks good” she turns around and then stares at her back

”Yes Ma’am, this is a winner” the attendant at the boutique says to her.

”Great pack it up” she unzips the dress, gives it to her and then steps into her own dress, she goes to find her friend.

”Hello, are you decent?” she sticks her head through the curtain

Alexander laughs not turning as Tinny-B slips in ”Sometimes” she chuckles

Tinny-B takes a seat and then stares at her ”Black?”

‘It looks good!”

”You are going for a party, not to a funeral!”

”Hey , i like Black dresses, plus it’s beautiful!”

Tinny-B ignores her, she gets up and then looks through the hanged cloths, she brings out a red dress ”Try this on!”

”Loud, screams danger!”

”Sexy, bold…alluring..” she helps her to unzip her dress

”Who am i trying to seduce now?” she cocks her eyebrow

Tinny-B laughs handing her the red dress ”You got the man, you got to keep him plus, he would be looking dashing tomorrow i presume and you my dear have got to look the part, come on, wear it , i have got good eyes!” she stares as Alexander puts on the dress ”Wow!”

Alexander smiles at her, she runs her hands over her body, stares at her front and turns to stare at her back ”Yes, you do have good eyes!” she admits ”I like it”

”What would you do without me?”

”Nothing!” she gives her a wide smile

”Correct! Saying anything else would have gained you a body bag and tossed in the ocean”

They laugh

Tinny-B frowns a little ”Hey Alexander?”


”You really should keep your money and stuff!”

Alexander comes to her, perching on the chair ”You need it more than i do. I thought we spoke about this as i got back with Jaime this morning?”

”But you worked for it, and i do not think it’s fair that you give me all your money!! ”

She places her hand over ”Look..i do not have it all, neither do i know if i do have it all but right now, this moment, i have Jaime..and i think i am content with him, and..even if we don’t work out and stuff and even if he tires of me and stuff, i have made up my mind not to go back to being a call girl, i would get a decent job, and even go back to school plus i have a little savings..and i ..i have already looked out schools i can go to and stuff so…a little support for my friend is not bad. You need it, and you say you had quit too…you don’t have anyone to support you so let me!”

”But since we became friends, you have always helped me one way or the other when i was financially down even despite our little pay”

”That’s what friends are for and right now, this moment..i have Jaime”

Tinny-B smiles ”You repeated that twice”

”Yes..but i didn’t say that because he is rich and i want his money. Never did wanted his money. I am saying it because..he wants me in his life, he says he loves me, he is inlove with me and being with him makes me happy, gives me peace. I can close my eyes and be in his arms and i am not scared, i do not have nightmares or wish i could scream him away, he touches me and i shiver, he kisses me and i melt, he makes love to me and i quake to his every thrusts…he loves me and every time he says those words my heart beats so fast i can’t make it stop and i don’t know how to make it stop neither do i want to. I say it twice because..he wants to care for me, carter for me..and support me, and i know i have always been the one to do all that for me..and i have always wanted to do that for me so that i do not lean on anyone…but…then i was scared, alone, afraid of accepting from anyone and i was running” she stares at her hands


”I am not running anymore, i am not scared…i am happy! ” her eyes glistens with tears, she blinks, a tear drop, maybe two

”Alexander why are you crying? I didn’t mean to upset you and-” she cleans her friend’s tears, confused how their conversation had suddenly turned into this ”Did i say something wrong? I was- i am sorry Alexander”

She is shaking her head ”No, it’s not you! It’s not what you said it’s ahh!” she sniffs ”All my life, i have been running, looking over my shoulders and praying that i get to get away from this life”

”What are you talking about Alexander?”

”My fear began when i was three. You see, i had no one”

”Yes, you parents died when you were little and you were in  an orphanage”

she nods ”Then i was taken to a foster home” she blinks back tears , they didn’t stop ”My fear began from there, the pain, the suffering and then the torture”

”Where you physically abused as a child Alexander?” there was surprise in her voice,

She chokes back bitter laughter ”If i were beaten, bruised with a cane, then i think that would have been better. No Tinny-B i was abused , physically yes..but sexually.”

”Oh my God!”

”For fxxking thirteen yes!! The worst of my life”

”Oh my God!” Tinny-B covers her mouth ”Oh my God!”

”I was just three..when it first happened. And then it happened again, and again and again till my vagina walls bleed, till my tinny bones felt crushed from his weight, till my throat tasted not just his sperm, but blood because he drilled my mouth with his penis. Till my body went sour from his struggling and then my neck had scars from his hands” she touched her neck, Tinny-B’s eyes glistens

”Oh My God Alexander! Who did this, who was the monster who did this to a child, my God!!

Another tear drops from her eyes, she doesn’t try to stop them either ” Every day i woke up with fear, every night i hardly slept..i could not say no, my crying never stopped him, my begging only excited him..he told me to play pretend as though i was asleep, lay in the bed and then accept him into me when he came knocking..” she sniffs ”One day, i tried to hide, i did for a few days, he caught me..Tinny-B, i had never bleed so much in my life like that, i wanted to cry..i wanted to kill him…but i couldn’t.”

”Who did this?” she held her hands ”Who was the monster!!?”

”Mama, she never knew..she was away and she loved him to pieces..and he said she would never believe me if i tried to tell her and that he loved me, that he loved me!”

Tinny-B spat ”That is not love, that is not love” she shakes her head

”I close my eyes and all i see is his face, my skin was lingering from his touch i want to peal my skin away, my insides are never ridden from his thrusts..infact my body belonged to him and he did with it as he pleased, day and night, drunk, smelling..he had me, me Tinny-B..i bled, i begged, i cried..he never stopped for thirteen fxxking years i endured all things praying for the day i can either run away or mount the courage to take my life” she sniffs ”One time…i tried to tell mama again, and out the house she sent me..”how dare i accuse her husband of such vile thing, i was the devil’s child, i wanted to seduce her husband ” and all the garbage. I roamed the street for days, hungry, cold, worse for wear. And they came, like honey to bees, like flies to shit and asked for my body…i have had enough from the man who used me and they caused me unmeasured pain, i didn’t want any of that. I saw men and i cringed, i cried and i backed away into the shadows…they were the demons, there were heartless and not one of them was good. So i was content to laying on the hard floor and sleeping with no food in my tummy. But the streets were hard Tinny-B, and one can’t survive like that. You either beat the street or join them, but i was just a little girl..i was fifteen, barely alive. Then he came..” she sniffs

”I can hardly remember his name, but i remember the look in his eyes, that same look i saw in that man’s eyes and all the men after him…they were all thesame and they needed one thing; as though their life depended on it; sex.

It was a life-wire , the way the desire burns in them and their reaction to their trousers all at once. He said ”Come, let me fxxk you!” I told him ”No!” he said ‘‘Everyone wants to fxxk you, atleast i would give you something for, water, a bed to sleep in”

When i still refused he told me that…girls like me won’t survive any more days on the streets , that the men i see would take it from me one way or the other, so i can decide to hold on to it and have it taken from me unwillingly or i give it..then he told me something else, when you wield that precious thing like power, master it, use it…i can bring men to my knees and get what i wanted …and maybe i would never have to go to bed with an empty stomach, nor a roof over my head or lack money in hand…he said he had no money to give me other than a few changes but he can give me food and water and a bed. ” she shakes her head ”Another cold night, another belly rumbling…when he came again, i let him. ”

”Oh dear!”

”A few days later, they came to find me, they put me in the car and then they said they were taking me home. I didn’t listen to a word she said as she spoke..his eyes were on me, and i knew right there and then that..i rather be on the streets, and risk it all than come back home and be his sex play thing…i rather die there than allow him touch me one more time…that song he sang was torture to my ears…every time he sang it it felt like spikes were running through me, he sang we alighted, mama had gone up, saying she was going to prepare dinner..he was speaking to me and all i heard my mind say was ”Run Alexander run! Just run!’

Tinny-B is crying fulling now ”Oh my God!”

”I turned, barefoot, i ran and i ran and i ran and i never looked back till my name faded from his lips and i didn’t hear his shoes padding behind me…i ran and i continued running and then i ran into a bus. I looked back then and i cried, not because i was going to miss him, or her, or my home..but because i was free…i was finally free. But life on the streets Tinny-B was not welcoming in. I went from a Nun’s house where her brother raped me, to work as a waitress where four men took turns with me because the man’s wife wanted money.

One day, when they were done, and i realized that i could not run from this, i remembered what that man said on the streets ”Men would take from you whether you liked it or not..but you must decide how you give it, unwillingly on your knees or willing and bring them to their knees. ” she smile bitterly

”They wanted my body? they wanted sex? i made them beg for it, i mastered the art of seduction, or making men drool for me… soon, my boss’s wife at the restaurant had to chase me away because, the men who came into the restaurant gave her not a glance, i soon became the girl everyone in town wanted to see. I could afford my meals, my bed, a roof albeit how small. I took the next bus and then i arrived here…Chocolate City. Years later, i am the number one Call girl, stripper goddess.. a queen in my lane and maybe the highest paid Call Girl.. a disgraceful career if you ask me , but it was one i had no choice but to own and live through” she sniffs

”I still hated men, i still saw them as monsters and pain and i still cringed to their touch and scrub my body till i felt it would peal after i have been with them..but i had to survive, and i did. But i hated this life, this job but where would i have gone to?…Everyone wanted what i body and i had no one , no one to support me, care for me or protect me..they all wanted to get with i breathed on that, lived from that and i am still here from that…but God knew i hated all of them,,every single one of them that touched me…but i had to survive, needed to and i did.

But i cursed him and i prayed he died and i had hoped he died..because i was free from him” she wipes her nose ”or thought i was till he found me”

”Who was he?”

”My foster father, his love was an abomination, perverted and painful and i hated all men because of him!

Tinny-B covers her mouth ”Your foster father?”

She nods, another tear drops, she wipes it, her nose drools, she wipes it with the back of her hands ” I thought when I ran and he didn’t find me for all these years that I was free, free from him, from his pain from all of it. For years I was able to breath..though my life was shitty but I was able to hold my head above water to survive”

”’s been years Alexander, I believe he has forgotten all about you, maybe have died or something”

She shakes her head ”You see because of him, every man I saw was the same, wanted the same thing, and I distached myself from them. I tolerated them because I needed to survive and used my body as a means to. That’s why..when you said I acted like a robot towards men it never did bother me. It was mechanic..everything was mechanic with them and one day, one day I dreamed that I would wake up and I won’t be scared anymore, I wont be looking over my shoulders and I won’t cry in the shower when a man torches me. That I won’t feel as though I want to die. One day I dreamed of that…and I knew they were just dreams and dreams never come to a reality. But…I never dreamed about meeting him, Jaime.”

”Oh Alexander!”

”One day we were this opposites who hated each other and the next..i suddenly miss him when he isn’t near,I love the way he calls my name when he is awake and when he is loving me up and when he thinks I am asleep and he holds me tight and tells me how much he loves me. I love his lingering touch to my body, his feather light kisses to my skin. I love everything he does to me and to think I hated men..?” she laughs ”Oh i hated men because of my father and I wanted nothing to do with them emotionally and I didn’t think that one day, that one day I would be wanting a man as I did Jaime, that one day I would look at him and smile, that my heart would beat fast and slow at the same time for a beautiful man…I never believed so but it is happening and…”’

”Don’t cry Alexander!!

She covers her eyes and then cries some more ”You do not understanbd Tinny-B..i feel so happy!”

”Then why are you crying!”

”Because I have always come to see that my happiness is short lived…I ran away and got taken in by a nun, but what happened? A man, her brother found me and raped me . I left to the restaurant and thinking now I was saved, men found me and then raped me one after the other. I come they may not have raped me…but they still used my body and then they paid me..because a girl got to survive on the streets..and then Jaime came along, he wanted nothing to do with me like that other than to use me to pretend a certain life for his family…and then out of the blue, he falls for me and..being with him was and is different, even beautiful and I am happy, but I am scared that it would be short lived and I do not want it to be. I have never been this happy in my entire life and I am scared that this happiness would be taken from me”

”Sssshh! No one would take it away fron you Alexander. No one! Your foster father is an animal, a monster and I pray he may have been dead and then maggots have crawled up his ass and eaten him up in his grave and…listen! you are free of that demonic man and it’s been thirteen years and God knows how he must have paid him up for all the evil he has done and if he Is still alive I curse him Alexander, I curse him and I curse him I curse him!!” she spat ”You are free from him and from all those men and right now you have Jaime and he would love you for ever and he would keep you from harm, your father can never touch you ever..its been years and maybe he must have-

”He found me Tinny-B, he did!” she cries


”He was the one who attacked me in he store room!”

”Oh my God!” Tinny-B is shocked ”So when I asked you if you knew who he was and stuff and you said you did…you mean..that man was your father, the one who tried to…the same one who came by the Heritage company and then shot you?”

She nods, more tears dropping

”Oh my God Alexander, you need to tell Jaime and then the police so they understand the reason behind his actions and know how to persecute him and then..oh my God the monster and he came back to kill you need to tell Jaime!!”’

” no no!” she shakes her head holding Tinny-B ”I cannot, I cannot!!”

”Wh-why..why why not?”

”Because because he would..he would be filled with disgust for me and he might hate me and he would not love me and he ..i cannot! I am ashamed to have a father like that, to have a father who used me as he pleased and …and to find out that he had done all those things to me and..i cannot- cannot bear for him to look at me with disgust, not now, not now…not now that he loves me. He won’t love me anymore knowing that I am damaged ..really really damaged ” she cries, Tinny-B grabs her and then hugs her shaking her head, her own eyes pooling again

”I cannot!”

”You father is in jail and he would never be able to hurt you ever again. But you need to tell Jaime he knows how to protect you and see-look at me Alexander, look at me” she pulls away, placing both hands to Alexander’s  face ”Jaime saw you, saw the crazy feisty annoying woman from Escapade, he saw how forward you were , he got mad at you, he got headbutted by you, he took you your crab and then he laughed at your silliness and liked your braveness and then he realized that you were not just some random chick, I mean you were a chick with balls willing to take on that goat Jimmy, he realized that you were not just a scardy- little cat and then he saw you in a whole different light. Alexander, when Jaime fell for you, he knew you were damaged..knowing you are a call girl, a stripper and all that mess and baby he fell inlove with you despite. Maybe he is a little crazy and not right in the head” she screws up her face

Alexander laughs in her tears, Tinny-B smiles wiping her eyes ”Because no man would fall inlove with a girl like you, I are a mess”

”Hey!” Alexander nudges her driend, Tinny-B smiles ”It’s the truth, no iordiaru man would but Jaime isn’t an ordinary- I mean he cannot be because he has a beautiful heart willing to accept you the way you are, your imperfections, your flaws your damages and love you as insanely as he does. So, I know it was horrible for you as a kid to experience all that you did…it sucks, infact it is painful to even hear It..much less to have lived it and I pray your father rots in jail and that he dies there alone. But Jaime would never love you less Alexander, you are so silly to think so”

”He will , he will when he gets to know about my father and then-”

”No baby, if he loves you less because of that then fxxk him! He don’t deserve you..”

Alexander sniffs

”But I see the way he looks at her, the way his eyes lights up when you walk into the room and the way he told you he loved you on Tv and all, that man loves you like the air he breaths so he would not love you less. I know this baby, I do..he is madly in-love with you and he may even ensure to fasttrack his sentencing if he knows”

”I feel so ashamed Tinny-B!”

”It was not your fault, you are the victim, you were abused sexually and physically bruises too. He is not your father but a monster, and karma would come knocking faster than when he takes a shit, I promise you but don’t be silly to think your man won’t love you anymore, he will and he does and baby this love has been ordained from heaven and no one can take that away from you. You deserve it!”

”Knowing who my father is, you think he would want that? I saw the way he looked at me, the same he did years ago and when he came that day…and the way Jaime pushed me behind him I believe he must have realized then what I didn’t know… that Jaime had fallen for me and then the look in his eyes changed, anger..betrayal, I do not know. Maybe that’s why he shot me. I do not know..i am scared Tinny-B, scared that sometime might just happen and I lose this happiness and-maybe Jaime”

”Ssssshhh!!” she hugs her ”Don’t be. This happiness you feel right now is yours and it has come to stay so stop crying already okay? Nothing would happen to your Jaime, your father won’t ever get out, Jaime and you would be safe and you would be happy okay so stop fretting”

She nods

”But I am your best friends, you should have told me” Tinny-B scolds her

”I am sorry!”

Tinny-B cocks her head ”I love you girl!”

”I love you too.”

They hug ”Promise me you won’t say anything to Jaime?” Alexander lingers



”I promise. You know you do not have to be scared anymore, he is in jail and he ain’t seeing the light of day ever, tomorrow you are going to rock this red dress, dance into the night with the man who loves you and you are going to be happy..i promise”

”And you are going to take my money, added with yours and make something out of your life..yes?” Alexander pulls away and wipes her eyes


they hug again

”Come, lets go get something to eat, all this crying is making me hungry” They get up leaving the room, Alexander pays for their things and then they exit the building heading towards the car they came in.

”Ma’am, where to?” The driver asks Alexander as he helps them with their bags.

”Erm..” they slip into the car ”Is there a place we can have lunch?”

”Yes, there is Elkan Terance at-”

”No, not the five star hotels ..i am sure we can-”

”I am sorry Ma’am but I am only authorized to take you to the best of the places..i will take you to the Grove’s, you would love their food there.”

She sighs ”Do you always listen to your boss?”

The man smiles ”Nop! But then again, I like to ensure that the boss’s lady is treated nice and this I do willingly, shall we?”

She laughs shaking her head ”I wonder where Jaime picks you all from, you guys are just fxxking loyal it sucks!”

The man laughs. They enter the car and he is taking them across town.


Frank gets up from his desk, about to make his routine check up to the prison cell to ensure everything is in place for his execution plan tomorrow.

”Frank ?”

He turns to find Salim standing by his door ”Yes Sir”

”Step into my office will you?”


He walks in to find Gareth there. ”Gareth”


He nods ”Sir , you needed me”

”Yes. As you know, we had Gareth here on suspension due to the incident on the Heritage primaries because we were carrying out an investigation.’


”He has been reinstated to his position but on limited leash. We are still undergoing investigation but..he is being reinstated”

”Okay Sir”

”Tomorrow the Mayor is having a party at his estate for his son, who is the new President of the Heritage group and there would be a lot of dignitaries and senators as well as people there so we would need maximum security lock down for safety ”

”Okay Sir” he says nodding his head, Salim continues

”I would be there and a few other officers but I would need someone to be here while I am out, I do not exactly trust Gareth at the moment so I want him on in my line of sight at all times. ”

Gareth says nothing, he cocks his head to the side”What would you have me do boss?”

”I need you to keep an eye out on the activities in the station while I am out, there are a few prisoners who are expected to be released tomorrow so I want you to coordinate with the assistant chief tomorrow and ensure there is a smooth process plus to keep an eye out for anything that goes down that shouldn’t . the reason I am calling you is that most of my guys would be out with me tomorrow due to the elites that would be in town and the radio hasn’t picked up any disturbances for the last 48 hours so i believe less hands can be afforded in the station, and that leaves you who is a higher police officer  in here to watch the front. Do you have any issues with this task Frank?”

”No Sir, I do not!” He nods, well isn’t this perfect timing, Salim just made his job easier tomorrow.

”Good, you are dismissed !”

”Thank you Sir!”

”Gareth?” he hears Salim says as he leaves ”You are under probation as I told you, which means that you do not do anything on your own unless i okay it, you would be at my beck and call and you do not have jurisdiction over any unit. You laptop crashed so you would be given a desktop to work with while we access it..i need to know what you have been working on and my balls are itching me and until i ensure there is nothing stinking like fish, you are off the hook but…this is between me and you; if I do find anything incriminating against would do the time, I promise you”

”I swear it Sir, whatever happened in that room that day was never planned. I thought she had a gun and then-” he began lying.

”Whatever! Jaime Lockswire has ordered an eye out to put on you and that is what we are doing, but if you have issues against this…you can drop your gun and take the door”

”No Sir, I do not” he keeps quiet

”Good, you are dismissed”

Gareth  nods standing up ”Thank you Sir!”

He leaves his office as Salim picks up a call ”Yes Mayor!” He answers ”Yes yes I have the officers on stand-by and-”

Gareth closes the door.

Frank watches him leave the office, he goes back to shifting document on his deck, Gareth passes him ”Meet me in the Lu in five”

Frank gets there in ten. He shuts the door and then turns on the taps  ”what?”

”Thanks man, I owe you one!” Gareth smiles at Frank

”Right! What was in that computer anyways? From one criminal to another”

Gareth smiles ”stuff, not worthy of a cop. I would have been locked down by now if it wasn’t for thank you!”

”I see! You are welcome”

”So…I need another favor to ask. Tomorrow, can you help with a diversion?”


”Can you?”

”Dude i asked why?”

”Something is about to go down tomorrow, so i just need you to create a diversion when we need it that’s all”

”Who is we?”

”Give you a hundred so you stop asking questions”

”Look Dude, tomorrow i also do have a job to attend to so i cannot be your babysitter” He says opening the door and leaving

”Fcxk you Frank!”

”Not interested!”

”Asshole! He sighs , he would have to find one of the guys with him tomorrow to create the diversion for Jimmy and them after he makes his killing of the Wellingtons.

Sighing he turns leaving the bathroom.


Jimmy stares at her across the table ”You know we shouldn’t be seen together” He tells her taking a sip of wine. They are in a five star restaurant having lunch.

”’Why? Am i being limited to who i speak to and who i have lunch with?”

”Christine, we have to be discreet is that not so?”

”Right now if you think i give a shit then you have another think coming, besides, it’s good they see us together …a harmless lunch with the brother of a man i used to date”

”For the few people who know we are brothers” he says sarcastically

”Oh well, who cares” she eats , then she pauses ”You will pick me up by what time?”

He laughs ”I am no picking you up”


”You are not my date”

”You can be a fxxking asshole you know that right?”

”I have always been one, did you suddenly forget? just suddenly getting all date-y would be suspicious, you get some fool to take you and i would come along with a date..less eyes on us. Besides i need people to see me leaving my house, with my date and going to the Mayor’s place and then leave with my date too”

She smiles ”Whatever that is fine. I cannot wait till tommorw, ”

”Neither can i”

” the fact that I never have to see that smile on her face when she stares at him neither while i ever have to hear him say he loves her ever again is giving me happy bubbles. Maybe, maybe then we both can have something permanent..right? ” She stares at him, atleast since Jaime and her didn’t work out, she and Jimmy might. After all they have been getting rather cosy this past few days..he may like her, and he is just a necessary fall back plan for her.

He looks away from her, staring at the door, his eyes dims for a moment, he chuckles  ”Apparently, the big guy up there likes to have a few tricks off his sleeves”

”What does that mean?”

”See who just walked in ” he says  taking a sip of his wine

She turns to look and then her mouth drops.


Walking into the restaurant, her phone rings, she answers, Tinny-B enters behind her ”Hello?”

”Hey girlfriend?” his rich voice sends sweet chills down her, her blush rises to her cheeks ”Hi Jaime” she smiles

Tinny-B smiles ”Oh love birds! ” she coos, Alexander hits her playfully

”How are you , where are you?” he asks

”Ah! Oh that! You see..i am in an African country spending all of your money!” she teased

”Oh that sounds like fun, can i come with?”

”You would have to become some African prince maybe”

”Like the Prince of Zamuda?”

”Exactly!” she smiles when she heard him laugh ”How are you?”

”Good, just missing you terribly. I had some engagements in the office and i am done. My parents asked if we can swing by for Dinner so…”’ he trails off.

”Dinner with the parents?”

Tinny-B goes ”Wow! He is moving fast girl”

She nudges her friend again who laughs

”Yes, but if you don’t want it’s fine” she hears him say

”No…its good. I would love to”

”Great, so that would be like another 5 hours away but , i want to swing you out for lunch”

she bites her lips ”I kinda already out with Tinny-B for that..”

”Oh! Where are you guys?”

”Some fancy place one of your guys took me to and ..i think-i do not remember the it- er” she thinks for a moment

”Never mind i would just call him, see you in a minute-”

”No its the Grove place, yes. Grove!”

‘Ah,” there was slight laughter in his voice ”It’s five minutes away, be there before you blink, don’t miss me too much beautiful. Book a reservation with my card”

”I would try not to, infact i do not miss you.”


She smiles ”Not lying”

‘Then why are you smiling like a fish!”

She pinches her cheeks trying to steal the blowing smile ”Not, you do not see me so how you suppose i am?”

”Because i love you and hearing my voice gives you chills, deny that and i would come there wielding bananas like a monkey and singing the Aladin song to you”

She laughs ”You are just a clown”

”A clown who proudly loves you so…yeah i am good with being a clown. See you in a second babe, i am turning right in”

”Okay” She says cutting the call

”Oh, baby baby mwah mwah mwah!” Tinny-B sings to her

”Shut up!” she blushes

”Good afternoon Ma’am, welcome to the Grove restaurant, do you have a reservation or you would like to book?”

”Er book, for three” she hands her his gold card, the woman takes it and then smiles ”Ah, Mr Jaime Lockswire..” then she looks up ”But i see just two” The lady who approached them had an accent ”Would he be joining you so i get the VIP lounge vacated?”

”VIP Lounge?” she sounded confused ”Yes my boyfriend is on his way and would be joining us, here is fine we do not need to go to VIP”

”Very well Madam, allow  me see you to your lounge and i would get the menu while we wait for Mr Lockswire”

”No Vip lounge here is—fine” the woman was already leaving ”Er-Thank you” she shrugs as Tinny-B teases her ”From Ma’am to Madam, girl!!” they laugh


They both turn to see Christine standing there, a bitter smile on her face

Tinny-B cocks her head to her side  recognizing her ”Yes, boyfriend! have you got a problem  with that mama!”

”Don’t talk to me little person..” she gives her her palm

”Oh you bitch!” Tinny-B hits it away

”Tinny-B, don’t !” Alexander pulls her friend away ”Is there a problem here Christine?”

”Yes, there is. I remember how i came to his house a number of times and you kept going ”i do not like your man nor want him and bla bla bla…, Now look at you wearing fancy cloths and smelling like Gucci perfume coming into five star restaurant and going my boyfriend!…You lying bitch, man snatcher, my man snacherrrrrrrrrr” she stressed it.

Alexander stares at her ”Look Christine, then i wanted nothing to do with him but right now, we are dating and i did not steal him from you, he wasn’t yours..and he isn’t a thing to be taken okay, he is a person so he has a mind of his own”

”Oh she has a mouth to defend her slut game huh!?” Christine spat

”You would not call my friend a slut you half-hazard witch!” Tinny-B spat back at her

Christine turns up her nose ”I wonder from which gutter you pulled your friend out from but she needs to shut up before i run my heels up her ass”

Tinny-B laughs ”Girl i am from the street and i would have my fingers clawing your face before you can blink ! I would fxxk you up so bad your mama would reject your fake ass”

”Tinny-B stop!” Alexander pleads not wanting a scene

”She is disrespecting you and your man” she tells her all dramatically ”I would fxxk her up big time, i eat roaches like this for playtime” she tells Christine pointing at her, Christine laughs

”I can handle it!”

”Exactly, handle it how? By seducing my man?  obviously that is what you did if not he wouldn’t have left me”

”You left him Christine, if i have the jist straight, you left him for someone else and he moved on ..and right now ..he is with who  he wants to be with and i am sorry truly i am that it’s not you but you cannot say i did something when i didn’t!”


”I would not fight with you!” Alexander turns away

Christine grabs her and turns her to face her ”You would not turn your back at me when i am talking to you-you slut!!”

”Let go of me, don’t you dare” Alexander points at her angry now ”I am trying to control my anger Christine but don’t come up all in my face, you would hate me if i get angry so don’t you dare touch me again- leave me alone okay?”

”Or else what?” She steps closer

Alexander shakes her head ” You know why i won’t fight you? Because you are a crazy person and i feel mighty sorry for you, plus Jaime isn’t a man i have to fight for..he knows what he wants and it’s me, so deal with it and maybe if you are less crazy, someone might actually love you. can enjoy your restaurant..i am leaving..yes!Tinny-B , lets go!”

She grabs her again, with one  hand and about to slap her with other

”Christine!!!!” His voice was loud, angry.. Her hand stops midair, she drops it, Alexander’s hand was folded into a fist, by God Christine would have loosed her hand if she had slapped her.

Jimmy who had been watching the scene from where he sat, he stands up smiling, he buttons his shirt and then slowly walks up to the scene,

”Madam, is there a problem?” the attendant comes quickly to Alexander ”Sir..we are so sorry, Madam if you would come with me we would-”

”No, it’s fine we are leaving” Alexander says

”Yes, go on you slut!! Gold digger! the only reason you are with Jaime Lockswire is because of his money i can swear it you slut!!”

Jaime walks up to her and then turns her to face him  standing between them ”You would not disrespect my girlfriend, i forbid it!”

She laughs, her eyes hard ”You loved me, me!!” she points to herself

Loved. Operative word!” he points out ”And i doubt that it was even real because i probably didn’t know what love meant this much until i met her”

”Now you pick her over me?’ This thing!!’ she points at Alexander, anger in her eyes

”Oh bitch i am about to slam you so hard” Tinny-B says shaking her head and then folding her fist, Alexander grabs her hand to stop her

”I would pick her over and over and over again Christine, you said you were over this  but apparently you lied, i hate those”

”I don’t care if you do. You belong to me and if i can’t have you no one will!” she says with bloodshot eyes

Jimmy frowns, now she was being stupid  ”Christine,” he comes to them

”What is that supposed to mean !?” Jaime frowns not liking her tone

”You–her!…you think you would enjoy this love you share? You think i am going to let you-” Jimmy grabs her  and shakes her to her senses

”What nonsense Christine, !” he says digging his nails into her as he whispers for her hearing alone  ”shut the fxxk up!” Then he raises his voice ” You have had too much to drink, stop being silly!”

”No..Jimmy, what the hell does she mean?” Jaime wanted to know

”How am i supposed to know that? she is a heart broken woman seeing her lover’s new lover, what do you think she would say and feel?”

”Ex Jimmy, you of all people should not make mistakes like that”

”Whatever Jaime!” He spat

Christine snaps bitterly at Alexander ”Slut!” she spat

Alexander blinks ”I think you need help!”

”Fxxking Gold digger”

Jaime angrily nudges Jimmy away and then he grabs her shoulders and then shakes her ”Stop it, okay stop it! YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS CHRISTINE!” He screams at her

”Jaime?” Alexander touches his shoulders

”It was me you loved, why her? why?” she cries

”Because for the first time, saying ”i love you” felt real to me when i said it to her and she means the world to me, so stop all this nonsense and apologize  to my girlfriend!”


”Apologize  damnit!”

She blinks back tears

”Tell her Jaime!” Tinny-B nods

”You won’t make me do it!”

”Apologize!!” he says firmly

”Christine, apologize, you are better than this! You called me here to talk and if i knew this was how you would behave i wouldn’t have come really” Jimmy says ”Apologize and show them that you are strong, that is what you need to do..he has moved on with his life with Alexander, you should too okay..come one, be the bigger person now..”

Christine’s eyes darts to her ”Fine! Let me go Jaime!!”

He does, she adjusts her dress, sniffs ”I am sorry Alexander..for not being sorry for all i said. You are a lowlife, you will never be happy, both of you won’t! ” then she turns walking away exiting the building.

Jaime stares at the exited door.

”You didn’t have to be a dxxk to her, it’s bad enough you left her and you bring your girlfriend here?”

”I am surprised you are still walking around freely !” Alexander says to him

He smiles ”Because what you accused me off held  no water in them Alexander, and women like you should be slapped to common sense…how dare you accuse me wrongly?…it is a shame, i would have spanked you as i did little girls who have no sense. But i forgive you, i do, after all…you probably did come for the money, maybe Christine is right!”

Jaime turns to him ” You should leave!” his hands folded into a fist

”Are you going to chase me from entering a restaurant ?”

”Owned by me, yes–”

He laughs, Jaime’s face didn’t change then he frowns ”You bought it?”

”I said you should leave or i would have security toss you out”

He steps closer to him, two men suddenly walk into the restaurant, a few men dressed in suit stand up, Jimmy sees them, he smiles , he lowers his voice ”You do this to me because of her? you never had such boldness when you carried the other women, but she comes into your life and you challenge me openly – why?”

”’Because maybe it is high time i start taking back what you took from me. My life…now get out from my property!!!”

He reaches out and then pats Jaime’s face ”See you tomorrow, and you took Alexander, you too!” he turns and then walks away

He turns to Alexander ”You okay Babe?”

”I want to go home!” she blinks

He nods taking her hand and they leave. The security detail follow behind them.

It was a quiet ride; Alexander stares out of the window throughout the journey. Jaime is worried and Tinny-B is angry as she curses a thousand times under her breath, wishing she had had a good chance to slap Christine to oblivion.


Christine drives to Jimmy’s house,alights from the car and the enters his house, and going upstairs angrily.

Jimmy drives into his compound behind her,  enters his house, ignores his butler and then storms into his room.

”Oh i am so going to kill him, i would strangle her with my bare hands i swear to God and i would-”

He didn’t let her finish, he flings his hand hitting her as she cries out falling to the ground

”Jimmy?” she gasps in shock  holding her face and then staring at him, She tasted the blood in her mouth before she felt it slide out the corner of her mouth and then drop to the floor.

”You fxxking fxxking stupid ass!” he yells at her, he grabs her and then pulls her to her feet ”You fool!! you cannot control your emotion you had to… argh!” he slaps her again as she falls to the ground, she screams out

”Jimmy!! Jimmy stop!”

He kicks her and then kicks her again , he grabs her and then flings her to the bed ”I am this close, this close from getting all i want and you want to ruin it for me? I won’t allow you to do that you understand?..How dare you say if you don’t have him no one would right there in front of him? You think Jaime is stupid or that Alexander is dumb?..How dare you… argh!!! i could kill you right now! i swear you fxxking asshole…your anger would be the death of you you fool!” he pins her to the bed holding her neck

”Jimmy..stop..please” she cries out as he hits her again, she chokes ”Please”

He stares at her angrily ”If anything goes wrong i swear i would kill you.” He sneers not bothered that her veins were showing as he held her neck tight ” if he gets suspicious after now i would kill you so just pray that he sees this as nothing other than a jealous feat from an ex who had drank too much. You just had to pay  it cool but bitch!!” he  screams at her releasing her as he raises his hand to hit her again, she covers her face and then pleads

”No Jimmy please!” she cries ”I beg you stop! I am sorry, i am sorry!” she cries, he stares at hyer angrily,  then He drops his hands

”Control your fxxking emotions Christine, we are this close, don’t ruin it, you get it?”

She nods her head

”Good, now get out!!” he grabs her pulling her off the bed, opens the door he drags her out, down the stairs, out the door, to the garage, he opens her door her and then pushes her inside ”Go home, i don’t wait to see you  anymore today” he slams the door and walks back into the house.

Shaking, she turns the ignition and then drives out of his compound.

She reaches home, she painfully drags herself out of the car, ignoring the security guard who came to her, she waves him off, she enters her house seeing her mother watching Tv, she turns away and headed upstairs.

Christine sees her condition and then rushes to her daughter, her eyes filled with worry and then fear her mother ”My God Christine, what happened to you? my God! Call the police, call 911-” she holds her daughter ”What happens, who did this to you Christine?”

”No mother, i am fine, just got mugged but i am okay” she lies pushing her mother away from her

”! did someone beat you up..who..oh God we need to take you to the hospital, come let’s-”

”Dammit mother fxxk off and leave me alone, i am fine” she screams at her , pushes her out her room and then  bangs the door on her face ”Call anyone and i would fxxking leave and you won’t see me again you hear me, i am fine..just slight bruises!!”

”Oh baby Christine, what has happened to you!” she cries behind the closed door

”I said leave me alone!!!” she screams. She could hear her mother crying, she didn’t care.

She stares at her self in the mirror, ”All of you will pay, all of you will!” she sniffs ”I swear to God!!” She washes her face ”But first, Alexander, Jaime..then when i get what i want..Jimmy, i would run a knife through your heart, i promise you!” she coughs spitting out blood, she goes to her bed and painfully sinks to it, ”All of you would pay for hurting me, i swear to God!”


”Alexander, you know you should have let me-”

”Not now Tinny-B, please” Alexander says alighting from the car

”Okay” Tinny-B says , she squeezes her hand and then enters the house.

Jaime doesn’t say anything to her, he lets her go before him, wondering how to make her feel better.

She climbs up the stairs, heading to the room she shares with Tinny-B, he walks faster, stopping her, he takes her hand and pulls her with him, he opens his door and then pulls her inside

She doesn’t refuse, instead she goes to the window, and perches on the chair there, staring out,

”Alex-” His phone rings, sighing he picks up ”Hey Mother, i erm..told them that they would meet dad tomorrow at the party, .” he listens ”Yes some international investors, no it’s just normal’s fine mother, Dad would be happy to meet them, yes, Ten..yes you can send  their invites to my secretary, she said she had already invited them so you just had to okay it, yes Mother.’ He smiles nodding ”Yeah , erm..” he stares at Alexander ”About Dinner.. can we take a rain check?” He shakes his head ”No mother she was looking forward to Dinner but.. she just suddenly isn’t feeling up to it at the moment, she just came under the weather and, she would hate to ruin the evening…yes mother ” He smiles ”Yes i would make her a hot choco. i will send her your love,  yes, love you too” Jaime cuts the call and then stares at her. She is quiet still, he goes to her.

..”Hey!” he sits opposite her ”Are you okay? I am sorry about all that”

She shakes her head ”It’s not your fault!”


”We can not be together” she states

His heart nearly stopped ”Hey..don’t say that!”

She sniffs ”Yes, because people are not going to want us together especially when they realise that i am nothing but some stripper you picked off the street or worse when they know i am a call girl.”


”Christine is right, i am a slut and you deserve someone better and-”

He stops her ”Don’t..okay. Stop!!’

”I am no with you because of you money and-”

”Sssh! Do not even begin to think about what she said Alexander,  i know you aren’t and i love you so whatever she says doesn’t mean anything”

”Calling me a slut? You don’t feel shame?”

He stare at her ”I love you Alexander, that is all that stop!”


”You are not hearing me..i love you Alexander Beckington and i do not care…so stop, please!” he touches her hand, he takes it to his lips and then kisses it a few times ”’I don’t care about past, all i care is now, today our future so she can loud it , i won’t love you any less so get that into your beautiful head” he taps her forehead ”Okay?”

She nods.

”Why does Jimmy hate you so?” He stares at her

”Why does he hate you so?” she searches his eyes

He sighs looking away. Maybe it was time. If he was going to share his life with her, then she must know everything about him ”He is my brother…”


”Yes” he says , turning to face her ”Jimmy is a Wellington”

”Oh my God! How come no one knows?”

”A few people do, look if you want to understand his reasons for hatred, you have to know from when it began.” he stares at her, then he began to tell her.

”So you understand it all now, his hatred, all of it” He finishes

She blinks in shock ”And the reason the sole reason is because -” she trails off

”Yes! He wants me to own it, Father refuses…and i tried all i good to give Jimmy what he wanted but…he wanted more, everything of recent was because he threatened me and all..but father, father never wanted to give in even though he was in the dark…but i then realized, maybe because of you that- i needed to stand up to him to save my family and i have. The road won’t be easy but…i need to protect them, the city, you”

”You didn’t see his eyes, he doesn’t look as though like a man who lost, he seemed like one who has more plans brewing

”The police are watching him”

She shakes her head ”But he is dangerous, now is see why- oh Jaime, i do not think he would let it go” she says suddenly scared for him.

He touches her face ”He would do nothing to me, not now that he cops are watching him..investigating are still on-going codedly, so don’t worry, okay” he touches her face

But she is ”I am scared..”

He leans closer ”Don’t be okay?”

She nods ”Promise me, you would be extra safe tomorrow?”

He smiles ”I promise” he pulls her to him and holds her.


Adam is parked outside Jimmy’s house. He turns off the engine and began walking to the gate.

His phone rings..he frowns staring at it, he ignores it, after two rings, a text message comes in, he opens it

”Get back now Adam!!!”

Adam pauses and then curses. He stares long and hard at the gate, he sighs angrily and then turns back heading to his car, he drives away.


Jaime waits for him outside the gate.

Adam drives in seeing him, he stops and then gets down, he comes to him .

”I only came back out of respect for you” Adam says angrily,

Jaime stares at him ”As much as i hate what he has done- i would not turn a blind eye when i know he would be harmed. He is my brother , my father’s son”

”He doesn’t deserve to live” Adam spat ”He is a criminal, a worthless scum off the earth”

”And when we do have solid prove against him backed by the ones we already have, he would do his time, i promise you. Salim is keeping a close eye on him, his every move and if he slips they would be there to catch him, but i would not allow you take matters into your hands..i won’t, do i make myself clear?”

Adam says nothing

”Do i make myself clear Adam?”


Jaime turns and walks away.



He turns, ”Yes Ma’am!”

”Are you okay?”

”Yes Ma’am!”

She nods ”Jaime told me everything”

He nods ”I bet you also believe that Jimmy should be treated lightly?”

She shakes her head ”No, but he is his brother, there is a part of him that maybe still cares and loves him”

Adam scoffs ”He killed people, children, threatened his brother and almost killed his step mother and a few other crimes including Steve and he would have succeeded in killing you if we didn’t show up, infact i can swear that he and that Kennedy guy planned it” he shakes his head ”We do not needed anymore prove, what we have here is glaring.”

”Not enough” Alexander says ”Now that i know things, i feel even more scared for Jaime’s safety and maybe that of his family”

”Why? you shouldn’t. He would be safe, no one would be stupid to do anything to them.”

”Jimmy is not stupid, but he is crazy, that is certain and i can bet he has some devious plan to usurp power from Jaime, afterall is that not what he always wanted?”

Adam nods.

”So you see why i think we shouldn’t leave our eyes closed but open then at every turn. Do me a favour will you?”

”Yes Ma’am!”

”Do not leave his sight, or better still do all you can to ensure that he is safe, take extra measures…please”

”When you say extra measures?”

”I mean extra measures, i do not have a good feeling about this  party especially knowing the details of it all, the, would you ensure it all?”

”Yes Ma’am!” he nods

”Thank you! And don’t worry, Jimmy would get what he deserves, Karma be serving his dish cold, i promise !”

”Thank you Ma’am”

She places a hand to his shoulders, and then walks away leaving him to his thoughts. A few minutes later it dawns on him.

Alexander may or may not be right, Jimmy might not take this seating. If he does, good, if he doesn’t, atleast they are covered.

He needs to make a few calls, he checks his time; it still early in the evening  . He calls Jaime’s secretary

”It’s me- Adam, i wonder if you can–” he trails off.


Later that night, they lay in bed; she was asleep but he wasn’t.

He kisses her fingers and then opens the drawer to reveal a small box which he opens to reveal  rings in different sizes. One after the other, he carefully tries it on her finger until he gets her size.

He smiles.

It was a good idea to take the box of 5 carats diamond gold rings from the jewelry shop as advised by the attendant, now he has gotten her size. He can’t wait till tomorrow to propose to her.

He would make a quick dash back to the jewelry shop to return the box of rings, get her name inscribed on the one he picked and then count the moments before the moment.

He smiles agains

He blesses the day he met her, he was looking forward to spending forever with her.

He closes his eyes and goes to sleep.



It was the whistling that woke her up. Then his voice…

”Alexander…my sweet sweet Alexa, i would like to see you again” he sang…

Her eyes shoots open, he was staring down at her with a wide smile, ”I told you i would come get you, you would never hide from me”

She struggles and realized she was naked but couldn’t move ”No…no….Jaime?” she calls out his name. He would protect her from her father, he would come rescue her.

”Oh, you mean your lover? My knife slipped” he smiles pointing at the far end of the room to reveal a dead Jaime, gutted from the stomach. ”I told you no man other than me would ever touch you again-  no man but me” he smiles wickedly

‘OH..OH..JAIME!!!!!” she screams as her hearts breaks into a thousand pieces…



Don’t blink!!!!



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