Blazing Heights | Chapter One

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“I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride,” the priest spoke the final words. This is it, the one thing I’ve been waiting so long for. To officially be Mrs.Calvin Taylor.

It’s been a year since our parents made the arrangement for us to wed and today I finally said “I do.” I look up at him, and we stare at each other. He is so very handsome. But there’s no love in his eyes, only suppressed anger. He was forced by his parents to marry me for the sake of friendship and business, and it seems he will forever blame me. But I love him and I will do anything for him to love me back.

He slowly lowered his head to kiss me. I know in my heart that he doesn’t really want to, he’s simply going through the motions but I get excited any way. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and instantly looked up at the crowd, it still stung me a little but it was expected. All the guest were clapping their hands and showering us with their big smiles, I glowed with pride. It was my wedding day I couldn’t help but be happy even if he wasn’t, hopefully one day he would be.

After the ceremony there was our reception. We ate, danced, cut the cake, and accept everyone’s congratulation. When our family came up and congratulated us they were beaming with joy. Which caused me to break out into a smile of my own, it grows even bigger when his family tells us how happy they are about our union. His sister which by the way was my best friend is just ecstatic and continually hugs us and talks of nothing but our future. He stands quietly looking annoyed and all but ignoring everyone through the whole thing, letting me do all the talking.

At last we drive home. Well what is to be our home. It’s a new house my father bought for me as his wedding gift to us. When we park he instantly gets out of the car. He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t even wait for me.

So I walk alone to our room which I find empty and start taking off my really heavy gown. As it drops to my feet leaving me in a thin almost see through slip, he comes out of the bathroom in only his boxers. I smile at him, but he just stares blankly at me completely uncaring. I tense, his anger seems to grow while he walks towards me and the bed.

“If you think that you won because we are now married, your are wrong. I will make your life a living hell while you’re with me. Which is how I feel right now living with you.” He coldly said to me.

I built up the courage to say something back, “Was marrying me really that bad?”

“Yes!” he shouted.

I shuddered before regaining my courage.

“Why? Tell me what can I do for you to love me back?”

“Now you’re asking me that. You should have asked me that before. You knew that I didn’t like you. I even had a girlfriend but she’s gone now because of your stupid marriage techniques to get me. You really are smart, using your money and business connections on my father just to get me into your web. Your ridiculous. And for the record you can’t do anything, I will never love you.” He shouted into my face. He walked out of the room but soon returned with a sofa cushion. He then got into bed and put the cushion in the center.

“Don’t even think of touching me,” he sternly said before dropping himself on the bed.

I went to the bathroom and sat on the shower floor and started to cry. I didn’t expect this. I knew that he didn’t love me but his words were so harsh. I thought when we got married he would at least try to care about me, but it’s the opposite. Now he hates me and he’s angry at me because he can’t get out of this marriage.

Marilyn don’t cry this is your wedding night you need to be happy, I say to myself. Yes, I need to try and be happy stay positive. Think good thoughts, good memory’s, anything that might help.

After a few minutes of pulling myself together I finally leave the bathroom. I sadly crawl into my new bed and slide myself under the blanket. I look over at him but all I can see is his back, maybe it’ll be easier with him facing away from me.

I try to sleep but it took several long hours of laying there staring at the ceiling before I fell asleep. It was already dawn when I finally closed my eyes.



Yesterday was the worst day of my life. I married a woman I don’t love. My parents forced it for the sake of the company and of course their friendship.

I woke up early and start to go to the bathroom and refresh myself. When I’m done I get my phone to see if there are any messages. I try to turn the screen on but it appears the battery is dead so I plug it up in the living room to charge. Then head to the kitchen to get coffee.

As I walk into the kitchen a maid hands me my coffee and breakfast, after-which I head back to the living room, breakfast in my hand and sit on the couch. Placing the plate down I press the start button on my phone. I take a couple bites of my food while I wait for it to start up then I unlock it.

There were ten messages from Paris and four missed calls. I open one of the messages and I begin to tremble in shock while I read it.

Goodbye Calvin I hope you’ll be happy in your marriage with her. I can’t take it anymore. You’ve hurt me so much. I will be leaving the country. Don’t look for me. Don’t ever bother me again. I hate you.

My heart beats fast as I finish reading it. Without another thought I jump up change my clothes and run out to my car. I drive as fast as I can without getting pulled over. I have to see Sam. I need to talk to her. I need to explain everything.



Because of staying awake the whole night I woke up late the next day. I look to the other side of the bed, and of course it’s empty. I get out of bed and go to bathroom take a bath and get dressed. After that I go down to look for Calvin but I couldn’t find him so I go to the kitchen to see Nini, my maid.

“Good morning, Nini”

“Good morning to you too, how was the first night of marriage? I see your husband didn’t let you sleep last night” she said looking at my tired face and giggled.

I feel a little happy about her assumption, at least no one will guess the truth.

“Nini,” I shout at her feigning shyness about it. I smile to myself thinking I could have first place awards for acting.

“Oh, don’t be shy,” she said to me.

And we both just laughed.

“What’s for breakfast? Wait did you see Calvin this morning?”

“Well here’s your breakfast first,” she gave me pancakes with honey drizzled over them and fresh fruits with a glass of milk. “Now about your husband. Yes, I saw him this morning, after eating a little breakfast he left. I don’t know where to, I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell me anything.”

“Okay thanks anyway,” then I started to eat my breakfast slightly disappointed.

Lunch and dinner pass by but he still didn’t come home. I’m worried now. I had assumed he’d just went in to work but it’s getting late. I sit down in the living room with a book waiting for him. I look at my wrist watch, it’s past midnight but still there’s no sign of him. Thinking that maybe he’s in trouble I get up and go directly to the phone. I want to call the police. But just as I pick up the phone I hear the sound of the gate banging.

“What the! Who was that, is it him?” I get up and run to open the door to see Calvin was down at the gate with his friend Leo.

Once I got outside I could see Leo was supporting Calvin’s weight as they walked across the yard.

“I’m so very sorry Marilyn, I tried to get him not to drink so much but he’s really stubborn. I think he’s really upset about something because he’s been drinking the whole day.” He says placing Calvin in a chair on the porch where he quickly passes out.

I stop whatever else he was going to say by swaying my hands and shaking my head.

“Thank you, Leo, for bringing him home safely, I think I can handle it from here you can go home now it’s already late.”

He nods his head in agreement.

“Sorry again Marilyn and goodnight, please look after him.”

“I will Leo, be safe on your way home,” I say with smile, “and again thank you.”

“No probs.” And he left us. I close the gate behind him. And start to think, what will I do now, he’s a lot bigger than me I’m not sure I can lift him. But I can’t leave him out here. I throw his arm over my shoulder and lift him with his feet dragging the floor. I push myself until we reach the couch and I lay him there. The stairs going up would be too hard I can’t carry him up. I think we will sleep here tonight. I prop his feet up and slip his shoes off. Then I go upstairs to the closet and get two blankets. I cover him with one, the other one is for me I curl up in the recliner.

After a few moments of silence, I hear him say something and toss around on the couch. I realize he must be having a bad dream.

“Please Paris, don’t leave me……You know that I don’t love her……. I was just forced to marry her……. Please don’t leave…. I can’t take it ….”

My eyes want to cry. My heart feels just like someone is squeezing it. My breathing is suddenly shallow. Even in his dreams he sees his girlfriend. Why Calvin? Why not me? I can give you everything, I will do anything for you.

Slowly I get up and move to the couch and sit down beside him. I lean on him, I touch his cheek, his nose, his lips. I want to kiss him but when I start to get closer to him he starts to speak again and now his voice is filled with anger.

“I hate you!… I will never love you……..You made Paris leave me……..You bitch…..ruined my life……I will never ever…….give you what you want.”

As he spoke tears begun to fall down my cheeks. He’s really angry at me even in his dreams he hates me. I cry and cry and cry until my eyes run out of tears.

Suddenly he jumps up from the couch holding his mouth like he’s trying to hold something in. He’s so drunk and sleepy he doesn’t pay attention. He trips on one of my legs and falls into the chair on top of me and starts to vomit. I push him off and run upstairs to my room. I smell horrible, I can’t stand it. I go to the shower and quickly wash myself off. Once I’m clean I put on some new clothes.

I grab some clothes for him and go down stairs to find him asleep on the couch like it never happened. I start to undress him and wipe him off, he smelled bad but it was mostly just on his face and chest. I get my blanket off the chair and wipe the floor with it since there was already some puke on it, but thankfully it saved the chair. I cover him with his blanket again before I go back upstairs.

In our room I revert back to thinking about what I can do to make him love me, and thankfully some ideas come to mind. A smile was on my lips when I fell asleep thinking of my plans.

How I wish it will have an effect on him. I think to myself before letting my eyes close as I drift off to sleep.



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