The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-Eight

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For the first time in her life, she wanted something more, something real, something physical, a man.

Today, at this very moment, a man didn’t signify fear, didn’t signify pain, didn’t signify all the horrible things she had known, been forced to be accustomed to and having to live her life that way because of what had happened to her.

For the first time, she didn’t cringe when a man touched her, she didn’t need to squeeze her eyes and then pretend, she didn’t pray in her heart that his lips shouldn’t touch hers or wish she can die from the touch to her skin.

For the first time, she wanted all of him, this man, this man called Jaime Lockswire. She yearned and desired his kisses, she squirmed when he kissed her neck, trailing her jaw line with his tongue.

She however, closes her eyes and squeezes them, not because she didn’t want to see him, but because all at once the feelings were rushing into her head.

For the first time, she was feeling things she never knew she could feel. For the first time, she wanted to explore this feeling, without fear, without shame…she wanted to explore it with him.

He loves her, he said he did.

Dear Lord!!She feels ..she feels…so many things, things she doesn’t even know how to explain. Here was a man she couldn’t stand, she literally wanted to bite hid head off, no scratch that -here was a man she wanted to smash his head in with her teo-shoe for being so annoying, here was a man who made her want to scream her lungs out for being him, here was a man who didn’t let a day go by and they are at each other’s throats…that same man, that she hated and he obviously hated her…

Here he was, professing his love to her, wanting and desiring her in ways that aren’t known to her…and by God, she loved it, she loved all the things he was making her feel.

He wanted to know how she felt about him? She didn’t know, she was being honest when she told him she didn’t know how she felt..other than feeling as though her heart wants to explode from pounding, other than her need to be kissed by him and how….oh she didn’t know how to explain what she feels.

Oh, but she did know that she felt tingling between her thighs because of his kisses, his sweet sweet kisses from her lips, cheeks, neck and collarbone..


For the first time she wanted something so bad she wasn’t ashamed to say it.

Yes! She meant it when she said she wanted him to make love to her, she really did.

She wants to be loved by him physically, she wants to be touched , caressed and kissed. She wanted to feel him inside of her, and know for real what it feels like to be made loved to by a man who loves her. She wants to be loved the way a man loves a woman. The way he says he loves her.

Now she understands what Tinny-B meant when she said, ”When you eventually like someone or maybe love him, everything is going to feel right, every kiss, touch, would be so thrilling that it would feel like heaven’

Indeed, his kisses were electrifying, it made the hairs on her hands stand as though someone had touched he with ice. When he trailed his tongue down her neck, she ached. And then when he had his hands, or finger, yes finger, trail her shoulders..she felt like she couldn’t stay still.

By God, she felt like screaming, but she didn’t want to scream, she felt like doing so many things at once, but couldn’t think of what to do. Infact, her toes tickles, her insides were acting funny, infact..she was in a state of euphoria.Whatever euphoria means at the moment to her she didn’t give a shit.

She was flying. Yes, that’s it, she was in bliss. Wonderful fluffy bliss.

Yes, Jaime Lockswire was a man who she had never thought anything about, was a man she wouldn’t have dared looked at because ..well, he wasn’t the most handsome man that had crossed her path, but just because of her father, because of the men..who had wanted her body…who had taken pleasure in what she can give them, she had hated the lot of them, she had hated all men and only tolerated them because, well, a girl has to survive in the street.

But never had she thought that one day, one man, one cocky annoying man could make her feel what she is feeling right now, feelings she had no name to, feelings she could not even begin to comprehend,just this man..was breaking down her resolves…her walls, her hard imaginary walls and her…

She bites her lips ,

Her walls between her thighs, at her core, ..she could feel it, she could feel it…her wetness, gathering at her core. Something she had never felt before. She new her panty was wet, ..

oh dear Lord, …she ached so bad she could scream.

How the hell did this happen? The possibility of it was still baffling, by by god there was no way she was not going to let this happen..whatever it was. This feeling was going to be explored if not she might just die from this thrilling electrifying excitement.

He loves her, he loves her…he said he did, and if all she is feeling and all he is feeling isn’t heaven right now, then nothing can compare to it..

It is very girl’s dream to be loved, though she had never lived in their teenage fantasy, didn’t indulge nor did she care for it, because she knew that it was useless. Maybe, she shouldn’t have been too fast to throw it all away, because right now, right here, this moment with this beautiful man had her feeling like she was on the verge of living a fantasy, one she had no intention of stopping.

Right her right now, for every moment she had missed, for every joy she had not been able to get, for very happiness that had eluded her, right here…right this moment, Jaime Lockswire was making her feel like she was flying, and that, that is all she fly, even higher she would go. And he would take her, he would go with her..all the way.

She doesn’t know what love is, but if what he says is true, that he loves her, and he is showing her just how much he does..then, she wants to love this way to and be able to love him right back..

She touches his face, and then caresses it.

They are still kissing, as he continuous to tease her lips, neck, jaw..

He is trying to control his ranging emotions, it was getting harder by the minute. He goes back to kissing her lips, slowly he pauses, staring down at her…he touches his hands to her hand on his face.., he removes it and then kisses it, kissing the inside of her palm.

”I want to make love to you” he whispers against her lips

She smiles ”I think i already requested that already” she whispers back

He nods kissing her ”In the heat of the moment, you forget that you are still healing?”

She doesn’t follow his eyes ”You are not going to make me feel this way and then let me go” she pulls him by the hair, he smiles laughing

”You gonna rape me?”

”If i have to” she says. She releases his hair and runs her finger through it, she leans upward to kiss him.

”We are getting bold aren’t we?” he observes with a smile

”I am a good student, am i not teacher?”

”Yes, yes you are” he kisses her nose again, and then her jawline, he groans and hides his head against her shoulders

She laughs ”What?”

”I don’t want to hurt you?”

”Doctor said i am healing fast, i don’t think a little..erm..” she trails off as her cheeks burns.

Look at her acting like a little slut, surely Tinny-B would be ashamed. But she bet she could visual Tinny-B right now telling her ”Girl if you don’t crab that dxxk and show him whose’s boss, am a slap your face back to Jerusalem and ask baby Jesus to mercy for passing up a good dxxk!..

She blushes at her thoughts.

He chuckles ”Why are you blushing?”

She thins her lips ”Nothing, just silly random thoughts” she bites her lips

”Argh! You need to stop biting your lips like that” he groans


”Er, it’s a turn on”

”So when i bite my lips like this it turn your on?” she bites her lips

His eyes dims ”yes”

”Hmm, many bites should get you to lose it?”

”Alexander?” he warns

”Come many, i mean..this girl right begging, i mean, you can’t just advice yourself to tell me you love me, no how did you put it..’‘I am crazily inlove with you Alexander’‘ You can’t just pull that stuff on me, kiss me like heaven, have me feeling like…like if i don’t know how to explain it, like making me feel all tingling all over ..and then you let me Darlene, i am going to turn you on till all you want to do is get on with me” she laughs mischievously

He shakes his head in laughter ”You are the worst i swear” he smiles down at her as she laughs ”You have a beautiful laugh” he observes ”And i like the sound of Darlene”

”And you kisses are divine, literally” she bites her lips again, and i really really want you..” she whispers ”Like i have never wanted anyone before..” she whispers ”And maybe if you are nice and make me keep feeling what i am feeling right now, i can call you darlyne all day every day” she winks

”If you think i don’t want to make love to you right now then you shouldn’t have that thought. i am literally controlling myself. In as much as i want to, i need to think about you, you are still healing and i won’t you to exert yourself” he tells her, she groans, he laughs

He rolls off her body, and then carefully pulled her up on his body. She laid on his bared chest, he still had the towel wrapped around his waist. Her head is rested on his chest, his hand over her back as he runs his fingers up and down her shoulders, smelling her hair. She could feel him smile.



”What?” she pushes,

”Do you know what this means now?”

”What what means now?”

”Tonight, this moment, us?”


”It means that you are my girlfriend”

She laughs ”Eh, eh Mr…i didn’t realize i signed another contract”

she felt him frowns , ”Speaking off” he kisses her forehead, and then moves her away from his body, he goes to the drawer and pulls out the document and then turns to her ”We do not need this anymore” he says bringing it to her ”You want to do the honors or i should?”

”Break- a-leg!” she mutters watching him as she sat up on the bed, pushing her legs under her. He nods, he rips off the documents and then tosses it into his bin. He turns to face her, folding his arms he leans on the table .

”Why the serious face?” she observes

”I want to take care of you Alexander, i want to protect you, i want to fight the goddamn world for you, I do not want to see you in this pain, ever, nor in danger..right now, right this moment, my family, you and then every other person fellows. I love you, ”

”You already told me you love me, remember” she smiles loving the way he said it with his voice thick with emotion.

”No! i do not think you understand how much, because i do not , but..i literally want to protect you.”

”Now you scaring me”

”For has long as i can remember and be able to love and understand, i have had things and people i love leave me..they always leave, the only people i have close to perfect is my parents and then…there was Christine and-” he trails off, she blinks..

”Do you still care or love her’?” A tint of jealously grips up her shoulders

He shakes his head ”Not even the slightest”

”You are scared i would leave?”

”I am more scared that they would take you away from me, that’s why this..” he points at her tummy ”Scares the shit out of me, i do not want anything else to happen to you Alexander, i wont be able to bear it”

”Nothing will!” she whispers

”You have got to listen to me, what i need you to do, stay when i ask you to stay, go when i ask you to go”

”I am not leaving the city” her vice is firm, a tiny bout of anger shows.

He shakes his head coming to her, ”Relax miss fiery hot temper! You do not realize that now that i know i love you, you aren’t leaving my sight ” he whispers to her ”I just want to protect you and keep you safe, that is all, can you understand that?” he caresses her cheeks.

She nods

””So, can we talk about you not returning to your job?”

”What would i do?’

”Anything else…i won’t let girlfriend be doing that..ever again”

She laughs ”I did mention that i still didn’t realize i signed a new contract, did you miss that?” She inquired.

”Nope” he smiles ”You didn’t get the memo?”

”Er…Which is?” she raises an eyebrow ”Invisible memo?”

”When a guy says he loves a girl,and they have a little make out session,that’s an official seal to dating”

”Oh,i must have missed the memo, sorry, i don’t date stray dogs”

”Ohh!!!! Touch down, knock down, Alexander one, Jaime nil” he holds his chest and then jerks, and jerks ‘Mayday! Mayday!…man down! I repeat, man down!…..” he falls to the bed, Alexander roars in laughter.

”You are such a clown” she joked hitting him, he plops sideways on the bed and then stares at her

”See, that laughter?, that is what i want to hear always, this..this right here, is what i want to have on a daily…this crazy ass woman who got me riled up when i met her is what i want…see how this makes sense, all of this… ”

”Hmm, ”

”You know all what i am saying is just so you realize that you are my girlfriend now” he smiles slyly ”How do they say it ”you are my official girl !” he sang.

”You know if you ask nicely, i might just oblige” she turns up her nose

”Oh, is that it huh?”

‘Yes sir”

He gets up lying on the bed, and then leans towards her ”Alexander Beckington, first of her name, destroyer of Jaime’s world, fighter of battles not her own” she chuckles, he continues ”Braver of storms, the one true beauty by definition ” She is smiling from hear to ear ”Will you..will you be my…. clown” he smiles showing his 32.

”Argh!!” she gasps with wide eyes

”Gotcha!!!” he roars with laughter.

She reaches for a pillow and then hits it with him, he is laughing as he held it, pulling her closer, she had begun laughing as well.

”I always knew you were a jerk”

”A cute jerk!” he teases, he is falling back to lay on his back, pulling her along with him slowly, tosses the pillow away.

”Yes, that too” she is back to leaning on his chest…

”Will you be girlfriend, i promise to sweep your off your feet, literally!!!”

She smiles under his chin ”You know, that is the nicest thing i have been asked for a long time…” She turns to look at him ”I must warn you, i am a pain in the as, and i..well..i really do not known how this thing works so i guess you need to indulge me when i become clumsy”

He smiles in return ”Say yes, and you do not need to know how what is done, just let me love you…and baby i am gonna blow your mind” he spreads his hand as though he was about to show her something midair

she roars with laughter ”Really, i need to make sure that this is the same Jaime i met a few weeks ago. My god! you are hilarious! I could pass you for an impostor, true story!””

He tugs a hair behind her ear”That would be nice. The good and then bad Jaime”

She nods

”You didn’t say a yes, don’t keep a guy waiting’.

She stares up at him,”Yes Lockswire, i would date you”

”Home run, and it’s a win, yes!” he fisted and throws it up, she laughs. ”I have a confession to make”’ he whispers


”I think i ranted about my feelings to you while you were unconscious in the hospital”

”Oh right, about that, i think i heard that, you know i figured that i was dreaming and stuff. ”

”Damn!” he chuckles

”And i think i mentioned it to Tinny-B”

‘What! Oh, that explains her questions of love and what not, damn she is a case, how do you cope with her? She followed me like a fly yesterday, i had to bundle her away with the help of Adam. She seemed happy to bug the poor guy”

”She probably have a thing for him, maybe”

”Poor Adam!” Jaime smiles. He loved the feel of her body close to him, he loved the way her hair smelled of strawberry shampoo. He liked the way she smiled at him. He loved as she placed her fingers on his chest and the shy way she finger-walked on his chest.

There was something peaceful, perfect about this moment. ”Where have you been all my life Alexander?”

”Here, probably waiting to be you” she smiled shyly

”Glad i did, now you gonna be stuck to me like glue”

”I don’t want to be glued to you” she pouts

”We would see about that pretty beautiful lady”

She blushes. He kisses her fingers, and then slowly he kisses her forehead, nose , and then lips.

It was intoxicating, her lips, pulling him, causing him to want more.

She ached to him, pulling herself she is ontop of him, face to face, lips glued to lips, his hands; one to her back, caressing her, going to her neck and then touching her face, the other rested right on her waist..caressing her there.

He felt like squeezing her to him, but he had to be mindful of her injury. Slowly, he rolled her off his body without breaking the kiss, leaning sideways , putting his weight on his legs than on her, he whispers over her lips, ”You are killing me Alexander”, he breaths, his heart is back to pounding, she felt it, she placed her palm to his chest, then she took his to hers. Their eyes lock.

”I can’t make it stop either” she whispers. Their eyes linger on each other, their need and desire for each other rises..the intensity of it becoming unbearable.

He leans in, taking her lips slowly, he kisses her as she kisses him back. The passion behind each kiss was breathtaking.

He leaves her lips and then kisses her shoulders, he traces his finger over her nightie, tentatively down the path her brxxst divides to her novel. He leaves her shoulders and then kisses between that path, till her got to where his finger laid, then he repeated the process, down to where her thighs divide, he hovers, without touching..he moves, away from her area, he traces a line sideways, down her waist, to her thighs, he finger-treks to her knee, then he comes back up, taking her nightie back up..causing cold air to kiss her thighs.

She gasps, closing her eyes.

Now she could feel the air rising, as her nightie is lifted higher, kissing her bare tummy and stopping just below her bosom.

Jaime pulls himself lower, to where her thighs are, one by one he kisses them, one thigh to the other, he goes to her knee, lifting her legs slowly up he kisses behind her knee.

she gasps again, biting her lips. She had no idea how sensitive that spot was.

Slowly, he trails and kisses back up her thighs, inside and out till he is right where he intended to be. He spares her a look, her eyes are closed, he smiles..

Pouting his lips, he leans close, so close to where her core is, hidden by the white fabric of her panty, he blows hot air right there, he doesn’t stop. She was wet, he could tell, but he intends to make her rain. He blows more hot air.

Now she moans, opening her eyes and stares down at him in shock. ”Jaime!” she breaths. She lays her head back, and closed her eyes, her teeth digging into her lower lips.

He places both hands to her waist, and slowly runs down her panty, revealing clean shaven area. He rolled it off her legs, away from the bed. He returns to his position, right at the middle, his eyes staring at her, her lower her. A beautiful lower her.

He felt himself harden, throbbing at his thighs, he ignores him.

Making himself comfortable, he trails her thighs again with his lips, teasing her and felt her squirm, at every moment nearing her core but not touching her there, dancing around her middle , causing her need to intensify, he continues to kiss her, feeling her ache, hearing her moan, each kisses eliciting gasps from her lips.

Slowly, he places his finger, one of it at her middle. He does nothing, just allowing it to linger.

”It’s cold” she gasps squeezing the bed sheet.

”How about this?” he whispers right before he places his lips there,and without any warning, he sticks his tongue, diving her labia. And as he would kiss her lips, he skillfully does so, kissing her labia majora, her minora, driving electrifying sensations through her body, going to her toes and shooting to her head…sinking his tongue deeper, he flicks her clits with his tongue. Kissing, teasing, exploring..

”Oh dear lord!” Alexander screams, she places her hand over her lips, her eyes opening and closing, her body aching to his kisses down there, unable to stay still, wanting everything, desiring everything…she can’t, she can’t.. she can’t

”Oh lord!” she finds herself screaming again, this time reaches for his head, unable to stay still. Her moaning coming in a few seconds interval, music to his ears.

He intensifies the kisses to her core, teasing, kissing, and then he lips his finger, caressing her fleshy folds, slipping him, he lets his finger flick her consistently…

She cries out again in pleasure, turning her head side to side..he doesn’t stop, no he doesn’t stop, he watches her as he pleasures her, enjoying every moment she made, every sound, every ache he saw and how her body responded to what he did to her.

He was tempted, tempted to take her, but he would wait, his desire was to please her, please her all the way and watch her explode.

It wasn’t long, he replaced his finger with his lips, making more consistent movement as one skilled in the act of cunnilingus a man who knew how to not pleasure women but his woman.

And Alexander was his woman, today, tomorrow..always. Her taste, was imprinted in his tongue, the way her hips moved was a sight for saw hers, her body looked like that of a goddess, his goddess..her name was probably written already in his heart..what more does he want? Nothing, nothing else other than her.

Then he heard her, as he continued to give her un-explainable pleasure..

”Jaime!” she calls out, she was quaking, her eyes shoots open ”What is..oh….oh..Oh oh my god something is happening, Jaime oh…i feel..i feel..oh oH OHHHHHHH!!” she cries out

He doesn’t stop, he knew she was coming, he doesn’t stop, not even when he felt her pulsating, not even when he felt her, with his tongue inside her and her walls constricting..he felt her, he heard her..and he pushed her, stroking her with his tongue faster..until..

She cried out, reaching for him, squeezing her legs, with his head between her thighs. Her breathing coming in loud feats, her chest heaving up and down, her eyes closed, her cry rose and then slowly, slowly she fell shattering, all the way up to ecstasy, then slowly, she is falling, all the way down. All the way down…he lets the process happen, loving the process.

By the time she got to the ground, he was there to catch her, bringing her back to earth. She releases her thighs, releases the bed sheet she squeezed with one hand and then her other hand to is hair.

He kisses her at her core again, feeling her throbbing within. He kisses her both thighs, one more time and then stares at her..

”Should i call 911?” he teases, his voice thick with desire, ”That cum with such intensity deserves a check, do you need a doctor?”

It takes a few seconds before she could register what he was saying, then it takes a minute for her to calm down..

”Shut up” she whispers in a half smile

He laughs kissing her one more time between her legs, then he pulls himself trailing his tongue from her tummy, to between her bosom where he nightie still lays, shielding them from him, he hovers over them, sighting the unashamed nipples saying a very arousing hello, begging to be nibbled. He groans staring at her, she had both hands now covering her face, he chuckled leaning towards her face and kissing both hands and then removing them… ”Shy are well?”

She nods replacing them back, he removes them and then pins them above her head ”why?”

”Because..because i have’t felt that way before or ever had that….rush like i want to pee but i don’t want to pee and that like as if i am on a swing and there are pushing me high and high and high and High and that feeling keeps going up and up and i want to pee and i …i couldn’t hold it and i…did i pee?”

He is laughing hard, she covers her face ”Oh i did, oh so embarrassing and right close to your face and…whaaaaaaaahahahaha” she cried

His tummy hurt from laughing , he kisses her faces away, and then plastered kisses all over her face ”You are so fxxking adorable Alexander Bekington, my own personnel corrupter..” he laughs kissing her loudly on the lips and then kisses her again and again ”You didn’t pee silly…you just had a cum..something i am beginning to think you haven’t ever had?”

She shakes her head

”Damn Jaime, you bad!”

She hits him, he laughs kissing her again ”You know what? I am happy!”


”Because i am the first guy to make you feel this good, it’s  pleasing to know” he says caressing her neck and then between her brxxst, he tentatively takes his hands to her nipples, using his thumb he draws circle over it, consistently as he stares at her ”And it was wonderfully exciting to see you go all the way and then drop…that is what is called, pleasing a woman Alexander, and i am glad i was able to please you, immensely”

She closes and then opens her eyes , his hands to her nipples had her feeling tingling all over again ”How does a woman please a man she likes?” she whispers

He smiles before he takes his head to her chest, ”I’ll leave that to you”, he slips the nightie under her and then carefully takes it above her head, now she laid beneath him, naked.. her eyes doesn’t leave his. ”Hello beauties” he whispers right before he took a nipple in his mouth, twirling over it with his tongue, while his finger played with the other one.

She moaned, feeling the buildup between her thighs again..

Dear lord! 

Jaime imprinted his lips all over her chest, hardening her nipples by every kiss, lick, and tinny bites to send sensations down to her core, she reaches for him, running a hand through his hair, aching towards him.

Jaime runs a hand down her chest, her tummy, carefully avoiding her bandaged area, he slips his hands behind and below her, squeezing her bottom, getting so hard he can hardly think.

From one nipples to the other, he kisses her and then finds his way back to her lips.

Much bolder now, she has her hands, one to his back and the other caressing his chest, his nipple, she breaks away from his kisses, bending her neck upwards she kisses his chest, realizing that when he trailed his tongue over her body she felt excited..she does thesame to him, his chest even as he laid above her. She has her lips to his chest, kissing, trailing, repeating his movement with her, she aims for his nipples too, as soon as she had her tongue to it.

He throws his head back and then groans, she smiles..she goes for the other one, one after the other she kisses, teases him, and then sent tinny bites as he did her..

”Damn!” he groans holding onto her, leaning away from her his weight is on his leg, but he wishes to sink into her, right into her. He leans lower, Alexander opens her legs and pull him lower. She breaks away from his chest, she kisses his jaw, and then his lips, lingering, she runs her hands over his back, trailing down with her fingers the way he did her. Reaching his waist, she tugs at the towel he still tied and pull it away. His brief…damn his brief.

As though he could read her thoughts, He  helps her, smiling , she smiles back against his lips.

There, she felt him, as he leaned in even closer to her. She felt him erect, hard..ready. She touches him, encircled him..

He groans again, she gasps…today, she held a man by his member, and she liked it, she liked it alot.

She felt it again, that wetness, tricking down her core, staining her thighs..she burned, in need, in want , in be filled by this man who felt right being here with her.

She squeezed him gently, and used her thumb to caresses his cap slowly, feeling him glistening. She ached towards him as he ached towards her, his breath hot on her lips, his heart pounding fast against her equally pounding heart. Lips against lips, skin to skin, desire matching desire, she opens her legs wider for him, ready for him..

Jaime knew at this moment, he couldn’t even be able to hold himself back, and he didn’t want to..he stares  at her, longing for her, hungry for her..

She is staring back at him, her eyes pulling him in, sinking him..willing him to take her all the way to where his eyes promises her. She massages him lovingly, feeling him grow bigger in her hand..she yearned to be filled bu him, entirely, totally…all of him.

”Oh fxxk!” he moans out , staring at her one last time, he whispers, capturing her lips ”I love you Alexander” right before he slowly enters her, going deep, reaching her core spot, hitting it and lingering.

Alexander breaks away from his kiss to moan out,grabbing him tight, and then holding him still..

Jaime stills for a few more seconds, then he began to move, slowly, slowly..he tilts her face to stare at him, he kisses her as she bites her lips, listening to her moaning, like a beautiful music to his ears. One he would never tire off.

Alexander closes her eyes to savor the moment, to explore the new feelings rising inside her as he moved inside her,…it was was slow, – this right here was a different and new feeling…and she loved it, every second of it.

Jaime took her slow, making love to her passionately, causing her to meet him steadily at every rhythm, moving in and out, making her moan and bite her lips and the dig her nails into his back, he took her over the heels, over the mountain top of ecstasy and the pushed her over the cliff, steadily until all she wanted to do was to scream out his name..

he lets her as he cries out holding on to him, he felt her walls tighten, her felt her pulsating walls..squeezing his member, causing more sensitivity to his cap..

Jiame closes his eyes and the moans, kissing her, caressing and teasing her, going in and out, letting her hand roam his mother, her nails dig into his back and listening to her songs of sweetness that was pushing him over the cliff..right behind her.

”oh God Jaime, i am..i am..oh god i am…cumi-ohhh ohh aHHHHHHHH!!” she quakes, she jerks, turning her head to the side , her eyes goes inside as she screams out in resounding pleasure

”Oh damn Alexander” He lets go, exploding right into her, watching her shatter. Over the cliff, they both fall, leaving the euphoria of bliss, back down to earth. Satiated. At peace.

He kisses her as his fast heart slowed back to normalcy. He kisses her till he was out of air..slowly he pulls away from her, pulling her with him, laying her on his chest.

”Are you okay, do you feel hurt anywhere?” he whispers

”Better than i have ever been ” she replies in a whisper ”No, don’t worry, i won’t tell doctor i had the best night of my life when i should be doing anything other than having the best night of my life”

He laughs, she turns to him ”Really, this was the best life of my life”

”Because we made love?” he tugs a hair behind her ear, she shakes her head

”Because i am with you..Jaime Lockswire, because i am with you” she leans in and then kisses him, resting back on his chest, he smiles, his heart bursting with love for this woman

He knew right there and then, that she would be the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, why is too short, and he has no intention of letting life’s rare chances ever slipping away from him.

Some people spend a life time looking for the one who is meant for them, he..he found her, and he was going to make her his…well, after what they just did ..she was his already but, before his parents, friends and loved ones, he would make her his, officially. They say, when you find the woman of your dreams, flaunt it, laud it. He would do more than that,he would scream it at the mountain top….damn, he was happy, so happy he can hardly contain himself.

He smiles, deciding his next task for Adam. ”Go to sleep beautiful” he kisses her, rubbing her back like he would a child to put to sleep ”There are so many things i want to share with you, but one day at a time” he kisses her again.

He heard her yawn, he felt her body shut down to sleep, he listens as she breaths peaceful.

Long after she slept, he didn’t.

He was planning …planning on how to make her his wife.


Alexander woke up to the smell of food. She yawns turning to the side of the bed. It was empty.

She frowns leaving the bed, ”Jaime?” she calls out. No answer. The toilet was empty. Sighing she picks up her panties, and then puts on her nightie, she makes her way out the room and then goes to hers.

She was frowning. They spend a beautiful night together and he leaves her by her self in the morning and not even a note to say where he went.

Then she began to laugh, look at her sounding like a girlfriend already. she covers her face and then screams into her palm.

Oh, wait, she really is his girlfriend, like his woman, the love of his life…oh!! she lays back on her bed and the covers her hands and screams again for the second time.

She seats up, but where the hell did he go to without telling his girlfriend, boyfriends aren’t supposed to act like that are there..infact!

She stands up taking off her her nightie, she throws naked into the bathroom and stares at her tummy. A small patch of blood ha stained the bandaged , she frowns . She removes it realizing that their exercise last night must have caused a tiny rip to her injury, nothing she should be worried about. She grabs spirit, cotton wool and then wipes it clean, she takes about bandage and then covers it. She grabs the bath-film paper and then ties it around her injury area to protect it from water. She goes under the shower and then takes a bath.


Alexander follows the smell of the food to the kitchen, a loud music is coming from there. Her tummy growls with hunger pangs, she pushes the door open to find a man, dressed in apron, dancing off beat to a song and then singing.

She pushes the door further open to find a puzzled faced Tinny-B staring at him, and then an equally confused Adam staring at him.

The man who had a cooking spoon one one had, has a frying pan in other is oblivious to his audience as he continues to. dance. Now he was shaking his tush!!

Tinny-B and Adam stare at her as soon as the door shuts close.

”You know anything about this?” Tinny-B inquires

She shakes her head ”No!”

Adam leans away from the kitchen counter and then goes to her ”I am tempted to call the hospital to run a check up on him, i have never seen him this way, not since forever..Jaime Locksiwre singing, dancing and cooking, oh boy!!” he laughs shaking his head ”I wonder what happened to get him so…”

”Happy!!” He and Tinny-B say in unison

Alexander shrugs innocently taking a seat, avoiding their eyes ”Me too” she grabs a glass and then empties juice into it, she takes it to her kips

Tinny-B eyes her ”You didn’t come back last night, where did you sleep..most importantly, how did you sleep?”

Alexander chokes

Tinny-B frowns, and then her eyes grows big noticing the aura around her friend ”You have a glow!!”‘ she covers her mouth as Adam turns, Jaime turns too, Alexander’s cheeks burns a bright pink.

Jaime sees them, shocked for a small second that people were watching him, then he sees her, his face breaks into a large smile. He had four plates of food set out already, he pushes one to Adam, Tinny-B, he takes two and then comes to Alexander placing it before her.

”Good morning beautiful” he leans in and then kisses her lingering on her lips ”I made breakfast for you and ofcourse these scalawags so they don’t say i am not a nice man only treating his woman to all nice things” he kisses her again and then pulls out a chair, pulling her to seat.

Tinny-B couldn’t close her mouth, Adam helps her with it, his face in smiles ”Well Sir, i think today and all the days from now own would be a good day”

”Yes, i literally got sunshine in my life!” he kisses Alexander again ”A beautify sunshine that is” He kisses her again. He could never get enough from kissing her. Alexander smiles, she leans in and then returns his kisses, unashamed, un-bothered.

Tinny-B’s mouth drops open again, Alexander avoids her eyes, she is smiling from ear to ear ”I bet whatever you make would be nice”

”Anything for you girlfriend!” he kisses her again

Tinny-B falls off her chair.

Adam is roaring with laughter as Alexander laughs, jumping off her own chair , Jaime can’t control it.

Tinny-B is helped up by Adam. She grabs the glass of juice Alexander original held, she gulps the entire contents in one gulp , she pours half a glass as they look on, and gulps the entire contents again. She raises her index finger , asking for a minute without saying anything, She leaves the kitchen and  shuts the door.

”Where is she going to?” the men inquired curious

Alexander smiles , ”Wait for it”

”For what?” Jaime chuckles

Alexander raises an index finger

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Tinny-B’s voice is heard behind the closed door, and then jumping, clapping and then more screams  comes after it.

”What the hell!!’ Jaime laughs closing his ears.

”For that!!” She shakes her head smiling ” men and men…i would like to introduce to you the wordd’s original crazy, my friend best friend –Tinny-B, the dramatic queen ” she laughs

”Yes!! that is drama alright” Adam laughs, a cute petite drama queen. He muses.

Tinny-B opens the door, she is  smiling ”So, when is the wedding, because baby i am about to to -”

Everyone is laughing….she doesn’t finish, she pouts ”Awww” She comes and then  hugs Alexander , whispering into her ears ”I told you, i am a fxxkign seer, i knew you guys were right for each other, baby..i am the happiest!” she squeezes her

”You so silly, i am his girlfriend, he isn’t marrying me” she laughs shaking her head


Jaime smiles.

He knew what he was going to do…he had the perfect idea of a proposal.

He smiles.

Adam is watching him.

”Anything you need boss” as though reading his mind.

”Good man, too good a man!” Jaime laughs ”Hey, you got to have her as a best friend forever…allow me enjoy my moment” he taps Tinny-B’s shoulders.

”Sorry!” she laughs moving away, he smiles and then stares at Alexander, he picks up a fxxk ..and jabs it into diced soft meat and then takes it to her lips , she opens her mouth and takes the food.

”hmmm, this is spiced good!” she observes licking her lips

”I know!” he winks , he stares at Adam and Tinny-B, ”Eat and stop looking at us, jealous much?” he teases

They all laugh.


”Yes Deborah, i would not be in the office today, kindly reschedule all my meetings for tomorrow”

”Why is that Sir?”

”Also, all calls that are not personal should be reverted to you, today i am taking a day off and i need no disturbance”

He heard her surprise voice ”But Sir, you never take time off work, why are you starting now?”

”Because i got a woman, and she is pretty…i deserve a time off damnit!”

He heard his PA/ secretary laugh. She had been with him for a little over ten years. She was elderly, she gets jobs done. Changing her never came to mind.

”Well, maybe i should just reschedule tomorrow off too. Besides, the weekend is only three days away and your father is throwing a party to you honor by Saturday, i already sent a list of guests from the company to your mother, and i am sure half the city if not all would be at the Mayor’s residence …so, i think you deserve a few days off to be with your Lady.., you are President of the Heritage company, back bone to chocolate city, possible soon be Mayor if all goes can take time off for a month if you want to, your good work which you have begun would keep bringing you successes.”

He smiles ”Eh old your horses woman, don’t get all high hopes ”

she laughs ”By the way, if its that woman i saw on TV, pretty don’t do her justice. I see why you seemed as if you were walking in the clouds yesterday”

He laughs ”Bye Deborah”!!

He cuts the call to find Adam behind him.., he beckons to him

”So, i am thinking of  white carat gold, platinum and-” he trails off ”What?”

”Nothing Adam smiles ”It’s just weird seeing you all pumped up, now you talking rings? Aren’t you going too fast?”

”Nope! A woman like that? No Adam, i am going just i need you to find a way to get her ring size without her suspecting”

He chuckles. ”Don’t you think that’s your job?”

”Er..i only just asked her to date me, she might run the other way if she realizes what i want to do…man has got to be subtle, subtle you know”

”Hmm right, well the messenger always gets killed, find another scape-goat”

”Come on Adam” he pleads, ”A man is desperate, i would give you a raise” he winks

Adam laughs ”No Boss, trust me, you can be more discreet than i am. Just imagine me telling her ”Ma’am, can you kindly try on this ring, its for bla bla bla, she would see right through me and you know..she erm..”

Jaime steps close ”What are you about to say about my woman?”

Adam tries not to laugh ”Feisty, i don’t want her biting off my head, yours is sweet enough for her thank you very much” He leans closer ”But a man won’t mind a raise”

”Oh get lost!” Jaime nudges him away ”Look i need to get it soon, i intend to pull a big on on her possibly weekend”

”Can’t help you Sir, infact i think i have work, work to do” Adam is walking away

”Adam, Adam!!”

He shakes his head, the kitchen door swings open, the girls walk out. ”Ma’am, Boss wants you..”

”What tha-” Jaime trails off, Alexander stares at him curiously

”Oh, what about!?”

”I will get you Adam” he mouths to him before smiling down at her , taking her hands he pulls her into his folds ”So, i cleared out my day today”

”You shouldn’t, you have work and people who depend on you and-”

He kisses her to shut her up..”Ssh, one day or two…they would live. So, tell me what you would love to do, where you would want to go..and i would make it happen..”

”No..Jaime!!” she says looking at him, ”Come on you don’t need to spoil me or anything”

Tinny-B appeared from nowhere and slaps her at the back of her head ”Oww!!”

”Hey!” Jaime rubs his girlfriend’s head ”Play nice Tinny-B!!” he chuckles as Alexander pouts, he rewards her with a kiss, Alexander sticks out her tongue at her friend

”What my friend is saying is that- she would love to see the world and be treated like a queen- her English not so good so when she speaks she says stupid things like ”you don’t have to spoil me”..wrong!! spoil her Jaime, i permit you!”

Jaime is laughing ”I agree with the crazy girl” He looks down at Alexander ”I want to treat you like a queen, if i don’t who will?”


”You know what…i would do the honors..grab a change of cloths and- you know what, don’t bother” he takes her by the hand and pulling her with him

”Where are we going to?”

”Oh, you are been taken to be blown away that’s what” He grabs his keys before stepping out of the door”

”I am not wearing shoes” she chuckles as she tries to keep up with him as they reach the door, he flings it open ”You don’t need to..” bending he sweeps her off her feet, and takes her to his guys, he shakes his head when three security details head for their car ”We good!” He slips her in, placing a kiss to her lips ”How about we go some place nice yes?”

She is smiling ”You know, if you get like this with me, you would make me get used to it”

”Do i look like i don’t want you to get used to this?” he laughs ”Baby, all i want is to treat you good..and i would so enjoy it..just enjoy it” he starts the car, pulling away and zooming down town.


Tinny-B has a peaceful smile on her face as she watched them leave, Adam comes behind her.

”Is that not the most beautiful sight, them..seeing them act like love sick puppies?”

He nods to the three guys , ”Boss said he is good”

”Don’t be fools, he pays you to watch him, his father doubles it…he doesn’t leave your sight, i am behind you”, they nod, entering  the car and then chase after them.

”You seem protective of him” she observes

”The pay is good”

”Is that all there is to it?”

”Nope! He…is the closest i have to a friend, a brother, a family..and he doesn’t treat me like a worker..known the kid for years now, he takes care of his or not. He is a good man, one no one wouldn’t do anything for. Your friend is lucky!”

She turns to face him ”No, he is the lucky one, she had never looked at a man the way she stares at him today..he is the lucky one to have her eyes sparkle for him so”’ she smiles

They stare at each other ”I don’t see you with girls, are you gay?”


”Just checking” she smiles, he nods

”You got a gig to go to or work?”

”No, i think i am going to just chill out”

”Okay, gatto go keep an eye on those kids” he smiles

She leans in and then places a kiss to his cheeks ”You be safe” she turns and walks into the house, he watches her disappear, shakes his head and then leaves.

In another minute he is out and following the car tracks to find them.

Fifteen minutes later, he knew Jaime had done it..He finds the guys parked somewhere in town and no idea where Jaime entered. He laughs driving pass them..

”Oh Jaime, you son of a gun!”


Christine has a huge smile on her face when Gemmylne steps out to meet her , they hug.

”You look beautiful Gem, where is your lover, he is treating you nice”

Gem laughs ”Oh nonsense, Jacob is probably in the field with a few colleagues playing spots. Do what do i owe this surprise visit Christine, how is your mother?”

”Oh can’t i come see you anymore just because Jaime has some girl he fancies?”

”Oh don’t be silly, you are welcome anytime” Gem pats her cheeks ”I hope you would  be here by Saturday, Jacob is going all out for Jaime”

”Well..i don’t know if Jaime-”

”Don’t be silly, you are invited..” She laughs shaking her head

”Oh, thank you Gem, you are the sweetest, so i went by a shop and i saw this, i know you said you always wanted one of this rocking wrists bands and i even got your name engraved..just like the one in that picture you showed me years ago”

”Awww..Christine you shouldn’t have, the had these here?”

”No, i ordered it, took a few weeks but..tadah!!!” she laughs

”Aww thank you! ”Gem hugs her ”Oh wait till i show Jacob, let me go get that picture, it is somewhere in the room” Gem gets up

”Oh kay Gem, i am just going to get juice or something”

”Call up the chef they will make you something” she calls out disappearing into her room

”’s fine!” she gets up opening her bag, she brings out an inner bag, opening it to reveal three items bagged together, she separates them, bringing out the tape as well, she smiles . The security were fools, just because she was a friendly face..they think she can cause them no harm. They didn’t even frisk her. What if she had a bomb? Well, it was all to her advantage.

She places the first bag under the table and tapes it to the wall of the table.

Leaving the living room, she carries the one places it under the chair. she tapes it. She looks around walking out of the living room. Heading out, down the stairs to where the other room leads into   massive big hall, which is used mostly when the Mayor has big events, like the one he was planning for Jaime.

She stares at the vase of flower, she smiles. Five minutes later she is dusting her hands and making her way back to the room, replying to a greeting as a security detail appeared behind her.


”Oh hi..” she says walking past him and heading back up the stairs, taking a right she goes into the kitchen. The chef was busy..

The security detail frowns turning around, wondering what she was doing there ”Alpha, see anything ?” he speaks into his coms.

”See what?”

”Miss Christine was seen walking the house”


”Just wondering what she is doing down at the event area?”

”Er…she is family you know, possibly checking the hall for the gig in a few days”

”Eh..but why walking up and down though, Greg said he noticed her leave the leaving room, but didn’t follow her, then she disappears and now she just left down here”

”Dude, what are you ranting about”

The man rubs the back of his neck ”Dunno! Is the cameras on?”

”You now the boss’s wife said she didn’t want cameras in the house. She wants it off when she is home..said something about feeling uncomfortable as though she is being watched so…it’s off”

”Oh okay, but it would be on during the event yes?”

”I suppose, there would be alot of people so i guess so. Dude, get back to work and stop following the Miss, she may not be dating the son but..she still friends of the family”

”Right!” the man says into his coms, he looks to the direction she disappeared to, then sighing he goes back to his post.


”Good morning Ma’am..i didn’t realize you are around, would you mind if i make you something?”

”No Julius, just a glass of juice and cookies is fine!”

He nods grabbing a clean class and emptying juice for her, he places hotly baked cookies into a plate and then hands it to her ”Anything else?’

”No, thank you Julius!” she turns walking away.

Christine spends a few more hours with Gem, she even was asked to stay for Dinner as the Mayor insisted walking in and then seeing her.

She didn’t mind really, she already has achieved what she came for.

”Oh i would love to Jacob!” she smiled.


Jaime is seated crossed leg reading a news paper when someone clears his throat, he pulls the paper down.

”Allow me present to you..the dazzling beauty herself..Miss Alexander Beckington” the man ushers her in.

Jaime stands up, his mouth dropping the flow ”Wow!”

Alexander is dressed in a sizzling white diamond-studded dress, V-shape line cutting into her cleavage and a body that accentuated the curves of the dress. ”Wow!!” Jaime repeats coming to her ”You look..amazing”

”It’s all too much..sparkling!” she twirls around

”As it should be”

She looks at her realizing that he looked different ”And you are not bad yourself ”

”I know right, but trust me, where we are going, i wouldn’t be the one they would be looking at”

”Where are we going?”

”Tell me the most amazing place you would want to grace”

”I don’t know!” she squeezes up her face

”Okay” he is staring at his phone ”So i was browsing about events ladies would kill to go for within the city and across the country; have you ever been to the opera?”

”Only in movies!”

”You like it when you watch’em?”

”Oh they are so dramatic, so animated too..and their voices..oh my ears…i wished i could be in an audience and get to watch them live one day”

He smiles ”Well, guess that won’t be  a wish anymore” he says taking her by the hand and taking back his card he had earlier given to the attendant.  ”Apparently you are in luck, they are doing  a remake of Romeo and Juliet, played by famous actors..and i just happen to get the last two available gold tickets on” He trails off

”Gold VIP tickets to the Opera?” she gushed



”Love is.., this was written by Stephanie Egberike..who goes by the alias ITCHYFINGERS, i hear she is some African writer, telling this ancient story in another perspectives..i hear tickets are sold out”

”Oh, wow!!”

”I know right!”

”And you happen to still get two tickets, VIP and in gold?”

He smiles

”What did you do Lockswire?”

”Money talks, bullshit works!!”

She hits him ”Jaime Locskwire did you just bribe your way into an Opera?”

He stares at her innocently ”No, ofcourse not, i simply just mentioned my name and felt sad that i couldn’t get my woman to witness this beautiful play and then they apologized and then they offered and i gladly accepted..i did not bribe them”

She stares at him with raised up eyebrow ” Really?”

‘Okay, bribe is such a big word, i…doubled on the VIP Tickets, they were greedy, it wasn’t my fault, they just sold it to the highest bidder, it is not my fault!”

”You are so bad!”

”i am not…just bad for you yes!” he winks at her, she laughs.

They are out the door, he opens the car door for her to slip in and then goes to the other side.

”By the way,” she smiles when he got in ”I noticed what you did back there, getting rid of your security detail”

He cocks his lips up in a sly grin ”I always hated to be babysitted- Adam gets on my nerves pretty often, the others don’t listen either but..atleast they do not all know my escape routes” he puts the car on drive ”But i can swear Adam would be lurking around like a vampire” he laughs.

He is zooming across town again, soon they are cutting into the airport

”Jaime..” she frowns looking around ”Are we in the airport”

He laughs jumping out the car, going to her side and then helping her out ”Supposing we are?” he held her by her waist, staring into her eyes lovingly.

”This opera, where is it holding?”

”Somewhere in New York!!” he turns away and is leading her to a few flight attendants walking towards them

”Jaime Lockswire!!!”

He laughs at her exclamation of his name ”Damn, did i tell you how pretty you look when you make that shock face?” he roars again.

”Good evening Mr. Lockswire, your private jet is ready and captain is on board, Ma’am, welcome on-board”

She pauses still disbelieving,  ”We are not going on a private jet to New York to watch an Opera theatre play?” she shrieks

He nudges her forward, stepping up and going into the jet, pulling her along as he laughs ”You think i would get you all beautiful dressed up, hair done and all that glow just because i want to just stare at you all day? Okay well i want to stare at you all day but…i also want to treat you to little good things, and this is one and yes we are…so stop struggling and come up else i would carry you all the way up the jet”

Her legs are weak ”Who owns it? Are we allowed to be here?” she looks around as he pulls her to him, he chuckles

”Well, i guess since it’s mine we are allowed to be in here”

She stares at him as her mouth drops ”You are so not Christian Grey and neither am i Anastasia!!” she shrieks

”Well, no, that guy’s wealth is mad plus it’s fictitious..i just happen to have a jet, two years old, mostly for the comfort plus i wanted to gift myself i hardly use it, only when i have to go for business trips and then let it just sit here. But now, i have every reason to go for lovely short trips if i want- no scratch that ..if you you want Italian food, you want to go to the beach in the Bahamas, or you want to buy a dress from Columbia or maybe to go to the Elfel tower to take pictures..basically, you think it, we are there” he pulls her to seat opposite him.

The air hostess comes to them with  a bottle of wine with two glasses ..”Champagne?” he asks her

”Yes please” she smiles biting her lips

He groans ”You know you shouldn’t bite your lips like that Alexandra, you know what it does to me”

She blushes , going warm, remembering what had transpired between them, she squeezes her legs together and then turns away smiling, liking the feeling he ignites in her , she takes the wine to her lips and sips, sparing him a glance, he is staring at her, his eyes dim, boring into her soul.

She burns. But she managed to smile shy.

Jaime shakes his head smiling back at her ”You know what, i think you bewitched me, that’s the only explanation”

She leans back crossing her legs, with an attitude ”Well, atleast my charms worked, i should renew it every one and then, wouldn’t want you to stop looking at me that way and know” she trails off, he laughs

”This is the Captain, sit back and enjoy your trip.” the Captain’s voice filtered the air, Jaime sites the air hostess taking a seat and strapping on her seat beat.

He puts down the class, reaches for her and then helps her with hers ”How long would it be for, the trip?”

His head his close to her, he is done, he stares at her, their eyes linger ”30 mints, and then i have a few other surprises for you” he whispers

”Another surprise?”

”Surprises, with an S”

”’t have to”

He licks his lips ”I want to. I don’t know how you have lived your life before now, i just want to make sure that here on out, as long as i can..i will give you the world, so please, don’t refuse, don’t stop me. If i have everything, why won’t i share it with the woman who has literally stopped my heart and and caused it to a way it hasn’t before. I can afford it, let me give you not just the world, but mine, i want to give you my world Alexander, so let me!”

”What if you couldn’t afford it?”

”Then i would work day and night, hand’s in dirt, knee to the earth, tilling and going untill i give you all that you deserve. You deserve love, you deserve happiness, you deserve it all..and love, i am giving to you, happiness…i will to you, peace..babe..loving you is bliss enough, you would be at peace knowing that this man loves you like crazy…and lives little pleasures like this? Come on..i would spoil that you don’t look at another man though”

She laughs nudging him, he catches her hand and then leans even closer ”I love you insanely, and even though i would love you to say those words back to me and–

”Jaime -”

”Ssssshh!” he places a finger to her lips ”Even though i would love to hear them back, it’s okay if you don’t feel thesame way for me…yet” he smiles ”See what i did there, ‘yet’? because i know, when i am done sweeping you off your feet baby girl…you are gonna love me” he winks, she laughs

”Cocky bastard”

”Foul mouth!” he throws back with a smile

”That you love to kiss”

”Hmm, yes, that is true ” he leans and then kisses her slowly ”That is indeed true my crazy fiery sexy tempest” they kiss

”Oh Jaime you make me feel so many things i cannot explain ” she whispers kissing him passionately

He smiles ”Then i would keep doing what i am doing then…” he kisses her lips again, her neck and then groans ”Plus if i don’t stop kissing you now i may be tempted to do things to you right here” he stares at her ”God i am so intoxicated by you, what the hell did you do to me?”

”She did nothing other than be herself, and you couldn’t handle her so you fell” someone says above them, Alexander’s head shoots up,

Jaime smile’s pulling away from her and then seating, he straps himself ”Alexander darlyne, when we get up, remind me to fire his ass”

Adam smiles taking the opposite seat and then strapping himself ”Right, i need my raise Sir, and if you think i am one of your security detail you can fool, you got another think coming, i know you like the back of my hand, i can tell what you are about to do plus, technology is a good thing, tracking device, making sure i am in-tune with all your activities like…poof!! code went off in the airport and i knew dude was about to impress his lady by flying her out with the jet, especially when i knew you had no business meeting because you cancelled…see…i am smart, you should give me a bigger raise, times three” he shows him three fingers.

They all laugh.

”Guess we have a baby sitter Alexander, mind him not, i can no shake the shit away from my ass, like glue he i stuck with me, if only i can sell him off for a nickle, but no one wants him..sadly!”

”Oh Boss ,that’s low, even for you!”

They all laugh at his expression..


They had gotten to the Opera, and taken the VIP section.

Two hours later, she had smiles on  her face, clapping and cheering.

Jaime uses half the time staring at her, watching her eyes lit up, her lips twitch with smiles, her chest heaving up and down when she saw how Juliet died and the Romeo following soon after, he gives her his handkerchief as she dabbed her eyes.

He smiles, watching her scream ”Bravo!!

They say, when you are in Rome, you act like the Romans. And indeed, she did.

But that wasn’t what got him all smiley. As soon as they touched ground, right above the helipad on the roof. There were a few dignitaries who were in attendance too. So the media was on standby, taking pictures, interviewing and having a field day.

She had been reluctant to come down from the jet, and he had every intention of showing her off. When the media and the news men realized that he was the one from the jet and with a woman, like flies they zoomed in, especially with the news surrounding him and then how it all played out and the mysterious woman who was supposedly dead, but not dead, but now she is here, with him..

Questions came flying,asking about their relationship; Alexander didn’t want to talk, she hid her face away..

He was going to scream at the top of the world she was his woman, and he did that, however subtly.

”Sir, are we right to say that your Handler, is your mistress?” someone pushes thremike to him

”Mistress, no..ofcourse not!” he is staring at her

”Then is she one of your numerous women soon to be discarded with?”

He faces the reporter ”I think i have been misunderstood, however…she is not one of my numerous women” he pulls her close to him, Adam is behind them, like a bodyguard as he should be ”She i the woman, my girlfriend..the love of my life…and there would be no discarding..and if she tires of me i may have to tie her to my back and run with her far away into the sunset..where we would make babies and live happily ever after” He smiles at her, right before he leans in and then kisses her..

Camera’s went Click click, lots of questions where thrown like flying balls.

”You are my woman, Alexander, now the whole world knows..” he kisses her again ”Shall we ge do some opera?”

She smiles at him, a sudden confidence filling her ”Yes baby, let’s!”

He links her hands with him and then they had been ushered up.

He caught her smiling to herself moments later ”This  feels like a dream”‘ she turns to him, staring at him ”I fear i may wake up and realize that this isn’t real”

He takes her hand and then places it flat on his chest ”As long as you can feel my heart beating for you like this, as long as you can look into my eyes and see how full of love for you, as long as you ca feel this” he leans in to kiss her ”and know that i burn for you, long as i can say ”I love you” to your hearing…then you know that this is reality, our that i would always want to be in…Alexander Beckington, this is all real, and when you wake up tomorrow..there would be me, loving you as insanely as i do now” he places his forehead to hers

”Oh God Jaime!” she sobs, shaking her head, willing the tears to stay back, she sniffs , he grabs her face in hers ”I have never felt this way, or have a ,man care for me like this, let alone love me and –” she cries,

”Ssssshhh!” he shakes his head flicking a tear away, kissing some more away. ”Don’t cry!..cry only out of happiness, of joy, not of pain nor regret..i will give you all that no man had given give you..i give you all of me… and i want all of you..your pains i want to turn to joy, you cries to laughter, your hunger to filling…i want to change your world of chaos into blissful bliss, so…i don’t want to see you cry, i don’t want you to say ”no man this…” i am here now, loving you, wanting you, desiring you, catering for you..and i plan to do so much more till my heart fials me”

she stares at him ”How can you love someone has damaged as me? You don’t know me, you don’t know what i have been through, what he–what my fath-”

He stops her, shaking his head ”Everyone is damaged, one way or the broken pieces we all come through from this life, but just because we ere damaged it doesn’t mean we cannot be loved, just because we were broken doesn’t mean we can’t be patched back to perfection. I don’t want perfect, if not i would have fallen for some other girl, i want you, with all your scars and damages your broken pieces and your imperfections. I want to see you beneath your beautiful…and Alexander, no mater how damaged and all..i would love you still, i would love you today, tomorrow and maybe possibly for a long time…damaged or not, you would be mine. So stop crying and messing up your make-up, ” he pulls her face to his and then kisses her.

An hour later she was glued to the play, and three hours later he still cannot take his eyes off her.

Yes, she was his perfect half, his soul mate and he was going to marry her…

”Bravo!!!” she cheers, and then throws plucked flowers down to the theatre as she sees others do, she claps staring at him, ”Oh this is was beautiful!” she claps, he nods standing up and then going to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her and then kissing her neck.

”You are beautiful” he whispers

She bends her neck to him, capturing his lips with hers.

A camera man was lucky, he smiles ..”Click Click!!” he goes ”Perfect shot!”

It was no surprise that they became the the hot topic for news for the entire day.


”Sir…Sir, Mr President!! Sir..!!!”

”No more questions!!” Adam stops them as Jaime and Alexander makes their way towards the Helipad, they stop as they mouth the stairs, standing at the foot of the door of the jet.

”Wave Alexander?”

”I ….no” she shakes her head.

”Wave, it won’t hurt to feel like a queen for a day!!” he chuckles

She stood, turning to the little crowd, she reluctantly puts out her hand and then waves..

Click Click, cheering, whistling.

She laughs, waving even more.

Jaime and Adam are laughing. she turns, grabs a flower she was given by a little girl before she left the Opera,  she throws throws it. She waved some more.

Jaime pulls her in as Adam steps away going to the cockpit to meet with the Captain, as soon as the door to the jet  closes, he pulls her in and crushes his lips to hers.

”This is your Captain, seat tight…We are going to the Bahamas, i hear the beach is beautiful this time of the year”

She breaks away from him ”Bahamas, beach?!”

He laughs pulling her back with him, pulls her to sit on him ”Yes babe, beach, water, sand..beautiful…you!”

She squeals in excitement, she stands up and then  begins to dance.

He laughs shaking his head at her silliness.


”Turn it up, turn it up!” Gem says beckoning to Jacob ”Is that not Jaime, what is he doing in New York!?” Gem asks

Jacob turns, they were walking Christine to the door, he comes back quickly and then stands close to his wife taking the remote and the increasing the volume, Christine , she walks back slowly, a frown on her face.

”Aww, Alexander is much better, she looks beautiful;l , aww see the smile om his face when he said he loves her” Gem touches both her cheeks

”Jaime is such a show off” Jacob chuckles

”’he is your son afterall, like father like son”

”Ofcourse, we love to show off our women, it is an art of loving, we Wellingtons understand this” they laugh, he leans in and kisses her full on the mouth. Christine felt like stoning them with a vase of flower and watch them bleed to their death

”Sure, they look happy together” she grimaces

”Oh! Silly me, i am sorry Christine, i didn’t mean to be overly excited about my son and his girlfriend, knowing you are  here and-”

”Pffts!” she scoffs ”It is fine i give them my blessing. I really have to go, i would see you all at the party” she hugs and then kisses her cheeks, she hugs Jacob too. “Good night” she leaves them

”You know, Christine i believe she has changed” Gem observes

”Well, she is a nice girl, but the heart wants what it wants, and it wants Alexander, she is good for my Jaime”

”Yes she is, do you suppose i can ask him when he intends to settle down Jacob?” they are holding hands and going to their room

”Oh woman, allow the man his moment! Soon you would soon start asking for kids”

”Well..” their voice  trail off.


It takes Christine 20 mints to get to Jimmy’s house.

”I do not see your dog, the officer put to trail you?”

”Yes, Salim called and said since they do not have anything on me, Jaime had asked that they drop the case, but he didn’t relent to add that they are watching me, such fools” he laughs opening the door wide for her ”I trust you were discreet coming here?”

She strolls pass him and then flings her bag ”I don’t give a fxxk” she snaps

”What’s gotten you riled up?” He raises and eyebrow

”Those two maggots!”

Jimmy frowns , then it dawns on him when he followed her eyes to the screen , he laughs ”Oh poor Christine, you saw the news did you not?”

”I was so angry..argh!”’

”Tsk Tsk! its two days away ..this party, you can have your revenge, yes? Did you plant them where i can reach them?”

She nods ”Yes, i want to be the one to kill her, she is mine”

”Knock yourself out, Jaime would be easy-peasy”

”And Anderson Kennedy?”

”The rogue cop would handle him on that day”

”And Gareth, you mentioned he is on board and knows when to clear the floor?”

”All planned out Christine”

”Your disguise?”

”You cannot wait for Saturday can you?”

‘No, i cannot” she stands up angrily. ”Just thinking about them makes me want to murder some body” she screams

He smiles coming to her, she is facing the wall, her hand run through her hair, he places his hand on her shoulders, massaging them

”Relax Christine, you remember you said you don’t need him anymore, that you rather watch him die than let him be happy with her?’

”but he is doing just that, being happy with her. They are in New York, in  private Jet.i didn’t know he had one. And he took her to the Opera, i always wanted to do the opera in another city, and  God did you see her dress? Must have caused a fortune. and those jewels and see the way those hungry reporters cheered at her and took pictures of the kissing in the theatre and then he holding her and them laughing and …he says he loves her and said she is his woman, to the whole world. He was supposed to that to to me, for me…and …argh!” she grabs her bag and then  flings it, it hits the wall.

He grabs her, calming her down, she is crying now.

”Shsss! Don’t waste your tears on them..i would make Jaime pay, he and that slut, all of them will pay…okay, come here Christine, come ”   he turns her and then touches her, kissing her ”Let me make you feel good, hmmm?”

She nods kissing him back ”Make me feel good, i hate him, i hate both of them!”

”Me too, they would pay come Saturday, i promise” they kiss, he is undressing her, putting his head to her brxxst, he rips her bra and the tosses it. She is pulling his shirt angrily , and flings it, pulling at his jeans..

He lifts her and then drops her unceremoniously on the bed. He grabs her panty and the rips it, standing naked , he climbs the bed ”I would make you feel good , hmm, me, Jimmy,”

”Fxxk me Jimmy!” she wipes her eyes ”Be the man he can never be with me”

He smiles ”Yes Christine, gladly!”

He sinks lower, spreading her legs, he penetrates her with his hardened member, kissing her and moving deep into her, she wraps her legs around him, pulling him to her.

His thrusts were deep, fast, and they are moaning, biting, and moving.

”Oh yes, oh yes fxxk me Jimmy oh yes!!”

”Yes ..oh damnit..hmm”!!’ he pulls out, grabbing her by the waist he turns her swiftly, pushing her waist to him, he spits into his palm, and then massages himself, positioning himself at her anus, he penetrates her.

She screams out, he smiles throwing his head backwards, he begins to thrust into her, faster , faster, faster, even faster.

Christine closes her eyes and then takes him all in, till all she wanted to do was explode, she reaches between her legs, and places her finger to her core, she flicks it, quaking, moaning, and then  crying out until she shatters with a loud cum.

She felt him hit her faster, she braces herself as he became like an animal starved of sex.

”yes Jimmy, yes, yes, yes!!!!!”

He groans out his pleasure and then collapses ontop of her. She lowers herself to the bed, they are breathing hard. He kisses her back..

They lay there..staring into nothingness, her beating hearts falling back to normalcy , their minds on over-drive, plotting, planning..waiting for Saturday to come quickly by.

”They will all die” she mutters, closing her eyes

”Yes, i promise you” he closes his eyes. They sleep.


They landed twenty minutes ago. He had taken her down to the beach, her shoes in his hand, her free hand linked to his, they walk down beach, passing lovers curled up in each others hands, pausing briefly at a party held ion the bitch and allowing her dance to the tune of the African beats.

He plucks a flower and then tugs it behind her ear, and they continue their stroll saying goodbye to the strangers as they danced..

He pulls her to a stop, pulling her down with him as he seats on the sand, she sinks to him, placing her head to his shoulders as they both stare at the water and then watch the horizon go down.

”This is beautiful Jaime”

”Its even more beautiful with you beside me” He whispers.

They stare like that, enjoy the serene atmosphere, and the silence of their beating hearts, as one.


Frank goes back the cell building again, the new security supervisor is there.

”Hi, i have to interrogate a prison inmate”


”One on Lockdown!!”

”Got clarification?”

”You can ask Boss! Unless you want to lose your job on the first day, didn’t the guy who was here tell you that i was coming?”

”No, he did not, he is on suspension we didn’t have to time to catch up” The new guys states not liking this Frank Fellow.

”Fine, i would just run it by Salim that you have difficulties understanding your job and– ” Frank is walking away. This was lunch time,  he knew Salim wasn’t around and a few other guys were off, this was the best time to get into the cell, not to kill him but to make sure would be in place when he does.

”Wait, look..i am trying to impress boss not to get sacked”


The man steps away and then opens the gate for him, ” last door to your right, the only one there, Salim says he isn’t allowed visitors, just water and food till his trial coming up in two days”

‘That i am aware, i am here to interrogate him , he had mentioned he had something for the boss, some information!”

”Yes, been screaming our ears out”

”Good, would just see what he wants”

Frank enters, leaving the new Prison security supervisor guard staring after him.


Kennedy is seated on the hard floor, his head bowed, his cell smelling of shit and stale piss.

”Hey, asshole, how are you liking your hole?”

”Fxxk you!” Kennedy spits

Frank laughs ”So you are the guy causing alot of problems eh?”

”I need the chief, i have information” Kennedy says

”Good, i am a messenger”

Kennedy stands up ”I need to see my daughter Alexander first, then i would tell me somethings”

Frank stares at him, ”Alexander, the miss Alexander Beckington, the one all over the news right now dating the Mayor’s son?”

”yes, what.. they are dating, she is…he that asshole , he that fxxker he…she is my daughter!!!” he yells

Frank burst out laughing ”Right, then i am the son to President Trump! Insanity won’t help you, your death sentence has been signed, i just came to tell you to say your last prayers..bounty has been placed on your head” he laughs

Kennedy ears stands ”Someone has ordered my death?”

Frank laughs ,”Nope, just Jesus! men like you deserve a special place in hell!” then he turns away leaving him back in the dark , He pauses  at the corridor and the takes out a knife wrapped in  a black bag, he drops it behind the chair and checks to make sure the spare key was still in his pocket.   He looks around, smiles and then walks away, ignoring Kennedy shouting ”Who ordered my death, who?”


”That man is insane, he is insane, he has nothing but rambling nonsense” Frank says ”No one sees him understand, i would tell Salim what he said, which was noises” he taps his  shoulders ”I would be back if Salim gives any more orders” He nods and the exists the prison building.

The man stares at the retreating back of Frank, wondering if he should clarify for himself, but he didn’t want to lose his job, he turns away going into the cell block to check on other in mates and have a meeting with the prison guards.


Tinny-B alights from the car, she was being dropped by one of Jaime’s security detail Adam had attached to her before leaving.

She walks into Escapades night club, everyone is staring at her, she smiles shaking her butt and heading towards  Ricks’s building , she meets his secretary ”I would like to speak to Rick”

”Boss Rick to you” his secretary eyes her

”Look girl i don’t care, i am coming to get what he owes me, so you can keep your sassy attitude to yourself”

Rick opens his door, he sights Tinny-B, he smiles ”Hey Tinny-B, come come” he opens his door wide beckoning to her  ”Step away and let her through girl” he tells his secretary , she sighs and then steps away, Tinny-B bounces pass and then enters his office,

”Sit! sit! How is Alexander? Oh don’t tell me, she is looking great, thank God she is alive, i mean i should have called her and stuff but,..i couldn’t and- Tell Alexander that..she is missed and loved and that..her spot is right here waiting for her. Do do you know how many clients she has waiting for her right now? oh,. over a hundred. I well mistakenly had them know that the girl i am bringing for them had a thing with the Mayor’s son, they want her so bad.. oh, ofcourse i didn’t tell them  her real name but oh…imagine, i have them ready to pay so…when she comes back from this this trip that is all over the news about her and the mayor’s son. i bet she would be glad to come back and —she gets a raise ofcourse and maybe a-”

”Erm, hold up Rick, i didn’t come here for all that, first off, she quits, secondly, i quit after her, and thirdly..i am here to get what you woe me, plus that of my friend, so if you would be nice to sign my papers for overdue and hers, i would be gone” she opens her bag and then places a document on the table, and pushes it to him.

”Tinny-B, why? I mean you guys are my favorite call girls and strippers, this place cannot function-”

”Don’t give a shit, you see my girl is high class right now so..we ain’t going to continue doing this shit, she decent and a decent man loves her up”

He stares at her ”And if i refuse?”

”I think you got cameras, so i guess you noticed me come out from a sweet ride with one hefty looking bodyguard; you mess with me, Mr Jaime Lockswire, my best-friend’s man would burn this place down, he takes care of his own or people his loved ones care about so don’t be stupid”

Rick stares at his camera, the bodyguard didn’t look friendly”Fine!”


Tinny-B smiles leaving the Escapade nightclub ”Good riddance to bad rubbish. ” she mutters

It was time to let go of his messed up life, do something better for herself, and with this money, albeit not so much, she can maybe get a business open or whatever ..she was going to live right and maybe find a decent man to marry,

Who knows, maybe Adam would look her way. she smiles .  She wonders what Alexander would do with her own money.


”Dinner?” he helps her back into the jet.

”Hungry, so so hungry”

”Where would you like to eat dinner, what city?”

she smiles ”Home, would like to eat Dinner at home” she smiles

”Home it is, maybe at the roof top”

She nods

”Captain, take us home, Adam..clear the pent house at the Glass house hotel”

”Yessir!” Adam turns away making a call

”Clear the pent house? That is not your home” She points out.

He smiles ”Yes”!” he pulls her to him,  ”I know, i want to spend the entire day with you alone” he kisses her

”This is your captain, we are heading home, strap on love birds”

They ignore him, smiling into each other’s lips.


Two hours later, the day had suddenly waned down to a clear night blue sky, the stars are dancing spread across the sky.

”You are not eating” she observes sipping her wine, her tummy full from eating mostly all that was laid on her plate by the chef.

”Not hungry, for food” he whispers, twirling his wine, he sips

”What are you hungry for then?” she lowers her lashes, staring at him halfly through them

He smiles sipping his wine

They are at the rooftop, of the pent house of the glass hotel.

Adam had since disappeared somewhere, leaving them alone to themselves.

Jaime stares at her across from him , the ice bucket where the wine laid was filled with ice, he eyes lingers on it for  a moment, then he looks back at her.

”Finish your food, don’t mind me” he takes spoon to his mouth and the  swallows then  rice grain, he watches her bite off a lap of chicken

He really wasn’t hungry , he however was desiring to kiss her lips, watch her chew.

He gets up, taking strawberry from the plate laid out, dips it in vanilla paste, he goes behind her.

She drops her glass of wine and the  swallows the liquid, feeling it course through her lungs.

Jaime is behind her, he bends and then kisses behind her ear, helping her to stand up, making sure she didn’t face him.

Taking the strawberry, he kisses it to her neck, which he replaces with his tongue, trialing it over her sweetened neck .She closes her eyes, shivering to his touch.

He dips the strawberry again into the vanilla paste, then he takes it to her shoulder blade, repeating the process. He takes it to her lips, bending, he licks off the paste from her lips, kissing her as she backed him as he faced her.

He drops it, he steps away, removing the wine from the ice bucket, and taking the paste,  he takes her hand and the leads her into the room, shutting the door, he takes her to the bed, droping the items close to the bed so he can reach.

She is staring at him, her desire  building inside of her.  They kiss, slowly , lingering as he helps her to undress.

A new thrill to her, a man undressing her lovingly.  She closes her eyes and lets the breeze course through her body and kissing her naked soft flesh.

One replaced by Jamie kisses. She stood naked before him as he lets his tongue and kisses trail all over her body as she stood, shivering to his every touch.

she holds hims to steady herself, as his tongue tastes every inch of her, slowly he pulls her to the bed, staring down at her.

She reaches out to touch his face, his shirt, she unbuttons it and then his zippers was next. Soon, he is kneeing on the bed facing her, his member erect staring at her.

She reaches for him and then squeezes, she watches him throw his head back and allows her tease him, ever so slowly until she sees him glisten.

Like on Cue, she felt warmth between her thighs high at her core, trekking down her thighs.. she moans, biting her lips.

He curses, bending and  capturing her lips to his and then kisses her,

He breaks off, reaching for ice and the the vanilla paste, he lowers himself between her thighs, he takes an ice, dips it into the vanilla paste, he kisses it to her nipples, her novel and then her thighs, he replaces each process with his tongue and the kisses

Alexander moans loudly, reaching and squeezing the silky mattress off the bed. She ached. Jaime repeated the process  until he had every inch of her body kissed, and sweetness licked off.

He separates her legs, takes the ice, with vanilla, he touches it to her core.

she screams out ”It’s cold!”

He smiles ”Ssshhh, close your eyes, hold on to my head if you want to”  he whispers. He takes the ice, dips it to vanilla, and then drops it at her core, and then hold her still , while he makes  circle with it

”Oh Jaime ” she squirms, he doesn’t let her move, the smile on his face evident that he was enjoying her reaction. His reaction too with her reaction.

He saw her drip, water or cum, he had no idea, but it was an intoxicating sight as he watches her core pulsate to  every touch..

”Jaime!”‘ she screams out, he doesn’t stop teasing her with ice and vanilla until her core area was coated with pasted vanilla..and dripping liquid.

He drops the ice, and then  with his tongue, he licks her up. Every sweetness he licked up.

Alexander cries out, holding hid head, aching towards him as Jaime worked her core, teasing, kissing , licking and then pulling her with his kisses…until she could take it no more

”I can’t..i can’t…Jaime, make love to me, i beg you!!’ she cried raising up her head, closing her eyes, she reaches for him, pulling him up.

Their lips meet, their body glued, her legs open to him, their desires burning.. she reaches for him, and together she places him at her core, aching her waist towards him as he sinks into her, slowly, carefully..lovingly, in, deep..satisfying and filling her in.

She moans out his name, music to his ears, their intense passionately love making had them going at a pace they couldn’t stop, each satisfying a need, perfectly.

They make love all through the night until the morning light.

By the time the cock crows for first dawn, she lays in his arms, asleep. At peace.

Jaime watches her sleep, he doesn’t sleep.

How could he sleep, when he had an angel in his arms. His heart was too full with love for her, so much that he felt his heart would explode.

He trails her face with his finger ”I love you, Alexander…i love you so much!!!” he says, his voice think with emotion, his eyes glistens , it fills with tears ”So much” he wraps her into his arms..”God keep you for me!” he whispers. He never knew he could love someone so much like this…he never knew it could be her. ”I love you so much”

It takes a while before he goes to sleep. When he did, his heart was at peace.


Friday morning…a day before Saturday, where it all ends..

Adam eyes is bloodshot in anger, ”Who did this?” he turns around to stare at the damage.



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  • Frances says:

    OMG!!!!!😍😍😍😍,STE PHA NIE!!!!!!!!.
    YOU got me with this chapter…. Love is indeed a beautiful and sweet thing…..
    Christine, Jimmy, and Frank are nearing their very END… that I am very sure of.
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