In Too Deep Slippery Waters -Chapter Two

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”Wake up Bambina!!”

She jerks up.

It was a dream, his voice, it was a dream.

She wipes her eyes and then looks around, realizing something was different.

This was not the house she had earlier woken up in. This was different.

”Abetta?” she calls out.


“Abetta? ” she calls out again.

There was no answer.  She gets up from the bed  and moves around.


Silence still.

Something was wrong.  What was she doing here and why?

Wait! Last thing she remembered was that man with the heart telling her some things that didn’t make sense.. About her father being too good a man that’s why he died and that she should leave and not trust anyone.

She gasps..

Wait! Abetta had given her tea, green tea.

And then she.. She remembers nothing else and wakes up here.  Does it mean,  does it mean that she was drugged.

Oh my God!

“Trust no one” The man’s voice played in her head again.

“Oh God.. Does that mean that.. What that strange man said was true that.. That.. Aaaah!”

She heard it,  a sound behind her that causes her to scream backing away.

There was a man staring at her, a rifle in his hand.

“Who are you? ”

He says nothing but takes strides towards her..

“Stay back! ” she has her hands in front of her stopping him from coming closer “Stay away from me,  I would scream. Stay back I swear to God I would scream so loud it would pierce your ears ” She warns.  Fear gripping up her sleeve and tucking at her heart.

He stops and then stares at her,  smiling he takes more steps towards her.

She let’s out a loud scream.



“Argghhh Dammit! ” Lucas closes his ears as the siren blares “Turn that damn thing off,  God!! ”

His colleagues stare at him and laugh “Gets him every time” The one closest to him turns it off.  It was a blaring handmade siren horn. He drops it on the table and smiles “I hate to think what would happen if you were asleep.  Would you jump out of your dreams?”

“Not funny guys. It messes up with my ear drum.  Not cool.” He sticks his fingers into his ears and then wingles it.  Then he drops his hands.  “So what have we got. ” He stares at the files on his desk.

“Well,  the usual gang bangers,  some lose miscreants. Some chick who needs her husband checked out but David is on that. There is the community shooting down at the Brookes. I got that covered.  And you my dear friend are left with the shocking things to deal with.. ”


“You are going to be doing the covert for the entire month and some body guarding too”

“Why do I have to get those this month?” Lucas frowns ”It’s a messy job, why can’t any one else do the messy jobs?”

“We are like literally five guys in this line of business my friend and they are all occupied.  Plus the interns are borrowed boys from the district and they need them for a period.  So we need someone who knows the city and how to break into clicks to handle every other thing, and who does a thorough job more than you huh? ”

“That may sound like a compliment but you and I know it’s not.  ”

“That’s why you are a smart guy.  You can sieve out the bullshit from the compliment ” The man before him smiles..

”Come on man, anything but body guarding..!”

”Sorry man, it’s your turn this month so embrace it dawg”

”Don’t say dawg!” Lucas shakes his head , the man laughs

”Yeah, but you taking it, and that’s it.”

“Look,  I am only going to run it for a week because I need to clear up that case with that stranded kid.  Once I am done I got other cases that makes a lot of sense.  I hate guarding.  Some clients are literally a pain in the neck.. I can’t deal man.. Can”t”

“But the ladies love you.  They keep asking for you especially ”

Lucas smiles resting on his desk “We both know that they aren’t asking for me because they think I am the best.  They asking because they want some”

“And you are too stingy with your goodies” The man clarifies, they all laugh

“Hey,  we are professionals man.  We don’t mix business with pleasure.  I for one do not feel sorry if I have to disappoint them” Lucas shrugs.

“Good man you are Lucas.  But you don’t get the girl.  Bad boys like we do” He says tapping his collar and then hitting the other guy next to him whose hands is folded and resting by the shelve. He nods in agreement.

Lucas smiles folding up his sleeves.  “I am not in a hurry to get the girl.. Whoever she is and where ever she is.  I am sure she would show up,  looking like a diva straight out of a Vogues magazine and would fall for me like apples fall from trees and we would make beautiful children and live a long happy life. That is something you should think about to instead of jumping skirts and making girls cry Kelvin and you too David ” He winks pointing from one to the other and then nodding .

“Right” Kelvin checks his time “So.. I Gotta bounce ” he leaves the desk and grabbing his jacket, David is staring at his phone now.

“Hey guys, did you guys hear of that dude who died from a plane crash and got buried today?  The entire city was there.  Surprising that it was quiet. Burials in this town are usually an opportunity for miscreants to get funny, but this time though, it’s like angels came to town and they wanted to be in their good behavior. Not a call today from people to complain about vandalism or anything, it’s quiet.. ” David looks at them.

“Yeah.. Benjamin Thomas George died.  He was the real deal so I hear.  Some major man in the city.  Pity he died too soon.  They said his body was unrecognizable.  ” Kelvin offered putting on his jacket. ”You heard of him Lucas?”

Lucas shakes his head ”Nope!”

“Yeah.  A single father too” David added.  “I heard his daughter lives out of state, no one had seen her before because she was schooling or some sort and he never brought her along during his trips down to the south. I mean, no man would want to out his daughter under that stress then, it was perilous times then..Anyhow, I heard she came all the way from the states to bury her father ” He nods.

Kelvin continues “A man with such good track record.. I hear so many good things about him.  Hey Lucas,  you know that town hall I took my girl and my kid something ago to watch the games?  Well.. It used to be some pile of shit. But my girl  told me that this George dude bought it off with some savings.  He infact bought off  all the dumps sites and buildings across town.. Made some into some homes for orphanage kids.  He made skills acquisition centres too and then he made the sports hall too.  Mehn! I wondered if he was into the government and shit.  He isn’t. All he does is with his hard earned money..that’s dope ”

Lucas smiles “Ain’t no man alive who can be that good. ”

“Well.. Ain’t no man alive now cos’ he is dead.. Down the plane he died.  And.. Just when all was going to be paid off. Check this, then when he was buying all this stuff, people were selling at a low price because like I said, those places were pile of shit, abandoned buildings and stuff, but maybe he saw the value or the places and also had the vision to make this city to be better you know? Anyhow, he bought them, lots of properties, and not just in this city, the north, the south and even the east.  Some into churches, schools, centres and all that . People thought it was bull and that he was stupid and didn’t know what to do with his money you know. And I mentioned he ain’t no government or into politics”

”And how did he make money to buy off dumps Kelvin, he was doing illegal business or what?” Lucas was curious

”No, legal strictly. Have you heard of the black coal?”

”Eh, yeah!”

”Well, he went to Africa and then bought himself a small vast land and there, he found black coal”

”That’s basically black rocks” Lucas offers

”Yeah, but it is a natural resource, and most communities and countries use it and well, he was contracted to be a supplier and check this. Most people didn’t think that was a honorable job , you know, being in the mines, the ground and etc… so every other person looked away and he was the only one who saw potential in it, So imagine when a few communities and say countries rely on just you to supply them with this natural resources… a few bucks tends to rule in and then, he kept moving from place to place, country to country in search of this natural resource with a team, that’s why he was away from his family for so long at a stretch. Now, the money he made from those over time, instead of buying fleets of cars and jets and building mansions for himself and family and living a luxurious life, he instead come back to this communities and then give back…so he buys off old properties and make them into something, employ teachers for school, doctors for the little clinches and people to teach skills, send kids to school and all that”

”Sounds like a real life Jesus!” Lucas jokes ”And he did that for free?”

”Yes, he did”

”Don’t believe that crap, he must be getting something in return”

Kelvin smiles ”He was, but not in that sense. Now, the black coal business was picking up like crazy, people began to see how much gold coins it was bringing in and now everyone wants in and they can’t just go to any place and want to buy land and dig up gold , no. Anywhere you went, you see his mark, literally because of the good this dude was doing all over, no one comes into a town without the town people telling them to pass through this dude. He was like a king, loved by all and protected by all. So that was what he was getting. Now investors and all would have to pay him for a land or for anything they want in that city or communities.. so you see how the man was becoming rich by the second? And the more he got, the more he gave back. Its a law of nature, you give from your well of wealth, to those who need it and who can’t give back to you, nature blesses you and it did, because it just so happen that Government was looking to do a project named ”Community projects 100” , that meant that they were going to invest and pay those who take up impoverished projects. And look who rank no.1? Thomas George. It was like a blessing. This dude would be  replenished for all that he had spent, and that is gold, real gold.. Now every top man in the country wanted to partner up with him and be a board member in his project and maybe even sponsor some projects.  He was going to go international being the only humanitarian in history with the best track record. He was a man loved by all without fuzz. And if he ran for president for these countries.. He would win by a landslide. ”

”Wow, impressive. But how come his name isn’t commissioned into every wall then?”

”He was selfless like that, he didn’t want that. If you knew the history of the place when it’s talked about, his name is mentioned. He has people managing it and he takes his hands off. You may pass him on the streets, no body guard and stuff and may not even know him. He would sit and buy you a drink at the pub and you wouldn’t know. He was a good man. Never met him but, i hear about him alot from people who had run-ins with him. ”

”Wow, impressive” Lucas repeats

”Sad, because he gets this, and now he is dead.”

Lucas nods is head “Too bad then. Single father you say? ”

“Don’t you watch the news.?” David asks Lucas

“Nope! Don’t fancy myself to hearing the problems of this world, I get enough of those daily even coming to work, don’t need more when I get home and need peace, so I zone out ”

“Don’t you observe your environment.  The entire city had on black mostly and headed to the cemetery ”

“Ah.. Didn’t pay attention ”

“Right.  Anyhow.. I am out of here. ” Kelvin says getting up and leaving “See you at the court later ”


”Gatto bounce to, my client is up my neck on nailing her husband with his mistress, see, i do the dirty jobs too” David smiles following after Kelvin.

Lucas watches them leave.  He turns on the TV and then scrolls.  Absentmindedly watching the news as they spoke of  the death of an icon.

He gets bored flipping through channels.

His eyes catches a moment out the window.  He frowns getting up to see someone standing by the entrance of the building..staring at the wall facing his office. He leaves his office walking outside, staying at a distance.

“Looking for someone? ”

The man with the cap shakes his head.  He opens his coat .

Lucas reaches for his gun behind him, ”Don’t be stupid man, let me see your hands, slowly”

The man brings out a bottle of wine and then gulps ignoring Lucas. He sips pointing at something and then shaking his head “Bad bad world we leaving in.  Bad world.  They don’t like good people.  They rip them off  the earth just when they begin to shine.  Trust no one.  No one cares. We take care of our own. Good people die.. Like withered leaves they fade away. ”

Lucas frowns walking closer to him, slowly, curious at what the man was staring at as he drank.

“Hey Mr.. What are you doing there?.  This is private properly.  You need to move along now ”

The man looks up and then stares at him “Good people don’t last.  They die, like dogs. What do you do when you see food people in pain.  How do you help them? No one can be trusted. Sometimes you are too late.  But you help protect those who mean alot to them.  Good people don’t last.  Just like him.. ” he stares away from Lucas and then back at the wall.

Lucas goes even close to him to stand  behind him so he can see what he is staring at.

It is a picture of a man.. His obituary.  Benjamin Thomas George.

Lucas frowns.

So this was the man Kelvin and David  was talking about just now?

The man kept talking. Most of the things made no sense to him. Either ways, he didn’t want him standing here, close to their office still. He also needs to be alert, that’s how one gets attacked thinking everyone behind them is innocent. “Hey.. Move along. ” he nudges the man

He doesn’t move.

He pushes him again gently “Mr  you got to move along. ‘

The man takes a gulp of his wine and the made to leave, but he pauses and then he turns staring at him “Good people don’t last.  They get ripped away.. Tossed at sea.. Carried away to their death.  And those who matter to them, are left with pains to bear… You cannot safe them but you can help their beloved.. Is that not so?  But no-one is to be trusted.. No one. Apples don’t just grow in the gardens, you plant them. Thorns don’t just prick you, you have to touch them. You sow and you rip, you rip and yet you did not sow, yet everyone wants to harvet” he says walking aah and muttering to himself.

Okay, this man was differently losing some screws. Lucas thought to himself, a drunk and a mind that is mentally unstable. Bad combination.

Someone comes behind him “Lucas.. Who was that? ”

Lucas turns to stare at the person behind him “Some drunk. Mumbling things that don’t make sense and staring at this picture ” he points to the plastered picture on he wall.

Kelvin comes and then stares at it “Yep.. I told you he was loved alright.  ”

“Hey I thought you left?”

“Forgot my documents.  Later ” He turns entering the office and comes out in less than a minute ‘Stay out of trouble man, and don’t take up stray dogs as cases, that never ends well”

“I don’t intend to. Later. Greet the wife”

”Alright” He waves and was out of sight.

Lucas turns to watch the fading back of the man, and then stares at the picture again ”Benjamin Thomas George.. Husband, Father, Hero… gone too soon, loved by all. Let the Angels keep you save now. The world would hear of your good deeds and repay you in the afterlife” he read .

Lucas goes back  into his office.  He flicks back channels and tunes in to the news showing the burial ceremony of Benjamin Thomas George and listened as they talked about him.


Abetta rushes into the house as she heard her screaming, her eyes grows big when she sees the reason.

“My goodness stop scaring her Greg” She uses the umbrella she held and hits him at the back of his head.

He laughs stopping in front of Annika who hasn’t stopped screaming. He rubs his head. ”Mama, that hurts”

She stops as soon as she sees Abetta and heard what he said ”Mama?” then she points at her “You drugged me. You drugged me and brought me here..why? You kidnapped me, where is this, who are you people, what do you want from me..why did you drug me, you want to kill me…What do you want from me?”

”To take you far away where no one would ever see you again”

She turns around in fear to see him standing there.


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