The Call Girl – Chapter Thirty-Five

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Tinny-B stands back and then smiles at her work , she folds her hands and then taps her lips tentatively as she stares at Alexander all dressed up.

”Now if that is not a disguise, i wonder what is” she smiles

”You think he won’t recognize me like this?”

”No, he wouldn’t” Tinny-B says coming back and then adjusting the big hat on her head, tucking her hair under and then giving her black shades.


”Hey, you need to cover your eyes”

Alexander tugs at the turtle neck top she wore which almost swallowed her head  ”Its tight and i am hot”

Tinny-B hits her hands away ”Its just till you leave the house, you can take it off. Plus that dress you are wearing is a killer” she smiles

”I could easy wear top and jeans but no…you refuse”

”Yes Silly” Tinny-B ties the rope to the coat round Alexander, helps her with cloves and then steps back to look at her ”You are going to that place they are holding the elections, there are tons of people, camera and then the media, would you want to come back from the supposed dead looking like something the cat dragged out of the dump?…or..” she grabs a red lipstick and then touches Alexander’s lips to it, smacking her lips so that Alexander can smack hers to evenly spread the red bright lipstick evenly over her lips ” You want to come back from the dead looking smoking hot?. Not only would the media have a field day, the tabloids would not be able to get enough of your beauty, sexy looks and also..maybe you would give that Christine a heart attack” she laughs wickedly

”What dos Christine have to do with anything?”

Tinny- shrugs ”’Nothing, ” she laughs ”Well, i like to make girls jealous for no reason and because she was being a bitch to you thinking you want to steal her man who is not even her man anymore so well…give her a heart attack and then maybe one to Jimmy too….because he would not beleive his dead heart that you are alive..”

”Well, Jimmy is the one i am after anyways, he would have to tell me why he did that and maybe i can find out what he has against Jaime”

”Hmm Jaime” Tinny-B goes to take a seat on the bed.

”Why hmmm Jaime?” Alexander is curious

”Well, something has changed ” She observed pointing out.

Alexander frowns ”Meaning, what has changed?”

”The way you suddenly want to know whats up with Jaime, his issues and going out there to find out why Jimmy hates Jaime, i mean… all this…for Jaime?”

”No, not that” she looks away ”I want my life back and then fact that i can’t is well, because of what happened to me and he isn’t willing to tell anyone i am alive because he says he is trying to protect me but …with the recent stuff with Adam’s friend dying- they shouting about Jimmy which i have not gotten the entire jist well but…i know something more is to this, he wouldn’t say. ”She sighs ”Basically, the more he stays quiet for whatever reason, the more my life is on hold and i want my life back. I need to go home, and get back to me and he can do whatever he wants”

”You forget that, going out there, your attacker would come for you, because he would feel that you saw his face and would want to tell the world”

She nods ”Let him come, i am taking my life back…i have to, and i will. ”

”Aren’t you scared?”

”Adam would be with me”

Tinny-B smiles ”Adam, he is such a cutey is he not?”

Alexander smiles and rolls her eyes ”You screw anything with a cock”

”Well, for survival, but, i only enjoy the cocks that make me feel good and…i am sure i would enjoy his real good…he is cute” She states again.

”Hmm” Alexander nods rolling her eyes at her.

”But Jaime is dashingly handsome no doubt and if i do not suspect that he got eyes on you, i would nib him”

Alexander scoffs ”Don’t be silly, he got no eyes on me, we don’t like each other but we are being civil towards each other from now on” She turns away, her cheeks burns suddenly.

”What happened in his room, i did tell you there was something about your look when you walked in earlier?” Tinny-B pushes as she points at her.

Alexander touches her lips, growing really warm. ”Nothing” she says over her shoulders.


”I swear ” she looks at her, her eyes giving nothing away.

Tinny-B eyes her ”Okay” she goes tucks her feet under her the the  bed and begins to whistle .  ”She says nothing happen” she breaks her whistling to talk ”But me smelling a fish, and it sticks of juicy jist ” she continuous to whistle ”She lying, bitch is lying, i know i know i know she lying…Alexander is a liar, big fat liar, panty- pant on fire ah..big fat liar!!” she began to sing.

Alexander stares at herself in the mirror , then she looks back at her ”Okay i would tell you, would you stop singing that horrible song without rhythm?”

”AHHHA!!I knew something happened in there, because you were there for long. Did you guys do it?” She points to her seating on her legs but straighten up.

”Tinny-B, no,ofcourse not! Don’t be too dramatic. He don’t want me that way..and thank God for that. ”

”Ohhhh-kay, so?” Tinny-B stresses and then relaxes. ”Shoot!”

Alexander walks to the bed and then takes a seat, she turns to face her”Look i was mean to him earlier after Adam left so i said some really hurtful things and…” she stares at her hand ”I felt bad, strangely, i did. So he walks away not saying anything and i followed him, don’t know why i did but i did. I wanted to apologies” She looks into Tinny-B’s eyes ”Have you ever seen a ,man cry, i mean really cry?” She wanted to know if it was normal to feel the way she did when she saw him, the need to protect him, make him feel better, ease his pain.

”Eh, one, two…why?”

”Did you want to take their pain away?”

”Hell no, fxxk no. They can cry for all i care. Girls cry all the time, they don’t give a rat’s ass about that, why the hell would i want to feel like taking their pain away, as long as it ain’t my papa or brothers..i don’t give a shit.”

Alexander bites her lips ”Then why… i mean he isn’t family, then why did i feel the need to want to do that and.. why…” she trails off frowning.

Tinny-B cocks her head to the side ”Then  why what exactly, was Jaime crying?”

She nods her head.

”Awww” Tinny-B’s countenance changs ”Something is up with that man, he may be going through some things, and it’s telling on him. He doesn’t look it, you know?  He always has this countenance of…i am good all by me and you know..cocky and shit somethings, more cocky and shit”

Alexander smiles ”That’s the surface, i think that’s all a  front and i realize that it is true. He is…a soft person within..i  don’t know. ” she stares at her hand ”I felt really bad, and he kept saying he doesn’t know what to do , to protect them, he doesn’t know how to and all. Wasn’t making sense”

”Who do you think he was talking about?”

”I don’t know… but maybe his family. I suspect so. ”

”You think they are in danger?”

”Er…he puts up a front to be someone he is not, that part is certain. He is hiding out here not to clear his name …because of what? It has to be because of something not just because he is trying to find my supposed attacker. He does not know me and i don’t mean anything to him and vice versa…it has to be more than just my attacker and stuff. This has to do with him personally and his family, it has got to be. Adam said, i overhead him saying Jimmy this and that, not sure exactly is going on here , there is more that meets the eye and..he is hurting bad, not knowing what to do and stuff.

I don’t know, maybe i am thinking about too much things that don’t make sense but…i know, something is up and ofcourse he wouldn’t say but it doesn’t matter. So i told him to fix it, his life, for people he cares about if he is worried about them or that someone wants to hurt him or them or using him to hurt them.. i also need to get away from here and then go back to my life so it’s a win win if he fixes his shit up.”

”True. Then what happened?” Tinny-B was impatient as she pushed.

”What do you mean what else happened?” Alexander’s eyes is innocent, giving away nothing still.

Tinny-B pokes her ”You made it sound as though there was some juicy details, left me waiting for it”

She looks away  ”I did?…oh that!” she says it with an air of aloofness.

”Oh there is a juicy detail, spill” she pulls her to face her ”Oh i would choke you”

Alexander laughs ”There is none silly. Just that, i felt bad and -”

”Yes, boring, you said so before..get to the part where there is juice”

”And i suddenly wanted to make him fell better” She continued.

”Juicy detail woman, i will strangle” she grabs her neck

Alexander is laughing ”Then i won’t tell you” She turns up her nose while holding unto Tinny-B’s hands round her neck.

”Argh, fine!” she drops her hands, Alexander adjusts herself, she continued ”I offered to make him feel better but he turned me down”

A gasp escapes from Tinny-B’s lips ”Sex? he turned down sex?” Tinny-B was shocked ”He gay sis, no one can see a hot rocking body like yours and your beauty is to die for and says no, dude is fxxking gay” she nods pointing at her, shaking her head too.

Alexander is laughing.

”Oh and he is so cute, that body must be greek-godish!” Tinny-b bites her lips ”Second to none. HE turned down sex? Baby, i know we can un-gay him. Fine men like that cannot be gay. We refuse it, we refuse it i kn ow what we going to do baby girl, we are going to tie him up, and shove his rod up our holes and sex him till he becomes goodness. Why lord why!!”‘ she looks to the heavens, wailing

Alexander is laughing hard holding her tummy ”You are a mad girl Tinny-B i swear to God you are deliriously mad”

Tinny-B looks at her grabbing her hands, ”Let us pray together, he is gay…he is gay…let God un-gay that fine ass of a brother so he never gets to turn down some pretty ass such as yours. ohhhhh lord, oh now, my heart!!” she holds her chest dramatically

Alexander is roaring with laughter ”Stop it, you are ruining my makeup, i can’t!! i..i am going to cry” she roars.

”So what else happened?” Tinny-B tugs at her ”Tell me, tell me”

”I did not tell you i offered him sex Tinny-B” Alexander is smiling as she calms down from laughing, but Tinny-B’s face is causing her laughter to rise up again, she holds it down but lets her lips curve into a smile.

”But you said, you offered to make him feel better and i assumed that..” she trails off

”Nope, you thought wrong, i didn’t offer him my body, but…a kiss” she makes a face, Tinny-B stares at her, then her  mouth drops to the ground

”But you don’t ever kiss your clients, you never allow them kiss you and then break their jaw  with your heels if they ever dare ..there have been cases Alexander, i know so— so…you offered him your lips you don’t ever willingly let another man touch, that’s like your safe ground or your off access area..yes?”

”You are so dramatic Tinny-b” she smiles

”Eh..he refused to kiss you?”

She nods ”Did, at first, then he didn’t refuse anymore, infact he called it service to humanity to teach me a thing or two since i supposedly find it disgusting..”

”So…You kissed him, willingly, kissing say you hate,  that it’s disgusting?!!!”’

She subconsciously touches her lips ”It is, it was but…” she trails off.

Tinny-B’s eyes grows big ”Oh my God! Alexander likes the kiss…oh my God!!!”

”It was strange because , eh, i don’t like it, never did and then he goes, let me show you what a proper kiss feel like..”’

”While he was crying?” Tinny-B wanted to clarify

She laughs ”After! i don’t know how we got to there really. One minute he was such a cry baby, and i wanted to protect him ”she held her arms as she would if she were carrying a baby ”..and the next we were talking and then it centered on the kiss and i said it would be eww  which i know and he said it is not  because i have not being properly kissed and-”

”He kissed you and you liked it?” she cuts her pointing out.

”I..i don’t know. For the first time, i kissed a guy back and it…felt strange, still does”

Tinny-B makes a cry face, she pulls her friend to her and then hugs her, sniffing dramatically ”Oh baby, welcome, i am so proud of you”

”What?” Alexander chuckles ”You have gone mad”

She pulls away to stare at her friend shaking her head ” No, for really Alexander, You are officially not a robot”

”Hey” she nudges her friend

”Really, i thought you don’t have feelings, but you do… you just need the right fire cracker to get you fireworks. i tell you, he gonna awaken all those things within you, i see it now”

”Argh please, it was a stupid kiss” she gets up and looks at the mirror

”That you like” she leaves the bed to stand behind her.

”That… i don’t know that i like per-se ”

”Maybe you guys should kiss again” she grabs a masking tape and then hands it to her, ”For more clarity on your like” she winks

”That is not happening”

”Or maybe….if you guys eventually do  the DO-DO, you may like it this time, i mean if he could kiss you and you feel strange, dude imagine if he touches you, sparks will fly”

”Tinny-B, i have been with guys, sparks nor electricity never happens, infact, all i want is that they get their business over with and roll of my body so i can scrub their stench off. i hate it”

Tinny-B smiles ”I still don’t understand how it gets like that with you but see, i believe if you get to be with someone you love or maybe like, it would be different. Every touch, every kiss, every thirst would be like heaven. Oh, when you fall inlove, you would understand that all i say is true”

”Love? There is nothing like that, All we hear about love is fable nonsense. It is not real and people who use them use it just to get things from people who believe nonsense like this”

”Oh poor baby, love will find you, find me and everyone who desires it and trust me, when it does, it would knock you off your feet and you would be happy” she spreads her hands wide and then twirls around and round.

”Fairy-tales are for children…and you know nothing of love” Alexander points to her ”Have you ever been inlove my little fish of a friend.

”Books, movies, the tell you about the real deal..”

She nods ”Exactly my point, fiction, fairly tales ” she looks away and the adjusts her hat.

A knock causes them to turn to the door ”Ma’am, are you ready?”

”Adam, give me a minute’ Alexander says over her shoulders ‘ She goes to her warddrop and then brings out a shirt handing it to Tinny-B.

”Put this on Tinny-B”

”Oh, okay. Jaime’s?” she observes

”Yes, he may have a feat  but who cares, and then let down your hair”

She undresses and then wears his shirt . ”Do i look like Alexander now?” she turns from side to side

”Barely, but if he doesn’t see your face he wouldn’t tell.” she turns to the mirror and then stares at her disguise

”okay, ready” she takes some masking tape and then tapes her lips. She stares at the mirror one last time.

Disguised in  a black hat, dark coat and gasses, a masking tape for her lips, turtle neck top covering her neck, gloves for her hands and high heeled boots…she sure looked the pat of a bootlegger going for a striptease in a alley..

Well, role play disguise,.Jaime would not suspect. Hopefully.

Tinny-B opens the door for her, smiles at Adam who returns it.

”Where is he?” Tinny–B asks in a whisper

Adam steps closer ”Downstairs, watching Tv, good distraction. It would be wise that we leave now. Car is ready.”

”Okay” she turns to her friend ”Break a leg..” she hugs her , she watches them leave and go downstairs. She waits for ten minutes, when she heard voices downstairs, she opens the door, walks to the staircase, when she see him look up, she turns her back quickly, and then goes back to the room.

Done. Now she waits for news.


Tiny-B heard him exclaim Alexander’s name. She was watching  the showdown herself as well, she knew he had realized that it was not Alexander in the house with him but she was in town, in that same room while the primaries was going on.

She heard him running up the stairs and quickly stood up, bracing herself as the door comes swinging open…

Th surprise on his face and the realization that he has been fooled..

”I am sorry…she” she trails off as he turns and begins to run down stairs.

She bites her lips and then  goes back to staring at the screen seeing the shock on people’s faces..

”Go girl, make them squirm.”

She turns when she heard tyres screeching and then voices. She rushes to the window to see Jaime driving off and then three cars follow him.

”Oh dear…” she bites her lips. ”Jaime is mad”

”But, you are dead!!” Tinny-b turns back to the screen when she heard it..she seats down on the bed and continuous to watch, a sudden fear grips her for her friend. Maybe they shouldn’t have let her go out there, what if, what if something happens to her, and she steps on even worst toe, what if her attacker was in that same room, what if…oh

She bites her lips as she stares at her friend, praying for her safety.

Jaime would be there soon, Alexander, Jaime is coming, he would keep you safe.

.. She bites her lips.




Every one is muttering, cameras clicking, questions were thrown at her.

”Miss Alexander, what happened. how come….” They began, each reporter with different questions at thesame time wanting all the information they could get.

”Miss Beckington, where have you been all this while, why did you not come out since to notify everyone that you were …..”

”What do you mean that Jimmy seems to know you are alive?””

”Jimmy locked you in the storeroom, are you….”

”Was Jimmy the one who attacked you?”

”Jaime Lockswire saved you you say?”

”What happened, who sent those pictures of you in that state and claiming that you were dea….”

”Where is Jaime Lockswire, why was he in hiding, where has he been hiding?”

”If he is not your  attacker since you are alive…who is?”

”Where is Jaime lockswire?”

”Where is the Mayor’s son, why didn’t he come out to clear his name?”

”Who attacked you, where you hurt and treated?Those pictures were gruesome and….”

”Jimmy, did you know she was alive?” a few people throw the questions at him, he ignores them. They turn back to her.

”Where were you kept, which hospital, where is Jaime Lockswire?”

”Is he going to come and to show himself to clear his name?”

”The Mayor’s son , where is he?”

”How are you still alive, who is your attacker?”

”Would the Mayor’s son resumes his candidacy position for the heritage group and will he make his pitch now that he is in the clear..”

”Will he..”

”Does he..”

”How come he..”

The questions kept flying, Alexander didn’t take her eyes off Jimmy.

”But you are dead?” Alexander turns the voice who belonged to a  woman now, her hands shaking. She frowns, as she noticed that she had a striking resemblance to Christine…strangely so. ”I mean the pictures, they looked so real and–”

Alexander shakes her head ”I was never dead, locked in a store room yes, attacked and  probably killed yes,but i didn’t die. Jaime Lockswire came to my rescue, and…took me to the hospital and made sure i had treatment”

”Oh my God,” tears leave her eyes, she nods ”Thank God”

”Where is my son?” The Mayor asks, his voice breaks. She could see tears at the brink of his eyes, but He holds them back..she saw. Then his wife whom he held is crying, shaking, maybe tears of happiness. Alexander walks to them as the crowd of reporters let her though. She bends to her, her heart pulls for this small fragile woman who seemed as though she was going through so much pain probably  being separated from her soon, ”May I?” she looks up to Jacob..

”Where is my son?’ he asks again, he just wants to know where he is and that he is fine, and then maybe he would return to them. God has answered their prayers, he has. ”My son” he says again.  He wants to hold his son, and protect him from the harshness of this world. He wanted his son.

Jimmy squeezes his fist, anger shoots through him.

”He is well, he is well and he misses you both” Alexander says, then she touches Gemmylyne’s hands and reaches out to touch her face, ”He is coming back to you, i promised you that i would knock his head if he doesn’t. He will come back to you. He loves you, he loves you both” she says as her voice grows thick with emotion.

She felt the love shared by them, like it vibrated through them as she held her hands. Such love from  parents, something she had never had. A tear slips down her eyes remembering his pain, his tears. ”He loves you, and he would come back to you i promise you…”

Gemmylyne pulls her into a hug and then cries ”Thank you for being alive” she cries ”thank you”

”Your son saved him, he saved me”

She cried on her shoulders as the camera clicks and the media gets every moment on live TV  ”Is he well, does he eat, is he okay?” she pulls away peering into Alexander’s face.

She nods ”He is a hard nut that one, pain in my ass. Wee fight alot for stupid things but…he is well and probably eats more than a fattened cow”

Gem laughs through her tears. Alexander touches her face and then wipes her eyes ”I have one more promise for you Mrs Wellington, i would ensure that he never ever makes you cry and worry like this again, ever okay?”

”Oh, i wish you can do that”

”I will. I will ask him nicely, but if he refused..i would hurt him physically, trust me, i will not take no for an answer…i will make him bend a knee” she smiles, Gem laughs again wiping her tears.

”Where is he? Is he coming? Now that you are alive , that means his name is cleared and that..” she covers her mouth as she speaks ” That means there is really someone out there who needs to be apprehended?”

Alexander nods

”Don’t worry, we would do everything to ensure we catch him”

”I don’t doubt that”

She held her hands ”..he is coming right, my Jaime?”

Alexander shakes her head ”No, he had no idea i am here but, by now he would have seen the news…but, just be rest assured that you do not have to worry no more and that no one would ever call him a murderer , infact he is a hero, he saved me” she looks up at Jacob Wellington ”You son is a good man Mr Jacob, a trait he may have gotten from you. You should be proud of the man he is ” she smiles, he nods, blinking back tears of happiness. Relief washes over him, knowing that all this would pass, his son named would be cleared. He nods his head again.

Alexander taps Gem’s hand, smiles, then she rises up and the turns walking back to the middle of the room, going to stand infront of Jimmy ”So, where were we? Ah, I believe i asked a question?”

Jimmy recollects himself, absorbs the shock of her presence and then smiles trying to salvage the situation. ”Oh, thank goodness you are alive, my God” he reaches for her, she slaps his hand away, everyone gasps

”You snake! Don’t you touch me with your filthy hands, you locked me in the storeroom , you better start talking why” she points at him.

He laughs ”Miss Alexander, you suffered a traumatic experience, why would you say such a thing?”

”Because you hate me, because you do and probably had your own reasons. Infact, you are the only one in this room who doesn’t seem  to be surprise to see me alive, you knew i was alive right, how?”

He laughs ”Look..i…i am shocked to see that you aren’t dead as with everyone in this room. I mean those pictures, there is a God up there, what a relief. Your family, everyone who must have been devastated by your supposed death would take the heavens that you are alive and well.  And we thought it was..oh God , thank God, everyone, she is alive, she is alive” He clapse his hands together in mock relief as though he intends to pray. Everyone is muttering

”You cannot fool me. You can do that to everyone but not me. Why the hell did you lock me in that room, did you have plans for me, what was the plan hmm?”

”Oh wait, let me get this straight, i locked you up in the storeroom for what exactly because i don’t like you?”


He laughs ”Miss Alexander, have you had your head examined? I mean you need to, such traumatic experience could tell badly on a person, i understand. I would, we would forgive your utterance.”

She takes a step closer ”You call me a liar?”

‘Yes, i do. Infact, come to think of it, how do we know you didn’t plan this to ruin the Mayor’s son, i mean, that is also possible”

Now everyone is muttering even more,  Christine watches, a smile curving at her lips.

That’s right Jimmy, turn the tables around on her. 

Alexander laughs ”Right. I locked myself in the storeroom, got myself attacked, then managed to get Jaime to come save me so i can frame him up, to what end? What do i get to achieve?”

”You tell me Miss Beckington, you are the one who has conveniently risen from the dead”

She nods ”Oh, right, here is my thought.” she taps her lips ” I still do not know why i was used as a scheme  of yours, i do believe that is the case . So,  let me put things together that i think might makes sense to you,  infact to all of you because it doesn’t makes sense to me.

You had a run in with me and then hated me, you locked me in because, well , i don’t know, you want me out of the way, maybe. Scenario exhibit A- Say for instance you attacked me , almost killed me, and right on time, Jaime shows up and saves the day which may be what you want. Then guess what, someone was there at the nick of time to take pictures,  and send to the press ..and then viola, Jaime is christened a murderer, and he is on the low…he can’t go about his business and maybe he gets tossed in jail while they investigate or maybe the case gets to be tossed under the carpet and he never gets to see the light of the day again…

Now , while that is going on,  who do yo think is benefiting from the situation,? Is it me, a  girl who has no connection to him and ties to whatever he is or you.? Well, i do remember that he is supposed to be running for president right at the Heritage group. i mean, that dinner he took me for the first day and i met his parents for the first time not knowing that he was the Mayor’s son. Well, the Mayor  wanted him to make a pitch and he kept turning it down and you seemed too happy to not want him to do any thing, i remember your words saying ”He doesn’t want to, let him so people who are too qualified can take the chance at it”, putting two and two together…This is my overall theory -Jaime is not available to pitch at the primaries election, who do you think has a better chance of winning if you put it  on the table spread out?”

Jimmy frowns, he should shut her up. ‘Miss Alexander, i think you should think carefully before you begin to say things that do not make sense and are inappropriately analysed.”

”You Jimmy” She answers for him, ” because right before i walked into this conference room …” she continuous ignoring him ”The drive here, i took a little time to go through those who are candidates for this position online and then i saw the rankings and achievements and then is saw the vetos on each head….i do not know the statistics but…i understand that he was your your only competition in this race and once he is no more in the picture, it’s an  automatic win  for you, yes?”

”I would ask that you refrain from making such statements or any more!” He says through clenched teeth.

The Mayor watches and listens, trying to understand what Alexander is saying .

”Tell me i am not hitting close to the truth? I still do not know the shit that is going on but that i can tell is close to the truth.”

Mr, Chena steps forward noticing Jimmy’s angered look. Whatever this woman was yabbing about, they must not let her distract them from winning today, Jimmy has got to win, that is all that matters.

”Miss Alexander ..we are happy to see that you are safe, the city would be in joy and also would that false notion of the Mayor’s son be cleared out …but ofcourse, the investigation would go on, because now, there is a missing puzzled of who attacked you and i am sure we would do everything to catch him. So, right now, we have an election so if you would please excuse us and-”

”Shut up fatso” she says pointing at him.

Adam chuckles behind

”What are you , his dog or his spokesman?” she continuous

”Miss Alexander, it would be wise that you-” he began again

”Oh, wow! You, are Mr Chena yes? I saw you on Tv saying trash about Jaime Lockswire and stuff..i do not like you”

He opens his mouth to speak again

”I said shut up, or i would spit in your face, don’t dare me Mr, i am street, i would do it street style”

Adam laughs now, so did a few other people , she turns back to face Jimmy ”Why you lock me in that store room? or you are going to allow your cock sucking dog to masturbate over this question too?”

”You are delusional” he hisses.

”Why did you lock me in that Store room damnit!!” she took a step closer to him, Christine watches the exchange from where she stood. Jimmy didn’t seem to have it under control, it was becoming dangerously slippery watching the exchange, this Alexander girl was not going to be tossed off the scent easily. She  wondered  if she should stay and see the end of this or she should leave just incase it blows out in the open that he really did have something to do with her attack. Jimmy would not pull her down with him. No way.

Jimmy tightens his fist, tempted to pull her close to him and then strangle her till she stops breathing. This time, she wouldn’t be able to come back to life.

”I did not” He says through clenched teeth

”You would deny you didn’t roughen me up at the charity party hosted by the Mayor and threatened to make my life hell for stepping on your toes? You would deny you didn’t grab me and roughened me up some hmm ? You would deny you grabbed  me from the back, and when i struggled you pushed me into the sore room and then locked me in? You would deny this?”


”And if i have proof?”

Jimmy smiles now,  ”Show me then. if you have prove, because you have none, know why?Because there is nothing like that because i didn’t do anything. If you you have nothing more to say, you can step away from my face, i have a pitching to complete as you can see, the world is waiting to hear me finish the beautiful pitching i began. Again, thank God you are alive and maybe, we can seat at a round table and discuss your safety and  that of other women and then we catch whoever attacked you and locked you in..for now, step away”

He chuckles , prove? There was none, he burnt the reports. She had nothing on him. He adjusts his suit..

Then he hits him, unless....

He quickly looks up to see Adam smiling, No he did not. He wouldn’t dare, he already told him no one would believe him, now he goes and give it to this bitch. He promised him what he would do to him and to Jaime did he not, now, there was no  mercy, not for him, not for Jaime or his family, not for this Alexander.

He saw her putting her hands into her pocket , He looks up to see Gareth, and then nods . There was no way he was going to let her ruin this for him. No way!! First, he must do something to get her removed from here. Even if it means….

”Don’t shoot me please” He screams raising up his hands, a loud gasp fills the room, he backs away, Alexander is shocked…

”Wait what?”

”Ma’am, ” Gareth pulls out his gun, so did every officer in the room, Adam reaches for officer points a gun at him.

”It’s not a gun” Alexander chokes

Everyone is docking for cover as a lady screams. Mr Chena goes to Jimmy, the Mayor holds his wife as a few officers cover him

”Sir..are you okay?” Mr Chena asks Jimmy.

Gareth takes steps to Alexander, pulling her hand from her pocket and then swinging her around and bending her hands to her back  painfully.

”Let me go you asshole!, it’s not a gun, it’s -Owww!!” she screams out in pain as he squeezes her hands tight as she struggles.

Jacob stands up trying to push the officers away from his view,

”Do something” Gem touches his arm

”What the hell is going on?” He wails

”She is reaching for a gun Sir” Gareth was quick to say ”I think it would be safe for everyone if i take her away , she-”

”I told you, she is crazy. i …maybe she faked this whole thing and now she comes here to, Officer please” Jimmy cries out.

”Salim, Salim” Jacob bellows calling the Chief of Police.

The Chief of Police who had stepped out briefly to answer a call rushes back in hearing his name. Seeing the commotion he reaches for the gun, scanning briefly and sizing the situation as confusion sets it.

”Salim, handle this” Jacob says at the top of his voice sighting him.

The Chief of Police steps forward, walking towards Gareth, seeing the reason for the commotion. He sights Adam, he saw his hands behind his back. He was Jaime’s bodyguard, that one he knew and he was licenced to carry a weapon. And she..

He staggers…”You are alive?” He breaths,

Alexander is being turned around as Gareth tries to cuff her forcefully.

”Let me go”

”Gareth, what is going on here?”

”She has a gun sir, she was threatening Mr Jimmy and accusing him and-”

”Liar, let me go!!”‘ she screams out in pain.

”I think you should listen to her” Adam says through clenched teeth., he pulls out his gun, the a few other officers point a gun at him.

Someone screams, more people moved away. The Mayor pushes the officers from his view

”Salim, order your men to stand down”

”Let me go asshole, it’s not a gun you  fxxking moron”

Jimmy stares at Gareth, urging him with his eyes to take her away before anything interrupts the whole election, he wouldn’t let her have her way no.

”Salim, tell you your officer to step away from her, put his gun down and order the officers to do so as well.  She means no harm, and i do not believe she is carrying a gun” Jacob thunders

”Stand down Gareth, everyone stand down” The chief of Police orders

Gareth stares at Jimmy again, who shakes his head , he stares at the Mayor and then the chief of police..”Sir, it is my intuition that this lady may have a hidden agenda and…”

”Step down, that is an order” He touches his arm.

”If you do not let her go within the minute, i would not be responsible for my actions”Adam hisses fingering his trigger.

”Let me go!!! You dick, i swear to God i ..owww!!” Alexander screams at Gareth who still has her hand pinned behind her.

”Gareth?” Salim, the chief of police orders angrily now. ”You disobey my orders?”

‘Salim?” Jacob orders ”I will not repeat myself, i am the Mayor and i am asking you to order your men to stand down, now”

”This is my life we are talking about ” Jimmy flares up ”She has a gun, take her away” Jimmy orders ”You are the Police, meant to protect lives, well i am in danger, i perceive so so you take care of me. Take her away”

”Oh God someone do something” Mrs Barlow chokes

”Jacob” Mrs Gemmylyne calls his name ”Do something, don’t let them hurt her or take her away”

Jacob opens his mouth to give another order , Alexander screams again. ”Let me go, you are hurting me!!!”

”Let her go, NOW!!!”

Everyone turns to the voice. They find him standing at the entrance of the conference room.

”Oh my God!” Gemmylyne gasps as she covers her mouth, Jimmy’s look went from anger, to surprise to shock, he staggers back.

No, he wasn’t supposed to show up, he was supposed to stay in hiding, he was’t supposed to show up.

Christine steps behind her chair..

Jaime, his face set, anger in his eyes steps into the room as a team of security detail enter with him. People automatically move back, but the cameras didn’t stop rolling and the media team taking the moments fantastically missing nothing.

”Let her go, i won’t repeat myself” Jaime says as he gets close to the Chief of Police, Gareth and the Alexander. He saw how he pinned her hands behind, he saw the pain registered on her face, his anger grew, his fist folded.

Gareth exchanges looks with Jimmy, and then the chief of police.. ”Mr Jaime Locskswire Sir, we believe that she is a threat and that the lives of people here might be at stake and we would-”

Jaime didn’t let him finish, he nudges the chief of Police aside and before anyone could blink, he has Gareth by the collar and was flinging  him across the room before anyone can stop him. Gareth hits the wall hard and crushes to the floor with  a hard thud.

Gasp vibrates through the room, and then shock registers on everyone’s face.  The room was quiet for a few a nano seconds.

He turns to look at Alexander who is speechless as well. He grabs her by the hand, dips his hands into her pocket and then frowns, he brings the object out to reveal that it wasn’t a gun.

”Is this a gun to you?” he shows everyone and then at Gareth, then Jimmy ”No, the least you can do is to ask her to stay still while you search her instead of manhandling her…don’t you ever again touch her like that” he points to Gareth who rises from the floor.

He stares at the Chief of police, “I believe my father gave you an order? ” The chief of police makes a final order ”Everyone , stand down, now” he orders. Every officer puts their gun away,  and then steps back.  He nods to the team of officers who had walked in with him, ”Take their guns, take them to the waiting area” he orders his senior officers to  take away the junior officers who were in the room with Gareth.

Jaime was angry, he looks at Adam ”I will deal with you later” . Adam puts away his gun. He stares at Alexander , she was rubbing her hand ”Are you hurt?” he touches her wrists checking to make sure there were no bruises.

Christine boils with anger and then jealousy. She stays quiet…watching.

Alexander shakes her head

”Good” he held her hand running her hand over her wrists.  Then he links his hands with hers. Holding  her.

Alexander sees that he doesn’t let her go. And this hold was different.  It was protective.

Like he was saying “I will protect you from harm

She looks up at him.  Their eyes meet,  hold for a second. His eyes conveyed nothing. But she felt save. That observation warmed her.

The reporters suddenly begin to throw questions at him, he doesn’t answer  as he looks away from her.



Her voice tugs at his heart  as he looks at her, love fills his eyes as he smiles, later, his eyes conveys a message.

Later mother,  I will come to you. 

Right now, he has to deal with this, Fix his life. Protect them all from him.

He turns to Jimmy, raising the phone , deciding that maybe Alexander was right, maybe it was time for  him to face his demons.

If he hadn’t gotten here, probably Alexander would have been taken a way to God knows where and what would have happened to Adam? And maybe,  what would happen to him and his family if Jimmy eventually have his way.  Would he keep to his word to leave them alone or he would do what he desires. Harm them eventually?

And why was Jimmy wanting her to be taken away, because Alexander insinuated  that she had prove?

That was the only reason he wouldn’t want her to bring out whatever was in her pocket or did he really believe she had a gun? No, a man scared would be running for his life,. he wasn’t , he was assertive, he was a man who knew his sins and wanted to get away from it at the expense of an innocent person.

Jaime shakes his head, this was all clear to him, Jimmy would go all the way to get his way, even if it meant at the expense of people who matter to him.

Today, today he was done giving in to him today, like Alexander had said, he has  to take it all back. Take his life back.

He was done allowing Jimmy tower over him and make him feel guilty for being who is he, being loved by his father and adored my his mother, for being the son who did more…he was  done giving in to his wills and doing all that he wants.

His father loved him, he would not continue to suffer for that. Jimmy made his bed, he should lie on it, He was done hurting those he love to please him, and he was done looking  the other way and cowering in fear, He would protect his family, and the only way to do that if he is close to them, in a place that he can only protect them.

Now, he would fight with all that he has to ensure that Jimmy never has that power over him again. First, he would clear the air, then he would do that very thing Jimmy didn’t want to do.


”Jaime, welcome home” Jimmy began, opening his arms  and pulling him out of his thoughts ”Miss Alexander here may have a bit of a traumatic experience and it must have messed up with her head but,… you have shown that you are a man whose heart is in the right place, saving her and caring for her and when everyone thought she was dead, but….oh, the world thought the worst of you but no, i knew that you will come out victorious and…oh..welcome home, everyone Jaime Lockswire, the man of the hour” Jimmy says as cheers and claps erupts in the room.

Jaime nods ”Right, Jimmy, i have a few questions ”

Jimmy frowns ”What?’

”Did you lock her in the storeroom”


‘You did not answer the question”

”I already said i-”

”Yes or no?”


”So, your fingerprints won’t be in the forensics reports?”

Gareth stands up straight,

”No, there is none. The lab got burnt, so did the reports. Else I am sure that would have proved my innocence.”

”Convenient, so you say it would not be here as prove then?” He dangles Adam’s phone which was what was in Alexander’s pocket towards him.

Jimmy stares at it, wishing that he should have taken that phone from Adam, and maybe killed him to. ”Whatever you are insinuating is not true”

”You would also deny that…” he opens the phone , scrolls through ”That for the past five years, you have been using children to work underground for a mining community and when you needed more foundation , you let a bomb go off, killing tons of children. A crime you swept under the rug. ”

A loud gasps erupts again. Reporters are taking notes,

”My God!” someone exclaims.

”You also smuggle girls out to the west coast for prostitution, you deal with cocaine, and you are in talks with the Iris and you are in connection with the assassination of the Senator Lee Jones, this was six years ago over a blackmail gone wrong. Do i continue?”

Gem covers her mouth. “Oh my God” she held her husband with her other hand. Jacob cannot believe his ears.

Jimmy’s eyes grows dim ”What nonsense is this?”

”Do you deny that you did not have anything to do with the death of the recently deceased officer, Steve..?”

”You accuse me of killing an officer?”

Jaime’s hands folds into a fist as he decides to reveal all that Jimmy had told him in his drunken state years ago.. ”Do you deny that over 20 years ago, you had the Mayor almost killed when you also blackmailed his boss, and then the shot was fired, you went behind him knowing that he would be in front to protect you. Do you deny that over twenty years ago, you rammed the car carrying my mother who was with  child into a tree and almost leaving her for dead, killing her child..? Do you also deny that two years ago, you wanted me assassinated, but the bullet kills my bodyguard? Do you deny Jimmy , that you threatened me and the Wellingtons…do you deny that these facts on and off records are not true? That your intention for the city, Chocolate City is intended to ruin and not build? Do you deny this prove i have in my hands ?”

”Yes!” Jimmy says without blinking

”Very well then, ” Jaime hands it over to the Chief of Police ”Hold on to this will you”

Salim takes it in confusion, he stares at the Mayor as everyone is muttering.

”Where did you supposedly get all this lies from, where? You had your bodyguard and your slut come up with lies?”

Jaime smiles ”No, the officer you killed had that information”

Jimmy smiles ”You mean the officer who is a rogue, blackmailing me for money and saying he was going to ruin me?”

”Steve was a good cop, he was not a rogue your asshole” Adam spat

”Adam” Jaime cautions

”He was a fxxking rogue, i am innocent of all of these crimes, if i were guilty, how come he didn’t inform the police? My records are clean, i am a saint…i ask that you refrain from this accusation. ” he stares at everyone, the camera ”I am being framed , this is the work of my enemies, My life has been transparent. My company and dealings legal, i run legal businesses, you can check my records it is open to view…all these are lies, this accusations are lied and it hurts me to see that you would say this to me” he says to Jaime, his heart beating loudly in his chest, hoping that he can control his temper not to ram his head to the wall.

He should have killed Adam and ensured all prove was gotten rid off. But it doesn’t matter, if he plays his card well, no one will believe Jaime. He needs to place a call, his boys would clean up any information  and any data base that connects him to criminal activities if they see and then come up with  facts and made up stories of Steve being a rogue cop, doing criminal activities and ensure Adam and Jaime is roped into it.

He thinks he can break him, he thinks he can win this battle? 

No! No one was winning but him, and when he makes President of the Heritage group, he would bury all of them alive. And by the time he makes Mayor, they would be nonexistent.

”You would allow your life to be investigated?” Jaime interrupted his thoughts.

”I told you, i am innocent. My life is not hidden and not my activities either. So unless you have tangible proof other than stories from a dead cop, i think you should refrain from stating any further lies”

”So you do not mind an investigation then?”

He frowns ” Unless you want to serve me with a warrant, which you do not have the power to, get a fxxking proof other than that phone and made up story. Now, if you excuse me, i was doing my pitch” Jimmy turns from him and then faces the crowd..

”Mr Chena” Jaime states ”Since you are the acting President , i need to clarify, how many aspirants are there for this pitching?”



Chena looks at Jimmy , ”10, but you were removed due to the –”

”Ah, yes, due to the fact that i was accused of a crime i didn’t commit and tagged a murderer and bla bla bla, that is fine. Thank goodness that is not the case right now, what does the law say?”

”That you are innocent before being proven guilty” Alexander offers

Jaime turns to her, a smile curving at his lips ”That is correct, i was not given that privilege, infact, i was thrown under the bus. But, nevertheless…now that the entire world can see that i was wrongly therefore means that my slot is still available to be filled, yes?”

”No!” Jimmy states

”You were removed from being a candidate” Mr Chena states.

”Because i was being assumed to be a criminal, but i am not…therefore?”

”He fxxking has a right to be among the candidates and make a fxxking pitch” Alexander states with a smile.

Adam tries not to laugh .

”You cannot, this is not-”

”He can, he is innocent, Miss Beckington is alive, it is false accusation, he has a right.” Mrs Barlow states. A few people in the room concurs

”Yes, he does” ,Mr Lupit stands up, so did everyone who is supporting Jaime as the Mayor’s candidate.

Mr Chena and the other eleven board members stare at Jimmy .

”You did not want to be a candidate and your wish was granted, it does not matter what you were accused off, you cannot just waltz into here and reclaim what you didn’t assume”

”Besides. the Mayor endorsed Jimmy to take your position” Mr Chena states

”I did not!” Jacob thunders ”My endorsement remains with my son, i never endorsed Jimmy.”

Jimmy stares at Jacob ” Mr Chena is the acting President, and his word his final at the moment, what is your verdict?” he looks over his shoulders.

Chena smiles ”You are no longer legible to participate as virtue of your recent issues, despite the air has been cleared, the primaries has already begun and you would step down for another running in a few years with other candidates”

”Jacob?” Mrs Barlow states ”As a member of the board of directors to the Heritage group, i seek that you pull the act section status quo” she stands up

”I second’ Lupit states, so did the six others who join in agreement.

”You cannot..” Chena shrieks

”You wouldn’t dare” Jimmy stares at his father

Jacob  stares at his wife, she nods, he straightens up ”I , Jacob Wellington, President of the Heritage  group with  78% share, over-all share holder, Mayor of Chocolate City, i evoke the act section  status quo regaining my rights as President of my company and returning the sealing of ownership taking back all rights vetoed upon me. Mr Chena, you are hereby relieved of your duties as acting President. Those in agreement, state”

Mrs Barlow and the others state .

”That leaves us with 95% percent share veto power” Mrs Barlow states ” And we would allow Jaime Locskswire be among his original positions aspirant for the Heritage company”

Christine covers her mouth.

Jimmy’s face turns to granite,  his jaw set,  he eyes the Chief of Police’s gun, he was too far off.

”Mr Chena, return the seal to the Mayor if you will”  Mrs Barlow states

Jimmy stares at Chena, who looks at him apologetically. He takes the seal, and places it infront of the Mayor and then steps away.

”Mr Jimmy, if you insist to make your pitch, carry on so that Mr Jaime can commence” Mr Lupit says nodding.  “Every candidate had been given an opportunity to pitch and recorded.  You will finish yours and then Mr Jaime would be given an opportunity.  Once that is over,  we would vote as well as everyone in the room. May the best man win”

Everyone nods in agreement.  Mr Chena is looking at Jimmy at lose of what else to do.

The Mayor just evoked back his rights.  He can’t do anything. 
Which meant that.. He should think carefully his next set of actions.

If he votes for Jimmy, what if he doesn’t win.

The Mayor would probably give him early retirement since he was not loyal.  But if he votes for Jaime and he wins,  he may still have a chance.

He should choose wisely. 

He stares at Jimmy and then Jaime. He bites his lips.

The other board members exchange silent words with themselves.

Jimmy spares all of them a glance.  Seeing their expression change.

He smiles. He looks at his father, his wife,  Jaime and then everyone else.

He should lock all of them up in a room, and set a bomb. or maybe he should kill them one by one in their sleep. Then he would kill their children and feed them to the dogs.

He thinks to himself.

All of them, every single one in this room.

If anything goes wrong today,  all of them in this room would not see the light of day before the week runs out.

”Cat cut your tongue” Alexander throws at him, Jaime stares at her, shaking her head. she bites her lips.

“Mr Jimmy,  time is not on our side.  Do you continue or do you step down from aspiring?”

Jimmy smiles, ”I will continue” He was not giving up, he was going to win, then he would kill all of them.

He clears his throat,  smiles and the began to talk,  giving the pitch he had planned.

After thirty minutes, Jaime is facing them as he begins to speak.. “When I was little,  my father had taken me by the hand and brought me to his company.  I sat down for the first time in a chair that swallowed me,  unable to touch my feet to the ground.  You know what he said when i cried out for help?  One day, you would be faced with challenges in life and you may not see any way out.  But instead of wallowing in self pity.  You will find a way to make victory out of your distress.  What does he do?  He leaves me in the room to figure it out.  I was four. Too young to understand what he meant.  An hour later,  I had climbed the chair,  managed to get on the table, walked to the end and there at the far end was a stool.  It had been there all along and I didn’t realize it.  Slowly I climbed down and when I opened the door.  He was there waiting for me with open arms.  Then I realized something, life may never be the way we want it to be and what we desire may be different from what we get.  Do we give up?  Do we fall never to rise?  No.  We do all within our power to be all that we desire to be even when the odds are against us.  That has  been my motivation I decided to stay away from my father’s shadow to be myself.  Be my own person and all that I have achieved have been centered on the need to uplift not to pull down.  And because my father had taken me by the hand to enable me stand.  I also had to go out there to see others who didn’t have the opportunity as I did to be that hand that would help them get to  where they are ” he says ” That is why,  the community projects I have been working on has been under the radar for some time. Because we have been working hard to do things right, for the people and not for us,

You all know about the innovations I have come up for the company.  The railway projects has since been successful.  The schools.  The hospitals etc.  And the community projects is the heart of it all,  taking the underprivileged and giving them the life they can only dream and then exploring them back to give back to the society.

Project 100 is aimed at bringing wishes to reality  and we already have  presently about 56 communities on the border line signed up in this project.  42 are under works  and the last 8 communities are in talks with my people.

Not just that,  we have China, France and then the British government tapping until this project to sponsor and always give supplies.

Furthermore,  the schools,  outreach  and the new city would be commissioned within a month. Yes,  we have gone that far.

This project has been in planning for a few years and it has come to reality. Your reality. ”

Shock registers on everyone’s faces

” I am not here to tell you what I can do if you vote me.. I am here to show you what I have done.  Actions are more powerful then words and my father taught me that it must proceed my words and that is the only way one can truly know who you can be.

I am not standing here to hang a rope over my head to lord people.  No.  If my presence here can do more good and reduce the pain of people and their suffering, then I have done something right.

My name is Jaime Lockswire,  a man who desires a better future for the community,  and using the platform of the Heritage group which had been the life wire of our great city “Chocolate City ” to make this city greater than it is, and I would like to be your President and together we can achieve great things for ourselves and that of our children so that years from now, they may have a reason to reach out and bless others as we have.

Thank you. ”

He finishes.

Like thunder claps the entire room vibrates with claps and nodding off heads. Happy mutterings and excitement.

Alexander looks around unable to believe her ears.

“Damn, the fool got a good head on his head.  I am impressed ” she says to herself.

Jacob nods his head. His wife squeezes his hands.

Jimmy’s eyes darkens, anger sears through his heart, and all he wants to is inflict pain, immeasurable pain to the man standing beside him.

“Now we vote ” Mr Lupid calls out as he beckons to the man who stood positioned at the side door.

He walks to him with a box and then places it in the middle. The board members were the first to drop  a card with a name in the box. Once done, everyone else was allowed to do the same.

The man comes back and then began to count and arrange the cards.

Jaime steps away and then goes to his mother.

She doesn’t let him speak as she crushes him in a hug,  kissing his face.
He places his head over her hands and then covers his face with her hands.

“Jaime? ” he looks up,  “I have never been so proud a father before. ” he had tears in his eyes “All this.. You did all this? ”

Jaime straightens up as he places a kiss to her forehead.  He nods “Yes sir. ” he smiles.

They grab each other in a hug.
“I am sorry father. I am so sorry ”

Alexander flicks a tear away from her eyes and then sniffs.

Christine suddenly finds her feet.  She rushes to them.

“Oh my God Jaime ” she rushes him as soon as he and his father break apart. “Thank God. ”

Alexander frowns.  She walks to them while the counting is still on-going.

Jaime doesn’t push her away. But he doesn’t let her linger.


“Oh baby I was so sorry.. I.. Oh my God. “” she places a kiss to his cheeks.  He stops her before she kisses him square on the lips.

Alexander is beside him now.  Suddenly angrily jealous.

“Give the man some space ”

Jaime hides a smile as he stares at her.

“I am fine Christine ”

Her mother walks to him and so did everyone else.

“We are so happy you are here Jaime and your pitch was revealing. We do not regret voting for you.  ” They all begin to talk.

“The votes are ready”

Everyone turns.  The reporters take their seats,  the camera continues to roll and everyone’s hearts are in their hands.

Jaime smiles at his parents.  Then suddenly he looks at Alexander.

“You were something up there Lockswire ” she says

He smiles ” If I didn’t know better. I would say you were impressed ”

“Pfft!  It would take more than a few intelligent words to impress me hot shot”

He smiles “Yeah,  you should get better at lying.  You are smiling ”

She frowns ‘Fxxk you”, then she smiles.

“Maybe, that won’t be such a bad thing Alexander.. ”

She shoots him a look. His eyes sparkles mischievously.  ”That was a joke”

”I knew that” Her cheeks begin to grow warm. She looks away. He smiles.

“Having counted the votes.. Here is the result. ..the over-all Winner is..”

“You know if you don’t win that’s fine,  just know everyone in this room seems mighty proud of the man you have become.  Even your parents. ”

“What about you”?”

“What I think shouldn’t matter ”

“What if it does.. ?”

She opens her mouth to speak .

“Alexander,  promise me you wouldn’t do anything as stupid as putting yourself in danger again. ”

She had a hot retort at the tips of her lips..

“Promise me. ”

“Why,  why does it matter if I put myself in danger? ”

“Maybe because,  I do care about you,  something I didn’t realize till a moment ago when the Gareth had your arms twisted and I wanted to ensure he never does it again. Promise me”

She was speechless.., then she blinks ”What do you mean care about me, you don;’t know me”

”Yes i don’t, and care like..i don’t know, i don’t want you harmed, i mean what else ? Promise me.”

“Find, i promise. Silly”

He nods.

“JAIME LOCKSWIRE had a total of 89 votes. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the face and new President of Heritage group. The future of Chocolate City. An automatic ticket to the general elections of Mayor ship in two weeks. Congratulations!!!! ”

The cheers and claps was deafening.

His face breaks into a smile. He hugs and kisses his mother.  Hugs his father.  Christine screams throwing herself on him.

Everyone wanted to shake him and congratulate him.

Alexander claps smiling “Not bad Lockswire. Not bad”

He was lead to give a speech of thanks and then taking the honorary title and the seal.

While he spoke thanking everyone, his eyes kept darting to where she stood. Lingering.

“Sir, what is your first call of action now? ”

Jaime looks at Jimmy and then the Chief of police. His smile leaving his face.

He has started, he would go all the way now.

“I order an investigation into Jimmy; his company. Investment he had carried to see how legal it is. Businesses he is into.  Infact every single thing to ensure that the proofs from Mr Steve,  the deceased’s phone were not fabricated. That is my order”

Jimmy’s fist tightens ”You wouldn’t dare subject me to that, i am innocent”

”I am not daring, i am acting, Mr Salim, has my order been noted?” He looks at the Chief of Police.

“Yes sir ” The Chief of police nods  .

“Serve him a warrant too so he does not have a right to refuse the law when they come sniffing at his business.”


Jimmy stretches out his hand to shake him,  ”I must congratulate you then for your fine victory despite your desire to soil my name, let it be known to the world that i am innocent but as he as directed, i would obey, but please when they find nothing incriminating against be, you would apologize to me in public”

If they do not, then i will, that is unlikely”

Jimmy nods shaking his hand,  then he pulls him closer “Watch your back”  he whispers ”I would hate to see something happen to you.”

“I am done playing your rules brother” Jaime replies. Jimmy smiles.

“You should have listened to me. You should have. Now, what will be would be, brother!”

Alexander watches their silent exchange. She breaks through the crowd and then makes her way to them not liking the look Jimmy was given him, suddenly scared for Jaime.

Jaime sees her,  and then pulls her to him before she is tempted to attack Jimmy. She was, she had every attention to push him away from Jaime. Jaime held her stiff to his side, and then shakes his head when she opens her mouth to speak..

”No, let me put this frog in his place” she pleads

Jimmy smiles “Alexander… ”

“Asshole. He won.. Now you should get out of his face! ” she points to him.

He eyes her, deciding that drowning her would be best.

He turns, about to walk away. Someone who had been in the room all this while watching the scene makes his way to them.

With a broad smile he reaches them..

“Congratulations Mr Jaime Lockswire. ” They shake hands.

“Miss Alexander you look lovely ” then he turns to Jimmy

“Jimmy… ” he smiles.

Now Jimmy almost had a heart attack as he staggers backwards. Unable to believe his eyes.

Alexander slips her hands through Jaime and then squeezes.

Jaime felt her fear like a shock of vibration. It sears through him, he squeezes her hands and then He looks at her immediately. “Alexander what is it? ” She says nothing, he follows her eyes. They landed on him.  The man who had come to congratulate him.

“Kennedy? “” Jimmy chokes ”You are…” he trails off. He killed him, no..his men killed him, how is is he alive?

“Yes Kennedy ” Anderson Kennedy smiles reading his thoughts, ”I am well, yes! I came here to settle a score for one.  But.. My blessings are two. ”  he looks at his watch briefly and then his eyes lands on Alexander, conveying a message.

Whatever it takes, today, I am taking you home Alexa. Back home to forever with me. And there is nothing you can do, nor can you ever get away from me again.

Alexander stares at though reading his thoughts.

Face your demon.  Face it or else he would take you m and maybe this time, you may never be able to get away or maybe Jaime won’t show up.

“He is the one… He is the one ” she chokes as tears fills her eyes. “He was the one who attacked me Jaime”  she breaths shakily as she points to him.

Kennedy didn’t expect that as his eyes widens in shock. None of them did. Neither did Jimmy. Neither did Christine as she gasps.

Jaime’s eyes grows  even bigger,  he reaches for Kennedy.

Kennedy reaches for the gun tucked behind his shirt. Jimmy sees an opportunity.

Adam sees it,  only too late. The officers were slower.

A shot was fired.

Someone drops.

Another person screams.  People duck for cover.

Someone lay on the floor, blood spreading.

Gemmylyne screams.


PS: We are nearing the end to this one people..stay with us!


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