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My hands curled around the gem, it almost stuck with my skin.

Suddenly the blue light which had so proudly filled the place, vanished leaving no hint of light.

After that many things happened at once, me jerking away from my position and hitting the wall, Tony running towards me to catch my body, my body becoming weak and blood coming out of my mouth.

I vomited blood, the entire floor was stained red. I felt as if something was leaving me, may be my soul. Everything around me rotated, I could feel the rotation of Earth.

I let go and found my place in Tony’s arms. His words faded into the air, what reached me were muffled sounds and his tears wetting my cheeks.

He shook me, but he didn’t know that I was holding on a string- a string I was afraid he’d break.

I closed my eyes, inhaling the sweet familiar scent, whom I had wanted to spend forever with.

Silent night.. holy night..

Was I dead now?

“Wake up, Gigi! Wake up! Please.” Tony’s voice finally dashed my ear.

No then, I wasn’t dead.

I slowly opened my eyes, allowing them to get used to the light.

And what I saw for the first time we’re Tony’s blood shot eyes, staring at me.

“Are you okay?” His voice trembled.

I tried to answer but only air left my mouth. Finally I decided to nod.

He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. As soon as his lips touched mine, a great spasm of pain rocked my chest.

I huffed for breath. I chocked. I tried again, taking in breath from my mouth and the pain finally started to abate.

I supported my light headed self against Tony’s body.
And then again my breaths came in involuntarily, my heart pumped and the warmth inside me returned. My pale cheeks turned red, my vision narrowed and I could smell blood inside of me- feel it flowing through my veins.

Yet again my vision had been true. I had envisioned this, Tony and Wyatt sucking blood from my body- me turning to human again.

But why? I had lifted the stone, the immortal stone which had vanished into me. Why did I turn back to human?

Even the books I had read didn’t have information about this.

“Gigi…” Tony’s voice was just a whisper. A questioning one.

Then I realized, my body was changing. I could see the anabolism going on. The strength returned, the anxiety faded and the power surged in me.

Gigi, the holder of the immortal stone.

“This way!” I called after Tony.

“We have to get outta here, Gigi. Why are going back in?” He asked.

“Just follow me. I know this place more than you do.” I told him.

I led him towards the secret door, through which Wyatt had taken me on the date.

“We’ll reach faster this way.” I told him.

I found the car and quickly scooted to the driver’s seat while Tony sat beside me.

“What about Shivani?” He asked.
“Don’t worry about her. She’s Naagin, she’ll be fine.”

The roared to life and we rushed towards the exit.
After some time we passes through the white tunnel which represented the end of the third dimensional world.

I stopped the car and jumped out.

“What happened?” Tony asked.

“I’ve to lock this world.”

He looked at me disbelief but moved out of the car anyways.

I knew how to do this. I had read it in the book. ‘The holder of the immortal stone shall posses the power to control the fate of the vampire world.”

I shall control the fate, fate of the entry or exit to the vampire world.

I concentrated, shutting my eyes. I was looking for ways to use the power that I had now come to hold.

Tony remained silent, well he was silent most of the times, but still.

I didn’t know what I was finding or if I would know when I find it, but it was an instinct.

Within the darkness before my eyes, I saw light. The blue light which I had moments ago swallowed inside me.

I projected my hand towards the roof of the cave. The blue light left my hand broke the ceiling, revealing the dark sky above.

“How’d you…?” Tony was about to ask but stopped mid sentence realizing the Crux.

“Come on.”

I took hold of his hand and jumped out through the hole that I had created.
“Wo! Easy girl!” He said as we landed on the ground.

“Aagachat!” I shouted and my voice echoed through the forest.

“What was that for?” Tony asked.

“I’m calling Shivani.” I replied.

“What? If Wyatt finds out, he’ll come after us.”

“Trust me baby, he won’t.”

Soon a giant snake appeared in front of us and I started my job.

The blue beams left my hand again, but this time to close the vampire world.

Yes, this was the plan. Shivani had left the space and now, I, the queen had to shut the doors so that the vampire couldn’t leave their world for at least a century.

From distance, the vampires came running towards us. But to their avail, they only found the world closed.

“Gigi!” Wyatt called from the other side.

“Yes honey?” I asked. A wicked smile stretched across my face.

“You… But you were deflected? You b**ch!” He cursed finally realising what shit of a thing had just happened with him.

After all his blissful dreams of marriage and rule over the human world had been confined to his world. The world which would now rot almost all the vampires with itself.

“Why?” He asked. Something deep reflecting through his eyes.

And the way I had list into those red pearls for the very first time, I lost in them again.
This time watching what those eyes hid.

I saw pain, I saw love, I saw revenge. From our first kiss to the date we had had in the human world- I saw everything in Wyatt’s eyes.

I saw him placing the ring into my finger, him gifting me the wedding dress and then his anxiety on the wedding day.

The feelings drastically changed from love to rule. The way he had desired to rule the human world, with me.

I saw hate, the hate which now I was gifted. After all I had shattered his avenues to achieving what he desired.

With much efforts, I pulled out of his eyes which now we’re filled with tears.

“You’ll pay.” He said through his teeth.

“We will see.” I answered.

I turned around and left, Tony and Shivani following me.

But through all this, why didn’t I feel free?
Why did my heart feel heavy?
Why did guilt suppress the happiness my freedom?

“Go girl!” Shivani said as soon as we moved past a considerable distance.

“Yeah.” I commented mindlessly.

“Babes? You all right?” She asked.

“What? Uh.. yes, yes I’m fine.”

“You won’t believe how awesome exit I made! The vamps stared with wide eyes.” She said.

I turned to look at her. And again in her eyes, I could see everything.

“Aagachat!” My sound had echoed through the forest. Shivani, in my disguise, was taking the ‘feres’ with Wyatt.

She pulled out the bond through with she was tied to Wyatt.
“What happened?” He asked turning around.

She smiled at him. “Good bye.” She said.

Shivani turned into her Naagin form and spat out fire all over the place.
She crawled to a distance and created another barrier of fire and then rushed towards the exit.

“I see.” I replied meaning it.

Shivani sighed. After taking some time to stare at me and Tony, she winked at him and finally left.

“What happened?” Tony asked.

I turned towards him. His beautiful face looked at me questioningly.
I was irritated. Irritated by the fact that all of this affected me more than it should.

I ran into his arms. His strong hands pulled me against his chest. He kissed me over my head and I felt as if all my fears melted away.

“It’s gonna be okay baby.” He said rubbing my back. “We’re gonna be together, forever.” He said.

“I love you.” My voice cracked and I finally let go. I cried into his arms.

All this sufferings turned to tears and flowed down my cheeks.
I had gone through so much. From changing my entire existence as a person to suffering the betrayal from my love.

From being captured to being trapped into a triangle of love. From faking it with Wyatt to feeling it with Tony.

“I love you, too.” Tony said breathlessly.

Hands in hands we walked towards the exit of the Vampire Meadows.

The exit which according to Tony was absent a few months ago. Now I knew why he said it. He didn’t move past the confines of this superficial vampire world.

Who had thought that this annoying vampire would end up being with me.
Well, wasn’t that predictable enough?

“Let’s stop here.” He said.

“So we camp here tonight?” I asked.

“Yeah, you don’t like it?”

“Everything’s perfect with you.” I replied.

He smiled and pulled me into his arms. He connected his lips to mine and sparks flowed through my body.

I caressed his cheeks. The warmth between us grew and I loved it even more.


We sat by the campfire under the beautiful moon. I rested my head over Tony’s shoulder and shut my eyes.

Tony smiled as Gigi entered into the wedding hall. He looked extremely charming in his kurta and pajama. Gigi climbed onto the aisle in her red lehenga.

Once again Tony took her hands to his. “You look exceptionally beautiful today, honey.” He whispered into her ears.

The settings before me changed acing to the future ahead.

Tony and Gigi entered into their new house. It was a large mansion, ‘Tony and Gigi’ the name plate said.

The setting changed again.
It was their bedroom now. Tony kissed Gigi passionately. Both of them wanting to mingle within each other.

Gigi kissed his neck and Tony gasped. He pulled out his shirt and dropped it to the ground.

Gigi’s hand moved over his bare skin, tracing his muscles. Tony’s eyes dropped to Gigi’s lips.
Lingering over the blood which flowed under them.
Gigi met his lips again.

Desperation radiated through them, as if they had wanted each other for too long.
Tony bit Gigi’s lip and she jerked off the bed, into his arms. He moved slowly and Gigi tightened her grip over him.

They finally met each other.

The setting changed again. And the most beautiful sight, I had ever beheld, presented itself in front of me.

Gigi rested on the bed while Tony stood before her, carrying a baby in his hands.

“Ella.” He said and kissed the baby.

He caressed her back, his eyes were brimming with tears. My heart swelled with admiration.
Tony smiled at Gigi and kissed her head. He placed Ella beside her.

Gigi turned to look at her baby girl, a smile playing on her lips. Tony took hold of Gigi’s hand and kissed it while Ella gripped the index finger of Gigi’s free hand.

Tears flowed through my eyes. She was our, our baby girl.

The settings aced, taking me yet ahead.

I rested on the ground, my body stained in blood. Tony slept beside me, tired. Both of us stared into the depth of each other’s eyes.

My breath made the mud fly in the air and on that Tony laughed. I giggled too. My eyes were bloodshot.
“I love you. We shall be together, forever.” He said.

“I love you, too.” My breath hitched.

We held our hands and drifted to sleep together ending the journey we thought would endure forever.

“I love you, baby.” Wyatt said stepping over our joint hands. “You rightly paid your debts.” He said.
Behind him was his mighty army which marched into the human world.

Gigi and Tony were buried into the depths of the vampire meadows. The place where their journey had started and now where their love had become immortal.

And that was our future……..

I woke up from my vision. That was our fate- this was the end of our journey.

Do hell with the future! I don’t give a damn to it!
I shall cherish the present.

I turned to take in the beautiful face of Tony beside me. Smiling at me, unknown of the future.

I crashed my lips with his and under the beautiful moon we made love.

_______________The End_____________

Author – Anonymous 

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