Moonlight Desire – Chapter Twenty Two

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“What?” Tony asked.

“Will you marry me, Mr. Tony Andrews?”

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“No, I asked would you like to make kids with me in future.” I said still sitting on my knees.

“I.. I don’t know!”

“Fine. Think about it and tell me later. By the way tomorrow’s my marriage.”

With that I left the room and returned to Wyatt’s Chamber. Wyatt was seated in the living room so I decided to take a seat beside him.

I rested my head over his shoulder and he placed a kiss across my forehead.

“Tomorrow’s the big day, baby.” He said.

“So should I start calling you honey?” I asked.

“You may.” He let out a chuckle.

He turned to look at me, placing the files which he had in his hand aside.

I straightened myself.

“Are you Ready?” He asked watching within the depths of my eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I shifted uncomfortably under his scrutiny.

“I have this weird anxiety.”

Wyatt’s gaze moved from my eyes to my lips.

“Aren’t everybody anxious before their wedding.”

He slowly moved towards me, his eyes never lifting from that very part-lips. His lips parted as the distance between us slowly diminished.

Oh, no. Not now.

I quickly jumped up from the sofa and giggled. “Want a kiss before the marriage? Forget it, honey.”

He laughed with me too and we moved into the bedroom.


10 hours. Ten hours from now I would be in my lehenga for my wedding. The big day had arrived. The day we had planned for so long. Not just me and Shivani but also Tony, Wyatt and entire vampire body though the virtues were different.

There was a rush in the entire palace. No one could scrutinize anyone. Perfect.

Wyatt had abandoned his room from morning 7:00 a.m. Finishing his pending jobs, hearings and plans so that he could attend his wedding uninterruptedly.

Me? I sat on my bed waiting for the right time. The wedding was set to be in the evening at seven when the dark wouldn’t trouble the non-immune vamps which didn’t include me or Tony either.

“And here I come.” Said Shivani as he crawled in from the window.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“And fantasizing your marriage?” She asked with a sly smile.

“Maybe- if he says yes.” I sighed and smiled at her, maybe dreamily.

“Yes? Wait… You proposed Tony?! Holy Moly!”

“Yes, I did.”

“Be yaar, sachchi me?” She asked in Hindi.

“Sachchi me.” I replied.

“I’m so happy for you.” Shivani squeaked.

“He didn’t say yes though. And he was mad at me earlier, maybe even now. I don’t know.”

“That guy is nuts about you, he’ll say yes. Trust me.”

“Don’t you use modern words despite of being a century old?” I asked her.

“You know, they say you should go with the trend.”

“And who are ‘they’?”

“Peers, Duh. Anywho, aren’t you too casual for someone who is conspiring against the vampire king?” She asked.

“Oh yes,I am. Because Gigi is never anxious.”

With that I stood up and we revised our plan for the final time.


6:30 pm.

Gigi put the jwelery on. The red lehenga wrapped her body very beautifully, enhancing each and every curve. The gold necklaces clothed her neck. Gold bangles rested on her wrists. Two gold earrings fell down from her ears and a large golden nose ring elaborated her face.

She stood up from her place, walked past the room and outside Wyatt’s Chamber.

Tony stood there, in traditional kurta and pajamas. He took hold of her hand and walked her out of the palace where she was to be married.

Wyatt sat beside the agnikund waiting for her to take her seat close to him.

Tony sat Gigi beside Wyatt. The fire from the agnikund spreading warmth across her body.

“You look exceptionally beautiful today, honey.” Wyatt whispered into her ear.
Gigi pulled Tony’s arm so that his ear leveled her mouth.

“Now’s the Time. Go.” She said.

Tony nodded and left. Gigi turned towards Wyatt and gave him a sweet smile.

“You look exceptionally handsome today.” She said.

Tony ran up the stairs into his Chamber.


It’s such an asset to have a naagin as your friend.

While Shivani, in my disguise, sat in the wedding ceremony, I shall carry my further plans out with Tony’s help.

I heard a click from the front door. I was sitting in Tony’s bedroom waiting for him to come.

“What next?” He asked as soon as he entered the room.

I smiled at him. “You must be so happy knowing that I’m not marrying Wyatt.”

He just shrugged. “Let’s talk about it later. We haven’t got much time. The ceremony will end.”

I laughed. “That’s an Indian wedding, baby. They take forever to complete.”

I lifted myself from the bed and walked over to him.

I locked my hands with his. “So tell me baby. Will you marry me?” I whispered into his ear.

“Gigi, I…I.” He stammered.

“Oh my good! The question should be, ‘Do you still love me’?”

“Yes! Yes I do.”

“Oh. So you just aced to the ceremony? Okay. So, what do you say? Yes, I do too.” I replied acting out the wedding ceremony.

“No. Yes as in yes, I still love you.”

“God, you’re taking forever to answer. If you’re not marrying me, tell me now. I’ll go marry Wyatt.” I said.


“Why? He’s hot.” I winked at him.

He took hold of my wrists and pulled me into his chest. His thumb lifted my chin and then his lips rested on mine. With each moment, we deepened into each other. Our lips working in union.

His hands rested on my waist pulling me closer. At that time no questions were asked, no doubts rose what remained was only love.

At that time I knew, this was the only man I would want to spend eternity with.

“Yes, Gigi. I’ll marry you.” He said.

I took hold of his hand and pulled him behind me. “Where are we going?” He asked.

“To the next step of our plan.”

“And would you tell me what that is?”

“Do you think that I will?” I question instead.

I shot him my million dollar smile and continued dragging him into the lift.

We entered into Wyatt’s Chamber.

I moved towards the bedroom, Tony following me and then to the Cliché bookshelf where the dramatic secret door was.

I pulled the particular book and the bookshelf shifted to reveal the way towards the immortal stone.

“Woah!” Tony exclaimed from behind me.

“I know.” I replied.

We entered into the cave, the familiar stone walls appeared where I and Wyatt had made out.

As we moved deeper within, the blue light which had enchanted me for so long, illuminated the ground.

Tony held my hand and we fetched the stone together.

“Go take it.” He said.

“How? Won’t I like die or something?”

“No. You are the heir.” He said.


Walking right into the eyes if my fear, I watched my steps. Slowly inching towards the bright blue stone, I finally lifted it.


To be Continued…

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