Moonlight Desire – Chapter Twenty One

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Chapter Twenty One


“What happened? What did you see? You are panting Gigi.” Tony said as he settled down beside me on the couch.

“I..” should I tell him? After whatever I saw, is it really what I want? But these are just visions. “I wanna tell you something.” I said.

I’ve to tell him. I have to.

“Go on.” He said giving me a smile.
My heart ached just thinking that he would be yelling at me minutes from now.

“Earlier, Wyatt took me to the Chambers. He had a surprise for me. Remember all the glitter and red colour for the decoration of wedding?” I asked and Tony gave me a nod.

“Well, he is having an Indian wedding. He showed me the lehenga which he had bought for the wedding.”

He placed his hand in my thigh. “That’s it?”

“No. It’s becoming difficult for me Tony.” His eyes narrowed at my words. He seemed confused. “This, everything with Wyatt. I know he is a terrible person who wants to bring the world to misery, but he.. he cares for me so much that.. that I can’t help feeling guilty. And now this Indian wedding, it threw me off guard. I think that I.. I love him.”

Tony gasped and stood up. So distant from me.

“How.. how could you?!” Tony yelled at me.
Tears slid down my eyes, staining my cheek. “Tony.. I didn’t do it intentionally, I swear. I didn’t want to hurt you.” I talked in between my sobs.

“You.. you know how I feel about this! And now? Now you are in love with him?! For God’s sake Gigi, what kind of a person are you?”

“I know this is terrible. But please, let me explain.” I moved towards him.

“No, stop! Don’t come near me. I.. I hate, f***k that!” He said and left, leaving me alone in my tears.

No. Hell no!

The vision. Yes, it was the same. I’ve had the visions before but they weren’t so vivid, so accurate. Did this mean I could see the future?

Withy guilt I ascended to the top of the palace where Shivani was about to meet me.

I stood against the circumference of the terrace and took in the view before me. Breathing in the cool air.

My chest ached with every breath. I had to tell him anyways, I couldn’t keep him in dark. He knows I love him more. But now does he love me back?

“What are you thinking of?” Shivani asked from behind me.

“I just,” I inhaled deeply before continuing for my voice wouldn’t come out. “Wyatt’s planning an Indian wedding for us. It’s not just that but.. he has been so caring, so loving. I couldn’t help it.”

“Help what?”

“I love him.” I confessed.

“You what?! Are you serious? You’re gonna marry him then?”

“God no, I just.. I love Tony too much. I told him about this and we had a fight. And fight as in he yelling at me and leaving me in tears.”

“That reaction is not unexpected, Gigi. That guy loves you, you are his soulmate.” She said.

“Yeah. I know. I’m just tired. Tired of faking it, tired of hurting Wyatt and Tony at the same time. I don’t think I can do this. I have no hope left in me.”

“No, Gigi. I know this is overwhelming for you, but you cannot quit when you have come this far. What was the point faking it then? What was the point of hurting them? What was the point of your suffering? What will you do tomorrow then? Marry the person you love: Wyatt?”

“I know! I can’t get out of this mess now! But I can’t keep going either! I haven’t got the power to do it.”

Shivani smiled at me. “C’mon.” She said gesturing me to follow.

“Where?” I asked.

“Just follow me.” She said.

Shivani turned into her nãgin form and slid down the palace. I stared down at her and quickly jumped down. I followed her into the forest.

After almost five minutes of travelling into the dense Vampire Meadows Shivani haulted her steps.

“This is Mahakali Mandir.” She said pointing at the ancient temple before me.

“Temple? In 3-dimensional vampiric kingdom?” I asked.

“Vampiric? This secret space has been here for too long. Even before the vamps invaded. They are prohibited from entering this area. Everytime my spirits are down, the time I question my abilities, I come here. Into the peace of this space, gathering inspiration and power from the ultimate energy- Goddess Mahakali.”

I stared at the temple and the idol with in. The idol of Mahakali, skin coloured black, Eight hands- each hand holding a weapon, eyes fearless and full of wrath, tongue out- coloured red with blood and a Garland of skulls resting in her neck.

Yes, she was right. I have the power, I’ve to do this. I can’t end it now, when the time is so crucial. I’m ready.
“Hey, babes.” Steve’s voice made me turn around.
“What are you doing here?” I asked Steve. Beside me, Shivani was busy giving him some murderous glares.

“I followed you.” He replied.

“Wow. Sneaky person, you are.” Shivani commented.

“Shivani, this is Steve. That idiot of a person, behind whom the stupid me was lingering.” I told her.

“Oh. You really have bad tastes, I should say. Now that my job is over, I should go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that she left.

“Let’s walk.” Steve said and I nodded. Yes really, I had bad tastes.

We continued walking in silence for a while, when he finally broke it. “So, you believe in all this stuff?”

“What stuff?” I asked.

“This god and all?”

“Well there are many things I didn’t believe in earlier too. Like vampires, werewolves, vampire meadows and a three dimensional space where vampire monarchy resides and you cannot walk the distance off.”

Steve chuckled. ” If any human dies enter, he is taken hostage and is fed upon.”

“Like that isn’t obvious.” I replied rolling my eyes. “It’s not the idol that empowers me. It’s the aura, the depiction, the environment, the peace and the knowledge of its presence that does.”

“Fair enough.” He replied. “But vamps worshipping is not a pretty cool sight.” He said again.

“Yeah, whatever. Why did you follow us though?” I asked.

“Wanted to know what was cooking inside that malicious head of yours. Now that I know..”

I giggled. “What do you know?”

“What work would you have with a desirous snake then?”

“She’s my friend.” I replied.

“Oh, I completely believe you.” Steve commented sarcastically.

“I don’t think I’ve to explain you anything, Steve.”

“I know Gigi you’re cooking something. I’m trying to know what.”

I smiled at him. “You will never dear.
The castle arrived and we parted our ways. Before I could drift off to sleep, I had one more task pending.

I turned to Tony’s Chamber. I pushed the door to find the living room empty. The light from the library shone and I followed. There he sat with his hair falling down on his shoulders, his eyes focused on the register on which he very carefully scribbled something.

He was very well aware of my presence but he decided to ignore and I played along.

With a naughty grin playing on my lips, I moved across his study table to stand right behind his back. I moved his hair to his shoulder revealing his neck. I kissed his neck and he gasped. His body almost trembled but he didn’t utter a word.

Ok. I like it.

I cascaded in front of him and sat down on his lap. Tony pretended to look past me.

I slapped a harsh kiss across his lips. Our mouths mingling and our tongues playing with each other. My fingers dug into his back. I slowly pulled back.

I stood up from my seat and grabbed his wrist thrusting him to stand up and he did.

Slowly, I bent down on my knee. “Will you marry me?” I asked.


To be Continued…

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