The Call Girl-Chapter Thirty-Two

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Jaime is flicking through the channels when Adam walks in, perches on the arm of a chair and stares at him, not saying a word.

”Don’t even think it” Jaime says without looking at him

”Think what?” Adam has a crooked smile on his face, he cleans a apple he had grabbed from the nearby table placed by the chef to his sleeves and then bites it, chewing with a smile.

”That?” Jaime flicks through another channel, the channels passing his view, he wasn’t paying attention. It was not as if he was interested in watching Tv. He was distracted and something was was nudging at the back of his head.

He frowns.

A moment ago with Alexandra, it had been sour.. their fighting, then her all of a sudden sadness that tugged at his heart for reasons he couldn’t understand, and his sudden need to make her feel better and an even stronger need to stop fighting with her.

One minute they were glaring at each other, she walked out on him, he following her into the room and her tears, they on the bed and he was restraining her from moving, then the whole talk of being nice.

He was a nice guy, he didn’t need to restate that, But for some reason, he didn’t want to keep fighting with her. He had never had this weirdness with any woman he had come across with. Most women were eager to swoon, throw themselves at him, when they were in his company or he needed their services… they never want to leave, they cling to him..want what he desires not to give.

Christine was the only woman he had fallen inlove with…then. After Christine, he had never let himself fall for another woman. He never played them either, he wasn’t like that. He never would want to hurt one.

After Christine, the other women came in passing and he had hardly had anything to do with them. And then the situation with Jimmy and his father and the whole Mayorship and president position in Heritage group, he had had less time to think about a woman romantically.

Not that he was thinking about Alexander romantically. That would be ridiculous. 

What was he even saying?

He rubs his jaw and then ran a ran through his hair.

Yes, he was trying to make sense of the situation. He was not thinking of her romantically or anything and he only wanted to stop fighting with her and feel they can be civil towards each other atleast. There was nothing wrong with that was there?

What was the point of both of them fighting at every time they get. That was why he offered to be nice so she return the favour.

And what he said about her? Where true, she was a strong person. There is something she is hiding, and whatever it was so painful. Those came from a place of pain. Why won’t she say?

About she being selfless, yes. Because only a stupid person would prefer to allow herself to be out in the open for danger just because she wants to clear his name.

Stupid! She hardly knows him to risk herself like that.

Stupid! You hardly know her either yet you are protecting her under your roof and keeping her safe. His mind nudges him

I am not protecting her, i am just using her situation to ensure i don’t clear my name so that Jimmy can get what he wants and i can go on and live my life in peace

If you believe that lie..then you are stupid.

His mind nudges him again. So its because of Jimmy you held her close like that, telling her nice things and about to say the B. word?

He frowns

Was he going to tell her she was beautiful? Was he really going to do that?

Damnit Jaime, why though? He asks himself mentally. Visualizing her in his mind’s eye, assessing her.

Jaime closes his eyes.

She had this deep set of eyes that tends to pull you in subconsciously. A face with nice features, high cheek bones that when she smiles, her lips curves to a perfect C revealing nice dentition. Her nose were not exactly pointed, but they looked perfect sitting there in the middle of her face, just above her mouth,

Troublesome mouth, those that never shuts up but takes pleasure in spewing things that only makes him angry.

That mouth, that seem to look good when red smears over evenly with a tiny inward curve at the bridge of the lips. 

Lips; full, those kinds that looks as if it is always pouted, ready to be kiss-

He coughs clearing his throat.

”You okay Boss, water?” Adam’s words cuts through his thoughts.

He shakes his head ”I am good”

He continues to flick through the channels, his thoughts zooms off, centering on her.

He has seen beautiful women, breathtaking women, women that would literally cause one to lose focus. They were slim, tall, gorgeous..

Alexander looked nothing like them.

She was tall alright, had legs that ran up for miles, especially when he remember her standing at the top of the stairs in his eyes, that day Christine ripped off the dress he bought for her due to jealously or whatever that was.

She was not slim, no. She was..

He swallows, as his mind takes him to the bathroom. She standing there staring at him,naked..

She was..curvy, slim at the waist, flat tummy that stretches down to her..

He swallows again, suddenly feeling warmth.

He tightens his eyes, willing the thoughts of her naked to go away. It doesn’t.

Her flat tummy that stretches down to the end of her abdomen, then below was clean shaved, a v-curve that disappears between her thighs.

Her bosom, identical, perky, seated perfectly where her chest resides. Her shoulders high enough to carry her neck, and then her face, glowed, glistened with patches of crystal-clear water.

Infact all over her body dripped with that glow. There was something breathtaking about that view, something he had quicken shut off out of embarrassment and shock.

That something he had refused to acknowledge was nudging him at the back of his head. He mentally rubs his head as it occurred to him that that was something was a realization that there was something alluring about her look.

If he had never seen a woman who looked so alluring naked before. Christine was and is beautiful . No doubt..

Love for a woman can blind you to their defaults. And when he saw it..when  she left him, she..never striked him as beautiful ever again.

But the strange thing here was, he doesn’t love Alexander, doesn’t even like her. And infact, he has been with other women, after Christine, even though in passing..none had suddenly striked him as alluring.

Yet. this woman, annoying , silly, really annoying woman seem to be messing with his head, and all too suddenly too.

What, he has seen plenty of naked women..hell, they throw themselves at him on a daily. literally. Some he indulged and others he gave a politely no.

He didn’t have the time for love and relationships anymore, mostly because love was shitty and it is never real and he has no plans to relinquish that power to any woman to make use of it again like Christine did.

So, no one had suddenly and quickly had an effect on him for a long time. None, aside Christine and since they broke up and he moved on…even Christine can never make him want her again.

Now, Alexander, the Call Girl with baggages he would want to know it’s inside walks into his life. Okay no, that is wrong, he brought her in to his business while she stayed in the dark.

What was he going to do? Pretend like he is the bad boy, do all sort of things that would dent his image, have lots of women at his beck and call, use them to crash parties and make the news have all his playboy and womanizing things up in the papers, pay some girls to say bad things about him, pay one or two of his workers to make a case for him at the office.

Literally, the Call Girl strategy was to make sure everyone sees him as an irresponsible fellow, having all the bad boy tendencies up in their faces, give the media more gabbage to mess him up more and pull up stupid questionable stunts that would down right flatten him to be useless that everyone would literally be up in his father’s face to do away with his son who has no regard for family, societal rules and whatnot, and being  with a nobody as a companion would help fire and speed the news and media what whatever disasters he can pull of with the girl. Becky did well in that aspect till she was out of town.

But since she, Alexander has been in the picture, everything he had planed out was not going according to plan, nothing. From the dinner, to the event, to every damn thing because she has a good way of ..never sticking to the rules.

Was that annoying? Yes, very, especially when she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions and makes a case out of it. Most annoying was when they have a fight. 

Her mouth, dear Lord her mouth. Some days he felt like reaching out and pulling it, just so she could be quiet.

No one could get on his nerves as quickly as this Alexander girl, no one.

Are those qualities beautiful? No, there aren’t, far from it.

But yet…

He cocks his head to the side, his eyes still closed as he thought of her standing in the middle of his living room, remote in hand stretched towards the TV , oblivious of Adam, seated watching him.

He thought about her.

Beautiful has nothing to do with how a woman looks, no. Beauty is encompassing, its the way she talks, carries herself, her heart, her selflessness and so much combined and her looks , her looks where just added advantage.

And Alexandra’s added advantage was….damn, breathtaking.

Standing there in all her womanly glory…she was breathtaking.

Okay..what the hell was this? Why was he saying things that don’t make sense, saying she isn’t beautiful and then admitting she is beautiful and then thinking about how full her mouth is and how it looks good with a red lipstick and then thinking about how annoying she is and…

He rubs the back of his neck and then opens his eyes, something was definitely wrong with him today.

How did that happen?

See, ever since her, even his thoughts are uncoordinated and don’t make an iota of clear sense, dripping into nonsensical, diving through cobwebs of rubbish and still unclear with head above water.

He sighs shaking his head.

Why did he even want to be nice towards her, she was..aggravatingly annoying. 

Fine, it’s a given, he had so much shit going on in his life right now with Jimmy, his parents and all that, and being home is an escape of all that, and he would like to come back to peace, quiet peace on a daily…and she being here at the moment, because of their active agreement..which he hopes would be done when Jimmy gets his whatever he desires, she goes, but in the interim, she is here, while they try to find out who attacked her.

In the interim, he would want some peace and quiet while he handles the shit going  on in his life and think of how he can reach out to his parents and tells them he loves them and that he was sorry for keeping them in the dark..

He needs peace, not some troublesome woman who takes pleasure from being annoying.

He sighs again.

Fine, he was a nice guy, he can be nice. He nods, flicks the channel again. Then he pauses realizing that she didn’t get the chance to tell him something nice about him..

he frowns..

he would have liked to know what she thought about him, not that it matters though but he would have liked to know.. He would definitely finish up that conversation with her.

”Down to earth Boss”

He turns ”Have you been there the whole time, thought you went to do some important work like..find her attacker?”

Adam smiles knowingly ”Yeah, on it, so while i am doing that, finding her attacker and stuff and going shop for her, what are you doing? Getting to know her, wrapped up in your arms like that hmm?”

Jaime frowns ”I was not getting to know her. Don’t confuse what you saw to what you think you saw, she was..having a bad moment and-”

”And you have in your arms?” he was smiling ”Don’t get me wrong boss, it was a pretty picture” he winks

”Don’t be stupid Adam.”

”Trying not to be Boss, just stating the obvious”

Jaime drops the remote and faces him again ”And that would be what exactly?”

”That maybe you like her, i don’y mean as a person but like the way a man likes a woman kind of like”

Jaime shakes his head ”And you think so because she was in my arms? Clearly not in any way romantic, and besides, she had a moment and i was just trying to-” he shakes his head ”I do not need to explain anything to you” he turns walking away and climbing the stairs heading to the library, Adam follows him laughing

”No you don’t, admitting it though would be nice, not for me but for you”

Jaime swings around ”I do not like her Adam. Alexander is a kind of woman a man like me can never have anything to do with romantically”

”Because of her profession? ” Adam frowns ”Men have loved worse women and i didn’t think you were one to judge”

Jaime touches his brows ”I am not judging her and it’s not about her profession which well, is mostly frowned upon in my class and family and whoever have the decency streak like a cloth. But that is life, her job, her profession her life, i have no right to judge especially because i do not know how she happened to end up being every man’s mistress-” he pauses as that realization made anger rise in him, he closes his eyes ”I do not judge her, and even though i do not judge her..she is someone that i can never see romantically”

”Because she is a call girl?”

”No..because she is annoying and i can’t stand her. ”

”Ha! initially you couldn’t. I saw your face when you found her on the floor, i saw how protective you got over her at the hospital and how you didn’t think before bringing her here..and how much resources you are putting in to find out who her attacker is under the raider..”

”Are you out of your mind? She was with me for the event, i brought her out of the confines of her job for services outside, she was with me and then she got attacked, what am i supposed to do? Hand her to the police to take over her safety especially when we don’t know who attacked her?”

”Every sane man would do so..she is not your problem, if we are looking at it realistically, she isn’t your girlfriend, nor wife, sister or relation. Just a woman you are paying for her services obviously, so you owe her nothing, yet..she is here, you getting her cloths, out and your words this morning to me was uncoordinated. I know you Jaime Sir, for a while and i could predict your activities and what next when it came to you because you were always precise, concise and everything to you was black and white, now..these’s different and i think you have noticed that with you, if you haven’t then i think you are lying to yourself”

He stares at Adam ”Nothing has changed..i am still me and do what i want when i want. I am still coordinated and precise.”

”Right” Adam rests on the rail staring down stairs..”I have friends, people who would keep her safe with their life, until we find her attacker, she would be safe..let me take her to them..”

”NO”! it came out more forceful than he wanted.

Adam smiles ”See”

”See nothing, i said she doesn’t leave my sight and besides, you heard the doctor, she would keep having episodes, how are they supposed to handle it?”

”Doctor, we can send a nurse there too” He smiles teasingly

”No!” He turns and enters the library, going to his book shelve and touching books, not picking any,

Adam is shaking his head with a smile as he enters the room, perching on the table, his hands folded, he states firmly. ”You like her, and you want her close, admit it!”

”I do not..and who the hell gave you a right to analyse who i like and who i do not?” Jaime drops his hands and turns to him, his jaw set.

”Lets see” Adam has a finger tapping his jaw ”first off, for a bit you walked around like a zombie when you and Miss Christine broke up, or sorry scratch that when she ran away with another man”

”Careful Adam, you overstepping” Jaime frowns angrily

”Work with me Sir, i am making a point, so before you punch my face in, listen. You literally zoned out from everyone, worked up and became successful, letting go of distractions and when you did let them happen, it was passive moments, flings here and then, you were never attached to a woman since then and maybe, i understand you didn’t want to be broken like that again. I have watched you, i have seen the few, scantily few women who came and left, i have seen you not wanting to reach out, not as if you don’t care, you do..infact you are one of the most caring men i know..but then again, you kept people at arm’s length, the only woman who had access to your heart was your mother..

I have watched you to see how sad you seem, no matter how much you try to hide it; loneliness perks up its head, but you hold it in well. And then overtime, you were okay with it, which was fine. No woman could hurt you, no one had the power over you. You went on with your life and became this envious kid on the block. Not your fault you are smart, not your fault you are a better son-”

Jaime takes a step towards him, he moves back raising his hands in the air ”I won’t go there..boss, i was have been this person for a while , as thick as a wall and no one could break, not even Miss Christine who used to have your heart in her hands literally and you did everything she wanted. Women have come flocking, i see…you see, none had had any effect.

Now, walk in Miss Alexander, and all the vibes are wrong, literally, from the first day you both hated each other..and then every other thing spiraled out of control.

Never have i heard a woman ask you to apologize and you do, unless you feel the need to. Don’t misunderstand me; you were never disrespectful to any woman, that i am sure off. Your mother did an excellent job. But you are arrogant in a way, wanting things to be done in  a particular way and then giving the woman a slight coldness so they stay way from your heart and indulging them in areas outside it.”

”What’s your point Adam?”

”My point is a little while, she gets under your skin, you worry for her and maybe even care for her, a woman you hardly know..yes you bought cloths for Bekky and gifted a few female friends jewels…but this morning, but with Alexander, you see to be wanting to do more, i mean you wanting her new cloths wasn’t because you had another event to attend and wants her to look the part. You want to cover her, it is symbolic you know.

You are already protecting her, giving her a roof over her head even though she got one, and ensuring that she gets the best health care. And maybe just maybe you know you like her and you don’t want to admit it or maybe you don’t know and you don’t want to open your mind to see the possibility of it”

”What’s it to you hmm, whether i like her or not?”

Adam stares at him with a smile ”For the first time, for a long time, she made you like at that dinner event ..the first day. She makes you do things you would not ordinarily do. And as we walked into that room…that smile on your face hasn’t been more relaxing.

What is it to me? Nothing. But it would be nice to see you be happy for once, to have a safe haven you come home to, wrapped in arms and forgetting the pain of the world. It is nothing to me boss, really it is not. But i think everyone deserves a little happiness and you do deserve one..” his smile broadens ”And you looked good together like that, i hated myself for walking in with Tinny-B.”

”Adam, let me just say this again for the last time, i do not like her, and she doesn’t like me and-” he points to Adam stating clearly.

”What if she does like you though?” Adam stares at the tips of his nails, bites of a nail from his index finger and then stares back at Jaime ”What if she likes this stubborn good Sir standing before me with all your baggage?”

It throws him off balance ”She doesn’t, she hates me as i her”

”Hate, such a strong word and yet…you do all these for her” Adam spreads his hand out and then takes it back to fold it, his eyes questioning.

”If she were another  stranger i’ll would do same”

”Right i know you do alot for strangers, that part is true, but this is different, i can see it and i can tell it but you didn’t answer, what if she likes you? Indulge me boss, just a little, what if she likes you?”

”It’s her loss, because i am not attracted to her.. we are completely opposite, and i cannot date a woman who is not submissive”

”Ahh! You won’t like her back if she doesn’t like you? Or you would you like her back if she likes you? Or you already like her and you don’t know if she likes you or maybe you both like each other and neither one want to admit it..but from here i stand, you like like like her” Adam nods and snaps his fingers towards Jaime ”It’s clear as day…Boss likes the annoying miss Alexander..a woman he claims he can’t stand..hmm, this is wonderful news Sir, satisfying news i must say”

‘You are not listening to me Adam”

”And you are being invasive”

Jaime sighs touching his temple ”Since you have nothing to do other than to think up stupid things in your head, do me this- go check on my parents, don’t be obvious, and then find out what is going on with the investigation..thank you and out-” He points to the door.

”You like her, and you don’t want to admit it. You like her” Adam admits as he stands up

Jaime grabs a book from the shelve and then flings it , Adam dodges , the book hits the door, he straightens up and stares at Jaime , his lips curves into a smile ”Maybe you even love her and your heart ..your cold hearted heart would start beating again ” Adam touches his heart ”Oh my love you would say, my sweet heart beats for you my lady, marry me and save me from this cold cold world without love..i will buy you castles, and take you on rides on my horse round the city and maybe make you a queen beside me your king..oh be my Juliet and i would be your Romeo oh my love” Adam teases, another book comes flying, this time he was out the door, closing it shut before it hits it.

His laughter could be heard as he runs down the stairs and fading.

”Stupid fellow” Jaime shakes his head walking to pick the books ”Saying things that don’t make sense” he arranges them back to the shelve, he pauses ”Me, like her? Ridiculous!!”

He replayed Adam’s last words .. a smile curves at the corner of his lips ”Romeo and Juliet?”he laughs ”Oh Adam is sick, he needs to be check. Me and Alexander is like a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, toxic. I would be civil and nice to her from now own but just so there can be sanity and peace and quiet in the house, there is nothing to it..nothing” he moves away from the shelve ”Like her like her? No!”

He rubs the back of his head ”What is that feeling though i can’t shake off?” he frowns.


The chef places a plate of food before him, Adam nods his head and mouths a thank you as he continued to listen as he was on the phone

”Have we checked out the feeds from the station, local police all of it?”

”We have hacked into their system though, so we following calls that come in, and  informations passed. If they find anything we would also be alerted to it”

”And no report of any woman being attacked?”


Adam nods his head ”Where you able to comb through the guest list?”

”Yes, we have, everyone in that room checked out and they all had an alibi at every point. They either went home after the event, went to some other event, met up with their mistresses or family or other..functions. The women where not looked into because it was a man that attacked her. We ensured to deploy as many people to make sure the checks were done as Boss directed and without raising suspicion. Over three hundred men in that room aside securities that day..all checked out, but-”

”But what?” Adam listed

”The other man who left his car at the scene and was interrogated at the station, from reports he ought to be out of town like late last night, but he is still here”


”Well, i am giving you reports aren’t i?”

Adam smiles ”Yes you are, the fellow was checked out even by the police, what’s his name again?”

”Kennedy Anderson, Lonstar worker, represented Mr Kelvin Todds”

”Ah yes, maybe he has business in town ..he isn’t our guy”

”Didn’t say he was, was just reporting on our findings as you asked us to, and to alert you of any one’s movement to suggest otherwise. At the moment-” Adam could hear his flipping files ”We have every man ticked and clear..but we do not have our attacker”

Adam sighs ”He can’t be a ghost, keep an eye on them, anyone changes his routine for any reason, let me know. So, anything from the station? The forensic reports, heard anything about it? Last time i heard of it, Steve told me his boss Gareth ask that it gets to him first..and- i am guessing the team would have been alerted to see whose fingerprints are there, did you guys get privy too?’

”Yeah,about that, did you not hear?”

Adam straightens up ”Hear what?”

”A fire at the lab, all the evidence from the store room is gone, thankfully no one was hurt.”

Adam frowns ”I do not understand, when did this happen and how does this have anything to do with the reports?”

”I don’t know, last night, this morning who knows, but that’s the word on the streets, they have even informed the Mayor”

Adam is rubbing his jaw ” Wait i do not understand what you are saying”

”The Lab that the test was being run to get the reports from the store room, fire outbreak”

”Which lab is that, got an address?”

”Nope, not privy to that info but all i know is that it was Gareth who informed them that it was on fire and he couldn’t get any report. So he tasked them to finding other means to look for evidence”

”Whoa what?”

”Yes, he got back and broke the news”

”No, that’s wrong…” he frowns ”I ran into Steve last night and he insuinated that he ahd the reports but his boss asked that it goes through him and that itwas sealed so he can’t and won’t show me”

”Maybe he was messing with you” The voice states, Adam is shaking his head

”Why would he do that, Steve is alot of things and he wouldn’t lie like that”

”Maybe he was trying to fish and see what you would do, besides, Mrs Jaime is your Boss and the only suspect here, he was throwing a bone to see if you would catch it but you didn’t.

”No, i do not think so. Can you tell me the time exactly Gareth made this statement though?”

”Er” there was a pause at the other end ”Late hours between 10 and 11 pm, then this morning he restates it.

”Gareth had to restate it, was there any news about the fire?”

”He said it was a tiny fire that didn’t need fire services or something like that”

”Has it been reported?”

”He said it was a little fire” Adam shakes his head ”This does not make any sense. And Steve?”

”Steve, hasn’t been around all morning..” Came the voice.

Adam checks his time ”He shouldn’t be on parole duties, or is he?”

”He has been taken off the case, Gareth notified the district yesterday that he was off the Case because he needed him to tackle some other warlord smuggling girls into the city and says he would find another officer to deal with the Mayor’s son case, some gibberish like that”

Adam frowns, remembering his conversation with  Steve , why did he not mention that he was off the case, unless at that time he met him at the bar, he was still leg deep in the case. Adam rubs his jaw , something didn’t feel right.

”As of last night, i could swear Steve had the report on him and because i didn’t want to make a scene, i didn’t push for it knowing that by morning , it would be laid out on the table for the cops to tackle and narrow it down to the actual killer and right not you are telling me that Gareth said the reports got torched in the lab? ”

”Yes, he said it happened late afternoon”

”But i saw Steve around 8;pm and he definitely sounded sure”

”So someone is lying!”

”Ping me Steve’s location, i need to have a talk with him”


”What, how long?”

”This morning, i told you, he hasn’t been in since morning.”

”Have you checked?”

”Dude, from m cubicle and my eyes everywhere, i can see even when the devil walks in. No one knows where he is, they needed him for an early morning drill operation but the fool is not in, and they tried pinging his location but it’s ghost..”

Now Adam stands up ”When a police officer ghosts his location, it’s because he wants to be somewhere he don’t want people knowing”

”You think he is up to something, doing shady things, illegal things?”

Adam rubs his jaw ”Steve is not like that, he is one of the few good ones…look, whenever he pops up, ping it to me, i have to go do something for the Boss..put your head down and coordinate those boys to keep searching …Miss Alexander’s attacker may slip and pop up.”


”Thanks Man, i owe you”

”Yes, plenty. You know we, a few of us don’t believe that shit that he did kill that woman, good thing you alerted me about what’s happening, tell boss we got him covered”

”Yes, would do”

Line dies, Adam is lost in thought.

He would go check on the Wellingtons and then he would find Steve. Something does not feel right.

”Sir, you are not eating?” The Chef observes as he was already close to the door

”Later, tell Mr Jaime i left already incase he asks” Adam was out the door .


Fear grips Christine as her eyes darts to the gun Kennedy shows her, she saw his finger caress the trigger.

”Don’t even think of screaming, before that sound comes out of your mouth you would hit the floor with a thud and it’s a silencer, they wouldn’t hear a thing, your securities. So dumb those ones, just because they saw me with the lady of the house, your mother once they think it’s okay to let me in when i spin a good yarn” He smiles ”So, why am i here Christine, i think we should have that talk now shall we?”

Her eyes darts to the gate ”I told you, you would be dead before you know it, invite me and have your staff serve me tea, been too busy thinking alot i didn’t have nothing to it”

”Christine, who is at the door?” A voice was heard behind them

”Ahh, Mrs Barlow…” Kennedy smiles and covers his gun ”I stopped by to say Hi and look who i ran into, i didn’t realize that Miss Christine , this beauty was your daughter” He smiles at the woman behind Christine, she walks to them

”Oh, she is an angel that one, do come in , Christine, where are your manners, allow the gentleman to come in”

Christine steps aside, Kennedy grabs her hands and pulls her with him

”Do what do we owe this visitation, i thought since you were done with the Mayor you would be back to work”

”Well, Mr Kelvin ask that i stay awhile, just to make sure all is well down here”

”Yes Kelvin, he is a caring man. He and the Mayor are good friends” She stares at his hand holding unto her daughter

”I didn’t know you knew my daughter and so close?”

Anderson observes his hand to Christines, he smiles ”Yeah we are such close friends aren’t we Christine, we met something out of states and hit it off, and then imagine my suprise to come down to this city and met her again, it was joyous”

Her mother has a questioning brow up ”Are you both? But you look too old to have ..i mean Christine?” She looks at her daughter

”We are not anything, Mother, would you excuse us for a minute, and kindly ring up the chef to prepare something delicious for our guest”

”No Mrs Barlow, i am fine, but i would do well to speak to your daughter, matters of the heart” he smiles

She stares at them, ”But what about Jaime, have you finally let go? Oh, in as much as i would be happy to see that you have let the feelings you have for him go and allow him to be happy, i also want you to be happy not ton settle for anyone, no offence Mr Kennedy but…”

He laughs ”No taken, but the heart wants what it wants does it not my beauty?” He raises her hands to his lips and kisses it, Christine tenses ”I lost her once, this time i am all in, all in” he smiles

”Oh..well, you are a big girl Christine but..” she sighs ” But you i hardly know Mr Kennedy”

”In due time”

”Very well, let me give you both some privacy while i ensure the table is set” she walks away

”Tell me what the hell you want so you can leave my home you bastard” she hisses

”What i want is that woman Alexander, and you, Jimmy and you are not making it possible for me to get what i want”

”We do not know where that witch is!”


Christine holds her face in shock,

”I told you before, no one has a right to speak ill of her, no one”

Christine blinks back tears ”You bastard, i will kill you! You dare touch me, hit me?” Shock vibrates through her body

”And i would it again, hell i intend to do much worse. 24 hours elapsed hours ago and i am still here and no Alexander, i am not happy, my window of escape is narrowing me down. I need to leave before i am found out and i told you, if i am found, so would all of you. Now, i need her like breathe to life. Even Jimmy is avoiding my calls, like he isn’t scared i can ruin him? I just need to whisper to the right ears about his involvement and he is gone, literally. Look, words on the streets have it that the primaries for the Mayor’s company presidential election comes up in the is what would happen, if i don’t get Alexander before then…i would ensure the whole world knows what really happened that day and whose plan it was to nib Miss Alexander. So, you should tell Jimmy i would be there…if i don’t get her today. And after tomorrow, it would be raining blood and yours seems to be more fetching at the moment. I know where you live, i see your mother, pretty lady is caring and stuff, i would try to make her death painless, but you wouldn’t be so lucky, and Jimmy, i would make it so painful he would wish he never met me…and then i would go on and find that Jaime and i would continue until i get her”

”Why is she so important,” she blinks

”I like her, i want her and no one gets away from me , no one” He gets up, touching her face, she slaps his hands away, he grabs it ”Tonight, if i don’t get good news tonight, no one would be safe” he squeezes her face tight and then walks away. ”Don’t think of screaming and you know you cannot report me to the police, see how narrow your situation is?” he laughs exiting through the door.

She counts to five and then rushes to the door, she saw him driving away through the gate. She rushes up stairs and grabs her phone, her hands shaking ”Pick up Jimmy, pick up!!!!”


The Phone vibrates inside his pocket, he ignores it. His eyes not leaving his face

”I asked what you are doing here?”

Steve stares at the Mayor , Gem and then back at Jimmy, he puts the envelop back into his pocket. ”I was in the neighborhood and stopped by to check on the Mayor”

”You have no right to ask who comes and leaves Jimmy, this is my house and i should be asking  you why you are here” Jacob steps forward

”What do you have in that envelop Steve?”

”What envelop Sir?” Steve asks

Jacob frowns ”He said something about the forensics reports and the Chief of police just called me to tell me that there was a fire in the lab and they couldn’t get the report”

Steve is surprised ”But..i gave the report to-” he trails off as it dawns on him. Now it made sense, it made perfect sense.

Last night he had been the one sent to pick up the reports at the Lab and Garreth, his boss had insisted that it was sealed and untouched till it got to him, he had been curious why but he didn’t question it knowing that by right it would be given to his department to peruse and narrow down the attacker so they can clear the case soon.

But Gareth had told him not to go back to the station but to hang around at the bar and he would come get it. While he sat down waiting, thoughts went though his head. He was tempted to open but thought against it.

Then Gareth’s call had come in again ”Mr Jimmy would come pick it up, i hope you didn’t open it” Then his curiosity had peaked.

Why was he not taking it to the district, why send him alone to pick up the reports and why telling him that Mr Jimmy, who he really does not like because of his sour attitude was coming to get it. Why? What does Jimmy have to do with this?

Yes! Jimmy seems to be in the close circle with the Mayor and one of the aspirants for the seat, but he was no detective, nor was he the one spearheading the why send him to get it and telling him to be discreet?

It didn’t make any sense.

That was when he decided. He went outside, got another envelop, went into a geek shop,  asked them to customize it to sooth a forensic enveloped reports  with seal as the one he carried. Then he had gone back to the bar, and waited. When Adam had walked in asking questions, he had figured he was being Adam, protective of the man he was playing bodyguard for.

But when Jimmy walked in, the way he spoke and asked that he get lost literally when he asked his own questions..then his antenna went up. Giving him the wrong envelop never felt certain then, now it did.

He had gone home after then, opened the reports, and then he saw the reason why Jimmy was concerned about it.

And he knew he had to let the Mayor know, and fast.

”No Sir, what i meant was that i came to see how you are doing and to tell you that we are working hard to investigate and-”

”But you were going to show us something where you not?” Gem steps forward pointing at the envelop he had slipped into his pocket, Jimmy follows her hands,Steve shakes his head ”No, you are mistaken Ma. I would be on my way” he nods, ”Mr Mayor, Ma’am, ” he turns to Jimmy ‘Mr Jimmy” then he makes his way out of the room.

”What are you doing here, ?”

”Hold that thought father” Jimmy says turning and following behind Steve

Steve opens his car and was about to slip in when he heard him behind him

”What the fxxk did you come here to do, and what’s in that envelop?”

Steve turns to him ”I told you already, i came to-”

”Shut up!! Since when is the Mayor and you chummy buddies? i won’t repeat myself, what are you doing here and what’s in the envelop?”

Steve sighs looking around, securities were positioned in every corner , he smiles ”What are you going to do Jimmy..maim me?”

”What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

”It means sir, you know what’s in that reports don’t you”

”Speak English!”

”Your prints are a 99.9% on it.  And then i did some more investigations, i hear you both had a bad run in the first time she showed up in public with the Mayor’s son. Eye witness says you were all fired up by the woman who didn’t take your bullshit, and then the recent event- another eye witness claimed she saw you man handle her in passing, ..”

Jimmy smiles ”You think i had something to do with her death? 99.9% finger prints on the door handle?”

”Who said anything about the door handle” Steve smiles ”But thank you, i wonder..where did you bury her body? Because with this evidence and what you just said, it’s enough to tell that Jaime Lockswire was set up..and i would inform the mayor.”

Jimmy steps forward ”Give me the reports!” he folds his fist

”Why? So you can get rid of it?. And come to think of it, you didn’t open that report last night if not you would have realized that it was empty, fake. I have the original reports, and a few other evidence here too. So, i would advice that you come in and we would take it up from here .”

”Let me give you an advice..give it to me and you would live”

”You are threatening an officer of the law?”

”One who would die foolishly if he doesn’t give it to me” he reaches out for Steve’s pocket, Steve hits his hands away. ”Maybe, i should just tell them, the Mayor and his wife already” he made to leave, Jimmy grabs his arms ”You do not know what i am capable of do you?”

”Let go!”

”Do you have a family Steve, kids, lover?”

Steve pauses ”What does that mean?”

”It means that you should get them coffins, because i would ensure none of them is still alive by tonight. But if you give me that envelop…i would take it easy on you”

”You touch my family, you are a dead man”

Jimmy laughs ”Give it?” he hisses

”No! Now let go off me-”

”Is there a problem here?” Three men walks towards them, dressed in black suits and dark shades.

Jimmy drops his hands and then steps back ”None, we were just having a talk, right?”

Steve smiles opening his car and entering, he drives off in another minute.

”Damnit!!” he curses under his breath

”Sir, is everything okay?”

”Yes yes, fine, was just having  a talk”

They nod disappearing back to where they came from. Jimmy walks to his car, and zooms off to the direction Steve went, speeding.


Adam alights from the car, not entering he goes to the side of gate, and rests on it, away from the building view.

Someone walks briskly to him when they see him, Adam turns away resting on the back-end of the gate, he doesn’t turn when the person comes to him. They are on opposite ends separated by the gate.


”David? You look well”

”As do you considering, where his the Boss’s son?”

”Save” He stares back at the house ”How are they?”

”How do you think?”

Adam sighs

”The Boss is going out of his mind thinking of what to do, and Mrs Gemmlyne, she is not her usual self this days, …i mean i cannot believe the news and all that”

”Don’t believe the news. I need you to do something for me David..beef up securities around the Mayor and his Wife”

David frowns ”Why? is something about to happen?”

”No! Not that, i just need you to do that for me, my gut don’t feel right”


”And erm…if you notice anything strange, behaviors, etc be it whoever, whatever etc, alert me immediately”

”When you say strange what do you mean?”

”Anything at all that don’t seat right”

”Are you going to tell me what’s happening so i can put a definition to it?”

Adam shakes his head ”Just do what i say. I am going to take a walk in and out, just to make sure all is well..”

”Okay, you know your way around Boss”

”Hmm, i do not want his parents seeing me, if they do they would want answers to questions i am not at liberty to give them..yet. ”

David nods,Adam nods back. He leaves the gate, puts on a cap and waits as David punches in some codes into the computer and the end-side gate opens, letting Adam in. He speaks through a mic attached to his wrists ”Alpha is in the building, doing a routine check, ensure all stations are open, access is given without being obvious. I repeat, alpha is in the building, be discrete”

Adam disappears through a side door and then makes his way into the building.

The guards who see him give him a nod and then turn away continuing in their duty but leaving access doors open.

He gets into the house..he could hear them talking, sadly, seated in the living room. He dips his hands into his pocket and brings out an envelop, he places it on the table, where he knows she would see it. Then he turns to walk away when he heard it.

”But what do you suppose the policeman had in that envelop Jacob?”

”I do not know, but..he mentioned the forensics report but..i remember the chief of police stating that the reports were caught up in a lab fire and it was gone and…but why was that officer here stating otherwise or did i not hear correctly, and most importantly, why was Jimmy here only to get uncomfortable , get angry and then leave immediately ?” he was heard pacing the length of the room

”I do not know Jacob, do you think you can call this station again, maybe to confirm why he was here and why?”

”Yes, i would do that. ”

Adam frowns . He hears him dialing and then listens as he speaks on the phone

”His number is not connecting, i would do it much later Gem, come, you need to take your drugs anyways”

Adam backs away from their room, and slips out through the window and disappears. Thoughts in his head as he made his way back to the gate.

David was waiting for him, ”Was anyone here, a police officer?”

David nods ”Yes, some steve person, wanted to see the Mayor, said it was urgent and important”

Adam cocks his head ”And you do not know what about?”

”Nope, he left almost immediately”


”Don’t know.” He pauses ”My guys did mention they found him and Mr Jimmy in a heated conversation right before he left”

Adam’s face deepens in another frown ”Steve and Jimmy, since when are they friends to have a heated conversation?”

David shrugs ”Anyone, he left and Jimmy left soon after, same direction”

Adam felt suddenly uneasy , something didn’t feel right . ”Thanks man” he leaves the gate and heads back to his car, he pulls out his phone and then dials.


Steve saw the call, he reaches for his phone, staring at his rear mirror. Jimmy was speeding behind him.

He answers his call ”Yep”


”Heard you were at the Mayor’s house, what’s up with that?”


Jimmy seems to be gaining more ground, speeding to reach him .

Then it occurs to him..he grips the wheels..

”Listen to me carefully Adam, i have the forensics report and i looked into some other things, Jaime Lockswire is being set up and what i have here would prove it and also put another person as a suspect. I also looked into him majorly, wanting to know what he is all about, i found some things Adam about him and-”


Adam seats up ”What are you saying, you have the forensics report, where you going to show it to the Mayor? I thought ..wait, why didn’t you? Who are you talking about, what did you find? Where are you so we can meet up?” Adam starts the car


Jimmy steps on the pedal, hitting Steve from behind full impact. He swerves off the road, hits and incoming truck and somersaults a couple of times before it hits the curve, smoke coming out of the damaged car.

The truck is shifted to the other side of the road, the driver stuck on his belt, struggling to be free. There were no other incoming cars at the moment as Jimmy slows to a stop. He quickly alights from his car, rushing to Steve’s.

Bending low he looks within, seeing the bleeding Steve, eyes closed and smoke seeping from the vehicle. He reaches inside quickly to check his pulse, he was still breathing, searching his pockets, he finds the envelop. Then he reaches back for Steve after pulling out an handkerchief, he covers his nose and watches him struggle to breath, locked in his seat belt with an overturned car as blood dripped from his head.

He used both hands now, as Steve continues to struggle. Then he went quiet. He pulls away, places the handkerchief back in his pocket and walks away as soon as he sights another car coming. He enters and zooms away from the way he came.


”Steve, Steve?” Adam frowns as the line suddenly disconnect ”Stupid fool, why did he cut?” He dials again, His number wasn’t connecting. He frowns. After countless times, he gives up deciding to call him much later. He heads back to Jaime’s.


Gem sees it as soon as she enters her room, it was not there before.

She picks up the envelop, opens it immediately with her shaking hands ”I love you Mother, and i am so so sorry for the pain i have caused. I wish i could lessen your burden and i know how you are suffering because of me. Believe me, it was never my intent. I know you have so many questions and i cannot answer them all..

But i am fine, i am well, and soon all this would be over. I may not be the son you have always wanted..but know this, i love you, i love you, i love you. The next couple of days or weeks might be horrible, stay strong. Whatever you hear, see….despite it all, i love you. 

Thank you for being my mother,tell father i am sorry. Tell father, that what we talked about, he should do it. There is nothing worthy to hold on to..if he wouldn’t do it for me, he should do it for him, he deserves at least that.

Mother, do not worry about me, all would be fine in time, it may not be want you want, but it would keep you safe, both of you and that is all that matters to me.

I love you, your son, Jaime .”

She covers her mouth and bursts into tears, Jacob walks into the room and rushes to her

”Gem!” he grabs her, she gives him the letter  to read, he does, his heart pulls. Gem slides down, he grabs her sliding down with her, as she buries her face in his shoulders ”I want my son, i want my son” she cried.

Jacob rocks her as he held her, pain in his heart, tears glistening his eyes , he closes them.


Alexander is staring at the mirror,

”I knew you would like that one” Tinny- B says staring at her.

”Yeah it’s alright.” then she turns to face her ”Have you contacted someone so you can send that video i made?”

Tinny-B nodded ”Yes, as i went out last night i asked around, i got a number from one of the news media, i told him i had info on the case but i choose to remain anonymous and shit”

Alexander nods ”Okay, him already. I was watching the news today in the kitchen while i  was eating and …Tinny-B, i think there is something more here, why he doesn’t want to clear his name, can you see what people are saying about him and stuff?”

”Yeah, its allover. Strange though, it’s getting worse by the day and he isn’t flinching”

”You know, at that first dinner party he took me to, his father, the Mayor seems to be pushing for him to be some candidate for some heritage company, his company. It’s a huge position, presidency..the fool said he didn’t want to present”

”Why? Dude the Heritage group company is a gold mine. One of my clients said his father used to do business with them, they are top notch in the country. ”

”Who knows, i mean..he didn’t feel concerned at all. but check it, over the news just now, there are speculations that the primaries would hold by tomorrow?”

”What kind of fool would let that go on knowing the issue with the Mayor’s family right now?”

”Don’t know”

‘So what, why are you thinking about that?”

”Look Tinny-B, i do not know what is going on, nor that i care to..but..i mean, i am alive, people think i am attacker is somewhere out there having his time of his life and maybe thinking of harming whoever, the police thinks he is a murderer and God knows the state of his family and then..because of this he might lose some opportunities…”

Tinny-B frowns ”Okay, why are you thinking about it?” she repeats

”I don’t know. It’s playing in my head over and over again. Why does he not want to clear his name, what is he running away from..what the hell is going on and also, i need my life back okay, i can’t be cooped up in here, scared of what might happen if i close my eyes and i keep hearing her voice and seeing how broken she was”


”His mother”

Tinny-B raises an eyebrow ”Alexander” she touches her forehead ”Are you unwell?”

she removes her hand ”No..i just..look, call the dude and send the video already”

”You do realize once that is out, your attacker would know you are alive and come for you”

Alexander lowers her head, holding her hands to stop them from shaking, she takes a deep breath , she raises her head ”Let him, but i refuse to me the ruin of a man who has nothing to do with my state”

”You sure?”

”I want my life back to, and he deserves his as well. And i think people need to know who they should be weary off.” she says , ”Call him and send the video, now”

Tinny-B nods, reaching for her back and pulls out the phone she had used to record, she places a call to her contact and nods ”Okay, i am sending you a video right now. It is of Alexander Beckington”

”The dead girl?”

”Maybe when you see the video, you would understand. And it should be from an unknown  source and this video must go up now, you understand?”

”Understood, upload it to the portal i am sending you right now..”

”Sure, thanks” She cuts the call as soon as a message comes in, She turns to Alexander ”Are you sure about this?”

”Yes, i am”

”Okay” She clicks on the video to upload it.

They didn’t hear him come in, He grabs the phone from Tinny-B who swings around in shock,

His eyes hard, his face angry ”What the hell do you think you are doing..what the hell Alexander?” He flings the phone to the wall and watches it crash. Tinny-B gasps, so did Alexander, he walks past Tinny-B, and grabs Alexander’s shoulders, shaking her hard


The thoughts going through his head if that video had gone up were what would happen to his mother, and father, what Jimmy would do, the extent he would go to…

He had been passing their door, which was slightly open when he heard them talking, then he heard the video and his ears stood.


”My God!” she gasps, she isn’t looking at Jaime as he shakes her, she zones out almost immediately as this scene replays itself and this time, it wasn’t Jaime who held her like that. It was someone else…who wasn’t her father.

”Oh my God!” She exclaims again ”It was him, it was him..He locked me in there..he pushed and locked me in there in the store room..he was the one who..oh my God, how did i forget that?”

”Who?” Jaime suddenly stops and stares at her..Tinny-B steps closer ”Who locked you in the store room?”

She blinks staring into his eyes ”Jimmy!”

Jaime stares at her in shock… he opens his mouth to speak..



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