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”You sure you don’t want to spend the weekend with us?” Lucy asks over the phone

”No, three is a crowd, have you not realized that even now?” Anna asks, she picks her bag and locks her door. She enters her car and puts it on reverse. Darren’s car was still parked in her garage.

It’s been over a year they spoke, partly because she had stopped picking his calls, listening to him tell her he loves her, knowing that he may never come back to her..

It hurt too much. Realizing that she had indeed falling madly inlove with him, and she may not be able to tell him, knowing that he had a sense of duty, being the kind of man he was to do the right thing, and that meant being with a woman who almost lost her life when she was told he was leaving her to his love of his life.

Knowing that she couldn’t blame him nor her, knowing that Darren was too good a man, and knowing that she could not be selfish and demand him come to her just because she realized that she loved him too.

This was life, and everything didn’t have to work out the way we wanted. If it did, maybe she would have given him a chance to love him since day one he asked her out, maybe she should have not allowed Daniel to cloud her thoughts, maybe..maybe she should have made an effort to look for him when he left instead of giving up..just maybe.

Now one year later, a ache in her chest, her heart and her bed empty and the man she loved was cities away mending a woman that may end up being his wife.

Yes, love sucks, it was better not felt.

Irony of it all, every St. Valentine’s day, everyone just wants to love and she rather be in a gloomy place away from it. Maybe love wasn’t meant for her, maybe she was never meant to be happy or have her happy ending.

She had accepted her faith, accepted that she lost Darren and that at 30th, she was going to be single, free and lonely.

Sighing she takes a turn.

”Are you okay Anna?”

”Lucy, i am fine”

”Come please”

”No darlyn, you and Adam needs some alone time and Tonia and Tom wouldn’t stop smothering me,. Its a year i am fine, i am awesome and all is well okay? I can take care of myself and just because today is St. valentine doesn’t mean i should lock myself up in my room.  And right now, i just want to be in  a place that is quiet and peaceful and absent of love jamborees. So, It’s fine. I love you, take care of that baby bump okay, kisses. Bye” She cuts the call and drives into town.

She pulls to a stop and alights , entering a building named Mac &Tee.


He is staring out of the window, watching the sun kiss the earth. He felt  her hands wrap him, he smiles turning. She learns in and kisses him lightly on his lips.

”Thank you Darren”

”For what?” He inquired

”For taking care of me, for loving me, for being you even if your heart is somewhere else” She touches his face

He smiles ”I will always do for you”

”I know, and if i let you, you would do it always, if not forever. Because you are one of those people, who put others first, who let go of their wants and desires just so that others are happy”

”Not so” He shakes his head, she laughs

”I am not sure you believe that. It is very so..see how you have cared for me, even when i didn’t deserve it”

”Why are  you saying that?” He frowns slightly

”It’s the truth. I put my self in the hospital”

”You had an accident”

”An accident i let happen, all because i couldn’t bear the thought of letting you go after the one that makes your heart beat”

”Tammy..we don’t need to talk about that”

”We do..i was selfish, love is not selfish. I wanted you knowing that you were struggling with a love that..i could not phantom how and why you could love someone for so long even despite being apart. I thought i could have your heart…but it was not yours to give, never mine to bared someone’s name right from the start. I knew it, yet i wanted you..That was selfish of me”

”It was selfish of me to think i could move on and still continued the relationship, So if you are blaming, you blame me not you”

”Oh Darren, what would i do with you?” She touches his cheeks

”You relax and let this man care for you okay. Ready to go home?”

She shakes her head ”Yes, yes i am ready finally to go home, to peace, to love and to happiness..home to a beginning of new things”

”Great, and i would be your chauffeur ”

”No!” She steps away from him.

”Why?” He frowns ”I am going home, back to the country to be with my parents, i got a job there, a judge of  small community”

”Wow, that’s awesome” He was genuinely happy for her.

”I know right. ”

”But i don’t understand, your job here, your work that foundation you started, you have a life here…i am here” he is confused.

She leans in ”I am going home Darren, i am well…and i hate to be a stumbling block..i tried to pretend i don’t see you staring at the stars, i don’t hear when you call her name in your sleep, follow her on social media, drop voice mails which you never sent and the thousands ”I love you” you text to her and it bounces..i am tired of being the second woman when i can be the first. And i have been selfish”-

”No Tammy”

”yes i have been…and i need to let you go. You have done enough for me  , put your life on hold, sacrificed your love for me…i was selfish because i wanted you all to myself i rammed my car into a tree knowing that you would come  running. That was wrong…i know better now. I knew you loved someone when i wanted told told me and i refused to listen and i guess i just thought  i could be Anna for you, i was wrong and i am sorry”


She shakes her head ”I love you, but it only takes a love as strong as yours to be buried within for years to stand the test of time. Find your love, this time, put you first Darren. Put you first!”

”It’s too late, she ..she stopped talking to me, replying my messages and just stopped. ” he stares down at his hands ”There is nothing to go back to when i have already lost her”

”Then find her. ” she leans in and kisses  him on the cheek ”No one who is lost wouldn’t want to be found Darren. Find her. It is lover’s day afteral, how symbolic”

”i should go today..Tammy? Lets go home, stop being dramatic” he held her hand and pulls her towards the exit, she stops him.

”I already booked a car to take me home, my parents are picking me up. While you slept i made all the arrangement, even for this” she hands him an envelope, he frowns opening it

”You booked me a ticket?” surprise fills his face.

”And it leaves in thirty minutes, you should hit ground before 8pm…time enough to comb the city..” she kisses him again ”Chase your heart..find it, mend it and never let it go, and do not..i mean it Darren, do not put another first before you, you should take priority, you want something, go for want this love, baby fight for it. Forget the times lost, remove the thought of she may not be…” with that she walks away . ”Thank you Darren, now it’s time to get your happiness” She enters into a car and it drives away.

He checks his time, he begins to run with his heart pounding in his chest.


Two hours later, he is knocking on their door.

Tom opens the door ”Who the hell..Darren!!” he pulls him into  a hug ”Wow, you are here..breathing like a man chased by his demons..where is your bag?” He ushers him into the house looking behind him for  bag.

”Came like this” he enters and sees her.

Tonia screams as she rushes to him ”Darren, oh my God!!!!”  She hugs him dropping the baby in his arms, he smiles down at him

”hey little man, see how big you grown”

”He is the sweetest, welcome home ” Tonia wets his forehead with kisses, he smiles at her.

”I thought you guys would be out celebrating the festivities, didn’t think i would meet you both at home but took my chances.”

Tom scoffs ”one son and another kid in the burner, you want us to celebrate more, we have all we need about love baby, right here in this house. Dude you look like shit, how have you been?”

”Been okay relatively” he stares at Darren Jnr who laughs, he smiles at him ”So…Do you guys have any idea where i can find Anna?”

”I knew it had to be a chick to draw you out of your shell” Tom slaps his head

”Ouch Man, be nice” Darren uses his free hand to rub his head, Darren Jnr found it funny, he pulls his cheeks.

”I am always nice. How is Tammy?”

He smiles ”Better, okay, Home..” he laughs in relief ”And all in one breath!”

”Oh well, had to ask man..the last zooming out again..not pretty.”

”I can imagine…” he says sadly.

”Oh my poor baby” Tonia looks at him, then she places a hand on his shoulder as she seats partially on his leg free of Darren Jnr ”You really need to take care of you, you look so withdrawn and all, are you okay baby?”

He nods ”I will be.  Anna?”

Tonia pouts ”My God Darren, you still love her that much?”

”My waking moments and sleeping moments are off her, i don’t love her, she is love…she is mine and i would go to the ends of the earth to tell her that and more”

Tonia smiles ”See how he gonna make me cry” She daps her already glistened eye ”My Darren is all grown up and falling inlove, again and this time going all the way with all..she is love. Aww” she wipes her eyes, Darren shakes his head with a smile

”Oh you are so dramatic woman,” Tom pinches his wife ”Is she not home?”

”Locked, i checked” Darren sighs trying to think of where else to check.


”She said she had gone out. I called her, she said Anna had refused to come around and wanted to spend the weekend alone.”

”Maybe she is seeing someone”Tonia says sadly

”No, Lucy said no. That she just wanted to go and and not be anywhere where the love jamborees is and-” he trails off laughing as something occurs to him. He runs a hand over his face as he shakes his head ”I’ll be damned!!”


”Wow!” he exclaims

”What Darren?” Tonia frowns

”I know where she is?”


”The first place we met” he gets up, kissing Tonia, the baby and then shakes Tom ”Wish me luck”

He was out the door before Tom could reply.. ”Hey, slow your heart down man, it’s racing fire all the way from here ”Tom laughs closing the door and turning to face his wife who has a relaxed expression on her face, yet thoughtful.

”I think it is safe to say i am rest assured that this time, it would work out fine” Tonia cocks her head to the side.

”Me too, ain’t that right super man” he steps forward and grabs his son ” Uncle Darren may get you a little brother soon or sister  if all well” He  laughs

”Oh…that would be nice , that would be real  nice” she smiles at her boys.


A shadow fell on her .

”I am sorry, i am not making any other order” she says without looking up from the book she was reading. She had earlier placed a second order for cherry juice and a burger. Realizing that she was already full, it was best to cancel it.

”Oh, how about i make you an irresistible offer you cannot possibly refuse?”

That voice.

She freezes and then looks up, her heart catching in her chest ”Oh my God!! Darren, you are here, how, did you find me?” She breaths.

He slips into the seat opposite her ”I got in today, got in barely over three hours ago..well, i know the first time we met, we were both running from our pain and we ended up here..a sort of safe haven”

She smiles ”Right..How is Tammy?” She leans back closing her book.

”She is great, well, home”

”Shouldn’t you be home with her?”

He shakes his head ”My home is where you are” he plays drum with his fingers to the table.

”Home is where the woman you love is” She clarifies.

”Home is where you are..the woman i love, always loved and would probably continue to love for a long long time” He stares at her.

She touches her book, caresses the leafs  ”Look Darren, you and i have been through alot, going back and forth, missing each other at certain points, not able to be together because of one thing or someone you know…my home is here, and yours is with her. I learnt selflessness from you. I learnt sacrifice. I learnt how to put others above myself..and i found peace”

”No Anna, you learnt how to love.. love is kind, not is selfless, love is forgives all things, holds no grudges.. you learnt how to love Anna, and that is the most beautiful thing ever”

She smiles ”You have a way with words”

”only when i am with you” He reaches for her hands ”I miss you..i miss you a damn lot it drove me crazy for months. I wonder how i am still sane after the torture”

She stares at his hand over hers ”It’s so long…things have changed” She tries to pull her hands away, his touch burned her and not in a bad way. She closes and opens her eyes.

She was not going to want him now and then something happens and he leaves again. No, she had moved on.

”You don’t like me anymore, am i that bad?” he pouts, she laughs staring at his handsome face

”Stop! You make it hard for me to not care”

”No. I love you, i am inlove with you i love you i love you, hell i love you today , tomorrow and till i am old and grey and all my teeth fall out and i can only talk with muffled words ..”

She is laughing , tears filling her eyes ”bad things happen when we are together”

”Good things are bound to happen when a man findeth the one he loves, have you not read..”he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”..hmm?”

She shakes her head ”See the only thing wrong in what you said is that..we aren’t married’‘ She points to him and then herself.

”Yet,  but i can arrange that” He suddenly goes to his knees

”What the hell are you doing Darren?” She seats up straight, ”Darren, get up, you are making a scene, get up”

He shakes his head, bringing out a red velvet box from his jacket pocket , he opens it to reveal a diamond ring ”This was the first thing i stopped to get as soon as i touched the city..i told myself that no matter what happen,no matter the  storm, i would find you and i would make you mine..i would fight off the bears, the monkeys and even the flies to get to you even if i have to” he smiles, she chokes back tears.

”Get up Darren” she could hardly speak ”Don’t be stupid!

”Let me be stupid for love, is that not what it is all about? Being Stupid inlove?” He cocks his head to the side, she shakes her head, she grabs her bag and made to get up, he grabs her hand and and gentle pulls her back down, etching closer to her, staring into her eyes , willing her to look away from him..

She couldn’t, she blinks back tears ”No Darren” she closes her eyes

He began to speak again touching her face ”I told myself , the first time i met you, you were crying out of pain, but when i meet you today , i’ll make sure you cry tears of joy and i would give you that thing you have always wanted..a love that is unmeasured, happiness that knows no bounds and a ring..not bought off the counter, not bought on second’s thought, a ring that has your name on it..see..  Annalisa Penelope Bloom” he points showing her the ring with her name initialed on it ”This has your name on it, customized especially for you, had to wait thirty long minutes for them to get that done and spent a few fortune on it..” He shines his entire teeth and winks goofily at her, she chokes in more tears  laughing. He continues ;

”Yeah, i gave you my name already.I know, i can be sneaky”

She cries ”This is not happening” she wipes her tears, he kept talking still.

”You see Annalisa, i have toiled the earth, i have meddled and i have strayed. The only thing i never  imagined was falling inlove with someone who was going to take my heart away the day she held it and i think i feel inlove with you right here, outside that door, when you were a mess, crying and were my mess and all i wanted to do was mend you back to beauty..and you were beautiful..even in your drool” he makes a face ”Got it all over your face that day, you were a dreadful goodness!” he mocks jokingly

”Darren?” She punches his shoulders,

”Just were the most beautiful sight..after you stopped crying that is” he smiles.

She laughs again ”Why are you doing this?”

”Because i love you and God forbid i spend my life , a single day without you. i lost two years because of it, i lost another year because i had to give you up to save another. Those  days and weeks and months were torture for me, having to go on knowing that the love of my life was miles and miles apart from me.

I am doing this because i want to make you mine, today, tomorrow and always, well basically because i intend to mark my territory and give you a big sign to wear  saying”KEEP OFF, THE BITCH IS TAKEN’

”Darren!”‘ she nudges him hard again.

”Oww!” He rubs his hand ”Okay, ”THIS BEAUTIFUL AMAZING WOMAN IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND SHE IS TAKEN..TOUCH HER AT YOUR PERIL’‘ he adds, she laughs in her tears

”Oh Anna, there are so many things i want to say to you, so many…but the most important is that..I love you, and i want to marry you and make you the mother of my kids…so if you can do me the honour of saying would make me happy”

”I can’t”

”Why?” His heart drops

”Because you do not know me, i hardly even know you..i mean lumping all the times we have been together in three years is like…” she thinks and tries to count with her fingers” probably not more than 20 times we have actually been together..”

He stares at her with a puzzled expression ”I could swear i have known you for ages..sure we didn’t meet , fall inlove in our former lives..?” He taps his jaw ”Don’t tell me you were Juliet and i was Romeo and we died for love and we reincarnated into this beings and i fall back inlove with you…ahhh” he closes his mouth in mock horror ”Or are we Edward and Bella from the Twilight or is it Stefan and Elena from Vampire Dairies?”

She is laughing ”See, i didn’t know how funny you are..”

”I am willing to show you what you don’t know about me, and i want to explore that which i don’t know. Look, Annalisa..i have literally spent every day with you in the past three years..i see you in every face, hear you in every voice and when i plague my thoughts. What more do i need Anna. Marry Me? And we can find each other together, …imagine what would have happened with us in three years? Probably knocked you up with twins?’ he winks

She is shaking her head ”You are making light of it all”

”Because life doesn’t have to be too serious..because i want to spend my days making you laugh, wiping your tears and telling you sweet nothingness. Marry me?” He kisses the inside of her palm and then her wrists ”Marry Me!”

”What if something separates us again?”

”Nothing will!”

”What if?”

”This time i won’t give you up. Marry Me” he kisses her hands again ”Marry Me! Marry Me, babe..Marry Me. !”

”I can’t!!” she sniffs

”Why not?”

”because i have not told horrible it has been without you, how devastating it was to hear the news and how much i prayed for her recovery. Because i have not told you that following your absence..i realized the reason why my heart raced, why i couldn’t make sense of anything…is it because i too had fallen for you without knowing and it scared me, it broke me and it kept me sad for months…because i couldn’t tell you that i love you Darren. And i am afraid that if i give in to this might ruin me forever this time. Do you know how it was, realizing that after you have gone..that i was inlove with you? Waking up in the middle of the night and crying my heart out for being stupid. Not knowing who and how to explain just how i feel about you, and you not being there to truly express myself to you? Darren, it’s been a horrible one year, painfully so and i cannot let me fragile heart love you knowing that you cannot be mine. Knowing that i have fallen back inlove with you but i couldn’t tell you.”

”But I was a phone call away” He stares at her,

She shakes her head ”I would have never have been thesame.”

”I am here now”

”What if it doesn’t work out between us?”

”What if you say yes and then we figure it out together, after all..i love you, you love me, wait…you love me? Did you just say you love in in present tense not you love me?”

She laughs , nodding

”Like Love-love me or just giving me  pat to the shoulders love-me?”

”I love love you Darren Bloom”

”Oh my heart, i think Cupid just shot me an arrow” he places both hands to his chest and pretends as though he was staggering.

”Quite playing” she brings him closer.

He stares at her ”Marry me, and i promise to love you, love you so much and i won’t spend another second without you. Will you Marry me? Say yes already because my knees are killing me”

”You make it hard to say no”

”I don’t intend to let you say nothing other than yes, i would pester you till you say yes. Say Yes…say yes” He pleads ”Say yes!” His eyes suddenly glistens ”i cannot go another day without you Anna, my life would be a mess..i want you, us…marry me and don’t worry about the what ifs. We would be together to brace it all”

”Good times and bad?”

”Worse times and even better”

”I have made so many mistakes , done things, without a second’s count…i do not want to mess this up Darren”

”You won’t!”

”I am scared of being happy..because it never last” She lowers her hands

”Maybe because you have not tried being happy with me” He peers under her face ”Marry me..”

”You would get bored of me” She looks at him

”Maybe..but the beauty of boredom is that we both would get bored together” He winks at her

”I do not even know your favorite food or color or Sunday outfit or if you like to take a shit before breakfast or if you leave the toilet sit open or maybe if you like informal clothing always or even if you like PDA or that you hate rice or don’t even eat pasta or chocolates and-”

“Anna!!  Anna.. Anna” he touches her.. Shaking his head ” I love you,  nothing else matters.  Don’t you see.. Who cares if I like biscuit flakes and whatnot.  I like you.  I love you.  And whatever my habits are don’t matter. ”

“It does.  ” She pouts “I don’t like the toothpaste be pressed in from the middle” She bites her lips

He smiles ” Well.. I can work on that.  ” he blinks.  “I kinda do that.  And leave the seat open after I pee.  And I love to eat late snacks and snuggle when it’s cold. ”

She blushes, her heart suddenly races.  She felt warm.  Good warmth.

“Say yes babe”

“I am crazy.  I am a mess.  I am broken and whatnot. ” she opens her palm.. ” I am a horrible person. I am sentimental.  Emotional.  I am indept and I am alot of bad things. I am not good for you D”

He touches her hand ” I know.  And I don’t mind your crazy as long as you are with me.  I can handle you.  I can.  Even in your worst I want to be the face you see that brings you out of it.  I want to be the reason for the glow in your face.  I want to be.. Hell I want to be the reason your heart beats slow and fast at the same time. ”

Her hands suddenly goes into her chest “Just like this? ” she gasps

He places his hand over hers.. She removes hers and lets his remain.  He smiles,  nodding. “Just like that.  Exactly like that ”

She breaths.  “Oh Darren,  still.. ” she drops her hands and looks down. He takes his hand to her face again and raises it with his index finger….
” Emotional?  Sentimental?  Babe.. I want to see beneath your beautiful.  No one is perfect and I know you are not.  Neither am I close to it.  I have my flaws.  I have my bad moments and the lows.  Babe,  I wish you were all the bad things and even if you are.. I don’t mind a little bad in my life. I want you bad” he touches her knuckles.  ” I know you are saying all things hoping that I would leave. Don’t bother.. I ain’t going anyway. You are scared and worried that it won’t work.. I am.. I was.. Not anymore.  I intend to go all the way with you Anna.  Like all the way.. No space infact. ” he etches closer to her.  She laughs

Then he smiles “And you called me D”

She chuckles “So? ”

“It’s sweet,  coming from you. D! ”

“D! ”

“It kinda sounds like Dxxk though” he smiles mischievously

She punched him.

“Oww! ” he rubs his chest and then moves even closer to her

“Give me a reason why I should not love you?”

“Because once the euphoria goes.. You would tire of me”

“Three years?  I still burn for a woman I hardly know.  Can we try this after forever and see if I won’t still love you? ”

She smiles shaking her head ” I should give it to you. You are not only persistent.  You know just how to spin a yarn and make a girl loose herself. ”

His eyes sparkles “Are you lost in my yarns pretty lady? ”

“Bleh! ”  she sticks out her tongue

He laughs.. Showing her the ring “No matter how much I would love to continue to spin a yarn and stuff.. You still have a beautiful ring that is just waiting to fit that delicate finger of yours.. Marry me?  Plus my knee hurts so you can help a brother up… ” he blinks his eyes. ” I swear to the the most loving and caring boyfriend and husband and father.. Ever. ”

She bites her lips “You know if I say yes.. There is no going back”

“Just forward.  That’s the idea babe. So.. Is this brother getting a tux or what?”

She touches the ring..”As long as I get to pick a colour. ”

“Not white.  Not pink or blue or not green please” he says ”I do not want to look like a Christmas elf on my wedding day.”

She pulls him closer to her,  wrapping her hands around his neck ”But you would be my elf” She winks ”I like Elfs, just like the Elf in Lord of the rings…stainless, smooth, handsome, glowing…Elfs are handsomely amazing, …and what do you know, my favorite elf character was Orlando Bloom…hmmp! What do you know…and i am set to marry a bloom, we can have little Elf babies with the ears and bright skin, their fighting skills have got to be amazing too” she shines her teeth, and then she nods ” But No. Black suits you just fine.  Just perfect ”

“Is that a subtle yes? ” He places his hand to her waist and caresses it.

“Sssshhh don’t ruin the moment ” she closes her eyes.. And captures his lips in a sensual kiss.

“Damn! ” he breaths against her lips kissing her back.

“Ask me again” she flicks her tongue over his lips

“Will you marry me? ”

“I would be honoured to share my life with you Darren Bloom. I would be lucky to be the woman who gets to keep the man who truly loves her”

“Oh.. He madly and insanely loves her.  ”

“And she loves him right back”

They kiss again.  He pulls her slightly away and slips the ring through her finger

“Wow.. It fits” He says in happy suprise

“I know right.. ” She stares at it as her eyes sparkles ”My first ever true engagement ring..” She turns and kiss him again for a long time.


Walking outside,  hand in hand as he held her bag in the other hand.

He smiles in thoughts.

“What? ” she nudges him

“I bet we would have a great story to tell our kids” he turns to her “How I met their mother on Valentine’s Day..”

“Ohhh yeah” she bites her lips “We can just leave out the sex part though”

He laughs ” Yeah.. Not good role models right?” he flags down a taxi and they slip in.

“Nah” she leans into him as the car curves round and makes its way to town.

“But no one can take away the fact that.. in that moment when i felt my world crumbing down, lost all hope in love and whatnot, didn’t have any desire to be happy, was a crazy pile of mess and my heart in disarray ..there you were, standing there..soaked in your heart dripping red and i did not realise you were going to be the most important person in my life…the one who calmed the storm within, the world who turned my frowns into a smile..”

”The one who hurt you” she chips in

”Sssshhh” He kisses her lips ”The one who made me realise that love is much more than a four lettered word, that love is encompassing, that love sometimes is sacrifice and that Love also can go all out…i learnt all that just because i dared to fall in love with a girl who was standing on the streets and balling her lungs out….despite my chaos…ironically in the day of love, you became my valentine peace, my calmness, my bliss and i bless the day God allowed me to set my eyes on you. ” He stares down at her as she looks up to him resting on his chest

”I do swear you have a way with words” she stares at him with love

”You bring out the yarnings in me, a brother should know how to spoil his lady with words, girls love those things” He takes her knuckles to his lips and brushes it

”We do, we do alot. ” They kiss, coming up only for air..

”So….you want to tell them or i do?” He turns away as the cab comes to a stop, she turns and realizes where they are.

”We tell them together”

They walk hand in hand as they make their way to the door. ”Ready?”

”Never been ready” Annalisa says to Darren. He nods and knocks on the door.

It swings open with Tom carrying his son.

”It’s Darren” he screams behind him, he opens the door wider and smiles , he saw their hands linked, Darren brings it higher and shows him the dazzle on her finger…, his smile became wider as he screams back to Tonia ”And he got the girl”

”Yay!!!!!!!!!!!” Tonia’s scream was loud as she came running out.

”Congrats brother” Tom hugs Darren and then places a kiss to Anna’s cheeks ”Welcome wife. You do realize that once a brother go gets his wife, she is my wife to right, that means you automatically become godmother to little Darren here hmm..ain’t that little man” he stares at his son and then back at them ”You got yourself an extra mummy and daddy…but we are the originals, they are clones” he laughs as they laugh.

Tonia screams through and flings herself on Darren , smothering his face with kisses ”Look at you went out and got a wife” she kisses him again

”I love Tonia, you are a case” Darren laughs brushing her cheeks with a light kiss, they laugh

She turns to Anna ”Congrats girl…come here” She pulls her in a hug, Anna is laughing as she pulls he cheeks. ”Come, we need to celebrate, and oh have you told Lucy yet?” She pulls Annalisa into the house with her leaving the men to come behind them.

”No, i want to call her now and–”

”Nah, lets call her and out her on speakers, she would flip” She brings out her phone and dials, Lucy picks the call, she sounded sleepy.

”Hey Tonia, i love you but…i am dead sleepy. Is this how being pregnant feels?” They could hear her yawning ”I am tired half of the day and sleeping like a log of word. Good thing Adam is rich, if i went to work today and my boss fires me for lagging behind, he can care for me” she chuckles and yawns again ”How are you Tonia, how is Tom, and my little D?”

”Fine, great infact, Anna is here with me”

”Anna? Are you girls having a night out without me?” She fake cries ”I want to come..but wait, Anna said she wanted to be alone today and…wait Tonia” she lowers her voice ”Have you seen Darren, he called me earlier looking for Anna and i told him she had gone out and didn’t know where. He sounded so worried and all and-”

Anna clears her throat rubbing her temple ”You do realize that i am standing right here and i can hear you?”

Lucy chuckles ”Oops, hi baby. i thought i was gossiping about you and Darren. Hehehe”

”Oh, you were never good at being sneaky”

”I know what are you girls up to. Did you see Darren though…?”

”Yeah, that is why we are calling” Tonia had laughter in her voice ”Bitch we got a wedding to plan”


Annalisa held her breath, so did Tonia..


Annalisa and Tonia bursted out laughing

”AAAAHHHHHH! Oh my God oh my God…yes baby yes!! My girl is getting married, i got a wedding to plan”

”Bitch we got a wedding to plan” Tonia laughs hugging Annalisa who is smiling at her silliness

”That’s what i said. Look, i ain’t sleepy no more. Adam…Adam, grab your shit, we heading to Toms, Anna said yes to Darren” they heard her call out

”Damn, congrats Anna..we coming”

Lucy speaks into the phone ”I have the most amazing bridal styles…oh i can’t wait. i am happy for you Annalisa, finally…you get the man”

”I get the man” she blushes

”Open a wine, play music, we coming”

”Water for you Lucy” Tonia says before the cuts..


Tom had wine glasses filled and passes it around after the screams and congratulations died down once Lucy and Adam got them. ”So, here is to love, friendship and all nice things”

”’To love” Everyone says clinking their glasses together.

Annalise turns to Darren and they share a kiss.


A month Later….

”I do” Darren Bloom nods

”I do!” Lucy says to looking at Darren. The Priest nods and turns to them again

”With the powers vested in me, i do pronounce you, man and wife, you may kiss the bride”

”Come here wife” Darren pulls her close and crushes her lips with his. ”I love you”

”I love you”

”Yayyyy!!’ cheers and claps went up in the church auditorium.

”Pressent yourselves to your family and friends” The Priest says to them with a smile as he folds his hands inside his rope.

They turn and more claps and cheers went up.

”Ready to go wife?”

”Most definitely his husband” Holding hands they walk out the church with more cheers and Tonia and Lucy throwing flowers on them.


Their reception was beautiful, held in a five star hotel.

Lucy is seen coming to them as they dance. ”Sorry Darren, can i borrow your wife for a second?”

”One..” he kisses Annalisa and moves away to Tom who was dancing with Tonia

Lucy pulls her away , then she hands her a parcel ”Here”

”What’s in it?”

”Don’t be a curious cat, open it”

Annalisa tears it open and then laughs ”Really, you got me thongs and lingerie?”

”Yep, every woman gets that on her wedding night, you need to blow him away with that. I know it’s been over three years you had some , and your last some was…with him and you have been celibate since then. I wonder if you do remember how to..ahem” she clears her throat, Annalisa blushes

”I do…”

Lucy laughs ”Hey, i hope you got your legs shaved and that area trimmed, guys don’t like to be chewing hairs down there”

Anna’s cheeks burns , ”Lucy!”

Lucy is laughing ” Happy married life baby, ” she hugs her and kisses her cheeks ”Now go show that made how bad he gonna get it from you this night, hehehe”

”You are crazy” Annalisa laughs at her friend

”That’s why you love me” She pulls her hand ”Dance with me, come on”

”With your large protruding tummy…you gonna pop soon”

Lucy is shaking her butt and running her tummy and then bending, she repeats the dance moves  ”I know…gimme me them moves girl, you used to be a bad ass then…yeah that’s it, shake it, roll it, rub it…dip it in” she dances

Annalisa is laughing hard ”I swear it sounds more sexual when you say it”

”Oh girl it is, shake it, roll it, rub it and dip it in” she does the dance slower ”It’s actually like having sex on the dance floor, imagine you doing that with Darren, dude is going to come faster than Usain should try it, don’t tell me i never taught you anything” She winks

Annalisa is shaking with laughter as they dance.

From across the room, the others are smiling at them, Darren’s eyes glowed.

”I always want to see that glow in your eyes Darren, that is the beauty of this thing we call love, being able to see the one who matters the most int he world to you and love them with your eyes” Tonia comes to stand with them, they are staring at them. Tom hands Darren a glass of wine.

”Thank you guys”

”For what?”

”For being my friends, my family, and for accepting means alot”

Tonia shakes her head ”There was no choice in that matter, we love you, we love her, forget what happened then, we loved her still, even more. Any girl who can bring out the good in you with this glowing happiness deserves all”

”’She deserves the world and i would give her the world, all 100 percent and two cents of it” he drinks his wife.

”We girls love that” Tonia smiles.

”So, where you guys going for the honey moon?” Tom enquires

”Well, there is this really great place out of the got the beach, it got the perfect pent house view and it has a lovely cosy feel to it”

Tom smiles ”Sounds like a perfect place to make babies”

The guys luagh

”Men, so typical ” Tonia is shaking her head

”If not that you already have another in the bummer, we would have a second honey moon Tonia, ” he pulls his wife to him and gives her a last kiss.

”You can just make twins, one would come after other in another three months” they laugh kissing

Darren straightens up and then hands Tom the glance ”See you guys later?”

He hugs them ”Need to go steal my bride away..i love you guys” he points at them and makes his way back  , he slips between the ladies and begin dancing with them. Soon Adam comes and wraps his wife in a hug and continues to dance with them.

”Is that a tear” Tom stares down at his wife,

”No, i have something in my eyes” she laughs turning to him

”You should be his mother, you act like one”

”I am, can’t you see my grey hair?” She shows him her very black hair which he laughs at

”Yeah, two strands …very grey” they smile and kiss dancing deep into the evening.

Sometime later, Darren and Annalisa slips away, went to the airport and boarded a plane to their honeymoon get away.


Honeymoon Suite…

”So,” she says sticking her leg out the toilet ”One leg or two?”

He is resting on the bed, his hands behind his head ”Two…one is teasing enough” he smiles as she sticks out her head .

”Close your eyes then,”

”Okay” He does. She steps out of the toilet wearing the lingerie Lucy had gifted her. she stands at the foot of the bed

”Open your eyes”

He does so slowly, taking the look from her legs all the way to her face, his heart squeezes and then something else, he folds his arms and rubs a hand over his lips ”Damn!”

”You like?” she bites her lips

”I love” he pushes himself off the bed and then comes to her, towering over her a little ”You know” he runs a hand down her arm ”You could give a man a heart attack looking like heart is racing, my blood is boiling hot and all i want to do is help you off this sexy looking lingerie ” he pulls her closer

”I think that’s the idea. Lucy got these for me by the way, she was convinced it would blow you away”

”Lucy got nice taste, but the person wearing it has the greatest  body, damn” he lifts her up and wraps her legs around him . Climbing the bed and laying her on it. ”So , where do you want me to start from because i have different options;…Your kissable lips, your really smooth neck, your bosom with perking nipples, your thighs that’s wrapped around my midriff, your warmth calling to me, or i should kiss your toes and walk my way up”

She smiles running her hand through his hair ”How about we just go with the flow…anything that tickles our fancy…”

”That i can work with” He says kissing her, running his hands underneath her, picking her from her bottom and squeezing. Taking both her hands he places them over her head, running a hand over her bosom , caressing the lingerie and replacing his hands with kisses.

She moans as electricity shoots through her body. Slowly, he begins to undress her, using his fingers to un-click her bra, runs his hand over her bare chest, flicking his tongue over her nipples and sucking them.

He traces his tongue down her tummy, removing her panties and the hose along with it. watching her as he does so, kissing her thighs and blowing air between her thighs.

She moans again.

She lay naked before him, he towers over her in a kneeling position, staring at her

”God you are so beautiful”

She smiles at him ”And maybe if you stop staring down at me with desire in your eyes you can make me feel even more beautiful…come here” he reaches for him and pulls him down, helping him with his shirt and his jeans.

Laying on her, skin to skin, desire matched with desire, he kisses her until she clings to him for air. He plays with her core, fingers and then tongue, he took her to heights she had never been and brought her down shattering her over and over again until she begged him to take her.

Hard as rock, and throbbing, he stares down at her …”I love you, i will always love you Annalisa Penelope Bloom”

”I love you too, but i want him more right now…i can’t think straight” she rises up, pushes him to the bed and straddles him. She takes her hand beneath her and touches him, then she smiles

”Why are you smiling?” He breaths, enjoying the feel of her hands  as she encircles him ”Don’t stop doing that” he closes his eyes

”Roll it, rub it and -” she rises up a bit, placing him at her core ”slip it in” she closes her eyes as she slips him in. Biting her lips as excitement shoots through her again, she begins to move, up and down, up and down, moaning as her desire builds.

”Ohhhh ohhh oohhh” he moans as he held her waist , tight. Meeting her rhythm for rhythm, desire for desire, moaning for groaning.

He skillfully turns her beneath him and plunges deeper into her watching her cry out in pleasure. Loving the sounds of her desire.

Making love to her then was amazing, this was different. It was electrifying , it was was fulfilling. It was everything ..wanting every itch of her, drinking from her and saving all her sensual moments in his head.

There was no moment as beautiful as this, being so bare, raw and her. Loving her in her everything. In moments when she had to give herself entirely.

He was definitely going to love her , for a long long time..and that’s beauty of love. Not knowing why he loves her, just knowing that he loves her, and being happy that he does.

And loving her meant that; through the good times, the bad times , the highs and the lows, he would be her number one support system, love her selflessly and unconditionally.

And when it came to her body; he would love her passionately..alone, forever.

He held her tight, sinking into her even deeper, kissing her . ”I’ll love you always”

”I would love you always and forever, and a day more” She moans into his mouth.

”And a day more” he goes out and then in again, kissing her shoulders

”More” she held him tigher, reaching her peak

”More?” he closes his eyes, feeling the desire about to burst through.

”More…” she bites her lips and digs her finger into his skin

”More..?” He was losing it slowly..

”Oh my God…oh my God” she cries out in pleasure

”Anna!” he breaths, just before he holds her tight, feeling her shatter, meeting him at his peak ”Oh..fxxxk!” He mutters as Annalisa begins to quake, muttering inaudible words.

They fall, toppling over, reaching the top and then crashing down together , satiated, fulfilled, blissfully happy.


Hours later they lay on the bed.


”More than Happy” she touches her tummy

He laughs ”You do realize that you can’t get pregnant in one night ”

”Says who..” she climbs him again ”Maybe..we can change it” she smiles as she kisses him again.

Soon, skin to skin, desire to desire and she screaming out in pleasure again..


”Owww!” Cupid rubs his head as he turns around in a frown ”Why you gonna hit me like that”

Jesus rolls the curtain viewing Darren and Anna locked in a sensual embrace close and places a  book infront of him ”Read”

”What the bible? come on i know all the stories in there. i  have the words by heart”

”I think you missed one”

”Thou shall not behold iniquity”

Cupid chuckles ”Wait, you said that sex is wrong between a man and a woman who are not married right?”


”Okay..i get it. Now that they are it wrong?”


”Then, why can’t i watch?” he frowns

”Because it is sinful to look at men copulating…your eyes should be pure. ” Jesus says walking away. ”Read the bible, we have another assignment for you”

”What does father  want me to do this time?”

”Show men  how to forgive themselves. The bible would help you. And do not touch that curtain” he disappears through the clouds.

”Yes J”

He waits and counts to five, then he quickly runs to the curtain and pulls it open.

”CUPIDDDDDDDDD!!!!” The thunder rumbles.

”Oh shit!!!  It wasn’t me, it was Gabriel” he snickers running with his tush showing and his white cloth loosely tied.



Love is a funny unexpected thing; it happens in the most unexpected of places and the most unlikely of people.

If you do find that love that shakes your core and ruffles your feathers. That love that makes your heart beat fast and slow at thesame time, never let it go.

Some people may be lucky to find it again, others wouldn’t be too lucky. Don’t be amongst the few who wished they had fought for their love, be amongst the very ones who never had to let it go.

And remember, love isn’t just a word, it is not about is more than that. Love is everything and everything is love, and it is also commitment, it is also about being selfless, and it gives all and accepts all.

When you find that one who loves you true, give him or her a 100% of you.

Let love lead…

Here’s to all the lovers…

We love you…


Stephanie Egberike


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  • joan says:

    You know how to make someone believe in love again.
    Thank you Steph!!!! You are truly loved

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      Thank you so much Joan, i see you everywhere, your comments, it means alot. You are the real MVP girl, much love from us to you, Thank you so much dearie, glad i was able to inspire something good, xoxo

  • Glory says:

    U”re a kind,Stephy.
    More wisdom to keep the ink flowing,
    I cherished the V.blues story to the very end.

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      Amen and Amen to that, thank you for reading and enjoying the story. We do appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Olayinka says:

    Just look at this happy ending. Wow! Wow!! Wow!! Well done itchy fingers

  • Runyi says:

    Couldn’t stop smiling,love indeed is a beautiful thing,Thanks Steph,nice work,you are the bomb.Thos was really worth it.Always looking foward to more from you.More grace dear.

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      This right here is the reason i can’t stop writing because it brings smiles to your face. Love is a beautiful thing and when you find it, it is worth it all. Thank you so much for reading, i am glad to bring back the butterflies. Stay tuned for more.

  • Romeokent says:

    This story is a very wonderful one, sis Stephanie, you are too much, more grease to your elbow, am anticipating for more sis most expecially “the call girl”
    God bless you

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      Thank you so much dear, really really happy you enjoyed it, Amen and Amen. Yes stay tuned for the call girl and more to come . watch this space yo! lol. Xoxo

  • Romeokent says:

    This story is a very wonderful one,love how it puts smiles on my face, sis Stephanie, you are too much, more grease to your elbow, am anticipating for more sis most expecially “the call girl”
    God bless you

  • Oluchi Mabel says:

    Oohhh!!! I love happy endings wow!! Mmmmmueeee! Kiss kiss to u Steph. More inks to ur glory.

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      I love happy endings too dear, it makes me feel magical. i am glad you enjoyed it. lots of love from us to you. thank you.

  • Frances says:

    Steph Steph, you are a darling….. I love you for this piece… Honestly, I visualize your stories on my TV screen.. Now I know true love exists…. This piece has given me hope of living again…. God bless you dearie. HUGS AND KISSES darling….

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      Aww, see how you are making me smile like a fish, lol. thank you so much for reading and yes, true love exists, you just have to believe it. I am glad i was able to inspire something good and worth it all. lots of love from us to you. xoxo

  • PEACEFUL says:

    wow this is lovely

  • Ucy says:

    Wow. The story left me breathless. Thank you, never knew that true love exists. Waiting for another thrilling one.

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      I hope you eventually caught your breath because i need you girl, especially for new stories to come. lol. True love exists, you just have to believe. Tarry, don’t go anywhere. Thank you so much.

  • Pacesetter says:

    Love is Beautiful…….. More wisdom

    • Stephanie Egberike says:

      Indeed love is beautiful and magical as well. here’s to lots of love and happiness. thank you for reading.

  • Victoria says:

    The story is everything. Nice one Stephanie.

  • peace says:

    Loved it

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