Moonlight Desire – Chapter Nineteen

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Wyatt crashed his lips with mine. His lips were so magical that I gave into the kiss. I could feel his hot breath on my face, I could see how his eyes shut close as he tried to dominate.

Wyatt slipped his tongue inside devouring my mouth. The way he did all of this made me think if we were connected by a unseen string like I and Tony were.

Oh god, Tony.

Soon guilt took over me and I gently pulled back. Wyatt smiled at me, “The place you are sitting will be all yours Gigi. Soon, the entire human population shall be our multitude and the entire earth our kingdom.” He said.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss that matter on a date. Don’t you think?”

“Not at all. This is the most important segment of my life. We are joining our lives together with the bond of matrimony. So what’s mine is yours. What I desire, you should too.” Wyatt replies.

And people say I’m cruel by cheating on him.

“Let’s not discuss this right now.” I tell him.

We continue eating and discuss on a different topic from my dress to as far as Grand canyon.

When we finally finish our food and deserts, we leave the hotel and Wyatt suggests taking me for a long ride.

I sit in the car and we drive off. Wyatt places his hand over mine. “You look absolutely stunning today, Gigi.” He says not even looking at me.

“Well… Thank you. You know I was beautiful since childhood but I never boasted. You see this?” I say pointing at my body, “This amazing body is bestowed only to few and I’m one among them. As a teen, by beauty was considered so great that guys auditioned to go to prom with me. And..” Wyatt suddenly haulted the car to a stop and I jerked forward. He jumped from his seat to over my lap.

He trapped my lips in his and bit the lower one. He moved his lips to my neck and continued his torture. My eyes got blurry with what seemed as desire. I moved my hands to Wyatt’s back while he continued kissing me.

“Stop..” I said breathlessly. I know how ridiculous this sounds but I do have a weakness when it comes to Wyatt. No matter how much I dislike him for planning to conquer the human world and making it vulnerable, no matter how much I want to keep my distance from him because of my intimacies with Tony but I can hardly bear his kisses. He makes me weak and unable, enabling me to push him away.

Wyatt’s hands go to the hem of my dress and that’s when I know that I’ve to push him away. “Don’t do this right now, right here baby.” I say.

Wyatt sighs and pushes the door open. He jumps out and out of nowhere picks me up in his arms.

I let out a surprised gasp. “Where are you taking me?” I ask him.

I gives me a wicked smile and winks.

Uh. Oh. Trouble.

He walked past the small belt of trees which opened into a open garden like space.

Wyatt rested me down on the floor and he slept beside me.              

“Right here Gigi. Right here will be our castle.” He said.

Not again! But unfortunately I can’t stop him because I had already refused him in the car.

“Can you believe this? This place is gonna be our home. This is going to be your kingdom as much as mine.” He said again.

I chuckled, “Well, Right. But I don’t really give a shit.” I said.

Wyatt turned his head towards me and entangled our fingers together. “I love to be with you, Gigi.”

Beware Honey.” I tell him and he laughs.

No. I seriously mean it.



“This was the longest time we’ve been together lately.” I tell Wyatt.

I lie down on the bed and Wyatt joins. Both of us are a little bit tired after all the driving.

“I’m sorry baby. I’ve been busy these days.” Wyatt said and kissed my cheek.

He pulled me closer to him and I rested my head over his chest. I don’t know just how much Tony would
be mad at me if he found what happened today between me and Wyatt or more precisely- ‘how much happened between us.’

I close my eyes pushing all my anxiety away. I’ll handle Tony tomorrow.

I don’t know how but as soon as we entered Wyatt’s Chamber back home we ended kissing. And by kissing, I mean very passionately kissing. Maybe it was due to the alcohol that we consumed after we rested on the roadside.

Maybe that was the reason that the moon appeared red to me and Wyatt’s body excessively tempting (not that it really isn’t.)

Wyatt pushed me onto the bed as soon as we reached the bedroom. He slipped his shirt off and it loosely spilled over the floor. He joined me in the bed.

My hands roamed over his skin, his body tensed. Wyatt loosened my dress slowly. He moved his grip to his pants and unbuttoned it. He kissed the juncture of my neck and my shoulder and a cool shiver ran down my spine.

Wyatt had the perfect figure and beautiful skin, the skin I wanted to kiss. My lips touched his skin and he shivered.

“Gigi, I love you..” he moaned.

I love you t.. No! I love Tony!

I pushed Wyatt from my chest.

He looked down at me utterly confused.

“Shh…” He refused to move but I pushed harder.

“Fuck Gigi!” He yelled as he stood up from the bed. With his right hand he pushed the cupboard and it collapsed.

I screamed at the unexpected move. Wyatt’s eyes were dangerous shade of red.

“Get out now!” He yelled.

I didn’t even waste time, I gathered my dress and ran down to Tony’s Chamber.

I hit Tony’s door rapidly and soon he opened it. I fell in his arms while he was busy comprehending what shit was happening to me.

“Shh.. calm down.” Tony rubbed up and down my back. My tears slid down my cheeks and wetened his shirt. I sobbed slowly into his arms, he led both of us into the bedroom.

But he didn’t even ask once the reason behind my present degraded felicity.

I rested over his body gradually stopping my sobs. He mingled his hand with mine and warmth filled me. I shut my eyes closed and drifted off to where we powers led me.

Wyatt pushed Gigi onto the bed and ended up with her shirtless. He kissed her neck and she touched her lips to his skin. Wyatt loosened the fabric of Gigi’s dress and moved to remove his pants. They kissed again. Wyatt moaned “Gigi, I love you.”

“What’s this?!” Tony yelled beside me.

What? How did he end up with me here? He had held onto my hand… Did he get transported with her in the past? Yes he did! And there couldn’t be any worse way to tell him what happened between me and Wyatt.

Tony looked at me dangerously. But with immense anger I could see pain in those red marbles of his. The pain I had inflicted.

The sound of the cupboard dropping made both of us to look in the front. Gigi had been reduced to tears.

“Get out now!” Wyatt demanded and soon she left.

“What the hell were you doing with him?” Tony asked as soon as we entered into the present.

“I can explain this, Tony. I had alcohol and I was high. I didn’t know what I was doing really..”

“Do you know how much it hurts me to see you with him?! And now you are having sex with him!”

“No. I’m not! I pushed away.”

“Fuck Gigi!” He said and left stomping his feet.

Wow. Two times, from two different people and in a single day I’ve been cussed the very same way.

I know i shouldn’t have done whatever I was doing but it was all involuntarily done. Well, partially involuntary.

Tony had all the reason to be mad at me, but saying that I had sex with Wyatt was really overboard. It was the farthest me and Wyatt have ever gone, despite I’m gonna marry him after a couple days from now.

I rushed out of his Chambers and ran to the top. I knew he would be there and he was.

“I don’t like this, Gigi.” Tony spoke as soon as I entered into his proximity. He had his back turned to me as he watched the view of the woods in front of us.

“Neither do I, Tony. I know I’ve done the wrong thing. We kissed on our date too, and I gave in Tony. I know you are angry with me and you have the right to be, but know this that I love you. Only you.”

Tony turned to face me. “I don’t like anyone touching you.” He says through his teeth.

“We’ll get through this baby.”

Tony pulled me near to him from my shoulders. “How long?!” He barked.

“Soon.” I replied through heavy chest. I knew that my tears would betray me and slide down swiftly very soon, but I held onto them until the thinnest string.

I moved my hand to his cheek. Feeling the warmth that they radiated. “I love you.” I whispered and rested my head on his chest.

His heart slowly returned to it’s normal pace and he left out a breath that tingled my scalp.

“I can’t bare this anymore, Gigi. I want you.” He said softly.

“Then have me.” I replied.


To be Continued…

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