Shadow Corps: Escape From Shadow – Episode 6

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Episode 6

“Gee, Scott, thanks,” Paul replied. “So much for best friends.”

“So your only option is to run away,” Scott said, shocking Irene who shot a gaze at him, surprised.

“Run away right now,” Scott said. “Open that door. Walk right out. Never return. Go into hiding. Go into exile. We’ll probably come after you, but we won’t find you. You’ll be safe. You’ll live.”

Irene looked from Scott to Paul. Paul met her gaze. She didn’t say anything, which meant she agreed with Scott.

For a moment, Paul saw his way out. An overwhelming desire came on him to take the offer. He had succeeded in saving the kids. There was nothing left for him back at Shadow Corp. This was his out. It could all be over in taking this one decision.

However, try as he did, he couldn’t bring himself to make that decision. It wasn’t in him to run away—to cower like a scared dog. No, he wasn’t going to run. He was Commander Paul White of the Shadow Corps. He was not running anywhere. If they wanted to take him down, they had better be prepared to do it with a fight.

Paul smiled at Scott. “It’s good to know I have you on my side.” He turned to Irene. “Both of you. Thanks.”

“So a no then?” Scott asked to be sure.

“No,” Paul replied. “Take us to the airport.”

Moments later, Paul received a call from Thomas. He decided to take it through the vehicle’s comm system so Irene and Scott could listen in.

“Thomas, go ahead,” Paul said, picking up the call.

“Paul, you’ve got to stay away from HQ,” Thomas replied.

Paul frowned. “Why?”

“I just got a message telling me you’ve been relieved of you command and I’ve been placed in charge of the team,” Thomas replied. “I’ve been asked to bring you into custody for treason charges. Whatever you do, do not go to HQ. There’s a kill order pending on your dossier.”


“Listen to me, Paul,” Thomas replied with a commanding firmness in his voice, easily slipping into his new role as the Commander. “Stay away from HQ. Let me find out what’s up. Let Scott and Irene take you AWOL. We’ll say you all were involved in an accident or something. Just stay away from HQ. Thomas out.”

The urgency in Thomas’s voice caused Paul’s heart to climb his chest. All his thought about not going out with a fight flew out the window. He was indeed paralyzed with fear.

They were now approaching the airport. Murtala Muhammed International Airport building stood ahead of them at the very end of the Airport Road.

Scott looked in the rear view mirror. He was waiting for Paul’s instructions.

Irene’s phone chirped as did Scott. Irene looked at her phone, then looked at Paul with disbelief.

“It’s a capture order for you,” Irene muttered, her voice breaking with emotion.

“We’re to bring you in with force if necessary,” Scott replied.

Irene’s phone chirped again, while Scott kept on speaking. “The other guys would have gotten this information. Even the DSS agents. The Police. Everyone. It’s a Ministry wide APB. You’re now the most wanted man in Nigeria.”

Paul’s blood ran cold. Thoughts refused to form in his mind. He stared back at Scott, blank.

Irene’s voice cut through the fugue. “Thomas sent me a message. He wants us to take you somewhere safe. He wants us to go off the radar.”

Irene glanced at Scott then at Paul. “It’s an official order from him. I don’t understand. How can he be issuing an official order the contravenes the one issued from HQ?”

“He trusts we’d follow his order rather than HQ’s own,” Scott said, slowing the car down right at the point where there’s a U-turn. He parks on the shoulder of the road and idles the car.

Scott glanced at Paul. “You still want to do the whole Rambo thing?”

Paul shook his head. “Thomas knows better. I trust him. Let’s do what he says.”

Scott and Irene nodded. While Irene relaxes back into her chair, Scott pulls the car out of the side of the road, does a U-turn, and guns the vehicle down the other side of the road, away from the airport.

“We have to switch vehicles,” Paul commented. “We also need to remove all the tracers. We need to go completely dark .”

“I know a guy who can set us all up,” Scott replied.

“Oh yeah?” Irene replied with a warm smile. “I know a guy, too.”

Scott didn’t smile back. He only eyes her through the rear view mirror. “Well we’ll go with my guy first.”

They drove into the heart of Isolo before Scott rammed the car into an oncoming petrol tanker. Irene and Paul managed to get the driver out in time before the tanker explode in a ball of flame, burning the SUV to ashes. No one was hurt, except Scott who sprained an ankle trying to escape the SUV.

Scott led Irene and Paul on a ten kilometer run through the Ilasa by pass into Yaba. At this time of the day, they passed through streets and dark gullies to avoid police checkpoints. Already, helicopters were passing overhead every once and again. And with the tracers still in their blood, HQ had their locations and were probably vectoring police and DSS agents towards them. It wouldn’t be until another hour or so before shadow agents could be involved. Paul’s team members would probably be grounded—HQ would not be able to trust them with bringing in Paul.

By the time they got to Yaba, they were met by Scott’s guy, who led them to a small bungalow in an abandoned street. Without questions, this guy gave them solutions to drink, which would purge out the tracers from their bloods. He also arranged for weapons and vehicles: a 2006 Toyota Camry and a 2010 Corolla.

Irene and Paul took the Camry, while Scott took the Corolla.

“Thanks, man,” Scott said to his man.

“No problem, bro,” the man replied. “Shadow agents landed at the air port minutes ago. They’re headed here. You had better leave immediately. Stay safe and I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Scott replied, “I hope so, too.” He ducked into the car and drove off. Irene threw the vehicle into gear and chased after Scott.

Sitting on the front passenger seat, Paul took the phone Scott’s man had given him and dialed Scott’s new number. They had already maneuvered unto Ikorodu Road and were currently speeding down the highway. Scott had the lead, Irene gave chase.

“Where to now?” Paul asked.

“We need to get out of Lagos,” Scott replied.

“They’d have blocked all the roads,” Paul said. “Checkpoints everywhere.”

“They may not have thought to block the way via Ikorodu,” Scott replied.

“And if they have?” Irene asked from the driver’s seat.

“Then we fight through the checkpoint and hope to God there aren’t shadow agents waiting for us there.”

With a click, the line went dead.


To be continued…

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