Valentine Blues – Chapter Nineteen

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”Ma’am, your card please” The lady at the counter calls her again,

”Oh, i am sorry, i am sorry” she turns away

”Er..don’t worry about it, put it on mine” he says to the lady and then smiles..

”No, it’s fine, i can handle it.”

”I insist”

”Thank you”

Their items bagged, he reaches for his and then grabs one of hers ”Let me help you with that. Looks like you are about to feed a battalion”

She smiles ”Want to make some pies and cake, and finger-chewing things for tomorrow”

They are exiting the supermarket.

”Okay, playing the role efficiently”

She smiles ”What to do, she i my best friend, i am supposed to make her day memorable” She suddenly frowns, looking at her phone


”My Car, the mechanic was supposed to be done with it since morning, till now no word..and his number isn’t connecting and i so need it for tomorrow”

”Where is the address?”

”Out on 6th streets, broke-dale”

”That’s forty-five minutes drive from here, how did it get there?”

”Some dude swerved into my lane , i ended up hitting a tree”

”Wow, you look fine, no bruises, you got to be careful”

”Yeah, seat belt safe lives, just a tiny damage. I was heading back into town after driving a friend to go see her mum. Anyhow, i couldn’t possibly drive the car back int that state o i opted for the nearest mechanic shop, cost a tone but it would be fixed. I just figured it would be done by now. ”

Darren is thinking , ”What you wanna do, how you gonna get home and these things there tomorrow before it begins”

”Uber!! Fantastic little creation by man”

”Aha! ” he nods

”Calling now”

He waits and listens as she makes the call.

”Okay, i would be here ,waiting, thank you” She smiles ”My ride be here in five. Thank you” She takes her bags in one hand and reaches out to him for the others, he stares at her, reluctant.

He nods ”Okay then, goodnight” He hands it to her and walks away, entering his car and driving away

”Goodnight ” She mutters, turning away and waiting.


Ten minutes later the Uber was still yet to come.

”Damnit!’ she calls again ”still waiting for my Uber and it’s about to rain”

”So sorry Ma’am, we have a bit of a problem and there is  no way an Uber can reach you in the next thirty minutes, there is a road blockage out from the east and heading to you would take atleast 45 minutes and our other drivers are already on the road and if you can wait a bit and we would send someone across to you”

”Argh!! 45 minutes?”

”Yes Ma’am, so sorry for the inconvenience”

”Fine” She cuts the call. She bites her lips wondering if she should call Tonia, but she thinks against it.

She might as well try to hitch a ride, there are no serial killers right, what’s the worst that could happen.

She grabs all six bags and begins to pull them towards the road, standing there, she sticks out her hand, with her thumb shooting up and begins to shake it.

A car pulls up beside her , the window winds down ”You were horrible”

She bends ”Darren, i thought you left”

”Did, came back. Your Uber?”

”Can’t get her till after 45 minutes. ”


”Why are you back?”

”Does it matter, come, i’ll take you home”

”I really don’t want to be a bother”

”Annalisa, really it’s fine, besides, it’s late, it’s not safe, get in”

Sighing she throws her bag into the backseat of the car and then slides in.

”Same address?”’

”No, i’ll direct you”


He pulls up at her house and then grabs her bags for her, walking up the stairs and waits for her to open. She does, dropping her things on the floor she turns and  smiles at him

”Thank you Darren, you are a life saver”

He hands them to her ”Yeah, you welcome, anything for a friend right?”

A certain pain shoots through her.

”Yeah, anything for a friend”

He turns away, steps down the stairs. Suddenly the cloud opens and heavy downfall.

”Oh dear” she exclaims ”Where did that come from?”

He rushes back up the stares and stares up to the heavens ”I had no idea”



”What  Jesus? Just because i can’t make them fall inlove does not mean i can’t play with them, i just left the tap running in Gabriel’ toilet, sheeesh..” Cupid chuckles..

”Play nice, stop the rain”

”Oh you are no fun” He rolls his eyes. ”In a minute”.


”You can come while it’s raining, you don’t want to stand there do you?” she opens the door and steps back, he turns and walks into her house.

While he settles in, she gets a piece of cake and a bottle of beer and hands it to him ”You can enjoy that. I need to begin with this beauties”

”What exactly do you want to make?”

”The biggest cake ever!” she smiles ”Kidding, just something the guest can also mulch on, my contribution. ” She disappears to the kitchen. He finishes the cake and the beer, standing up he realised the rain had stopped. He should leave.

He takes the plate and then the empty beer bottle and heads to the door she disappeared behind.He opens to find her smeared with flour, pans on her kitchen table, dough in a bowl and lots of brownies.

”Wow, you really got your hands full. Need help?”

”If you can make cookies, maybe” she smiles


”Thought so” She continues to work. He stands there watching her.

Then he goes to the sink, washes his hands with soap, wipes then with a papar towel and came to her ..”Tell me what to do”

”It’s stopped raining Darren, you should go”

”Chasing me?”

”No, just..your girlfriend would be worried”

”She won’t be, tell me what to do and besides, i was going to go home and watch a movie, make dinner and pass out. This is much more fun, learning new things. Tell me what to do”

”Okay! Grab that spatula and whisk the contents of that bowl anti-clockwise”


”Yes, let me show you” She takes the bow and the spatula  and shows him what she mean, then she hand it back to him.

”Oh, i see it, this is simple”

”Yeah, say that again when your hands begin to ache. Sure you don’t want to leave, i can manage”

”Do i eat to this?”

”Well, sure”

”I’ll take my chances”

She smiles, he does too. she suddenly turns away as her legs goes weak. She clears her throat and continues kneading the dough and adding more flour.

Darren watches her all through while he followed her instructed.


A few minutes to midnight, They have stacks of cookies, five cakes, pastries and samosas ready.

”Oh my goodness my body hurts” she says groaning as she dried up her pans and trays having cleaned her kitchen, she comes to find Darren finishing another set of pie.

”You are going to get fat on that Darren”

He laughs ”Its so amazing i cannot get enough, when did you learn to bake?”

”A year ago, enrolled in fashion school, hated the smell of fabrics and pin injuring me. Walked into a bakery and i was blown. Did three months and i was hooked. Now i do it for fun, while i work and stuff. How it’s past midnight already”

He looks at the time ”Wow! i should go, didn’t realize”

”You can’t”


”You were not listening to the news? Curfew..”

”By 11pm”

”It’s past midnight, ”

”Crap!!” he looks around ”I am sorry”

she smiles ”Not your fault, i have  a spare bedroom, you can use that.”

”Your boyfriend wouldn’t mind?” He was fishing, he hopes she didn’t catch it

”You can stay there, let me get you some clean towel, i kinda have you messed up, flour and all..” she points to him. He stares down at himself

”Indeed you did”

She disappears and comes back with a towel ”Room by your far left, i think you have everything you need there” she says

Just not you. He says within himself.

She yawns ”Big day tomorrow, goodnight Darren” she says getting up and leaving.

”Goodnight!” He watches her leave, he finds the room, takes a shower and lays on the bed, closing his eyes.


”Oh my God!!” Anna breaths under the shower, trying to calm her racing heart.

This does not make any sense, why was her heart beating fast. Infront of him she was trying to be all cool and putting a straight face, but damn..

Her heart was racing and why?.

Two years girl, two bloody years.

She liked the guy then, didn’t love him. Just liked him. He left after what happened in the cruise.She went on with her life, she healed and she moved on from Daniel.

Her life was great. Her job too. few friends, no hassle. No man. No worries.

Two weeks ago, Darren showed up, with a girl and he took her breathe away, literally. But ofcourse she didn’t tell anyone that.

She grabs the towel and dries herself.

Okay maybe he was more handsome, more coordinated, or maybe because another woman was looking at him with interest in her eyes and she realized how desirable he was .

Or maybe because she missed  him..missed the way they talked, how he made her laugh, how he hugged her and lingers…and that last kissed they shared.

It plagued her for two frigging years, and the fact that she may have broken him too.

she sighs.

Two weeks. Her life was okay for two years and now two weeks, Darren and she is back in thesame town…and he was in her house, right now…and her heart was racing fast.


It was not all that then, why should she be feeling weak in the knees, why?

She lays on her bed, her silk lingerie clinging to her body. She is staring at the ceiling.

Why is she thinking of their last kiss..why does it plague her so? Why was she remembering their night together, why is her heart racing so fast.

She turns on the bed and closes her eyes, willing sleep.


Darren gets up.

He couldn’t sleep, he should eat something to distract himself.

He leaves the room, goes to the kitchen, grabs a saucer and places a pie on it, he stands and begins to fork it with a fork and takes it to his mouth.


Sighing from lack of sleep, she grabs her rope, wraps it around her shoulders and makes her way out of the room.

Maybe she should eat something to distract herself.

Cookies, samosa or cake, it would help to put her to sleep and if that does not work, maybe a boring novel would do the trick.

She makes her way to the kitchen and was startled when she enters to find him backing her.

”oh my goodness” she places her hand to her chest as she steps all the way in

He turns to her ”I am sorry, did i scare you?”

”A little, forgot there was someone with me in the house. I thought you were asleep?”

”I couldn’t sleep, besides, your amazing pie was calling me”

She smiles, reaching for a saucer ”Couldn’t sleep either. ” She places samosa and a pie, she grabs a glass and pours juice inside. She didn’t have a chair in her kitchen and she didn’t feel like going back to her room. Besides he was here in the kitchen, they might as well talk.

She has so many things to ask him, but she didn’t know how to begin. Maybe watching him eat would suffice.

Yes, looking at him now, she did miss him. But she wouldn’t tell him that. She missed her chance with her two years ago, he had moved on, she can’t blame him. She wasn’t ready, she didn’t even know what she wanted.

Now, her head was clear..Looking at him now, she wished she had not left that night from his room. Maybe today, she would have been Tammy, his girlfriend..and they would have been happy.

But wishes aren’t horses. she sighs lifting herself on her table and seating on it.

He was watching her, she shifts away from his gaze and eats her samosa.

They are staring at each other, she clears her throat. ”So we have not had time to catch up”


”How have you been?”

”Being awesome”


”Manager, financing firm, head of two branches actually”

”Wow! The broker in accounting firm now becomes a manager, you rise man”

He laughs ”Good things happen to good people, you?”

”Head of creatives at Madivas, sent to the head office…it’s mad love out there”

”You did good for yourself” he smiles forking another pie into his mouth, he watches her as he sips a glass of wine, she places cookies in her mouth

”How is Tammy?”

He smiles, she didn’t miss that. A pang of jealously pulls at her .

Stop it Annalisa, he wasn’t your man, you never claimed him then, you never wanted him then, you let your emotions for Daniel ruin it. he is someone’s man now. Deal with it.

”She is great”

”What does she do?”

”She is a Lawyer, great at it too”

She nods ”She is beautiful”

You are beautiful , he says within ”Yes, she is” he answers.

He wanted to know. ”Are you seeing anyone?”

NO. ”Yes” She answers ”he is great, really amazing guy, my God!” Nice try Anna.

Disappointed ”Oh, that’s nice” he says ”what’s his name , what does he do?” His hope shatters.

Damn! what does she say? ”Er, Oil and Gas, right now in the field, Walter” she says staring into her glass ”Walter Philips” Walter Philips, really Anna, That’s your mechanic name..She face-palms mentally.

”Are you happy? Did you find peace?” He asks

”Yes, i did. I am happy.”

He nods ” I am glad.”

”Are you?”

He nods . Being here with you gives me a certain peace i am still yet to understand . Two years..damn, i am still inlove with you Anna, but i can’t tell you..not ever .

”Yes, i am” he answers .

She finishes her cooks, she takes out ice-cream and begins to lick

”Too much sugar, have you not heard what they say about it?”

”Makes kids hyperactive?”

”Yep. !”

She shrugs ”Not a kid”


He watches her mouth as she spoons it and places it into her mouth, he follows the movement. Curses silently he turns away.

He should go to bed.

”Oh shoot, my manners you want some?”

He turns to face her, hands folded ”No, not really a fan of it. Give me brain freeze…”

She laughs ”Liar!”

”Hmm” He shrugs

”Come on, try it. You did before”


”Two years ago when i made you taste it..”

He smiles remembering ”True that. But i haven’t had it since then”

”I teach you bad things, come, taste. I have a another cup in the fridge if you want”

He shakes his head .

”One spoon, i promise you would love this flavour”

”If i say no?”

”I smear you with it, hyperactive remember? And i can’t sleep. Unless you want ants licking you up some and playing with your nipples, you would be a good little boy and come have taste with mys specially made ice-scream”

”You made it?”

”Jack of all trades, my own special recipe, why you think i am asking you to taste it, grade me..”

He nods unfolding his arms and coming to her.  He is between her legs but not coming any closer. ”Close your eyes, let your senses speak okay?”

”okay” He does so.

”Open your mouth”

He does so, soon he felt the spoon in his mouth, he closes it and the and then felt her pulling it away as the ice-scream remained on his tongue.

He groans . It was really divine

”Strawberry, a heightened taste of sweetness, vanilla cream..and something else”

”Nice..” she smiles as he opens his eyes

”Not bad , i give you a 3”

”What!!” she nudges him as he laughs ”I deserve an 11 over ten”

”Okay maybe 1 and half”

he bends his head as she flicks his nose. He laughs.

”Want another?”

He stares at her now , his heart is racing.

No. ”Yes!’

There was something in his eyes as he answered, she swallowed looking away. She scoops it and then gives to him. And then another scoop into his mouth, and then another scoop into his mouth.

Their eyes not leaving each other, soon her hands her shaking.

”Another?” it comes more like a whisper, barely leaving her throat. God her heart was racing so fast she wonders if he can hear it.

What in the world was happening to her. Her eyes goes to his lip, watch him lick the scream off the spoon. She felt hot. she should stop.

Hell, if she could steady her hands.

”Another?” she asks again.


He should say no, walk away, back away..go to bed.

But he couldn’t move, it felt perfect being there, here, with her. His eyes goes to her lips.

Don’t Darren, she is seeing someone. He looks at her eyes. It was was. All sultry pulling him in. He stares at her neck, he could see her pulsating. He looks at her face…

He wants to kiss her so bad.

She scoops another into his  mouth, the next one she places in hers. He notices her hand shaking, he stares at her scooping the last one from the cup, he opens his mouth, she takes it there but it tips and falls to her neck.

Damnit Anna!!! Your bloody shaking hands.

”Oh so sorry, clumsy me” She says turning to look for what to clean herself with. ”Paper tower, behind you Darren”

He doesn’t move. He couldn’t.


He stares at her, he reaches for the paper towel, takes out some and the shakes his head when she opens her hand to him ”Let me.”

”You don’t have to” she breathes

He says nothing, ”Let me, i am the cause anyways.” he says leaning closer to her, taking the towel  paper to her neck. He places it there and was able to move his hands.

She felt him pause, her heart racing. ”Darren?”

He closes his eyes ..”I can’t” he whispers

”You can’t what?”

He stares at her ”I can’t control it”

”What?” she is staring at him, watching him


He leans in and then kisses her, slowly at first. Then  he quickly pulls away ”I am sorry”

”Oh God Darren!” she takes her hands to her lips, her whole body burning, she closes her eyes ”Don’t you ever!”

”I am sorry” he repeats, his heart crushing in pain

”Don’t be sorry, don’t  you ever be sorry!” she breaths, i heart bursting with a feeling she could not comprehend. she pulls him to her and captures his lips into a kiss.

He hugs her tight, kissing her back, kneading her lips with his. He lets go of her lips and finds his way to her neck, licking out the scream smeared there. She moans bending her neck to give him access.

Stop Darren, stop!

He wills himself. But he couldn’t. He didn’t want to.

He grabs her face and kisses her away, pulling her to him, hugging her tight. he takes his hand and caresses her neck, finding his way to her bosom as he squeezes her.

He groans.

Two years, this need to touch her, kiss her, want her, make love to her was as real as it was the first day they met.

She kisses him back, opening her legs and pulling him between her, crushing her body to him.

He lifts her up, taking her out of the kitchen, finding the door, not knowing which one , he enters and shuts it, laying her on the bed, his body burning in desire.

For two years, he had not been able to bring himself to feel this way for another woman, he couldn’t. He could hardly go five minutes kissing Tammy and he wants to stop because he is unable to go further, he always stops.

But right here, right now, the need to go all the way as as strong as anything he had never felt.

And he had no desire to stop. Why was it different now? He had always been able to control himself with other women, even her, he knew that much.

But now, he couldn’t. Was it because he was inlove with her, was it because everything felt right with her..that holding back felt pointless..

He didn’t want to stop. God, he missed her so bad his heart wants to explode.

He kept kissing her, caressing her .


Her legs began to quake, in desire, shaking endlessly.

He was untop of her, her senses flying out the door and her warmth burning with desire between her legs..

She holds him tight, she takes off his shirt, letting him untie the rope from her body. Soon his hands her own her thighs, and then his lips, kissing, trailing tongue.

He pushes her lingerie up, and then her legs, then in another second her buries his head between them, letting wet tongue flick at her core.

She groans aching her back, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip. He pins her down, letting his tongue play strings and cause her to sing.

And she did.

And when she could not take it anymore, the torture, she raises his his head, back to her lips and kisses his lips, tasting her core on his lip, savoring its sweetness. He rolls her lingerie over her head and rolls her ontop of him, kissing her deeply.

His hands placed on both her perky bosom, he massages them, rising a bit, he takes one after the other, suckling on them, watching her roll her eyes to the back.

He wanted more of her he couldn’t understand.

She aches, throwing her head backwards as she grinds him.

He brings her down to him, kissing her, kissing her some  more, passionately, like he had never kissed anyone. Turning her away he places her underneath him, then he stares down at her.

His breathing hard, his member harder..his desire burning. His heart about to explode..and he knows if he doesn’t do it now, he wouldn’t be able to again.

”I am inlove you Annalisa, i fell inlove with you..even before i left..and i thought i could forget you, i wanted to and seeing you again, i realize that can’t just forget someone you love like that..and i am sorry i judged you harshly and i couldn’t understand how it was with Daniel, now i do. Love is crazy..this love is and i am trying to not want all this but i do, i do want all this with you and more..though it’s killing me right now to have you, because i want to..but i won’t go any further if you don’t want me too”

She is staring at him..

”So..i know we both have our lives ahead of us, and…people and all. But this is me laying my heart on the table..this time all in. I am inlove with you, insanely so, and i want to date you, whatever it is, i want this and all with you…right now, today”


”I don’t love Tammy, i love you, i love you”

”Darren” she seats up ”I won’t be the cause of your break -up”

”You aren’t.. i cannot force what’s not there either”

She breaths.. ”Can i tell you something?”

”Go head ”

”I really don’t know what i feel…”

”Do you still like me?”

She laughs ”Let me explain what i mean, i saw you again two weeks ago and a beautiful girl on your arm and i felt jealous. I saw you in the supermarket and i almost lost my tongue, i couldn’t sleep because i was thinking about our kiss and our night together. Feeding you that ice-scream, i wished i could kiss it off your lips” she sniffs ”My heart is racing, i feel weak…and i cannot understand what is going on.. You kiss me and i want to explode, you touch me and i quake. So you want to repeat that question? Because i do not have an answer for you” she says as tears runs down her eyes ”I just know i want you right now..and ..i can’t stop the pain i feel in my chest, knowing i let you go the first time..i don’t know why i am crying” he pulls her to him,

She sobs in his arms, he rests himself and lets her cry on his chest , he smiles ”I just asked a simple question and you are crying”

”Shut up!”

He smiles ”Now you ruined the moment”

”Shut up!!”

He laughs raising her head ”I love you, no i am inlove with you…and it’s okay, you not understanding this sudden emotion …” he laughs ”It’s a good thing”


”Because i am the cause of it, so it’s a great thing, you feeling the brother…its a great thing”he  laughs

He wipes her hand ”We are going to figure it out together ”

”So what if it’s not love, what if i am just horny AF”

He smiles ”I am at your service” he leans in and then kisses her.

”Darren, i am not seeing anyone” she says lowering her lashes , he smiles

”Thank God, i felt like shit already”

”But we have not even had sex…yet”

”That can be arranged” he winks at her, she hits his tummy as he laughs again. The  he suddenly went quiet..

”I need to speak to Tammy..”

She is quiet ”I don’t want to ruin your relationship”

”I don’t to spend my life knowing i let the love of my life slip away , twice. I don’t want to settle.”

They are quiet.

He reaches for the covers and the takes it over their body, he pulls her to him and then kisses her deeply.

”I love you, and i would spend the rest of my life waiting to hear those words back from you, when you mean it..when you know it” he kisses her again..”As much as i would love to make mad love to you right now…, i won’t. I already disrespected Tammy by even kissing you, and ..i have to make it right.”

She is silent ”Are you gonna tell her?”


”She would hate you”

”I have to, i won’t lie, i won’t be defensive..i would say the truth. Sleep Anna”

It takes a while before she sleeps. He doesn’t.


She wakes up to find that she was alone..and a note on the bed..

”See you later, love ..Darren. I left my keys, pick you up later”

She checks her time.

”Oh shit!” she jumps from the bed and dashes into the bathroom.


”Oh my God Lucy , you look beautiful.”

Lucy turns around and stares at her best friend..”I know right, i am getting married ” she smiles excitedly.

”We are ready for you Lucy!” A lady pokes her head through the door and says. Tonia’s face replaces hers.

”Wow!! Adam would be blown away.” Tonia steps into the room wearing a blue dress flowing to the floor.

They hugs.

”Hey no crying and ruing your make up” Anna cleans her eyes and daps it  with an handkerchief

”I am not crying, just happy”

”We are ready for you” The knock came to the door again

”Be right there, it’s my bloody wedding, let them wait”

”I am talking my son” Anna mimics Akeem’s father from coming to America, they all laugh.


”How is my Adam looking?”

”As  happy as a groom would look” Tonia smiles at her

”Ohh!” she sobs  ”Alright bitches, i am getting married”

”Yes you are, let’s go!”

As soon as they step out of the door, the wedding song comes on..

”Here comes the bride, all dressed in white-”


”I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” The priests says, Adam turns to Lucy, pulls her to him and crushes his lips with hers, a loud cheer and clapping went up.

Soon he is carrying her bridal style  and rushing out of the church with cheers and whistling.

Tonia comes to stand beside her, ”Wow, it was a lovely wedding”

”Indeed it is. Where is Tom?”

”With my boy, daddy duties while i flex the freedom” she says as she throws her hands in the air.

Anna is looking around, staring into faces , wondering why she didn’t see him.

”He isn’t here”

”Who?” Anna asks innocently

”Darren , he came earlier, saw Lucy, got her a really nice present and he left. He got a call and had to leave with the available flight. Tammy was in an accident this morning, she drove into a pole.”

”Oh my God!” she covers her mouth.

”Yes, really sad. He had to go!”

”Oh my God!” she repeats.

Tom comes to them, ”Are you alright Anna?”

”I just told her about Tammy”

”Yes, Darren had to rush back to the city, her family is out of state. He is the closet to one right now. I hope she comes out okay. Come, lets head to the reception.” Tom and Tonia leave, Anna is shocked to her bones.

It’s her fault, its all her fault. He must have told her and she had an accident. She stood there as stairs streamed down her eyes..

”Aye you okay?” Someone hands her an handkerchief. She smiles taking it and dapping her eyes..”Yes, just happy for the bride”

She enters his car, and drives to the reception.

She stared at her phone all through, waiting for his call. It never came.

”Anna, thank you so much, they loved it” Lucy comes to hug her after the crowd at thinned out . She sniffs

”You are welcome.” She sniffs again

”Aww, i will miss you too. I would be gone for two weeks. I am married not dying” she laughs hugging her friend

Annalisa sniffs again ”i know”


More tears leaves her eyes, soon she can’t control it , Lucy looks behind her, ”Anna whats wrong?”

”It’s my fault, it’s my fault!!” she covers her face and sobs. Lucy holds her and then takes her away.

Tonia frowns, dropping Darren Jnr with Tom and follows them. ”Something is wrong with Anna”

”What?” Tom gets up following them.

Lucy takes her to a room and the gives her water ” Whats wrong, it can’t be about me leaving for two weeks, what’s your fault?”

Tom and Tonia enters the room, ”Is she okay?” Tonia goes to her, kneeling down and touching her face ”Are you okay Anna, what’s wrong, since this morning you had a look”

Lucy shakes her head ” She is not, and i don’t know what’s wrong”


”Are you sad about Darren’s girlfriend who got into an accident?”

”Tammy got into an accident?” Lucy is in shock, ”She is okay?”

”Yes, right after he came to see you, he got the call, he left immediately”

”No wonder i didn’t see him. Oh dear, has anyone called him?”

”Lines not connecting” Tom offers

Anna continues to cry ”But she would be fine, i don’t get..why you so broken Anna”

”Because he was going to break up with her today and ..”

”What?” All three of them exclaim, she burst out crying

”What happened Anna?”

”It’s my fault, we were together last night and..he told me he was inlove with me and wanted us back together and it was a beautiful moment and …he said he was going to tell her about us and end it because he didn’t want to leave a life by settling and..asked me if i wanted him and all…and..oh God! i think he told her and she had an accident and now he is gone and it’s all my fault. What if she dies, what if she dies Lucy , i killed  a girl, i ruined his life and i cannot ever forgive myself”

”Oh God Anna” Tonia covers her mouth and then hugs Anna

”And now it hurts so bad because, i want him, i don’t know why i feel the way i do i just want him and i am so messed up right now and i feel horrible for everything and her accident and …he is gone, he is gone!!”

”Damn!’ If you feel devastated, how do you think Darren would feel, he placed the call. Fxxk! I need to reach out to him.” He leaves the room

”it’s going to be okay, Anna, she is going to be fine, ”

”You don’t know that, what if she dies, i won’t forgive myself, he won’t forgive himself…this love, this whatever this is is wrong….it’s all pain. i…i think i love him, i don;t know how and why and when…i love him..i want him…but ….he is gone, because i ruined something beautiful now a woman is fighting for her life because we dared to take another chance”

Tonia hugs her tight ”Ssssshhhh! its okay”

Tom enters back into the room ”She is in surgery, she would make it. ” he says

”Thank God! ” Lucy and Tonia exclaim.

He wants to talk to you Anna. Anna shakes her head..”I can’t, i don’t want to, i can’t!!

Tom goes to her, ”Talk to him, he wants to talk to you”

”i am afraid of what he would say” she cries

”Take the phone Anna” Lucy pulls her close, ”whatever it is, we are here for you”

She takes the phone, ”Hello”

”Oh God Anna…i am so sorry!”

She closes her eyes and lets the tears drop ”I love you insanely…so much, and its killing me right now..what i have to do. I can’t leave her right now…but once her therapy is over, once she is out of danger. i would come back to you, i promise..”

”Please don’t say it.” She pleads

”Wait for me Anna..wait for me”  the line cuts.

Anna sinks to her knees and cries..

Lucy gathers her in her arms and rocks her, Tom hugs Tonia as she tears up.

”Oh Tom, i am helpless , how do i help her, she is in pains.”

He holds her ”He is in worst pains, having to stay with a woman he may never love and nurse her to health, and sacrificing the love he has for another being separating from her after finally being able to profess his love for her and she ..she being on thesame page. Its a broken love story..fcck!” he wipes his eyes as they watch Anna break down.


Darren cleans his eyes and then turns to the Doctor.. ”How long?”

”Six months to twelve”

”Okay, okay!

”Will she be okay?”

”Therapy, counselling and all..she would be great, you just have to support her”

”I didn’t know she had suicidal tendencies”

”Well, we never know everything” he taps his shoulders and leaves him alone. Darren held her hands..

”Hey you, i am here for you. ”

She squeezes his hands.





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  • ayo says:

    OMG…….. 😥😥😥 in tear… wat a love story.. thanks Stephanie.. u are such a wonderful writer.. can’t wait to read it till the end…

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  • Lewis Egim says:

    Steph, you’re killing us with suspense, just when one feels we’re getting the final episode, you bring in something new

  • Lewis Egim says:

    ;-(;-(;-(Steph, you’re killing us with suspense, just when one feels we’re getting the final episode, you bring in something new

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