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As my marriage inched closer, related arrangements were at peak. Various guests had taken their places in the gigantic palace. Almost all the vampires had clustered in the place. 

And so was he. Steve.

I should’ve guessed. He was here and was looking into my eyes, his lips curved into a smirk.

Good, I don’t have to tell you that I hate you then. Moron!

“This is Mr. Steve Hanston, Gigi.” Wyatt introduced.

I know him too well baby.

With the sly smile still on his face, Steve bent down and kissed my hand.

“Thanks for coming Mr. Hanston.” I said.

“It’s my pleasure Ms. Gigi, to attain the marriage of our king and our beautiful queen-to-be.”

Oh really?!

Before our conversation could get any more 19th century sweet bitchy, I withdrew myself and decided to meet Tony.

“What happened?” Tony asked once I settled down on the couch of his chamber.

“Guess who’s here? Steve!” I told.

Tony chuckled. “You should’ve known that almost all the Vampires would attend occasion as such.”

“Very funny. I can’t stop myself from scratching his face.” I huffed.

Tony pulled me nearer to him. “Four days left, Gigi. What are we going to do?” He asked returning to his serious tone.

“Do you trust me?” I asked and he nodded. “Then don’t worry. Just keep having faith in me and I’ll get us out of this.”

“So, when do you plan in scratching that bastard’s face?” He asked and I giggled.

“Are you mentally stable, Tony? One moment you are all serious and the other you become flirty.”               

“Now that I know that everything is going to be taken care of, I do not have any reason to worry and thus be serious.”

“Right.” I ruffled his hair. Tony pecked my lips and we continued showing our affection towards each other.

I tried hard to ignore Steve the entire day, continuously running from his proximity. But when I decided to take in some fresh air and visit the terrace, Steve caught me.

“Why are you running away from me?” He asked.

“I’m not running away from you, duh!”

Steve left out a hopeless laugh and said, “are you afraid that I may tell the king something that you may not want to tell him?”

I laughed sarcastically. “What are you going to tell Wyatt? That I was in relationship with you while I was a human? Why would that bother him anyway? Don’t you see Steve? I have changed. Changed literally, from a human to a vampire. And becoming a vampire made me realize the truth that you had concealed. I know everything Steve, everything you wanted from me. And now, you see, you can’t get anything more not even the happiness of blackmailing me.” I said.

Steve smiled. “I see how much you’ve changed, Gigi. Physically and mentally.”

“No, Steve. I surely have changed physically but mentally, I am the same. It was the time I spent with you that made me pathetic and wanting witch but now, now Gigi’s back.”

“What if I say that I won’t let you get what you want?” Steve uttered.

“Then I’ll bash you out of my way.”

He moved closer to me but I didn’t shift even a bit. He brought his lips terribly close to my ear. “Are you capable of doing that?” He whispered.

I smirked. I pulled him to me from his waist so that his ear was closer to mine. “You’ve no idea.” I whispered back.

I pulled back and winked. As I turned to leave, Steve grabbed my wrist and pulled me against his chest. “I’m the lion that will hunt you down.” He said.

“I’m the tigress that will scare your ass off.” I replied.

I descended down to the King’s Chamber. Wyatt wasn’t in the room yet, well half of the time he wasn’t there. Why? ’cause one fourth of the time he spent in planning invading the human world and the other one fourth in planning our marriage.

I placed myself on the bed, lying back I closed my eyes..

Gigi and Tony were in the meadows together when a light pulled Gigi into it. A bright light blurred everything as it engulfed Gigi’s body, Tony stared at the event in horror.

After the light finally diminished, Gigi emerged with a crown on her head. The crown made of sapphires and diamonds. As she moved closer to Tony, the monster inside of him unleashed and he sunk his fangs into her. Gigi closed her eyes and let him drink from her. She opened her eyes as the pain diminished, her eyes were fiery red no more. They had turned black, pitch black.

I woke up at the nightmare. I couldn’t fathom what these visions meant. Could these be just nightmares or more? Maybe much more?


When I thought Wyatt was busy enough and I could do some research, he dropped the bomb on me. He scheduled a pre-marriage date for us.

And now I was clustering my bed and Tony’s body lying on it with my clothes as I shoved them out of my cupboard.

“I don’t know what to wear!” I yelled.

“Well, you can wear anything. Nothing can cancel your marriage though.” Tony commented.

“If you aren’t helping Tony, you may get back to your chamber.” I said as I threw another cloth over his face.

“I’d better, because if your beau is to see me here, I’d end up in a bloody coffin.”

“Yeah, he’ll screw you.”

“I know that very well.”

I finally decided to wear a red dress, pencil cut which ended a good inch above my knees. I fixed my hair, which now remained in a pretty good shape than their human version. I dabbed light make up on my face as you can’t do much when your skin is so icy white.

“How do I look?” I turned around to show Tony.

Tony rubbed his eyes as if to show he was asleep (vampires don’t sleep duh!)
“Oh! You are finally ready. Which year is it by the way?”

“Ha ha! Very funny. Tell me, how do I look?”

Tony stood up from the bed. His eyes ran up and down my body and with a smirk he moved at me.

He held my waist and closed the distance between us. “As always,” he said kissing me “very annoying.”

I punched his arm and we both laughed in union. Tony lifted me up in his arms and kissed me again.

A sound struck my ears and I quickly punched Tony to the floor and the standing up, I kicked him.

“Woah! Gigi! What are you doing?” Wyatt asked as he pushed in.

“Oh no, no. I was just training.”

“Training by hitting Tony?” Wyatt asked.

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you? Tony’s my personal combat Trainor.”

“All my sympathy is with you, Tony.” He said.

“I’m glad you saved me.” Tony moaned and stood on his feet.

I felt so bad for him but I had to do it, Wyatt couldn’t see us that way.

“Hey beautiful. Ready to go?” Wyatt asked as soon as Tony left.

I twirled around. “Do I look ready?” I asked.

“Absolutely.” He said and took hold of my hand.

“Let’s go then.” I moved towards the door but Wyatt stopped me halfway.

“Not that way, baby.”

I scowled at him. Wyatt pulled me towards the library.

“Where are you taking me now, Wyatt?”

Wyatt chuckled. “Jam, hun? We’re going on our date, honey.”

Oh, Beware Honey.

“Through the library, really? Is ‘dumb’ written on my forehead?” I asked.

“Absolutely not, babe. And yes, we are going through library.”

Wyatt pulled a blue book in the second shelf and a secret door gushed open.

God, this is such a cliché.

As we moved through the door a shining black car came into the view.

Garage? Just beside the chamber? You are one interesting person, Wyatt.

“Hmm, I’m impressed.” I commented.

Wyatt opened the door for me and I settled in. He sat on the driver’s seat too and we set off. 

We came out through the driveway, well a long one, from the top floor to somewhere deep. I was definitely sure that we were underground now.

The driveway still continued as a tunnel, lit by many lights.

“It’s a shortcut. This tunnel would end just outside the three dimensional vampire space and we’d get back to the normal forest.” Wyatt said.

“Wait, you mean we are going outside? In the human world.”

He laughed. “Where else would you get restaurant, hon?”

Wyatt placed his hand over mine. I had a strong urge to withdraw mine from underneath his palm but I resisted it.

He was right, the tunnel did end up outside the 3-D vampire space.
Well, a path which would take a good week to cover, we covered it in minutes.

Turns out Wyatt had more powers than I had given him the credit for.
The existence of a three dimensional vampire space, so hidden from the human world was so technologically advance that these small things shouldn’t surprise me but they did.

Wyatt shifted the gear of his car and we almost flew. The forest abated and I could see city lights situated distantly.


Wyatt pulled the car in front of a large five star restaurant. ‘Delicacy’ it read.

 “Let me lead you, young lady.” Wyatt said taking hold of my hand.

“Well, I don’t let anyone lead me but yes, you can walk me to the table.” I answered.

We entered the restaurant. It was huge, heavily lit and had a royal feel to it. What else would you expect from a five star hotel?

Wyatt led us to the top floor. What was with him and the top floor?

The top floor was empty, not a single seat occupied. There were no other people except the waiters.

We took a seat on a cost two seater table.

“Why is no one here?” I asked Wyatt.

He smirked at me and said, “I wanted some privacy so I booked the entire floor.”

I coughed at his confession. “The entire floor? Well, don’t you think just the two of us in this huge space is a little bit…. strange?”

“No, not at all.”

We ordered the food and the waiter left too leaving just the two of us behind.

The same naughty smile appeared across Wyatt’s face. He pulled his chair closer to the table and placed his hand over mine.

I gulped. Om namah shivaay (praying to God.)

Wyatt slowly inched towards me, well his face surely did.

He stared at my lips while his tongue wettened his. Our faces were centimeters apart..
Jesus, help me!


To be Continued…

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