Moonlight Desire – Chapter Seventeen

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I rested my cheek against Tony’s chest. The warm water engulfed us together, it prickled through my skin.

It felt so good to be with him. Without any compulsion to push him away, without any need to run away from him.

Now whatever would happen, it would happen with us together. Now, together we stand.

“Tell me now.” Tony said.

“What?” I asked.

He flashed me a perfect smile and pulled me closer to him.

“You were going to explain me.”

“Oh.. yeah.”

He kissed my neck and I shivered. Stop doing it!

“I think we should get to the bedroom first.” I replied.

If we were to discuss it here, our skin would end up being wrinkled.

Tony rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. “Okay.” He said.

We dried ourselves, got dressed and walked to the bedroom.

Tony jumped on to the bed and gestured me to come.

I climbed over the bed and rested my body over Tony’s.

“Now, are you going to end my agony?” He asked.

I chuckled. “Agony? Yeah.”

I took hold of his hand and held it tightly. “I’m going to show you.” I said.

I placed a kiss on his lips and closed my eyes.

The setting around us changed. We entered into the past. Tony was holding my hand, Startled.

“Like it?” I asked.

“Y..yeah. It’s amazing!” He said.

I pumped his hand.

I brought him to the day when I had discovered Wyatt file. The file that contained his ‘future plans’.

The file set to destroy the human world.

Gigi took hold of the file and opened it, shocked after reading the content in it.

“It was the time when I got to know Wyatt’s Plans.” I told Tony.

“Yeah, you told me about them.” Tony said.              

“It’s when I thought I should act.” I told him.

The setting changed again to the time when I was dressing sassily to lure Wyatt.

Gigi applied make up on her face and jumped into a short red dress.

“I decided gaining his trust was only the way.” I explained Gigi’s actions.

“Gaining trust by marrying.” Tony said silently but I caught the words.

I turned to him. “Human world wasn’t ready for that, Tony. What would have happened if humans would’ve used nuclear weapons. Nothing would’ve survived. Not you, not me and not him. You are my love. Whenever Wyatt came close to me, my mind pictured you there…. And… nothing has.. nothing has happened between me and him.”

His eyes showed me a flood of motions. I closed my eyes, I wanted him but he could leave if he wanted to.

“Baby,” Tony touched my cheeks and my eyes flew open, “I love you.” He said and kissed me. I gave in into him. His hands confined me to him. His warmth comforted me. His presence caressed me. His entire existence filled me with Nirvana.

My hands devoured his body leisurely. I felt complete with him. Both of us continued our act not wanting to pull back, not needing to breathe.

But I knew I had to show him everything and it couldn’t happen if we continued to do this.

I gently pulled back and smiled at him.

“I’ve to show you further.” I said.

“You don’t have to. This explains everything.”

“No, Tony.” I flashed him a wicked smile. “You know nothing, just like Jon snow. I’ve to show you everything.”

With that the setting changed again.

It was on the terrace of the castle when I had met Shivani.

Gigi spoke to Shivani about Wyatt’s plans. Shivani agreed to help.

“I knew that Shivani had powers that no one could compare to. I told her about how Wyatt was planning to take over the human world. She agreed to help.” I told Tony.

“And that’s why you’d meet her here? To discuss about further plans?” He asked.


Tony took hold of my hand and kissed it, interviewing our fingers.

I made the setting to change again.

The time when I and Shivani had kidnapped Lara.

Gigi and Shivani lifted Lara’s unconscious body and trapped her into a jail.

“So Lara never left on her own?” Tony asked.

“No, she made her intentions clear and we couldn’t take any chance. Shivani inserted sleeping poison into her body and we kidnapped her.”

“I’m afraid of you right now.” Tony said.

I chuckled. “I won’t hurt you anymore Tony.”

He flashed me one of his sweet smile and I bursted into butterflies.

I hugged him and he kissed me over my head.

Oh Tony.

I pulled back and made the time change again.

It was the most crucial part. I hope he’d understand me.

Gigi say on her table in her chamber’s library. She wrote down her day in her diary while the book about the immortal stone rested lamely beside her.

I took in a deep breath.

“I’ve been keeping this from you Tony. But now it’s time. I wrote everything in my diary, each every crucial thing. Even about the immortal stone.”

Tony stared at me blankly. I changed the setting again, the time when I and Wyatt had gone to see the immortal stone.

“I wanted to see the stone. A weapon that could destroy everything.”

Gigi and Wyatt entered into the cave.

They saw the shining stone and Gigi got repelled.

“You got repelled by the stone.” Tony commented.               

I smiled at him. “Did I?”

Tony picked up the hint of humor in my stance and quickly commented, “ain’t I right?”

“Yes, partially.. you are. The immortal stone did have effect on me.”

I changed the scene to when vampires had attacked Tony.

Gigi slayed four vampires. “Nobody touches my boy!” She said.

“It had effect on me but quite the opposite one.” I said.              

“What do you mean?” Tony asked.            

“Remember you asked me how had I become so powerful?”


“Well. The immortal stone didn’t reply me, it attracted me. I might have absorbed a little energy when I was there.” I revealed.

“Then why did you say that it repelled you?” Tony felt awkward. His eyes were about to pop out from his socket.

This was the far most shocking confession for him.

“Do you think Wyatt would have let me live if he had known the truth?”

“He loves you.”

“Not more than his throne. I could do nothing but hide it from him and rather act to be repelled by the stone.” I told him.


“So that if the stone is somehow stolen, the least suspicion should be on me.”

“You plan on taking it?” He asked.

“What is the biggest weapon Wyatt can use to conquer the human world? Immortal stone. If it’s not taken from him, no one can stop the war that shall follow. The war that’ll only bring destruction. But the stone can do one more thing….While I was reading about the immortal stone, I found out that the vampire world can be completely detached or mingled with the human world with the stone, for a particular time ranging from 30-50 years. The stone can open or close the gateway to this third dimensional vampire world. If I manage to close the exit gateway, the vampires would get trapped for a long time. We’d be away from war for a long time. And that’s why, Tony, I do  plan on taking the immortal stone.” I said.

“I’m afraid for you Gigi.” Tony said.

I smiled at him and closed my eyes.

We came back to the present holding each other’s hands.

“Don’t be Tony.” I replied and kissed him on his cheek.

“What about your marriage?”

“There are still 5 days to go.”               

“What then?” He asked, puzzled.

“You’ll see.” I replied.

We sat down facing each other. I wanted to spend time with him and so I would.

“Tell me, which century do you belong?” I asked to start a conversation.

Tony laughed. “I’m not that old, Gigi. I was born in 1917. Became vampire in 1943 when I was 26.”


“Italy.” He replied.              

“Wait… You are Italian? You haven’t got those Italian looks.”

“Well, that depends on how you define Italian looks.”

“You don’t have an Italian accent.” I said.

“When I was 19, I shifted to the United States of America with my elder brother. My accent had undergone major change there. I returned to Italy when I was 25 again. Moreover when you have love for so many years in a country, you get quite apt with the accent.”

“So.. how many languages do you know?” I asked.              

“Three. English, Italian and Spanish.” He boasted.

I smile wickedly. My eyes shined. Three languages, he knew and me…?

“Why are you smiling?” He asked.

“You have lived almost for a century and yet you know three languages. I’m a newborn vampire and yet I know five languages.”              

Tony coughed heavily at my confession.              

“Five?!” He exclaimed.

” English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and French.” I said proudly.

“I don’t believe you.” He said.

“You don’t believe me? तुम जनते हो? हिंदी मुझे बोहोत अच्छे से आती है (Do you know? I know Hindi very well -in Hindi.) माला मराठी देखील उत्कृष्ट येते। (I know perfect Marathi -in Marathi.) अहम संस्कृते अपी वर्तालापम करतुम शक्नोमि। (I am able to converse in Sanskrit too -in Sanskrit.)
D’accord? Merci beaucoup! (Ok? Thank you very much -in french.)”

Tony stared at me, eyes wide and mouth open.

I giggled at his reaction.

He laughed with me too.

I rested my head on his lap. He looked into my eyes affectionately. Tony’s finger traced the outline of my jaw down to my throat. He kissed me gently.

I caught his hand in mine and kissed it. “I missed you.” I said.

“I missed you too.” He replied.

“I love you.” I added. Tony exhaled slowly as his heart beat increased.

We stared at each other and cherished the moment together.


To be Continued…

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  • Lewis Egim says:

    Beautiful. Vicky, you’re unique in your writings. Though would have stopped due to the disappointment of the Last Petals, but, anytime I make the resolution, the lure of your masterpiece breaks it

  • Olayinka says:

    Yes Lewis am also disappointed at the way the last petal didn’t continue, it was a wonderful story that started well. Beautiful one here though, Thnks for revealing d truth in this episode I was beginning to get bored but I love it though it was short.

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