Valentine Blues – Chapter Seventeen

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”What do you want Anna, i know you love him, why are you here?” he stares at her.

”Because, i want to make things right’

”How? I mean it’s all messed up, this was not the plan i had in mind for both of us, it wasn’t at all”

She nods ”I know, i messed up, ..Daniel stuff”

”Yeah Daniel, whom you love”

”I cannot deny that fact, i do love him and most people aren’t are strong as you are, look you are obviously over your ex i can see that but people love differently, and i am probably part of the weird ones who loves deeper and although he hurt me, i love him”

”Then why are you here, you should be telling him that Anna, not me” he says turning away, she touches his face and then turns him to her

”I am sorry Darren, really i am and if i could go back in time to change this all i would”

He shakes his head removing her hand ”No, i wouldn’t, because unlike that Natalia was saying, i have no regrets meeting you Anna, my only regret is that i should have met you when you were all healed from your pain, maybe we would have had a chance”

She sighs ”I wanted this, that’s why i said yes and …Daniel kissing me-”

”Twice!” He thins his lips.

”Twice, ” she says sadly ”Was not planned and be realizing that i still loved him was never in the books and-”’

”Its enough Anna, lets not dwell on that, his name makes my blood boil. I am exhausted and all Anna, really i need to rest”

”But we are still talking and i want to tell you all that i told Daniel in the room and-”

”I don’t want to hear it though, it doesn’t change anything”

”Darren, i am trying to make things right here”

”By telling me you love your ex, how does that work actually? It doesn’t.”

”But if you would just please hear me out and-”

”No Anna, i really do not-” he pauses for a brief second, holding his chest, then he shakes his head

”What’s wrong?”


”Okay Darren, if you would not listen to what i have to- oh dear Lord” she breaths touching her chest too.

”You okay?” He has a worried look on his face as he watches her.

”Wow, must be the ship, did it turn or climbed the tide? Or i just suddenly felt seasick”

Darren looks towards the window, ”Maybe, you and me both” he says and then turns back to her.

”Look all i want to do is make things right, i am so sorry for hurting you, albeit unintentionally”

”Look it’s fine Anna, really, i think all the anger and all that is gone.”

”I know we can’t be the way we are anymore, but atleast we can i don’t know…”

He stares at her, waiting for her to continue.


”Can we start all over, please” she whispers

”Do you want to start all over to date me or start all over to be friends Anna?”

”I..friends..and we go on from there and see how it goes and…i…we were getting somewhere and …i..we can..erm..lets just start all over Darren” She stutters.

Darren smiles as he pulls her closer to him and then brings his head closer to hers ”Anna-” he breaths, she closes her eyes and breaths him in..

”Do you even know what you want Anna?”


”What do you want right now?”

”I want..-”

”Think carefully Anna, because everything you say right now depends on this moment, think carefully and honestly..what do you want, what would make you so happy right now..what, who and why?”

Daniel, to love me as insanely as i love him, to have him marry me and me to be the mother of his kids as i have always dreamed.

To be happy.. 

That had been my thoughts for over three years .  For now…my thoughts are all jumbled up.

”I have always been inlove with him as long as i can remember, and i won’t lie Darren..i wont. I want happiness, but i want happiness free of pain, stress and of confusion. I just want to be happy, that is what i have craved for so long.”

”So in order words; you do not know what you want , because if you really did want happiness, you would go for it..but what do you define as happiness, is it Daniel? A man whom you love, or is it me, a man whom you are just getting to know?”

”I ..Darren, we are wired differently..and..i know you loved Natalia strongly , do you not really feel anything seeing her again?” She searches his eyes

”Maybe we are wired differently Anna, and maybe i had reached my breaking point and i had to ask myself, do i let a girl hurt me as she did, do i linger in the pain of unhappiness, do i still let them in, or do i chase the light before my eyes and see where it leads?”


He stares at her  tucking a hair behind her ear and caressing her soft cheeks ”I choose the light before my eyes, but i guess it still prefers the darkness that shields it” he looks at her sadly ”And i do not blame you, nor am i angry with you Anna, i should have..i don’t know” he drops his hands  ”Tread carefully before..” he trails off ,

Falling inlove with a broken bird who isn’t ready to let me mend her to health but choosing to go by the glass who broke her in the first place. 

He says to himself.

”Before what?” She inquires

”I want this, i want us, i want you, but..i have to see beyond my feelings and put you first”

”What does that mean?” She asks

”It means that until you completely sort yourself out i would not go on. I know what you want and who you want, you would be lying to yourself, to me and then to people around you if you choose to ignore it. You know something else, it’s fine, everyone had loved one so deeply before, so if you need time to heal, you take it, but do not drag someone else into your won’t be fair, not to me, not to you..not to anyone.”

”But i never knew i had a chaos, he walked in today and poof!!”‘

”Yes, so you need to sort you out Anna, as much as i like you a whole damn much, i would put my feelings aside for your happiness and if your happiness is Daniel and you think you both can work, married man or’s okay, i won’t judge, it’s your choice. If its me, i am right here, if your happiness is somewhere else too..then it’s great, go find it. You deserve to be happy, and i also deserve to be happy and my happiness lies in the fact that if i am 100% all in, it means she brings same value to the table because i do not share, i don’t know how to pretend and do all that, maybe i am weird too and wired differently. That’s just me and if i am not it for you, its okay, preferences for everyone but God knows i would not shove my feelings for you down your throat and force you to to have me just because i want this..i want us, you have to want it too, wholeheartedly without influences, without bias and of your own free will. And if you have doubts, walk away. ”

She closes her eyes, he was right. Her mind was messed up right now, it was in a chaotic mess. 

He smiles sadly seeing that if he fights, he would only hurt himself, she has to un-love the one she loved or stop loving him before he can ever mean anything as important to her, and he is willing to give her all that and more…yes, he had fallen for her, all those times they spent together, all the laughter, the dates, her smile, slowly he had fallen inlove with her, he didn’t realize it until this very moment. His chest hurts, realizing that for the second time this year, he was going to lost the women he loved , Natalia, he loved her yes and it shattered him, he loved her a long time so it was understandable but Annalisa, nothing made sense and yet..she brings him peace, falling inlove with her had come naturally without the influences, maybe that’s why this hurts so much, having to let her go… ”I hope you do find your peace and happiness Anna, i do. God i am so gonna miss you, i will”

”I am so sorry Darren” She blinks back tears

He held her face and then caresses her cheeks again, wiping her tears ”I am sorry i didn’t get to give you butterflies, that was my aim, to make you soar”  he smiled

”I would have liked that, i would have liked that alot”

”Yes, you would have…” she smiles at him. They stare at each other, his hands still touched her cheeks.

Staring into her eyes, he says  ”I never was able to get my first kiss as your boyfriend, maybe..i could get the last?”

She nods, another tear breaks out from her eyes ”I am so sorry” She sniffs as pain shoots through her.

He cleans it ”Don’t be, you loved, there is no wrong in that…i will miss you Anna..” he says before he closes in and brushes his lips with hers, lingering as she kisses him back, drinking from her lips, and caressing her cheeks..


His heart screamed, he shuts it out of his head and then kisses her deeply for a long time they kissed, and he held himself back from wanting more, pushing her backwards and making sweet love to her. He wanted to so bad, but he refused to let the feeling in.

He was and is in love with her, but love is not about is never about sex. Love is so much more, so much more that his heart was full of it..and it had nothing to do with wanting her soft lush body beneath him. Love is never about Sex. Love was love, raw, un-diluted, without selfishness, void of is a gift..a gift he was willingly and happy to share.

But love hurts like a mudafxxker stung with bee.

He slowly pulls away and then placing a kiss to her temple and then standing up and lifting her with him, he pulls her into  a hug, she cries in his arms ”I am so sorry Darren, i…i am so sorry!!”

”It’s okay, it’s okay!! I would be here for you, when you need me, look we still have two more days on this ship so we are going to forget everything and then enjoy ourselves okay..that’s all that matters” he pulls her away and then places a kiss to her forehead again, then he walks her to the door ”Sleep well Anna, i will see you in the morning”


”Promise”  he touches her jaw.

She wipes her eyes and then leaves. He shuts his door, goes to the bed and then sinks in, turning to his side he lets the tear drop. He wipes it immediately and turns away.

”Big boys don’t cry!” he sniffs ”Breathe Darren, one day at a time, it would pass”


Anna closes her door behind her and stares at the bed.

Lucy was snoring peacefully. She goes to the bed, climbs in, covers herself and tries to sleep. She doesn’t for a long time, then she finally closes her eyes and  goes to sleep.


Darren gets up and stares at the window, he opens his bag, grabs a jotter and a pen and begins to scribble on it. He folds it under his pillow and then takes his phone after looking at his time.

It takes a while before the call was picked..

”Hello Sir, i am so sorry to be calling this late and..yes i am so sorry. I wanted to tell you that, i have taught about that offer, and..i would take it. Yes Sir” He smile ”First thing, thank you Sir, thank you” He cuts the call and then rests backwards on his bed.

He finally goes to sleep.


”No!! No ! No, get back in there, get back in there you..argh no!! you saw it Gabriel, i used all of it, all of it and it should have worked, it should work. it went straight to her heart and then his and they felt it, the power of lover surging through their veins…so why aren’t they smooching and making love and getting back to it and…see come on,. go back Anna!! Darren go out and chase her, get up, get up!!” Cupid screams as he flings things away ”Where is my spell, i need to make more love portion spells, i need to make sure this is stronger and…”Damnit!!!” he grabs a bowl, and begins to mix anything and everything he could touch in his bag.

Gabriel comes to him ”Stop Cupid”

”Go away, go away and leave me alone” He empties its entire content and continues to fish out for spices and ingredients ”’Ha, lust, love, more of it” he tosses it into the bowl and then stares.


”I said leave me the hell alone, can’t you see i am trying to make them come back into the room and talk and love and…” he trails off turning away from Gabriel. He continues to mix and when he was done, he searches for his arrows. It was finished.

”Make me an Arrow Gabriel”

”I cannot!”

He turns to him, the bowl in his hands, ”Make me a Goddamned arrow!!!”‘ he sneers

Thunder rumbles and claps.

Cupid closes his eyes

”I need an Arrow Father” He says opening looking to the heavens

It was silent

”You want me to fail, you have always wanted me to fail, that’s it. No one is special to you except your beloved son Jesus! no one is as important as he is to you. He asks and you give, he calls and you answer, he is in danger and you send your other angel sons to go rescue him. What am i even yabbing about, he seats at the right side of your throne, even the earth you make his footstool…no one else has your ears and your treat …like a piece of shit!!”

Thunder claps loudly, the cloud rolls and lightening strikes. Cupid screams as he his lifted and drops to the hard cloud with a thud as the clouds rolls back to place.

Gabriel shivers.. ”Be quiet Cupid!!”

Cupid wipes his mouth as spittle drops, he gets up groaning and rubbing his small butt. He sighs in relief realizing that the bowl he held was hovering and didn’t hit the ground. He grabs it  to him and frowns..

”You are only mad at me for saying the truth, saying the truth that everyone is afraid to say just because they are scared of you” He sniffs ”And you do not want to give me arrows because you know that i am on the right track and that if i make them fall madly inlove and do my bidding i would be more powerful than you..maybe that is why you let Lucy go, because he was going to be bigger and greater and more loved than you”

Now Gabriel gasps, ”Cupid, no!” he shakes his head ”You no nothing about what Lucifer did”

”I know plenty, he was the light”

”No he was the light who chose darkness..and you are veering into that same hole and don’t call him Lucy”

Cupid scoffs ”What, Father  gonna toss me and kick me out too? Why? Because all i wanted to do is to live up to my potential and he not giving me the chance to? At every point in time, he keeps whispering in my ears that i ain’t doing it right, if i need help if he should send poster boy Jesus to help me..Why won’ he allow me do my spells in peace instead of ruining it for me? See i got them together, i got them this far, i must have made a mistake in the formula and when the arrow pierced their hearts it didn’t work, i just need to increase the dosage and it would work..and all would be fine. Is that bloody too much to ask?” Is that?’ He looks to the heavens


”If only you listen when he speaks and-” Gabriel began.

”I am tired of listening, i want to do me, i want to let love happen, i want love to happen..i just bloody want LOVE TO HAPPEN TO THESE TWO AND SEX AND LOTS OF SEX AND BLOODY LOTS OF SMELLING ASS SEX!!!!”

Gabriel closes his ears. Everywhere is silent

”I want love to happen, that is all. And i would achieve it if i have my arrows and all would be well. You would see Father, i can do this, I am Cupid, cupid is love..let me do me”

He looks around. He sighs turning and backing Gabriel as he stares at the bowl and then stares down below..

Darren is asleep, his back turned to the heavens and the Annalisa is sideways turned to the wall of her room.

” I just need one, just one” He seats down sulking, tears leaving his eyes.

Suddenly he saw a movement inside his bag, he reaches for his bag and then fits his hand in, pulling it out he pulls out two arrows. He smiles and then looks up ”Thank you Father” He quickly stands up and soaks his arrows to the bowl, letting it soak it up. Placing both of them to his string, he speaks to it.

”Let love lead, let it happen, bring them lovebirds back to their feet and curse them to chase the love that was created by me” He lets it go and watches it sink below with glee..

”This time, this time it would work..just you see Father, this time, they would be jerked up by the force of those arrows , they would find themselves, they would love, they would be happy and i would win. i promise you i would win, watch father, just watch” he laughs happily..


The arrow sinks, hovering over Annalisa and drops, piercing her back with a quick thrust and then dissolving into nothingness..

He looks at the other side, sighting the other arrow making its way to Darren. Going through the door, sinking through the sheets over his body, it taps his back and slides through his body coming out through his heart.. then dissolves into nothingness.

Cupid is smiling widely.. ”Wait for it, they would jump up looking for each other, losing cloths, saying i love you, saying all manner of things  and..oh…this would work, just wait. One, two..three…;” he rubs his hands together ”Oh, this would be an explosion of love ever been seen under the heavens ..can’t wait.

He lays on the bed of the clouds, crosses his legs and places his face in his hand” Wake up Darren! Wake up Anna, lets watch you both love….” he chuckles.

He looks again into Annalisa’s room.

She stretches and then turns, grabbing the cloth , covers herself and continues to sleep.

He stares at Darren.. He didn’t move.

”Wake up,the arrows have pierced you wit unmeasured love, wake up, don’t be shy beauties” Cupid says.

He looks back with light in his eyes as Annalisa moves.

Anna tugs  at the duvet until Lucy yawns seating up ”What Anna?” She rubs her eyes.

”I want the Duvet!!” Annalisa says sleepily

Lucy rolls off and then pushes it to her, Anna grabs it ,then covers herself turning to the side, Lucy smiles shaking her head ”You never grow out  of this..”



”Did you speak to Darren?” Lucy says with her eyes closed.


”And?’ She opens one eye and directs it to Annalisa

Anna sighs ”Tomorrow, so sleepy, hurts..can’;t talk” she turns to the other side and continues to sleep.

Lucy yawns and then lays back on the bed ”Tomorrow then, you would tell me in the morning”

”Yes!” Anna covers her face with the duvet and goes back to bed.

Cupid gets up and then seats down ”Get up Anna” he calls out.

Anna lays still, breathing peacefully.

”GET UP DARREN!” He turns to Darren

Darren yawns and the stretches out of the bed, he sleepily seats down, stands up and then makes his way to the door on his left, he opens it and then shuts it.

The sound of water dripping is heard, then the sound of the WC flushing, then Darren comes back, and goes through to this bed, hits it and then continues to sleep.

”No no no no!! Go out of your room to her room or call her back to yours Darren”

Darren is sleeping soundlessly.

Cupid is confused as he looks at the bowl and then back at the sleeping people ”Why aren’t they waking up Gabriel, why aren’t they waking up?” He turns to Gabriel who is staring at him ”I ..i..why aren’t they waking up?” He stares at them again.

Silence, sleeping and unperturbed about the little-man baby bothered about them and their love story and his failed formula. He scratches his head, waiting for them to get up and magic to happen.

After about thirty minutes, he finally realized that they were not getting up.

He goes to Gabriel ”I don’t get it, i…i … i gave them all my portions, the doses of lust, the sparkle of love, even Jesus’s heart shaped love i gave them…why…why are they not rolling in sheets and screaming in ecstasy?Why aren’t they doing all what men do in love,…why..” He stutters confused ” i did the spells right,  or did i not get the formula right? Did i put it to the arrows wrongly…did i over do it ..or….i ..i do not understand why…why…this should have worked” He speaks to himself

” It should have worked , it ought to work. It has to work but…it..did not work and i.. i am…i do not understand it”  He is pacing up and down, staring inside his bag, looking at the bowl, staring at the sleeping couple below and then back at Gabriel shaking his head in wonderment …” I do not get it, do i do it again and pour it directly into their ,mouths or…what? ” He kept pacing and then grabs the bowl, fishing into his bag ”I do not have any more spices and portions to create another formula, ..but i can go down there and ask them to love themselves yes, yes i would. I am Cupid..i will command them to love and it would work…you know what they say about me, how men define me? ..they say i am the god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. 

And when they want to be dramatic they say ”He is often portrayed as the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. He is also known in Latin as Amor (“Love”). His Greek counterpart is Eros”

He laughed ”So you see Gabriel, i have not been using my full potential, I just have to see what i did wrong here first and..and– go down there and command them and they would love..yes, yes that is what i would do” He was ranting.

”Cupid!!” Gabriel grabs his shoulders and stares down at him ” Do you not see?”

”See what? That it didn’t work because i did a wrong formula? Or that i should just got down and give them some Cupid whooping and-!!”

Gabriel shakes his head ”Do you not see anything else?”

”No, it does not make sense that is all i see, they are asleep, they should be loving…it didn’t work…i don’t understand why..that’s what i see-” Cupid is yabbing away.

”He does not see Gabriel!”’ A voice says behind them. Gabriel drops his hands and steps away , facing Cupid whose eyes stares behind him to see who had spoken.

”What don’t i see?” Cupid asks in confusion

”That you cannot play God in people’s lives” the voice says coming closer

”Says the man who is God!” Cupid says lowering his eyes as the voice comes even closer

”Yes, and then see what happen? Take a walk with me as i show you what you have refused to see all along”

”You want to show me while he is standing there, beside you?” Cupid says sarcastically pointing at the Man behind Gabriel.

He could fill him smiling ”He was with me before the beginning of time Cupid, your thought and reservations won’t change that but..he would speak only when necessary, come Cupid, Jesus..all”

Cupid grumbling turns to take a look at Anna and Darren , still asleep. He stares at his bowl, empty, and then back at him..sighing, he follows him as they walk into another cloud.


”I would tell you what i have been trying to tell you, what we have been trying to tell you about this four letter words called ‘Love”….

The words i have inspired men to write reads in 1 Corinthians 13:4-5: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

”I know that passage like the back of my hands father” Cupid rolls his eyes.

”Yes, and yet you do not understand that it is much more than a word.”

”I do”

”Okay, do you love me Cupid?”

”You know i do Father, despite that i do not see eye to eye with you, i do lobe you”

”Yet, you do not listen to me when i speak and do what i tell you to do”

”I do listen to you but i also have my own opinions and my head to think” He says as they walk into a garden, Cupid frowns  ”Why are we back in time and in the garden of Eden?”

”Because i am teaching Cupid, and what better way to learn if not be visually taught. And to your answer, you are love me and even when i do  give an instruction, you do what you think is right because you have your own thoughts and wills, yes?”


Jesus smiles and then says nothing, He and Gabriel exchange a knowing look.

”You remember Adam and then Eve, you remember how it all happened and even their end?” He says pointing to the tree of good and evil standing in the middle of the garden, a certain glow to it. The birds hovers above it, a certain brightness to the garden.

”Yes, you told them to eat anything but of the tree of good and evil”

”Why did you think they disobeyed me?”

Cupid frowns ”Because of the serpent, but men on earth would say Eve..”

”You, why do you think they disobey me?” He could feel his eyes on him, he knots his brows together.

Cupid is confused ”The serpent. I said so already.”

”Gabriel, Jesus, you want to say something?”

”They disobeyed you because they could” Jesus said coming to stand behind Cupid

Cupid turns to him shaking his head ”I do not understand that statement J.  It was because the serpent made them, enticed them, deceived them and because Eve was lured and then she lured Adam to eat the apple that opened their eyes and thus disobedience.”

”Aha right..but you do not see that because they could, they did it. When you said where they lured?”

”They were coaxed into it”

”I see. Was it a matter of life or death if they didn’t eat it? Was it a matter of killing them if they didn’t eat it?”

”No. But they were enticed with it’s sweet words and -”

”How does a robot function Cupid, any ideas?” Jesus cuts him.

Cupid rubs his temple, ”What is this, twenty-one questions session? Robots are computers, no matter how well they are made and how human-like, they are computers and they function as such.”

”No free will yes?”

”Well yes!” he nods ”That is correct.”

Gabriel smiles  knowingly.

”Why is he smiling?” Cupid frowns at Gabriel as he asks Jesus ”Is it just me or that i am the only one not getting the joke that is making everyone smile except me.”

Jesus says nothing

”Do not mind them Cupid, answer me this , to the best of your best of your knowledge, is man a computer Cupid? ”

”No, man is man and a computer is basically inputs and output, you put  in words and a computer acts reacts to instructions typed to it. So inputs and then outputs.

”No free will then?” Gabriel states for clarity

”No ofcourse not, it’s an object..a thing, man made..made to do as bidded without choice”

”Good” God says walking further into the garden as they stand beside the tree…”Back to the first man and woman. Was man threatened to eat the apple by eve, where they forced..were they threatened?”

”They were enticed! What is this father, we have gone through that already” he was bored.


”By the serpent” he says shaking his head ”You are the all knowing and yet you do not see” Cupid shakes his head.

He smiles ”I am the all knowing that is why i need you to see. Why did the serpent not say ”I command you to eat this now”

Cupid laughs ”I doubt it could, and even if he did, serpents are cunning, everyone knows that and thus he played it’s character well, cunningly asking them, enticing them to do what he wanted”

”Rightly so..thus, serpent albeit cunning are wise and it knows  it cannot dare command a man, force a man to do as it bids. ”He continues ” Man was not forced nor was he threatened, he was appealed to..why? Because he has a mind of his own, to choose ..if he was a computer and i the creator had inputted..”DO NOT EAT” ..Adam would not eat had eaten that apple no matter what if it was forced down his throat. But because he has emotions, a mind, a will ..he has the ability to decide and because i did not want robots and computers for children i made them men and women and tasked them to populate the earth…but i also allowed them something essential…free will, the ability to choose…why?”

”Yes why?”

”So that i know for certain what is within  their hearts and who they would follow without influences…and that is why when the serpent came, Eve and Adam chose to disobey entirely on their own terms because despite the serpent’s cunning ways..they too were also curious and wanted to know, wanted the good and then the bad and they decided in their hearts on their one, not the serpent forcing them, they..decided, had choose to..they had the free will to say no and walk away, but they choose to stay, listen, disobey…and bared the consequences.”

”I do not understand how it has anything to do with Love and then Anna and Darren. Adam and Eve are history, i am trying to make love happen here, what has it got to do with my love for those two?”

”Alot, walk with me”

They walk again …”Love is universal, it is a gift, it is pure and needs no influences…and man is not a lab rat neither is he one who is confined in a place to do a bidding of another much less of you . You cannot force a man to love by mixing portions and creating an atmosphere for it. Man is a special being, with the ability to do him…

”What are you saying? Ability …to what, refuse my portions, my spell?”

”Free will, that is what father is trying to say”

”Does not make any sense..” Cupid throws ”I mix a portion after completing my formula, its very different from the serpent who just talks ..i make things happen. It does not make any sense what you are saying.”

‘It does! If you think it were easy to make man fall inlove by causing them to do you think they would have done this to my son?” He opens the curtain cloud to view Jesus, nailed to the cross and the two robbers beside him…”

Cupid is quiet. ”Why you have to show me how they nailed my brother to the cross?”

”Teaching you Cupid, Teaching” He closes the cloud curtain and continues to talk.

”I would have sent down thousands of spells ,no i do not do spells. All i had to say was” Men, i command you to love him and i want you to love him now”  and all of them would fall down, worship him and then love him as I have commanded them to love him, and of course my son may would have been loved at first sight. And maybe the scriptures would not have been fulfilled and then again.. ..  what use would it be to have stooges who asnwer your beck and call only because they are being forced to, or because they are spelled to…or because they are created to and never have to think for themselves, to reason for themselves..but do every single thing  as you tell them to do, bark and they bark, tell them to jump and they ask how high

”That line is from a movie Father” Cupid smiles,  Gabriel nudges him.
“What? ” he laughs “Just saying ”

”Does it matter, i am trying to make a point”

”Go ahead Father.. Don’t let me interrupt your class”Cupid chuckles

”My point is this, you cannot make up spells and command men to love”

”I did and it worked until a point” He stated-matter-of-factly.

“Did it? ” Jesus asks

Cupid frowns. “It did,  you saw it.  From the first day they met and up until now it did. ”

“Did it really work Cupid. Or you thought it did? ”

Now Cupid stares at all of them and then back at him. He didn’t like their faces.  It looked as if every one knew something and he didn’t.
“What are you saying Father”

”I have been saying what I have been saying right from the beginning of this conversation but you have NOT been listening. Love is not a thing you can make happen, you cannot make it happen”

”What are you saying, that if i cannot make love happen what the hell have i been doing since? How is it I was able to bring two souls,  broken souls together and cause them to like themselves and do this with themselves with my arrows and spells and all hmm.. Give me a damn explanation then!!”

‘Language!” Jesus cautions

”Fxxk Language ” Cupid swears

Thunder claps and lightening strikes.  He is back to the ground with a hard thud. He groans in pain.

“One more Cupid.. One more ”

“Was just messing around with you Father.. Why so serious ” he says rubbing his bottom as he tries to get up.  He falls to the ground again.  All legs and tush showing.

“Oh goodness Cupid.. Close your legs! ” Jesus says turning away.

Gabriel laughs.

Cupid frowns covering himself and then standing up.  He ignores him and says.. “Explain what you mean Father? What do you mean did it work.  I saw it.  You say it.  Everyone saw it. ”

“No.  What you saw was what you wanted to believe.  With or without your supposed formulas and arrows and spells.. They would have met.  They would have ended up together in that hotel room.  They would have met again at the party.. They would have ended up going to the ship and everything that happened would have happened.. Even till what is happening now. ”

“How do you know that.? ”

Now Jesus laughs “You forget that he is God. The real MVP!!  He sees all.  He knows all . He basically can tell Tomorrow from today. And when i say Tomorrow, you know it isn’t just hours from today, i am talking long time zap into years and years you cannot even begin to dream in times past. ”

”Now you are just famzing” Cupid shakes his head

”Ofcourse i am famzing, he is my Father, i mean God, the God..the creator of heaven and earth and every living and non-living thing within, i have got to famz. My God!!” he and the others laugh.

Cupid stares below at the sleeping forms ” I made this happen.  I brought them thus far” he says, trying to believe that all they say is not true.

“No.  You merely played with your toys.  You merely played out your role as Cupid.  Supposedly.  But the Irony of being the supposed god of love is that you cannot.. CANNOT  force and make men to love.  Even I.. Who is the creator of men cannot do that not because I can’t but because I understand the principles of love and the fact that in order to know true love that comes from the heart.. You must allow them choose to love you and love you wholeheartedly. And that is just platonic  love.

For the love that men share between themselves between a man and a woman.  It is dicey.. Much more confusing because it is way in-depth.  You cannot mess with that.  You cannot even begin to phantom it’s purity and rawness.  You let it be.  You cannot have possibly caused them to love one another because it is impossible.  I command men to love one another in my in-spired words.. But look around you.. They kill themselves.  They plan evil for each other.  They do what they please. Why?  Because they choose to and because they can.

Dear Cupid.. Sweet little Cupid.  Your spells and arrows were mere feather light kisses to their hearts.  A tickle.  A nudge. It was nothing but a tap or a caress to the cheeks that does absolutely nothing to them.

Love cannot be made.  Cannot be produced.  Cannot be forced. Love comes from within and only those who feels it wields the ability to show it and when the other feels it.  They share in its beauty.

Love is not normal thing. Love cannot be a thing. It is not magic. Love is Love and that’s just it.

So you cannot make them fall in love or love themselves.  They can only do it on their own.  That is why.. Nothing is working.  It never worked before. ”

Cupid is confused.  “But the arrows.. The way they act immediately it touches them”

“The mind is a powerful instrument.  One of my most special creations.  I tell you ..what you believe would happen.  Have faith and it would come to pass and it would.  You believed at some point it was working and your mind acted it out and you thought they reacted to your spell. Your spelled formula? No.. They never did”

“The spell of Lust.  What about that big guy? ”

“Men are humans.. Their will to feel.. To touch and be physical is part of their makeup.  I put that their.  And my instruction had been for married couples. Yet.. You see how they disobey me still.  You do see what I have been saying Cupid.. I who is God laid out all these rules for them to follow.. I do all great and mighty things for them.. And yet.. They choose to live their life the way they want.. Why?  Free will.  Why?  Because they cannot be forced to do what they don’t want to do and they only do what they want and right now.. Right now.. Your will is that they come together. Their will, both of theirs is different. Tug of war if you will.  And there is nothing you can do about it.  Love is something grown and nurtured from the inside and only if they share it will they find themselves and you cannot do anything to force it.. Hurry it or make it happen. ”

Cupid sinks to his bottom “So you are saying.. That.. I have been doing absolutely nothing ever since? Making a fool of myself while all of you laughed at me? ”

A hand was placed on his shoulders ” No Brother.. You were learning a valuable lesson. A lesson you needed to learn to see and to understand.  ” Jesus smiles down at him.

“So I am not the god of love.. My name is a scam? ” he wipes his already reddened nose.

“You are Cupid. Our little baby-man” Jesus  smiles widely, his eyes full of love and the others laughed.

“Oh leave me alone Jesus!  Go on and laugh.  Guess you are happy now. ”

”No, i am happy i got to show you what i always wanted to show you..the truth.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself. You are lucky you get to learn now.  Lucy is still learning.. And he is stubborn.  He does not realize that the battle had already been won and he is playing chess on earth thinking he is recruiting an army.  Only time would tell.  Come.. ” Gabriel helps him to his feet.  “How about we give you some heavenly ale to calm you down?” He takes him and they begin to walk away.

“Who in the heavens is Lucy?” God asks walking behind them

“The son who got away.  Cupid came up with Lucy.  I think it’s cute. ” Jesus says laughing. His father joins him.

“But what would happen to Anna and Darren.. I really thought it would work” Cupid is asking.

“They would be fine.. However they choose to be.  Together. Apart. Whatever ” Jesus states to him.

“Father,  you have seen it all.  What happens at the end? ” Cupid pauses and turns to him.

God smiles… “I do not set my eyes on iniquity son.  You will see”

”So that means, there is hope for them yet..i would love a happy ending” He turns away

”Man would is up to them now Cupid..not you, not me, them.”

They walk away and the cloud closes…


The Next Morning..

“He is gone” Tonia says to Tom who takes the letter and reads.

“I don’t get it.  When? We are still on water. How can he just up and leave? ”

“He is gone Tom,  he boarded a boat and he left. 5:am.”  Tonia says going to seat on his bed. ”As soon as i saw his letter on the bed, i went around asking. I met a man, he said the person i was looking for went with a Castine, who took a boat to shore to get supply.The man joined him in the wee hours of this morning. He left”

”Wow, the whole situation must have done a number on him, what happened last night with Anna?”

”I wish i knew”

The knock on the door causes them to raise their heads.  Lucy and Annalise walks in.

”Good morning guys” Anna says stepping into the room with Lucy and Adam behind her. ”Where is Darren?”

Tom hands her the letter .

She reads it and sinks to the bed ”He left!” she gasps

”What happened last night, did you guys make up or break up?” Lucy takes the letter and reads it.

”We talked and then..we decided that we gonna be friends and..we said goodnight and we would have fun during the trip and..i didn’t realize that..” she trails off.

”He didn’t just leave you Anna, he left us, his friends, the only thing as close to a family he ever had. I hope your decision was worth it” Tonia says getting up . ”He took the over Tom, ” she says with tears in her eyes ”He took the offer out of states, and he left us, he left me” She tears up, Tom hugs her.

Anna covers her mouth as the tears fall ”I am so sorry” she says getting up and running out of the room.

”It’s her fault he is so broken that staying in thesame city with her, with them and even us is toxic for him. I don’t blame him though, he lost Natalia to her cheating, he lost her ..maybe because he realized that he had fallen too hard and he doesn’t want to be so broken..i don’t know, we were his family, his he is gone, far away..and because he choose to chase that girl he met on st. valentine’s day. ” she sobbed. Tom holds her tighter.

Lucy stares at her ”He would be back, he loves you guys, he would be back”

”I hope when he does she is gone, she , Natalia, Bella, all of them who made him leave. Infact, i hope he finds happiness where he goes…” Tonia says pulling away from her husband

”Darren left?” Natalia was at the door as she gasps.

”And he quit his Job in the city” Bella says behind her ”Guess you are happy. i hope to never see you again, none of you, ever” She says turning and leaving

Natalia ignores her ”Do you know where he went?”

”A place you would never have to hurt him again. Do something, get a life” Tonia nudges her away, Tom follows her. Lucy stares at her, without a word, she leaves her standing by herself.

”Crap!! Guess it’s really over then” she says sadly.

”Baby, wow, nice ass” A voice says behind her

Natalia turns and is dazzled by a 6ft lady, athletic build, blond hair and nice dentition

”Thanks” Natalia replies.

”Your room?” the girl cocks her head to the side

‘Yeah, you want to come check it out?” she leans to the side of the door and then pushes her hips out. The Girl’s eyes roams all over the body.

”I wonder if your boyfriend would mind?”

Natalia scoffs ” It depends if yours wouldn’t look for you”

The girl laughs ”Single, just have a tag along for the boat cruise”

”Same here”

”Guess i can come in then, if he don’t mind”

”Next room, busy wanking to a playboy magazine i gave him, tired of giving this ass to people who don’t know how to manage it”

The girl looks at her butt, licks her lips ”I can manage it for you”

Natalia steps back, ”I guess you can” The girl walks in and closes the door,locking it. She pulls Natalia to her, hugging her close and nuzzling her neck.

Natalia rubs her body to her and and begins to caress her whole body, all the way down to her butt which she squeezes and then  finding her way to the front, she freezes ”Is it..?” She trails off as her eyes grows big.

”Yes” The girl smiles


”Baby that is all real” She kisses Natalia’s lips

Natalia smiles broadly ”I was going to go get one done , here you are having all of it,  all endowed; Beautiful, curvaceous, boobs, ass, junk!” she squeezes her ”’I am in love” She turns her and pushes her to the bed, capturing her lips with hers.




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