Valentine Blues – Chapter Sixteen

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An hour later, she finds him sitting by himself, a glass of wine in his arm and oblivious of the crowd on the deck.

”Hey Handsome, being looking all over for you” Natalia slides in beside him, smiling into his face, ”You okay, need a hug, a kiss, some major TLC?” You know i gat you babe” she tries to touch his face

”Don’t, just don’t!” He moves her hands away and then sips from his glass.

”Why you being so grouchy, she is a slut and sluts aren’t worth it” she spat

He laughs ”She isn’t a slut Natalia, if you can get your head out of your ass you would see that she is nothing like you Nat, really she isn’t”

”If she isn’t why are you here sitting by yourself, drowning yourself in alcohol and not rolling in sheets and getting all lovey-dovey hmm?”

”Because Natalia, people like you strolled back into the scene and messed that up for me” he stares at her

”I didn’t bring the Ex” she raises her hands up in defense ”Don’t give me credit for that”

He shakes his head ”No you didn’t, but you started it, spewing things that aren’t true which caused her to start acting up at first”

”Oh baby, i didn’t need to do shit. Her Ex comes dazzling her and then soaks her in his magic lips and your girl goes jellyfish like Cinderella who hasn’t being kissed..not my fault she can’t separate the wolf from the sheep, that man stinks of fxxkery, he is the ”F” in fxxkboy-ism, i see them eyes baby, i knew he gat no real love for her if he can shun his wife to flirt with an Ex knowing by seeing obviously that another man was in the picture then he a fxxkboy. But she is stupid if she can’t see how an amazing chap you are, i see it, i am here..” she says matter-of-factly. ”I gat you babe, always, and i know i haven’t said this ever, since, you know, you and i parted ways but baby i am sorry for that thing i did. I am back now, i love you D, my D, my world D…the only D in the Dxxk that got my Pxxxsy all wet and — ” she leans towards him about to nibble his earlope.

He uses his hands to wedge her away carefully, ”Natalia, let me make this clear and if you need water to drain out the alcohol in your system, you let me know and i can order a tank of it to wash your ears with. Girl, i loved much-”

”I know baby, and i love you too” She smiles hugging him, he unwraps her hands away.

He shakes his head ”I loved you Natalia, in passed tense, but that is months ago, i healed and i moved on”

”You can’t move on from the love you have for someone” she says with a half laugh

”I can, and i did, and you know how?”

”Please, enlighten me” she says folding her hands

”I met a girl, and she was a mess, a broken mess”

”Oh you gonna tell me how she was your healing?” she scoffs ”Please, get real baby”

He smiles taking another sip from his glass ”Honestly Natalia, having gone through three years with you and then get hit with the heart with a hammer which smashed it all to pieces, pieces i couldn’t exactly fix up, yes she was my healing”

”Oh come off it baby!”

”That’s the truth, look, i was telling you a story so flow with me okay? So after what you did..i was in a bad place, really bad and dark place, given up on every thing surrounding in the four lettered word ”Love”, i was sad, i even cried..”

”You cried, fxxk out of here” she laughed ”I slept with a girl Darren, not a guy”

”Same thing to me and it’s called cheating!”‘

She rolls her eyes ”You are just too dramatic, you love me so you can’t give it up”

He smiles sadly ”When a man loves, i mean truly loves, it’s deep Natalia and what i had for you was real”

”Don’t speak in the past tense baby, we are getting back on that train” She pokes his chest, he wipes it away and then continues to speak, ignoring her.

”So i was telling you about my healing right? So, i left the house and i went out, anywhere but the festive of love jamborees, i couldn’t handle it, i needed a solemn place, a place i could think, i couldn’t stay home when everything reminded me of you, you know, it hurt too much. So i got to this place, can’t remember the name right now and as i make my way there was this girl, on the floor picking up her things and..i don’t even know why i even bothered to stop, to care when i heard a small yelp from her. But you see i went to her and asked her if she needed help. And one minute i am trying to help her, the next she is tagging me to be one of those guys and saying she isn’t interested and that i should fxxk off literally,” he laughs remembering, ”I mean i don’t know you, who are you to tell me who i am you know? ‘ he shakes his head ”So, next thing she shows me a ring, and then asks me to see if it has value, i mean i saw she was broken and a mess and i didn’t want that kinda mess messing with my own mess because i was deep in my own mess right? So she shoves it in my face and i had no choice than to look at it and the minute i held it and stared at it, i knew it was a cheap ass ring, too cheap it must have been picked off the bin cheap, washed and sprayed to look like the real thing, I didn’t know how to tell her because, she looked crazy too, i didn’t want no crazy person on my tail so i direct her to go across the street to check it out so i can be on my way to mend my own broken heart”

”Why are you telling me this, its boring and stupid, so you met her on Valentine’s day, so?”

”I can getting somewhere, work with me; ” He sniffs ”So i am back in the building, messed up and then she comes back and heads straight for me and then wails, like her lungs out crying and everyone thought i was her lover who broke her heart. To cut the story short, i was one shy away from being tossed into cell, having to ride in a  police car and then had to pretend i was her actual boyfriend and she..she was crazy, my God. One minute she is a wreck, crying nonstop about the ring, about some guy and the next she is like a happy kid between the two cops and stuff. Mehn, it was a crazy night. And..the room i got for us for  getaway weekend, well..she wanted it and because i couldn’t exactly go home because the cops where downstairs, to make sure that what i supposedly said about us was true, they stayed back in the lobby so i was stuck. She had gone up the room, i wanted to go rest my head and then i find her crying, again . I mean how could a girl cry so much and still have more to fill a bucket. Anyhow, so…that moment, i had to seat with her, talk to her, try to lesson her pain, and made her to talk to me , how? I told her about my messed up life and how we may not be so different. Misery finds company right?” he smiles staring into the drink

”But, that moment i felt free, sharing my pain, understanding hers. I mentioned she was crazy right?” his eyes sparkles as he smiles remembering how she stood on the bed, with a stick ready to beat the unicorn danging from the roof with chocolates and sweet things

”We went from flogging the unicorn, to drinking and eating everything in the room, to laughing our hearts out, to getting chased by men on the street because she dared me to flirt with a married woman, to having to watch out for her to pee on the streets, to seeing how excited she was about ice -scream, to have her laugh like a mad woman, to carrying her on my back knowing she had had one too many, to listen to her speak about her aspirations and then watching her smile, genuinely. In one night Natalia, i forgot my pain, my hurt, my deep scattered self, and i thought about someone else other than you. In one night i went from a shattered man to a man who had more to live for, all because i met a crazy wrecked girl on the streets on St. Valentine’s day, the day i felt was going to be the worst in my life, in a few hours, it became the best i had had in a long time. Two strangers, in pain, hurt, shattered, but was able to give peace to each other..” he sighs rubbing his temple.. ”Tom was right, she is my Valentine blues in my world of chaos, and i didn’t understand what he meant until today because, i mean, ofcourse i didn’t have any interior motive when i met her, thing led to another and being with her was beautiful and after that night Natalia, i swear, i didn’t ever think of you again. She was my healing.”

”Oh right, i was waiting for the part you tell me how you fxxked her. You had a rebound make-out session, so what? big deal! Your healing my ass!!” she scoffs.

”It wasn’t a rebound Natalia, that’s what i am trying to say, when i kissed her, i wasn’t thinking of kissing you. When i held her, i wasn’t thinking of holding you, and when we made love, by God i wasn’t thinking about you and for a moment it was scary because i loved you madly; but…you broke me into pieces that was unable to fix itself back and yes i needed an escape from thoughts of you, from us and from the world and then the crazy shows up and here i was loving the moment and i didn’t even know her.” he shakes his head ”The next day, i wanted to get to know her but she didn’t want to, and i got her, we were strangers and maybe just maybe we may not have been in our right senses, i was n mine, she said she was in hers but…it was don’t come out from our messed up relationships and dive into another with a random stranger, so she left, did i forgot her? No, but what to do right?” He turns to Natalia and then stares at her ”Weeks later, miraculously, she shows up at Tonia’s birthday party, and i knew it was my chance and boy did i take it.i knew what i wanted and i was getting to it, we were getting to it. She is an amazing girl Natalia, she is beautiful and intelligent, she is crazy but she is my crazy, and everyday since i ran into her again, i wanted more, yearned for more but i had to be careful, baby steps, being the perfect gentleman. Most days i was tempted to take her into my arms and love her up more but i had to ask myself some salient questions; do i like her because we had sex on the first day, do i like her because i think she was and is a perfect rebound girlfriend, do i like her because the sex was great, why do i like her? I needed to find out for my self and finding out meant to take any all distractions that would cloud one’s judgement away and that meant getting all physical was out of the way, that means comparing her to you was out of the question, that meant that i had to see beyond her beautiful get to see her scars and flaws and if i still like the view then ..i know this is for real. And trust me, i like what i see, i can handle what i see”

”Even this, with the Ex?”

He smiles ”Even this with the ex, the first kiss i was willing to forgive, but not the second, hurts too much”

She laughs ”For real, girl caught kissing again, boy Darren, you are daft, she got you pussy-whooped. Well good thing you are done”

”I didn’t say i was done, i just said it hurts too much. You do not understand Natalie, she is a kind of girl i would go all the way in for, even with this, we all makes mistakes, yes..but..there is a limit. And i cannot force a girl to like me Natalia, and if she loves her Ex it’s fine, i won’t push..i would back away..but she is the kind of girl i would go all the way in for if she is willing to go all the way in with me too”

”I am willing to”

”We are over Nat, we are.”

”But you are alone here, while she is smooching the Ex maybe giving him a blow-job ” she smirks

”That’s fine, the heart wants who and what it wants and if that’s her happiness i would let her go, i only hope she sees him for who he is, i do”

”Look, talking about her makes me boil, lets do something else babe, please” she hugs him, he takes her hands off

”Even if i and Annalisa are no longer together i will never get back to you; you were not listening to me Natalia; she came and i forgot you, and that’s all i need, her, and if not her, maybe someone else would come along and maybe i can find love again, for now…i want to be alone” he gets up and then walks away.

”Like hell am i letting you get away from me, like hell, a little space i would give you to clear your head, you are mind Darren, you are mine.” she turns and walks to wards the other direction.


Tonia swings the door open and then frowns seeing her at the door ”What?” she snaps, Tom raises up his head, sees who is at the door and the gets up coming towards his wife.

”Darren, is he here?” Annalisa tries to look in.

”Who is asking?” Tonia raises an eyebrow, she was not hiding her displeasure.

”Please Tonia, i need to see him, please” She blinks back tears

”What happened Anna” Tom frowns , his voice worried.

”I think he saw..” she sniffs covering her mouth ”I think he saw Daniel kissing me and-”

”Again?” The couple exclaim in shock

”I mean his time it isn’t my fault, i..i was talking to Daniel in my room and he just grabs my face and-”

‘Why the hell do you have your Ex in your room and…oh Anna, you gone did it again? Being stupid?”

”No it’s not like that, this time it wasn’t like that and i even slapped him and-”

”Too late for that Anna, you messed up the first time, and he came back wanting to mend things up and said he was going to you, now you say he saw you kissing your Ex, wow Anna, you got all the wrong vibes for my boy, really wrong”

”Look i am sorry and-”

”Shove it up your ass!” Tonia snaps

”Tonia, ” Tom touches her arm, she shakes her head smiling sadly.

”Look Anna, i like you, really and i think you are a nice girl, but you don’t go around injuring a guy who had suddenly found peace and happiness just because the devil’s wind blew your cockroach of your ex your way, you need to know who would mean alot to you and who you need to discard with at face value, forget i know Darren, a man who ignores his wife for you is already an ass. ”

”She is right Anna,” Tom joins with his wife.

”The damage has already been done and ..i just need to talk to Darren, please and mend this i mean even if we won’t be together anymore atleast he deserves to know what i told Daniel and-”

”Well he isn’t here, and given the circumstances, i do not think i would want to advise him to change his mind on whatever he has made up his mind to do so…goodluck Anna” she slowly closes the door.

Anna blinks back tears.

”Annalisa?” she turns to find Lucy and Adam coming behind her.

”I don’t know where Darren is and..” she covers her mouth and then sobs.

”Oh Anna, what happened again?”

”I think he saw us and…” she bursts into tears ”I don’t want him to hate me, this time ,i hit him, i…i know its messed up now but, if i can see him and then talk to him and then-”

”Oh Anna” Lucy hugs her friend.


”You were hard on her Tonia,” Tom says staring down at his wife

”I know but she needs to understand how certain actions causes ripple effect. She first judged him without allowing him clear himself with Natalia issue, then she goes to kiss her ex -‘

”He kissed her” Tom clarified ”Atleast that;s what she said”

”Well she didn’t stop him”


”Now, Darren is hurt, then he goes to apologize for a wrong he wasn’t guilty off only to see them lipp-ing again, come on, i wonder what is going through his mind right now, now she is crying, i mean i know Darren, he is one of the sweetest souls and when he digs you, he digs you for real”

Tom raises an eyebrow ”You know that how? You fxxking my best friend?”

She smiles ”I told you, you mess up, he is going to be my next man, the next best thing!” She winks.

Tom laughs ”I’ll kill you both.” he leans in and then kisses her ”Gatto go find my boy, and talk some sense into him”

She rubs his lips ”Let him, sometimes, you need to step back and let him deal with things on his own, matters of the heart are delicate and if he really likes this girl, the way we think or hoped at some point he does..-”

”Hey! i haven’t given up on them yet, don’t be too hasty to jump ships on them, you like Anna, you kept talking about Anna,give her a chance. Come  on babe”

”I do like her, just upset with her, but listen babe, if he still does like her a whole lot, he needs to be able to figure this out all on his own without influences on our part. If she wants him, babe she would go after him and make it right and if she doesn’t, maybe just want to apologize and move on, then…it’s fine too. Atleast he got out before he got worse off like the way he was with Natalia”

”I see your point, but she seemed sad”

”If she were this sad the first time, i would be the one combing the ship looking to pull Darren’s ears to his knees to forgive her, right now…she is going to walk this journey on her own , and Darren needs to do it on his own too. So if and when we see him, we are not going to advice him shit, he has to decide what’s in his heart  and what he wants to do….you can’t mess with that babe, because at the end of the day, you and i would go home, everyone else would go home, he gonna be alone, in a cold room, with his thoughts ..and its all that he wants that matters and we are going to support him either-ways because we love the hell out of that man, and if its Anna, hell i would love her like a sister ”


”I would kill her and put her body in a body bag and bury her in our garage”

Tom laughs ”You are savage”

”I take no prisoners” she smiles as they kiss again.

”I love you Tonia, you know that right?”

”I love you too whatever man” they smile at each other as they hug.


”Seen him anywhere?” Lucy says coming to Adam who shakes his head, uncorking a beer and taking a large gulp before answering.

‘Nope, there are tons of people on this ship, different deck floors and God knows how many rooms, how we gonna find one man  when we don’ know where he is?” Adam says looking over heads of people and then faces.

”I really really need to see him Lucy, i really do and he isn’t in his room and isn’t with Tom and Tonia, and..i don’t know where he is and i have asked around and they haven’t seen him too”

”H is here alright , he can’t have just disappeared from the ship, we are in the middle of nowhere, on water” Lucy tells her. ”So he is here, just somewhere we can’t see”

Anna sinks into a seat and then buries her face in her hands.

”It’s late Anna, we should go back up, tomorrow we can sort this out and i promise you first thing we come look for him okay?”


Lucy pulls her up and then they walk up to her room.

”Sorry babes, ” She turns to Adam as they get to their door.

”Nah, it’s fine, one of the guys didn’t mind me shacking up with him for the night, for a few box, see you in the morning and Anna, would let Darren know you looking for him incase i run into him okay?”’

”Thank you Adam”

”No sweat” he leans in and then kisses Lucy full on the mouth, smiles at Anna and walks away.

” He seems nice, Adam” Anna watches his retreating back.

”He is, now lets get you into bed after you shower ofcourse, don’t want you smelling my sheets”


”Bitch!!” Lucy laughs.


”Enjoying your Cruise trip? How is the Missus, i saw you with this sweet chick earlier…i bet she glad you brought her right? Amazing stuff huh, want a cigarette?”

Darren shakes his head ”I don’t smoke” he says stuffing both hands into his pocket and staring at the stranger who came to stand beside him as he watches the quiet sea unperturbed by the ship’s weight.

”Too bad, its helps to calm nerves”

”Smokers are liable to die young”

The man laughs ”So they say, yet they keep making them and supplying to countries”

”You can be among the few who says no”

”Well” the man takes a long drag and breaths it out ”Man would one day die; accident, natural and man-made, sickness, sex, drugs…so this won’t be any different. So i fear no death, what i fear however is to be alone when the time comes, having to not have anyone to love before the big guy up there goes…time up Big Castin”

”What’s the point in having someone to love or be there with you when they won’t stay, won’t love  you as much as you love them, what’s the point in feelings when you would only get hurt?”

The man stares at him, ”Let me tell you something my father told me once ”A man can be happy on his own without having a woman, and  with wealth and luxuries he can probably live a long life,’ but when a man has someone to share that , all that he has with, he is bringing a spark to another’s eyes, and yes there would be struggles and fight, some are necessary and others are not’,it’s the ability to know what you want, the willingness to fight for it and pursue it that would tell you just how much the person means to you and it doesn’t matter even if they disturb your peace of  mind, you would take it any day other than having the quietness that comes from being lonely, unloved and dying alone. And even if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine, it hurts but it’s fine, you should be happy that you loved, because it’s the most beautiful feeling ever and the only universal commandment that supersedes all others.

”Its messed up when you are the only one feeling it alone or wanting to feel it alone, it’s just stupid” Darren stares at his feet, he look up when another man joins them.

”Hey Castin! Boss wants you to go pick up some supplies in the morning, our man bailed on us, supplies are left on shore and no one to get it across” the man says to him

”I told you that fool got eyes like a thief, how much he stole?”

”A few thousands, client’s money but Boss says the cops are being alerted. but he needs  you get those supplies first thing, a boat would be prepared for you in the morning. We have so many mouths to feed and if the supplies don’t get here on time, we fxxked, literally.”

”No sweat champ!. Bright and early ”

”Good man” the man taps Castins’s back and leaves, sharing a brief nod with Darren.

”So, what were we talking about before we got interrupted?” Castin asks breathing out more smoke through his nose

Darren looks at him ”How early are you leaving with the boat to shore for the supplies?”

”Six or Five, why?”

”Can i ask you a favour, unrelated to what our discussion was about”

”Sure” Castine nods.

Darren smiles. ”Good man!”


Anna turns on her bed, facing the side Lucy is on , her hands her over her eyes, breathing softly.

”Lucy, are you asleep”


Annalisa smiles ”Then why did you answer”

”Sleep talking, i am not answering”

Anna bites her lips ”Can you please check if he is back?”

”Anna, i have been literally doing that for the past five hours, he isn’t there and i do not think he has any intention  of sleeping in there”

”Can you please check again, please, i really can’t sleep and if i do go to Tom or Tonia, i think she would pour water on my face”

”She wouldn’t”

”She hates me now”

”She doesn’t, just upset, i am upset with you too”

”But you are still here!”

”Because despite i think you are a pain in my ass and that you do not listen to voice of reasoning, you are my best friend and i love you and i would always be there for you, so..guess we are stuck like glue”

”Thank you Luce, really, despite all this and the things i said to you and hit you, thank you”

”Nah, no sweat, that’s what you get for having a douchbag for a bestfriend”

”What?” Anna nudges her shoulders, Lucy laughs ”Please, go check, i really need to talk to him”

”Tell me this Anna, what do you want to say to him exactly?”

”That i am sorry, that i hurt him, knowingly and unknownly and that, i do love Daniel but-”

”i am not getting up from this bed if that’s what you intend to say” Lucy turns to her

”No, i mean i do love him but..i know what is right and wrong and i rather choose to be happy and-”

”Good, i think i like where this is going, let me go check on him and you better make this right, Darren is such a cutie” Lucy gets up , grabs a shirt and is walking towards the door.


Bella tries to catch up with him ”Are you going to keep ignoring me all night Darren?”

He gets to his door , she blocks him ”I am tired and i need to sleep okay, all this drama..i am done, it’s been a long and crazy night, Natalia coming at me, you coming at me.. i just need you all to leave me alone”

”But i never did anything wrong to you, for real and..look i am really sorry about your girlfriend and how this all turned out but i want to be here for you, i do like you alot Darren. I have fallen for you, working with you as been amazing and all i prayed for was for you to look at me, like really do look at me but all you saw me as was just a friend, and i had hoped that when i came here and met you and showed you how much i really do love you you would-”

”What? I would what? suddenly fall for you? Come on Bella, look i do appreciate your kind gestures but…this isn’t going to happen. Did you not  come with a date?”

”He was a Tag’along-date, i don’t even like the guy”

”Right, you all just like using people to get what you want don’t you, very classy”

”Atleast i do it openly, i do not lie about shits like that” Natalia opens her door and then folds her hands staring at Darren and Bella.

Bella scoffs shaking her head ”You just don’t give up don’t you?”

”Nope, been waiting on him since so if you don’t mind, you should get back to your man while i get mine”

”Don’t you have your man, i mean it’s a two plus cruise, i think i remember seeing a short fat fellow with you at the registration table.”

”The fool is asleep, be knocked out till the next day, he no trouble”

”Ha, right, you call me a user and you think she isn’t a badass at it?” Bella points to Natalia staring at Darren. Darren shakes his head in frustration.

”I just said i ain’t gonna lie about that unlike you, i know what i want and i came to get what i want, and i will get it”

”Look, Darren is over you” Bella throws at her

”No he isn’t but i know for certain he ain’t gonna be screwing you anytime in the nearest generations to come” she laughs

”Oh please don’t kid yourself okay, me and Darren bonded at work and i am the closest thing to peace with him” Bella jabs at Natalia

”Get off your ass bitch, i am the girl in his life that knows how he ticks, if you think you can sway him, you have got no idea the kind of man Darren is-”

”No you have got no idea the kind of man Darren is that’s why you took him for granted and left him for a girl”

”That was a stupid mistake and i already apologized and he does not love me less”

”That’s what you think, you are disgusting, !”

”You bitch don’t call me that you slut trying to steal my man!” Natalie says into her face

”Get off my face!” Bella pushes her face away.

Darren is by the door, his head in his arms, they are blocking him from entering his room.

The door next to him flings open and Lucy steps out, ”Oh Darren, Anna has been…what in the world is going on here?” She stares at him and then the girls.

”You better get back inside because no one is talking to you” Natalia throws at Lucy ”And tell that slut to stay away from Darren because all she has done is to cause him hurt in a day that i was only able to do in three fxxking years”

”Who you calling a Slut?” Lucy raises her voice

”Your friend  is, and this Delilah here trying to steal my Samson, both of them should go and suck on some packs of baby dxxks., they aren’t needed, so shuuu” She says turning and pulling Darren who removes her hand.

”You stop cussing and calling Anna namea, and you Bella stop, Lucy please don’t indulge them, Can you all just step away so i can get into my room and have a night’s rest?”

”No baby, you come stay in mine where no one would dare bug us” Bella says pulling him instead

Natalia grabs her and shovels her to the wall ”I said stay away from my man you bitch!”

”Get off me” they are struggling, Daren removes himself from their grip .

”Damnit, what the hell is wrong with all of you”

Natalia and Bella are struggling with themselves pulling hairs and then slapping each other.

The door opposite swings open, Tom rushes out with boxers and Tonia wearing her nightie ”The hell, what’s the commotion about …whoa!!! girls fight!!” he steps away from them.

Tonia comes closer and then tries to separate them ”You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves fighting over a man who don’t give shit about you lot, my goodness!!”

Instead they shove her to the side and continue slapping themselves, Lucy laughs unbothered.

”Wife, don’t get between them crazies to destroy your beautiful face, let them fight, we don’t care right. Dude are you okay?”  he pulls her away and then turns to Darren who is shaking his head.

Darren is staring at them, ”Like hell i am, this is madness” he goes to them and then pulls Natalie away and stands in their middle, putting both hands up on each side of him pointing at them on each side.  ”Enough! Damnit!

Lucy’s door opens up to reveal Annalisa with a confused face ”Darren..” then she sees everyone ”Whats going on?”

”I’ll tell you what is going on goody-too-shoes, because of your stupid stunt, i can’t get my man and this bitch here thinks she can take him, so why don’t you go back inside and continue kissing your Daniel again, since that’s what you are good at”

”Oh shut up shemale” Lucy throws at her

”All pussy baby, you want to lick’em? Bitch!!” Natalia spat

Anna folds her hands ”Darren, can we talk?” ignoring Natalia, but Natalia could see it hit a nerve, she smiles.

”No, you can’t! Because honestly, i agree with the shemale for once” Bella points to her.

”Fxxk you Bella!”

”You is a shemale Natalie, you are a whore ,a slut and a very very disgusting human who don’t deserve love in your life for hurting a good man, but i agree with you that Anna caused all this; if She hadn’t come into his life, i may have had a chance with him, and if you had stayed out…shemale” she points to Natalia, ” I would have had a chance with him, so how about you both leave me to get a shoot at love”

Natalia laughs

”Oh baby girl, you can’t get love by shoving your desires down a man’s throat, who ever groomed you to thinking like that did you wrong” Tonia says shaking her head.

”Look, you don’t know me”

”I do not, but all i see is bad vibes, and Natalia is the worse of it. how about you guys go back to your dates and leave Darren to his”

”Darren don’t want her no more, he told me that a while earlier when he spewed his regrets to ever meeting her on st. valentines day and maybe the sex was good but he says he regrets and that he didn’t even like her as much but was trying to see just where it would lead. She is his rebound girl, ”

Anna blinks suprised ”Did you say that Darren?”

”Yes he did” Natalia affirms nodding her head ”We talked, how else did i know that’s when you meet.”

”No he didn’t say that trash, he wouldn’t say such, Darren likes her a whole lot and that day was perfect for him”Tom clarifies

”That’s not what he told me, he said she was messed up, and broken and she was crazy and that they had sex and it was a rebound and the only reason he is hanging out with her right now is because he just wants to fxxk and get it out of his system” she smirks

”Shut up Natalia, i see through your lies” Tonia points at him, Lucy is shocked.

”Is that what you said Darren?” Anna looks at him

”Would that sound like what i would say?” He stares at her straight in her eyes, tired of everything happening.

”I wouldn’t know, because i know you called me crazy, and messed up and broken then when we met, so…sorry if i am a little hurt by her saying all those things, did you say them, is what she saying true, i am your rebound girl?”

He smiles ”It’s fine, you can believe what you want okay, i am tired of trying to defend myself with you always, ” he says walking to his door

”Darren?” She calls out, regretting believing Natalia for a second. She was doing it again, not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

He swings around ”Look Anna, you are an amazing girl, you are, but  i can’t keep up with you, i can’t, so whatever!”

She blinks back tears ”Darren, look i am sorry and i want to talk to you and–”

”Honestly Anna , right now, i do not want to hear it, i do not at all, i want to be left alone, like seriously. All this is making me feel irritated, mad and really angry so i am just going to go to bed”

”Darren?” Natalia comes to him

”No stop it Natalia, for God’s sake stop it, and leave me the hell alone, we are done, it’s over and the sooner you realize that the better, get a life, get a job and get out of my life!!!” He shakes her.

Then he turns to Bella ”I expected more from you Bella, you were among the few friends i felt had no flaws, but this, this is disgraceful, and i have been nothing but a friend to you and  it has always being platonic, okay maybe it’s my fault i allowed you to flirt with me sometimes and maybe i  indulged you but there had never been anything to suggest that i like you more than  a friend, so please i beg you, try to salvage the little friendship we have and back off, just leave me alone..” He opens his door and then slams it shut.

”Look Darren” Bella reaches for the door, Natalia slaps her hands away ”Get off, he don’t want you”

”He don’t want you either” Bella pushes her away

”You girls don’t get it do you?” Tonia is shaking her head ”He don’t want any of you and if i were you, i would pack my tails in my butt and save face and walk out of here with some certain level of dignity even if it’s 0.1%. You both are disgraceful, i swear to God. Throwing yourselves at a man, i wonder what you gonna be teaching your daughters, my God!”

”Whatever!!” Bella turns and walks away.

”Yeah walk bitch, keep walking” Natalie laughs, then she turns to his door and took steps towards it, Tom, Tonia and Lucy steps to block her.

”I think her ears are blocked, maybe i should slap her with my slippers so it sticks to her head that he said i want to be alone ” Lucy says to Tonia and then faces Natalie.

”Oh , i get it, i see what is going on here, the witches of east-end coming against me so their girl can go lick his balls?” She says nodding towards Anna who wipes a tear from her face.

Tonia smiles ”Who knows, walk away Natalia, i think you have done alot of damage here and i swear to God if not that i am trying to be a good wife, i would ram my fist into your face so hard you won’t know what pretty looks like ever walk away”

”And if i do not?”

”I can triple the fist punch? I knocked a girl in school once, she without front teeth to this day, you want to do a test run?” Lucy shows her her folded fist.

Natalia laughs ”And Tom,you gonna stand there and watch them insult and then threaten to harm me?”

”Me? Pretty much”

she laughs shaking her head ”Darren love ME, i know how to handle him and make him feel better, they haven’t been together for a week and see the damage she did to him and you think it would last?”

”That’s for them to find out not you, now fxxk off” Tonia says ”Before i lose my temper and go hulk smash on your head”

”Whatever Tonia, fxxk you” she points at her ” and fxxk you too Luke”

”It’s Lucy!!”

”Whatever, you look like a Luke with your tiny boobs and no ass and fxxk you too Tom, all of you and you too Darren, i hope you hear me, asshole!!” she raises her voice and then catwalks away, then she pauses and turns to Anna ”Don’t get your hopes up honey, you wound a wounded man, ain’t no healing for that one , atleasts not for now so yeah, i am happy, i don’t get him, none of you all get him, kiss my ass, its real” then she walks way

”God i hate her” Tonia sighs

”Me too” Lucy says

Anna cleans her eyes and the  walks to them ”Can i pass please?” Lucy nods and steps away, Tom and Tonia do not

”Tonia?” Lucy says in surprise

”No Luce, now is not the time, you are hurt, he is hurt, this is a bloody mess of words that should have been avoided, let the sun go down on this one, tomorrow you talk”

”I can’t, okay, i can’t!”

Tom steps aside ”Let her through Tonia, matters of the heart remember?”

She stares at her husband and then at Lucy, ”Fine, but if you are going to go in there, do not get defensive. if you want to be all in, be all in. if not, end it and you both go your separate ways and maybe be able to laugh about it in the nearest future, let his not end in hate” She says and then steps away, Anna opens the door and then closes it behind her.

”Should we wait?” Tom asks

”No, whatever happens here on out, they need to decide on their own ” Tonia says walking away and opening her door, ”Tom?”

He nods crossing to her

”I am really sorry for my friend Tonia, really, she is a lovely girl and this, all of it isn’t entirely her fault”

”You and her owe me no apologies, i just want my friend to be happy, he is like a brother to me, and i would fight anyone who hurts him” she says , ”Goodnight Lucy, you should go back in too”

”Yeah, goodnight”

The door closes, Lucy waits abit, and then turns into her room and then closes the door.


Anna walks to the bed and then seats as it goes in, Darren’s hand is over his eyes.

”I said i wanted to be alone” She heard him say.

”I am sorry Darren, please..” she says ”Look at me”

”I don’t want to”

”Please, look at me?”

He drips his hands and then seats up, looking at her, her eyes glistens with tears ”I never meant to hurt you in anyways, i swear it, i do like you a awful lot and i am really sorry for all that happened here today..”

”What do you want Anna, i know you love him, why are you here?”

”Because…” she began.


Cupid wipes the sweat from is brow..

”Finally, after finding a way to clear those distractions with tons of spells and arrows, i have just one left, now where the hell is my love formula?.” He scraches his butt cheeks.

He heard a noise behind him, he is startled ”Damnit Jesus, stop doing that”

”It’s  Gabriel!” the person comes to stand behind him

”Father sent you?” he didn’t bother looking at him.

”Yes, he says you are making a mess of things”

”Me, has he been watching what is going on down there? Look , i worked so hard to bring these two together, they were broken , a mess and i healed their hearts”

”By making a sex love portion and shooting it to them, yes i see what you mean”

”Don’t be an ass” Cupid says moving away, he drops a bowl as it dances in the air, he has a book spread out and he is reading from it, pushing his hands into a bag he had slashed over his shoulders and throwing it into the bowl, he grabs a pinch of cloud, runs it together and then makes spatula out of it, he stairs the bowl.

”You lot won’t understand, Father said spread love, and i did, so what, sex is equated with love”

”And yet see how they turned out”

”Its that Natalia and that Bella and that Daniel”

”Right, i thought your love is supposed to keep them together?”

”It would, it would, look i am trying to work here okay? Ever since they got on that ship, i have been shooting arrows to cause them all of them  of leave her and him alone, after missing tons of spells, i finally dispel them, dropping each on their heads, they gone okay, now i have them in the room, alone and i would fix this i will, this is their happy ending, it is…i just have to get this formula right this time, my all time love portion ingredient, and it would be perfect, no fights, just love ”

”And sex, i see the dosage you putting in Cupid”

”Yes, it’s more than the last one, look humans are predictable. They are together, you turn up the heat, they get in the mood, all sexy, know and the next thing all sins are forgive, they fall back in love and happy ever after, no more Bella and the rest…this would work and then i would go to father and then Jesus and go…in your face, look..this would work”

”I think you should speak to Jesus, he would be able to help.”


”Father then?”

”I said no, i know what i am doing and i am doing it right, i am , so if you could stop talking and allow me concentrate i would do it okay, you lot make me feel as though i do not know how to do anything, i do, i am cupid, cupid, the god of love, so let me let them love each other, is that too much to ask?” he shouts

Gabriel smiles and shakes his head ”No, it is not”

”Good, now watch me make this two happy again”

Gabriel seats down and the watches him ”carry on, don’t let me interrupt you”

Cupid continues to read, throw in spices, steer, steer some more, adds a few more items he brings out of his bag and then lastly he pulls out a container which had a  shape of love”

”Where did you get that from?”

”From Jesus’s stash”

”You know what that is?”

”LOVE,’that is what?”

”Love isn’t something you can just-”

”Save it Gab, save it. i am near perfection here, so save it”


He continues to work, and then tosses  the love shaped object into the bowl, with a smile he watches it melt. Then he grabs the last arrow behind him, and then places it inside bowl, watching it smear it entirely.

He turns takes it out, puts it to his bow bow string and says to it ”Bring them love, like never before, feel their hearts till it over flows with joy, bring the two broken hearts and mend them as one, show them just how to love in one accord” he lets it go and watches it rise up into the heavenly clouds and then sinks below it.

Gabriel gets up and then bends to watch how it descends below them, hovering over the roof of the ship and then sinking beneath it.

”Watch this love transform into something never been seen, watch my mastery at work, watch them fall madly inlove..” he smiles kneeling .

The arrows sinks below, finding their room and passing through the walls, hovering behind Darren, and with a sharp thrust, it pierces Darren’s heart  from the back and the  comes out entering into Anna’s dissolving into nothingness as soon as it exits her body and drops like  invincible shimmers over their heads that dissolves.

”Hey Gaby, here we go, you might want to close your eyes for whats to happen next, i don’t want father saying i soil his sons by defiling them with things of the human flesh”

Gabriel chuckles ..and then  says nothing, but he turns away.

Cupid smiles …”Get her Darren, let love lead”


”Can we start all over again?” Anna says in a whisper.

Darren smiles as he pulls her closer to him and then brings his head closer to hers ”Anna-” he breaths, she closes her eyes and breaths him in..



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