Moonlight Desire – Chapter Sixteen

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Our hearts pump in union, our breaths have united, it’s as if we are one.

“Soon, Gigi. Soon we’ll rule the world.” Wyatt said.

I sighed. He kissed me over my head and butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

“Okay?” He asked.

I nodded. We pulled back and Wyatt left.

I slumped down onto the bed.

I heard a knock onto the door.

“Come in!” I called.

“Indeed.” Tony replied as he pushed in.

He entered into the bedroom and sat beside me.

“You know that if Wyatt saw us together, I’m screwed.” I said.

“Hmm.” He muttered and slept beside of me.

He traced my jaw line with his index finger and placed a kiss just beside my lips. I jerked away. ’Why?” I asked.

Tears flooding my eyes again. He flashed me a threatening stare, stood up and rushed out

I closed my eyes.

Why did he even come here?

 Gigi climbed on her feet, she was tired and strangely warm and weak.

Tony and Wyatt walked in. Both looking horrible, monstrous.

They lunched onto her and suck her blood. And then she knew that she was vampire no more.

What in the heavens did that mean? Was it the future or just a random dream?

Whatever it was, it was horrible.

Wyatt opened the bedroom door. He smiled at me.

You can’t be so f’ing handsome!

He walked over to the bed. I stared out of the window. It was night already. Wyatt walked to me on his knees and pulled his shirt out

I hitched in an unsteady breath and slid backwards only to collide with the ’wall. His muscles tensed as he walked closer to me. Our faces were inches apart

Wyatt took my tower lip between his teeth and bit it. His hands ran down my thighs and pulled me closer. He pinned me down to the bed and rested on me, never breaking the kiss.

My hands roam over his naked back.

His body was ice cold and lips super hot I pulled back and turned my face to the right

Wyatt took hold of my chin and made me look into his eyes. Those eyes had made me fall a several times. I hope they didn’t do now.

“I love you.” He said breathlessly. It was as if my body was giving up to him, as if there was no energy left in me to resist

The weight of Wyatt’s body over mine was unabling me to shift even a tiny inch.

“If you don’t wanna do this. I won t touch you.” He said.

“I’m too tired” I replied. I bit my lip resisting urge to kiss him.

“Okay.” He said and stood up. He walked to the other side of the bed and pulled out a book. He sat there reading it

Is he mad at me? Ho. he shouldn’t be.

Am I mad at him because he cared so much of me? Yes. I am.

I pulled my top out and slid into my shorts. Taking hold of my cell phone I quickly typed in the song name.

‘Ek hogaye hum aur turn ‘(We have become one.)

‘Humma Humma Humma

The song played and my lips quickly synced with the lyrics.

‘To udgayi ninde re.’ (So the sleep has went away)

‘ Aur khanki payal masti me aur kangan khanke re, Humma (and the payaIs are ringing notoriously and so are the bangles.)

I jumped over the bed and copied the dance steps. My hips moved Bollywood and my feet joined.

Wyatt made every effort not to pay attention but he repeatedly glanced at me and smiled to himself.

I grabbed the book from his hand and slid it over the side table. I took hold his wrist end pulled him up. He didn’t resist much and quickly stood up. I ruffled my hair, sexily, and moved my hips.

I turned my head and my hair slapped across Wyatt’s face. I turned my back towards him and continued my swooning around.

The words of Humma made my body fly. Wyatt caught my wrist and twisted me around. His lips had curved into the most adorable smile and little dimples popped on his cheek. He swooned his body copying my steps, i laughed and joined him.


My body was covered in a beautiful red shiffon saree while Wyatt had a translucent what shirt on and black pants. The view around us had changed to beautiful ice covered mountains and we were on a plate with grass beneath.

‘Kho hi gaye hum, Humma, Humma, Humma, Humma, Humma, eh, eh Humma.’

Pumped my chest and shakes my body to the tune. I roamed through the field dancing while Wyatt followed.
The setting changed and we were in a lake. I was in a one piece, coloured blue, which extended up to my mid thighs. While Wyatt was shirtless and in swimming shorts beneath. The water slid down from my hair to my body. I splashed the water over Wyatt and he did the same to me. We both laughed and we’re completely soaked in water.

The setting changed again and we were between the mountains again.
I was wearing a yellow saree now while Wyatt was in the same clothes from earlier, the white shirt that showed his perfect body and his tight black jeans.

I brought my pull over to Wyatt’s face and he held me by my waist.
We were dancing in sync as the song was nearing its end.

I was in my room again, Wyatt holding my waist and both of us dancing in sync. The song ended and we both were breathless.

I laughed at myself. It was the bollywoodest dance ever.

Wyatt leaned in and kissed me.

“You look adorable when you dance.” He said.

“You do too.” I replied.

I didn’t know what was happening to me, just this that I was falling deep.


“Why did you leave?” I asked Tony.

I wanted to ask it to him. I wanted to ask why he had come but the words left my lips unknowingly.

He was sitting on the couch with a book in his hand. I rolled my eyes and sat in front of him.

“I asked, What had you come for?” I repeated. Well, not exactly repeated.

“No, you asked why I left.” He muttered still looking into the book.

“Yeah, that too.” Too bad he noticed.

He didn’t reply and continued reading. Wow, he knew exactly how to annoy me.

“Tony!” I yelled.

Tony quickly jerked his head towards me and shut the book. He stood up and went into his room.

I was more than pissed. “YOU CANNOT WALK OUT!”

“Shut up!” Tony yelled from inside and I gasped.

How dare he?!

He returned with a card on his hand and threw it at me.

Wtf?! It was my wedding card!


I stayed there, wide eyes, Frozen on my glace. My jaw fell to the floor as I gaped the wedding invitation.

The date was that of two weeks from now.

Wyatt didn’t consider at least informing me about it, let alone asking.

“See this,  Gigi?” Tony’s eyes stayed on me. Pure anger radiated through them.

And he wasn’t angry at the situation, he was angry at me.

“Tony, I.. I didn’t know..” I stammered.

“Stop it,  Gigi! Stop playing games with me! Why did you confided into me? Why did you say that you loved me when you didn’t. You knew how much Loved you. You know how much I love you.” He shooted me with his angry words which pierced my heart. “Why did you let it go so far that I couldn’t back off. Why did you push me away in the first place? I would’ve found someone, the one who truly loved me, unlike you.”

“” I bursted into tears. I knew I was doing it all wrong. I couldn’t explain it to him.

Tony frowned at me, as if he didn’t comprehend my words.

“I love you.” I said.

He let out a frustrated laugh. “Get out.” He said.

I gasped. “Tony, please!”

“Get out of here  Gigi. I can’t take it anymore.”

Tears travelled through my cheeks to my lips. I could taste the salt in them.

I slowly rose from my seat and left his chamber.

He hated me. He had all the right to do it.

I could’ve found someone else…

His words ran through my mind.

I do love him. He didn’t know that.

I was getting grinded between two poles. But I would do it, my desire would drive me out through the toughest paths.

But what did / really Desire?

At this point there wasn’t really a particular answer to it. But at the end I knew I’d get everything I want.

I settled on my desk feeling better now.

Whatever I desired, I knew, Maybe Tony was one of them.

Now after all this will he really take me back?

Should I explain all of this to him?

But will he really understand?

I doubted that.

Days passed by really fast making me anxious about my wedding. Wyatt had apologized me for not informing me about sending out the cards.

He told me that the date was decided and if he would’ve delayed it any further, his ‘future’ plans would’ve been affected. And he wanted to send the invitations a little earlier so that the arrangements were done on time.

The invitations outside also were sent.

I exactly knew what his future plans were. And I was sure he would succeed to implement them. The human race wasn’t ready to fight the vampires yet.

The whole castle was getting a makeover and there were works going on almost everywhere.

Tonywas still not speaking to me and I felt terrible about it. It’s not that I used to chatter with him a lot earlier but somehow it made me want to jump off from the top now.

I had worked too hard to not pay attention to him, but he was screwed down into my brain.

I walked to the terrace of the castle.

“I’m marrying this week with the king.” I told Shivani who was waiting for me.

Shivani turned around at my sound and gave me a curious look. “Weren’t you with Tony?” She asked.

I sighed. “Forget about it. The point is, I’m marrying this week and we need to do our work fast.”

“Did you two fight?” Shivani inquired.

Please don’t bring this up!

“He’s mad at me because I’m marrying Wyatt.”

I replied.

“Well of course he’ll be mad at you. He loves you, I can see that in his eyes and you are marrying someone else.”

“You met him once, Shivani.”

“Well, I’m a nagin  Gigi. I know everything.” Shivani said.

“Hmm. I don’t know. He hated me know.”

“Shut up, girl. Go and get him. You love him, I know that!”

“Are you creeping inside my head or what?” I chuckled.

Shivani smiled too. “Believe me. You two look great together.” She said.

“Lets get back to business now:

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less time left. Five days from

snake form and rushed out.

My eyes zeroed on Tony again and I saw him staring at me with his cold eyes.

“I’m sorry, Tony.” I whispered.

What else would I say?

He shook his head and began leaving. “I can’t even spend some leisure time now.” He said.

I grabbed him by his wrist and began the magic of my lips.

“Is it too late to say sorry now?” I said as I roamed around him, meeting his eyes. Watching them warm a little bit, the warmth Tony was trying so hard to hide.

I pushed him by with my hips and he frowned. I giggled.

Oh I missed you so much, Tony.

” ‘Cause I’m, missing more than just your body.”
I ran my hand through his silky hair and he closed his eyes. My heart flooded with joy. I still had the effect on him.

I moved closer to him and could feel the warmth of his body. It felt so comforting.

My hands moved over Tony’s biceps and his muscles tensed. My lips don’t move to sing, my lips longed for him. I had never felt this before.

Slowly I took a step forward which left me just inches away from him.
His lips, so red, so soft, I remembered them. He drew in breath from his mouth, his eyes still shit.

Tony’s tanned skin had never appealed to me so much than now. His perfect body had never attracted me so much till now. His beautiful lips hadn’t weaken me so much than now.
His slightly bent nose hadn’t lulled me so much than now.

I finally touched my lips to his.
His eyes shot open and he took a step back. I almost cried at the loss.
“You should do that with your husband-to-be.” He said.

He turned his back to me. At that time I’d do anything to stop him.

“I love you Tony! Only you!” I shouted .

But he didn’t stop, he kept moving. I rushed to block him.

“You didn’t hear what I said?” I asked.

“I don’t believe you  Gigi. You are marrying him and you say you love me. No one has ever hurt me so much.”

Tears slid down my cheeks. I knew he was right but he didn’t know what the circumstances were.

“I’ll tell you everything you want to know, Tony. I’ll explain everything.”
I said between my sobs.

“What do you mean?”

“Did you think that I’d marry Wyatt? I love you Tony. Only you.”

“Then why did you hook up with him?” I could see confusion in Tony’s eyes. Confusion and relief.

I hugged him. I couldn’t stand the distance any more. I crashed my lips with his and he melted into my kiss. My lips devoured his and I absorbed in his heat. My hands slid beneath his shirt as I traced his abs.

Tony pulled me closer to him and lifted me above the ground. He carried me to the elevator still not breaking the kiss. He pushed the button for his flower and the lift moved down. We pulled back but he didn’t let me down.

I rolled my legs against his waist.
The door of the elevator flew open and we entered Tony’s Chamber.

I rested my forehead on his shoulder.
He pushed past the door into his bathroom and got the water running.

I slid back to the floor. Tony pulled off his shirt and threw it away. My eyes scrutinized his body. He smirked as I observed him. He let his jeans slide and down and entered the bathtub.

“Will you remain staring now?” He asked.

To be Continued…

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