Valentine Blues – Chapter Fifteen

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”Wow!” Tonia exclaims, Tom shakes his head as he folds his hands.

”That’s messed up!” he exclaims.

”I –am, he kissed me Darren, he kissed me” She states coming closer to clarify pointing at herself, and then back at him.

”Daniel you are just a fxxking asshole, you know that right!’ Lucy spat

”Look, i am only giving the guy a heads up, that is all. We love each other so i am being the good guy here, instead i would have allowed him continue deluding himself that she digs him, she loves me , she kissed me and i kissed her back. We are getting back together”

”Now that’s enough Daniel, you kissed me!” she points at him

”But you didn’t stop me did you, not until Lucy walks in on us you seemed to be enjoying the kiss, all tongue and spittle, just the way you used to so correct me if i am wrong in stating that you do love me as you have always done”

”Wow!” Natalia laughs ”And here i thought she was the goody-two shoes girl . You sure know how to pick them Darren, me the gay cheat and she the man cheat, you got magnet for the bad ones” Natalia shakes her head, she sidesteps her and came closer to Darren, ready to give him a  shoulder to cry on if he needs.

”You shut up!!” Lucy cautions Natalia ”She is not like that okay, the snake Daniel must have taken her unawares but she is not like that” Lucy defends her friend.

”Look Lucy, you my girl and stuff and you know i am rooting for this Darren and Anna ship from day one but this is a low blow” Tonia says shaking her head , she stands close to Tom who is staring at the expression on Darren’s face. He was hurt. He could see that.

”I can’t believe you kissed your ex Anna, i mean..whatever we have, albeit new..didn’t it mean anything to you to respect that atleast. I mean these girls be throwing themselves at me, and my ex Natalia whom i loved badly at some point in my life, i turn  her away without a second’s thought and your ex comes and you lock lips with him, wow!!!”

”He kissed me Darren!” she raises her voice

”No Anna, you let him, you didn’t push him away and maybe if Lucy didn’t walk in to interrupt you both, maybe the kissing wouldn’t have stopped!!” He says angrily

”Who the hell do you think you are to judge me?” she takes two steps towards him and jabs him in the chest

”I am your boyfriend, atleast i thought i was until this moment”

”It was just a stupid kiss!!”

”No, if i kiss a girl, it means something to me, something as little as that hurts me and you did it without thinking of me, why?”

”You have no right to judge me Darren,you do not, who the hell do you think you are”

He stares down at her finger poking him in anger ”The guy who cares enough to take this to the end, but i wouldn’t be fighting for someone who don’t give a shit but rather disrespect me and make out with an ex”

”Screw you Darren , because it is not what you think”

”Really, so explain it to me then,because i am ready to see it the way you see it.”

She is quiet

”Nothing, okay lets try this angle then,  do you still love your ex? That is only the answer i need”

”Don’t do that!!”  She blinks back tears

”Be honest, do you still love him”

”Darren?’ Tom touches his shoulders, he pushes his hands away ”Don’t Tom, i need clarity here so i know what the hell i am doing okay” He turns back to her

”Let me make this easy for you Anna, i like you, a  whole lot, hell, having this weekend getaway with you was a thing of joy, i looked forward to with with you. Hell, since we ran into each other, i looked forward to spending every day with you because i love being around you, talking to you and being with you…you think there were no other guys int he picture who may have wanted my attention? Here, there is Bella, ask her if i had much had kissed her hands, and oh there is Natalia no matter how much she may want to lie, i didn’t blink when she stood infront of me naked. Why? Because my eyes were set on someone else, you and babe, when  it’s you, it’s you. i stick 100%. Which means, no matter the temptation, i would always put you first, i don’t care if i loved the Ex..because trust me, ask my friends, it broke me when Natalia left, but i would not, under no circumstances be locking lips with her knowing someone else is in the picture.

Respect Anna, Value and what i want is most important to me and right here, with all the commotion i still put your first, Okay, let me not be hard on you okay. People are different, yes, we react differently and their controls are on different levels. He kissed you, fine. You were taken unawares, maybe, how about you stopped him immediately. i mean that is what someone does when you don’t want something even if it happens anyways right? Did you atleast show in action you didn’t want the kiss? Did you push him away, just so we are clear?”

”Darren, it’s not like that , if you just calm down and-” Lucy steps in, he shakes his head stopping her

”Did you stop him, slap him, hit him, scream at him. Okay say it was too short a time, after Lucy interrupted, did you do any of these things above or atleast warned him?”

Anna blinks, tears fills her eyes.

Darren thins his lips ”Its not the fact that you kissed that hurts me, it’s the fact that you are lying to yourself which invariably means you are lying to me about your feelings , which is what i cannot take. Do you love him still?”

The tear drops

”Answer me damnit!!’

”Yes, yes i do, i thought i stopped but-” A tear drops , he sniffs.

Lucy closes her eyes, Tom and Tonia shake their head in disappointment. Daniel on the other hand is smiling broadly.

He nods, smiling sadly, raising up his hand to stop her. ”Okay, it’s fine. The heart wants what it wants and who it wants. Just own it. I won’t force you to go against what you feel. I thought we were on thesame path but sadly, we aren’t”

”Darren-” She tries to touch him, he steps back.

”Look Anna, it’s fine. I don’t blame you really, i just should have made sure before going down this road again, follow your heart Anna, it’s obvious me being here would lead me no where and i would hate to be the third wheel here” he turns and walks away.

Tonia and Tom follows him.

”I want to be alone guys, thanks” He takes a turn and then disappears into the crowd as his friends watch him leave. ”Don’t worry Tonia, i would find him later and talk to him, lets go back to the room”

”Darren?” Bella chases after him but missing him as he enters a room which leads up the bar at the third deck of the boat.

”Oh poor baby,  i forgot to mention that Darren hates to share” Natalia smiles and then turns away, chasing after Bella who chased after Darren. Both of them not finding him, they go theor separate ways.

Anna covers her hands to her face and then cries.

”Baby, you are not going to cry over that misplaced fellow, come, i would-”

”Stay away from her Daniel, you have done nothing but made her cry, leave her alone” Lucy puts her hands over her shoulders and takes her away. ”I guess you are happy now”


Lucy lets her cry for a while. After her sobbing subsides, she hands her a bottle of water.

”I think you should talk to him and then-”

She is shaking her head ”You know, he is right, my heart can’t be somewhere else and i am pursuing another person, it won’t work”

”He was hurt and angry. He doesn’t mean he wants to give up on you”

”I kissed my ex, he called it disrespectful” she cleans her eyes


Anna continues to talk ”Honestly Luce, i have to be honest with myself, ever since Daniel walked to me, i saw no one but him, not even Darren, and i know what you said, believe me i heard you but…look at this okay, it’s already a mess, he wouldn’t trust me again and he would never believe a word i say ”

”He is just hurt baby girl, once he calms he would come look for you”

”Luce” she holds her hands ”I am sorry for hitting you, really i am, i shouldn’t have and i wont again. But the heart wants what it wants. If you have a second chance to make things right wouldn’t you take it?”

”I would, but if we are talking about Daniel., babe run for the hills”

”He says he loves me”

”He just broke up your relationship, says he wants to divorce his wife for you, don’t mean shit girl, please stop talking about Daniel, he is a cheat, a liar , a home wrecker, he is no good for you”

”But given every indication, right now, thinking about it, i still love him, that’s the truth, i can’t deny it. i like Darren but i don’t love him”

Yet!!” Lucy states ”You haven’t yet given the relationship time to blossom dear, so you say you don’t love him yet”

”He broke it off, you saw it, he did”

”He was hurt, and i think that majorly because you didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt when he said he didn’t do anything with his Ex and then you turn around and kiss yours”

”He kissed me Luce”

”And you kissed him right back, same thing baby girl”

Annalisa hides her face and then looks up.. ”Whatever it was, it has been done. Me and Darren, the breakup, its for the best. Besides maybe we may not be compartable i mean look, one misunderstanding and we already headed for the hills and he is jumping ships.”

”He is reacting, you did, and badly too. How did you think he felt when you ignored him only to end up doing something he even didn’t do. So there”

”Look i am sorry”

”You shouldn’t be apologizing to me but to him”

”He wouldn’t listen to me” she stares at her hand

”Maybe you really do not know your Darren, you haven’t given him a chance to know you neither have you tried to know him beyond the physical, that is where you are wrong. i think it’s too early to shun -ships, let it be, later on you guys can find each other and talk”

”There is nothing to talk about” Anna says getting up from the bed and then perching on the chair, i think it’s for the best, honestly. My heart is with someone else and i thought i was over him but it is clear i am not, which means i would be doing more harm to him if i stay with him..i cant be kissing Darren and wishing it was Daniel okay, i cant and i won’t”

”But you didn’t have a problem kissing him before ”

”When we met that first night, yes! Since we re-ran into each other, gone out on dates and getting to this moment, he has been a gentleman”

”So what is wrong with that?” Lucy comes to her ”We love gentlemen”

Annalisa smiles ”Darren is a sweet man, but, i love Daniel, until i figure this out, i cannot date him.

Lucy sighs ‘So you are going to go back to Daniel?”


”Whatever little thing i and Darren had is lost okay, and i cannot do anything about it, so…let it be. Can you help me take out my things from the room, can i sleep here?”

”Fine, whatever!!”

Annalisa hands her their room keys ”Thank you”

”And i would like to see Daniel, so i know where to go from here, if you can, let him know i would like to see him.”

”Annalisa, please don’t.”

”I have to”

Lucy shakes her head and leaves her alone.


”There you are, being looking all over for you, Tonia is worried sick, she blames herself” Tom slides into the chair beside him, Darren stares into the empty bottle of beer, he orders for another one.

”She shouldn’t, it would pass, i would be fine” He takes the beer, nods to the bartender, uncorks it and takes it to is lips.

”You cannot just give up on her like that” he looks at the empty bottles on the table ”How many bottles have you had?”

”Fourth now” Darren closes his eyes and then opens it ”Well, i cannot hide in another person’s shadow so its fine. She loves him still, it’s fine. i can’t hate her for loving her ex..” he adds.

”But you are now in the picture”

”No, if she saw me as being in the picture, the kiss wouldn’t have happened the way it did. I mean you see me practically running away from Natalia and Bella, if she respected me or cared about me, she would have atleast tried to avoid it or ensured he knew what he did was wrong. And then see how angry she got when Natalia lied we had something when she came to my house and she didn’t even give me a chance to clarify myself, then she ignores me all through and then she does this…look, the kiss happened, it hurts yes but..she didn’t try to stop it Tom, which means she wanted it atleast or yearned for it. That hurts, to have your girl fan over someone, ex or not. It hurts.”

”Maybe she did, you weren’t there!”

”Maybe, like i said, my anger isn’t just that they kissed, but she lying about her feelings and trying to downplay it. Which means i would be putting my heart and mind and my all into this but she would be give me 5 percent maybe while i give her a 100, hook line and sinker. That would be unfair. Look, i have been in a very bad place  Tom, you know, Natalia was the last straw because  i didn’t see hers from a mile away, and i promised myself i wouldn’t allow my heart to be broken like that again. And now with Annalisa, atleast now i know where her feelings are, so i rather pull out now  before i go in too deep and then be broken again, i really can’t let it happen , not again, i am done so. Whatever!!”

”You do not want to give her the benefit of the doubt then?” Tom shakes his head drinking ”She may be sorry ”

”She may be”

”So talk to her”

Darren sighs ”I don’t want to get hurt Tom, really do not”

”You like her don’t you?”

”Alot” Darren admits, he is frowning ”But then again, she may not feel thesame way towards me, with the Ex, the kiss, how do i want to compete with that huh?”

”You do not have to compete wit anything man, do you , be you as you have always been. Look, see this as a one of those obstacles on the way, couples do have that every once in a while, this may very well be your test. Trust me, couples got problems, i and Tonia do too.”

”Yeah, whatever problems is there isn’t about you finding her locking lips with an ex”

”You didn’t find her though”

Darren looks at him ”that’s not even remotely funny Tom, so please”

”Sorry, stupid joke, stupid me!” He nudges Darren slightly ”Look, get angry, it’s okay, think over it, it’s okay, but when you are done mulling over the issue, what does your heart wants?”

”Honestly, her”

”Then that is all that matters, you forgive, your forget, you build your relationship and let this go like a bad dream, years to come you can dish it out like a joke and it won’t even hurt, you dig?”

Darren takes the bottle to his lips ”Yeah i dig”

”So am i the best advice giver or not?” He nudges Darren again who laughs now

”Fxxk you”

”Fxxk you too, now there is a smile, go get your girl man, that dude ain’t shit..he is her ex, her you need to own the present and the future..that’s how you mark your territory”

Darren laughs

”Now, there is the dude, laughing while having drinks with the buddy, i guess you really don’t care about her, one minute you are pretending to be hurt and the next you are joking about it with your bud, good thing i am around now, i would show Anna what a real man is, not some kid who don’t know how to keep his girl” Daniel says leaning towards the bar, ”Let me have what they are having, give them an extra two bottles, on my tab please” he nods to the bartender who hands him a bottle of beer, he uncorks it and takes a long drag, they ignore him.

”Don’t even pay attention to him Darren, he is trying to get on your nerves”

”His nerves you say? No man, i am only pricking his conscious, let me ask though ”He belches loudly ”You fxxked her yet, sex was good right? i mean i would understand why letting her go was somewhat hard because she is a goddess in the sack, whoaf!!” he exclaims biting his lips and shaking his head.

Darren turns away and then finishes his drink,

”Yeah, lets go man, he is becoming an annoying pest ” Tom takes his bottle, they are leaving

”Let me tell you what i am going to do …Annalisa had always been gullible, listening to every fool who told her he loved her, believing him. I was cheating on her for three years and every time i lied she believed me. I married my wife because well, she was dope rich and i would take that over some chick who is crying blue tears i broke her heart, did it matter to me? hell nah. it did not. I must admit seeing her her today had me shook, like damn girl you fine, glowing and radiant and to tell you the truth, man to man..i just want to fxxk her brains out during this weekend and once the boat trip ends, i am out with the five,  who is presently beefing me but hey, a good dxxk in a  day or two would have her all over me again, then we go back on the plane and going to her father’s ranch where he is going to make me some CEO of one of his affiliates company. Man i am made, so, this is just me and you,you know, guys talk”

Darren pauses, Tom is standing infront of him ”Walk away Darren, you know what he is trying to do, get you angry and jealous, he isn’t worth it truth me”

”Yeah, you should listen to your friend, he may look stupid with that wife of his but he ain’t entirely stupid, but she looks like a half-cast babboon only with boobs and lopsided hips” He roars in laughter

Tom turns waking to him, Darren stops him ”He isn’t worth it Tom”

Daniel stands up ”What, what!!!” he says towards them, making a hand gesture

”You lucky i am a changed man Daniel, your face would have been kissing the floor if i was the same dude three years ago so be careful what you say” Tom points at him, Darren pulls him away,

”Not worth it bro”  They both turn away again, Daniel raises his voice.

”Hey Darren, You want to know what is going to happen tonight, i would fxxk her so hard that when i call your name, she would be glad she got rid of you… and because she is so stupid and gullible believing i love her, she would give me her all and by the morning of the day we are leaving, i would buy her a small ring, off the counter like before, propose to her and then leave her again….maybe then you can have that bitch back”

”I have had enough” was the last thing Darren says before taking a full turn, meets him in three slides and punches him hard across the face.

Daniel drops to the floor, his mouth was already bleeding, the Bartender and others comes to them.  Darren pulls him halfway by his caller and speaks into his face ”One more insulting word about Anna and i swear to God would be your last because i would make you eat your words”

”Darren, let him go” Tom pushes his away from Daniel.

”No fighting in the bar, i would have to ask you guys to leave this room, thank you”  A man dressed in suit comes to them, a few others follow . Daniel tries to struggle, Darren shakes him ”Understand?”

Tom restrains Darren ”Let him, lets bounce dude, come one”  and then pulls him away, someone helps Darren up

”Dxxk!! He punched me!” he exclaims as someone hands him a  towel with ice ”Fxxk!! Asshole!!” he mutters ”I would sue him”

”When you started it” someone screamed from the other side of the bar ”Dude get yourself off and bounce, we know men like you. Maggot! that’s what you are” A lady says who had been listening to him.

Daniel gathers himself and then staggers out of the bar room.


Tom pulls him out till they are going up the stairs of the boat and to their room.. He opens the door and then pushes him inside.

”What..what is wrong Tom?” Tonia jumps up from the bed, seeing their expression with Darren fuming in anger.

”He punched Daniel” Tom rests on the door.

”Dear lord, are you okay?” She touches Darren’s face coming to him, checking him.

”You not going to ask what the other guy’s face looks like and if he is fine?” Tom asks puzzled watching his wife.

”Who gives a shit, hope he is bleeding in some sense?” She stares at Darren

Darren couldn’t help but laugh ” i hope so, he lacks it majorly.”

”Kai-pow!! Fatality!!!!” Tom makes a boxing face and then throws a punch in the air ”Dude goes down like a falling tree, my boy knows how to throw a mean punch, i introduce to you, Darren, the knockout dude” Tom  laughs

Tonia takes his hands and then looks at them ”Oh my poor baby, hold on let me get some ice, you need to cool down that swell, hope you broke some thing delicate?” She smiles

”He was bleeding so, maybe” Tom offers going to open his fridge to get beer. ”Want one bro?”

He shakes his head ”I need to see Anna”

”I though you ended it? ” she raises an eyebrow

”I was upset and besides, that dude is a male slut, he intends to only screw her and then leave her okay, so i have to tell her”

”Relax, she needs to be able to use her head to deduce who cares for her and who doesn’t, if she can’t, it’s not your problem okay, she was wrong, she should apologize to you but if she doesn’t want you, what she wants can handle her the way he likes. my opinion”

‘You don’t mean that wife” Tom comes behind her and nipples her ear

”I do, i like Anna but she is dumb and stupid that is it. I am upset, i was rooting for you both, making sure you made this work and she go on and be stupid? i am upset”

”Sorry on her behalf” Darren blinks his eyes, she goes to the fridge, gets ice, pours some into a face towel, wraps it and then tells him to place it on his fist, Darren does so.

”She owes me no apology” Tonia continues.

”But still..”

”Hey ,  dude likes her woman, and she is only human, we need to support our guy okay”

”Okay, fine whatever. But if she messes up again i would take it up with her. There are two men no one messes with, my husband and then you Darren. That fact is clear, i would go basukka up their asses”

”Basukka up their asses, what does that even mean’?’ Darren laughs

”Shut up and ice your hands asshole’ Tonia hits his shoulders.

They all laugh.


Daniel is climbing up the stairs, heading to his room when the door he passes swings open with Annalisa  and Lucy standing in the room.

”Oh my God Daniel, what happened to your mouth, you are bleeding and you have blood all over our shit!?” She steps forward, almost touching him in worry. Lucy frowns deeply, not bothered by his look.

”Your Darren attacked me” he says wiping his lip ”He is crazy God look at me, he attacked me, i think he broke my nose and my lip, just look at it” He pushes his face close to hers.

”Well, i am glad he broke something, i am disappointed you still standing”

”Wouldn’t you love to have heard i was thrown into the sea?” He replies Lucy who smiles.

”Oh you got that right, you are smart Daniel , today i give you that”

”Lucy” Annalisa touches her hand , Lucy sighs and looks at her

”I hope to God you wouldn’t be stupid, i do, but whatever rocks your both, If you are looking for me, i may be downstairs , i have to look for Adam anyways. All your things are in here, have to find a room for him to sleep in anyways” Lucy says stepping out of the room, eyeing Daniel and then walking away, disappearing down the hall, going below deck.

”Can i come in, i really feel messed up”

”Sure, i wanted to talk to you anyways so, glad you are here” She opens the door and then lets him in.


Done wiping his wound clean, she dumps the used wool into the bin, washes her hands and then she comes to seat infront of him.

”So..i want to talk about us” She says

”Yes baby, anything,” He touches her hands ”This time, i want it all baby, all”

She looks at his hands ”That is what we have to talk about Daniel” she removes her hand from his and then stares at him . ”I love you..” she began.


Darren opens their room and then closes the door, ”Annalisa?”

No answer,

”Anna, are you here?”

”No Answer!!”

He goes and knocks on the  toilet door, no answer.

He takes off his jacket , intending to hang it when he notices some changes. He goes to the wardrobe and realized that her side was empty.

”Are you kidding me, she moved her things already? No come on Anna, where are you?” He turns around ”Lucy!!”

He leaves his room and then goes to theirs , he notices it was slightly open. He heard him say

”I love you too Annalisa”

He pushes the door open and then he sees Daniel leaning int to hug her, they hug, they linger abit.  Daniel then notices him standing by the door, he quickly pulls back, grabs Annalisa’s face and then crushes his lips to her again.

Darren’s fist tightens again, his eyes bloodshot red,  he closes the door and walks away.

Annalisa pushes him and then slaps him hard across his face

”Damnit Anna!!” Darren exclaims.

”I should have done that the first time, ” she wipes her lips.

”Ow!” he rubs his mouth, ”You bitch!!

”Get out!!


”No Daniel, No. I spoke to you from my heart i did. I may love you yes, i cannot deny that but loving you have wrecked me, i thought you were listening to all i have to say”

”it’s bulshit Anna, it is, i want us, i love you you know that, you cannot tell me you love me and yet tell me we can’t be together, it doesn’t make sense”

”It does, tonight i hurt a an amazing man, my chances with him may have been ruined but i asked to speak to you because i wanted closure. This is my closure Daniel. I am going to forget you and make sure i purge myself from the love i have for you, it may take weeks or months or i don’t know how long were not the best thing that ever happened to me Daniel, you were the worst and …honestly, right now. i am glad we didn’t end up together”

”Anna, what are you saying, you want to go back to him? is that it?”

”I am going to work on myself, i am going to make sure that when i do say yes to another, it’s him a hundred percent. So, goodbye Daniel, and i pray you do have a happy home. And i plead that you do not come near me till the end of this trip, you do not have fights with Darren or anyone else, i just want you out of my life okay..please”

”But you love me, you said so”

”Yes, but just because i love you , it doesn’t make it right. Goodbye, you can leave now”

”He doesn’t deserve you, he won’t take you back”

”You do not deserve me Daniel, goodbye”

He gets up ”Oh by the way, Darren was standing by the door a minute ago, maybe he came to see you, but i think right now..whatever feelings he got for you just went sour when he saw us kissing… again” Then he laughs walking to the door ”Hope you enjoy your single life Anna” he leaves. ”You were not worth it anyways!!’

”Oh my God!!!” she rushes out of the the room to look for Darren



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