Valentine Blues -Chapter Fourteen

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Anna pushes Daniel away and then cleans her lips, Daniel smiles rubbing his as Lucy’s eyes burns in anger, she held  two glasses of wine, one for her and the other for Lucy.

”Lucy, i- it wasn’t what you think” Anna stutters ”He kissed me, he kissed me and-” she trails off

”Oh it is exactly what she thinks, it was a beautiful kiss and we enjoyed it so if you do not mind Luce, we were having a moment before you interrupted” He states, Lucy isn’t smiling, she is staring at Anna.

She had wanted to give her space had she asked for, hoping to return with peace offering and apologize to her if she was hard on her earlier. But for the life of her, she didn’t expect to come back and find her doing something as stupid as this, kissing the ex, not just the ex, the snake, the playboy who left her in pieces, who didn’t care that it broke her, who used her for three years and then dumps her, on the day they were supposed to get married and marries another bimbo…and the fact that Annalisa went jelly on him was bad enough, but this was stupid, not just stupid but disappointing..and to think a fine ass man like Darren was out there sulking that her mood was bad and he was practically not enjoying the games with his friend all because he thought he did something wrong and wants to apologize to her for her state even from omitting that his ex was in town and even came to see him…yet she was here, locking tongues with Daniel, no hell nah!!

She takes steps towards them, ”Anna, i expected better from you, if you have no respect for you that is fine, but if you value relationships..i expected that you would have respected the fact that you have a man now who would have felt not just disappointed but pained to see this very bad behavior from you” She shakes her head ”Lets go” she thins her lips

”Who, she respect her..that dude? Come on, Anna has no feelings for him else she wouldn’t be here savoring the sweetness of my lips, she isn’t going anywhere, we aren’t done talking and last i checked, three is a crowd” he stops Annalisa

”Daniel, stop it, leave me alone”

”You didn’t seem to bother with my tongue down your throat a second ago when you were clinging to me…come baby” he tries to hold her

Lucy  drops the glasses of wine on a tray as a waitress passes, then she drags Anna behind her and then stands between them ”You are a rotten disgusting person who have no value for the sacred word called marriage, you have a wife, and she is here and you have no regard for her and you are here frolicking with your ex who should have had the good sense to slap you two ways to sunday if you had much as touched her. I didn’t like you before but i tolerated you because my friend loved you”

”She loves me, don’t put me in the past”

”Loved you Daniel, that thing she is feeling right now is stupidity for an asshole who should remained buried in her heart. You are a snake, a rotten disgusting animal and i won;t allow you come between my friend, her peace of mind and a man who obviously cares for her not one who wants to sink between her legs”

”Lucy!!” Anna gasps

”You shut up, ” she points to her  ”I am coming for you ” she turns back to Daniel ”Do not come near her on this trip or any where you see her, if she doesn’t have the good sense to shu you away, i would gladly do that for her, that is what friends are for, to stand up for one who they love and ensure they do not make the same mistakes in their life again and you Daniel is a big mistake and you do not deserve a spot in her life, God forbid i allow it. Go be with your wife you left her for, leave her alone to enjoy her new relationship and even if she weren’t dating Darren, i rather she dates a monk than go back to your sorry ass” she turns away,

”You are just bitter, i told you she was always jealous of our relationship Anna, she hated us together and ensured that we broke up and was probably dancing on ice with happiness when i left. she isn’t your friend Anna, you know i wouldn’t lie to you. What does your heart tell you Anna, i know it misses me and if going by that kiss i know you are burning for us to be together and i want that too, don’t allow your friend ruin your chances of second chance, i am here, i am ready and i will get a divorce to prove to you i want us together, Anna, com, don’t let her control you..Anna” he nudges Lucy away and then grabs Anna’s hands

Lucy grabs her hands and then hits Daniel’s away from her and the slaps him hard across his face , Anna gasps ”Lucy!!!”‘

”Oh my God i am so sorry” she blurts out to Darren who held his face in shock

”You are a real bitch you know that right” He says taking a step closer to Lucy

”No, i can be a hell of one, you do not touch her, you get it?” she points to him, then she grabs Anna and then takes her away, Anna turns back to look at Daniel who didn’t take his hand away from his face


Lucy didn’t stop until they are in her room, she swings to face her.

”Oh my goodness i want to so slap you right now but i am trying to restrain myself..are you crazy, what the hell Anna”

”You do not get to scream at me, and why did you slap him, my God Lucy, you are losing it!” she yells at her friend

”Look, forget that he is your ex, he is a fxxking married man Anna, where the hell are your morals hmm, you were trained better than that, is the sex so good you miss it a lot that you are willing to open your legs to that cockroach again eh? Do you have no shame?”

Anna lets her hand go, it cuts across Lucy’s face hard. Then she gasps as Lucy blinks in shock, holding her face..

She covers her mouth, her hand shock , tears fills her eyes ” Luce, i am sorry”

Lucy touches her face, the first tear drops , it takes a minute before she could find her voice ”I was the one who watched you break over and over and over again for him. I was the one who gave you a shoulder to cry on when he did the unthinkable, i was the one who was there for you when a year ago you found him in bed with some bimbo and he claimed he was drunk and he didn’t have sex with her. I was the one who stayed by the hospital when you had a nervous breakdown because of him. yes you both had some good times, but you forget that there was a lot of bad times too..those times i saw your eyes swollen with overnight tears, those nights i saw you try to pretend all was rosy, those times you lied to my face just so i do not take it up with him of how he was a lying and cheating asshole. Daniel is right, i never liked him because i saw right through him and i knew you deserved better, but you were my best friend, and you happiness came first even though it was killing me the pain you went through when he hurt you, but i stood by you even till the day he left you for good…i stood by you. So forgive me if i want the best for you, forgive me if i have gone about it wrongly. forgive me..but i would not stand idle by and watch you ruin your life, that’s what best friends do..and maybe i was rooting for Darren because he came just when you needed peace, happiness and for a few weeks i saw the light return back into yours, i saw you glow, i saw you happy and ready to sail to the sea..maybe i am wrong, maybe, maybe Darren is not so awesome, maybe…but i would take  a Darren, a hundred bad Darren over a pig like Daniel” she says, another tear falls ”You hit your best friend from trying to protect you? yet you let a man who causes you so much pain to cling to you like that, forgetting that he is also causing another woman pain right now..his wife, who may love him. I get it Anna, first cut is the deepest, i get it, but this..this is way out of line, this is morally wrong, you can date any other guy, maybe not even Darren if you do not like him that much, but i beg not let Daniel confuse are glittering baby, you are beautiful and you deserve more than he can ever offer, but the fact that you choose to lash out at me instead of at him sows that there is something seriously flawed with you…you want me to leave you alone, you want me to let you do you? Fine, but don’t come crying to me when he becomes a bastard that he is, i only pity Darren, who seems genuinely taken with you” She says blinking away tears.

The door bursts up, Adam walks in ”Girls, we have been looking all over for you, guys, they are in here” he says over his shoulders as he comes to hug Lucy from behind, Tonia, Tom and the Darren walks in.

Anna turns away and then wipes her eyes, Lucy quicken flicks the tears away as Adam hugs her.

”What’s going on here?”Tonia says walking into the room and going to them

”Nothing, just talking” Lucy turns around with a smile

”Hey baby, what’s wrong with your eyes and..are you okay?” Adam, Lucy’s date says peering into her face ”Is my date having a bad day?”

She smiles ”Nah, something got into my eyes that’s all”

”Ann, can we talk, please” Darren says from the door

”I can’t!!” she says walking away, leaving them staring after her as she exits the room, Lucy shakes her head

”What was that about?” Tom turns to Lucy

”I- i..” she shakes her head ”It’s nothing, she just needs a bit of space”

”You know what, i am not having it” Darren blurts out and then tries to follows her.

”Darren, dude let her!” Tom stops him

”No Tom, i mean, why is she avoiding me, and being upset with me? I didn’t do anything, really lets analysis it. I really didn’t do anything. Is it my fault my ex is here and then Bella? Did i invite them, and even at that, am i confused as to what i want? No! I want her, i want to date her and i am very honest about it but all she is doing is getting angry and then avoiding me, i mean she wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain things to her and even to apologize for something i had no control over..i didn’t sleep with my ex and neither did i have any romantic activities with Bella. Hell, the only woman i have been with since my ex has been with her,…so what if i omitted that my ex was around, wasn’t i supposed to prioritize who matters to me over who doesn’t!!?”

”Baby, came down” Tonia comes to him, trying to hug him, he stops her.

”No, now i am upset, it doesn’t make sense, i am here am i not, i am worried about her am i not..but she being like that wouldn’t help us at all. Damnit!!”

”Dude, relax, she would come around” Tom touches his shoulders

”Look, i know my friend isn’t being herself right now but…give her a little time okay Darren?”

He sighs seating down ”It’s just that this was supposed to be our first trip together as a couple and i was looking forward to spend time with her and this happens and i expect that ..since we both want this, we fight to ensure it but..she is letting two girls get to her, girls i have no feelings for..and i stated it, you are my girl Anna, what else does she want?”

”Look man, lets go grab a drink okay, later, i am sure she would be alright and you both can talk okay, come” Tom turns him around and then leaves with Adam.

Tonia turns to Lucy ”You want to tell me what happened to your face?” she points at her inflamed chicks after she observed her rubbing it.

”Nothing Tonia, i think i would take a drink too” she says leaving the room.

Tonia sighs following her.


Anna wipes her tears and then seats on the bed.

She didn’t mean to hit her, but she had no right to talk to her like that. She was sorry. 

She wipes her nose. She lays on the bed, closing her eyes.

This was a disaster, why did he show up and ruin her weekend like this, why did he show up and cause her to feel weak, why did he kiss her, the way he used to kiss her. why? Din’t she push him away, why did she savour his lips back. 

She turns to her side.

Oh God, she can’t still have feelings for Daniel right? It can’t be the reason. But Lucy was right, she cannot have anything to do with Daniel, he was a married man. 

But, she can’t stop her body from going weak being close to him. He knew how much she love him, and how he affected her so, and she thought all that was gone. It wasn’t. She still has feelings for Daniel.

But what about Darren?.

She turns to the other side of the bed.

He has been nothing but sweet, and caring, charming and really really nice to her. Yes, she likes Darren, alot infact but..with both of them standing there..there was no doubt she still had feelings for her ex.

But he was married, and Darren was her boyfriend and yet she could not publicly claim in infront of those girls.

Then she seats up.

But he lied to her about his ex, he didn’t tell her, what if he was some player, and then the girl..the other girl was all over him. He was probably some ladies man about to toil with her emotions and then leave her.

At least with Daniel, she knows his flaws and was used to his shortcomings. but how much does she know about Darren..really?

She drops her face into her hands.

”Oh God!” she mutters

This was supposed to be an amazing trip, between she and her boyfriend Darren, but she lets her ex, kiss her and now she hits her best-friend and now she is thinking of her ex instead of Darren. She cannot even bear to look at him in the eyes or even have a conversation with him.

”What to do?” she asks herself. “This is a mess”

She gets up and then stares at the mirror.

“Okay Anna,  you want happiness.  You want love.  You want all the butterflies and you want a man who feels the same way you do for him. Who do you love presently.? ” she bites her lips.

“Daniel.  Wrong!  You loved Daniel. All that you feel now is just lingering feelings of a man you used to love.  I man who knew your every weak spot.  A man you have your all for. It’s understandable. But that was then. Now.. It’s okay to be shook by his sudden return to the scene in your life.  It doesn’t mean none.  Daniel wants you now because he sees you are great and beautiful and with another man.  If he cared.. He should have reached out earlier. ” she speaks to herself.  “Don’t let him get to you.  Don’t let him kiss you ever again.  It’s not fair to you.  It’s not fair to Darren.  I like Darren.  He is great and sweet and he is a good kisser too.  Argh!  The sec was great too.  ” she bites her lips.

“Girl.. Daniel is the past.  He is bad for you and let him be with his Bimbo.  Darren cares.. See he tells all the other girls you is girl.  You should do the same.  He likes you Anna.. You know that.  ” She points to the mirror “And you said so yourself.  You like him too.  So.. Take it back to before Daniel and those ladies walked in.. It was going to be an amazing weekend with him. So there.. ” She runs her hands through her hair.

“Anna, you are going to go out there,  apologise to your best friend for being a bitch. Get your mind and tell those ladies to go kiss a curve.  Daniel doesn’t exist.  He isn’t going to ruin this for me.  I made a decision to date Darren because I do infact like him.  I was just caught unawares by Daniel. It won’t happen again. He comes close.. Like Lucy said.. Slap him..slap him” she stares at her hands and then nods dropping it.

“Okay.  Okay” she nods.  Cleans her eyes.  Powders her face, puts on lipstick and then  made to leave her room.

Sure that he had dozed off.  She climbs down from his back.

She had been massaging him and giving him a glass of juice to drink.

She empties the remaining juice down the wash basin and flushes it.  She grabs the pills on the table and hides them inside her bag.

It was a sleeping bill.

She puts on her dress having stripped to give him a massage.

She frowns when she realised that her earring wasn’t there.

“Stupid prxxk, now where did he throw my earrings to? ” she searches for it.  Finding it she wears it.  Powders her face and then adjusts her dress to expose more cleavage.

She turns to look at the man snorting loading.  “Disgusting. “

If not that she was stranded when she got into town,  she wouldn’t have ended up with this short fatso.

If not that Darren hadn’t turned her away.  She would have been back in his arms.. Enjoying the feel of those wrong hands and of course the benefits that came with dating him.

Mehn..its been a few months but that man looks as breathtaking as ever.

Of course she lied that she broke up with her girlfriend.  They had a fight yes.. She had found her sexing some sixteen year old in their apartment.

She had been mad so she flew into a blind rage and attacked the girl.  Giving her some injuries.

Her girlfriend kicked her out. Unfortunately she had been living off her girl,  ever since she broke up with Darren.. She had been crashing in with her girl who had promised to pay for her surgery to get a male organ.

They were great.  Going on strong until that day. Apparently.. The sixteen year old wasn’t the only girl she was poking.

Natalie sighs.

She wished she had listened to Darren and found a job.  All she knew how do was party. Club.  Dance.  Fxxk.  Yes..

She smiles.  She was good at that.

But other than that.  She hated to work. Never able to hold than a job for more than a month.  She loved to be free.  She loved to spend money.  Money that wasn’t hers.

Darren never complained.  He had a good job.  He treated her nice.  She liked him.  Loved him.  No.

She like men.  She liked women.  And whenever he was not around.  She had threesomes.  Foursomes. As much as she could take.

The only reason she broke up with him was because well, He was too good a guy.. Too decent.  Too traditional.  She was bad girl. Bad girl liked bad things and Darren wouldn’t even dream to kiss another girl when they were dating.

She knew him. One time she had him drunk.  And hooked up a chick to get into their apartment to seduce him.  Hoping that when he took the bait she comes in, instead of making an issue she joins them.

Instead the fool fell asleep after pushing the girl out of their apartment.

It was boring.  He was boring.  She couldn’t just date one person.  Screw one person for the rest of her life
She needed adventure.  She liked the drive and she loved to explore other sexual tendencies.

Not Darren.

She sighs.

But now she was out of a house.  No girlfriend.  No money.No dxxk. No job and she had just one option left.

Come back to the man who loved her completely.

But what surprise meets her.

Not only did he turn her away,  he had a girl.

She laughs “Well,  that don’t mean none. A man who had loved me as deeply as he did would not be able to get over me that easily.  Not if I have a say in it”

The man on the bed snorts again.

All because Darren turned her away.  She ends up in a motel.  Coming out to look for what to eat she finds the fool with loads of money to spend and no owner. What were her options? She needed the money.  She needed a better hotel and then she needed to come to this cruise.  The whole city was going to it and then she knew he would too. So she approaches the fool,  pitched bet tenth and he was drooling like a child licking lollipop.

Jaime had told her before they broke up he would like to take her to the bait trip .  So.. Bingo.  She seduces the receptionist at the counter and then got names of those who had registered.  When she saw Tom’s name and he was buying tickets for four. She knew he was coming.

She had gone back,  and allowed the fat short ugly man play with her a little while she made him register for the trip.

Now she was here,  she had every intention of getting back Darren.  Dump this old-fat-fool someone in the bin if there was one large enough to fit the fool.  Then she goes back to being Darren’s girl.

Maybe until her ex-girl comes back around or she found another.

For now.. It was better than being a lonely chick without cash.

She turns away and then opens the door,  closing it she turns to find Anna leaving hers.

“Well well well… Look who we have here.  The boyfriend snatcher!  And we stay beside each other, we should grab a bite and talk about our favorite man darling what do you say? “”

Annalisa shocked that she was coming out form the next room frowns deeply.

“I have nothing to say to you.. ” Anna is walking away

“Oh you have plenty to say to me Missy.  Stay away from my man” she follows her behind

“Darren didn’t have your price tag on him when we met so..leave me alone”

“But his dxxk obviously got marked by him “

Anna stopped and turns to her ” It’s everything that comes out of your mouth sex related.?  Can’t you say anything like.. Darren has beautiful eyes.  Darren has great smiles.  Darren had a wonderful personality or better still.. He got his job because I encouraged him to be a better person.. Or that I encouraged him to be a go-getter and he became a better man for it.  Why must it be about sex?”

“Because that’s the only thing that speaks volumes.  Atleast it got you to feel jealous” Natalia smirks

“I am not jealous but disgusted ” She turns away

Natalia stops her “Do you even like Darren. Because you obviously do not..  You walked away.  You didn’t claim him “

“Well I am claiming my man now so back off” Anna hits her hands away.  She leaves her laughing behind her.

“Baby no one tells Natalia to back off and she does. ‘” She follows behind her.

Bella is walking towards them with her date.

“Look I don’t get it,  you agreed to go on a date with me and on this cruise but all you have done is to avoid me totally and disappeared as soon as we arrived.  I am talking to you” the man tries to stop Bella

“Look I only agreed because you didn’t stop begging me okay.  Look there are a thousand girls to chase here.  Do that and leave me alone. “

“Who was that guy I see you all over hmm?”

Anna is walking past her, she didn’t spare him a glance. Natalia laughs hearing his question as she got to them. She pushes and leans towards them.

“He is a man she been praying to fxxk with but the dude don’t like her.  So she gets you on the trip to get close to him obviously but she don’t know his original baby is back in town.  Later bitches!” She flicks Bella’s forehead with her finger and then laughs walking away.

“You bitch! ” Bella roars

Anna continues walking away with Natalia following behind her.

“Is that true? ” the man turns to her and restrains her from going after Natalia “So I was just a game to bring me here to get closer to your love interest? You used me?”

“Look Greg? “

“Wow.. You do not even remember my name” The man shakes his head.

“Whatever.  I don’t care.  Yes. Yes I like the man and I have every intention of dating him so if you can’t take the piss.. You can throw yourself off the the boat or you can make use of this opportunity and find yourself a girl who gives a shit about your feelings.  Now if you would excuse me.. I have a man to fight for'” She nudges him aside and walks way “Oh by the way.  You better find another room. I may have company tonight if all goes well” she disappears leaving him shocked to his bones.

“Cheer up man,  I hate to see you worried ” Tom hands him another bottle of drink.

He declines “I just need to talk to her that’s all”

“So ..let me help you because I am a gentleman.. You do not need to talk to her because I know where her heart is” Daniel says stepping forward with a drink in his hand and the other in his pocket.

Tom and Darren turns to look at him.  Tonia who was playing snooker with Tonia straightens up.

“Daniel… Get lost.  You aren’t needed here ” Lucy says to him

“Why.  You don’t want me to say something? ” he smirks “Oh wait,  you scared he going to realize he is barking up the wrong tree and he should count his losses and moving on Luce? “

Darren frowns “What the hell does that mean? “

“Don’t listen to him Darren-” She steps forward.

“Why Luce,  you do not want me tell him? “

“Tell him what?” Tom inquires looking from Lucy to Daniel.

“what are you keeping from him. Is that not right Anna?” he raises his head to look behind their heads.

Anna walks in with Natalia and Bella on their tail.  She pauses in her tracks.

“What is he talking about Anna? ” Darren looks her her shocked face

“It’s.. Nothing Darren.  Can we talk? “

“Nothing baby?  You call that sensual breathtaking kisses we shared just a few minutes ago nothing?  Babe.. I am sure Lucy felt the intensity she couldn’t stand it and -“


“You kissed him? “” Darren turns to Anna shocked.

“I.. Darren.. I” Anna stutters.



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