Moonlight Desire – Chapter Fifteen

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We really danced a lot. And Wyatt was a thousand times better this time. We ended up collapsing on the couch all tired and sweaty.

“I love it.” Wyatt said breathlessly.

I giggled.

“I love you.” He said turning to me.

I smiled at him. He was so loving, I wouldn’t have imagined in my worst nightmares that he would want to rule the human world. But he won’t bring misery, would he?

I kissed his cheek. “Is that a I-love,-you-too kiss?” He asked.


“Maybe? God Gigi, we are marrying soon and your still stuck on maybe?”

“Maybe.” I replied.

He shook his head. “Gigi Martin.” He announced.

I chuckled. Gigi, that’s me dear. Gigi Martin.

I laced my hands with his. My hand looked tiny against his, but hell they were powerful than his.

“Move in with me.” He whispered into my ears. His breath fell on my neck and chills ran down me.

“Maybe.” I replied.

He suddenly stood up from his place and folded his hand, looking towards me.

“What?” I asked.

He casted me a you-are-dead look before he lifted me into his arms.

I screamed as he shove me on his shoulder. The world turned upside down and I could see Wyatt’s ass.

I giggled.

He moved towards the door and pushed it open. Moving through the corridor, he stood before the elevator. The elevator opened and he moved in, of course with me on his shoulders. I freed my hands and slapped his butt. And what did he do next? He slapped mine.

The lift opened on to my floor and Wyatt took me to my chambers.

He pushed the door open and entered into my room. He threw me onto my bed. I laughed all the way.

“” He said

“Ok, fine!” I replied

I stood up from my bed and took a bag out. I threw in all my clothes.

Wyatt watched me as he leaned against the door. I moved into the bathroom and took my toothbrush and other stuff.

I zipped the bag. Wyatt moved to take it.

“Nope. No one’s taking my bag.” I said.

“Shut up.” He replied and took hold of it.

Shut up? You dare to shut Gigi up

He moved towards the door.

“Hey you! Stop where you are.” I ordered.

“Yeah, yeah.” Wyatt laughed it out and continued moving.

I grabbed him by his wrist and haulted his steps.

He turned to me. I moved closer to him and picked him up on my shoulders, exactly how he had done with me earlier.

“What the..” He said.

I slapped his but. “And you try to shut me up again, Mr. Wyatt.” I said.

“Gigi, please put me down.”

“Yeah. Yeah.” I laughed and moved towards the door. Through the lift I entered the King’s Place and directed towards his bedroom. I shoved him into his bed.

“Wo!” He screamed as I threw him.

I laughed at him.

He grabbed my hand and pulled over him. “I so love you Martin.” He said and kissed me.

My hands moved up and down his body. I could feel his muscle tense under my touch. His white shirt did little to hide his body. His smell filled into my nostrils.

This was finally happening. I was finally marrying him, the king.

He pulled back. Casting me a smirk, Wyatt hugged me again.


Shit! My diaries!

My diaries we’re back to my place. What if somebody read them? No!

I almost ran towards the elevator and hurried towards my chambers.

I hope Tony didn’t read it, or even worse- somebody else read it. I screamed internally at that thought.

My heart was racing wildly inside my chest and my blood was full of adrenaline which powered my legs. I stopped just outside the door.

I heaved in deep breaths as I rested against it. Tony couldn’t see me like this, panicked.

Just as I was turning the knob to open the door, I heard a voice of a glass breaking. I could hear soft noises past the door, they were fight noises.

What was going on?

I took an attacking stance as I pushed past the door.

I stood there, eyes wide as I saw Tony fighting against five strong vampires.



Tony was fighting against five, strong vampires. All of them literally jumping over him while he took done each one separately.

He was out numbered and clearly struggling. I could see blood flowing through the corner of his lips.

I cracked my neck and prepared my fist as I lunged into the fight. I grabbed the biggest one in my right hand while another in my left. I shoved them into one another and they fell on the floor. I grabbed the third one too lifting him in my hands and then throwing him on the already fallen mess of the two earlier ones.

From the fallen mass of bodies, I pulled out each ones head one at a time and they blew away in the form of dust.

I turned around to see Tony fighting with the last one. I grabbed the vampire by his neck. “No one touches my boy.” I said while dustifying him with a clean chop on the neck.

Tony stared at me, wide eyes and open mouthed.

“What?” I asked.

I quickly shut his mouth and shook his head.

“Gigi, how’d you do that?” He asked.

I flinched at his question. What are the odds?

“I’m a vampire nigga.” I turned around and started towards the exit.

“So am I.” He caught my pace and walked along me.

“May be I’m the powerful one.” Would you just shut up, Tony?!!!


We walked in silence to the elevator and I hopped in.

Wait, what did I come here for?

“Crap.” I muttered and made my way to Tony’s Chamber again, while Tony shrugged and followed me again.

Gathering my books from the library I found Tony leaning against the library door and smiling at me.

“What?” I asked.

He sighed. “So I’m your boy?” He asked.

I blushed. “From all the action, you pick those mere words?”

“Yeah, the ones that made me happy the most.”

I slapped his arm playfully and pushed my way towards the living room. Tony haulted my steps by grabbing my wrist. He pulled me into his confinement. His smell surrounded me creating a whole new atmosphere around me.

“You don’t have to do this.” He said.

I stared at him blankly, my heart running wildly in my chest.

“Wh…what?” I asked.

“You don’t have to marry him.”

“Oh.” I sighed. I don’t have to marry Wyatt? Hell yes! I have to.

“I’ve to.” I replied.

Tony’s head dropped down.

“What exactly do you want, Gigi?”

I gave out a weak laugh. “You’ve no idea.”

He looked towards me, right into the depth of my eyes and kissed me.
Kissed me as if he hadn’t done it for ages, with all he had in him. His hands tightened around my waist.

I pushed him. I had to.

“No.” I protested and he let me go.

Without another word I rushed towards the door and hopped into the elevator.

I let out a deep sigh and pulled my books against my chest.

I love you… I heard a voice behind me, I turned around to see who it was but I stared into nothingness.

I quickly pressed the button for the top floor and the elevator started going upwards.

I breathed heavily. My heart going wild. ‘Shut up you f**king Tony.’

Tears slipped down my cheeks.

Why does it have to be this hard? Why do I have to do this?

The elevator haulted and I entered into Wyatt’s Chamber. I shoved the books into my bag and locked it.

A warm breath fell on my neck. I gasped and turned around. It was Wyatt

His stance tensed as he took in my tear stained face.

He wiped them with his thumb. He looked at me questioningly. I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to.

He took me into his arms. He kissed me on my head and rubbed my back. But I didn’t hug him back.

“It’s okay.” He said.

The tears slid again, damn you Wyatt!

I hugged him back.

To be continued…

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