Valentine Blues – Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen


Bella steps forward with a large smile on her face, having eyes only for Darren, she steps even closer, bends and wonders how she would hug him because a lady was already pressed towards him. She thus leans in, to the surprise of everyone and pecks his cheeks, smiling.

Natalia pushes her face away ”Get off you bitch!!”

Bella staggers back, almost tripping but lands on a passing waiter who helps her to stand up. She smiles adjusting herself ”Wow!! You are rude”  she says to  Natalia

”Me?” Natalia gets up ”No, I just like to protect my territory”

”Your Territory? And you are?”

”Natalia, his girlfriend”

Tonia and Tom scoffs ”Yeah right you are”

”Oh, Natalia the Ex-” Bella realized who she was now ”I heard about you”

”No, I am not his Ex, we took some time apart and now i am back and we are bugger off” she says shuuing her away.

”Erm..No, last I checked, Darren isn’t dating anyone named Natalia”

”Oh, so who is he dating now?”

”Her” Tom, Tonia and Lucy points to Annalise, which causes Bella and Natalie to give her a hard stare down, Darren is quiet, wondering why this was happening,

”She is my girlfriend and I would appreciate if you both leave-” Darren gets up, saying and adjusting his cloths

”You, dating again?’ Daniel who still held on to Annalise asks her, staring into her eyes

”I… erm..well er”

”Speak, cat don’t cut your tongue Anna” Lucy frowns, Anna was still stuttering, Darren cocks his head to the side as surprise appears on his face

”Yes, yes she is dating again Daniel, why, you didn’t expect her to be?” Lucy says walking to them, ”Let her go though, you don’t have to hold on to her to ask stupid questions”

Daniel laughs as Lucy pulls Annmalise from his arms ”You never did like me much did you Luce?”

”It’s Lucy to you Daniel, only my friends call me Luce and no, I actually didn’t like the aura, sadly I didn’t know it would stink that bad and if I had known, I would have made sure I cut off your balls before you hurt my friend and went off to marry some bimbo who still got daddy to buy her things”

”Me a Bimbo? Daddy buy ,me things?” A lady who has been standing shocked as well wondering why her man was hugging another woman steps forward ”Is that what you told them, that I was some bimbo, a rich kid spoilt girl huh?”

”No… babe, come on. she is just bitter, we didn’t get along well when I was know ”

”Dating my best friend you mean, you left her finger caged in that off the counter ring remember before you ran off to your Bimbo” Lucy repeats staring down at Daniel’s wife.

”Oh, you have no idea what who you are messing with, I can make sure you-” she began pushing her husband away and wanting to fight with Lucy.

”Hey bitch, bring it on, here, someone hold my earrings while i beat her up” Lucy says pushing Annalisa away and trying to take off her rings which she gave to Annalisa ”Here hold this let me show her that I can be mad too on a boat trip”

”Hey hey… come on babe,” Daniel holds on to his wife

”Lucy,” Annalisa pulls her friend

”’Can you all stop it?” Darren steps forward ”Christ!!!”

”Babe, lets leave here, this people are bunch of animals who wants to tear off their skin” Natalia tries pulling Darren away.

Lucy turns to her ”Who are you calling an animal?” She faces her and nudges her backwards with both hands

”Don’t me  touch, I will break off your hands” Natalie nudges her back

Lucy pushes her head ”Oh really, that would be after I break your head with my well manicured nails, who are you calling an animal, because from where we stand, we all are complete humans but i cannot say the same for you, wasn’t you the chick who broke up with my friend’s man which was yours there and ran off with some chick saying you want to get surgery done to become a man, and you call us animals? No dear, you is the one who is an animal with no concrete brains in your head and not be content with what God gave you,  you went flying to get yours. I hope it functions as good as the real thing and i know Darren isn’t gay so i don’t know what you are even doing here other than to catch trips you have no business catching so do all of us a favour, take your gay eyes and artificial dxxk  and get your paws” she polls at Natalie ”Away from my best friends’s man and off our dinner table” she pushes Natalia away ”And take your side chick with you” she pulls Bella with the other hand and nudges them away.

”Hey. I am not her side chick, let go of me you…” Bella hits her hands away and Natalia knocks it off

”’I ain’t going no where without my man and you keep going friend’s man, I don’t see her claiming” She eyes Lucy and then refers to Annalise who is looking at Daniel instead.

”Well, she is claiming, I am claiming on her behalf while she is being distracted with another fool who don’t know his place and realize his wife is clearly uncomfortable with the way he ogling his ex” Then she turns back to them ”That fool I will deal with same as you beyonce wanna-bes, so get lost” she nudges them away again, but they were not intending to go away.

”I said I ain’t going no where without my man” Natalia says

”Not your man Natalia, Darren is fair game ” Bella tells her.

Darren has his head in his hands

”Daniel, did we come on this boat trip because you knew your ex would be here?” His wife nudges him to face her, he doesn’t as he couldn’t take his eye off Annalise.

”No… babe, of course not I…I mean everyone from around the city and far are here, why must you think that? ”

”Oh I don’t know, it looks too good to be a coincidence, do you still like her, is that it and trying to get back with her, was this all some stupid joke on me huh?” she hits his  chest.

”No babe, come on on…”

She is walking away in anger, he doesn’t follow her.

”You should follow your wife,” Annalise says

”She would be fine, you on the other hand wouldn’t be…how have you been?

”She has been great, thanks ” Lucy says pulling her friend even further away and pushing her to a corner  ”Are you crazy or you need me to give you a reset slap, that is Daniel, Daniel who broke your heart, ripped it into a thousand pieces, with a stupid cheap ass ring and swollen eyes for days, come on, why are you stuttering as though you can’t speak…that is Daniel come on..and Darren is standing right there and you become jelly for your ex?”

”I erm… I erm” She stutters.

”oh God Annalise, don’t tell me you still love this guy?”

”No.. I don’t.. I don’t” she says

”It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. it’s being months, you either know or you don’t, stop stuttering, you said you were over him”

”I am, I thought I am but… Luce, I couldn’t even construct words as he stared at me the way he did and … yes I went jelly okay, I did”

”Daniel is your past, Darren is your present and maybe your future but come on..shuu him away, he looking at you that way  because you fine ass fxxk and literally blossomed after he left, ofcourse as a fxxkboy central, he senses that you are the real deal now but you can’t go back to your vomit”

”Who said anything like going back”

”I am just stating it in case you are being stupid, you saw his wife, the one he left you for, tell that guy to go kiss a curve if he much as open his stupid mouth to say stupid things to you and … come one Annalisa, two girls are here for your man and you ain’t even blinking to get territorial?”

She looks at them ,

”You see what I see, a man trapped in the middle , and you stuttering to the scent of your ex..come on Annalisa, you need to get your man and forget about the one who left”

”I am not bothered about Daniel. He just took me by surprise, I was shocked and..”

”okay, now un-shock yourself and act like a woman who got a fine ass boo right now..don’t be silly” she turns her and pushes her back to the them, Bella and Natalia are bickering still.

”Oh Natalia, stop it, you left Darren so don’t come here and get all entitlement mentality, you left him” Tonia says angrily.

”Tonia, we had a break , no big deal. Didn’t you and Tom go on breaks all the time?”

”No, we didn’t and one just don’t do what you did and call that a break”

Natalia rolls her eyes and leans towards Darren ”Darren , babe. you know you love me, you know that and I loved you too, okay you want me to apologize I would,  I am sorry for that thing that happened okay?”

”You call having sex in his house with some other person a minor thing?” Tonia asks in shock

”Having sex with a girl isn’t a big deal, its not even called cheating ” Natalia says in her defence ”She doesn’t even have a dxxk to stick into me so it doesn’t count” she states.

”Oh but you were going to fix that part up right? that’s why you left”

She laughs ”I can show you right here right now that I am all flower and not mushroom” she smiles mischievously making to remove her wrapped dress ” I ain’t shy to flaunt my sexy assets you know Tonia”

”Natalia stop it!!!” This was Darren now stopping her, disgusted with her behavior.

She laughs ”Oh he knows I am telling the truth, I came back into town and my baby was the first to  know how much I miss him”

”You slept with her Darren” Tom nudges him,anger in his eyes.

”No… God no!” She just showed up at my doorstep but I turned her away, ”

”Then what did she mean that you saw, you knew” Annalisa  asks now.

”Oh he more than saw ” Natalia laughs

”Stop it Natalia, we did nothing, you showed up and I gave you money to go get a place to sleep, that is all”

”But you saw me, you wanted me all naked infront of you”

”What?” Lucy, Tonia Annalisa and Bella exclaims.


”Well, looks like your man is a ladies man” Daniel says laughing, ”So much for a better man, i felt you would date someone better Anna, he worse”  Tonia’s date is eating and enjoying the scene as Daniel laughs.

”Shut up Daniel, Darren is 100% the man you can never be” Lucy tell him, he rolls his eyes.

”Nothing happened. She stripped to supposedly prove that she didn’t get the surgery done and I didn’t care okay, I sent her away, you have got to believe me that I wouldn’t lie about that” He looks at his friends and then at Annalise ”Nothing happened, I swear it, she is just trying to cause a scene, and you all know Natalia, wanting to get her way anyhow she wants it” he stares back at his friends

”But you didn’t tell me she was back in town” Tom says to him

”Because I didn’t think it would be an issue”

”You didn’t tell me your ex was back in town, I thought this was supposed to be an honest relationship, so you lied to me?” Annalisa says

”No no-” he tries to explain

”If he keeps it from you is because he got something to hide and your boy-no my man loves me still, he knows that and I know that and maybe his friends knows that  but they don’t want to tell you.”Natalia says

”You were nothing but toxic to him Natalia, that fact I can attest to it because all the while he supposedly had you for a girlfriend, I am sure he wasn’t happy ”Bella chips in.

”And who is you to tell me how happy my  man was, I made him hella happy”

”Right, I was the shoulder he had when all things went soar on most days” Bella smiles.

”Oh! Well I am sure your shoulders were pillow made because I can swear my man didn’t touch you” Natalia smiles ”He is a traditional guy my Darren, faithful to the core, he isn’t going to be sinking his dxxk into no pussy when he got the girl he likes, that bit I know about him… that’s why I love him”

”No, that’s why you left because he didn’t and couldn’t stand your cheating ass which you were trying to justify” Tonia spat

”Whatever!!” Natalia rolls her eyes ”I am back, back for my man and whoever doesn’t like it can kiss my ass’

”’I wouldn’t!!’ Lucy says, Tonia seconds ”Well, Natalia… lets just say that… we do not like Bimbos, Gutter Ex’s and pillowcases in our midst so I would advice you all to bounce, Bimbo just did, and you too Daniel, this was supposed to be a fun boat trip and I do not know the devil that dragged you all here. Darren is no longer your man, he is my friend’s man now. Any other thing is null and void…so, before you all came in we were having a good time and we hope you enjoy your trip, on the other side of the boat, far far towards the edge away from us, thank you” she pushes all three of them away from their table as they protest, Tom joins in to nudge Daniel away and then they came back.

”Phew!!! Now, shall we be happy, thank you!!!” Tonia exclaims

”Yeah yeah!!” Lucy drums on the table.


Ten minutes later and the table is quiet, too quiet.

Annalisa is quietly eating her food and Darren is staring at her,

Every time she feels a presence behind her she turns to quickly look, he follows her eyes, saying nothing.

”I think this was a bad idea, coming here ”Tonia leans into her husband to say

”How was we supposed to know that Natalia would show?”

”Not forgetting the other woman ”

”And the Ex, Daniel ”Lucy leans to them

”Look at them, quiet, saying nothing” Tonia frowns watching at Annalisa and Darren.

”This isn’t good though” Tom drinks water and then clears his throat ” Guys, this isn’t a mourning ceremony …..oh come on!” He sees her appear again.

Natalia comes back and slides in beside Darren, plucking the meat he had in the fork and puts it into her mouth, and laughs ”You remember Darren, that time we went on a trip out of states, and you wouldn’t eat anything unless you have me taste it first?” She munches ”You had running stomach for days when you ate their meat at that Chinese restaurant  and you were scared to try anything else unless i did…”

”Natalia, please” He sighs closing his eyes ”Why won’t you just leave?”

”No  no wait, I got more. That was the trip you told me you wonder what our kids would look like you know, and where we are going to stay and how you would like to give up your life for mine, you remember? And oh, that time i showed up in your office wearing nothing but a rope, much like this, you had me all night remember, and loved me some more in the morning when you got home” she snickers

Annalisa rolls her eyes, she drops her cutleries  loudly ”Okay, I get it, but can you stop being graphic please” Now it was staring to piss her off.

”Sorry if talking about Sex with my man puts you off. we talk about sex alot that’s why we got so many of it, I can literally remember how big he gets inside of me or when i put him in my mouth, licking off that mushroom head of his,ohhhh” she bites her lips ”And that his G-spot can get him moaning and groaning, music to my ears and when he gets down on me, his tongue is magic, my man is literally a sex  god”

”Ex” Tonia, Lucy and Tom joins in.

”Whatever, he is a sex god… and I only know what to do to turn him on so… if you want I can give you pointers but you and I know who got his heart” she smiles

Darren gets up ”Its eh..apparent that are here to frustrate me and to cause a dent to my relationship but I refuse to let that happen okay” He takes Annalisa’s hands ”Come babe, lets go somewhere else or maybe back to the room.”

She pulls her hands away ”You know what, i rather be alone Darren” she leaves the table and him staring after her retreating back.

”Wow, I did not expect that!” he sighs running a hand through his hair.

Lucy’s mouth drops open, Tonia and the others are surprised as well.

”Don’t worry Darren, I would talk to her” Lucy gets up and follows after her.

Darren stares at Natalia ”’You happy right?”

”Babe I want you back so who cares if she goes” she tries to touch him, he moves her hands away and leaves the table. Tonia shakes her head ”You are a bitch you know that Natalia, a real bitch”

”One who knows how she gets her man, go do something with yourself like make some babies you barren woman”

”How dare you!!” Tonia made for her, Tom stops her

”She ain’t worth it babe, leave her to her bitter self, we both know Darren is over her ..come on, lets go,” he pulls his wife away, Natalia is laughing.

”So, who are you?” she stares at the only person left at the table

”Lucy’s date, Adam” The cute guy says

”You ain’t so bad, so..ahh, want to make him jealous? All you have to do is kiss me and feel me up in his presence and I am sure he gonna want to–”

”Nope, I like crazy girls but you are a wild cat i rather not get jiggy with, sorry” he grabs his glass of wine , cutting her off and follows after Tom and Tonia.

”Dxxk!!” she rolls her eyes staring away and then she sees him. ”Oh God!!”

”Babay, I have been looking all over for you, Damn!!” the short chubby man sights her and comes to her, placing a wet kiss to her face, she squeezes her face in disgust ”Hmmph, please do not soil my makeup, took hours getting this perfect look, are you done playing with whatever you were playing with huh?”

”Yeah I am, they always winning me, lost a few bills just now, got tired and came looking for you because I miss you my wonder wo-”

She stuffs meat into his mouth ”Here eat, you know what, come lets go back to the room so I can give you  nice massage” she pulls the smiling man up to his feet and pulls him after her.


”What was that Anna?” Tonia stops her

”Look I don’t know okay, I just wanted to be alone”

”I don’t get it really. I mean, he is wading that crazy chick away from him and flaunting you in her face but you are balling”

”You didn’t hear her ? You didn’t see how she was going on and on about their sex life and what not trying to make me feel like what? I don’t get!”

”So she fxxked the guy a couple of times, so what? They were a couple for a few years, it happened. So what? You and Daniel had a lot of those two, I do not see the table you are standing on shaking and pfft! you screwed him too, Darren…so what?”

”But we weren’t dating!” She offfered.

”You are now. what is your problem if his ex talked about their sex life, it’s in the past not like they had sex now did they?”

”We don’t know that, she said they did”

”And you believe her when he just said they didn’t and she showed up trying to throw herself at him?” Tonia is shaking her head

”And you believe him really? He could be lying”

”Or she could be lying”

”He didn’t even tell me that she showed up, his Ex!!”

”Come on girl, really, he said he didn’t think it was an issue and I get him, he is trying to build his new relationship and don’t want to soil it with his toxic ex, how about you give a guy the benefit of the doubt instead of throwing him under the bus..or is this about a supposed lie which was an omission or this is about Daniel the frog?” Tonia cocks her head to the side and crosses her hands.

”Look i just think we rushed into this and-” She avoids Tonia’s eyes.

Tonia rubs her temple ”Oh Annalisa, I would put this to you even if you are trying to avoid this like a plague but i know you girl, known you for years and I can see right through this facade’ you hiding in. This is not about Darren but Daniel, you see him and you go jelly and you having second thoughts .. for real girl, need I remind you that Daniel is married and the only reason he is ogling you is because you fresh like hot sweet bread out of the stove… you wen’t looking so damn good when he had you eating out of his palm, use your head girl..that nigga wasn’t good for you before and he sure as hell isn’t worthy of your attention now… I think Darren more than earned it. And I ain’t saying it because I hate Daniel, we may have our differences but I do not roll with assholes who hurt my friend and Darren has been nothing but sweet, you said so yourself and up before now… you liked the guy for come on, give him the benefit of the doubt and girl go fight for your man and get that scarecrow away from him by imprinting your paws on him… girl, he your territory and he ain’t ashamed to call you his girl..because he wants you for about you do the same.”

”I want to be alone Lucy, can you afford me that?”

”Have you been listening to a word I just said Anna?”


”Fine whatever!!!” Tonia rolls her eyes and walks away.


”You okay buddy?” Tom comes behind him as he rests on the rail, looking out at the sea.

”I don’t know man, I mean one minute we are great and the next this… I mean how did she just show up here and then Bella and then her Ex… like someone must have opened the can of crazies on this trip.

”But if you had told me she was in town I probably would have give you a heads up because Natalia is spontaneous like that and I would have   made sure to find out if she had interests on going and then made sure she didn’t come, you know how Natalia is always up to something. It’s her signature..”

He sighs

Tonia wraps her hands around him hugging him , she tiptoes and kisses his cheeks ”Hey, we are here for you okay, and besides… forget Natalai, she is an ass, you came here to bond with your girl so do that. We are rooting for that ‘ship baby”

”Well she seemed pissed at me at the moment” he stares at his hands.

”Because she felt you lied”

”I just omitted”

”We girls see things as white and black , not grey baby” Tonia says looking at him

”Well I want to apologize even though it wasn’t on purpose or to make her feel somehow or to be dishonest with our relationship. I just didn’t want talk of my ex to ruin our weekend, our first official weekend as a couple together and I didn’t think Natalia would show up, I just figured she just wanted some money and I gave her and hoped I never see her again but this happened”

”And Bella, your office secretary, didn’t know she had the hots for you, what’s up with that?”

”Didn’t think it was this serious”

”Ah!” Tom nods

”She just flirts with me every once in a while at work but… I didn’t read meaning into it, I mean she does that with some other guys too so …” he trails off

”Well now you know she didn’t come to play telly-tubbies with you, she is pitching her tenth and loudly too.”

Darren runs a hand over his face and sighs again.

”But you see how she just..I mean Annalisa, that guy..she just went all….” He trails off.

”Yeah we did, he is her ex..its understandable” Tonia says

”No it isn’t’ Tom tells his wife ”Darren didn’t go jelly over Natalia instead he was repulsed by her presence”

”Well..,you got  a point there husband”

”I do”

Darren sighs again for the third time  ”It did hurt when she couldn’t even say I was her boyfriend, I mean–”

”Hey Darren, come on..” Tonia hugs him even tighter.

He bows his head ”Look I just want my girl, and those toxic people away from me that’s all ”

”Don’t worry man, she would come around, maybe she just need a little air and we would actively remove them from your path”

”Yeah maybe, I would be happy about that”

”You my boy son, I gat you” He taps his shoulders ”Come, lets stroll down to the deck and shot some games, poker night baby”

They all go down the last deck”


Lost in thoughts, she didn’t hear him come behind her until he spoke.

”I swear I would have never left you Ana, you look like someone who just walked out of a vogue magazine, damn, my heart did that flip thing it does seeing you walk into the room. ” He says coming behind her.

She turns ”Don’t do that Daniel”

”Do what, appreciate the beautiful woman you are”

”Yes, exactly that, you don’t go off to marry someone else and come here to play compliment to your ex… you don’t get to do that not anymore okay”

”Annalisa, come on baby”

”Don’t call me baby either”

”Baby, my pretty flower. my”

”I said stop”

He is close to her now, touching her face, caressing it ”You know you could never pretend with me, hide your feelings from me…you still weaken to my touch, and when I speak to you you still have that look on your face. Annalisa, I know I hurt you and I am sorry, but it was as complicated”’

”It wasn’t okay, you left me to get married so there, -don’t touch me Dan!!” She hits his hands away but he manages to catch her hand and pulls her to him, moving both of them to the corner, where no one could see them.

”What are you doing, Daniel?”

”I just want to talk Anna  please. Listen to me,  I never stopped loving you, I never did. Look, I was in a tight dilemma and she helped me out with her money and all and her father was willing to help me out of a bad situation and then he gave me an ultimatum to marry his daughter or he pulls his money out of my business and you know, that project I was working on was so important because baby I worked my ass out and nothing was working because of finances and they came , like a miracle and I had no other choice than to do the most painful thing to my heart, break up with you but baby, there has been no day that didn’t pass  that I didn’t regret my horrible decision, a day never goes by when I didn’t think of you.”

”I call bullshit”

”That is my truth and you know I never lied to you when it comes to matters of the heart my love, I miss you baby, like hell, my heart is wrenching in pain… since I got married I have been unhappy my love”

”What are you saying to me Dan?”

”I am saying that I love you, still in love with  you and I tried to many times to reach out to you but I had to stop myself because I didn’t know if you would want to listen to me…”

”You are lying”

He is shaking his head   ”No Anna, never. I loved you then, I love you now and seeing you tonight just proved it… because I have been praying to God to make our paths cross again so I can try to undo the mess I caused and he has and I swear that I would make it up to you”.

”Daniel, what we had, it’s over. You are a married man, I am with someone else now”

He scoffs ”That dude? The ladies man who lied abut his ex turning up for a butty call and the other woman who is probably his office lay everyday except Sundays  of course, come on Ann, you should be bale to spot a fxxkboy from a distance…”

”I couldn’t, I probably suck at that department going by our relationship”

”Hey that hurts”

”It’s the truth”

”I juts bared my heart to you and you compare me to that dude who lied through his teeth, give me credit babe!”

”Darren is a great guy, sweet, charming and-”

”Sounds like a recital! I know you, I can tell you your deepest desire, what makes you come alive and what your dreams and aspirations are…he..cannot even tell you what excites you”

”That’s not fair”

”Its the truth,” He chuckles.

”We dated for a few years Daniel, you have an advantage, we just started me and Darren”

”Which is why you should dump him now and him go now. Even his name got a funny ring to it, Darren? What sort of name is that and look  here baby” He grabs her face with both his hands and stares into her eyes, using his thumb to caress her cheeks on both side, she tries to move away but he doesn’t let her, ”Look at me baby, this is me Daniel, the one who loves you insanely, the one who you were head over hills in love with from day one, the one who knows how to make you turn jelly just by a look or  a touch, you used to love that about I love you. I lost you once, I ain’t losing you again”

”Daniel, stop, let me go you can’t touch me like that, not anymore or stare at me like that or say stuffs like that to me, we are done, we are over and this is stupid, you got a wife and come on she must have loved you enough to marry her and you probably love her too and I am with someone now and …”

He is shaking his head ”God, my Anna, you are so beautiful. God I miss you so much my heat is beating so fast and I can’t control it… I miss kissing you, watching you squirm in my touch, listen to your moans and taking you to places you only allow me take you..oh baby…let me show you just how I miss you, here and know and prove to you my love for you is as strong as a trunk of a tree my little angel baby” he leans in to kiss her.

”Daniel no…” She turns her face away, pushing her hand between both of them to pull away, he brings her back into his fold.

”Yes Anna, I feel you squirming and melting, you miss me like crazy too, let’s ignite this fire withing us my love, God i miss you” He covers the distance between them and pulls her into a sensual kiss.

”Oh you have got to be fxxking kidding me~~~~”‘ Lucy exclaims



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