Moonlight Desire – Chapter Fourteen

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Tony kissed my forehead. “What happened?” He asked.

I opened my eyes. “I’ve to go for dinner with Wyatt and Lara.” I told.

“So?” He asked.

“I’ve to apologize her for hitting her yesterday.” I lay back onto my couch.

Tony settled beside me.

“Oh.” He muttered.              

“Yeah. I’ve to if I want to marry Wyatt.”              

Tony turned to me, his eyes looked enlightened. “You don’t have to.” He said.

“That was so obvious of you, Tony. I’m marrying Wyatt, anyhow.”


I rose from the couch and settled over his lap. His hair tied in loose bun were soon undone as I pulled off the rubber. He closed his eyes.

I rested my head on his chest. “Because that’s right to do.” I told.

“Marry me.” He said.

“I’m not gonna marry two people, Tony.” I rolled my eyes.



I hurried with my hair. It was time for the dinner. I had chosen red gown which split  from down my knees.

I had applied too little on my face. I had paid attention on my eyes. Painting them in dark colors.

I slid the ring which Wyatt had given me, into my finger and put on a necklace. Im gonna show you your place, lara.

I looked myself into the mirror for the last time before leaving.

Wyatt stood on the door of my chamber. He looked exceptionally well in his black coat and pants. Not that his outfit was too unique, but only he could carry it that well.

I slid my hand into his and we moved towards the Royal dining. I had gone there earlier, so I knew where exactly it was.

We ascended the steps, climbing onto the fourth floor. The entire fourth  floor was the Royal dining.

The ground floor had king’s office. The first floor contained minister Chambers. The second floor had my chamber and guest Chambers. The third floor was royal library and beside it was spa. The fourth floor, as described earlier, was royal dining and the fifth floor was Wyatt’s Chamber. Three elevators made going up and down the palace a lot easier.

And there was this fourth elevator that was exclusively for king’s use.

We finally entered into the Royal dining. Lara was already sitting on the right of the king’s chair, which is the place of the queen.

Is she deserving enough to be the queen? Does she have a command? Can she rule?’ Lara had said this to Wyatt. And misusing her power in the Royal batch, she had discarded me as a queen till she taught me how to be the queen. And if I could not learn after the sessions, I would no longer stand a chance to be the queen. I’d be Wyatt’s wife, but not the queen.              

Would I ever accept to such insult? Never.

I’ll show her what a queen is.

“Where can I sit?” I whispered into Wyatts ear.              

“Umm.. anywhere you want.” He said.

“She’s sitting in my place, so I can sit anywhere I want.” I said.


I smiled and walked past the gigantic dinning table and sat on a seat.              

“You cannot sit on the king’s place.” Lara commented.

“The king told me I could sit anywhere I want. Didn’t you Wyatt?” I asked him with fury in my eyes.

He gulped. “Yeah.” He said.

Wyatt slumped down on my left.

“So, let’s get started.” He said.

I sipped at the blood soup and so did Wyatt and Lara.

I moved my right hand to Wyatt’s thigh. He shifted a bit.

Lara shot me a threatening look, as if she knew. I smirked at her.

I could feel her leg shift. I shot a quick look downwards. Lara was about to hit Wyatt by her foot. I rather blocked her by kicking her foot away.              

“Aah!” Lara exclaimed in pain.

“How dare you..?!” She said.

“I don’t like anyone lay a finger on what is mine, Lara.” I replied.


After the dinner, Wyatt left a bit early, without me. He was startled by the animosity between me and Lara. He would surely lecture me on it later, which I will skillfully dismiss.

“One thing’s for sure, Gigi. I’m in no way letting you be the queen.” Lara said as she took hold of her bag and began leaving.

Enough waste of time. I thought this would be fun, but it isn’t anymore. I’m not interested in postponing my marriage any more. My lips curved into a wicked smile, a wicked lovely smile.

“Yeah, Lara.” I said.

Lara, Gigi. Everything revolves around me.



The cold breeze chilled me down till the spine. I drew in the fresh air which blew from the forest around me.

I was a bunch of floors above, on the terrace of the castle. The view of the forest was both terrifying and ineffably beautiful. Terrifying because I could see the forest stretch miles around me, no evidence of any human civilisation.

I had researched on this forest and I discovered a yet another shocking fact. Almost three fourth of the part of the forest was in a three dimensional space. The space which no human machine could discover. That’s why Tony had told me that there were thousand ways to enter but no way to exit. That’s why human we’re forbade to enter. That’s why all these fantasy creatures resided in this gigantic place. I was sure I would have taken years to get out of here by walking.

This palace was a huge premise too. It stretched for at least 10 football fields. No wonder the servants here used vehicles to move from one part to other. As of for us, special people, we used elevator and then we were carried in some three wheeler vehicles, I had just travelled in them twice.

As for Wyatt’s chamber, they were just vertically above me, so I had to use just an elevator.

“Hi.” A familiar voice greeted from behind me, Tony it was.

“Hey!” I said turning around. He gave me a tight hug and rubbed my back.

He pulled back and gave a light peck on my lips.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Waiting for someone.” I said.

“Oh.. Wyatt?”

I shook my head.

“Hey, Gigi.” A yet another familiar voice greeted me from behind.

I turned around. “Hey Shivani. I’d been waiting for you.”

She nodded.

वन मे अग्नी लगाने का समय हो चूका है। ( Van me agni lagãne kã samay ho chuka Hai.)” I said.

उचित है। (Uchit Hai.)” She replied.

Shivani turned into her nãgin form and left.

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothing, just stuff.”

“Right.” He said.

I turned towards the forest, snuggling in the fresh air.

Tony settled beside me.

“May I ask you something?” Tony questioned.


“How can someone marry anyone whom he doesn’t love?”

“Marriage isn’t only love, Tony. Marriage is compatibility.” I replied.

“Am I not compatible for you?” He asked.

“No, you aren’t.”

“What if I come back to the human world with you? Please, Gigi.” He placed his hand over mine.

I grabbed his hand by his wrist and turned him around to face me. I brushed my lips over his. They were soft, luscious and so… Tony. I pulled him closer to me, Tony placed his hand over my back. I kissed him more, and more and yet more till his lips got swollen by my kisses.

“I love you.” I said.

“Marry me.” He said.

“I can’t marry two people.”              

“You can.” He insisted. Tony stepped closer to me, our bodies touched.

“I won’t.” I replied. Our lips brushed as I spoke.

He sighed and moved away. “You are pathetic.” He spoke.

“So are you.


Wyatt called me into his office and so I did go.

“Here’s a letter from Lara.” He said as soon as I entered and handed me the letter.

‘Wyatt, I have tested Gigi on every aspect and she stands high. She would be an excellent bride. Im sorry I won’t be able to attend your marriage, same private works have forced me to not just leave so anonymously but also to be busy for several days. I wish you the best with your married life.
-lara. ‘

Strange. Yet appropriate.

“What now?” I asked.

Wyatt zeroed his eyes on me.

He took the letter and began observing it.

After a moment he began. “I’m confused. She could’ve told me by herself. I don’t understand why she sent me a letter.”

“Well, I can understand that. She loved you Wyatt, it would have been so awkward for her to speak about our marriage.”

He nodded, looking a bit sorted now. “Ok, if she’s agreed, why should we delay?” He moved closer to me and held my waist.

“Wanna dance?” He asked.

“You mean daaance?”

He chuckled, “Yeah.” He said.


To be continued…

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