Valentine Blues – Chapter Twelve

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”Welcome to the city’s 10 anniversary on the boat festivals, come one, come all. It promises to be exciting, full of amazing things this year and we got the likes of the top bands playing, best chefs in the country making wonderful delicacies, good music, and all thing fun to keep you happy and intoxicated for the weekend. It is only for the lovebirds, intending lovebirds and the intended or about to be intended, come while we help you slip right into the hearts of the loved one with an alone time to tread the land of love. Come on in, come on in and let us blow you away… come one, come all, only in twos please” the man ushering them into the boat speaks from the deck… dressed in a Caribbean shirt and then grey shorts as he chants happily.’

It was crowed as people troupe to the entrance of the gate ushering them up the boat.

They get to the entrance gate and show their passes and their tickets and are then ushered in once they are cleared and checked by the security, then their bags are loaded on a cart and wheeled away to the reception area where they speak to the receptionist to get their rooms.

”Can we all stay on one deck floor? Like, our rooms can be opposite each other or some sort?” Tonia asks

”I have nightmares and my friends are the ones that helps me calm down” Tonia tells the receptionist.

The receptionist frowns ”Would that be a problem?”

”No, no of course it wouldn’t be if my friends are close to me to help put out the fire if you know what I mean unless the entire guests would feel like a banshee is on the lose. it wouldn’t be good for business” She sobs.

The receptionist looks at them one after the other. Everyone nods affirming to what Tonia says. she sighs

”Fine, I would give you all deck 5, second floor”

”Thank you, you are a good person, God bless you” Tonia says taking the keys and walking away as everyone tries to hold a laugh as they turn and quickly follow her away with the boys following them with their bags.

”Here we are, Lucy, you take room 5, me..4, because I want to be in the middle, and you my favorite man after my husband gets room.” She hands Darren his and then Lucy.

”Does everyone have the program? We need to be down deck by 4 pm say 5 pm, party gets lit up at about that time and of course dinner and other amazing things to do”

”So what happens between now and 4?” Annalisa asks ”It’s just 1: 35”

”Mingle, meet new people go out and take pictures of the thronging crowd and other boat cruise filling up, run abound it or… I don’t know. Anything you want.” Tonia says with a smile ” But me, i know what i would be doing for two hours before show down” she says with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

”What?” Anna asks innocently

She stares at them, ”Humping my husband!” She blurts out laughing as she nudges him through the open door ”Always wanted to do it on water in a boat, I finally get the chance, maybe we can have that twins we always wanted. Later bitches!!” she laughs closing the door.

Lucy and Adam are laughing while Darren tries to hide a smile, Annalisa blushes.

”I shouldn’t have asked”

”Yes, Tonia’s mouth is unfiltered” Darren says

”Lucy, you want to go see everything there is to this boat, take pictures and all?”

”No Darlene, I would just follow Tonia and get some good humping!” she winks as she kicks her door open and they disappear into it. ”You should too” she opens her door to say and laughing wickedly and then disappears behind the door. They hear the door lock immediately.

”Guess it’s just us left?” Darren says at the two closed doors, he turns to theirs ”We can go check it out if you want?”

”Sure, lets just arrange our bags first and we go”

They thanked the boys, Darren tips them and then shuts the door. He turns to her resting on the closed door.

”You know, we can have separate rooms if you feel uncomfortable?”

She rolls her eyes laughing ”I do not, I just felt they would all want to be all excited about exploring the boat not themselves immediately”

”Exploring themselves is good thing” he leaves the door and grabs his bag, taking out a few shirts and hanging. He seats on the bed as he watches her take out her things after he was done.

”’Shall we?” she straightens up once done.

He shakes his head ”No”


He taps the bed, ”Come here”




”Come here then”

She goes to him, he pulls her down beside him. He drapes his hands over her shoulders.

”Oh-kay” she laughs ”I am here”

He pulls them backwards and holds her tight as they fall on their backs on the bed, he wraps his arms around her ”Stay here, I want you to stay here..”

She smiles, resting halfway on his chest ”Okay”

”Can I ask you a question?”

”Go ahead..” She turns her face to look at him

”This, us, you want this too right? It’s not all in my head?”

”I am here because I do, it’s not in your head, it’s in ours”

”Just clarifying”

”So, you know, usually, when a boy asks a girl out, and she says yes, there is always something that usually follows”

”What’s that?”

”A kiss, you never quite gave me one”

She laughs shaking her head ”’You never quite asked for one”

”I have to ask for one?” He makes a face.

”No, but you do not need to ask for a kiss if you wanted one” She blushes

”Hmm, noted” he smiles over her head ”Come, lets go do that tour you wanted” he gets up and pulls her up with him and they go out the door.

The sounds coining out from the rooms beside them had them laughing out loud and scurrying down the the hall.


”Hi, my pass, registration and tickers” she hands them to the security at the entrance.

”Natalia Davidson?”


”Your plus one?”

”Davidson, my husband” She gives him the ticket of a short man with bearded face who was smiling too much.

He clears them ”Okay, go right ahead, the receptionist would give you your rooms and other packages you need for the trip.

”Thank you, come on husband” she says linking her hands with the man who kept on smiling.


”Yes, Bella Richards my plus one, ” The man who had handed the security his tickets and registration says as he drapes his hands over a lady who is scanning the crowd.

The security clears them ”Okay, go right ahead Sir, the receptionist will attend to you. Next please”


”Oh, this is going to be fun” they lady whose harm is hugging him squeals excitedly.

”I know right, I didn’t want to miss this year’s. Last year, it was a blast and you cannot get off the feeling even after a week. Here, give him our tickets babe, let me answer a call” he hands her the tickets which she hands to the man waiting for them.

”Mr and Mrs Daniel Peters?”

”Yes, I am still getting used to being married to this amazing man. He kept telling me of this boat cruise and we have been planning to come for it and i am excited to be here. Would it be fun?”’

”Yes, it would be Ma’am, why don’t you both go through this way to the reception and she would attend to you there”

”Sure, thank you. Baby, come let’s go” She links her hands with his and then walk through the gate leading up to the boat , into it and turning to the receptionist area. They meet two couples there.

”Okay, welcome to the festive boat cruise, your registration passes and tickets please so I can hand you your room keys and direct you to your floors.” she says to the three couples before her. She takes their tickets and then grabs keys.

”Okay, the Daniels gets room two, deck 5, second floor. ” She hands key to the married couple.

”You get room 1, deck five second floor Miss Natalia and your plus one.”

”And Miss Bella, you get room 6, deck five, floor 2 ”

”Yes, thank you”

”Enjoy an amazing weekend”

They each make their ways to their rooms, which is all on the same deck floor.


Darren and Annalisa must have thought they had seen the entire boat after going through everywhere but they realized that they haven’t gone half of touring, so many things to see, eat and do.

”Wow, I think this is the largest boat I have been on” She admits

”I Know right, it got so many floors, by the time we are done, it might take the whole day and half of tomorrow. And besides, its almost 4 pm, you don’t want to freshen up for the evening?”

”Yes I would, plus my feet hurts, might want to rest them a bit”

They walk back to their room ”You go ahead,” he tells her at the door and watch her close it. He turns and then knocks on room 4. It swings open. Tom is wearing boxers with a stupid smile on his face

”Boat sex is hella amazing. As soon as the boat began moving, it got all vibrating and she was going all..”

”Dude come on, too much graphic images. Stop. ” Darren closes his ears.

Tom laughs ushering him in” How is Anna?”

”Great, gone to freshen up”

”You guys got it on?”

Darren laughs ”Is that the point of dating her?’

”No, it comes with the package though, want a beer?” he asks opening the fridge ”They have tons of everything you need man , tons chocolates, biscuits, booze! boy’s favorite”

”No, juice? I intend to be clear-eyed through out this trip, don’t need no intoxication”

”Aye, you want you head in the game not your dick?”

”Yup! If I want this to work and stuff, I need to rule out the possibility that I am just mere infatuated with her and that I am into her for real, and so far so good. She is great, so I want that to go on without being distraction with getting high and doing things I shouldn’t do know”

”Smart move bro, you mature these days.”

”Na, being with Natalia has thought me a lot of things, things I do not want repeated. And one of them is going too fast”

”Dude, you go fast with Natalia, like fast?” He demonstrates moving his waist, Darren stones him a pillow. Tom catches it laughing.

”You know what I mean. Rushing into things. I want to take it slow with Annalisa. I like her, a lot today than I did yesterday and other days and, it’s going great. I am taking my time, getting to know her, loving the little moments we share and stuff. i do not want nothing that would hamper that and if sex is going to disrupt that process, not happening”

”How is that not going to work? You both are going to be stuck up in a room for two days, all night, while she is bathing you are in the room and you really think you would survive?”

Darren smiles ”I have to. Hey, dating a girl shouldn’t be about sex. There should be more to a relationship. I want this to be more, I want this to work so, taking it slow, one day at a time, loving it”

”Good for you. You not freshening up for tonight? i hear some celeb artists are going to be singing tonight”‘

”hmm, I will, in a few, once Anna is done. Where is the wife anyways?”

”She drains my energy and goes to find food to refuel. The things we do for love”

The door kicks open and she comes in with a plate of muffins, cakes and all sweet things ”Hey handsome” She winks at Darren ”Hey handsome handsome” She leans and kisses her husband

Darren laughs. ”You glow”

”Yes, sex can do that to you” she takes a muffin and pushes it to Daren ”Eat!” and then to her husband she pushes him the entire plate ”Eat all of it, you will need the strength for tonight”

”Help!!!” Tom pouts to his friend making a face.

Darren chews the muffin ”Your problem man. Enjoy” They laugh.

”Eat eat eat, lets go party” Tonia claps.


By the time he got back to the room, there was a note on the bed, it says she is with Lucy below where the party is about to begin, in booth 8. He quickly showers, changes and then he, Tom, Adam and Tonia makes their way down.

A few minutes later, the place was lit up and the cheers began.


Two hours later, they make their way to dinner below. Picking a setting close to the deck area so they can overlook the sea, they seat down while being served.

Laughing and talking about random things.

”So, whats the silliest thing you have ever done Anna?” Tonia throws the question while she takes a spoon of sea-soup and then breaks bread to eat.

”Well, I don’t know…” Annalisa laughs biting a piece of chicken.

”Come on, pray tell us” Tom urges,

”I too want to hear” Darren says touching her chin, removing the stain of stew, she smiles.

”Well, ” she puts down her glass of wine after taking a sip ” I don’t know if this is silly but-”

”Darren, oh my God, I knew that was you!!!” A lady comes towards them as she flings herself on him.

‘Natalia?” Darren breathes in shock.

”Natalia?” Tom and Tonia exclaims in shock.

Annalisa cocks her head to the side, frowning at the way the lady pressed her body to Darren.

Darren quickly moves Natalia away from his body.

”Yes baby, Natalia” She says sinking backing into his arms and placing a loud kiss quickly on his lips before he could stop her.

Lucy and Annalisa exchanges look. ”Like the Ex Natalia?” Lucy offers ”Girl get off his body before i smash this wine bottle on your head” Lucy pushes Natalia away from Darren’s body. ”He is my best-friend’s man now”

During the commotion, as a few people turn, someone who was just seated next to them turns as well, then the shock appears on his face as he sees someone he recognizes.

”Anna, is that you Anna?” he exclaims in surprise.

They turn, Annalisa grows suddenly weak and speechless. She manages to breath out his name.


”Daniel?” Lucy exclaims.

He comes to Annalisa, laughing he pulls the shocked Annalisa into a hug ”Wow Annalisa, you look amazing, breathtaking. Oh my world!!” he hugs her again in a tight hug, squashing her to him and then peeks her.

”Okay, you need to stop touching her, that’s my best friend’s girl!!” This was Tom now as he steps towards them.

”Darren, is that you, I knew I would find you here” a voice purrs.

They all turn to the sound of the voice

”Who the hell are you now? ” Lucy spat



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