Moonlight Desire – Chapter Thirteen

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“I know nothing of you, Tony.” I said.

Tony slept on the bed while I rested my head on his chest.

“And you still love me?” He asked.

“Maybe?” I replied.

“It was about a 87 years ago. I was a student in Austin University of medical sciences.” He started.             

“Wo! Don’t tell me you are a doctor.” I exclaimed.

Doctor? I would’ve never thought Tony being a doctor. He’s… He’s.. um.. not a doctor!

And if he was, why would he ever come in the forest and live life like this.

“I’m a doctor.” He said.

“Oh boy! Dr. Tony..” I spoke.

“Johnson.” He replied              

“Well that’s not unique. Tony Johnson, sounds weird.”

He nodded.

“Why did you come here?” I asked.

“Circumstances, the world developed, hunting was hard. And I didn’t wanna live in the hectic society. I was just fed up.”

“Hmm. Pretty dumb choice but anyways.” Both of us laughed in union.

He pressed a kiss on my forehead.

“I’m glad I got you.” He rubbed my back.

“Yeah, till I marry 2 days from now.”              

“What?” Tony lifted his head to look at me.

“I told you I was marrying Wyatt.”

“Yes but, even now? Even after you confessed and…”

“Yes Tony, even now.”

He sighed and rested back again.

“You are impossible, Gigi.”

“Yup, I’m impossible to get.”

“Not in that sense, impossible as in.. nevermind.”

I chuckled.


I pushed the door to Wyatt’s Chamber.

“Are you alright?” Wyatt asked as soon as I entered.

“As if I was going to die.” I replied.

“Well, Lara this is Gigi. The queen to be and my love.” Wyatt said to a girl who had been sitting on the couch- back towards me.

She had a light shade of brown hair, with such a great shine that my eyes hurt. She definitely would be a beauty.

Lara coughed as soon as Wyatt introduced me. “Queen to be? You never told me you’re marrying, Wyatt.” She exclaimed in more crooked voice.

“Yeah, only because you arrived just half an hour ago.” Wyatt replied.

“You cannot marry her!” Lara shouted.

I rolled my eyes. Get lost you bitch…

“Why?” Wyatt started by (probably her friend’s) reluctance.

Lara rose from the couch and turned to look at me. She was really beautiful, with her golden red eyes and a quaint complexion, she would easily stand out from the crowd. She had perfectly carved lips and straight nose. Lara was a zero figure babe with perfect curves.

But, I was beautiful too, wasn’t I?

Look at my body, I mean I ought to be some Miss World or so. See my hair, black, long and Indian. I was a perfect combination of brown and white. I mean, Lara looked like a ghost with that horribly white skin. But she was beautiful anyways, damn her.

“Because I love you! I came here to propose you! I want to marry you and I want to become the queen!”
She launched herself towards Wyatt and closed him into a hug.

“Yeah.. but, I..” Wyatt searched for a reason while he was utterly uncomfortable with the act that small head was doing.

“He loves me.” I said.

“Why? Is she really apt to be the queen? I mean I’m smart, intelligent, beautiful, bossy. And..and I’m daughter of Odin Stanley, I’m a royal..” Lara spoke to Wyatt.

“And I’m Gigi, Gigi Martin. My name says it all, dear.” I said.

Lara jerked her head towards me and frowned.

“Gigi Martin, I’m Lara Stanley. Beware.” She said dramatically.

“She won’t be the queen, Wyatt. And that’s it.” She said again and started leaving.

“I’m sorry for Gigi. She’s just you know..” Wyatt said as soon as Lara left.

“No, don’t be. I like her.”

“You like her? Why?”

“She’d be a great competition. You know I don’t get people who can debate with me.”

“Wow. I’m glad to know.” Wyatt gave me a smile.


I sat across the hall of Wyatt’s Chamber. Wyatt was busy in his office discussing things with Lara, so I was suggested waiting in the Chambers.

Bullshit. I knew exactly what that nasty little girl was into, well not exactly girl as she was a good ninety years older than me. Just two days before our marriage a lass comes over and ruins everything.

How dramatic is that!

I saw Wyatt’s cell phone lying on the table. I know it’s rude to use anyone’s phone without their permission, but I had spent almost two months without one and now I wanted it desperately, and besides I was gonna be his wife so what’s his is mine.

I grabbed the phone and switched it on, damn! Password!
It so happened that my finger accidentally swept over the finger print scanner and the phone did open!

Oh my goodness! When had he added my finger print? When I was unconscious or probably dreaming. That’s so.. so, weird. Yet sweet.

I suspected if they had internet connection here but to my surprise Wyatt had WiFi in his room!
How did he even install it?

I searched for the song that could compliment my mood and hit play!               

Haan! Hai koi to vajah jo jeene ka mazah yu aane laga!

I jumped from the couch and danced. Danced with singing together. Oh it felt so right, so me. I felt like all the tensions and worries I had suddenly ebbed. Suddenly all I wanted was to do this. No love, no worries, no desire, no obsession and no need to use brain.

Just dance. I bounced on the sofa and shook my waist, my hips! That’s what dance is.

I lifted my hands into the air, jumped back down but never stepped on the ground as Wyatt caught me mid air.

He laughed loudly.

You’re so charming, Gigi.”

I kissed him. I trapped his lips into mine. I felt the heat in his mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist, the same position I had brought Tony to.

He brushed his tongue over my lip, but I didn’t approve of it. I jumped out of his grip landing on the ground.

I used my left hand to go behind his bank and with the right I moved towards his feet and lifted him up in my arms.

I kissed him again, sliding my tongue inside his mouth forcefully. He was a bit startled by my strength, dominance and approach but then he gave up.

Lara cleared her throat as she stood in the door.

“What are you doing?” She demanded.

“Kissing, Lara. As every couple does.” I stressed the couple word.

Lara squeaked out a sarcastic laugh. “Don’t you know that you’re not marrying him?” She asked rolling her eyes.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It’s like.. um” Wyatt stammered. He was still in my arms and hell I won’t let him down.

“We cannot marry like, now.” He finally said.

“Yeah. I’m the member of the elite vampire society. Wyatt cannot marry till I make sure that you are deserving enough to be the queen.” Lara said.

Oh, so new rules. I ignored her and went back to Wyatt. I straightened him a bit and directed his lips to round around my waist and his hands rolled to the back of my neck.

“This looks.. ridiculous.” Lara commented.

“You may leave.” I commanded.

“Don’t you ever order me, you bitch. Who are you?” Anger blazed from Lara’s eyes. While Wyatt looked down politely listening to our quarrel, still in my arms.

“Your mother, you psychopath. Now leave or I shall kick your ass out.” I said.

“How dare you!” She gritted her teeth and started towards me. I let Wyatt down and turn towards her. Lara kicked me across my thigh.

I smiled at her. I slapped her right across the face and then lifting her in my arms shoved her outside the King’s Chamber.

“Aah!” Lara cried in pain and then ran to her place.

I turned towards Wyatt. In a second I trapped him into the same position we were earlier.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Wyatt said.              

“No one tells Gigi what to do, Wyatt.” I carried him to the bedroom and threw him over the bed while jumping on him later myself.


To be continued…

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