Valentine Blues – Chapter Eleven

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”Hi babe?”

”Erm… are you lost?” Darren frowns walking towards her, sidesteps her and then climbs the staircase and going to his door, she follows behind him.

”No hi, how have you been, you look great, then hug and kiss me and tell me you miss me?” she touches him tentatively as he backs her.

”Dude, don’t touch me!!” He jumps away, she laughs.

”Ouch! I should feel offended but I am not. I am still a girl, didn’t go through with the surgery, all boobs and Vajajay… just the way you remember it”

”One, I don’t care. Two… still don’t care and three…. still don’t care. It’s your life Natalia, you can do with it as you please. I really have no grudges against you. I was hurt, but all that is gone. I really have wished you happiness in your journey of transformation and… I don’t just get why you are standing at my door step this time of the night with a bag in your hands and calling me babe. I do not see your girlfriend here Natalia. So again, are you lost?”

”I am here because I miss you. She isn’t here because we broke up and… I came back to you”

He opens the door and then enters, he stops her when she made to follow him.

”Whoa, what do you think you are doing?”

”Babe, come on”

”Natalia, really it’s good to see you, and you look great considering but you do not actually really think I would let you in? Dude you just showed up out of the blue”

”Stop with the dude, I am all girl!” She drops her bag. She was wearing a dress with a rope  tied at the edge. In one quick move she unties it and opens it up baring all.

”Jesus Natalia are crazy!!!!You are not even wearing any underwear” He exclaims.

”Who does that these days. See, no 12 or 18 inches dick with large balls dangling between my thighs and my pussy is all neatly trimmed and my boobs is still perky, like I said, just the way you like it. I miss you!”

”Cover yourself Natalia!” he turns away.

”I miss you!”she pouts and flutters her lashes.

”Sorry Natalia, that ship sailed a long time ago”

”So, you are going to let me stand out here, this late? Alone. Naked?”

”Don’t do that Natalia”

”Don’t do what? I miss you” She pouts, smiling at him ”I know you miss me, come on babe, I can do some pretty crazy things to make you forgive me” she smiles biting her lips.

He squints his eyes.

She smiles coming closer to him ”I know you wouldn’t shut the door to my face”

He opens the door wide.

She smiles closing the distance  ”I knew you still love-” She trails off as he stretches his hand to her and then stops her. She frowns. He brings out his wallet, pulls out a few bills, opens her hand and then places them on her flat palm.

”This can get you a decent place for a few nights, food to eat and etc. Good night Natalia, and I hope goodbye. I swear to God, I don’t hate you. We are just done, and I would not want to revisit a past that broke me. Have a good life, I intend to do that too. ” He steps back and then shuts the door.

”Dick!!” she spat and then turns away, she flags a taxi and then enters ”Get me the cheapest motel please” she says. She counts the money ”At least it was better than nothing”.

The taxi disappears into the night.



He found it hard to sleep, but eventually he closes his eyes and then sleeps.

The next morning, he puts Natalia showing up thoughts behind his mind and then gets to work.

”Hey Handsome” Bella, the secretary smiles at him .

”Hey Beautiful, how are you?” He replies walking into his office, she follows him.


”Got anything for me?”

”Yup, Boss wants you in his office, a meeting by 12 with some affiliates accountants. A Tender also came in from the business development department, he needs you to have a pre-tender meeting to fix  a correlation date and find out from the user departments if they can work it, also, you need to work out the modalities for the price quotation with them and how we can profit from these” She hands him some documents.

”Is everyone on ground?”


He flips through the documents ”It’s commercial, not a technical bid?”

”Yes it is.”

”Okay, I will attend to this, get me Richard on the phone, he needs to be here also. Basically I am just going to set my area and make sure other user departments are covered?”

”That’s what he said”

”NO worries then, handled” He smiles closing the file.

”You do it effortlessly anyways”

”It’s my job Bella, we have to.”  He seats down and turns on his laptop.

She leans on the table, running her hand over the edge of the laptop”So, about this gig I hear everyone talking about..” She trails off.

He smiles ”Yeah, I thought it was just in house friends but it looks as though the entire city is geared up for this boat cruise”

”Yeah, it would be mad fun. So, who you going with? Because, you know… I am not with someone and you are not with someone so… we both can go. I can be your plus one, I mean not like we are dating or  anything but… we can keep each other company so we don’t be the only lonely persons there.”

He keeps smiling ”I have a plus one”

”Oh?” she was taken aback, ”Okay, a guy? You know we are supposed to come with your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse and stuff, not same sex and not strangers and stuff, I mean if you just asked someone to go with you just because you can cancel, I mean we have known each other for years and well, I can pass for a friend but, closer friend and..”

Now he laughs ”Of course not a guy. A girl, my girl. My girlfriend”

She frowns ”But I thought you guys broke up a while ago or you guys are back together?”

He shakes his head ”Not my Ex Bella. That’s ages ago. My girlfriend! she is different. Cool. beautiful, sexy…” he smiles ”I asked her to date me and she said yes. We going together, it would be fun”

”Oh!” she sounded disappointed, she knew ”Well. congrats!”


”In fact I forgot I have a date already, silly me forgetting things. So… guess we would see there?”


”Boss wants it all closed out before COB today” She points to the files on his desk.

”Most definitely. Thanks Bella!”


She leaves him, frowning.


”Hey girlfriend?” He speaks into the phone several hours later as soon as she picks.

She smiles hearing that ” I must admit, that did sound nice. ”She places the phone on her table, puts it on loud speaker and begins to undress. ”I could get used to hearing that you know right?”


He is standing and staring out of the window. He got home an hour ago, his bag is on his bed, he is over looking the city from his view from his room.

One hand is holding the phone to his ears and the other is in his pocket.

”You should. How was your day?”

”Great! We had so much articles to put up and I was glad that I got mine covered, Luce was running against time but she got in right before sign out today. So, all is right in the world today.” She smiles ”Was your day good, had dinner, what are you up to? Anything fun?”

She packs her hair in a bun, standing naked in front of the mirror, she grabs a towel, picks up the phone and heads into the toilet.

”Whoa slow down crazy person, how can you have so many questions in one sentence?” He asks as he unbuttons his shirt.

She snorts while she sat on the toilet seat, her toes curled up as she went hard ”Ahh, that feels good”

”What, wait was that sound? Are you… are you taking a shit Annalisa Penelope Bruce?” He asks in surprise. He is on his bed now, removing his shoes and tucking his socks into it and pushing it towards his shoes rack.

”Oops!!” she laughs ”Sorry, I had to go. I didn’t realize the dump was so loud” She chuckles.


A large chunk drops from her ass hole into the toilet seat with a loud sound.

”Annalisa?” Came his exclamation.

”Sorry” she laughs again.

He is laughing as he covers his eyes with his free hand ”Oh dear Lord, I have signed up to date a crazy person!!”

He hears her giggling . ”Complaining already sire?”

”Not yet and by the way, you should drink a lot of water, that shit can injure your hole you know that right?”

He hears a flush sound. ”Yeah, I know. I am lousy at drinking water”

”You better get to drinking, water is good for you”

”I know!”

He hears the shower come on ”You want to shower? I would call when you are done”

She snorts ”Hmm, but it’s fine, I would just keep the phone where it is safe and we can continue talking. I just turned on the hands-free.

”You do realize that…” He began


”Nothing!” He thins his lips.

”Hey Darren, tell me”

He smiles rubbing his temple ”Its nothing. I need to finish packaging anyways, I pick you up by 12 noon tomorrow?”

”Okay. Tomorrow then.”

”Yes. By the way, Luce promises to kidnap me and toss me into her booth and hide me away from you if you don’t get her a ticket into that cruise”

He laughs ”Her ticket is her plus one, she gets a plus one, she is in. I don’t make the rules and besides… why doesn’t she have a plus one. I thought she was seeing -”

”Well, about that, Luce is an epileptic lover, one minute she is this and another she is that. They are off and on and right now they are off and she has no intention of being on right now. She threatened to get a random stranger to pretend to date her for the cruise.”

He laughs ”She wouldn’t do that’

”Sorry, have you met my friend? She is crazy and that would be the least crazy thing she can do and trust me she would. So, we would know by 12 wouldn’t we?”’

”Yes, we would. Okay, you take care of you beautiful, sleep well.”

”You too Darren” she says



”Goodnight!” He lays on his bed

”Goodnight Darren”

”Goodnight Anna” He could hear her smile through the phone

”Goodnight D”

”Almost sounded like Dxxk but that’s fine too” he chuckles, she laughs.

”Silly naughty person”

He laughs ”Okay, final goodnight”


Silence, he till held on the phone, listening to her breathing as she hadn’t dropped either.

”Goodnight Darren, need to shower”

”You cut the call then” he chuckles again.

”Okay, I will, doing it now, bye”

”Bye Anna”

Line dies.

He lays on the bed with a smile ”Annalisa..” he mutters.

She has a smile on her face as she cuts the phone. ”Darren..” she bites her lips and then smiles shaking her head before she goes on to shower and eventually turns in for the night.


Her door bell goes off a few times the next day.

”Be right there, Ummph! Be right there!!!”‘ She screams pulling her bag down her stairs and then pulls it to the door.

It was 11: 40. It should be Darren.

She takes a minute to take a deep breathe, run her hands through her hair, took a quick peek at the mirror to make sure there wasn’t anything in her teeth. She had had a quick breakfast.

Nothing in her teeth. Good.

Her makeup was simple but good and she was wearing a blue shorts, and a flowery peplum blouse with sneakers. A hand bag was slashed over her shoulders.

Yes, she was good to go.

The bell rings again.

She reaches for the door and then opens it ”I am ready… I, whoaaaa” she steps back ”Who are you?”

A dashing man with the cutest smile is staring at her ”I am Adam” he says.

”Er… okay Adam, why are you ringing my bell, are you lost or I can help you with something?”

”Yes, my date!”

She raises an eyebrow ”Okay… your date?”

”Yes, my date, I have one, can you help me with that?”

”Sorry Adam, i do not understand. You want me to help you with your date?”

”Yes, for the boat cruise the entire city seems to be fighting to go to and only limited spaces available. So my date. I got us a free pass and tickets and all that!” he dips his hands into his pocket to show evidence of that, he looks at her with a smile ”It was tough getting these but I was lucky to get the last dish out. So, I came to pick up my date!”

”Okay” Annalisa touches her temple ”There must be a mistake, I do not know you Adam and I” she points at herself ”I already have a date, my boyfriend actually is my date and he would be here any second and he wouldn’t be too happy to see a stranger about to whisk his girlfriend away from him to a boat cruise he already planned for us both so… I thank you but no.”

He has  confusion on his face as he shakes his head ”No, no… you are getting it wrong, my date, I came to pick up my date here and this is the house and you get me my date”

”Look, I just told you that-” she trails off as she heard it turning at the direction it was coming from.

”WHATTTT’S UPPPPPPPPPP BITCHESSSSSSSSS!!!!!” She screams from  the window of the taxi that just pulled up and roars out with laughter with her hands doing the rock sign and her tongue sticking out ”WHAT’SSSSSSSSSSSSS UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!” she screams again.

”Oh goodness!! The crazy just arrived” Annalisa exclaimed. ”Sorry, er..Adam I think you should leave. Maybe you got the wrong address and stuff and- ” she trails off as her friend struggles with a larger bag than hers, and then rolls it on the ground and then makes her way to them running.

”What in the world, are you going to leave there Luce?” She points at the bag.

”A girl’s bag has the world in it; Shoes, cloths, glasses, condoms, vibrators, gum, underwear, pepper-spray, jeans, tops, magazines for boredom, cigarettes and-”

”But you don’t smoke, Vibrator, really?”

”Well, someone might need it, I am caring like that and yes Vibrator, I mean you see lovebirds left and right and center, you wouldn’t want to feel left out in the fun. Always go prepared in case the Mr doesn’t perform right. I got two just in case you need one”


”What, I think of my friends too” she chuckles. ”And oh, I was saying… I got a body bag in there too just in case we need to kill someone and toss him into the water, gangster style”

”That part is a joke right?”

”Of course silly. But look whose is talking, ” she peeks behind Annalisa ”Your bag is two inches less of mine. what do you have in there, a house?” She bursts out laughing.

”Not..quite, just girly stuff”

”Aha!!” Lucy points at her ”It’s a girl’s state of mine. Even when she is going to work, her bag has all kinds of things in it.”

The man named Adam is laughing, they both turn to him.

”Oh, Adam is it, you need to leave please..i don’t get why you are still standing here!” Anna says with a frown.

”Me, I came for my date, i can’t leave without her”

”But I am not your date!!!”

”I never said you were my date”

”But you said you came for your date and you are at my door and-”

”I never said you were my date” he repeats with a smile

”Yes he never said you were his date ” Lucy repeats

”You don’t know what he was saying when he got here and that he came for his date and all-” Annalisa turns to her friend.

”But I never said you were my date” Adam is laughing.

”Yes he didn’t!”

”So who is his date then?” Annalisa folds her hands and then cocks her head to the side as she pouts staring at Lucy ”Who is your date then?” she directs at Adam.

”She is” He points to Lucy.

”I am!!” Lucy smiles broadly.

Annalisa looks at both of them, they are nodding. She cocks her head to the side , they are nodding still.

”But why didn’t you say anything instead of allowing me rant?” she exclaims at Adam/

”I was enjoying the confusion on your face and it was her idea” he points to Luce who is snickering.

”Of course, the crazy person would do this.”

Lucy grabs Annalisa into a squashy hug ”Yes and she loves you so.”

”But where did you pick up this Adam from?”

”If I tell you I would have to kill you but he is a sexy beast isn’t he? I may not need that vibrator. Hehe!!” she releases her. ”But the great thing is that you got your side kick in this trip with you and it’s going to be mad fun. Speaking of fun, where is boy wonder. Don’t tell me he isn’t here yet?”

”It’s just-” She checks her time ”A minute past 12 and… oh there he is!” her eyes lits! up as a car pulls up.

”Hey Bitchessssssssssss!!!!” Tonia stands and then yells, Tom and Darren face-palms.

”Hey bitchessssssssss!!!!!!” Lucy hails back and runs off to the car as Tonia jumps down and they hug jumping around .

”Oh Good, we got two of them now” Annalisa places both hands to her cheeks.

Adam smiles ”Nice, two is great, the more the merrier, I like crazy people”

”Both of them would definitely be the death of us all. They are like kids, literally.”

”Stay young at heart, you won’t grow old” Adam offers.

Darren is working towards her, the smile reaching his eyes as he gets to her ”Hey babe” he gives her his hands, they connect and then he pulls her into a warm embrace.

”Hey, you look good”

”You look beautiful” he places a kiss to her temple and then stares at the man. ”Hi, I am Darren Bloom, and you are?”

”My date!!” Lucy appears behind him and pushes her head under his arm and then hugs him.

”Oh, of course.” Darren smiles ”You found an escapee for you huh?”

”Yes, and he is really too, and a hunk, see” She leaves Darren and goes to Adam and touches his chest and runs her hands through his chest and to his tummy.

”Hmm, I see”

”I am Adam!”‘ Adam gives him his hands and they shake, Tom is walking towards them with his wife dangling from his shoulders.

”Six is a perfect pair, so are we going to have fun or what huh? I am Tom by the way and this bag of rice on my shoulders is Tonia, my wife, come near her and I’ll  kill you. But I am a nice man” He shakes Adam, Adam returns it.

”No intention of dying on a boat trip Tom, it’s Adam”

”Good man”

”Yay!! boat trip hear we come” Tonia squeals.

”Lets go!!” Tom turns around and heads back to the car. Tonia is dancing on his shoulders and cheering, Lucy joins her while Adam is enjoying  their silliness.

Darren places his hands over her shoulders and they walk together to the car as he pulls her bag for her and puts it in the booth.

”What the hell do you have in here?”

”A body, in a bag, and a few heads of the forgotten children” she smiles

”I wouldn’t doubt that, It’s just two days, three days max, you girls sure pack a lot. Tonia’s bag is massive you would think she is relocating and … I see Lucy’s bag isn’t much different. Is it a girl’s thing?”

”AFriad so Sir” She smiles

”That’s my bag” he points to a small rucksack  ”and that’s Tom’s”  He points to another one beside it ”.. same size. And I bet Adam’s bag isn’t much different”

”That’s why we are girls and you are guys” she sticks out her tongue.

”True that!”

Everyone gets into the car large enough  to seat  eight people. It was an open roof that Tonia and Lucy was happy to enjoy. Anna slips in beside Darren preferring his side to the breeze in her face and her hair she had managed to pack rather nicely.

”Good to go?” Tom asks

”Yay!! Good to go..” They chorused.

”Boat cruise, here we come” Tonia chants as everyone laughs.


A few hours away, three other couples are preparing to make their way to the boat.

”Baby, it is going to be fun yes?” the man with big tummy several inches below her asks.

”hmm, yes”

He comes to her to kiss her, she turns away and hands him a shirt ”we are getting late Chris”

”Duke, ”

”I said Duke” she smiles and blows him a kiss ”Do not forget your watch and cash”

”Oh yes yes, let me tell them to -”

She rolls her eyes and grabbing her bag in disgust ”Things you do to get what you need” She smiles ”Boat cruise, here we come baby”


”We are late” A different lady who is already seated in the taxi notes checking her time. ”I do not want to miss the boat, rolling out is in thirty minutes!!”

”Coming coming” The man rushes outside, enters the car and kisses her cheeks ”Here now, lets go”

The taxi zooms off.


”Babe, you always always like to be late” He checks his time ”I am sure the gates to the boat would be closed soon, you know the crowd that would be there, we need to get a good spot on time too”

”I am coming, Christ!!” She rushes down the stairs.

”Are you going to be working on this trip, you have all your phones and gadgets packed?” She observes as she enters the car.

”It wouldn’t be a bother, I promise. Ready to go have the fun of your life?”

”Yes” she smiles

”Great!” he kisses her lips and beckons to the driver to head out.




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