Moonlight Desire – Chapter Twelve

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I shot my eyes open.

This wasn’t the past, definitely not.

Then what was this? A dream or the future?

No damn it. I need to survive. I desire to live. But I desire something more don’t I?

“Are you okay?” Tony spoke from beside me. It’s when I realised I was sleeping on my bed, in my room and above all Tony was with me, alive.

I rose from the bed and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back with the same intensity. I kissed his throat and he kissed my head.

“What was this?” He asked.

“Do we have to tag everything?” I asked.


I took in his scent. Realised his present. Cherished his aura and when I finally confirmed that he still alive, with me, I let go off him.

“I can live on this all my life.” He said

“I can’t.” I said.

“That’s the problem.” He said it, so easily but it pierced my heart. After what I had seen, I was sure I felt different about Tony.

“You won’t go out.” Tony informed.

“Tony, I know you care for me but I can move perfectly well now.” I said.

“Whatever.” He said.

Oh crap, it is useless arguing with him.

“I wanna have a bath. May I go?” I asked.


“But I..”

“No.” He said again.

“Tony, I’m feeling awful. I wanna take a bath.”

“You cannot move.” He said.

“Don’t be stubborn Tony. I wanna have a bath.”

He shook his head and left. So rude!

After some minutes he returned. I frowned at him.

He inched closer to me and lifted me in his arms.

“What the hell do you think..” my words trailed off as soon as I stared into his eyes.

It was as if both of were breathing together, our hearts were beating together, the blood (which was the same between me and him) was flowing through our veins together.

If Wyatt’s eyes pulled me, Tony eyes lulled me. I hadn’t seen into their depths till now, no never.

The times we were terribly close, I was just anxious thinking about the closeness. But now, I could see each and every particle on his eyes. Every red flake in them.

Suddenly he threw me down, I fell into the tub with a splash. I was so engrossed in looking into his red emeralds that I hadn’t noticed that he had brought me into the bathroom of his room.

I coughed the water out of my lungs.

Tony chuckled. I should’ve been mad at him, called him a dumbass a shitty person a f**ked up person but strangely I giggled with him.

“Sorry.” He said.

“You should be.” I said, still smiling. I bit my lower lip and pulled my clothes off my body.

Tony stared into my eyes, as if it was perfectly normal for him.

“Should I leave?” He asked.

I felt a rush of adrenaline through me, a wave of a feeling which was confined to Tony. No one else could claim it. I could feel his feelings for me, see myself through his eyes, I could cherish the bond we shared.

I heaved deep breaths. No. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind.

“It would be… would be.. appropriate.” I stammered out.

He moved closer to me, slowly, oh so slowly. He sat beside the bath tub.

“Appropriate? Or necessary?” He asked.

My heart pumped faster. My lips started trembling.

“Apro..appropriate.” I said.

Tony stared at my lips. He let his right hand rest on the back of my head, slightly tugging my hair and then he moved his left to my cheek. He kissed me. Stopped the awful trembling of my lips. Lightly took my lower lip into his and then let go, once again he took them into his confinement. I kissed him back. I trapped him into a French kiss, increased the pace. I felt the inside of his mouth. I teased his tongue.

I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him inside the tub. Our lips still connected. The water wetened his shirt, revealed the muscles beneath it. Then I pulled back. “No. I’m sorry.” I said.

Tony sighed. He pulled his shirt off, our bodies touched to each other. I could feel the spark, feel the familiarity. I could feel my urge to lean into him again, but I couldn’t. Wyatt. Wyatt. Wyatt.

With me engrossed in my thoughts, Tony took me into a kiss again. No matter how much I knew this was wrong, but I wanted to give up. This somehow didn’t feel weird, as if it was meant to happen.

I moved my hands over his muscles. His body tensed under my touch.

I brushed my hand over his abs. He finally gave up and fell onto my body.

I moved my hand through his wet hair. Caressed his scalp, tugged his hair. We were surrounded by water, warm water. If I thought a hot water bath could sooth me the most then I was wrong. I kissed the juncture of his neck and shoulder. He shivered by my action. His tanned skin, unlike any other vampire I had seen, shined brightly.

I kissed his neck again. I could smell the blood in him, that sweet liquid.

“Don’t do that.” He said.

Don’t do that. Don’t do this!

“Tony stand up.” I commanded.

“I don’t want to.” He said.

“You have to.” I informed.

“Why?” If I was in a different place right now and if I wasn’t so near to him, the answer to this question would’ve been so easy. But right now, I could find one reason why I wanted to go away from him.

He kissed my neck. I could feel his breath on my neck. His hands curled around my waist. He rubbed my bear skin.

“Because I’m engaged to Wyatt.” I made up.

And it did work. He stood up, his pants soaked with water, his muscles tensed and his gaze downwards.
He breathed from his mouth.

I stood up and ran into my room.


“Take care, Sweet heart.” Wyatt said as he kissed my forehead.

I’d been sleeping on my bed. Wyatt had come to see if I was alright and he had declared the date of our marriage, three days from now.

Seriously? So fast. I know I’m going to marry Wyatt but this was too fast. Just a few days earlier he had proposed me and now our marriage date is out. Wow.

Wyatt pressed another soft kiss on my lips and then left. So, three days. Awesome. A knock came at my door.

“Come in.” I said. Tony opened the door and slipped into my room.

“What did he say?” He inched closer to me and slumped down onto the chair beside my bed.

“We’re going to marry three days from now.”

“Hmm.” He said and kissed me.

“What was that?” I asked.

He leaned in and kissed me again.

“A kiss.” He said.

Right. A kiss.

I rose from my bed.

“You kiss me and you don’t take the news of my marriage so lightly?” I asked hands-on-waist.

“Do you want me to take it seriously?” He asked.

God, he must be a smart person. How does he every time makes me question my choices? How did he made me to desire… different things? How did he made me feel that I was doing everything wrong?

“No.” I answered and started towards the washroom.

“Where are you going?” Tony asked

“Washroom. Wanna join?” I asked.

He smiled at me seductively. Oh god. Washroom. Bath. I looked down in embarrassment and quickly rushed into the washroom.

I sipped my myself into the bathtub. Oh. The warm water washed over my skin relaxing each and every muscle. I heard the knock on the bathroom door.

“Yes?” I asked.

The doorknob titled slightly and Tony came in.

“Ok. How did you even open the door when it was locked?” I questioned.

“It’s me after all, babes.”


His gaze went down on my body. I didn’t shift.

I rubbed my body with the scrub.

“You’re marrying him?” Tony asked in a low tone.


“You love him?”

“He is charming.” I replied.

“Yeah, but do you love him?” He asked.

“He is.. he is..” I started.

“I know what he is, who he is, Gigi. I’m asking” He raised his voice a bit.

I smiled at him. “I’m marrying him.” I said.

He shot me with his furious gaze.

“I know that. Do you love him?”

I bit my lower lip.

“Hmm,” I started “would you hand me my towel?”

Tony quickly picked the towel from the hanger and offered it to me.

I jumped out from the tub and covered myself with the towel. I started towards the door. Tony grabbed me by my wrist. “You cannot leave.” He said.

I used my free hand to get free from his grip. “Who said I was?”

I shut the door and locked it from the inside. I caught his hands in mine and slammed him against the door.

His lips were moist and red, I could see the bob of his Adam’s apple moving. His breath came in pants. A hair fell from his ponytail and rested over his eye ending just below his upper lip.

I trapped the hair between my index finger and thumb and directed it towards his ponytail. He looked pretty in long hair.

I pulled off the rubber band setting his hair free. They reached to his shoulder.

I kissed him, clearly dominating. I tasted his lips, bit his lower lip and a little blood oozed out. He was sweet. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, at first he was reluctant but then he gave up and leaned into the kiss.

I moved my hands towards his butt and rested them at it’s base. I gave it a light squeeze and his breath hitched.

I lifted him by his butt. His eyes widened slightly but neither did  break the kiss, nor did I.

I made his legs go round my waist. His shirt wetened due to my wet towel. His hair fell over my face, my hair were pushed against his chest.

I desired, he desired.

I finally pulled back. “No.” I said.

Tony squeaked a laugh. “This is what happens every time Gigi. No, just no. But this time, you initiated. You kissed me at the first place and you are holding me by my ass.”

I slid him a bit lower so that his legs rounded just below my waist. He rolled his hands around my neck.

“And you do this. You are just torturi..” I kissed him right away, shutting his mouth.

I somehow managed to unbolt the door with him still on my hands and kicked the door open. I pulled back as I reached near to the bed.

“Shut up. I’m answering to the question you asked earlier. I like Wyatt but I love you more.”

To be continued…

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