Valentine Blues – Chapter Ten

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She blushes.

“Is that a yes?”  he asks.

“Well, I don’t know ” She smiles.

“Come on,  what is there not to know?  I like you.  You like me. We have had fun dates. We both enjoy each others company and… we have good laughs. What is there not to know?” He inquires still looking into her eyes.

“Well,  what if it doesn’t work out. I mean.  This has been great and all but what if it gets ruined if we actually date? “

“It wouldn’t”

“And you know that how? “

He shrugs “Why do I have a feeling you don’t like me as much?” He leans away.

She pouts “Of course I like you and we both got out of a bad relationship and stuff and… I am just skeptical”

“Okay, that’s like a few months ago already. We can’t continue to dwell in the past. Unless you still got something for, your “Daniel? “

“Eww!!”  She screws up her face.

“What’s Eww?  You were balling your eyes out and almost having a nervous breakdown when we met” He left me… He left me wha wha whaaa” He pretend-cries teasing her.

She punches him playfully.

“Oww!” He rubs his arm and laughs.

“You were not much different. Sulking up and hating on the word love

“Well, it is a trickish four lettered word. Not to be taken lightly or used inappropriately” he points and then drops his hands.

“And yet you want to dive right back in?” she made the diving gesture with her free hand. He still held her other hand. She liked the feel of his hands and the way he stared at her intently so.

“Yes. Because I like you.  I want to spend more time with you. Know you more. Really more” His eyes sparkles “and besides, I let you be you around me. Even allow and indulge your crazy. You should date me!” he winks at her. She laughs.

“Hmm because you are charming? “

“Oh,  I am more than Charming princess. I see your eyes lit up when you see me. Hey don’t blush!” he touches her cheeks as she hides her face away.

“I am mostly shocked at the huge Adam apple protruding out of your neck so forgive me if my eyes pop out!” She sticks out her tongue.

“Oh really? What about the way I make you laugh, with careless abandon hmm? ” he pokes her cheeks.

She throws her hands in the air looking around “It’s simply because I don’t want you to feel inadequate when you tell me boring jokes.  So I laugh so you can feel good with yourself.” she smiles

He laughs. “I see, how about when I hug you and you linger?”

“Well erm..” She bites her lower lips “It’s because well… you never had enough hugs when you were little and I am trying to fill in the gap. See.. I am a good person. “

Now he is laughing hard as she tries to keep a straight face “You are trying too hard to be woke ainnit? “

She is blinking her lashes “Just trying to shy away from the obvious” she pouts taking her glass of juice and drinking.

“Is that a yes? Or I should do more convincing and wooing? “

“Oh is that what you have been doing?” she taps her jaw tentatively and gave a serious look. It wasn’t working. Her lips were threatening to break out from the curve of her lips.

“As a matter of speaking.  Yes. But.. I can do more if it isn’t up to a “Yes” level from you.  Tell me how to blow you away and get that yes in an instant ” he winks.

“Well…if I tell you it would be easy wouldn’t it?

“Oh come on,  you are going to make this hard for me aren’t you? “

She shrugs picking her bag “Dunno”

He sighs “Say yes? “

She smiles “I will think about it”

“One hour? I can call you to find out” he gets up after paying the bill.

“Oh patience Sire… the seed is yet to germinate. “

“Ah,  we are doing accent now. “

“Aye Sire!” They smile at each other.

They exit the restaurant and he opens the door to his car for her and waits for her to slip in. He goes around, enters and then stares at her.

“You are not going to keep me waiting are you? “

“Maybe.. You might change your mind and realise how crazy of a person I am and you can deal with my silly and you would be glad you dodged the bullet. “

“I won’t!! “

She smiles.. “I”ll tell you tomorrow “

“Tomorrow it is, then I would tell you tomorrow too”

“Tell me what? Tell me now”

“Patience Princess,  you like to dish out but don’t want to take. Naughty naughty” he flicks her nose,  puts the car on drive and takes her back to the office.

He walks her to the entrance of the building and holds the door open for her.

“See you soon?”

“See you soon” She replies. He leans in and brushes her cheeks with a light kiss. “Just needed one for the road.”

She stares at him with a smile.

“There it is, that light in your eyes.” he points at her eyes.

She shakes her head nudging him away and disappears into the building. He laughs turning and then leaving.


“Oww!! ” Annalisa rubs her head and stares at her attacker.

Lucy is standing with one hand on akimbo, her brows furrowed and a folded newspaper in her hand which she had used to hit Annalisa on her head with.

“What did you do that for? ” Annalisa sobs.

“You telling me he asked you to date him,  be his girlfriend and you walked out of there going “I will give you an answer tomorrow ” in fact!


“Owww Jesus Luce?!”” Annalisa exclaims again as she places both hands on her head.  “You are the devil Luce!! “

There were downstairs in the lobby.

“No baby, I am the hands of reasoning. Let me get this straight.. Do you like this dude? I mean I am your girl so you got to be straight with me. “

“I do. I mean he is great, sweet and charming and he is really really cute and being around him makes me feel comfortable and stuff “

“So what the hell then? “

“I don’t know. Didn’t want to seem cheap blowing a yes immediately like that!” she pouts.

Lucy makes a face and then rolls her eyes. “Baby you have been cheap and slutty since you let him boinke your ass on V’s day.” then she smiles with Annalisa ‘s aghast face as she stares around to see if anyone was coming. “And to think your punani starts with a letter V. How is she doing these days since she last got some from Darreeeennnn!!”” she gestulates slapping the air and pretend riding.

“Lucy.. You mouth runs like a tap. And you are crazy” she points at her friend who roars in laughter.

” You love me like that.” She plucks out Annalisa’s phone from her pocket and then scrolls.

“What are you doing?” Annalisa eyes her friend who had a serious face all of a sudden.

‘”Helping you. Here… It is ringing.. Say yes or I would scream you are a slut to the whole team of colleagues “

“You wouldn’t dare! “”

“Annalisa you are a Slurrrrrrrr”

“Give it here!!” She clams Lucy’s mouth shut and gives her her hand open wide.

She felt Lucy’s smile behind her hand as she hands it to her.

“Hello? “

They bought hear Darren pick.

“Hi, it’s me. ” Annalise began

“Good girl ” Lucy removes her hand from her mouth and says with a large smile.


“So? ” Tom comes behind him .

Darren removes the phone from his ears and then smiles.

“She said she wants to see me later “

“Oh. You think she gonna say a yes? “

“I hope so! ” he says getting up.

“Nice. So I guess you are taking her to that gig.? “

“Most definitely. But. It’s a weekend getaway.  You coming with Tonia and others with their plus ones.  I would love to go with her but I have to find out if she is available “

“Ask her then. Dude.. Where the hell did you keep your remote. Need to kick your ass in some PS. “

“Open the table drawer below the TV.  It’s there. “

His phone rings. He picks it up, then he frowns.

“What the hell? ” he mutters.  He puts the phone on silence choosing to ignore it and then sinks into a chair beside Tom. Tom throws him a side eyes.

“What’s up? “

Darren shakes his head. “Nothing. Let’s play ball! “” he nods. Reaching out he turns his phone facing down. It would stop it from ringing out just in case the caller decides to call again.

“Not today Satan!! ” he mutters under his breath.  “Not today”


“You know I love you right? ” Lucy says from her car.

“Sadly I do.” Alexa nods.

“So don’t mind me being crazy and all pushy for anything. I just want you to get out there and be happy but.. Really if you don’t fancy the guy you shouldn’t date him just because your friend believes in happy endings doesn’t mean it would be the kind of one I envision. So.. You can bust it out and tell him to go fxxk himself literally. “

“You are spontaneously funny. One minute you are biting my head up about not giving him an answer and the next you are going all.. Don’t go if you don’t fancy the dude.  Pick a struggle sister”

“Your happiness. I pick that over my craziness anyway “

They smile.

“For what is worth. I do fancy him and with or without your “Silly stunts” I would have told him a yes.. Was just going to wait till tomorrow “

“Okay. Cancel it. Do it tomorrow”

Annalisa looks up when a car pulls up at her driveway.

“Too late for that” she says leaning away from Lucy’s car.

“Better now then..” She blows her a kiss.

“Hi Darren?!” Lucy says as he walks up to them.

“Hey Lucy, leaving? “

“Yep. Three is a crowd last I checked. Be good kids.” she reaches out and pats Darren on his cheeks and then pulls away waving them.

They stare at each other.

“Wanna come in? “

“Am I allowed to come in? “

“You want to stay out here.. Here is fine too? “

“kidding “

They walk into her house, take a seat while she turns on her TV,  surfing through channels and eventually ended up on Netflix.

“You want to drink something? “

“No. Okay Maybe water. “

“Ah.. Water is good”

She gets him water and then sinks into a chair beside him.

They watch TV or basically are just staring at the moving pictures.

A full twenty minutes pass.


“Really.. Seriously now? ” Cupid frowns as he seats crossed legged on his bed dangling from the roped clouds.


Another thirty minutes pass and their eyes are glued to the TV as they each pretend to enjoy the programs.

Okay she called me here,  why isn’t she saying anything? Or should I ask her why she called me?  Darren is wondering.

Should I start the conversation or should I wait for him to ask me again?  Or maybe I should just blurt out the answer like that.

Thoughts ran through her head.  She bites her lips.

Another ten minutes pass.


“No way, not happening on my watch. You both have go to click. Another day wasted is not part of the manual book. No way. I am definitely doing something about it”  he fishes inside his white cloth.

He brings out a hammer.

“Nope.” he tosses it away.

He brings out a teddy bear.  “Nope” he flings it away.

“A-ha!  Found it! “” he says bringing it out and then frowns.  “Nope not you ” He was about to toss it away when he pauses after a thought. He places it back inside his clothes that doubles as a bag. It was a book that had a title inscribed “KamaSutra! “”

“Pops wouldn’t like you having that Cupid! “

Cupid is startled as he looks around and frowns.

“Stop doing that Jesus! You can easily give me a heads up you know. Did pops send you after me? “

“Nope. Just took a stroll and saw that serious look you have on your face.  You are planning something.  Is it with that book you are holding?  Pops wouldn’t be pleased. “

“I won’t tell him if you won’t” Cupid has a sly smile as he goes back to searching. “A-ha! Got it”

“What’s that? One of your little toys Cupid?”

“Just a tiny little ball that causes ripple effects.”

“I would like to advise you but.. You would keep rejecting it. “

“You are smart J.  Very Smart.” Cupid taps his temple.

A deep sigh “Okay.  Enjoy!”

Alone now Cupid stares at his little tiny ball large enough the size of a cube.

“A little dissary is all I need to get them … oh whatever just get them talking.  “

He releases the ball and watch it sink below the clouds.


She heard the thunder clap before she saw it.

The rain began at first like a tiny drizzle when she looked outside.  Now it was heavy droplest of water hitting against her window pain.

“That is a nasty weather out there. ” Darren says from where he sat.  Their eyes are staring out of the window.

“It is. “


The lights suddenly goes off. It’s pitch black.

“Dammit!!” Annalisa excliams. “Don’t move let me get a temp light from the.. Whooaaa Whooa!! “

She hits the side of the table not reaalizing it was on her way and down to the ground she falls.

She lands on strong arms and chest preventing her from falling.

“Easy Anna! ” Darren calls out in the dark. He had felt her falling and then reached out to grab her.

“Phew!  Thank you” annalisa breaths.

“Welcome.. So I am going to let go off you now. Can you find your way or you need help? “

“It’s fine. Yes I can manage “

“Okay hold on let me step back slowly and make sure I won’t hit anything in the dark. “

“Sure why not”

Darren began to move back slowly.


Cupid grabs a long stick and then pushes the stool besides him out and then places it behind him.

He seats back and the watched smiling..

“Humpty-Dumpty has a great fall! ” he mused.


“Okay now I think you can.. Whoa.. Whoa! “

Still holding on to her,  Darren hits a stool behind him, loosing his balance and both of them went thumbling down.

“Oow!!” he exclaims.

“Ow! ” Annalisa echos groaning.

“Did you get hurt?.  I can’t see.  So dark.  Are you okay? “

He could feel her nodding her head.

“Just landed on my side. But I don’t think I broke anything. “

He smiles in the dark “That is good. “

“Did you? ” she inquires.

“Did I what? “

“Break anything? “

He smiles in the dark.  “I wouldn’t know.  I kinda have to check “

She smiles.

They laid there.  On the floor,  in the dark with her in his arms.

“Annalisa? “

“Hmm? “

“Date me, please.. Put a man out of his misery”

She Stiffen a chuckle.  “It is hardly Misery. “

She turns in his embrace and then stares at him, or what she figured was his face in the dark.

He moves,  following her movement and now they are laying side by side, staring at each other in the dark. He still held a part of her in his arms.

“I can be annoying “

“I can handle annoying. “

“I can also be extremely sensitive and emotional? “

“I have enough padding for us both”

“I have a nasty craving for coldsstone ice-cream at odd hours and throw a tantrum when I am on PMS and can get crazy when I got lady red”

“Thankfully that isn’t a problem. I would make a duty to get you a paint drum of it twice a day if you want.  Just don’t complain with the daibetics kicks in.  PMS. Cranky?  Pfft! ” he scoffs ” Walk in the park.  Massages helps.  Listening to you whine helps. Netflix and a good snuggling helps. “

“So you got it all covered huh?”

“Yes.  Other than your Yes of course. “

She nods.  “Yes! “

“Yes.. Other than your yes to my answer”

“I said it. Yes I would date you “

“A-ha!  Can you hear that? ” he whispers.

“Hear what? ” she leans in whispering.

The dance of victory. She said yes.  She said yes.  Awhooof!! ” he sang.

She laughs. He reaches out in the dark, trying to make out her face and curve it with his mind’s eyes.

“Hey girlfriend!”

She blushes when she felt his hand caressing her cheeks.

“Hey boyfriend”

“I do like the sound of that. So.. I was going to ask you tomorrow but hell I might as well.. Hey!  Look at that.. Isn’t it just perfect timing. “

The light was restored.

“That has never happened. But have been a glitch”  Anna observed.  “Tell me what?” she nudges him.

“Would you love to be my plus one, my date etc for  a getaway gig. It’s some gig happening during the weekday. Friday to Sunday. Wanna come with? “

“Would it be fun? “

“If you are coming it would be more than fun. “

“This weekend? “

He nods.

“okay! “


He turns to stare out the window.  “I think the rain has stopped.” he gets up and then pulls her up along  side with him.

“See you soon? “

“See you soon! “

He leans in,  kisses her cheeks and then leaves under the drizzling rain.

His phone rang again two more times. He ignores the calls and continues on his way home.

It want until he got home and alighted from his car that he notice! standing there .

He got closer then he realized who the stranger was.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Darren exclaims.



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