Moonlight Desire – Chapter Eleven

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Wyatt teased my tongue with his. But my lower lip, pulled me closer to him.

His breath fell on my neck sending chills down me. Every part of me wanted to glue with him. He slipped his hand underneath my shirt and rubbed the area over my stomach.

I could feel every part of his body above me as I lied down on his bed and he lied on me.

It has been three weeks since we discussed the brutal human destruction plan. Now, to me it didn’t seem so awful maybe only because the planner was so damn hot.              

Things had grown at an unimaginable pace between us since then. I had spent every night in his room, every moment with him. I bet when I get back to my chamber, Tony would hang me to the ceiling.

Wyatt kissed my throat lightly.”I want do something first.”

“What?” I asked.

Wyatt smiled and rose up from the bed. He bent on a knee and revealed a small red box- a royal one.

“Will you marry me, Ms. Gigi Martin?” He asked revealing the ring.

Embedded with a red ruby and carved with gold, it was the most exquisite thing I had ever seen.

Had it surprised me? Yes, but not much considering the weeks we had spent together.

I stared into his chiseled face. His hair coloured black had been plastered to his forehead. The buttons of his delicate white shirts were open showing off his built body. His lips were pursed together, oh those skillful lips. His eyes sending an expression of anxiety towards me.

“Yes.” I gasped.

Wyatt gasped too and placed the ring on the ring finger. He lifted me by my ass into the air.

“I love you, so much.” He said.

I smiled at him.

He pressed a small kiss on my lips.

“What do you want? Ask me for anything, Gigi.”

“Show me that immortal stone of yours.” I blurted out.

I had been excited to see such a dangerous thing. But it had taken so long to see it. But now under any circumstances, I’d behold what I want to.

“Fine then.” He said.

He landed me down and I hugged him. He chuckled.


We descended down the steps. A door in the king’s bedroom opened into an ancient world which was this.

Wyatt had laced his fingers with mine.

“Wyatt.” I whispered huskily into  his ears. His grip tightened around my hand. He turned to me, there was a gap between his lips, at that time he looked like the most handsome man in the world.

I grabbed his collar and pushed him to the stone wall. The place was well illuminated with LED bulbs which really looked out of place and romance did too but some great person had said that never leave a chance.

As I pulled his collar apart, Wyatt’s buttons broke down. I kissed his throat then his Adam’s apple, down to his chest later the juncture of his neck and  shoulder.

Wyatt tore down my shirt too, he caressed the skin of my stomach. His scent filled my nostrils, I could hear his heart pump. I could see his beautiful skin. My lips move towards his throat. Blood ran through his viens.

“Stop, Gigi.” Wyatt said. But I decided to ignore.

I kissed the part and then sunk my fangs inside. Wyatt gasped. His blood filled my mouth, the sweet blood. I drew in from the life from his body. The expressions in his eyes turned from shock to reluctance and then to pleasure.

I could feel his thoughts. I could see my body through his eyes. He loved me, he did. He loved ruling too. He desired so much. He desired me, he desired the rule and he desired death. Death of humans, their blood.

“Stop.” He said again and I finally did.

I pulled back from him.

He smiled at me. “You marked me, Gigi.” He spoke huskily.

“I did what?” I stammered out. I didn’t have any other intention, I swear to God.

“You marked me, as yours.” He said touching the marks of my fangs.

Well even though I didn’t intend to, but I didn’t regret my action.

I kissed the part where my fang marks rested on his throat. “You can erase it with your saliva.” Wyatt in formed.

“Do you want me to erase it?” I asked.

“No.” He replied.

We fixed ourselves again- I walked shirtless and so did he, into the chamber. A startling blue light filled the place. It was the light I had been seeking. Strong stone walls stood at all sides. No lights were required here as the immortal stone did the work. It illuminated the entire place with it’s blue light, I could feel the power around it. I could feel it’s aura.

Wyatt moved towards the stone. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I doubted how such a pretty stone could damage an entire city.

Wyatt lifted the stone carefully, the light ebbed slowly. He brought the stone closer to me. As he shifted towards me, I crouched back. One step behind, then the other.

“Someone’s pushing me.” I informed.

“Oh god.” Wyatt twisted around and kept the stone on it’s place.

“Gigi, get out of here. The stone is repelling you, it may hurt your body parts. I guess you’ll faint if you stay any longer.” Wyatt said.

“I can’t move.”

Wyatt rushed towards and picked me up into his arms.

“Let’s go.” He said.

“Wait. Take me to my chamber.” I said.

“Gigi, you can’t even move. I want you in my sight.”


Wyatt started moving. We moved past the corridor into Wyatt’s room. He placed me on his bed.

“Take this.” He said handing me a cup of blood.

I sipped from it.

“How do you feel?” Wyatt asked.

“Better.” I informed.

I patted the place beside me indicating Wyatt to sit. He quickly slumped down onto the bed. I rested my head on his thigh.

“I told you to take me to my chamber, Wyatt.” I said.

“I know.” Wyatt kissed my forehead. I grabbed his neck and directed his lips towards mine and pressed a soft kiss.

I felt blood running into my legs. I could move again. I rose up from the bed. Two marks on Wyatt’s throat, I saw. The marks I had given him.

I kissed the place where I had marked him.

“I’m leaving.” I informed.

Wyatt halted me by grabbing my wrist. He stood from the bed and opened the drawer of the cabinet which stood beside it. He handed me a large key.

“It’s key to my chamber. You are fired from the job of my assistant Ms. Gigi. Take rest.” He said.

I took hold of the key and gave him a tight hug.

“You’re mine.” I said touching my marks on his throat. Wyatt gulped, I saw the Bob of his Adam’s apple shift down.

“I know.” He said with his lashes lowered. God, I had an effect on him.

I began moving but again he balked me by arriving in front of me.

“I didn’t tell you this. I thought you’d think that I was insane. I thought you’ll get afraid.” What was this now? Wyatt took my hand in his and caressed the ring he had given me.

“You are my soulmate.”

What?! One lady who is the soulmate of two. So fair. I just reacted with a smile thrusting the storm going inside me down.

I kissed on his cheek and left.

I opened the door of my chamber.

“Where have you been Gigi?” Tony asked. He had been standing in the window, back towards me.

“With Wyatt.” I replied.

“You were with the king for weeks. In his room.” He said finally turning around.

His beard had grown a bit, his hair were tied back into small pony tail. His tanned skin was sparkling and his eyes had grown intense. He looked the most beautiful since I had first met him.

“I’m engaged to him.” I said. I felt so afraid, I didn’t know why.

He chuckled. “Engaged. Wow, Gigi. You are the queen to be.”

Tony turned and then moved into his room.

I felt the world shake, as if I was shaking it. It went round, the gravity shifted, it called me down, the surrounding faded, my legs went numb and I felt on the ground with a thud


It was dark all around. I was standing in the dark. Tony stood beside me, hands in hand.

He kissed, I kissed him back.

“I love you.” He said. I felt rush in my body. The feel I had never felt before.

I desired to survive but I desired him more.

He lifted me by my hips and I let my legs go round his wait. He kissed me more and I felt like I had conquered the world, like I had lived everything. Like I had survived through the toughest conditions.

He suddenly let me down. There was live no more. His heart burnt, it burnt from the fire which was burning in my heart. I was the fire and he was the moth who would burn in me.

He moved away from me. With each step his heart burnt more and his love turned to hatred.

He finally disappeared into the dark.

I felt miserable, so miserable that my heart burnt. My heart burnt to ashes and so did my body.

I was gone. Forever.

To be continued…

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