Moonlight Desire – Chapter Nine

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Some have a match lasting forever. The match in which love never abated but intensifies as each day goes. That match is the soul mate. Vampires do not have a soul, but the match that makes you feel the weirdest and most humanly of the feelings is your soulmate. Some find theirs by the first look while some have to wait. Some have to wait to realize. But when you find your soulmate, there is no holding back. No power on Earth can stop it. No hatred in the universe can nullify it. It is a love which knows no bounds. You cannot go away from your soulmate, death is the only way. If one dies the other will be in hands of death too. Seek for your soulmate. This was the summary of the book. I had started out to find a romantic book in vampire mythology. Well, it gave me a number of thoughts both good and bad.

The good being- Aaron wasn’t my soulmate or I wouldn’t  be able to get away from him. I wouldn’t be able to forget him. Forget as in forget from my love life.

The bad being- There was someone else. And I didn’t know of it.

I sighed and drifted off to sleep.



It was the night I had discovered about my powers. I was in the past.

I slept lifeless on the ground while Tony stared at her. The look in his eyes had crept in again. He frowned, looked away but then shifted gaze on me again. Frustration was all I could see. Tony was frustrated too much. Oh dear.              

What would have been the other nights I had slept?

The picture suddenly blurred and then I switched to the next day. Oh, so it worked this way. I just had to think and then I would be back to that moment, great! I had begun learning more.

Tony was carrying me in his arms while I was asleep. He was staring at me, not even paying attention to the road in front of him. He sighed but kept eyes glued on me.

Then I saw the night days later. The day he had… He had kissed me in my sleep.

I had drifted off to sleep. Tony had left to gather the logs to use them as a fuel to keep the fire burning. He inserted the small pieces carefully into the fire. It burnt with a greater intensity and size. The yellow of the fire had illuminated the place. I could smell the husk and smoke.

Tony shut his eyes. I kept my attention to him, I wanted to know what he had been thinking.

Instantaneously the surroundings changed. I could see him biting Gigi, the look in his eyes. I could ‘feel’ his impatience, the doubt and the aggression.

I saw him thinking about me and smiling at the thought when I was no where near. I could feel his laughter when I chattered and cracked silly jokes.

I could feel his concern for me, when I danced. The fear of me falling and hurting myself. I could feel a greater concern when the were wolves surrounded us. He feared that they would hurt me.

And then suddenly I was back again, again to the night of that kiss. Had I actually entered his thoughts? Holy cow! This was getting amazing!

Tony smiled. Opened his eyes.

“You’re the one, Gigi.” He spoke and kissed me.



I heaved deep breaths. My blood was unexpectedly warm. My mouth dropped.

No. Why did he say it? ‘You’re the one, Gigi.’

What was I? I’m not the one please. I hated myself for knowing what was going on. I couldn’t be. I couldn’t be his soul mate.

Maybe I was wrong. May be it was just a silly crush.

Tony cleared his throat as he entered my library.

It’s better if I ask him.

I rose up from my seat, closed the book I had left open and handed it over to him.

“What?” He asked.

“Read it.” I said or more precisely, ordered.

“I was just here to say if you were mad at me for whatever happened… You know.”

“Tony. READ IT.” I ordered more firmly.

He looked at the cover and then his eyes widen. He casted me a bogus smile.

“I’m not interested in this stuff, Gi..”

“You know what I’m asking, Tony.”

“Look, Gigi I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Tony. ANSWER ME!” I insisted.

He shut eyes. I could see the pain. He winced at my words.

“Yes..” He said.

My legs felt weak. I fell on my knees. Tears flooded my eyes, blurred them. They slipped off, standing my cheek.

Tony started towards me.

“Please, Tony. Leave me alone for a while.” I pleaded.

“Gigi I’m..”

“Please. Please. Please.”

He sighed and left from the library.

I was his. Was he mine??


“Don’t open it, Ms. Gigi.” Wyatt, the king, said. I had dared to open an interesting looking file, which had a lock on it.

“I’m sorry sir.” I quickly parted from the documents.

“Hmm. I’ll be here in a while. Don’t forget to arrange the files and please clean the mess of documents on my table.” He instructed and left from the office, leaving me and the file alone.

I decided to first complete the work that had been assigned to me. I quickly shoved the files into their correct places in the cabinet and then collected the documents on Wyatt’s table.

I opened one of the drawers of his table to stuff the file in, but I found something interesting instead. It was a key, so small that it was too obvious for me to guess to where it belonged.

I picked the key, sized about three centimeters, and then inserted the file in my hand into another file instead.

I pressed the key into the small hole of the lick on the file. It opened with a click revealing the matter inside.



No he couldn’t do that! I shut the file, struggling with the lock and a hand grasped my waist.

“What did I tell you Ms. Gigi.” Wyatt whispered into my ear.              

“I’m… I’m sorry, sir.” I squeaked.              

“Anyways, now that you know, do not reveal this to anyone my dear. It’s a secret, it should remain so.” He said pressing a kiss on my neck.

I felt sensations running up and down my spine. No doubt, he was a tyrant but he was surely tempting.  His kisses went down my shoulder, sliding the dress down from my shoulders.

“You are beautiful.” Wyatt said breathlessly, still kissing my body.

He grasped the revealed area of my shoulders with his hands and making me to turn around and look right into his face.

“I wanted to do this from the first time we met.” He said.

He inched towards me. He took hold of my cheeks keeping my face at that position and then he attacked me with his lips. Strong, dominating and passionate. He slid his tongue into my mouth teasing mine.

He grabbed me by my ass and pulled me even closer. I could almost feel his entire body, every part that was burning with me.

We pulled apart. None of us panting.

Wyatt smiled at me. Pressed a soft kiss on my lip and left.


“He’s breaking the barrier, Tony. He’ll destroy humans, make them vampires. The vampire world will mingle with the human world. War Tony, war. Us getting out of Meadows will be useless.” I said.

Tony had been sitting in front of me, on the couch. I was reluctant in speaking to him earlier but I could do nothing alone. Hence I had no other way.

“We can’t stop him. He’s too powerful.” He replied.

“So what? We are gonna sit and watch?”               

He stared into my eyes and then down to my neck, to my shoulders and then his look changed. He rose from his place and reached terribly close to me in a blink.

He sat down on his knees. I felt a knot in my throat, the hair on my neck rose.

He shifted closer and then pulled the sleeves of my dress down. Baring my shoulders.

“What’s this?” He said staring at my shoulders.              

I looked down. Good lord. Those were the marks of Wyatt’s hands when he had grabbed my shoulders. He had bit me, leaving a mark behind.

“Who did it?” Tony asked.

“Wyatt.” I replied.

I could see pure anger reflecting from his eyes.

“I’ll get him.” Tony said and rose from his position.

I grabbed his wrists.

“I don’t have a problem with it.” I said. I could stand up for my self. I wasn’t a weak little being. But I was quite only because I had let him do what he had done. I hadn’t resisted. I had my own reasons.

“What? Why?” Tony appeared hesitant.

“What do you mean by why? He’s attractive, he’s a good kisser.” I said.             

“He kissed you.” Now anger was replaced with misery. I knew why it was such. I was his soulmate, he didn’t want to loose me. But he hadn’t gotten me yet and I wouldn’t let anyone dominate me. He wasn’t any alpha and no alpha would stand a chance against me.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Why are you doing this to me, Gigi?”

He said it in low voice. God I had never heard this voice of him. It was so miserable, so vulnerable and full of…              

I could see his eyes glitter, not due to their shiny nature, but because of tears that flooded them. A new wave of feelings surged my body. These feelings that I had never felt before, never not even with Aaron.
He loved me, he loved more than anyone could.

What was to be done by me? Pretend, I couldn’t hurt him more. I couldn’t hurt him at all now.               

I moved forward and took him into my embrace. I hugged him tightly. He hugged me back, his hand resting on my back while mine moving up and down his spine.

“It’s hard for me Tony” Tony’s breath hitched as I whispered so close to his ear. “I can’t. I cannot love you.”

Tony’s breath tightened around me. “I understand.” He said.

Both of us were calm, not uttering a word. Satisfied, as we were, in ourselves. I felt as if nothing else mattered. I wanted to be there, with him, feeling him.

Where was this going?

To be continued…

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