Valentine Blues – Chapter Seven

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”You both know each other?” Lucy frowns looking at her friend and then the really cute stranger who helped her get the cabbage from the shelve which she was far away from because his shopping cart had blocked her, and who had also paid for two of her item.

”Well… yeah, we do” Darren chuckles.

”Sort off… wow Darren!” Annalise chuckles ”Small world huh?”

”Yeah, small world. You -you look great” He points to her .

She smiles tugging a stray hair behind her ear ”Thanks. You… look good and well”

”Yeah… time heals huh?”

”Yeah, time heals” She replies

”Er… hello, Lucy here… you both know each”

Annalise looks at her friend ”Er..Pffft!!” She scoffs ”We just know each other” She tries to give her an eye.

Lucy is frowning ”Just know each other how?”

”You know… know each other..”


Annalise is giving her the eye, and pointing at a random red object, Lucy’s frown deepens not understanding. ”Why are you showing me red … how do you guys know each other Anna?”

Darren hides a smile,

”We ran into each other… you know, broken hearts… stuff” She grabs a V-shaped T-shirt and places it on her chest and is picking out a red stuffed teddy bear too, holding them together and then, she absentmindedly and obviously hit the condom rack. A condom drops.  ”Oh silly me” she bends and picks it up, stylishly shows her friend all three items and then drops them back.. ”We met… you know”

Lucy cocks her head to the side ”Noooo i don’t know”

Annalise rolls her eyes, she turns to Darren who is still standing there, his smile secretly obviously… she smiles at him and then backs her friend, she pumps air into her mouth to the side, and used her tongue to hit the walls of the popped cheek with air, in and out as the cheeks inflates and then deflates.

Lucy’s eyes grows small as she is staring at her friend ”Are you okay Annalise, what are you doing with your mouth?”

Annalisa face-palms.

”Why can’t you just tell me how you both met… I am curious”

Now Darren laughs, they turn to him ”We met on Valentine’s day, one of those really awkward messed up situations and … erm..” he clears his throat throwing a look at Annalisa ”that’s it”

Lucy stares at him ”Okay, oh that’s nice, you both met in the day of lov— oh shit!!! You are the dude whose’s girlfriend is a lesbian and wants to get all sex organs and…ohhhhh shit you are the sexy cute stranger who got my girl to forget about that jerk for a night who left her to go marry his bimbo and you both…” She laughs continuing ”…got -it-on” she spanked an invisible ass and gesticulated.. ”Oh..Ahh..yes yes… love me, love me, love me some harder!!!!”

Annalisa quickly clams her friend’s mouth with her hands ”Damnit girl, you didn’t have to be so graphic”

Darren laughs. Annalisa throws him an embarrassed look ”Sorry!”

”No… no problem” He replies her.

A few customers turn chuckling and then turns away.

Lucy is laughing  and trying to talk ”Hmmddggshfuwhfegfjdgdfsdjjfhjffhfhh”

”What, I can’t hear nor understand what you are saying” Annalisa tells her friend as she frowns at her.

Lucy rolls her eyes and taps at Annalisa’s hand over her mouth,

”Oh… sorry” Annalisa drops her hand.

Lucy smiles, ”I said…you should have just told me you know, stylishly.”

”What in the heavens have I been saying or doing?”

”What… you are poor at giving signs girl” then she sidesteps Annalisa and goes to Darren, folding her arms and placing her fingers to her jaw as she taps them tentatively ”Damn, you are fine. Oh I am Lucy Baggins, Annalisa Penelope Bruce’s best of friend.” she gives him her hand, he takes it.

”Darren Bloom”

”Like Orlando Bloom, that man is a sexy fine man, I watched lord of the rings because of that clean elf man”

Darren laughs ”Nah. Just a different bloom” he stares at Annalisa. Lucy turns to look at Anna.

”Oh come over, maybe you both can continue where you left off the valentine vibe” she winks.

”Don’t be silly Luce” Annalisa shakes her head.

Don’t be silly Luce’‘  Lucy mimics, then she pulls Darren by the hand ”Look, she my girl, you break her heart, I would cut off your balls and feed them to my cat”

Darren smiles ”Ohkay…we are not… you mean by that. Just ran into an old friend not ..thinking towards that”



She smiles ”That’s fine”

”Don’t embarrass the man Lucy” Annalisa tells her

”Oh by God, not my intention” She smiles at Darren ”Any friend of Annalisa is my friend”

”Erm..I don’t want to be a bother but you lot are holding up the line with your valentine and sex talk”

They turn to see that they were actually stopping people from passing and heading to the cashier point .

”Oh, our bad!!” Lucy says grabbing her items, Annalisa follows, Darren grabs his as they exit the supermarket.

”Can I drop you off somewhere?” He walks in step with Annalisa.

”Er, we came in a  ride” She points at their car as they walk towards it.

”But you can drop her off, my car is so full at the moment ” Lucy calls over her shoulders.

”Stop it Luce”

Lucy laughs opening her car and placing the items in it and then goes to the driver seat enters and smiles

Darren stops as Annalisa does and turns to him . ”Nice to see you Darren”

”You too Anna”

Maybe I should take her number, Darren thinks to himself.

Maybe I should give him my number, Annalisa thinks to herself.

They are staring at each other.

A  minute passes. Two. Three. It was stretching.

Lucy clears her throat.

The look breaks.

”See you Darren”

”See you Annalisa”

She turns and enters the car, Lucy waves to him, he smiles at her as their car pulls away.

He stands there for a few seconds, turns enters his car and goes home.

”Maybe I should have just collected her number” he frowns slightly.


”Dude is fine” Lucy turns into her street and then slows to a stop.

”You have said that like a hundred times already Luce”

”So he didn’t take your number?”

”He didn’t ask” They are walking into her house.

”You didn’t offer either”

”Er..was I supposed to?”

Lucy drops the items on her table top ”Well, if I wanted a guy to see me again or vice versa, and dude isn’t budging, I would offer”

”That’s you. He didn’t ask, I didn’t give him.”

”If he did would you have?”

”Er… dunno!”‘

Lucy grabs an apple, and then begins to eat it eyeing her friend ”You know, you should get back on that wagon. Two months almost three is a long time”

”Er, who is counting?”



”Come on, you literally shut guys down when they approach you, you don’t go out, nothing. Now we run into this fine ass dude who… well, guys have already ‘done the do’… you don’t think there is something there?”

”Nope!! It was a one night stand girl… unplanned, happened. There is nothing there”

”He seems taken with you”

Annalisa laughs grabbing a knife and then takes the cabbage ”And you saw that in what, five minutes?”

Lucy shrugs as she watches her friend going about to make dinner .”I have eyes, I see”

”Right, He was just surprised to see me as I him. Big deal”

”Okay, if you say so.”

”I say so.”

Phone rings, Lucy grabs it ”Oh hi Tonia..” she listens and then she face-palms ”oh crap, I forgot. Yes yes I would speak to the vendor and it would be delivered. In fact I will pick it up myself and bring it. Sure thing, yes. Oh of course. Can I bring a friend along though?” She eyes Annalisa who frowns. ”Sure, of course. Are there going to be single ones running about?” she smiles. ”Ahh, excellent. See you Saturday Tonia, Bye!!”

”What was that about?” Annalisa had put on the gas and set pot on it, she throws him some vegetables and spices it up.

”Got some birthday gig to attend, plus I am bringing the cake from the Hailey’s over.”


”Friend of a friend.”

”Ah… I am not going”

”I didn’t say anything”

”You are already planning something ”Annalisa places another pot with water, pours salt and oil and then covers it.

”Come’on. I wasn’t planning anything”

”Right. Where is your estranged boyfriend Lucy”

Lucy rolls her eyes ”Somewhere in a pub. who cares, we are done”

”You don’t seem bothered?”

”Nah, he has been loafing , and I need a better man. Besides, uncle rick is good for me”

”You mean daddy rick?’

”Same thing, but…he is too old”

”Yes, his grey extensions screams 56”

”He is 55”

”Dude come on”

Lucy laughs ”Heh!” she shrugs

”So you coming?”


”What would you be doing at home anyways, you would be bothered stiff. A lonely girl all alone at home watching Netflix and eating flakes. You need to get back out there”

”A birthday party to get back out there, really?” She breaks the pasta sticks into the boiling pot of water and watches it soften, She grabs a spatula and steer the veg after throwing in some chicken flakes and corn-beef.

Lucy watches her ”Well…you meet people you mingle and stuff. Or unless you still hung on Daniel?”

”Eww, no never !” Annalisa’s face was a mask of horror. ”Haven’t thought about him in like ages”

”Good! Saturday by 3pm”

”Nooo Lucy I am not going”

Lucy is smiling. Right, she muses.



Tom opens the door and then smiles ” Ahhh Darren my man, that for the wife?” He shakes his friend and points at the large box of gift and wine Darren was carrying.

”Obviously” Darren enters, hands them to Tom  and looks around ”The front entrance is full, I didn’t think you lot would be having a concert-like party, had to go through the back  to gain entrance in here.

”You know her, if it’s not popping it isn’t popping. Come, let me go ice this and then drop this together with the others ” He nods to the gift items Darren gave him as they go the the kitchen greeting, passing guests who were more of females than males, having a drink in hand, food in another and dancing to the music as they walk away sinking back into the crowded living room as the opened the door and disappeared.

Tom hands his friend a beer once they get to the kitchen. Darren opens it and begins to drink.

Tom turns to him, ”So… a lot of chicks are in this place and my wife goes ”Don’t be looking at some asses and boobs Tom, and I tell her ”Babe, I only got eyes for you

”Don’t you?”

Tom laughs ”Of course but I am a man and you invite all your friends and half of them are single and searching dressing up scandalously and you think my eyes won’t roam?”

Darren shakes his head ”You’ll be alright”

“I am, well I was until one bimbo almost rapped me a few minutes ago”


”Shhhh!!” Tom says as three girls walk into the kitchen laughing and talking , they turn to see them .

”Hi Tom, we came to get the pastries”

”On the table, where you can clearly see them,.” he says pointing.

”Thanks Tom,” one of them grabs it, the other opens the fridge, bends to take out some drinks showing a nice curve to her bottom and the third is eyeing Darren, she touches her backside slightly. After awhile they leave when none of the men make a move or a comment.

Darren laughs once they do, Tom shakes his head.

”See, see!!”

Darren tips some more beer into his mouth ”Yea I see, but, don’t be that guy dude, never works out well. You have a good thing going here with Tonia, don’t ruin it for a few minutes of pleasure.”

”Of course I have an amazing thing with my wife. I am not that guy, that is why I am in control but that chick grabs me from behind as I went to take a leak and I do not even know how she got into our bedroom, next thing she is reaching for my boy and squeezing and I am like  ..whoa! It was an intense struggle because she fine, like fine and stuff you know… I literally had to run out of there screaming like a girl.”

Darren is laughing ”Did you tell the wife?”

”Tell the wife what?”

They both turn ..

”Tell me what?’ she repeats

”Hey Tonia” Darren opens his arms and then she sinks into it, he kisses her head ”Happy birthday beautiful, sorry your husband kept me away to gist about nonsensical’s when all I wanted to do was give you your gift” He says changing the topic, Tom mouths a thank you, Darren nods a welcome.

”My gift? Where is it?”

”Oh the most beautifully wrapped one on the table” he nods, she turns following his eyes, she squeals leaving him to look at it ”What’s in it?”

”Oh, a girl’s favorite things I suppose”

”Don’t tell me it’s that… that thing I told you I wanted one time” She has a wide smile on her face.

”Who knows, who knows” Darren smiles innocently.

She comes back to hug Darren ”See why I love you so”

”I know right, divorce him and marry me, I promise I would give you the world”

”I know boo”

”Ha ha ha very funny, let go off my wife man, go get yours.” Tom pulls his wife away from his friend and hugs her tight, she laughs kissing him.

”Sadly, there are no wives in the market”

”There are a lot of single girls here to pick from”Tonia says to him poking him with her well manicured finger.

”Yes, indeed Darren, pick one” Tom joins in, Darren is shaking his head.

”Nope, thank you Tom and Tonia but I am good. Not interested.”

”Natalia wouldn’t be so picky. I am sure she is into her hundredth cheek by one, or guy. Who knows if her preference  has changed these days.”

”Argh don’t remind me of her” Darren squeezes his face rubbing his temple with the beer bottle.

”Eh… sorry” Tonia laughs ”But hey, you need to get out there you know. I  would give you my sister but she… is kinky in a sort of way”

”Come on Tonia, Viva isn’t my type”

”What is your type?”

”Are we having this conversation”

”Yes we are..” She smiles, Tom nods .

”Er… I can’t explain it per say okay, when I see her I would know and right now I am not even looking, just concentrating on my job, my career and then other things, not on any woman or women”

”So you are saying that no one you have seen since you walked in here interests you?” Tonia inquired.


Ten girls walk suddenly burst into the kitchen screaming and hugging Tonia and wishing her a happy birthday, dropping gifts and heading back into the life of the party as she told them she would be right out.

”Not even those sweet looking ladies who just walked in, I saw a few checking you out?” She smiles.


”Man, he’s gone celibate. Maybe he wants to become a Priest or a monk” Tom laughs, Darren shakes his head.

”Just not interested like at all”

”No woman can make you change your mind, stutter and stuff right now?”

”No one. I am not interested and I wouldn’t blink even if the most beautiful girl walk in here right now. That’s how uninterested I am. For now… it’s me and me alone. Not interested. Yes those girls are fine but… heh!! I am done with love and commitments and stuff for now. No use man”

Her phone rings ”Hold that thought Darren” She raises up her index finger as she answers the phone ”Oh hi, you are here? My cake is here? Yay! Come in , tell someone to direct you to the kitchen. Yes, thank you so much”

”Your cake?” Tom inquires as she drops the call.

”Yes” she nods ”So Darren there is no how you can say you are off girls”

”I didn’t say I was off girls. I  just said I wasn’t interested for one at the moment,”

”I need to see my grand kids son” Tom throws in

”Sorry GrandPa.  You may have to outlive me on that one”

They laugh.



Lucy cuts the call and turns to her friend ”She is in the Kitchen  she said, said someone would direct me when I get into the house.”

”I hate you Lucy making me follow you.”

”I love you Anna. Come on, it’s just a party, it won’t kill you. Help me with the cake let’s go inside carefully. I don’t want us ruining it. Grab the bag of Melody’s sweets and chocolates”


Lucy laughs at Annalisa’s expression.



”Oh don’t worry Tom, we are going to tie him up with a thousand girls in a room, let’s see how he can not be interested” Tonia was saying, they laughed.

”Hello, anyone here?” A voice distracts them.

Tonia pulls away from her husband and goes to the door ”Sure… hi. Hey awww… I love it already!!” she laps her hands as she covers her mouth with it and jumps slightly ”Come come, put it here. Oh babe, see how beautiful my cake looks” she moves away beckoning to her husband as Lucy enters and drops the cake on the table with the help of another woman and the other bag with sweets and chocolates.

”Happy Birthday Tonia” Lucy smiles

”Oh thank you so much” Tonia hugs her.

Darren didn’t move from where he stood, he continues drinking his beer, watching them. He wasn’t seeing the two ladies that entered clearly because Tom was blocking his view.

”Thank you, at least you just made her day complete” Tom tells the lady his wife hugged.

”My pleasure.”

”Oh my, silly me, this is Tom , my husband” Tonia introduced her husband.

They shake, she continues  ”I know you haven’t met him before because he is never around, always at work and our girl’s book club has never made room for spouse’s get-together”

”It’s fine. I came with a friend if you don’t mind” The lady points to her friend.

”No of course not. A friend of you is a friend of mine, Hi, I am Tonia Blake, my husband Tom Blake, and there is a cute stranger behind him who prefers to not come introduce himself because he is scared of girls..” they laugh ”that’s our long time friend”

Darren who still wasn’t seeing the ladies face she was talking to smiles ”Typical Tonia, the drama queen”  he mutters.

”I heard that” Tonia raises her voice over her shoulders.

They laugh.

”So what’s your name?” Tonia inquires.

”I am Annalisa Penelope Bruce” The second lady speaks.

Darren who had been drinking the last contents of his beer suddenly chokes coughing hard as they all turn to him, with Tom rushing forward and Tonia grabbing a bottle of water and giving it to him.

”Darren, are you okay?” Tom inquires, Tonia pushes the water to his mouth.

”Drink sweety. Are you okay?”

He coughs hard, his eyes become a watery red… he coughs for a few times before he settles.

Lucy and Annalisa had also come closer, to see what they could do to help. But Tom and his wife were covering the man who had been coughing so profusely as though he was dying … he was slouched over, one hand to his chest and the other on his bent knee.

”Is there anything we can do to help?” Annalisa asks..

”Should we call the hospital?” Lucy is worried.

Tom shakes his head as he bends closer to Darren, ”No, he is fine, beer just went down the wrong path, You okay bro?”

Darren is shaking his head and then nodding his head and then trying to straighten up, Tonia’s face is creased with worry as well.

”I am fine..I am- fine” he coughs straightening up fully.. ”I just got surprised that’s all”

”With what?” Tom frowns.

Lucy and Annalisa gasps as soon as they say the stranger’s face.

”Hi Annalisa” Darren says clearing his lungs with water he drinks briefly and dropping the bottle.

”I”ll be damned. Small world it is” Lucy smiles folding her arms.

Tonia and Tom looks at the one called Annalisa and then back at Darren.

”You both know each other?” Came in unison from Tom and his wife.

”Oh, they more than know each other, On Valentine’s day where they met for the first time; before it was dawn, they did a  couple of numbers on-”

Annalisa and Darren quickly reach for her to keep her mouth shut with both their hands.

”God your friend talks too much” Darren breaths

”I know, trust me I do” Annalisa says shaking her head.

They are both close together, as they covered Lucy’s mouth with their hands touching and being placed over each other and they are staring at each other.

”Did you guys fxxk?” This was Tonia after a second passes and she analysed the scene. This awkwardness would only mean one thing, they did it and now it’s all awkward.

Darren turns around dropping his hand ”You don’t have to be so graphic Tonia, you are a married woman. I want my babies to have a pure mind for a mother.”

She laughs. Tom chuckles.

Annalisa drops her hands from Lucy’s mouth. A slight blush rises on her cheeks.

”Twice. if she told me the truth, I bet they went like four times that night and-”

Annalisa clams Lucy’s mouth again ”I swear to God Iwould stuff your mouth with melons Lucy”

Everyone laughs as Lucy tries to talk  ”fdhadhkshdkdsjkjsdksjd”

Tom steps froward ”So you are the Valentine Blues”

”What?” Darren chukles ”The hell does that mean Tom?”

”Yea, your Valentine was chaos, and she was a breathe of fresh air, your valentine blues. Like a soothing balm that calmed your broken heart.” Tom smiles at Darren and then stares back at Annalisa . ”She is your Valentine blues and you were hers”

Darren looks at Annalisa again. So did Annalisa.

He probably made sense, Darren thought to himself.

Hmm, Valentine blues, Annalisa thinks.

”So Darren, about that thing we were talking about, change your mind?” Tonia eyes him, Tom smiles.

”I erm…” He stares at Annalisa ”I erm…” he stutters.

Lucy leans towards Tonia ”What thing?”

”Dating again” she whispers

”Oh.. !” Lucy nods , then she smiles ” You think they would be good together ?”

”Look at the way he is stuttering, since Natalia, he hasn’t gotten close to a girl he likes like this”

”Ahh, King T’challa, don’t freeze when you see her” Lucy mimics with a smile.

What you talking about, I never freeze” Tonia Mimics back using the African accent.

They both laugh

”Wakanda forever!!” Tom joins in whispering in raised fist as they do the Wakanda sign.

Three of them laugh as they stare at Annalisa staring at Darren staring at her.



Cupid is whistling as he is crossed-legged lying down danging over a cloud rope..

”Ahh… see that wasn’t so hard. So both keep running away from each other. Took awhile to get you both here again, now no more running.” he grabs an arrow and then dangles it overhead ”Make them fall in love, cause them not to be apart anymore. Make their hearts sink as one, I am the master of love… so stay in love young ones” He lets the arrow drop.

It sinks down the clouds, all the way down to earth. It sinks through the roof and dangles over their heads as they continue to stare at each other… then it dissipates into invisible rain showers and sprinkles over their heads, Annalisa and Darren. Then it was gone.

He smiles ”Lets see how this love won’t stick. Then Pops would be happy I made them happy forever”

Then he frowns ” Why lust spice Cupid?” He mimics his father, he sighs ” They aren’t complaining father, as long as they love each other, heh!!”

He stares down at them again ”Speak fool, don’t you know how to scope a beautiful woman Darren?” He smiles.



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