Valentine Blues – Chapter Six

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Earlier….Clouds and clouds and clouds away…

”Cupid!!!”  The thunder rumbles.

Cupid is basking in the dew of the cloud, dancing while his little tush is visible as he rubs his armpit with cloud latter, a make-shift shower cap made of cloud on his head while he whistles to an unknown song… ”Oh, holly..holy-hollyyyyyy Yay!! holly, holly holly..honeyyyyyyy!!” He bellows loudly and continues to whistles.


”Yes Pops!!” he wipes his eyes, ”I am having a heavenly bath Pops, wadup!”

”What have you done?”

”What do you mean what have I done Pops?” he is shaking his butt and dancing ”Holllyy… holly duck cow honeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” bellows whistling.

”How dare you question me Cupid!!!”

Thunder and lightening follows. Cupid screams. ”Jesus Mother of God!!!”

”Do not call the Holy mother into this Cupid and my son did nothing. What have you done?”

Cupid grabs his white cloth, and wraps it around his waist covering his genitals, if there is any… who knows, he jumps down from the cloud tub and turns around, looking right, left , up and then down.

”Where are you father?”

”Answer the question”

”But I have done nothing. Well… okay, I must have messed with Angel Micheal, he was being a douche,  I mean it was just a tiny bit of Alcohol. It isn’t my fault he went around screaming like a mad man. ”

”You did what?”

Cupid bites his lips ”Er… you weren’t talking about Micheal were you father?”

”No!! But you got him drunk? Have you not being told not to drink nothing in my house other than holy water?”

”Father, holy water is boring. It is like salt and water. Spirit, is… heavenly. I mean you gave Jesus the power to turn water into wine, why can’t we have some in heaven? I mean… it is just red liquid. See it as red water Pops.”

”Don’t be smart with me. ”

”Argh!! You are no fun. Micheal is fine, he is just having a nasty hang over… I hope he didn’t go to earth though, it would be bad to have a drunk angel of battle on the loose”

”Angel Gabriel?” He roars, the cloud vibrates.

”Yes Father!!!” Cupid sees him hovering above.

”Find your brother, and make sure he is soaked with holy communion to purge him from the thirst of the earth”

”Okay Father” Angel Gabriel hovers away, his shadow leaving the clouds.

Cupid watches him sink back into the cloud, he looks around him, chuckling nervously knowing he was in trouble ”Sooooo Pops… I kinda have somewhere to be and-”

”What did you do to those arrows?”





The thunder claps so loudly that Cupid screams again running to hide ”Okay okay… God!  You can be so terrifying when you need to be. My goodness… I am nothing but a tiny wee Cupid… have mercy”

”Oh really! Now you are little, no more ‘I am Cupid, but you can call me Love?”

”A man can feel himself can’t he?”

”Who told you, you are a man?”

Cupid gasps ”That hurts Father… being average and small doesn’t make me less of a man?”

”Average doesn’t cut it. You are just an over-sized baby running around with arrows and a while cloth barely covering your essentials… a man you are not!!!”

”I am heart broken Pops. You are the king of savage.” Cupid touches his heart.

”Oh come off it!! I gave you one simple assignment, to spread love and-”

”Which I did… you can see that it is working” He nods his head.

”Hmm… you mean Lust?” Cupid felt him tap his jaw loudly.

”Lus-” Cupid pauses ”Erm… about that!!”

”You added a formula of lust to your arrow Cupid?”

Cupid sinks into the clouds, he thins his lips as he furrows his brow in mock innocence.. ”Noooooooo! Of course not. I mean… come on Pops!!! why would I do that?”


He is shaking his head ”Hmm hmm. I do not need to look at any-”

”Look!!!” The voice is thunderous.

”Whoooaaaa!!” suddenly Cupid is dangling from an invisible hand over the earth..”Fine fine… I see… oh Damn!! Guy got moves… oh sweet Jesus… that is some…ohhhhhhhh okay… did he just go deeper than…oh that is a loud…” then he is suddenly lifted higher and twirled around and around and around and around till he felt dazed  ”Okay okay okay… I get it okayyyyyyyyyy Pops put me down!!!” He screams.

He lands with a thud on his butt, He groans. He stands up rubbing it, He looks around ”I will tell Mother” He pouts.

”Go right ahead, maybe you can explain to your mother what you did to those pure innocent arrows.”

”I just dipped it in some spices Pops, I mean… the heart of man is filled with desires… they are human after all.”

”I said spread love… not lust”

”I spread love… how am I supposed to know it would be lust-love?”



”My eyes will not behold iniquity!!”

”True, that is why I will look at it for you”

The cloud rumbles again and he ends up falling hard on his butt, again, He groans ”Okay okay. Sheesh!! I was kidding ”

”Do I send you Jesus?”

‘No, no… I can handle it. ”

”There is a reason I want to send him to you to show you what we mean by spreading love”

”I can handle it father, I just have to… go back to the lab and do a rewind -”

”This is not about doing a rewind. You were asked to spread love that is pure and undiluted, yet you spiced it up. How do you want to rewind?”

”Well.. not me, I am nothing, but you are God, you can do anything”

”Doesn’t mean I would.”

Cupid sighs…”I kinda suspected you would say that.” He folds his arms and chews his lower lip, pensive.

”Do you see the confusion below Cupid?”

Cupid lays down, takes his binoculars and zooms into the room below ”Well, they are adults, they can talk it out.”


”Okay, what do you want me to do? Tie them up? They have already tasted the forbidden fruits, not like they can un-taste it unless you snap your fingers and cause them to forget which you wouldn’t do because you do not want to do… so what do I do?”

”It is your mess, you clean it up. Then maybe after this lesson I would show you what it means to spread love… not one soiled by thoughts of the flesh”

”So what do I do? I is just Se-”

”That should be done in the confines of a home, married man and wife, that is the aim not among two strangers”

Cupid scoffs ”Well it has happened already.”

”Indeed it has”

”What do I do?”

”You can do nothing. Now… how do you know when there is love between this two?”

”Well… I shot the arrow of love and they came together, that is love.. is it not?”

”Wrong! Love is not borne out of physical needs Cupid, it is much more than that. Now, they have soiled their thoughts… and minds and body…do you think it would be easy to think clearly to know if there is love? No. Now…you cannot really tell if there is love ..”

”Now what?”

”Now… you can only let it play out to the end”

”So… I let them?”

”They are your problem now… does this scar or make them? it would be all on you. What happens to them individually from here on out is left to them… how they treat this is left to them. You opened the door… now you watch them swim through it, whether they drown or reach shore… is left to them ”

”What do you mean is left to them?”


”Father? Father?”


Cupid pouts ”I just put a little spice” He drew cloud circles  a small frown on his face.

”Psst! Cupid…now is the time you need my help?”

”Oh Bugger off Jesus..”

The cloud rumbles…

Cupid frowns at Jesus’s rumbling laughter, he turns away and looks below, back into the room ”You both better fall in love or else, Pops is gonna have my tush and feed it to heavenly rats”


”You go first” Darren tells her

”No, you go first!!” Annalise says.

They are staring at each other.

The silence stretches into minutes.

”Okay this is awkward!” Annalise states

”Yes, very!!” Darren runs a hand over his face. ”I am sorry, about last night. I mean… I was drunk, you were drunk and… well… we were kinda aware of what we did and… I am sure we weren’t in our sane mind, well… I was quite aware and-”

”I … was aware too and stuff and well, it’s just sex right. Big deal?”

”Yes, No… I mean it’s not a big deal and it’s just sex and… Pfft!!” He scoffs.

They stare at each other .

”I should get dressed and-” Annalise began.

”Yeah, me know that thing one does on a daily and stuff and..–”


They get dressed.

”So..erm..nice meeting you Darren?” She stretches her hand to his, he eyes it briefly and then takes it in his.

”Darren Bloom.” Darren says ”And you too..Annalise?”

”Penelope Bruce”

”Annalise Penelope Bruce” She states.

”Do we hug or something?”

”I guess!!”

They slowly go into each other’s arms and then they hug, pulling away they stare at each other. Lingering looks… they go back into each other’s arm again as they kiss, kicking off cloths and sinking back into the bed and moaning into each other’s mouth. They make love again.




Cupid grabs his arrows and runs ”Tell Pops you saw me Angel Gab and I will puke into your holy tea and fart in your holy grail.” He is seen tush showing as he runs through the clouds passing Angel Gabriel who is holding unto a very drunk Angel Micheal and  hiding.

”You forget that I am the all seeing God, you cannot hide from the I AM! Cupid!!!” The thunder claps.

Cupid sinks deeper into the clouds. ”Maybe I should take a long vacation on earth” He muses.



”Why are you whispering?’ Lucy speaks into the phone.

”Because I think I had sex with the stranger again. I am officially a sluttttttt!!” she wails silently into the phone, Lucy bursts out laughing ”Oh I should meet this dude, twice in less than twenty-four hours? That sex must have been amazing.

”Shut up!!!” Annalise sniffs.

Lucy laughs ”Well, I will give you an advice, if you don’t want there to be a third, leave there and besides, you need to get here before the boss shows up, you are officially an hour later and your vacation ended three hours earlier.”

Annalise sobs biting her lips

”Are you crying?”

”No, no tears are coming out but I am trying to?”

Lucy laughs ”Tell me something.Is he hot?”

Annalise blushes ”Well..yes!


”Beautiful man if I am being completely honest!”

”So… you had a great valentine after all and get your butt here, another round of sex would make you a slut, officially with the capital ”H”. ”

”Okay okay”

”And, just in case you got an inch, take his number”

”I wouldn’t. In fact, this is the first and last time I am ever letting a total stranger sleep with me. You think I want to see him again?”


”Well nothing!”

”Okay. You never know, it might be the start of something new… and years from now it would be you giving an inspirational talk on ”How I found my one true love on valentine’s day after my fiance left to go marry his sweetheart!!”


”See you soon”



Darren watches her come out of the bathroom dressed. ”I think it is less awkward” He says with a half smile.

”Yeah, I suppose. I have to get home and get to work”

”Me too.”

He opens the door for her and they walk quietly down, taking the elevator, saying nothing to each other.

Outside, he flags a taxi.

”Can I buy you dinner sometime?”

She shakes her head ”I don’t think so?”

”Why not?”

”Well, because I don’t think we would ever see each other again and I do not think there is need to. It was fun, this was… but… I don’t think there is need for anything else”

”Sure” He nods ”You are right. I just felt, it would kinda feel awkward to path like that”

She smiles as a taxi pulls to a stop, she goes to it ”Bye Darren.”

”Bye Annalise”

He watches her fade away, he stops a taxi and heads home.



”So that is how my day went” Darren says shutting down his system and grabbing his briefcase. ”Why are we still talking about this?”

”Lack of anything else to talk about aside work. So you didn’t get a number?”


”Why not?”

”She refused dinner, and I think that was for the best. I mean, it was a frigging one night stand”

”An amazing two-times-sex-stand you mean?”

”Yes, amazing but reality sets in bro, and besides to what end anyways. I was suffering from a broken heart and so was she. We were two miserable people who found company in our arms. That is it. She left, I did too. That is it. No hard feelings, no grudges just two strangers who needed that release and spur of the moment to forget about our pain, and we did. It’s been two months man, and I don’t feel that pain from my Ex anymore. In fact, she made me forget her briefly and … it was good. Now I am great. Work is perfect. I have no time for girls and sinking into thighs. That was a one time thing, not planned but it happened, but that is it.”

”I see, well, you are one lucky dude, wish I had me some valentine stand” His friend Tom laughs

”I would tell your wife”

”Heh!! She wouldn’t believe you. Hey, remember, the Grill’s place this Saturday for her birthday. It’s a date night stroke birthday bash and a present for the wife, else she would be mad. Come with a plus one too, not same sex” Tom is heading out of his office.

”I am my own plus one Tom. And I am not coming with a same sex, just another creature.” Darren calls back.

”No dogs allowed”

Darren laughs. ”I have a cat?”

”We have cat eaters” Tom throws over his shoulders. They laugh.

In another minute, Darren is heading home. He stops by to get groceries for his house.

”Hi!!’ he smiles at the attendant at the cashier stand while he pays for his item.



”I thought you said you had food at home, why are you stopping?”

”I lied, I have nothing at home other than bread and cold drinks.”

”Argh!! I should have just gone home. You know I have food at home right?”

”Hey… I need a friend okay, it is not every day one gets to have a bad day and a friend is just a arm stretch away?”Lucy sniffs. Annalise laughs.

”You make it hard to hate you, you know right?”

”I know. Let me go in real quick and get some things, you can make that your amazing pasta and bolangse sauce.”

”You just want me to come cook for you right?”

”What are friend’s for if not inconveniences, bad advice and slaves?” She laughs wickedly

Annalise shakes her head ”One day, it won’t work anymore”

”You love me.” She gets down from the car ”You wanna come with?”

”No, I would just wait in the car”

”I would buy you chocolates and cookies, and that coconut juice you love?”

”I do not accept bribes”

Lucy shrugs walking away into the supermarket ”If you change your mind” She says over her shoulders.

”I won’t!!!” She bellows back



”Would that be all Sir?”

Darren looks at her, was he forgetting anything? He looks into his packed bag. ”Ah shit!”

He raises a finger, leaving the cashier stand and walking back to the food section, he grabs lettuce and cabbage and then some springs onions, adding corn beef to it. He would just stay in and make dinner instead of eating out today.

”Is that fresh?”

He turns to the lady who spoke, he frowns ”What?”

”The lettuce and cabbage, is that fresh?”

He looks at his hand, he nods ”Yes it is”

”Oh great! Please can you help me with two of those” She points to the cabbage.

He reaches for it, seeing that his cart was blocking her from moving closer, he hands it to her.

”Thank you.” She tells him,

”You are welcome” He turns walking back to the cashier.

Lucy continues shopping for her food stops. Done, she wheels her cart to the cashier stand. The man who helped her with the cabbage was still there in line.

”What is causing the delay?”

Darren frowns at the commotion before him ”Apparently, someone tried to steal, they are trying to get him to stay till the cops come”



Soon, the customers are getting impatient with waiting ”Can you attend to us and then you can deal with him?”

”We are tired and want to go home, we can’t be here all day”

”Call the cops and let them handle it” They each begin to mutter.

Lucy shakes her head and checks her time, hoping her friend isn’t tired of waiting for her in the car.

Annalise frowns looking up from scrolling her phone. Lucy had spent so much time in there. It was way more than thirty minutes already. Sighing, she drops her phone and then alights from the car entering the supermarket.

”So sorry for the hold up. Next please, next please, yes next please” The cashier calls out as people go to pay, take their items and leave.

It gets to Darren’s turn, he pays ”Your change would be 8 bucks sight, have you got 2 bucks so I give you a ten?”


”Erm, hold on a minute while I look for change please. Next, Ma’am please” The cashier beckons to Lucy.

Lucy steps forward ”Your items is worth a 15 bucks are you paying with cash or using a credit card?”


”Great, let me have it”


Annalise searches for her inside the supermarket, she stops an attendant ”Sorry, I don’t know if you saw a lady; grey eyes, short hair and wearing a Nike shirt with a monkey pictured on it. She has a white sneakers on?”

”She is at the cashier stand, by your left to the exit door”

”Oh, thank you.”

Annalise makes her way there.


”Sir, maybe you can wait awhile so I get the 2 bucks?”

Darren checks his time as the cashier takes the money from the lady who asked him to help her with cabbage and hand it to him. He takes it. ”Don’t worry about it. Maybe I can pay for her extra cabbage” He smiles at Lucy.

”Oh, wow, that is mighty nice of you”

”You are welcome.” He grabs his bags and turns away.

”There you are! I have gone round the supermarket to look for you, someone had to point you out to me. I thought the zombie apocalypse happened and you got whisked away to the land of the un-dead. This is not ”I will be back quickly Annalise!!” Annalise states to her friend.

”Oh sorry love, there was a bit of an hold up but we are good to go and-”

”Annalise?” Darren turns sharply to the owner of the voice.

Lucy and Annalise both turn.

”Darren!!” Annalise chokes.



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