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It was about evening. After the dinner with the king last night, I had been thinking about the awkwardness that would creep in this chamber of mine when Tony moved in.

Deadly Chamber, it would become.

The door creaked open and I turned around to look at the visitor. It was him, Tony.

“I was wondering who’d enter inside without a knock.” I said. With no humor in my voice, I could no more be playful with him. After whatever had happened with Aaron, these conditions would become a lot more uncomfortable.

Tony entered without replying and started towards the guest room as if he knew where he’d to go.
I shrugged and entered into my library. After I made the diary entry of the day, including information of the immortal stone and that it was situated in this kingdom. I also wrote about how Tony had frightened me by saying that there were thousand ways to enter but no path to exit, when I had first entered the forest. But now I knew that there was a way to exit, many vampires came and left each day in this kingdom. It was just a story to frighten humans so that they would never dare to enter and threaten the secrets of this fantasy world. After reading more about the immortal stone for about an hour, I decided to move out. I moved through the door to the living room.

Tony had been leisurely seated, with legs crossed, on the couch.

“You’re here?” Tony said.

“No.” I replied.

“Why did you free me?”

“I don’t know.” I replied.


He stood up from the couch and started towards me.

“I told you.” He said.

“I’m not gonna listen damn thing you say Tony!!” I yelled.

He let out a sigh and left to his room.


I switched on the light on my table in the library.

There was nothing left to see in the past. Now that I had finished the entire book on vampire history and other on the immortal stone, I picked up a book that could help me in my work. ‘The Vampire Law’s it read.

“Didn’t go in the past?” Tony said leaning against the door of the library.

“No.” I replied.

“Why?” He asked.

“There was nothing left.”

“What do you mean?”

“He cheated on me. He used me for blood.” I said it casually, without any tension. It didn’t bother me so much, I didn’t let it bother me.

“And that doesn’t upset you? I’m surprised.” He commented dryly.

“Why should it upset me, anyway?” I asked.

He cast a smile. “You were ready to risk your life for him. And now it doesn’t bother you that he cheated on you?”

“No, it doesn’t. He’s the one in loss, he’d have to find someone else for quenching his thirst.” I spoke. I truly wasn’t completely healed with the bruise Aaron had given me. Tony was just intensifying it by asking me.

“Hmm. I’m not really convinced..” he started.

“Can we stop discussing about this, Tony?” I insisted.

He sighed and moved towards me. He stopped just behind me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. My heart beat accelerated.

“What are you reading?” He whispered into my ears.

I moved uncomfortably due to the abated distance between me and him.

“Tell me.” He said almost kissing my ear. I hitched.

I stood up from the seat. “Aaron leaving my life doesn’t give you the opportunity to hit on me, Tony!” I hissed at him.

He grabbed my upper arms and pulled me closer to him. He attacked my lips with his. He chewed at them, licked them, teased them. His tongue entered into my mouth forcefully teasing mine. Tears began flooding my eyes. I didn’t have to cry now, but I couldn’t help it. All this was too overwhelming to bear.

Tears slipped down my eyes. They settled on his lips and he soon broke away. I broke down, shedding dozens of these liquids. He took me into his embrace, rubbing my back. I cried against his chest his and T-shirt soaked my tears.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered. His voice shaky and breathless. He tighten his grip around me. “I’m sorry.” He whispered several times again.

I don’t know how I fell asleep within his embrace.


I was in the past again.

Gigi laid unconscious on the ground while Tony suck her blood. He stopped.

His eyes drifted to hers. So observant so mild, I had never seen them such.

His chest rose and fell. He knew what she wanted. She wanted the darkness. He would give her what she wants. Tony bent and made a cut in his own neck and the blood dripped. It dripped in Gigi’s mouth. Tony took her in his arms placing her near the cut, letting her drink him.

I had never thought how Tony had so easily accepted to make me a vampire. How he had known what I wanted and he gave it to me without any other thought. I was thankful to him but now I understood it’s depth.

The unfathomable look in Tony’s eyes bothered me. In the depths of those red pearls there was reluctance, satisfaction and… and love.

How could he? He had seen me for the first time. How could he? Son of a gun! Tears bothered me again, threatening to fall. No he couldn’t, the intensity in his eyes was horrible. Had he always l… loved me?

That’s why he didn’t speak to me, he stayed away from me. I closed my eyes, I couldn’t see this anymore.

My head rested on Tony’s chest and his hands locked me in his embrace. His eyes were closed. It was morning now. I had been in his embrace all night. My eyes drifted to the cut through which I had drunk. The cut on his neck, completely healed, had left a small mark.

I could smell the heat, feel the intensity of his look through his closed eyes. I shifted and he thrusted his eyes open. He looked directly into my eyes, questioningly.

“What did you see?” He asked.

“My turning into vampire.” His breath hitched and I could feel his finger twitch.

“Hmm.” He replied and closed his eyes again.

I now realized the bond we shared. I had his blood in me, flowing into my veins. I could feel him inside of me, I had never felt it before. It was only because I was so much engrossed in Aaron that I completely ignored the feeling. I ignored Tony and couldn’t feel the intensity in his gaze. Couldn’t see the feelings in their depths.

“Won’t you let me go?” I asked.

“Never.” he replied. I chuckled and then my smile faded as I realized the deeper meaning of his words.

‘Never’. The word was enough to increase the pace of my heart beat. The way he had said it, no one had spoken it earlier. The love which dripped from his word was unmatchable, unmatchable to anything- even my love for Aaron.

I pushed him, climbing on my feet. I couldn’t accept him, never. ‘Never’. I shut my eyes and started walking towards the bathroom.


“Take these.” Mr. Wyatt said. I took hold of the papers he handed me.

“Please keep them in appropriate places. These are new entries of the vampires.”

“Yes sir.” I replied, slipping them into the 4th drawer of the cabinet in Mr. Wyatt’s office.

The first day of my work. I had been here for 3 hours and that was it. The vampire governance had fewer work to do. Mr. Wyatt had told me to enter the office at 10 a.m. and leave at 1 p.m.

Today we had dealt with the new recruitment’s in the royals, which included me and Tony and then newborn vampires. We had contacted some others for various purposes.

“May I leave Sir?” I asked.

Wyatt nodded and I  quickly started towards the exit. Wyatt took hold of my wrist and halted my steps.

“Will you mind having dinner with me today Ms. Gigi?” He asked.

How could someone refuse to the king?  “Of course Mr. Wyatt.” I replied. He cast me a wicked smile and I left as soon as I could.


I entered my study room and sat on my table. Tony bothered me so much. More than he should, more than I cared for him. I shut my eyes closed.

I searched through the columns in my library, to distract myself. A book caught my attention. ‘Soul Mate’ the title said…..


To be continued…

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  • Ucy says:

    Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    The plot thickens

  • Hika says:

    Hmm. I wonder how the three guys in Gigi’s life will be connected. Maybe Wyatt is Aaron?? After all we don’t know Aaron’s special powers. Hmm
    God bless you dear writer

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