Valentine Blues – Chapter Five

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Her lips were soft and sweet.

It must have been due to the sweet grape wine they drank, or the chocolates she couldn’t stop filling her mouth with?  Or maybe it was the strawberry sweets she rubbed over her lips pretending it to be a lipstick as it made her nude lips turn pink.

Or maybe she was just generally sweet.

Too sweet maybe or was it the alcohol in his system?

He was drunk. Tipsy-over-the-top-drunk. Yes!  And she was too. Going by the silly things they did tonight.

It was crazy. It was fun.

It made them forget about their pain and broken heart.  Well… He forgot about the hole in his chest though. And he drank to his heart’s content and laughed up to that measure too.

At the end of the day. His day turned from an unbearable pain to this… crazy fun filled night all because of this… crazy person he had no pre-planned motive of meeting.

Yes!  Annalise was crazy. Her laughter was contagious especially when she roars holding onto her tummy and pointing at the cause of it. 

Or is it when she saw a cockroach flying overhead as they walked through an alley trying to get away from some funny looking thugs and she screamed jumping on his body not knowing if he was going to catch her or not. Well.. He almost didn’t. The laughter that ensured almost made his hands a jelly. He ran with her when they heard them coming looking for them and disappearing into the next bend and almost laughing out their hideout.

Or when she thought he wasn’t looking and she dipped her hand into his plate of cheerios and napped a few into her mouth.  He smiled pushing the plate to her and tapping her to go ahead and eat it all. And she did without being shy. A twinkle in her eyes. He shook his head and pulled her cheeks.

He realized she was a sweet tooth person.  Everything sweet… into her mouth it goes.

He should warn her about getting diabetics. His father wasn’t so lucky.

Or was it the time she nearly dozed off standing on the line to get ice-cream?  That was when he realized she was stoned drunk. And yet she refused to budge when he pulled her with him almost making a scene until they had to let her through after citing that she was suffering from a sickness of God knows what…  He guess pity won. Because in no time she had her way and got her ice-cream and danced like a little happy child as though she won a trophy.

Or was it when she wanted to go to the ladies? And there were like two people in there already.  They had been in there a long time already.

She danced on her toes, crossed her legs while standing and had to run circles round him so she doesn’t get to stand at a place and the pee drops from her bladder. 

It was a funny scene especially when he was trying to make her laugh by telling her a joke. She literally had to clam his mouth shut with both her hands and scream… “yadiyadiya… I can’t hear you.  Stop it Darren I would pee in my pants.  Argh! ”

He didn’t stop talking until she ran out of the building. He followed her and then she cuts round the corner, dancing and then she screams at him..”Turn around and watch the road.  If I stay another second I would go on myself. “

“Are you going to pee between those cars Annalise? “

“Erm… there is a toilet and yet two girls have been in there for over thirty minutes. So you want me to tell you what I think they are doing or you want to guess it?. Three may not be a crowd in their world but I like solid earth.. Firm hands.. and a harder rod between my legs not some… girly fingers, and right now I need to pee so you can either watch the road for me and tell me if anyone is coming or you go there and break down that door”

He turns around and folds his arms.

“You have a few seconds because some dude with a white mustache is heading your way” He had said picking the option of watching the road.  He already walked in on his Ex with her girlfrirnd. He didn’t want to repeat that scene. He was a traditional man.  Anything sexual should be between a man and a woman. Anything else was just wrong. 

She is silent as he didn’t hear anything. Then suddenly..

“Aaaaah dear Lord. That felt so good.  Whoof!”

He chuckles rubbing his temple.

“One minute away Annalise and I bet the dude coming would see your.. ” he trails off.

“Nah! He can’t see what gave birth to him” he is startled to find her beside him.

Next thing she is heading away, he runs to catch up with her looking behind her.

“You do realize you just peed on the middle of road right? “

“Blah.  Bite me.  Have you not read holding your pee could kill you and besides no one saw me. And it was not in the middle but side. “

“I did.  I mean.  I knew you were peeing.  So I am aware.” he tells her.

“What are you,  some-road-pee-keeping-tabs man? Darren.”

He laughs as they entered the club again.

“Gimme a second” She disappears and then comes back. Her hands wet.

“Mama says always wash your hands after using the toilet.” she smiles at him.

“Isn’t that ironic though. You didn’t actually use the toilet but the streets. I wander what your mama would say. “

“She would say…you talk a lot” Then she grabs ice from the ice bucket seated on the table and stuffs two into his mouth and made a run for it.

He chased her, catching her and flinging her over his shoulders. He twirled her round till she begged him to stop.

And after then the joke on the elderly lady and her husband who would have crushed him if they got to him on time and a whole lot of other crazy things.

Now back here.. In the suite

..the laughter had died down.  The jokes.  The this.

Yes!  He was drunk alright.
But he wasn’t so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing right now.  He was kissing her.  Because he felt the urge to.  The need to.  Why?  He had no idea but.. He knew he wanted to kiss her. And he went for it.  That spur of the moment mood.

But does she know what she was doing. Does she want to be kissed.? He was never one to take advantage of a situation… especially in their present state of mind.

He would never want to be looked at like that… Like someone who takes advantage of another in their low.

He pulls away from her.

She opens her eyes and stares at him.

“I am sorry.  I shouldn’t have done that.” he leans away and rests his head back on the bed facing the ceiling.

He should leave. He checks his time. There was no way he can get a cab home by this time. And he didn’t want to drive today that’s why he left his car home.

“Why are you apologizing?” she asks him.

“Because I wasn’t supposed to do that.. Not without asking though. “

She smiles.  “Who asks before they kiss a girl? It kinda spoils the moment”

“Still.  Besides.. You just got dumped. I just got dumped.  We are drunk and it… It’s the alcohol acting.  Well.. I am quite aware but are you?  “

“You are asking if I know I am being kissed?  I am not two years old Darren. And I know I am drunk.  But I am not two.  Plus. I didn’t pull away and I kissed you too.  So.. ” she trails off.

He stares at her. He gets up from the bed.  “Still.  Anyhow.. I am sorry.  This isn’t the moment for a rebound anyways. I would hate to do that to you. My emotions is all over the place.  It was a spur of the moment kind of thing though”

“Maybe that is what we need” She sits up.

“That’s alcohol talking. How many fingers am I holding up? ” He shows her his full palm spread out.


“How many now? ” He holds up his index finger.


“What’s your name? “

“Michelle Obama” she smiles. He laughs.

“Okay.  It still doesn’t mean you aren’t drunk and by tomorrow you  will slap me after remembering I kinda kissed you”

“Well… You would take it in good faith. You are a man. Take one for the team”

He laughs. Looking around. “I would sleep on the couch. You take the bed”

“Okay “

He nods. He makes his way to the bathroom and takes a quick shower.  He comes out to find that she had managed to clean up the suite a bit.

“You work fast! “

“Hmm. I can use the bathroom right? “

“Sure.  Knock yourself out. You should try the second shower.  You would love it. “

“Hmm” she is pensive.  ” I wonder would they have spare PJ’s for sale or something. Since being here was impromptu I don’t have a sleeping wear. Unlike you guys you can sleep in your boxers. ” She points at him.

“Perks of being a man.  Erm… Place a call to them then. “

She does so.  “Okay thanks ” she turns to him.  “They just sent the last one up to a customer.”

He goes to the wardrobe and opens it.  He grabs the white robe and then gives it to her. “If you don’t wanna sleep in your cloths you can use this.  There are clean towels in the bathroom.  And you can wash your cloths, it would dry up in a few hours.  The washing machine is wash spin and dry so.. “

She takes it ” Thanks “

She disappears into the bathroom and then comes back in twenty minutes to find him asleep.

Well he looked like he was asleep with his eyes closed.  Or she just figured his eyes were closed because of his hand dropped over his face.

Pulling the covers away from the bed she sinks in, covers herself and tries to go to sleep.

“You keep doing that for the past twenty minutes. It’s distracting” His voice breaks into her thoughts. She was grinding her teeth loudly.

“Sorry!  Can’t sleep” She replies.  Now that it is quiet.  Her mind is going back to her pain. She needs a distraction. A movie.  Music.  Anything.

“Me neither.  Thinking about the significant other? “

“Yeah. You? “

‘”Yeah! Wanna not think about them?”

“Yes! “

“Move over” He says getting up and coming to the bed.  She sits up moving to the other side.

“I have a boring documentary about cats and dogs on my phone. Wanna watch? It might bore us to sleep”

She chuckles “Okay”.

He lays on his back and she lays on hers.  He turns on his phone, finds the video and presses play.

Ten minutes into it she grabs the video and turns it off.

“Not working ” She exclaims.

“Yeah.  Figured as much. what do we do? “

“Force sleep? Just close our eyes and will it to come.”

He smiles.  “Aye captain”

Their backs are on the bed, hands on their tummy clasped together.

“Not working! ” She repeats.

“I know right.” He replies with his eyes closed. “Oh well. ” he made to get up.  She pulls him back.

“What? “

“Maybe we can cuddle?” she bites her lips.  “He always cuddles me to sleep when I can’t sleep.”

“You can’t keep dwelling on someone who left Annalise. How would you want to move on with your life and let go of the pain?”

“I know.  But… I am tired and I want to sleep but I can’t. Just hold me and I would go to sleep “

He is staring at her.

“Please and maybe you would sleep too.”

He sinks back into the bed and then lays on his back.

This is a bad idea Daren. Very bad idea.

He opens his arms and she she lays on  his chest. He places his hands round her and then tries to relax,  closing his eyes.

A few minutes pass and soon he felt her relax and could feel her drifting into sleep.

He closes his eyes and suddenly sleeps.

It was when she moved he woke up. She was leaving the bed to the bathroom. He wipes his eyes yawning. He closes his eyes to feel her climb out of the bed back to him again, raising his hands she slips back to lay on his chest. He hugs her to him. It felt like the most natural thing in the world. Like something they have been  for years… being together like this. Felt nice.

Her hair smelt nice. And the way she felt close to his body was.. nice.. She still had the robe on but as his hands laid on her shoulders. It felt bare.

Unconsciously, force of habit to what he used to do with his ex. He trails a line up and down her arm absentmindedly. She loved his movements on her body. It always tends to cause her to squirm.  He smiles.

“I can feel you smiling. “

He frowns. His hands stops immediatly. “Sorry.. Having a wrong thought about someone I shouldn’t be thin king off.”

She nods understanding  “Why did you stop? “

“What? “

“Trailing your finger over my shoulders. I kinda liked it”

“Force of habit. I should continue? “

“Yes. “


He continues. They laid there quietly.

He trails his fingers, making circles over her shoulder blades. Then he runs his hand up and down her arm.

Suddenly he felt her doing the same to his arm.. And then she moves it to his bare chest.

He smiles.  “What are you doing?

“Same thing you are doing. Does it bother you? “

He shakes his head smiling as he felt a tickle. “It tickles. “

She smiles. “Nice. “

She finger-trots to his chest and then made circles over his hard chest.. With no specific direction she trails her fingers over his chest until they are making their way back to his chest and then to his nipple.

She brushes a finger over it absentmindedly.

He quickly reaches for her hand and then holds it tight.

“Don’t.. Do that! ” He says.

She frowns looking at him but seeing his jaw instead as she laid on his chest.

“Just.. Don’t. “

“What?  Is that one of your turn-ons”? She sounded mischievous.


“Liar!” She laughs “Shy are we? “

“No we aren’t.  No Anna. I am not shy”

She laughs again. She uses her spare hand and grabs his other nipple.

Now he seats up pushing her gently away and grabbing  her  hands.


“Or else what?” a mischievous glint to her eyes.

He is saying to her.  “Or else this”

He pulls her to him and flicks her nose. She laughs.

“I thought you were going punish me. “

“No.  Those are meant for naughty girls. “

He laughs back down and pulls her to him.  “Sleep Annalisa. “

“Aye Captain “

They lay on each other and wait for sleep come.


“Darren.  Are you asleep? “


She laughs.

“I really can’t sleep.” She continues.

He sighs pulling her closer. “I can squash you to death. That can work “

She hits him away.  “You wish!. “


“Kiss me.” She blurts out.


“Darren? “

“Yes.! “

“Did you hear me?”


“So kiss me. “

“I did already.”

She chuckles. “That was on you.  This is on me”

“You know that would technically cause an awakening.?”

She shrugs. “It releases some sort of chemical that causes one to relax. I am not relaxed. I want to be.”


Five minutes pass.

“Darrennnnn! “

He chuckles.. “Annalise!!! “

“Kiss me”

“I am actually avoiding to do so”


“Because we may end up doing what we shouldn’t”

“No we wouldn’t. Just a kiss. “

“Nope. “

“please “

“Hell to the No”

She smiles.  “Fine I would just take it myself. “

“Wait.. What.. Annalise what in the devil’s name are you doing Hahaahha”  he laughs.

She rises up and climbs over him.

Grabbing his face she leans in and is trying to kiss him.

Yes, she was definitely drunk. She wouldn’t be doing this in her right senses.

”You are drunk Annalise!!!”

”No Darren. I am not. I..want to sleep and..I need distractions.”

He is laughing  still as he held both of her hands away

“I swear! you are one crazy girl. “

She is leaning towards him and pouting her mouth for a kiss.

“kiss kiss kiss.!”  She chants.

“Would you sleep if I do that? “


“promise? “

“Yes!! I think. ” she nods.

“Annalise? “

“I promise!!”she exclaims.

“Okay.” he let’s go of her hand and seats up with her still over him to a sitting position.

“Just one kiss” he repeats.

She nods her head.

Holding her in a sitting position! He places his finger below her jaw and pulls her face to his.

He kisses her briefly.

Yes.  Her lips was sweet.  Those kind of lips too don’t want to stop kissing. Even if you wanted to.

He pulls away.

“One kiss'”  he repeats.

She nods.  But what he sees next in her eyes were desire. Undiluted and raw desire. .

Much like he has in his own right now. They are staring at each other more now. she licks her lips, his eyes follows the moment.

She wraps her hands around his neck and this time she leans in to kiss him.

They kiss for a long time. Savoring each other’s lips until they come up for air breathing hard.

He turns with her and places her on the bed.

“We should stop.” he whispers staring down at her.

“Yes we should. ” she nods. She raises her hand and touches his face. His neck.  Trailing her hands to his hard chest. She touches his nipple with one hand and then the other she grabs the second one.

She is saying into his eyes.

What are you doing Anna? She asked herself.

Don’t think! Just let it flow Anna.

She caresses his nipple again with her thumb, he moans touching his hand to her hand… He moans again and closes the distance as she pulls him down towards her.

They continue to kiss passionately and soon they are all over each other.

A kiss there.  A caress there.

By the time her robe drops to the floor and his brief lying beside it, her legs were wrapped around him while he sinks into her core, taking her slowly up to ecstasy.

Her nails digs into his back as they drink from each others lips.  Putting her hands over her head he touches her body lovingly with his free hands, caressing and massaging her bosom. Watching her burn in desire. Meeting her halfway as he rolled his waist in and out. Causing her to quake in helpless wants and desire.

Feeling her walls tighten around his member.  He goes at a steady rhythm as he felt her hold on to him tight. Listening to the way she sounds in his ears. Knowing just when she is nearing her point to push her over the clip and waiting to catch her before she falls.

Just before he takes her overboard he goes deeper, causing her to bite her lower lips and cry out in pleasure. He kisses her lips, drinking and filling her up with all of him.

She holds on tighter to him, pushing him into her until she felt her legs quaking.

Together they go to the top and come crashing down.

Breathing hard as their breathing suddenly fall back to nomalcy.

They laid there.  Quiet.  Satiated.

He rolled off her and pulls her to him.  Kissing her gently.

She lays on his chest. She smiles. “And that is how just a kiss turns into this… Amazing thing. “

He chuckled. “Never turn a man on”

“I wasn’t complaining”

He smiles. He kisses her again and again.

Soon he hears her snoozing peacefully on his chest.

Before long, he joins her.


Annalise woke up the next morning with a smile on her face. She had the most amazing night.

She turns to stare at the man on the bed with her. Her husband.

Then her smile disappears. She looks down at herself and realized that she is naked beside an equally naked man. Who isn’t her husband.

Okay, wait!  She didn’t get married yesterday to her fiance.  He broke up with her.  She met this guy.. Darren and they went crazy spree and it was fun and..they slept off and..woke up and she..asked for a kissed after he kissed her first and…

She jumps up.

“Holy Shit!! Shit shit shit shit!” she runs into the toilet as he stirs awake.

She comes back out. Grabs her bag and dashes into the toilet cursing a thousand times more banging the door shut.

Darren opens his eyes. His head hurts. He shouldn’t have taken so much alcohol.

Why did he take that much though?

He yawns.

Trying to remember.

Yesterday was Valentine. Okay. Crap.  His girlfiend broke up with him. He goes out.  He met this crazy woman who..
Then he made love and.. Oh dammit!!


He seats up opening his eyes and looks around the room and then back at himself.

Christ!! He really did sleep with her.  Dammit dammit damnit!!”

It started as a spur of the moment kind of thing and..then it turned into the actually thing that was.. amazing and.. Whoa!!

What now? Does he go. Does he pay her.  Or… What what?  He had never had a one night stand before. What is he supposed to do or say to her.?  What happens now?.

He could hear her inside the bathroom.

He grabs his brief and wears it quickly. Then he begins to pace the lenght of the room.

He should just talk with her right?

“Annalise? “

No answer.

He goes closer to the toilet “Erm… Are you okay Annalise? “


“What are you doing? “

“Erm..using the lu” she lied.  She dails the number again. After so many tries someone picks.

“Hi Lucy.” she whispers.

“Where have you been? I gave you like a hundred missed calls. “

” I know I am sorry my phone was on vibration” she whispers.

“why are you whispering?

“Because I am in the bathroom of a resort suites and I think I had sex with a total stranger on Valentine’s day”

“What! You think or you did? “

“Did. “

“Consent or… Spur of the moment. Or rape?

“First two.  I mean it went from just a kiss to.. a mind blowing sex and now the morning after. What do I do? “

“!  You sure moved on quickly. “

“Did not! It just…come on he is out there waiting on me… what do I do?”

Lucy laughs “You slut. Go out there and act like it is the most natural thing in the world and it was one of those moments.  “

“Really? “

“Yes. And then come by.  I need all the juicy details of this person that got you forgetting your fiance for a few hours”

“Ex fiance! “

“Same thing darlyne”

“Okay. Straight face. Act good and cool. Just sex right? “

“That’s the spirit. See you soon.?”



Darren was about to knock again when the door opens up.

“Look about last night -“She began

“About last night.. ” he began.


To Be Continued.

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