Moonlight Desire – Chapter Seven

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“Do it.” Tony said after I narrated the entire story to him.

I had entered his cell. The cell was mediumly sized and quite clean. It was lit by candles. I was sitting on the right side of his bed while he sat opposite to me, on the left leaning against the wall.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Accept his proposal. Be one of the royals and get away.” He replied.

“Get away? Without you? What would they do to you?” I asked.

“They would convince me, but I won’t accept and then finally they would execute me.” He said.
I took in a sharp breath. “You shouldn’t speak such things so directly. Why don’t you just accept his monarchy?” I insisted.

“That coward would let you go, Gigi. But he won’t let me. He would surely torture me.” Tony spoke.

“Well he didn’t seem the ruthless type to me at least.”

He gave me a smile, as if disgusted by my statement. “You don’t know him yet.”

“I would do something.” I said.

“You won’t! You would accept. He’ll keep you for a couple of week or three and then you’d be free to go to the human world.” Tony argued stubbornly.

He better know that I was a bigger stubborn than he was. ” I’ll decide I’ve to do.” I told.

I rose from the bed and started leaving. Tony held my wrist from behind. “What the heck Tony!?” I jerked my hand but he didn’t let go. He pulled me closer to him. Holding me in an embrace. I breathed in his scent. He smelt of mud, yet appeared so clean. He rubbed my back and kissed my head.

“Let go off me, Tony! Now!” I yelled.

“Don’t do anything foolish, Gigi.” He said finally easing his grip. I burst free of it. If I were a human, my heart would have been exploding by now. I didn’t know he had that effect on me, the effect which Aaron had on me. Good Lord.

I started towards the exit, but he haulted my steps again grabbing my hand. “I love you.” He said and then let go.

Everything was blurring as soon as his words entered my ear. ‘I love you’  he had said. So easily and therefore so painfully. I rushed towards the guest room. Tears flooding my eyes.

That bastard! Blast him! How dare he?!

He meant nothing to me! And still his words had hurt me. I jumped onto my bed hiding in the sheets. Shedding tears. No he couldn’t! He couldn’t love me! Make’s everything harder!

I closed my eyes, drifting to the world I needed so much now.


I was in that party. Gigi laid unconscious on the bed while Aaron drew blood from her. Slowly, gently not hurting her.

“Sorry.” He muttered again. I remembered he had apologized before drinking blood too. Well it wasn’t strange to apologize for drinking someone’s blood but Aaron’s ‘sorry’ had an eerie feel. As if he didn’t mean it.

He smiled and left out of the room. I followed him. He climbed up to the second floor which I hadn’t seen the first time. Aaron entered into the only room which stood there. Five of them, all vampires, were seated on the couch and bed.

“Have you fed?” A blond asked.

“Yes.” Aaron replied.

“Are you really in love with her?” Another one asked.

Aaron shook his head and laughed. “Am I that type?” He said.

His words reverberated into my ears. What did he mean? Did he not love me? Or was it only that he didn’t want to confess before his friends? The latter one was probably true. She had seen in his eyes. He loved her, didn’t he?

Suddenly the images in front of her blurred and a lot more events began arriving and fading that I couldn’t concentrate. Many times again, Gigi laid unconscious while Aaron fed. I had never known this for I always laid unconscious. Every time the look in Aaron’s eyes was desperate with need. I couldn’t make out what really he needed, was it me or was it the blood.

The scenes finally faded concluding to my final meet with him.

Gigi had become ready in her blue dress. She was excited. She would confess her love for him, ask him to be with her forever. Gigi sat down on the couch. She had spent about an hour in placing candles and rose petals. She had also spent more than an hour to get ready.

She truly looked pretty. Prettiest she had ever looked.

Aaron entered from the door and gave her an exquisite smile. Gigi had thought he was growing handsome day by day, I knew now why.               

I was anxious. All the events that I had seen earlier had shattered my convictions. But after all none of them was so clear as if to conclude. Only this time would say. I would follow him back. Hear what he shares with the group of five. He had visited them all the time.

I felt a similar anxiety I had felt on that time. I was curious if Aaron would accept my proposal or think of it as too hasty a decision.

He engulfed Gigi into a tight embrace and then gave her a brief kiss.

“What did you call me for baby? And all these candles?” Aaron asked.

Gigi chuckled. “I have to say something very important, Aaron.” Gigi. said.

“Go ahead dear.” He permitted.

Gigi bent down to her knees pulling out the ring. “I’m in immense love with you Aaron. Will you marry me?” I asked.

His expression soon changed from curiosity to reluctance and then tension. He grabbed my shoulders pulling me up to my feet.

“I can’t Gigi.” He said.

“Aaron.. B..But why?” Gigi insisted.

And then again the scenes raced. Aaron coming out as a vampire. Showing her his speed, his eyes, his fangs. Gigi shedding tears and Aaron leaving.

I soon followed him outside the house. I wanted to know what he really thought of me. This new twist had sent me into deep sorrow. First Tony had slammed me with his confession and the Aaron’s suspicious actions had left me with just a little hope.

Aaron entered the house. He moved up the steps into his room. He grabbed the vase which stood on the table and shattered them into pieces. “Bloody hell!” He cursed.

Was he mad that he couldn’t accept my proposal. Thank God, my suppositions were wrong, all wrong. He loved me. He truly did.

“What happened man?” The blond guy entered Aaron’s room.

“Gigi asked me to marry her.” He said.

“So? What did you say?” The blond insisted.

“I told her I’m a vampire.”

“Aaron! Are you insane? How could you come out to her?”

“I don’t wanna loose her.” Aaron yelled.

This made it clear. This made everything clear.

“So what? You’re gonna marry her?” The Blond asked

“I can’t Spike.” Aaron replied.

“I knew it. You can find another one for blood Aaron.” Spike said.

“You don’t know Spike. She has the sweetest blood, the most powerful one indeed. I can’t loose her.” Aaron said.

“So you’ll marry her for that?”

“I wouldn’t marry her at any cost. She is just a vulnerable chit. I’ve been with her for that tasty fluid for so long.” Aaron spoke.

“So what now?” Spike asked.

“She’d come back. I hope she would let me take her blood. But if she insists to marry, I’m afraid I’ve to find another.”

I dug deep into my sheets. My tears had dried, staining my cheeks. Tony sure had hurt me but Aaron had slaughtered. Aaron had sized the source of my strength. My becoming vampire, accepting the doom, had ended up becoming futile.

I had thought of him as the love of her life. But I had been wrong. I had confused his love for blood with his love for me. Aaron had never loved me, never.

But I wouldn’t fall down now. He had left me broken but I was capable of gathering my own pieces. I rose from the bed heading towards the bathroom. My priorities were set.

I would do as Tony had directed me to only I would add my own tweaks to it. I would join the royals, free Tony and slip away as the opportunity presents itself. I didn’t know how, but I would.


Wyatt looked at me with intense eyes as I entered into his office. I looked away not meeting his eyes, or I at least tried to.

He finally smiled. “What have you decided Ms. Gigi?” The vampire king asked.

I thrust forward to sit as he gestured towards the chair before him. “I hope you take the right decision.” Wyatt said.

“I agree to join the royals, my lord.” I said.

“Oh please it’s just Wyatt Ms. Gigi. You’re one of us now.”

“Well then Mr. Wyatt, would you mind adding another member into the family?” My plan had begun.

“Well that depends.” He spoke with charm.

“It’s Tony. I’d convinced him to join. So know that he is one of us, you should free him.”

“Well, that part is a bit hard, I’d say. Your companion isn’t the one we can trust.” Wyatt spoke.

“I was with him, but you gave me the chance. You believe in forgiving my king. I know your humble self.”

“Ms. Gigi, your slyness wouldn’t help. But however taking into consideration your politeness and elite behaviour, I shall think over it.” The king placed his hand over mine. I could feel it cool, above my skin.
It was the most exciting touch I ever had. Everything about Wyatt was just so exciting and luring, like Aaron.

Aaron’s memories caused irritation in my eyes as they grew heavy from the secretions of the glands hidden deep into my sockets.

“I hope that too, Mr. Wyatt.” I said.

Wyatt casted a wicked smile. The smile full of evilness I hadn’t observed earlier. Wyatt squeezed my hand and nodded. I rose from my seat and started towards the door.

“Ms. Gigi.” Wyatt called.

I turned around. He was holding the tiny veil that Tony had given me.

“I think you’ve forgotten this. It has fallen down.”

I cast a smile and went back towards him. I extended my hand, he held my hand with his and pulled. I stopped just near his chest, I could feel his skin. He smelt good, he had a smell which didn’t match anything. It was smoke, sandal and something more. No it wasn’t sweet, it was tempting.

I shifted from his grip and he let go. He returned the veil and went back to his seat.


The sun was setting casting it’s golden-orange light on the castle. I had been shifted to a new place now. I  wasn’t in the guest room, I had my own place here. Ms. Gigi [P.A. & Advisor] the board hung outside my room.

Yes, king Wyatt had granted me with that position. His intentions, I’d say, weren’t so ‘clean’.  He had told me that he would discuss with me about releasing Tony at night. ‘Dinner’ he had stated.

My abode was a large living room, a private guest room, a study room and a lavish bedroom.

The bed was the same silky, royally one, you would see in any palace, yet modern. There wasn’t a television set here, books were the only form of entertainment.

The living room was well furnished with a sofa set, centre table and various other decorative items. The study room, however, was not just a simple study room. It had a library, filled with vampire history and novels.

In my study, I had a big table and a number of drawers to it to hold documents and other books. I hadn’t got any work for now so most of the doors were left empty while some I had stocked with diaries and books on vampire histories.

I had always loved diary writing and I hadn’t got the chance for days, so I had decided to write my diary regularly. I had mentioned my days in the forest and here, in the castle. These would be fun to read later.

I had accepted the conditions and was trying to cope with them as fast as I could. Aaron was just a figment of my past, the past that I shall never visit again. My only goal was to go back to the human world, where I belonged and do activities I normally did.

But I wasn’t so normal now, was I?

The book I had chosen to read was the ‘Secrets of the Vampire World’. The mere word ‘secrets’ had grabbed my attention. There were tales, tales of kings and their kingdoms. Tales of the first vampires. Tales of Judas and Tony. Tales of the thirty silver coins. I had known so much, I never would’ve learnt.

The particular topic which had confiscated my immense interest was the ‘immortal stone’. The stone which could make a mortal undead. A stone which could give any being a power of such intensity that it could rule the world. And the most interesting part was that it was present here, in the kingdom.

But no normal person could claim it. The stone chose it’s master. Only the chosen one could lift the stone. I had always loved such fantasy tales and these instruments. I would love to see the stone once.

The king’s call had come and I had switched into my gown. An evening gown, coloured blue.

The king’s dining room was quite large. A huge dining table stood in the centre. The king sat on the place of the head while I was directed to sit to his left.

The dinner was served. A soup bowl filled with blood while many other food stuff which included blood in them. A blood of a vampire was tainted, it couldn’t satisfy other vampires. Thank God for that or the vampire species would have killed each other for blood.

“What is your decision Mr. Wyatt?” I asked.

Wyatt sipped the blood from the bowl.

“There is just one problem dear Ms. Gigi.” Wyatt said.

“And what is that, my king?”

“We don’t have any other place for him. The guest room have been occupied last night after our companions from India visited us. They wouldn’t depart for weeks. They have important businesses here.” The king said sipping his soup again.

I thought for a while. There was no way I could leave Tony there. This would be awkward but I didn’t have any other choice. “He can live with me, as my assistant. In the guest room of my chamber.” I suggested, not so convinced by the idea myself.

Wyatt jerked his head towards me. There was a gleam of reluctance in his eyes. ” If you are comfortable with it Ms. Gigi, I don’t have any other problem. Your companion would be released soon.” The king said certainly not impressed by the idea.

I gulped.


****This was truly awkward. Tony had kissed her twice, confessed his love for her. What would he do now when he would be alone with her?****

To be continued…

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