Valentine Blues – Chapter Four

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Annalise had come into the room and was blown away by its beauty. Then suddenly she had felt sad. Seeing the love shapes on the bed. The suites decorated to taste and everything screaming “I love you” hung on the walls. it’s meaning deep, the essence obvious and everything mushy filling the room suddenly causes an overwhelming sadness to fill her.

She suddenly remembers that she was supposed to be married today and in her honeymoon suite. Maybe in a suite just as beautiful as this.

But right now, a few cities away he was with her, smiling into her eyes, laughing and sharing his all with her and maybe they were already making love too. This very moment.

Making love to his wife the way he used to make love to her. It was supposed to be her, in his arms, loving him as he was loving her. Both of them against the world. But she was here… left alone. It hurts.

Her eyes pools. She sinks to the bed and busted out crying.

How can love hurt so much. How can it rip out your soul and squash it with its bare hands? How?

One minute she was the happiest girl. Even her best friend Lucy knew that this was it, that her relationship was going to lead to marriage and when he finally proposed she was ecstatic.

Lucy often teased her about her fiance and how he made her glow and how she couldn’t wait to be her chief bridesmaid even if they were going to go to Vegas to get married. Lucy had already planned to get a ticket all the way from out of state so she could go with them and be a witness on her beautiful day.

But all that was gone too. All the plans and happy moments. All the years spent…  Albeit three. Everything tossed away.

She cries. He… married someone else.

Now Her love. Her life. Her all. Gone. All she felt was pain and more pain. She was trying to put up a brave face and even chatting with the officers and stuff. Trying not to think and hurt anymore but..

It hurts.

She cries painfully hugging the pillow and screaming into it. She didn’t hear the knocks on the door or see him come in.

When he spoke, she couldn’t even bring herself to stop.

“Are you going to tell me why you have been crying nonstop since we met? I mean. Doesn’t your eyes hurt?”

She shakes her head in her tears, her face still buried in the pillow. “Leave me alone. You all are the same. “

Darren sighs.

He told the receptionist to let him know whenever the officers leave. So he can go home. This drama he didn’t need it. Like at all.

In the meantime. He needed to close his eyes even if for a few minutes. His head was pounding nonstop.

But he comes to meet more drama.

He should let her be. As soon as he opened the door to realize what she was doing he should have just left.

But no.. He is as curious like a cat. He shakes his head.

She was trouble alright. Only one night.. She definitely was trouble and he didn’t need any of that. He had so much going on in his head and heart he doesn’t need a stray dog he had no business with spoiling his day further.

And yet, despite that, he also didn’t like that she was crying. Not that he cared though but..

He never liked to see girls cry.

Even if it wasn’t his business he needed to ask and maybe.. A problem. Shared is one solved.

He steps closer to her,

“Yes. So the saying goes. But… I should tell you that… you women are not any different. So… you gonna tell me why you keep crying? I know it must be over a guy but. what exactly is the problem. Is it about the ring? You know you could use your energy for something better” he is standing close to her now. If he reached out he could touch her.

She sniffs and cleans her eyes. She raises her head and seats up.

He noticed her eyes were red and swollen. He frowns.

“I am crying from a broken heart. It hurts! And it isn’t some ring. It was the ring. Supposed to be the ring. My engagement ring. A ring that is as useless as the person right now but.. It was mine and it meant something to me. He meant something wonderful to me but he broke my heart and it hurts. My heart is broken and.. I can’t stop the pain. That’s why I am crying. I am crying from a broken heart. ” She sniffs again.

“Story of my life”

“You are crying from a broken heart?” her big eyes searches his face.

“Metaphorically speaking.” He nods.

“Oh!” she wipes her eyes again. He dips his hands into his pocket and then hands her his handkerchief.

“You should stop crying. It makes your already big eyes look twice as big. “

“I can’t. Everything reminds me of him. Even this room. And the love and all those… Couples things. See… I see this and I want to cry.” she sniffs touching the love shapes and chocolates and bear. She pushes it away from her. Blowing her nose. He frowns looking at her and then looking at the room again.

“Erm well.. you wanted to stay in the room. “

“You didn’t tell me it was filled with love and mushy stuff! “

“Well, it was my suites and I wanted to make it look like this because it was supposed to be a special someone and.. Well I didn’t have to tell you anything and also, I didn’t know you would start crying again. “

“Well it did make me cry. A lot. How do I un-see this or stop feeling this pain?” she rubs her chest.

He shrugs saying nothing. He had a hole in his chest already. He had no idea how to stop the pain. He had had his own share of pain. Yes.. Matters of the heart was a bitch.

Her sniffs causes him to look at her. He frowns.

“I mean.. We had all this planned too. I made the arrangements and stuff and ermmmmmm” she begins to sniff again. Darren could fill another bout of tears coming as she continues to talk. “it was supposed to look like this and.. and now.. He is with her and.. He. And her.. My.. Oh God! ” she wails unable to finish talking.

Darren’s frown deepens.

Have the officers left yet? Maybe he should just go downstairs and leave her. He made to get up.

She raises her head. “Am I a horrible person? And I not pretty? Am I ugly? I mean. I have a good job and was happy. For three years. We loved each other. I loved him. But.. He goes off to marry someone else today. The day we planned. It was supposed to be a Valentine wedding. Our Valentine wedding like the movie “My Greek Wedding ” in Vegas. And now… right now only God knows what they are up to and.. Oh God” she cries again.

Okay. He understood it all.

He sighs. “So you boyfriend leaves you for another woman? “

“My fiance. And he didn’t break up with me until today. That ring.. That cheap ring is all I have to remember him by. “

“I am Sorry. Must have hurt to find out the way you did. Explains your state”

“I thought he loved. Because I loved him. I love him. “

“Sadly, I have come to realize that for some people. Love isn’t enough” He says more to himself than to her.

She is staring at him. Her tears soon begins again.

“It was enough for me. It was. I wanted nothing but him. Was that too much to ask? “

He shakes his head and sits down on the bed. Sympathetic towards her. Understanding her pain.

He stares at her.

“what if I told you that we are not so different?”

“How do you mean?”

Maybe.. If he told her how shitty his was, she would feel better and at least stop crying. He already did shed a few but he was a man. Big boys don’t cry. But hey, women were wired differently. While they wallow in tears and chocolate and other sweets, men drowned their sorrows by drinking. And worse.. Do something stupid. He already took the booze. That was enough. The ache he was having to his head was twice as worse with the one in his heart.

Maybe talking would help and like they say.. “Misery finds company.”

He looks at her. Her big eyes are still on him, questioning. He blows out hot air.

“Well my girlfriend broke up with me to today. Isn’t that ironic? The morning of love. The day of love. So let’s just say I do understand the pain you are going through “

“I am sorry. This room was for her. You both? “

He nods “Yes! I had it all planned out. The dinner and the cruise and all of that. but as she left me, I couldn’t bring myself to come stay here alone so that is why I was willing to forfeit the suite despite the money spent.”

“It is a beautiful room and a loving gesture. “

“Yeah! But right now being in it, everything in the room reminds me of what I don’t want to be reminded off. Because I had it decorated with her favorite things and what she loves you know” he frowns at the declaration of love at every given opportunity in the room. Yes he went all out.

Annalise follows his eyes and then stares back at him “You know, the person he is marrying is a long time sweetheart. It would shock you to know as it did knock me off my hat that after three years I got told that I was the side chick and he didn’t love me and that he was just passing time with me. He even had the nerve to say I shouldn’t call him again. After three years? See how that is so shocking? I mean who does that? Break up with someone the day you are getting married to another? What happened to doing it before we start going deep and serious? Three years and me his side chick? No! I haven’t heard a news as breaking as mine. I cried all day”

“And night. You are still crying” Darren points out.

She wipes her eyes. “I told you it hurts. And I can’t actually stop the tears”

He nods “Well. Yours isn’t the most shocking though”

“How so? “

“What if I told you that the person she left me for was -“

“Your best friend? Boss? Brother? ” She is aghast.

He shakes his head. “A woman”

Annalise drops her mouth open. “A woman. Like literally? “

He nods. “Yes. Caught them in a steaming hot sex session. And in the same breath of calling me baby.. She breaks off with me. And can I shock you even more? She is going to get surgery done to become a shemale. 6-inch long Male sex organ and all the good stuff. I have never felt so used and inferior in my life. I mean dumped for a girl? And still, she says she is a lesbian and have always loved it and loved her girlfriend and yet she is still going to be that thing she dumped. A man.

So she goes to become a woman-man. A Shemale, like I still could not get it and why. I mean shemale? I mean I love her.. Insanely but.. I don’t know. I even told her let’s talk about it because she was my life. My everything but she choose her without blinking. I feel… worthless you know. She.. Was everything but like I said. Love isn’t enough” he turns away. He rubs his chest. The pain was resurfacing but he wouldn’t dare break in front of a woman. He sniffs and clears his throat. “So you see.. We aren’t so much different. The ones we loved didn’t love us back and let with another. We just have to breathe. Let the pain simmer but it would go. One day at a time. ” he tries to smile.

“You win. Yours is more shocking.” Annalise shakes her head.

He shrugs. She continues with a half-smile.

“I guess it is safe to say we are two broken-hearted girls?”

He smiles sadly.. “I guess so. It looks like I would have still had a girlfriend if I had boob’s and a vjayjay “

She laughs ” Yeah! Me too.. I mean a fiance If I were a drop dead gorgeous person with 4x what I earn with a large estate in my name. I would be getting married and in my honeymoon suite much like this and getting the most amazing rump of my life. . “

He laughs. This time it reaches his eyes. She smiles.

They are quiet for a brief moment.

“You know what we should do? “

“What?” he stares at her “What do you want to do crazy person? “

“Hey I am not crazy” she points at him.

“Are to. I swear you looked and sounded like it. Crying about some cheap ring and balling everyone’s ear out. And almost getting me arrested. Yep. Crazy. I had a thought of dumping you in a home for crazy people “

She laughs “Hey. That was my ring and two I was in pain and three.. You what? “

He laughs “Yes I did thinking that. Good thing I didn’t go through with it and it was because of those blue devils seated in the bar downstairs! “

“Good thing else I would have looked for you and haunted you”

They smile.

“So.. how about we forget them? Those who left us and just do whatever the hell we want? I mean I am tried of crying and hurting I feel wasted. You paid for the room so you should enjoy it. And me? I can eat up all the chocolates and drink the wine and we can trash the room some and tear those love shapes decorations. What say you partner in broken hearts?”

“Eh? Only crazy people think like that. Sure you didn’t escape from your cage? “

She laughs standing on the bed.. “I did. And guess what? This crazy person is going to have fun doing crazy. So we are going to show them that we are happy and cool without them.” she grabs the first love shaped decor and tore it. She grabs another decorated teddy-bear and pulls out its head. She looks around and grabs a box of chocolates. She pokes it and begins to eat from it. Then she grabs the bottle of wine, cocks it and the takes a long sip. She looks at him.. ” Are you going to wallow in self pity or join me? “

He shakes his head “You are a crazy person. The answer is no. Enjoy. Knock yourself out.”

“Come on, live a little. What is the world without a little crazy and besides, we are the only one missing them and they don’t care. So we are going to go out there and have fun. Do whatever we want. Enjoy St. Valentine’s like we don’t care too. And by tomorrow we won’t even remember they exist. What say you partner ? Game or Game? ” she pushes the bottle of wine to him and winks.

He shakes his head again.

“Don’t be a pussy. Only girls are allowed to have those. Grow some extra pairs son. Live a little. Forget the pain. So you said right.? So… Come drink with me and let’s scream our lungs out and join the party upstairs. I saw the program. It’s a live band going on. Game? “

He eyes it and the climbs the bed standing on it with her..

“I am going to regret this aren’t I? “

She smiles… “Maybe. Maybe not but Live a little.”

He takes the bottle to his lips and drinks a large amount of it.

“YASSS!” She smiles taking it from him and sips some more and hands him one of the play-stick she found close to the bed to hit the dangling baby unicorn dancing overhead that had a stick-on which read “Hit me Hard”

“Ready?” She points at it. He looks up, a sad smile on his face. His Ex loved hitting the unicorns with sweets and chocolates inside. That was why he made sure to get one.

He nods “Ready!”

Soon they have the room trashed. Empty cartoons of chocolate and four bottles down.

Leaving the suites they get access into the VIP club upstairs and enjoy a wild crazy band, dancing and screaming with the crowd.

Went cruising in a limo with two strange couples who were more interested in making out with strangers than themselves. When they realized why they were invited to tag along which was supposed to be a four some, they jumped out of the limo during traffic and laughed all the way till they got back to the Resort.

They ate dinner in the kitchen and talked with the waitress who kept eyeing Darren. Then Darren walked up to an elderly lady after being dared by Annalise and told her he wanted to fart in her cup. They ran away when her husband showed up with two hefty bodyguards after the woman tried to shoo him away to no avail.

They were drunk. It was obvious. But.. It was better to be drunk and happy than sober and sad.

By almost 3 am, back in the suites and more tipsy than ever they are laughing and laughing as they told silly jokes sprawled on the bed close to each other.

Their bodies a few spaces apart. She turns to her side after wiping the tears due to laughter from her eyes and then stares at him.

“You know, you are not so bad Darren. So how much fun we had making a mess.” She looks at the room. His eyes followed hers. He nods. She continues “She was wrong to have left you” She is back to staring at him.

He turns to face her “And you aren’t such a crazy person. And you are not ugly. It’s his loss not yours”

They smile at each other. Their eyes lingers.

The current in the room pulled. Chemistry sparks. Desires awaken.

You should go Darren. His tells himself.

You should sleep Annalisa. She tells herself.

But they don’t break their gaze away from each other, neither did they take their advise.

Without thinking he reaches out to brush the hair away from her eyes.

She stares at him.

He tucks the strand of hair behind her ear. But he doesn’t drop his hands down. Instead he touches her cheeks. She doesn’t pull away.

They are both staring intensely at each other now.

And when she notice him move, she still didn’t pull away nor did she take her eyes off him.

Darren leans in with his eyes closing and hers closing on their own accord, he kisses her lightly on her lips.

He pulls away and stares at her. Her eyes opens up slowly.

It lingers.

She bites her lips, he follows her eyes, he caresses her lips with his thump. She closes her eyes as she touches his thump over her lips. Then she opens her eyes and looks at him.

That only meant one thing.. ” Consent “

He leans in and kisses her again. This time she kisses him back.

To Be Continued.

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