Moonlight Desire – Chapter Six

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“Are they gone?” I asked in a whisper.

Tony jerked his head towards me, sending me a deadly gaze. He shot his finger up to his lips indicating me to ‘shut up’.

Oh really? After what happened earlier today, how dare you do that?!

He returned to his position behind the rock, where I was behind him and he was watching the vampires leave.

Yes vampires, no tauras or wolfies threatening us today. There were over  a dozen of vamps looking for us in the deadly woods. Well, the sun kept the most powerful ones inside their homes, thank the god’s for that.

*And why are our brothers and sisters after us? Simple, hadn’t we burnt their pals to death earlier?*

Although we didn’t kill them on our own, we indeed had a part in it. The vampires wouldn’t go after Shivani now, considering how it was just a game of minutes for her to kill people of their… our kind.

Tony finally rose to his feet, offering me a hand for support. I gently refused his generosity and shot on my feet all by myself. No more touching!

“Vampires can hear even a slightest of sound. You shouldn’t banter around them.” Tony said.              

“Hmm..” I replied. Well he better get used to such replies ’cause I’m not sure if I can have long conversations with him now. Or can I?

Well, maybe that kiss was just a one time thing. I want it to be so, I can’t endure awkward silences.      

“I’ll keep that in mind.” I quited when he looked at me questioningly.

I began walking ahead. Thanks to such huge rocks alongside the trail, we could be safe from those blood thirsty ones.

“The king had sent them.” Tony said, breaking the silence.              

“What we have a king? Monarchy? Seriously?” I asked.              

“Hmm.” Well copied Tony!

I shrugged and started walking again.              

“Are you upset about what happened last night?” He asked.

I didn’t reply. I wanted to. I wanted to yell at him for it. But I didn’t, I didn’t want it to get all so awkward and irritating between us. I didn’t want him to know that it didn’t bother me too much to think of it all the time.              

“Gigi..” he grabbed my hand and brought my velocity to zero. Good God, this is getting awkward already.
I jerked my hand out of his grip.

“What do you want Tony?!” I yelled at him. “I’ve so many things going on in my life, Why do you have to complicate everything?” I blurted out.

*It doesn’t matter how hard you try to suppress your feelings, it just takes a push and you throw everything out.*     

“Well. I… I don’t want to complicate things,” there was awkwardness in his tone for a moment and then his normal voice retained. “I am not complicating things. A kiss doesn’t mean that I like you, get that?!”

“Wow Tony. See the irony, you are the one yelling at me. Whatever it is, I don’t want to discuss it anymore.” I said and started my journey.

He sighed behind me, “I’m sorry.” He said and started following me.

My lips curved into a small smile. Tony apologizing was really a funny situation.



“You cannot sleep today.” Tony told me when the full moon scattered it’s yellow light over the forest.

“Why?” I asked. It was like a schedule to go to sleep and live in my blissful past with Aaron. It had turned even blissfuller (if it’s even a word) after last night.

“The vampires are behind us. We cannot risk it.” He said.

“Hmm.” I knew we had to walk but there was this strong urge of going back to my golden moments that upseated me.

“Why does the king care about those vampires so much?” I asked.

“They were part of his army. We are among the few people who do not follow the king and so he always seeks for opportunities to capture us.” Tony replied.

“Why don’t you follow the king then?” I asked.

“Who would like to live in slavery? Live as someone else want us to? Serve someone who doesn’t give a damn what happens to us? Risk our lives to save someone? This is ridiculous. We should’ve gotten past monarchy like the humans, but we can’t.Humans die and with new generations new ideologies emerge. But that isn’t the case with vampires and so we haven’t got rid of this useless monarchy system yet. Well there are some of us who have begun to protest, demanding freedom.” He concluded his statement.

“Hmm. I wouldn’t imagine myself living under monarchy system.” I agreed.

“You’re like me.” Tony murmured.

“You’re my father after all.” I joked. I turned to look at Tony’s reaction, which I had expected to be a smile, but it wasn’t. His expressions were cold, as if he didn’t approve of it. God, why do I forget we were not just ‘friends’ anymore.

We continued to walk, I would better say run, in silence.

I missed it so much, I missed the living in the past thing so much now. But I wouldn’t be able to extract pleasure from it, considering that a battalion of vamps were behind us.

Moving fast did make troubles. I was hungry, and when I say that I picture a fully loaded burger to pacify it. But the burger wouldn’t help, all I want is a red liquid. A liquid that is thick, salty and tasty (well tasty for me).

However, this wasn’t a time to fulfil my obsessions.

The night was chilling. The trees looked lame under the night light. The lush green leaves had turned into a shade of blue. The size of the Flora had abated since I had paid attention on them the last time. The wilderness was tamed here. There was a perpetual river flowing at a distance of about a kilometer from us. I could hear the shurring of the water as it hit the stones.

I hadn’t bathed for days. I wasn’t stinking, thanks to the inability of vampires to perspire. I wanted to dip myself into the waters for some time, wanted to calm myself. There were lot of things happening recently. Things I wouldn’t have imagined, things which no one in the human world would have imagined. Those haunting things which I had desired for. I had desired to be a vampire.

A force pumped palm, gently pulling me towards it broke me out of my thoughts. It was him, Tony. He dragged me closer to him, into his embrace. We landed on to the ground and rolled to the side behind a tree. I didn’t speak, neither did he. He touched my lips, so lovingly that I would have confused his feel with Aaron’s.

Oh God! Tony and Aaron had started to become one…

His sturdy lips inched towards me whilst his hands pinned me down to the ground.

Those red eyes bore into mine ripping my body and soul even more.

“What are you doing… Tony?” It was me who had dared to utter. Tony soon silenced me with his lips, as he trapped my lower lip into his. I pushed him with all the strength left in me and in which I failed miserably.

He bit it lightly. Oh so lightly.

Then he released it. His tongue was the new weapon, licking my lips, wetting them.

He attacked my lips again with his. Caressing them, devouring them, claiming them. I didn’t fight back, I leaned into it, I melted into the kiss.

It was nothing like Aaron’s but still similar. He moved his hand along my hand, up to my wrists. Tony had blocked; barred me from moving.

He didn’t break apart, neither did I. I missed him, I missed Aaron.

But this experience was totally different. Raw, strong and full of… Love?

No! I kicked him into his gut and he finally broke apart. His eyes still burning into mine like a red flame.

“What..” I was stopped mid sentence as Tony’s  finger barred my lips from moving.

He moved close to me and stopped just beside my ear. “Vampire guards are here.” His lips brushed my cheeks, that I bet, he had done intentionally.

Many figures emerged from behind the rock which we had chosen as our hiding (or rather a make out spot).

“Here you are. In the name of the king, surrender yourself.” A guard said holding a stake in had.



The black cloth over my eyes stopped me from watching anything. The guards had trapped us and we had been brought to the Royal castle which stood in the middle of the forest. Well I hadn’t seen anything, as said earlier, I was blindfolded.

I had parted my ways with Tony. He had been taken somewhere else, probably in a cell. And thanks to the gods that I wasn’t in a cell. Or even if I was, my cell was a five star one for I was tied to a comfy bed.

“Take care.” Tony had whispered into my ears earlier. He had also slid a tiny Vail into my hands before we were parted. “Use it when necessary.” He had said.

He was too courageous to do all this when the guards were dragging us around. I had slipped the small Vail the depths of my dress. I was unaware of what it was, but surely it was of help or Tony wouldn’t have given it to me.

I heard the cracking sound of the door and became stiff in my position.

I could smell a perfume. It smelt like rises. Perhaps the king or the guards wouldn’t wear a rose perfume.

The lady, I guessed, pulled of my blindfold. I blinked my eyes adjusting them to the sudden bright conditions.

A slender lady stood before me. She had black hair pulled in a pony tail. Her skin pale, as a vampire and her eyes a shade of pink. She smiled warmly at me.

“Good morning Ms.” She said.

She was probably the maid, an apron made it too predictable.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“In Vampire King’s castle.” She said.

As if I didn’t know that. I gave her a questioning look.

“Oh this. You are in a guest room.” She said.

“Shouldn’t I be in a cell?” I asked her.

“The vampire king wants to speak to you first. Our humble king would offer you a wonderful deal. And that’s why I’m here.” The maid handed me a new dress, coloured black. Black as an evil, I loved it. I wondered if I could keep it.

“I’ll change, thank you.” I said.

“The bathroom’s over there.” The maid said pointing towards the door on my right. I nodded and then she left.

The room was huge, with a large window covered with a light curtain to allow some natural light to enter.

Above me was a beautiful ‘just’ lit with candles. A bed laid at one end and the cupboard right before it. The bed was probably king sized if not larger. Beside a bed stood a case which held fresh flowers. Vampires were very keen about good smell.

The room was not crowded with artifacts but was pretty in its own way. Quaint.

I moved towards the bathroom. It had been days since I had taken a bath. I opened the shower letting the warm drops fall upon my skin.

So the vampire king wanted to talk? I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to join him. He wouldn’t want any more people going against him. But only time would say if I would accept his offer or not.

I quickly changed into the pretty black dress allotted to me. I really wished I could possess it. They won’t take a dress back, would they?

I observed myself in the mirror which was fixed on one of the four doors of the wardrobe.

I fixed my hair which were wet and heavy due to the water. It was so long I had seen myself.

I heard a knock at the door. “Are you ready Ms.?” The maid asked from outside the door.

“Yes!” I replied.

The maid slowly opened the door and entered inside. “Take this with you ma’am.” She said holding a brooche in her hand.

I grabbed it. It was made of silver, I presumed. It had a mark embossed, probably the symbol of the vampire king. Wearing it would mean I had accepted to be with him. I held it in my hand, I rather not wear it.

The maid led my way through several corridors to a huge courtroom. A table stood in the middle of the room, which I guessed was the king’s courtroom.  The king sat on his chair, a throne I would say.

He was perfectly dressed in a blue coat and white shirt beneath. The jeans was black as I could see some part of it from beneath the side table.

The king had his head buried in some important document and so I couldn’t see his entire face. His hair were pitch black and well set. He had a straight nose and slim lips. I couldn’t see the colour of his eyes but I had imagined them to be darkest shade of red. In short he was the most appealing man I had ever met.

He surely was appealing but not as handsome as Aaron or Tony. Oh god! I shouldn’t take their names together.

“Excuse me my Lord. This is the lady you had wanted to meet.” The maid announced.

“Hmm.” The king said without even looking up.

He turned to the last page of the document and after a good five minutes of reading, he showed them aside.

“So..” The king shifted his head upward to look at me. I froze, watching him wide eyes and open mouthed. His eyes weren’t even close to what I had imagined. Those were pale red pearls, the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. I had prohibited any other thing to enter my vision, I was only watching those ruby eyes.

If I had said that he wasn’t as handsome as Aaron or Tony, then I was wrong, completely wrong.

He had a firm jaw which I hadn’t notice earlier. Some strands of his hair fell loosely over his forehead. His lips were as if carved by the most talented sculptor in the world. But then I could see no more, his eyes kept me captivated again. To my surprise he was staring at me too, with as much awe as I had.

But soon the king took away that alluring, tempting and utterly delicious view from me as he jerked his head to the other side.

“So Ms.?” He asked.

“Gigi.” I said watching him, still open mouthed.

He shut his eyes, turned towards me and spoke again. This time I was determined to not gape at his eyes.

“You may leave.” The command wasn’t for me, it was for the maid.

The king stood up from his seat. “Ms. Gigi, I’m Wyatt . Please have a seat.” he spoke with a smile. Well a tyrant with such a lovely smile.

I moved over to the seat. “You had wanted to speak to me, sir.”

“Yes. Ah..” Wyatt  continued in his husky voice. “Since you are a new vampire, I would want you to choose on your own.” He said. “Ms. Gigi, this world is too dangerous and full of troubles. You can join the royals and continue to live so. That is the best option. Unless you want to be with your companion, who will lead you to nothing but destruction.”

If I was determined to not accept the offer first, now I had to think twice. Wyatt , the most convincing man I had ever met. It wasn’t his words that convinced me, the culprit we’re his eyes. The eyes that lulled you to do anything for him.

“I would.. I would have to see Tony first.” I replied.

“Ah, your companion. I wouldn’t have objection against that.” Wyatt said. “Well I would want you to make the decision soon.”



To be continued…

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