Valentine Blues – Chapter Three

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“Sir, I would please ask you to step away from the lady and keep your hands where I can see them” the officer tells Darren as he makes his way towards him with the handcuffs in his hands.

Darren swallows again..

“Erm I think there must be a mistake… the thing is… actually I erm really..” Darren scratches his head.

“They were together in the Resort. We saw them together and she was crying painfully and I know for certain the bastard must have done something to her.  I don’t care what you say. Or maybe he is her stalker… maybe that is why she was crying… who knows, but I bet you he did something to her.” the mongrel who had called the police stated.

Darren spares him a glance.
That wasn’t helpingWhy didn’t he just continue on his way home instead of coming back?

“Erm..officer I..erm”

“Step away from the lady Sir,  she doesn’t know you and we would have to take you in just to make sure that you are not stalking her.”

“Stalking her because of?  No.. Really I was just trying to help and… Hey.. Crazy person a little help here? You are getting me into this mess” he points to her as the officer nears him and takes his hands… “Oh come on.!! ” he exclaims.

“First off we get a call about domestic violence from a certain customer, now we hear about stalking and even the lady says she doesn’t know you and…well.. turn around Sir”

“Hey I didn’t do anything… in fact.. I-“

“Turn around” the officer turns him around, bending his arm behind him. Darren is reluctant to stay still.

“Hey officer I know my right and if you can’t actually charge me for something, you are overstepping officer! “

“We take stalking and domestic violence seriously Mr Bloom”

“We already ruled out the fact that there wasn’t one involved because I didn’t touch her and secondly,  stalking?  No way.  Look… you can’t cuff me and take me away for something that makes no sense and..” he screams behind him “Hey crazy person! You are just standing there doing nothing.?” Darren tries to bend his head to look at her. It was no use. She looked dazed.  He speaks to the man. “I know my right officer. I know the law and I will…hey.. Come on!!! “

Annalise frowns.. She was confused as to what was happening.

The officer had asked her if she knew the guy and she said No.  She really didn’t know him. She just met him and he has directed her to the shop that broke her heart the more when she found out the ring didn’t cost anything useful. She had come back, entered the resort and when she saw him she walked to him. Why?

She had no Idea.  But she knew she wanted someone to talk to…to tell that even the most precious thing in her collection was bought off a counter.

They say it was the the little things that matter and unaware how little it was. It mattered to her.  Until he upp-ed and left her to marry someone else.  It was meant to be her. It was meant to be today.. On St. Valentine’s day. Her happiness was supposed to be forever starting today but.. All that is ruined.

She cried unable to stop the tears because it tore at her heart strings and pulled.

Pain they say is as strong as love.  Maybe that is why she felt her world crumbling to the floor.

Sighing she shakes her head removing the thoughts  when she realized the commotion in front of her had gotten heated.

Why were they about to arrest him?

“Officer?  Officer?” She wipes her eyes and steps to them..

“Please Ma’am step away so we can secure the stalker.. -“

“Stalker?  Him? No.. Please. Has he committed a crime? “

The second officer frowns. ” You were wailing like a banshee a while ago Ma’am and wouldn’t be calmed and they tell me some guy hurt you. He shows up and he checks out all right but… the impression we had from the person who called insinuated that you both knew each other or were together. Now he tells you to come let’s go home and you ask home?  And you rightly just told me you didn’t know him so… that leaves one thing:  He might just be what they said.

Because we haven’t yet understood the role he is playing here and prevention they say is better than cure Ma’am. One time we overlooked this and a girl winded up dead and five others missing. That was about three years ago. A friendly hangout like this and she was feeling sorry for the dude and tried to protect him. Her eyes were plucked out and her entire insides stuffed into a Billy Jean doll. ”

“Oh.. Dear lord!!” Annalise exclaims.

“Yes.  So.. You don’t know this dude and..well..we would just keep him for the night or the next few hours, just to make sure all is well. Police procedure, just a precaution” he tells her.

“Christ! My day keeps getting better. A broken heart,  a crazy person and now I get to spend some hours with the blues in an old cell?. Really God!  Really pissing on my parade this night.  Christ!!!”


“Cupid!!  I don’t see how this is helping the situation. All I hear is my name “

Cupid is cross-legged, he is eating a very large pie. He wipes his mouth as the cloud swims about him. He smiles.

“Eh don’t worry bro. Police procedure. Plus your name is the constant high people use this days.”

“Didn’t they read “Never Call the name of the God in vain”? And besides Pops told you to spread some love.  All I see is confusion and a young man about to be tossed in cell.  What formula did you use by the way?”

“I used “The formula”

There was rumble in the clouds.

“Are you mocking me bro? “

“No.  Just laughing.  Can I tell you a secret though? “

“Nope. I told you and Pops; I would do it my way.  I made the formula and I sent love down.  Don’t worry everything should be fine and those broken hearts will mend. “

“Right! You do know that I am Mr Love so if you need directions on how to go-“

“Nah!  I got the formula.  Shuuuuu bro.  You are giving me a bad mojo.  Need to distract that officer. “

The cloud rumbles again.

“Yeah laugh all you want.  Piece of sh-“

“Do not swear in the house of the Lord Cupid.!!!! ”  the voice was thunderious.

“I was going to say… Cake.  Piece of cake. Relax bro.  Sheeessh!  Go talk to Pops or something and let me be okay? And oh ask Micheal to get me a drink”

“Go get it yourself and holy water is there.  You need it.  No more wine.  I saw the bottle of vodka under the heaven sink”

Cupid chuckles  “Got it off some earthling.  You should have some brother.  You would get high.. As high as these clouds here”

“I get a lot of highs Cupid. Being me and the son of Pops.. I don’t need nothing else. Good luck with your.. “Love”  But don’t say I didn’t offer to help”

“Bla bla blahhh!! ” Cupid pulls a cloud to him making small tiny balls and blocks his ears.

He grabs another, rolls it in his palm…standing up  he takes it to his eyes as though trying to peep through it.

” Find me a spot that disrupts his thoughts. Get the officer away from their turf. “

He lets the cloud ball drop down. It sinks into the clouds, below the firmaments and down to earth.  It floats. And with a speed of light it sinks lower,  finding it’s target and dancing, hovering over it’s head.

Once it reaches the officer’s hair and touches it’s surface. It evapourates.

Cupid lays back and then slaps his hands dusting them.

“Aha!! Back to it”


“So you see why I have to take him in and make sure he isn’t one of those?. ” The officer continued.

“You have got to be kidding me.!! ” Darren exclaims.

Annalise is shaking her head.  “No no officer that won’t do.  He.. He isn’t a stalker “

She really didn’t know him but he couldn’t possibly be one right?  And besides she was the one who went to his table.  She was the one who busted out crying close to him.

No. He isn’t  a stalker.

‘You don’t know that Ma”am! And you just said you don’t know him remember? so… “

“Did I say that?  Oh.. ” she laughs wiping her eyes again. ” I meant I.. Oh forget what I meant. I know him and we are going home.”

Darren is looking at her “Finally the crazy person comes to the rescue. ” he shakes his head.

“Really.  What is his name and where is home? “

“ is Derrick and -“

“Darren! You see Ma’am you don’t -“

She screws up her face “I said Darren officer.  You didnt hear me and.. Home is.. Home. We call home home”

“And what is he to you then?””

” He is..erm. look what he is to me isn’t any of your concern so.. Please uncuff him now please or I would have to call the police “

“We are the police Ma’am ” The other policeman frowns.

” I know that!.  Look I was just having a bad day and was taking it out on him okay. Be a dear and un-cuff him so we can go home. Pretty please?!”

The officer looks at her and at Darren.  He takes his hand and runs it through his hair. He frowns thinking about what to do with the guy.

Then his thoughts is replaced. He smiles happily.

“Sure. My apologies Ma’am”

He uncuffs Darren and steps away. His colleague is looking at him funny.

“Really?  One minute you are hell bent on talking the guy in and spilling mumbo-jumbo about women stalkers and now you are happily letting him go?”

He shrugs “He didn’t do anything really.  And besides. It’s Valentine’s today. Show a bit of love right? ” he turns to Darren “Sorry about that Sir. Ma’am. I don’t know what I was thinking. You both can go on home and have a beautiful celebration. In fact, we can escort you home if you don’t mind?”

Darren raises an eyebrow.

What the hell just happened?  He wonders.

“Oh really? Never had  Police escort before.” Annalise smiles.

Darren rubs his wrists. “No that is fine we can find our way home. Come Crazy person” He beckons to her.

The quicker he gets her out of here.  The quicker  he gets her away from him. To a home where they don’t mind taking care of crazy people.

She definitely have to be an escapee from such home. It would explain her attitude. Crying one minute and happy to be escorted by the police the next. For what exactly?

Or he just finds a place to dump her anywhere she desires and then he goes home and forget this night.  

She breaks into his thoughts “No. They can escort us. In fact we can even ride in their car yes? With the sirens blaring and all.  It would look as though we are criminals and.. Oh.. Yay. Come officers.  I will ride with you. Come come!! ” Annalisa happily grabs the officers arm and begin to walk away with him. Leaving Darren and the other officer dumbfounded.

“what the hell just happened? ” The other officer turns to ask Darren.

“An answer is needed for you and me both. “

The mongrel and other customers have since dispered realising no one was getting arrested.

Sighing Darren follows the officer and joins Annalise in  the car with them as he gave them the address to the resort he had earlier booked for his girlfiend now Ex with another woman and him.

He sighs all through the journey.

He hopes when they drop them off and leave, he can bunk her into a cab to anywhere she came from.

He looks sideways at her, smashed in the middle with another officer by her side, she chats with them as though it was the most normal thing in the world or they were friends since long before.

Darren shakes his head.

Just a while ago she was balling her eyes out and feeling shattered.  Now.. She was having chatting sessions with the cops.

Crazy person.

He turns away.


“Yay! Todd, Nike and Sley.  You boys are amazing.  Thank you for the ride. It was..blaring in red and blue.  I felt great. Bye now” she laughs alighting from the police van and waves at them.  They wave back.

Darren is reluctant to go in.  But the officers were still there, waiting for them to go in.


He grabs her hands turning away with a fixed smile and leads her into the resort, watches the door close behind them.

“Wow!!  You live here though?” She looks around.

“Nope. Just rented a suite. “

“Oh! It must have cost a ton ‘”

“Perks of a good Job. “

He seats grabbing a magazine as they wait at the reception.  Soon the officer enters.  The one who cuffed him waves at them and then heads to the bar.

“Really?” Darren frowns. He turns to see the other two join him. “Great!

Annalise follows his eyes. “Sorry about that.”

“Which part really?  Almost getting me arrested or.., making people think I was some stalker? “

“Hey it wasn’t my fault they assumed that.  Sorry.” She breathes.

Darren shakes his head.  “Whatever!! “

The receptionist walks up to him.  “Good evening Mr Bloom.  I recognised you as you came in and took the liberty of bringing your keys.  Your reservation was cancelled .”

“Yes I cancelled the dinner”

“Sorry about that sir.  But.. You do realize that we don’t cancel suites unless there is another payer.  But up to right now no one else have paid for that suite and by the end of weekend it would be gone. But since you are here, are you changing your mind?  We can have them-“

“Yes it is fine. Doesnt matter. I am not staying. “

“Oh!?” The waiter seemed disappointed. ” I would just cancel the suites then.  Unfortunately we are sorry we cannot do a refund. “

“Doesn’t matter. It’s fine. The aim of the room has been defeated. “

Annalise looks at him and then the waiter “How much does a room cost here? “

“Over 7 thousand”

“A suite? “

“4 Times that. “

“Wow!!  And he gets to forfeit it if he doesn’t stay in it and no refund? ” she points to Darren. He raises an eyebrow.

‘”Resort polices.  I am afraid so. ” The receptionist is apologetic.

She whistles “Why don’t you want to stay in it.  You paid for it.” she directs it to Darren.

“Was for a purpose. But it isn’t useful anymore. “

She nods.  “What kind of purpose. Your girlfriend.? Manfriend.? “

He frowns.  “None of your business.!”

She thinks for a second. Hell! She might as well. It wouldn’t hurt to ask even if he is a stranger.  He didn’t want to stay there so..

”Fine. Well.. I don’t want to go home. I can use It if you don’t mind.? ” she says.

Live a little right? What where the odds of her ever lodging in an expensive place like this anyways.  She had a good job and stuff but.. This was way out of her budget and beside.  She is suffering from a broken heat.  A little feel good wouldn’t hurt. A nice room. Good food service.  Yep.  Antedote to her broken heart.

Darren stares at her.

“No!! “”

“Why the hell not? You just said you aren’t staying there. “

“So.? “

“So instead of letting it go like that.. I can make use of it.  Mission accomplished!! “


“Come on.. It’s a lot of money to waste it like that because of.. I don’t know. “

He sighs.  “Leave me alone crazy person. “

“Nope. Maybe I should just call one of those officers here and tell them I have amnesia and you really did beat me”

The receptionist raises an eyebrow.

Darren looks sideways to the officers.

Even if she was lying and he knew that and she knew that.  He really didn’t want to have a make believe run in with the officers again. He never did like the blues.

“Tick tock! Tick tock says the clock-clock!”

He sighs deeply.

“Sure. Whatever! Knock yourself out.”

“Wow! Really? “

Darren shrugs.

It would go to waste anyways.

She takes the keys from the receptionist and then allows him lead her leaving Darren behind. .

Thirty minutes later, he stared to see that the police officers were still having a drink at the bar.

It was getting late. He wouldn’t be able to get a cab back home.

He looks at his watch again, sighing and cursing, he makes his way upstairs especially after the officers wave at him again. Just in case the officer changes his mind about arresting him and begin to ask him questions like why was he still at the lobby with them and not in my room. He decides to leave there, hoping that they leave soon so he can get to his life.

He gets to the suite. He knocks, no answer.  He does so a few more times. Still no answer.

He touches the knob to realize that it was open.  He walks in to find her on the bed.

Her shoulders heaving up and down, her voice muffled by the pillow she placed her face on.

He could feel the intensity of her silent wails from the door. His brows furrows together.

She was crying.

Dear Lord, not again!!



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