Moonlight Desire – Chapter Five

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Silence. Silence were the only words we conversated through. I didnt make any moves to show him I was interested, of course in speaking.
“You’re too silent today.” Tony spoke finally breaking the silent conversation.
“Am I?” I asked, I didn’t want to answer him.
“Indeed..” Tony replied.
“Hmm.” Gigi said starting the conversation again. The conversation which was safer than his stares, and no normal stares, these were ‘the’ stares. 😶

Tony cleared his throat. Did he want to talk to me. However I’m ten steps away from you man! I cleared my throat too. Why should I be back?

A short smile curved over his mouth. His hair, shoulder long, coloured black freely flew in the air. His black T-shirt hugged his muscular body. His eyes depicting a shade of gold dazzled brightly. His tanned skin elaborated his aura. Despite his alluring figure, he couldn’t match Aaron, maybe only to me as Aaron was my only love.            


Gigi shoved her purse on the couch. Today was such a tiring day, work was never her ‘liked’ subject, but that day was a complete mess. She had to do twice the work, she needed a break. It was Friday and thus she could accomplish her desire as the weekend awaited.
Her phone flashed.             

‘Free tomorrow?’ -Aaron

It was a message from Aaron. Of course she was, she would be free for him, anytime.         

‘Just returned from work. Of course I’m free tomorrow.’ Gigi replied.

‘Free tonight😉😏?’ He soon came back.

‘Yes😣’ She replied.

She wouldn’t have weeks ago but he had his effect on her. Quaint and Unsatisfying.

‘I’m coming over😚’ He said.

Gigi rushed to the bathroom. He was coming for the first time. However she didn’t care about the appearance of her house she rather preferred to fix herself first. Her black hair finishing below her shoulders had become a mess of curls, her face had become pale lacking the natural flow it had. Her eyes, black, the same colour of her hair were the same.  

Oh those black eyes, I miss them now.

She quickly untangled her hair with a comb. Putting on a light make up, so that she appeared to be normal. She jumped into her night suit, the best one she had. Comparatively fitter than her normal loose one. She adjusted the mess in the drawing room and changed the bed sheets in the remaining time. Who knows what would happen??

She heard the car engine stop. It was Aaron, he was here. Gigi hoped over the sofa, stretching her feet. He knocked the door and then unbolted it.

“I’m home baby.” He said with a sly smile.

Gigi stands on her feet and smiled. She hugged him. He placed a kiss over her head. He was cold, colder than she was. The white shirt and black trousers were perfectly adjusted to enhance his figure.

He grabbed her cheeks and placed a kiss over her lips. His lips were soft and firm at the same time. Hot and cold together, mingled. He took her upper lip into his mouth, biting it lightly, she kissed him back. With wet lips, soft kisses and immense love they dropped over the sofa. Gigi rubbed his back. While he kissed her neck. The vulnerable point. He bit it and blood slowly oozed out. Slow and steady. She had experienced it, his bite had caused her to bleed. He licked the blood that flowed. Gigi placed her hand over his hair. Dark brown curls. He breathed in her smell. This was the break Gigi wanted. When he was with her all the pain evaporated, what left behind was just love, true love….


Those moments, those beautiful memories made my day. I had began to love Aaron more if it was even possible. This was truly a gift, a gift she had begun to love.

Tony was nowhere to be seen. It was night when I had entered my world and now morning had conquered over the place. He would’ve left to gather some water. Though u loved going into the past and reliving the memories, I couldn’t do it often. I had to get out of this place, only then would my past memories fade and other future moments shall become memories.

Tony returned, and yes he had left to gather water. A bottle rested in his right hand, drops damping it’s surface.

“Alas, you’re awake then.” He commented.

“I’m glad I can go into the past rather than roaming around like foolish owls in the night.” I replied.

“Good. We should get going then.”  He started walking. I shot upon my feet and followed him right behind.

“Don’t you get bored without me talking in the night?” I asked.

He looked towards me, smiled and replied, “I do.”

Let me get this clear. I hadn’t expected even an ounce that he would give a positive answer. He was cold, colder than ice, so cold that he could alone be a remedy for global warming. None would expect such an answer from him.

He was stern, expressionless, none would expect a smile from him. But all these days I had seen the unexpected. I had seen him smile often, staring at me intensely and uttering lovable words. And I was utterly afraid. Afraid of this change in moods. Though I was being pathetic, thinking he is interested in me, it could be just friendship.

Well only time would say what this grows up into. Friendship, brotherhood or something more??? Well I wouldn’t let that happen.

Tony sighed and continued walking while followed him wagging my tail.

Sometimes I wish I could just live in the past, with sweet City Life and a fierce man by my side. But indeed I can’t, whenever the past world tries to set in, the resent crushes it. Where I was a food eating human and now I’m a blood thirsty vampire, crawling through the trails of similarly blood thirsty Meadows.  I always imagined those vampires in my life, those Edward-like, but alas it isn’t true. Vampires are meant to kill, meant to be brutal and so am I now. Brutal, blood thirsty and powerful. Well vamps are really attractive creatures however.

The sun had risen but the rays stayed out of the reach. These were vampire Meadows after all. I realised I hated heat, I didn’t miss it even a bit neither did I miss the taste of the luscious pizzas.

I had decided what I won’t miss when I get out of this forest too. Cold gazes, intense gazes and calling gazes. All those which had been trademarked by the lad beside me. Too friendly I would say. We had been walking for weeks now, unknown of what the way may lead us to.

Each day was a different one. The present and the past too. The sun did set and we did stop. Not that we had to, but only because I could live one more day of the past.


It had been almost a week since Aaron had arrived Gigi’s place. Oh what a day it had been! Memorable. And now here she stood, invitation in hand. It was a party at John’s. He was a party boy, throwing parties every week. She had never visited his parties before, nor had she wished to.

His parties were more than ‘just’ parties. It was a place where people could meet and ‘stay’ at the ‘night’.
She had to visit only because Aaron had insisted. She didn’t think of it as an indication, or did she?

Many dresses slept on Gigi’s bed. Not that she hadn’t visited any parties before, it was her first one with him. She finally tracked a black dress from the hump of many which laid in her wardrobe.
A beautiful black gown with a shimmery cloth and broche to beautiful it. She complimented it with appropriate jewelry and some make up. The dress fitted her body enhancing her exquisite figure. She looked pretty in it, she wanted to.

A knock at the door indicated that the time had been exhausted and Gigi had to leave. She opened the door. A perfectly well dressed Aaron welcomed her outside. In his black blazer, as if he knew how to match her, and a pair of blue pants he looked amazing as always.

Aaron cast her a warm smile.

“You look amazing.” He said, still smiling.

“Of course, I have to match your beauty.” Gigi said locking the door of her house. It was a full moon day, the crystal white moon illuminating his body with a pale yellow colour.

The breeze was cool with a hint of moisture in it. Gigi could smell the rain shedding near by. Aaron curled his hand around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

They walked to his car, coloured black. He opened the door for her and Gigi jumped into her seat.

The party was in fool action. With many people occupying the dance floor, yet many at the drink table and some sitting in the corners. Gigi saw some people moving upstairs, to the first floor, where many rooms stood. That was what she had thought of. ‘Spending’ the night.

Aaron led her to the drink table, handing her a glass of wine. She took hold of it and slumped down the liquid. Aaron took a glass for himself and began sipping at it. Now that Gigi stood so close to him, she could see his eyes. The dizzy eyes, as if he was suffering from a disease. He looked weak, contrasting to his normal aura.

Aaron had tried to hide his weakness but he couldn’t hide the need in his eyes. His eyes needed something that Gigi didn’t know.

Gigi gulped the entire glass of wine. And now the world appeared to be moving, blurring in front of her.
Aaron whispered something into her ears that she couldn’t fathom. Yet she nodded and then he led her to the first floor.

The room was small with white walls. Nothing but a bed stood in middle of it and a small cabinet beside.
Gigi slumped down on the bed. Aaron followed. He kissed her, strong passionate kisses. Full of need, full of ‘desire’. The desire that Gigi didn’t understand then but does now. He licked her lips and then bit them. Gigi kissed him back till now but she finally gave up to the darkness that called her.

This was interesting. I had never seen what happened next, but I could see now. This indeed was a gift.
Aaron continued kissing her for a minute and then stopped.
He smiled, “I’m sorry.” He muttered.
His teeth lengthened, his eyes flowed with satisfaction now. He wanted to fulfill his desire. He sinked his teeth into Gigi’s neck sipping the blood flowing in her viens.

But why did he say sorry? Why did he smile?

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Tony’s closed eyes, terribly close to me. I discovered my lips wet and trapped.

WTH! He was kissing me! When I was asleep! I pushed him back breaking the connection he had made without my knowledge.

“Did you finish early today?” Tony asked.

“What in God’s name were you doing Tony?!” I yelled.

To be continued…

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