Valentine Blues – Chapter Two

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”Erm..excuse me?” He repeats with a frown on his face, his eyebrow raised.

”I said I am not interested. Shu!! go away” She places her finger back into her mouth and then takes it out again and frowns at it. Red liquid appears over the tips of her finger ”Damnit!! ” she exclaims. She forgot to remove the office pin she had in her bag when her button popped off showing white bra that had her colleague smiling at her a little too much last Friday.

She dips her finger back into her mouth again and sucks on it, looking around for what to use to stop the bleeding. It was a nasty little poke. She had always hated to see her blood.

He raises an even higher eyebrow and takes her all in. ”Really?”

”What, I said shu!!! I don’t want no man to waltz into my life acting all I-can-help-you and stuff. All liars the lot of you!!!”

”Okay Lady, I don’t know what your problem is but generalizing like that is wrong” he points out.  She scoffs.

”Like I care” She looks at her finger again. The bleeding had stopped. She bends down to pick up her items from the floor and flinging them into her bag.

She shouldn’t have come out anyways. She should have remained home, licked a bowl of ice-cream and then eat chocolates, cry some more and then sleep.

Take it one day at a time, eventually the pain would stop and she wouldn’t have to feel hurt over him anymore.

But she had to listen to her friend Lucy and came out, bad choice!

She gets poked by a tiny little needle.

A tiny?

Really today was just not her day. A broken engagement and-

Where the hell was that damn ring he gave to her anyways.?

She fishes for it.  She remembers throwing it away from her finger out of anger.  Later on she crawled around looking for it, wore it after finding it,  then flunked it away again when she began to cry remembering that he wasn’t coming back to her.

She found it again and tossed it into her bag.  She was going to mail it to him with a stinker note and tell him what a horrible, disgusting and heartless person he was.

She searches the pocket of her bag,  outside and within.

”Aha!!” she sees it exclaiming, she picks it up and looks at it. ”For all I know it might be a cheap ring bought off the counter, because he was able to discard it as he did me as easily he would dirt. ” she speaks to herself.


He, stands there  looking at her, wondering what sort of crazy person she was. First she screams not interested as though … in fact what did she mean anyways? Now she is talking to herself?.

Yep!! Definitely crazy.

”Okay so… I would leave you to… Whatever!!!” He turns and begins to walk away.

”Hey you… wait!!!” She gets up quickly and rushes to him, bag placed under her arm , the ring between her fingers she pushes it to his face, he leans away wondering if she was about to poke his eyes with her fingers.

”What in the world!!” He exclaims

”Look… look, how much do you think this goes for hmm? A few thousand? A few hundreds? Less maybe?”

”Look lady I-”

”Look at it!!” She dumps it in his arm as she drags his hand, peels it open and places it in it. ”Look at it!”

He is speechless, he looks around and then back at her.

Where did they bring her out off? The zoo?  The psych ward?  Did she run away?  Was her stray jacket tossed somewhere and she was trying to blend in like a normal person?

Should he call security or just ignore her.  Maybe she would go away.

“Look at it dammit!!” she exclaims.

He frowns ”Okay crazy woman!!” he takes the ring closer to his eyes and then stares at it, frowning. ”Erm…I don’t know bu-”

”Be honest, I know it might be cheap and off the counter kind of ring and stuff but I need to know!!”

He sighs ”Look, whatever this is, I rather not be in the center, side or anywhere in it. Take your ring lady.” He places it in her hands ”If you want to know how much it costs, there is a jewel’s shop just across the streets, go there, tell them you want to sell it. They can tell you how much it is worth. So if you would excuse me, I don’t need this drama.” He moves away from her, stepping into the lounge he dissapears.

Anna looks away from the closed door and at the direction of the jewelry shop he mentioned. She crosses the road, walks into the shop and then walks up to the front desk personnel.

”Hello, good evening, I would like to sell this ring. I would like to know how much it costs.” she places it on the table.


”Would you be ordering anything else Sir?” The waitress asks him with her pad open, ready to take his order.

”Just water Please. ”

”You ordered that already”

”Make it two crystal clear water then, and erm.. ice and lemon” He tells her. He had had one two many drinks when he walked in on his girlfriend..No! His ex-girlfriend with her girlfriend now. Anymore would cause a major hangover in the morning.

Water would be fine. That and the lemon would act like a detoxifier.

”Okay then Sir” The waitress walks away.

He is flipping through a magazine, wondering what he should do with the amount of time he has on his hands now.

No girlfriend, a messed up future. No desire to ever fall in love. Can’t bear to be around happy people or those intending to be happy.

Peace and quiet is all he needs. He had thought this day would have been one of the amazing days of his life. He was so spending it with her.  Someone that he had already concluded was going to be his future.

But now,  he sees nothing but an empty bed, no panties lying about and no soft body standing naked in front of mirror.  No laughter to fill up his quiet days.  No craziness too.

Just empty.

A lot of empty space.

He sighs flipping through the magazine.

Suddenly, a shadow looms overhead.  He frowns looking up.

Dear Lord,  not this crazy woman!!!

He raises an eyebrow staring at her.

Go away!

She doesn’t budge.

Go away crazy person.

She doesn’t budge. She is staring at him as he wills her mentally to go away.

Okay, mind games don’t work in reality.  He sighs.

Maybe if he answers her she would leave him alone.

“Can I help you? “

She opens her palm showing him the ring. ” It’s so cheap it can’t even afford me an off the counter shoe ” she sniffs.  “He got it off some… Some…” she bursts out crying placing her hand to her face. She didn’t just cry. She was wailing. Loudly.

He puts his finger into his left ear, and winces as her wails pierces his ear drum.


His frown deepens. Then he looks around as everyone’s attention is turned to her.

Not them too.

He shifts in his chair. Maybe he should just get up and leave.

Before he would do so,  some man wearing a suit and glasses perched on his nose walks up to him.

“Sir, please this is a public place and we have guests. Can you please calm your wife down or take her outside. She is disrupting the peace and serenity of the place and the guests are clearly uncomfortable as you can see'”

“Wife?” He was shocked.  “Wife? ” he repeats.  “I don’t know this crazy woman.  I haven’t even met her before in my entire life.  I just saw her outside, tried to help her but she shuus-ed me away and well,  I leave. It isn’t my fault she is crying over someone’s stupid cheap ring and-“

Anna wails louder as she hears him mention the ring..

“Sir?” the man taps him as he looks at the guest. “Do something. She can’t be like this and… sir. Please control your wife “

“She isn’t my wife dammit!! “”

“You have to calm down Sir. Your shouting isn’t helping. “

“I am calm until you tie me to a crazy woman that is crying over that cheap ring and you think I shouldn’t be angry and-“

Annalise wails again.

Now everyone is muttering.

“Oh please will someone shut her up”

” Oh don’t be like that. She is clearly hurt.  He got her a fake ring.  Who does that.  And yet he is standing there and watching her cry.  So heartless. Poor woman heart broken on St. Valentine’s day” someone says

Annalise wails even louder.

“I didn’t.. She isn’t my… I didn’t break her heart and I didn’t give her that ring and I don’t even know her and-“

“look at him denying his woman.  No wonder I stopped dating guys and went to date my girlfriend. Drama free two years running “


His Ex. Her new girlfriend. His house.  His room.  They naked making love on his bed.

His heart pulls. He snaps

“You have no right to say that to me. You don’t know how much I put in that relationship and now… “

“Hey relax man I wasn’t talking to you okay. Jeez.  Freak!! ” the lady who had spoken cuts him turning away.

He runs a hand through his hair.

“I am sorry.. I.. It just brought back memories and.. I am sorry “

“whatever!! “”

“Sir, maybe if you talk to her and apologize to her she would he happier and stuff” the man touches his hand to get his attention  .

“Look,  you know what.  I would just leave and you can deal with this crazy woman whoever she is okay.  This isn’t my problem I have a problem too large causing a hole in my chest to be burdened by another so… What’s my bill?” he beckons to the waiter who rushes to him.

She is still crying.

“Please someone escort that lady out of the premises or we are leaving too. Can’t someone have a quiet meal here again instead of being troubled by another person’s problems. Jesus!!!” another Elder man exclaims.

He pays his bills. And begins to leave

“Sir please take her with you and… “

“I don’t know her okay.!! “

“Sir please”

“Jesus send her away if you want to just leave me alone. “

“I am calling the police.” Someone is dialing.

Darren shoots the person a look.

“What the hell for? What did I do? “

“Er… maybe domestic violence. Because we don’t understand how this woman who walks up to you and suddenly bursts out crying and now you are getting angry and yelling and stuff!! “

“I am yelling because you lot are making me angry trying to enforce this crazy woman on me. Dammit! “”

The person ignores him.

“I don’t know her I swear to God!””

“911? yes I want to report a case of domestic violence and some behavior the abuser is exhibiting that is bothersome. Yes please. We are at the Mac &Tees.  Yes please.  Well.. She is crying and she is covering her face so we don’t know if she has bruises but.. She has been wailing bitterly and.. Yes.  He is still here shouting and causing a scene. Yes.. All the guest are a witness and-“”

Darren  turns away. “You have got to be kidding me!! ” he exclaims.

“Sir, I would advice that you calm her down and talk to her and preferably take her elsewhere before the police shows up.  I am sure whatever issues you both have you can resolve it amicably now before having to do it behind bars.  You look too decent and stuff to be involved in this kind of mess and I know how wives can be and -“

“She isn’t my wife.  I am. Not married.  I am not married and much less to her.  Jesus!! “

“They are on their way” The person who has called the police notes.

Anna is still crying, her face covered with her hands.  Her back slouched.

Darren Bloom stares at her.

What devil told him to come out? He should have just remained at home with his broken heart and allowed the pain to it squash him till it stopped.

But he comes out only to meet some more trouble.

Really?  Was the devil trying to piss more on his parade?

The love of his life was gone. With another woman. How messed up was that?

God! he can’t even wrap his heads around it.

His day ruined. His life too. He had so much plans for both of them.  He was going to start talking future plans with her and see what she thought. He had so many places pre-booked that they were going to go for the weekend.

First dinner at a really expensive restaurant. Then they spend the night at a sexy resort just off the town.

Then swimming. The exotic food, the nice places she wants to go, and do. Then a new house shopping if she wants.  And He was going to get her a dog.  She has always wanted one.

Then, they would have cruised to go see her parents out of state. It was a surprise.

But now…

He was spending the day alone with his broken heart. His lonely broken heart.

And plans never to enjoy. He could only cancel the dinner reservations.  But the hotel was non-refundable.

He had planned to let that go anyways. The room was decorated to taste and all shapes of love lying about and everything couples would want in their room.

It would have been pointless for him to go there. Painfully too without her.

He comes here instead. Hoping for some peace and quiet.  Nothing to remind him of his day.  To get lost in nothingness .

 But he meets her.

The crazy woman who is about to get him into trouble with the policeAnd he has no idea who she is,  nor what she wants but if he doesn’t leave now. He is screwed.

If he leaves without her, he is screwed.

”Dammit” he mutters.

“You need to leave now Sir.” the man nudges him again out of his thoughts.

“Dammit!!” Darren  exclaims as he goes to the wailing woman, grabs one of her hands and begins to pull her along with him.

She didn’t object.  She just followed behind him still crying like a lamb to the slaughter house.

She was helpless.

The muttering ceases as soon as they are out of the lounge.

He stops outside and then flags a taxi down.  One stops, he turns to her. “Where do you leave? “

She doesn’t answer as her shoulders heaves up and down.  Her nose drooling.  Her eyes swollen. More tears leave them and drop to her feet.

“Where do you leave? “

She sniffs trying to talk but only muffled words leave her mouth.

He hears the siren.

“Look lady!  I don’t know you. I don’t care to know you but you need to stop crying and tell me where you leave so I can put you in this cab”

Her crying increases.

Then siren is closer as he sees the red and blue lights.  He swears.

“Fine then,” he enters the cab and gives the driver directions to his house.

“What about her?” The driver asks looking at the crying woman.

“Don’t know.  Don’t care.  Drive.  Now!”

The driver spares her a glance and then puts the car on drive heading away from the curb of Mac & Tees.

Darren looks behind a few seconds later to see that she had slipped to the floor, her head between her legs. He can tell she is crying some more.

He turns away.

Not your problem Darren. Not your problem. You have a big hole in your heart. Not your problem.

A few minutes into the drive he tells the driver ” Let’s go back” He kicks himself mentally.

“Why? We are already turning at the intersection. “

“Well turn again. “

“Indecisive muderfxxker!” The driver wearing a baseball cap mutters.

“You said what?” Darren thought he heard something.

“I said I have to turn at the corner “

“oh okay” Darren leans back.

What are you doing Darren. She isn’t some stray dog you take pity on. She would be fine. Someone else might help her. If she needs help that is. You are just going back to get a bag of trouble you don’t need.

He sighs.

He is just going to pick her up. Drop her in the nearest hospital so they check her if she is okay and then he would leave.

Yes.  That is it.


They stop across Mac & Tees, he highlights crossing to see the police is already there. One of them is bending over and speaking to her.

She isn’t answering.

The place is crowded. Suddenly, someone turns and points to him.

“There he is.  He is the one who beat her up!!! “

Darren recognizes him as the mongrel who called the police.

The policemen and others turn to him, he saw their reflexes as one reaches for his gun and another their cuffs.

”Whoa, easy guys” He raises up his hands in surrender ”I am just an innocent person. Hold your horses” he says.

He keeps walking to them and stops infront of them.

“Do you know her? ” One of the officers throw at him.

He thinks about it for a second.

If he says no, it wouldn’t help the situation if the inner lounge was any indication of them saying she was his wife. Maybe another approach would work.

“Yes. ” He nods.

“What’s you name sir? “

“Darren Bloom,  Accountant, I work for the Mark and Smith’s firm out at the the Simpsons. “

“Is what he is saying true?” the point to the mongrel.


“Then why is she crying and why is she out here alone?”

He thinks about it for another few seconds. He closes and opens his eyes.

“We had a fight. But it’s fine now. Just some lover’s quarrel and no I didn’t beat her up. No bruises as you can see.  I am here to take her home. “

“Where is home? “”

Okay.  Now what would he say?.

He can’t say his house. He doesn’t even know her house.

The Hotel. Yep. He would just mention there. Once they leave he takes her to the hospital and then continues alone to his and forget this upsetting scene.

“The Crosvenor Hotel and Resort. “

“Can I confirm your booking details and that you are who you say you are? “


“You. You can find their number in the hotel listing online. ” Darren nod telling the officer.

“Okay. gimme a minute. ” the officer turns away to make the call.  He comes back a while later and then nods “You check out. Now please can you calm her down. She is hysterical.  “

He sighs, going to her wondering what he should say. Then a thought comes to his head.

He leans in.

“Hey crazy person,  I tell you what..” he leans in closer peeling her hands away from her face “If you stop crying I would find the asshole who gave you that ring and make him apologize a thousand times and give him a pack of baby dxxks to eat.  That okay? “

She sniffs.  She didn’t stop crying.

“Okay how about I toss him into a tank of worms.? And if his crimes are severe,  a cave of snakes so that they can bite his balls and fill it with their venom” he tells her.

She sniffs wiping her nose “And maybe I can toss in crabs.  And scorpions too. And termite ” she sniffs.

“Anything you want. So… Stop crying?”

“It hurts.  So bad! ” she rubs her chest crying.

He frowns.

“I know” but he  wishes he knew what was making her cry. But hell, it wasn’t his business. He had his problem too.

Hell! Why did he come back?

He sighs. “Stop crying. Ready to go? “

“Go where?” she raises her head to him, her eyes curious.

The officers turn and look at him suspiciously hearing her last statement.

“Home crazy woman!” he takes her hand and pulls her up.

“I don’t wanna to… I… everything reminds me and-” she is shaking her head.

“Is there a problem.  Ma’am,  now that you are talking.  Do you know this man? “

She turns to Darren and then frowns.

“No! “

The officers look back at him,  one of them is walking towards him and taking out his handcuffs..

Darren swallows.

Okay maybe he shouldn’t have come back to pick her.

Why did the devil did this crazy woman cross his path tonight.


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